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Playlist of How To Make A Synth Patch

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    Synthesizers Explained for Beginners


    In this episode of Music Production Crash Course, I teach the basics and theory behind synthesizers and sound design for beginners.
    The mega-playlist:
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    Modular Synth Basics! Learn how to PATCH. Tutorial


    Make awesome sounds with modular synthesizers! We cover MIDI to CV, VCO, VCA, LFO, ADSR and pulse width modulation. Don't know what any of that means? Watch the vid! :)

    Modular synth units used in the tutorial: Doepfer A-110 VCO, A-132 DVCA, A-147 VCLFO, A-108 VCF8, A-140 ADSR.

    You can follow along with Softube's Modular:

    I'm fascinated by synthesizers. And the power to craft precisely the timbre and shape of sound you've imagined is naturally attractive to me. Patching with modular synthesizers is something like a Rube Goldberg machine for sound. It can feel like a game, a puzzle and a laboratory experiment all at the same time.

    But it's also a world that can seem pretty opaque to newcomers. The numberless dials and jacks labeled only by acronyms, the infinite tangle of cables, the arcane jargon. It can be a bit intimidating. But once you get past that, there's freedom, excitement and limitless possibilities. I wanted to share that experience with you.

    To get the most out of this, I'd encourage you to follow along. Nowadays, there are tons of modular synth apps. You can download the same Modular VST I'm using and patch to your heart's content free for 20 days. You probably even have a keyboard that has control over some of these functions built-in (LFOs and ADSR controls are common on most consumer synths). Any questions, ask in the comments.

    Additional footage courtesy of Wein Glas ( and Batchas ( licensed under Creative Commons.

    (Some links are affiliate links.)

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    How to make a synth out of any sound.


    Watch Rock Paper Scissors here:

    Andrew Huang --
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    Making a Patch from Scratch on a Modular Synthesizer - Ep. 1


    24/7 Ambient Music Stream ♡
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    Gear I’ve used at some point (If you use these links when buying something I get a small commission!)

    Volca FM:
    Volca Bass:
    Volca Keys:
    Reface DX:

    Prophet 6:
    Arp Odyssey:


    MPC Live:

    Volca Beats:
    Analog RYTM:

    Maschine MK3:
    Keylab MKII:
    Push 2:

    Battery Mixer:
    Volca Mix:
    Analog Heat:

    Small Tripod:

    Thanks for watching!
    I hope to continue to find the time, discipline, and inspiration to make these videos.
    If you like what I’m doing, consider becoming a Patreon; it would mean a lot to me as a creator and will help me to take this channel to the next level!

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    How to create a synth patch in Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2


    Welcome to ADSR Pro, Steinberg Cubase and Music Production Tutorials.

    In this video I create a basic patch in the new spectrasonics Omnisphere 2. I show you around the user interface and how to add effects and save your patch once created

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    You can also come and interact with my lessons on Curious at

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    How to MAKE ORGANIC synth sounds


    Acoustic instruments come with constant, natural variation in sound depending materials, surrounding conditions and how I play. These variations, however small, adds to the perceived attraction and fascination with sound.

    This variation in timbre needs to consciously be taken into account when composing with electronic sounds.

    In this tutorial mini series I’ll walk you through two aspects of making your synthesized sounds organic and dynamic.

    In this first episode I’ll focus on automated modulation to alter timbre over time.

    The next episode will focus on expression. I’m thinking of expression as player imposed modulation. Altering the timbre by physically interacting with your instrument.

    For the examples I’ll use the Analog Four MKII, but the principles are applicable other synths as well as samplers.

    Second part:

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    How to Make Your Synth Patches Sound Super Wide


    Live sound experts from MxU show us how to use Waves Vitamin to manipulate the harmonics in a synth patch or any other track to add width, tighten the low end and add vibe. Learn more:

    Learn more about MxU live sound coaching and services:

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    How to make an FM Bass patch using FM Synthesis - Synth Quickie


    No prior knowledge of how to program an FM synth is needed, as we will learn as we go.

