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Playlist of Heavy hardcore

  • Ultimate Heavy Metal Music Playlist - 2017



    Death Metal
    Hardcore Punk
    Fast Metal
    Beatdown Hardcore
    Heavy Metal
    Dark Metal

    Heavy metal (or simply metal) is a genre of rock music that developed in the late 1960s and early 1970s, largely in the United Kingdom and the United States. With roots in blues rock and psychedelic/acid rock, the bands that created heavy metal developed a thick, massive sound, characterized by highly amplified distortion, extended guitar solos, emphatic beats, and overall loudness. Heavy metal lyrics and performance styles are sometimes associated with aggression and machismo.

    The first heavy metal bands such as Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, and Deep Purple attracted large audiences, though they were often derided by critics. During the mid-1970s, Judas Priest helped spur the genre's evolution by discarding much of its blues influence; Motörhead introduced a punk rock sensibility and an increasing emphasis on speed. Beginning in the late 1970s, bands in the new wave of British heavy metal such as Iron Maiden and Saxon followed in a similar vein. Before the end of the decade, heavy metal fans became known as metalheads or headbangers.

    During the 1980s, glam metal became popular with groups such as Mötley Crüe and Poison. Underground scenes produced an array of more aggressive styles: thrash metal broke into the mainstream with bands such as Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer, and Anthrax, while other extreme subgenres of metal such as death metal and black metal remain subcultural phenomena. Since the mid-1990s popular styles have further expanded the definition of the genre. These include groove metal (with bands such as Pantera, Sepultura, and Lamb of God) and nu metal (with bands such as Korn, Slipknot, and Linkin Park), the latter of which often incorporates elements of grunge and hip hop.


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  • Manuel Marctal - Voices From The Underworld Beatdown Hardcore/Metalcore Instrumental


    Manuel Marctal:

    Artist: Manuel Marctal
    Song: Voices From The Underworld
    Genre: Beatdown Hardcore/Metalcore
    Year: 2018

    You can use my songs for your videos or vocal practice for FREE (Free for non-profit use).
    If you use it you MUST credit me as the author of the song, including the link to my page in your description box.
    All my songs are under copyright license.

    Written, Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Manuel Marctal.

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  • The Most Used Hardcore Stereotypes


    Some of the most used stereotypes in Hardcore!

    Andrew Baena

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    JP6 (Stealth Black)
    Ernie Ball Strings 0.12-0.56 (
    AXE FX 2
    CUBASE AI 9.5
    Canon SL2
    Adobe Premier
    KRK Rokit 5
    Tuning: Drop C

    #Hardcore #Stereotypes #Metal

  • Best Hardcore Gym Workout Music Mix


    Best Hardcore Gym Workout Music Mix
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    Brutal Trap ???? Gym Workout Music 2017 // Hybrid Trap Mix [Part 2]

    ✖ Gym Playlists by genre:
    Trap →
    Hip hop/Rap →
    Rock →
    Dubstep →
    EDM →

    ✖ Tracklist:
    1. NOIXES - Focused (feat. iSH)
    2. Unknown Brain - MATAFAKA (feat. Marvin Divine)
    3. TULE - Lost
    4. T - Mass & Enthic - Can You Feel It
    5. Levianth & Axol - Remember (feat. The Tech Thieves)
    6. ÉWN & Whogaux - Start That Fire
    7. Dread Pitt - Pyro
    8. Anikdote - Life Is Over
    9. Warriyo - Mortals (feat. Laura Brehm)
    10. T - Mass - Bow and Arrow
    11. Jo Cohen & BQ - Glowing At Night
    12. Holly x Drivvin - Til The End
    13. its different - Shadows (feat. Miss Mary)
    14. Axol & The Tech Thieves - Bleed
    15. TULE - Fearless
    16. Anikdote - Turn It Up
    17. Egzod - Wake Up (feat. Chris Linton)
    18. Anikdote - Imma Killa
    19. Zookeepers & Heuse - Mercury

    Best Hardcore Gym Workout Music Mix

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  • 10 metal/hardcore drum beats


    how to play metal drums:
    drummers on drugs:
    classic songs with metal drums:
    AC/DC with metal drums:



  • What 15 Years of Mix Progression Sounds Like


    ☛ Learn more about what it takes to go from amateur to Full Stack Producer in my free video series:

    Going from amateur to pro mixer doesn't happen overnight!
    Here's a year-by-year breakdown of what my work sounded like at the beginning, and how I got to where I am now.
    I point out some key turning points and breakthroughs along the way, and how you can make the same progress even faster than I did.

