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Playlist of How to Know What Songs to Pitch to Music Supervisors - Amanda Krieg Thomas - MUBUTV: Insider - SE. 8

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    How to Know What Songs to Pitch to Music Supervisors - Amanda Krieg Thomas - MUBUTV: Insider - SE. 8


    MUBUTV's Ritch Esra sits down with one of the Top Music Supervisors in the business; Amanda Krieg Thomas of Neophonic Music & Media, Her TV shows include; American Horror Story (FX), The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American CrimeStory (FX), The Americans (FX), Claws (TNT), Life In Pieces (CBS), Reverie (NBC), 9-1-1 (FOX), Pose (TNT) just to name a few. They discuss the changes in music supervision over the last few years as well as the importance of really doing your research when pitching to Music Supervisors as well as what really matters to music supervisors.

    Amanda Krieg Thomas is a Music Supervisor at leading music supervision company, Neophonic Music & Media, currently working on the critically-acclaimed series, The Americans (FX), wickedly funny dramedy Claws (TNT), Pose (FX) a new dance musical from creator Ryan Murphy, and family comedy Life In Pieces (FOX). Recent projects include The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story, 9-1-1 (FOX), the forthcoming new series, Reverie (NBC) and American Horror Story: Cult (FX) as well as Sundance darling Madeline’s Madeline, directed by the visionary Josephine Decker.

    Prior music supervision highlights include indie features Girl Flu (starring Katee Sackhoff and Jeremy Sisto) and French Dirty (Homegrown Pictures), Grace Stirs Up Success (American Girl/Mattel), performance competition show Fake Off (truTV) and documentaries Operation Popcorn, Off The Floor, and Going Attractions.

    Questions asked during video:

    0:46 - Can you talk about what some of the more dramatic changes have been within the field of music supervision and music licensing?

    3:40 - From your point of view as a supervisor, what are the major differences between working as a music supervisor on a film versus working music supervision in a TV show?

    6:16 - I read somewhere that you’re writing a book on music supervision. If you could talk about that?

    14:18 - As a music supervisor, what are the most important relationships for you to develop?

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    Executive Producers: Eric Knight & Ritch Esra
    Directed by: Eric Knight & Marco Tomaselli
    Hosted by: Ritch Esra
    Cinematography: Marco Tomaselli
    Editing: Eric Knight
    Audio: Eric Knight
    Production Assistant: Keagen Meneses
    Gogo Dog Productions

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    Shot on location at: W Hotel (Hollywood, California)

    Original Air Date: December 5, 2018

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    How to Know What Songs to Pitch to Music Supervisors - Amanda Krieg Thomas - MUBUTV: Insider Series - SE. 8

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