    0:33 - Simple and modern FM Bass
    5:29 - More complex and classic FM Bass

    Download dexed, the free VST/AU synth used in the video, at

    Join the Patch Challenge on our forum. Let's hear your take on an FM Bass:

    Synth recipe:

    *Simple & modern*

    Type of Synthesis: FM
    Operator Routing: 2 modding 1
    Operator 1
    - Waveform: Sine
    Operator 2
    - Waveform: Sine
    - Pitch Ratio: 2:1
    - Amp Envelope: Sustain between 0 and 80%, quick Decay
    - Level: Between 80% and Max

    *Bit more complex, and classic*

    Type of Synthesis: FM
    Operator Routing: 2&3 modding 1
    Operator 1
    - Waveform: Sine
    Operator 2 will give us our electric bass tone
    - Waveform: Sine
    - Pitch Ratio: 1:1
    - Amp Envelope: Max Sustain
    - Level: Between 60-80%
    Operator 3 will give us our attack transient
    - Waveform: Sine
    - Pitch Ratio: 7:1 (adjust to taste)
    - Amp Envelope: Sustain at 0, quick Decay
    - Level: Between 70-80%

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    How to make a Sub Bass patch - Synth Quickie


    Learn multiple ways to make and use a Sub Bass synth patch!

    00:19 - Simple Sine Sub
    02:02 - Customizable Saw Sub
    03:10 - Layering

    Patch Challenge - show how you like to make and use a Sub Bass patch -


    Oscillator: Sine
    Filter: If you want to bring in more mids to hear the pitch better, use a Lowpass filter and crank the Drive.
    Distortion: Again, if you want to bring in more mids, add some distortion

    Saw Sub
    Oscillator: Saw
    Filter: Lowpass, 24 dB. Bring the Cutoff way down, and then adjust it to your liking, depending on how much you want to be able to hear the pitch. Use Res to lighten it a bit and reduce some of the heaviest bottom end. And use Drive to make it warm and saturated.

    Need help with a patch? Ask for help on our forum at

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    Roland GR-55 Patch Edit Tutorial Part 1 - PCM Synth Sounds


    A how to edit and create patches tutorial of the Roland GR-55 Guitar Synthesize. This is part 1 in a 4 part tutorial. Part 1 focuses on editing the PCM sounds, Part 2 focuses on the Model guitar effects and Part 3 focuses on Normal Pickup, overall effects and part 4 is final edits and playing the sounds together.

    Feel free to comment and ask any questions you have and I will answer them the best I can. If this is helpful, please comment, like and subscribe.
    Feel free to comment and ask any questions you have and I will answer them the best I can. If this is helpful, please comment, like and subscribe.

    Watch: AmplifierSide Chat #001 with Jason Seed


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    How to create a vocal lead synth sound in Logic X tutorial


    Stream or purchase my track So High here:

    Check out the full Logic Pro Session of this song here:

    How to make a vocal lead like afrojack, martin garrix, dj snake, major lazer, skrillex

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    FL Studio: Creating and Layering Synths/Leads


    Hey i'm back again, layering lead chords together with Sylenth1! Once again this is demonstration only and i'm working very quickly. I sound like i'm on crack because I had to record this tutorial more than once and just wanted to have this out by tonight. haha. Hope this helps some of yas!

    - Facebook:
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    - Bandcamp:
    - Soundcloud :

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    05 - Basic Synthesis : Synth Brass Tutorial


    A basic tutorial using Native Instruments Massive to create a synthesised brass sound somewhat reminiscent of the one found in the 1982 song Africa by Toto.

    Suitable for beginners and people new to synthesis & creating their own patches.

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    Making Synth Sounds on Guitar with Common Effects Types


    We’re currently living in the golden age of guitar synth pedals with stellar releases like Meris Enzo, EarthQuaker Devices Data Corrupter, Bit Commander and Boss SY-300, just to mention a few. But maybe you don’t need a full-on synth device on your board. Maybe you just wanna be able to pull out some nice synthy swells or twinkling melodies from time to time during a set. Well, this is how you do it with fairly common effect types like Pitch-Shifting, Chorus, Phaser, Tremolo, Fuzz and Delay.