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  • Hard Trap Beat Hardcore Angry Rap Instrumental


    Hard trap beat instrumental 2019 Hardcore. Angry rap instrumental with heavy 808 action and aggressive vibes. Feel free to use it non-commercially (no monetization, no Spotify iTunes etc, non-profit), but remember to credit (Prod. Ihaksi)!
    ???? Positive beat album on Spotify:

    ???? Buy untagged commercial version:

    or email me:
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    Contact me:

    ????️ Background picture:

    Best Hard Beat Instrumentals 2019, Aggressive Insturmental Beats 2020, Heavy 808 Beats

    Suomi Finland

  • Medieval Music - Hardcore Party Mix


    The most rhythmic, upbeat, party medieval music out there, put together in a mix.

    0:00 La Suite Meurtriere - Vox Vulgaris
    4:25 La Segonda retroencha - Martin Best Medieval Ensemble
    5:52 Salterello [I] - Instanpitta
    11:08 Rokatanc - Vox Vulgaris
    15:01 Rassa, tan creis e monta e poia - Martin Best Medieval Ensemble
    17:01 Salterello -Trotto [II] - Instanpitta
    21:57 Spanish Bombs - Vox Vulgaris
    24:09 Au Temps D'auost - Martin Best Medieval Ensemble
    25:27 Amarcatu - Os Trabucos
    29:58 Odisete - Os Trabucos
    33:59 Tempus transit gelidum - Martin Best Medieval Ensemble
    36:42 Esek Bayrami - Vox Vulgaris

  • Best Clean Vocals In Post Hardcore/Metalcore/Modern Metal Part. 11


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    Post Hardcore/Metalcore/Electrocore/Progressive Metal/Djent/Deathcore - ❗️MOSTLY UNDERGROUND BANDS❗️


    1. Madison Patadox - Esc
    2. Brief History - Fingerprints
    3. Before I Turn - Claustrophobic
    4. Everyone Loves A Villan - Eaterwords
    5. Turn Confidence - Disintegrate
    6. Forgetting The Memories - Cult
    7. Harbinger - Letter Of A Dead
    8. As Temples Collide - Thin Ice
    9. Astray Valley - Wilderness

    I do not own any of the musicy or artwork in this video, all copyright ownership goes to the artists witch own them. Support them!

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  • Thrash Metal / Hardcore Crossover Lesson - Minor 2nd Interval Sounds & Uses


    ► Download Store:
    ► Tune guitar down a whole step to D standard.



    #posthardcore #numetal

  • Beatdown Hardcore/Heavy Hardcore


    #Beatdown #Metal

    0:00 Born From Pain - Day Of The Scorpio
    0:39 Hoods - The King Is Dead
    1:05 Nasty - Just Kind
    1:44 Shattered Realm - All Will Suffer
    2:20 Great American Ghost - Deliver Me
    2:47 War Hound - No Love (my favorite)
    3:26 Death Before Dishonor - Break Through It All

  • Split - Hardcore Heavy Metal Instrumental


    After a few months hiatus here it is, another new track finally finished. Heavy Metal instrumental with a thick hardcore feel. Enjoy.

    Since some of you have been asking, if you are interested in buying a hd version of this track for a dollar, head on over to band camp.

    Guitars are obviously done by William Jacob Barnes
    Drum Track is a backing track done by Metal Guitar Stuff over at

  • Heavy Thrash Hardcore Metal - Royalty Free - Instrumental


    Download link in soundcloud:

    It's yours to enjoy and use.

    Also, everything is made, played, and recorded by myself so if you want to use this song in whatever, don't claim copyrights to yourself.

    Feel free to like, sub and make creative small talk.

  • Heavy - Linkin Park Hardcore version


    Linkin Park plays Heavy in metal version



    never uploaded something like this, let me know how i did :)

    free for non profit, credit me if you want

    for leases / exclusives, email me :

    free metal instrumental
    thrash metal instrumental
    free hardcore metal instrumental
    metal type beat
    metal instrumental

  • Heavy Hardcore DnB Mix - Part 1 by Survivalist


    very very old mix of mine i found on my old laptop hardrive so i thought i would upload it just for fun

  • Stupid Heavy Hardcore


    Provided to YouTube by recordJet

    Stupid Heavy Hardcore · Angaschmäng


    ℗ 2015 Angaschmäng

    Released on: 2015-07-24

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Madball - Hold It Down hardcore guitar cover nyhc


    D-G-C-F-A-D tuning

  • Songwriting Example 33 - Written by Aaron Chaparian


    This song CANNOT be used for your personal project. It is created specifically for the artist/musician/vocalist that hired me to write it. This track cannot be downloaded and re-uploaded to your page, or anywhere else. If you would like a custom created song, please contact me at Thank you for listening!

