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Playlist of Hooligans in Lego Jurassic World 2

  • Lego Jurassic World: fallen kingdom parody


    What could have happened

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  • Jurassic World Evolution ~ Rise by Skillet


    music and video

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  • Stop Motion Clips! Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Indoraptor


    I hope you enjoyed this video! I know my stop motion skills aren’t top notch, but it’s nice practice for future ideas! I love the Jurassic Park franchise, and being able to animate with the extremely posable indoraptor Mattel toy is amazing. I look forward to making more animations.

    Toy used: Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom posable indoraptor Mattel toy.

    I do not own the music in this video!
    Music belongs to:
    . Alvin Risk (Gradient Glide)

    No copyright is intended.

  • Playing LEGO jurassic world with my nephew Tristan James


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  • 26. At Jurassic Worlds End Credits / Suite - Michael Giacchino | Jurassic World 2


    26. At Jurassic World's End Credits / Suite
    Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
    Music By Michael Giacchino

    - Full Soundtrack (Deluxe Edition) :
    - Playlist :

  • Cena do Jurassic world 2 #2


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  • Mis lego jurássic Park


  • Je présente mes dessins et mes Lego


  • Best of #savethemargaritas


    FinsUp everyone! We saved over 500 margaritas during our contest. Thank you to everyone who participated!

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  • Hooligans a Historia


  • Roberto Douglas dinosaurio septimo octavo noveno JR dinosaurio la Pelicula trailer


    Primer corto de mini Pelicula no se la pierdan XD
    Creado usando VideoFX Live:

  • Fossil Hunting Results Screen - Dino Master Music


    Nobody uploaded any Dino Master music, so I thought, Why Not? I understand if some people think this game is subpar (though we had to do with this game as the first 'Dinosaur' Game for the Nintendo DS [to my knowledge, anyway], until Fossil League and Fossil Fighters came along), but I think we can all agree that it does have its share of decent music. Here, this Dino Master theme plays during the Results screen after Fossil Hunting. Dig this theme, Discover the possibility of having dinosaurs in a Nintendo DS Game and higher (besides Fossil Pokemon), and Duel to the best of your ability!

    NOTES: This theme is not mine. I don't own Dino Master or its Music. It is property of Majesco Entertainment, Taito and Creative Office. I recorded the music from the game and edited it to the best of my ability (that is, to edit out some sound effects) with Audacity.

  • Armando Legos


  • HOOLIGANZ ”Sonomama De ii”


    生音×HOOLIGANZのシリーズ第4弾。New Albumから「Sonomama De ii」の映像が完成。

    Now on sale
    HOOLIGANZ Limited 7inch vinyl

    iTunes store



    Produced by.
    THE R.T.L BAND / SR23

    Directed by.
    Rap La Movie(Tatala Beach Club)

    Special Thanks
    New Funk Store,Club Clutch

  • SONS OF THE WORKING CLASS - Working Class Stiff / Zombie Sharks


    SONS OF THE WORKING CLASS (Fredie Vinson, Jonathan Correll & Scott Brazill) performing Working Class Stiff and Zombie Sharks at the Pegasus Lounge on Nov. 26 2010
    Working Class Stiff (Music & Lyrics by Fredie Vinson & Jeff Little)
    Zombie Sharks (Music by SOTWC,Lyrics by JC Correll)

  • 5:56

    The First AAVOS Song Is Here! What Is AAVOS? AAVOS= Awesome Abridged Version Of Songs. I take an awesome song ( or 2 :) ) and remix it a bit without changing the song. That means that i take the dull parts out, maybe repeat some awesome parts and lower/raise the audio. Basically make an HD version of the original song. I have plans for much more, including techno songs, rap songs and more! Starting up with this very chill song, which i really thought needed a little AAVOS work. The original song is 9 minutes! So what i did was remove the unnecessary intro and the last part of the song which is quite dull. I also repeated the last refrain, because it makes your ears ejaculate :)
    Please Rate, COmment, Subcribe, And Here Are the links:


    AAVOS Playlist:

    Main Channel ( Games, Lego And More):

  • specimen a Vs xim & bass 3 bass pressure 6 breaknation


    specimen a Vs xim & bass 3 bass pressure 6 breaknation españa spain

  • Intro Crepusculo, Neron y Apocalipsis - Far Away


  • Winter festival 2011 Dj Rasco 3