    It would mean the world to us if you followed our social channels:

    Facebook Group:
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    Gear used:
    Jennings Navigator
    Red Panda Tensor
    Maxon PAC-9
    EarthQuaker Devices Night Wire
    Boss FV-30
    KMA Audio Machines Dead Stag
    EarthQuaker Devices Dispatch Master V3
    Fender Deluxe Reverb 65 RI mic'd with an Aston Spirit

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    Creating a Basic Synth Voice | VCV Rack Tutorial | FREE Modular Synth


    Get the full tutorial:

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    12 sound design tricks I use!


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    Thanks to Arturia for sponsoring, check out Pigments! My 15 presets will be added in the next couple weeks.




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    Andrew Huang

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    Creating wavetables in Serum using samples with Virtual Riot | Xfer Records Serum


    Who know a drum fill could make a cool synth patch? Watch as Virtual Riot creates a wavetable patch from scratch using only a sample from Splice and Serum’s sample processing.


    Download Virtual Riot’s Serum presets

    Get Serum for $9.99 a month on Rent-to-Own:


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    FM synthesis basics #2: creating and explaining some classic synth sounds


    In this rather long video, I'm creating some well-known synth patches ( e-piano, rock organ, filter sweep, hihat, sci-fi brass) realtime ('cause fast forwarding is against the codex, or so I learned). Table of contents below! Sounds can also be downloaded from soundmondo:

    00:00 Introduction
    01:26 E-Piano
    06:25 Rock Organ
    08:22 Filter Sweep
    12:14 Hihat (Noise)
    15:40 Sci-Fi Brass

    If you consider buying the Reface DX, please use this link to support me:

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    deadmau5 making synth sounds


    For your convenience this video was 'selected' from a longer stream from May 8 2016

    I hope you find it helpful.

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    Please watch: Feedback Sampling pro tip - New Sound Design technique??


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    A Patch From Scratch #01: Simple self-playing synth voices #TTNM


    In this video I create a modular synth patch from scratch in 5 Minutes and talk while doing so :D Subscribe for more:

    Questions or comments? Go ahead and post them below! :) Thanks for watching! Check out my channel for more Synthesizer Music.


    My Eurorack case on ModularGrid:

    Eurorack Modular Synth Modules used in this video:
    - Doepfer A-138 Exponential Mixer
    - Intellijel Dixie 1 VCO
    - Music Thing Modular Thonk Turing Machine & Pulses Expander Sequencer
    - Intellijel uScale 1 Quantizer
    - Malekko Wiard Anti-Oscillator VCO
    - Klangbau Wavetable VCDO
    - Erika Polivoks VCF Filter
    - Synthrotek EKO Delay
    - Make Noise Function Generator
    - Intellijel Quadra Quad Envelope Generator

    Filmed with a Canon EOS 550D (Rebel t2i).








    My other YouTube Channel:



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    The Synth Sounds of Stranger Things |


    Netflix's Stranger Things has seemingly taken over popular culture, in no small part thanks to its moody, synthesized soundtrack by Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein. In this video, Justin DeLay attempts to take us in to the Analog Upside-Down and show you how to approximate some of these fantastic sounds on analog synthesizers of the day.

    Download The 99¢ Stranger Things Ableton Pack:

    1:27 - Main Title - K. Dixon / M. Stein
    5:15 - Kids - K. Dixon / M. Stein
    11:22 - Castle Byers - K. Dixon / M. Stein

    Synthesizers Used:
    Roland Juno-6:
    Roland Juno 106:
    Sequential Circuits Prophet 5:
    MiniMoog Model D:
    Ableton Live:

    Read more about Stranger Things on Reverb:

    Watch Stranger Things on Netflix:
    Buy The Soundtrack on iTunes:

    Hosted by Justin DeLay
    Post/Production by Michael Lux
    Titles by Eric Slager

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    How to make the synth sound from Toto - Africa in DRC


    Tutorial on how to make the synth sound from Toto - 'Africa' with DRC - Polyphonic Synthesizer.