    About the songwriting service:

    I write songs/instrumentals for anybody in need of music. This mainly pertains to vocalists/singers who aren’t in bands, but still want to release music on iTunes, Spotify, BandCamp, or any other online music distributor. My songwriting could also work for those who want to release physical CD’s, and hope to form a band one day. This could also be a great way to showcase your vocal skills if you are searching for a full band to perform with and need to show potential band members your musical portfolio. This is perfect for anybody that currently can’t find reliable musicians, or can’t seem to find the right collaboration regarding the style of music they wish to create.

    I can also write songs for anyone that needs music for their personal projects, such as background music for Instagram/Facebook videos, advertisements for your personal brand, or any other reason you would need custom music created. This could include full songs, short clips for specific videos, or any other ideas you have regarding a musical arrangement. I also have software that allows me to watch video while creating music. So any music can be made matching the content of the video.

    About the writing/workflow:

    After we finish discussing your project, I will begin to write. During the writing phase, I will be sending clips and updates of the song so you can get a feel for the direction of the music. If you approve of the clips, I will continue writing. If for any reason you are unsatisfied with the music that I sent or have a different idea, I will then revise that clip until you fully enjoy it. We will continue this process until the song is fully created.

    Ways to tell me the style of music needed:

    Sending me videos or songs you want the music to sound like is the best way to show me the style/genre you need This could include YouTube videos, songs on iTunes from artists you enjoy, a guitar riff that you wrote a while ago but never used, a scene from a movie, etc. There’s no shame finding musical inspiration from unique sources, so if you have an idea, tell me! Past clients have frequently sent me a few songs from their favorite band, or in some cases send me 3 different bands and say “combine these styles.” Also, if you have a unique style in mind and have never heard it before, try to describe it as best as possible for me to understand. Written explanations can work just as well as showing me a song in some cases.

    What else is included:

    All these songs also include mixing/mastering once the writing phase is finished. The final file you will receive will not only be fully written, but also mixed/mastered, and ready to uploaded to online music distributors or sent in to make physical CD’s. I have a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Music Industry with a minor in Audio Production. I have interned for grammy-winning/nominated audio engineers/mixers Marc Urselli, Fran Cathcart, and Lou Holtzman. Aside from my home studio, I also do work out of Graphic Nature Audio, a studio that is home to grammy-nominated producer Will Putney, along with other producers/engineers Randy Leboeuf, Ryan Leitru, and Steve Seid. As much focus as I will put into writing your songs, I have spent years learning the craft to make them sound good also! If you have another audio engineer in mind for mixing/mastering, I can also create audio stems that are neatly organized and ready to be sent to your engineer.

    Feel free to message me at any time regarding project ideas. We can also discuss availability and price. I’m frequently attentive to social media, so you can message me on any of my pages. All files will be sent through email, and I’ll give you my personal phone number once a project is started so we can easily communicate throughout the process.


    Contact Info:

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  • Heavy Hardcore DnB Mix - Part 2 by Survivalist


    very very old mix of mine i found on my old laptop hardrive so i thought i would upload it just for fun

  • 120 BPM Hardcore Heavy Thrash Metal Electric guitar Backing Jam Track in E


    120 bpm electric guitar, bass and drums backing track for you to practice your face melting solos, guitar licks and sick riffs! This is my first electric guitar jam track of many. The guitar and bass performance was done by me. I hope you enjoy my heavy metal backing track and 120 bpm metal drum track.

  • Slow Jams - Heavy Blues 2020 Hardcore


    Slow Jams - hardcore band from Berlin, Germany

    1.Determined Law
    4.Body Fidelity

    Note: If you are a member of the band or a member of a label related to this release and you want the video to be removed please let me know by sending me a pm on youtube or on facebook page or on my email adress.
    #grindwarchannel #grindwar

  • Hardcore vs Metal Official Music Video


    Hardcore vs Metal
    Escrita por: Dafne y Tito
    Musica: Have Become Stars
    Video: Caleb Hernandez
    Direccion: Caleb Hernandez
    Elenco: Dafne (5 años) & Tito (4 años)
    Caleb|Records 2012

  • metal band practice - metal song 1 heavy hardcore metalcore



  • xAFBx - xAFBx hardcore | straight edge | metalcore | moshcore | beatdown


    xAFBx - xAFBx (2015)
    AFB, hardcore, straight edge, metalcore, moshcore, straight edge hardcore, beatdown

    xAFBx - Shellback
    xAFBx - Coffin Nails
    xAFBx - Highways and Lifelines

    This video uses copyrighted material in a manner that does not require approval of the copyright holder. It is a fair use under copyright law. Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976 Allowance is made for fair use for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. The purpose of this upload is for viewer enjoyment and education. Not for monetary gain.