    DRC Polyphonic Synthesizer:
    DRC Product Page -
    Download DRC Demo -

    Connect with us:
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    Our creative hardware projects:
    Laser harp -
    Turning Vintage furniture into a cranked synthesizer -

    Get in touch:
    Contact us -

    Toto - 'Africa':
    Prepare yourself: We’re not just going mainstream this week, we’re going full-on, 80’s mega-cheese, pop masterpiece, mainstream!

    ‘Africa’ by Toto is a track which almost doesn’t need an introduction, thanks in part, to its incredibly catchy riff, right from the start. If someone asked you to explain the term ‘earworm’ to them, simply playing this song would probably be enough.

    Written on the then popular, now classic, polyphonic analog synthesizer of the 80’s, the Yamaha CS-80, it’s no surprise the lead sound has a very ‘brassy’ character.

    Originally released as a single in 1982, the song has since attracted a completely different generation of fans, having cemented its place in pop culture history and achieved true meme status, referenced on cult comedy cartoons like South Park, Family Guy, and TV shows such as Stranger Things, Community and The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon (feat. Justin Timberlake).

    On the eve of the band’s “40 Trips Around The Sun” world tour, guitarist Steve Lukather recently expressed how happy he is to attract the new, younger audience, “partly thanks to EDM guys playing Africa to end their sets.”

    The song’s lyrics are often a source of amusement for those who care to dissect and analyse them, but with such a feel-good chorus, we think it could still work with just about any words!

    It’s gonna take a lot to drag us away from you,
    Team Imaginando

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    Synthesizers - The Absolute Basics


    2019 EDIT: There's a few issues with this video as it was recorded years ago. There's a few things I described incorrectly in this video, so take some of what I said with a grain of salt. Here's a few key notes/terminology that I got incorrect:

    1. Frequency is cycle per second and not the distance between two consecutive peaks as described in this video.The distance between two consecutive peak is known as wave length. While effectively a similar concept, The terminology I used was incorrect.

    2. Fine pitch works in increments of 100 cents. 100 cents make up a semitone, 12 semitones make up an octave. Course pitch doesn't fall under this system.

    Social Links:

    Check me out on the web!:

    This video attempts to explain the basic functions of most synthesizers throughout history. To the suprise of many, methods of sound synthesis have not changed for a very long time, dating back to the early 1900's. I hope this video helps you to better understand the basic functionality of the parts of a synth. Please rate this video and leave your opinions in the comment section below! Subscribe for future content!

    Software Used:

    Serum VST:

    Ableton Live 9:

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    Daft Punk Synth Tutorial


    This week I thought I'd demo three Daft Punk synth sounds / samples on original hardware.

    As these are all VCO-based analogue synths that are the best part of 40 years old, you'll probably find that settings vary slightly from one unit to the next. In fact, the settings vary on a daily basis on my own synths, depending upon temperature or how long they've been switched on etc.

    Here's the settings.

    Korg MS-20 (Mark I):



    Signal level 8.8

    OSC 1: Sawtooth at 8'
    OSC 2: Sawtooth at 16' tuned up a 5th

    HP filter: Cutoff 3, Peak 0, MG 0, EXT 10
    LP filter: Cutoff 3.1, Peak 7.8, MG 0, EG2 7.8

    Hold 0
    Attack 1
    Decay 5.2
    Sustain 0.2
    Release 4

    Roland TB-303:

    G down
    A# up
    G slide
    F up
    D# accent + slide
    C# down + accent
    C# down + accent + slide
    C# accent
    D# up + slide
    D# down
    F up + slide
    G up + accent + slide
    G# down
    G down + slide
    C down + slide
    G slide

    Distort with a stomp box or unit of your choice and dial in the cutoff and envelope with resonance all the way up. Tweak decay and accent. I was using the square wave setting.

    Sequential Circuits Pro~One:

    This is matching the quite tame sync preset from the Prophet 5, you can get lots of variations of the sync sound, including more aggressive versions.

    Oscillator A: Octave 1, square, 50% PW, Sync On.
    Oscillator B: Octave 1, no waves, Normal, KYBD

    Oscillator A level: 10
    Oscillator B level: n/a as we've no waves
    Noise: 0

    Cutoff 2
    Resonance 0
    Envelope amount 6
    Keyboard Amount 4
    Attack 4
    Decay 7
    Sustain 3
    Release 3

    Attack 2
    Decay 5
    Sustain 10
    Release 0

    Mod matrix:
    Filter envelope direct to Oscillator A freq. Amount 10.

    LFO frequency 6.5, shape triangle
    LFO wheel to Oscillator B freq. Amount 1.5. Dial up mod wheel.

    Alternatives to these synths:

    Korg MS-20:



    There's a Behringer clone coming, but in the meantime there's these emulations. I have Repro-5 / Repro-1 and it's remarkably similar to the real thing.

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    AN1x Synth Patches - Linkin Park


    For the last 6 months I'm in a Linkin Park Tribute band as a keyboardist, and I had to program the synth patches for the songs which we play. Amazing what the AN1x synth is capable of, even 20 years after it's release.

    Download link -

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    Re-creating Classic Rock Synth Sounds with Daniel Fisher


    Enter to win the WORLD'S LARGEST PEDALBOARD GIVEAWAY 🎸💯| Win a Piece of History 👉 --~--
    Daniel Fisher, Sweetwater’s Classic Rock evangelist, walks you through the recreation of five iconic synth effects from the 1970s, using the new Novation PEAK Polyphonic Desktop Synthesizer. Daniel is controlling the PEAK with Novation’s Impulse 61 Keyboard Controller. The output of PEAK is going directly into the video camera’s line inputs with no additional processing.

    Fly Like An Eagle - Steve Miller Band @ 1:00

    Karn Evil 9 - ELP @ 2:18

    Frankenstein - Edgar Winter Group @ 4:08

    Life’s Been Good To Me So Far - Joe Walsh @ 6:42

    Won’t Get Fooled Again - The Who @ 9:08

    Novation PEAK Polyphonic Desktop Synthesizer:

    Novation Impulse 61 Keyboard Controller:

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    How to make a flute sound on ANY synth - New microKORG preset


    We are overdue for a video on how to make synth flute on a physical synth. I hope this helps you accomplish beautiful woodwind goodness. These textures, drones, and noise walls can hold their own for recording or add to your overall composition.

    Signal chain:
    Korg microKORG
    EarthQuaker Devices Rainbow Machine
    Strymon TimeLine

    Please Like, Comment, and Subscribe for music, photography, and new content. I’m excited to share more in 2018!

    Also Instagram:

    Recorded with:
    Sony A7
    Canon 40mm F/2.8
    Movo Shotgun Mic

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    🔓 SOUND DESIGN: How To Make Industry Synth Basses In Omnisphere 🔌


    Thank You To Anyone That Subs! You're Greatly Appreciated! 🙏⚡

    Please share this video with a friend!

    🔋Midi Scales:
    🔋All Kits:

    🔮My Beats:

    #SoundDesign #Omnisphere #SynthBass

    🔓 SOUND DESIGN: How To Make Industry Synth Basses In Omnisphere 🔌
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    Synth Sound Used By TM88, Pierre Bourne & Calvin Harris - FL Studio Sound Design


    In this video i discuss how to build a popular synth patch used by many producers including TM88, Calvin Harris, and Pierre Bourne. You can hear this patch used in:

    Bossed Up - Juicy J (prod. TM88)
    Poke It Out - PlayboiCarti (prod. Pierre Bourne)

    - as well as many of Calvin Harris' tracks. This tutorial is meant to be a beginners introduction to sound design and synthesizers in FL Studio!



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    How To Make a PERFECT Violin Synth in Serum Tutorial


    In this Serum tutorial, I teach you how to make a Violin synth, Perfect for Dubstep, Future Bass, Trap, and House producers- beginner or expert.

    Banner Contest:

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    Free downloads can be found under the Free tab on our website.