  • Heavy Hardcore DnB Mix - Part 3 by Survivalist


    very very old mix of mine i found on my old laptop hardrive so i thought i would upload it just for fun

  • Death Thrash Hardcore Metal - Royalty Free - Instrumental


    This is a free to use composition by me. You may use it for your own purpose, such as practising or recording your own vocals on it.

    You can download the song here: and check for more of my tracks.

    Feel free to post a comment or P.M. me if you'd like to use the song for whatsoever!

  • 198 BPM Heavy Metal Hardcore Drumless Backing Track for drummers


    Provided to YouTube by Routenote

    198 BPM Heavy Metal Hardcore Drumless Backing Track for drummers · MusicArt Studio

    Thrash Metal Drumless Backing Tracks without Drums Vol 2

    ℗ Gonella MusicArtRapallo

    Released on: 2019-05-13

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Requiem For A Dream - MetalcorePost-Hardcore Guitar Cover


    Requiem For A Dream Soundtrack meets core music

    Recordingmixmaster by Hound Recordings (

    Check out my band:

  • Recording & Mixing Hardcore Metal Live in One Room


    Ryan Cohen breaks down how to record and mix a hardcore heavy metal band live in a recording studio or at home. Featuring: O.N.E. Old North End

    Keywords: Audio Mixing, Audio Recording, Home Recording, Audio Engineering, Heavy Metal Mixing, Recording Studio, Drum Recording, Microphone, Mics, Bass Guitar, Heavy Guitars

  • My Top 10 Screamo, Post-Hardcore, Heavy Rock and Sad Songs


    I haven't uploaded any videos in a while cause i was very busy but now here you go. Part 2 of My Top 10 Screamo, Post-Hardcore, Heavy Rock and Sad songs. Enjoy~
    Thank you for viewing and have a nice day
    I do not own any of these songs all rights belong to their rightful owners.

  • Final Light - Ordinary World


    LISTEN IN HD: (Makes big difference)

    Limited release of a new song for a band called Last Light that I am starting. Currently looking for all members (Guitarist, Singer, Drummer, Bassist).

    Recorded, mixed and mastered by Josh Gloe

    If you like After the Burial, Veil of Maya, Periphery, August Burns Red, The Human Abstract, Erra, Elitist, We Came as Romans, Memphis May Fire than you will be a fan of the upcoming music!

  • ILL BILL x VINNIE PAZ HEAVY METAL KINGS hardcore rap style beat 2020 - prod by L.O.B.


    Contact me if you are interested in beats :
    email :
    fb :
    IG : @loud_obnoxious_beats

  • Hardcore/Jump up heavy drop mix





    HARDCORE.XM (690 KB)
    Take this song not
    to serious.....
    This is a fun song....
    But watch out for more
    serious Songs...
    Coming soon....
    Call 02461-51902 !!!
    FIDO : 2:2450/430

    Old school tracker module visualizations from Amiga, Atari ST, Commodore 64, IBM-PC

  • Metal Guitar Essentials Vol. 4 - Heavy Metal/Hardcore Guitar Sample Pack 2020



    This loop kit contains 10 original metal compositions composed by Jensen. 100% royalty free except for major releases

    10 High Quality Original Metal Loops inspired by Heavy Metal, Modern Metalcore, Punk Rock, Hardcore, Death Metal and more

    Matching Drum, Bass, Rhythm Guitar, and Lead Guitar sections for each loop

    Ready For You To Process And Use In Whatever Capacity Suits You

    Compatible With Any DAW

    BPM & Key Listed On Every Track

    All Loops Are Royalty Free (With The Exception Of Major Releases)

    BONUS: Stems For All Tracks Included (50 Loops In Total!)