    Connect with us:
    VIP Group:
    Snapchat: rocktpowrdsound

    Contact us:

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    How to make a thick and massive EDM synth


    link to preset:

    Synth plug-ins are a dime a dozen these days where every synth maker promises huge sounding synths. We all get caught up in the hype... including myself. Luckily for us Logic user, Logic actually comes bundled with a very powerful synth (for free), the ES2.

    In this video I will show you how to get that huge EDM sound fairly quickly without knowing too much about synthesis. You can also take the tutorial a step further and make minor adjustments and add a couple of effects to create really unique sounds. As you play around with synthesis you will start creating your own sounds for your productions.

    Thanks for watching! leave your questions in the comments and don't forget to like and fav this vid if you... liked it :)






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    How to Recreate Radioheads Everything in Its Right Place Synth | Arturia Pigments


    Dive into Arturia Pigments:

    The intro synth from Radiohead’s Everything in its Right Place is one of the most iconic synths in the past decade of music. We show you how to recreate the warm and moving patch using Arturia's new analog and futuristic Pigments synthesizer, now available on Splice Rent-to-Own.

    Pigments includes a virtual analog triple oscillator engine, complex wavetable engine, classic filter types from Arturia's V Collection instruments. A powerful effects section featuring reverb, delay, compressor, parametric EQs and more. An extensive factory preset library of over 600 presets to get you started.


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    Wake By Abel Mendoza


    Here's a quick tutorial on how to get the lead synth sound for Wake by Hillsong Young & Free new single, here I'm using Logic Pro X ES2 synth but you can do this with MainStage 3 which also have the exact same virtual instruments.

    Stay connected!!







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    Creating a Synth Lead on an Analogue Synth | Metalworks Institute


    Metalworks Institute Instructor Kevin Pooler demonstrates how to create a synth lead sound on a Moog Voyager

    To learn more about Metalworks Institute and our comprehensive diploma programs click here:

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    How to Create Totos Africa Synth Brass Sound on Yamaha Montage


    On this video, I am showing you how to create Toto's Africa signature Synth Brass sound. Enjoy!

    Enjoy :)

    Intro & Outro Music by © Dom Sigalas
    Follow me on:
    Official Website:

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    How to make Techno Track with Modular Synth


    In this video I gonna show you full patch from scratch of my techno setup in VCV Rack!
    Become Patron and get patch from this video
    Thanks for your support!

    I also use the controller for the first time. This time it is the Ipad with the TouchOSC installed. Trowasoft made a great layout for it and its sequencer in VCV Rack as well. It is very easy to manage techno patterns in a modular environment.
    TouchOSC is available for iOS and Android tablets or smartphones.
    Have a nice Rave!
    TouchOSC for Android -
    TouchOSC for iOS -
    trowasoft Template for TouchOSC or

    TouchOSC Setup manual
    Check my VCV Rack album -
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    How to Synthwave | FL Studio Tutorial


    A bit more of a video essay tutorial, just wanted to switch up my video style. I'll have more rapper tutorials coming soon.

    DL the song here:

    Drum kits used:

    Free VSTs used:
    Full Bucket 3100:

    Video Sources:
    Jim Morrison:
    Miami Nights 1984:
    Wice - Star Fighter:
    Retro Grid:

    Thanks for watching!

    Social Media:
    Subscribe fam:
    Peep My Twitter :
    Peep My Soundcloud :
    Peep My Instagram :

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    Synth Sounds #3: Organ-ish Korg Volca Keys | Mini Synth Tutorial


    Organ-ish Volca Keys | Mini synth patch tutorial ft. the Korg Volca Keys

    Hey guys! So, I posted a video on instagram the other day, where I was jamming around with this organ like patch (you can hear the original audio for that jam in the intro) ... and I was asked how to create that sound. I know this is nowhere near an actual organ sound, but I'm sure you guys get the idea. lol

    This is the third video in my new series, Synth Sounds. These videos will be short, simple, and they will focus on sound design/patch creation. 🙂

    Anyways, I hope you guy enjoyed the video and thanks for watching, LittleBIGsynths. 👍

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    Exploring Modular Synths Episode 0 - Beginners Mind - Introduction and First Patch


    This video is for beginners interested in exploring modular synthesis. It explains what a modular synth is, different types of modules, and how to create a first patch. I try to go step by step and use Pressure Points and Brains as a sequencer to run the Dixie ii+ oscillator, Peaks for envelopes, and the Echophon delay.

    If you enjoy, consider subscribing or becoming a Patreon supporter:

    For those interested, I also have an experimental album made entirely of live, improvised modular performances made with my set-up available here:

    I also do non-modular music:

    Thank you for your interest!

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    How To Make A Dark Synth Bass


    8oh!8 Bass Presets for Serum -
    The Niche Kit (Creative Drum and Loop Kit) -
    Urban Dreamscapes for Serum -


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    MicroKorg Choir Voice Patch - Synth Tutorial


    Choir patch for the MicroKorg with formants assigned to the mod wheel. You could get a more convincing vocal sound from a layered patch but this would reduce polyphony.

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    Novation // MiniNova synth tutorial: Making Animations


    Novation MiniNova Making Animations tutorial
    Visit here for more details:
    ~ LIKE our video and click 'show more' for additional information.

    Check out these other MiniNova tutorial videos:
    Selecting Sounds:
    Insert FX:

    This video takes you through the essentials of making animations with MiniNova.

    MiniNova is a compact, super-cool performance synth with the same sound engine as its big brother: the UltraNova. It comes with 256 incredible onboard sounds which you can tweak with 5 knobs, or totally warp with 8 'animate' buttons. MiniNova also has an onboard VocalTune™ effect as well as a classic vocoder so you can recreate iconic vocal sounds from Hip Hop, Urban and electronic music.

    Novation MiniNova key features:
    • Hugely powerful micro synthesizer with UltraNova's sound engine
    • Brand new VocalTune™ and classic vocoder effects
    • Live synth: tweak and warp your sounds in realtime
    • 256 awesome onboard sounds - instantly searchable
    • Layer up to 5 effects per voice
    • Comes with editing software and a software patch librarian
    • Run guitars and other instruments through the vocoder, VocalTune™ and effects
    • 37 key controller keyboard with MIDI I/O

    For more videos subscribe to our YouTube channel here:

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    How To Make A Worship Pad In Logic/MainStage ES2 Synth


    In this tutorial I show how to create a worship pad sound from scratch In Logic/MainStage ES2 Synth, Enjoy!!

    My default settings for Logic/MainStage ES2 Synth.

    Check out my Praise and Worship sounds & effetcs libraries For MainStage 3.
    Available now

    Stay connected!!







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    MJ Thriller Explained: Synthesizers And Pads


    On this we explain the Synthesizers, Stabs and Pads of Michael Jackson's Thriller. Download all the parts, midi, multitrack and samples on

    The Thriller Sound Pack includes the original Jupiter 8 patches, as wll as all sample libraries in Kontakt, Halion format.

    For more about our Mixing, Mastering & Production services please visit:

    Watch all our 6 videos about Thriller here:

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    Doctor Mix is our Online Mixing, Mastering and Music Production service. We proudly serve major record labels, independent artists, and film/tv/advertising agencies since 2005 and we’re recognised as one of the most successful online music studios today.
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    Quick Tip: Kick Drum Eurorack Modular Synthesizer Patch Tutorial


    Here is a quick tip on how to make a kick drum with a eurorack modular synthesizer.

    You will need:
    - a trigger source (clock or sequencer)
    - two envelope generators (snappy exponential ones)
    - a VCO (voltage controlled oscillator)
    - a VCA (voltage controlled amplifier)

    The patch:
    - trigger source to trigger input of both envelope generators
    - envelope generator 1 output to VCA CV control
    - envelope generator 2 output to VCO 1v/oct input
    - VCO audio out to VCA audio input
    - audio output of VCA is your kick drum

    To start set the VCO pitch very low, even subsonic, use sine or triangle waves for mellow kicks and saws or squares for distorted sounding gabber kicks.

    Tweak your envelopes to get countless variations of kick drums. Use more exponential envelopes for punchier drums, or add a little bit of attack to the VCA envelope to mellow out the attack of the drum. Attenuate the amount of the pitch envelope to go from lazer beam drum to a droning drum. Try a fast pitch envelope and a slow amplitude envelope for a long 808 style kick.

    Modules used (left to right):
    Malekko Varigate 4+:
    Make Noise Maths:
    Intellijel Dixie 2+:
    Intellijel Quad VCA:

    #PerfectCircuit #QuickTip #Eurorack

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    02 - Basic Synthesis : Funk Stabs Synth Tutorial


    A basic tutorial using Native Instruments Massive to create an 80's style electro-funk synth stab.

    Suitable for beginners and people new to synthesis & creating their own patches.

    Patch Download Link: If you have any problems and would like to compare:

    Midi File of the demo for anybody who would like it. Just assign one version of Massive to each track with the Funk Stab patch.

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    Voice like sound with subtractive synth


    How to use two filters on a subtractive synth to make a vocal like sound. Uses Reason's Subtractor Synth

  • desc

    Retrograde by James Blake - Synth Tutorial


    Watch Joe Hanley, the creator of Syntorial, as he recreates the chorus track from James Blake's Retrograde. Download the presets and MIDI files used in this video by going to

    While you're there, check out Syntorial: video game-like training software that will teach you how to program synth patches by ear. With almost 200 lessons, combining video demonstrations with interactive challenges, you'll get hands on experience programming patches on a built-in soft synth, and learn everything you need to know to start making your own sounds with ease.

    Free demo, containing 22 lessons is available at

    And for you Z3TA+ 2 users, Syntorial now comes with the Z3TA+ 2 Lesson Pack, which contains 37 videos, running over 3 hours, that go over every inch of Z3TA+ 2. Try the special Syntorial Z3TA+ 2 demo which contains 18 Syntorial lessons and four Z3TA+ 2 videos now at

    Need help with a patch? Post your request on our forum:

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    How to make brass sounds on a modular synth


    Use the hashtag #LIP4POB on Instagram with your patch using this brassy sound! I'd absolutely love to hear your patches with it! Cheers - POB

    In this video, I explain how to create SPECTACULAR BRASSY SOUNDS with a modular synth system! If you've seen my demo or jam for the Ataraxic Iteritas, then you've heard this patch:

    This video is a step-by-step guide on how to create that brass sound!

    In this example, I used these modules, but similar modules will still do the trick -- except you do need the Loquelic Iteritas Percido!

    - Pamela's NEW Workout from ALM Busy Circuits
    - Zularic Repetitor from Noise Engineering
    - Loquelic Iteritas Percido from Noise Engineering
    - Octone from QU-Bit Electronix
    - Black Hole DSP from Erica Synths
    - Stereomix from Toppobrillo

    Use the hashtag #LIP4POB on Instagram with your patch using this brassy sound! I'd absolutely love to hear your patches with it! Cheers - POB

    Visit Noise Engineering's website for more info on the Loquelic Iteritas Percido:

    The Ataraxic Iteritas demo I put together (which has this patch) is on the Noise Engineering site:


    I am Patrick O'Brien aka POB living in Los Angeles.

    Follow me on SoundCloud:
    Follow me on Twitter:
    Follow me on Instagram:
    Follow me on Facebook:
    Follow me on Bandcamp:

    Recorded October/December 2018 in Los Angeles, California. at gmail

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    Can a synth sound exactly like a guitar?


    Paul in our guitar department didn't think a keyboard player could match his riffs, but look at his face when he's proved wrong!

    Thanks Marco Parisi for putting Paul in his place!

    Roli Seaboard RISE 25 Keyboard Controller -

    ROLI Seaboard Grand Stage 61 note Keyboard -

    For more info on the incredible Roli Seaboard Grand featured in this video head here:

    Marco is using the Jazz Guitar preset in Native Instrument's Kontakt with the Guitar Rig effect plugin for amp and distortion effects.



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