    ~Follow me on social media~

    ????????Get your music on Spotify and Apple Music:

    Metal Guitar Essentials Vol. 4 (Loop Kit) - Heavy Metal/Hardcore Guitar Sample Pack 2020

    #loopkit #samplepack #guitarloops

    Prod. By Jensen

  • metal band practice - metal song 2 heavy hardcore metalcore



  • Heavy Hardcore DnB Mix - Part 4 by Survivalist


    very very old mix of mine i found on my old laptop hardrive so i thought i would upload it just for fun

  • Daycare - Heavy Hardcore Jam Ottos Shrunken Head 3/27/18 New York City Lower East Side


    MY favorite on this fast setlist. this 2 piece band is loud and proud and need a better microphone but the music jams in this underground new player scene. Check them out on instagram as well. NYCBC69 enjoy.... thanks for this donated footage from the underground guys who call themselves the trashy bastards......... hey this new york city look on instagram at nycbc69 too

  • Trap Metal Scarlxrd x Bvdlvd Hardcore/Heavy Metal Type Beat Full Fxrce


    This time, I was noodling around on my guitar (an actual electric guitar, Fender Stratocaster tuned to Drop D), and I came up with this random riff. I found it cool, recorded it, and ended up with this track. Was going for a really heavy and distorted vibe for this. I ended up tuning the recording I had down 200 cents which makes the guitar recording sound like it's in Drop C.

    Anyways, hope you like it :)


    This song is not for sale or anything, I just put my cringy-ass producer tag in there. If you want to use this beat on a project, just give credit and add a link to this video. If you're rapping or singing over this, just add (prod. by icestorm rb) in the title of your piece.


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  • Hardcore Beatdown creation


    hxc, all of this was made on the computer.
    No real instruments involved. This is pure for fun.

  • Headbangers Ball | Audiotree Playlist


    Relinquish your anger and mosh to the best heavy metal and hardcore tracks on our new Headbangers Ball compilation. Tracklist & YouTube playlist below ↓

    Discover new music at

    ▶︎ Tracklist:
    00:00 | Oathbreaker - Second Son of R. |
    05:46 | Cult Leader - I Am Healed |
    09:04 | Celeste - Tes Amours noirs illusoires |
    14:21 | Entheos - The World Without Us |
    18:38 | Glassing - Absolute Virtue |
    22:23 | Russian Circles - Quartered |
    29:05 | Yautja - Processed |
    33:22 | Vein - Demise Automation / Terrors Realm |
    36:57 | Conjurer - Retch |
    40:24 | Wolf King - Greater Power |
    43:16 | Counterparts - Witness |

    ▶︎ Video playlist:


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    #HeavyMetal #Hardcore #DeathMetal

  • The heavy HARDCORE BASS


    Heavy Bass Hardcore made by me.

    Copyright© 2017

  • 10 Great Hardcore Guitar Riffs w/ Tabs


    Second Channel:
    Pokemon GO Friend Code: 5652 0951 2190
    Xbox Live Gamertag: bmcconnell43

    These are my favorite hardcore riffs. I've been slowly warming up to this genre and am very excited to share some of these riffs with you guys.


    Gear Used:
    Gibson SG Special T
    Strymon Big Sky
    Ibanez TS808
    Friedman BE-OD
    BBE Boosta Grande
    ISP Decimator
    Xotic Effects SP Compressor
    PedalTrain Classic Pro
    Fender Jaguar Bass
    Dragon Heart GT Picks
    Logic Pro X
    Apogee ONE
    Canon 7D


  • Alexander Skryabin - POST-HARDCORE VS METALCORE



  • Hardcore Punk Drum Backing Track FREE 165 bpm


    Here's a basic heavy hardcore punk or metal drums only track at 165 beats per minute. This is great for playing along or writing guitar and bass riffs or songs. This is free to use just give John Page Contraband credit for the drums.
    Get led lights for your home/studio/jam room at
    Click here to help support this channel --

  • Thrash Metal Drum Backing Track Metalcore Hardcore Heavy


    A Slayer style drum track. Free to use just give John Page Contraband credit for the drums.
    Uma pista de tambor estilo Slayer. Gratuito dá crédito de John Page Contraband para a bateria.
    Трек барабан стиль убийца. Бесплатно использовать просто дать кредит Джон страницы контрабанды для барабанов.
    En Slayer stil tromme spor. Gratis bare gi John Page Contraband kreditt for trommer.
    Lintasan drum gaya Slayer. Bebas untuk menggunakan hanya memberikan John Page Contraband kredit untuk drum.
    屠宰者風格鼓嘅音轨。 免費使用鼓只給約翰頁違禁品信用。

  • Insane Hardcore Heavy Bass Dubstep Mix 2014 #09


    Do You Love Dubstep But You're Tired Of Listening to Single Tracks? [SUBSCRIBE] For All The Latest Dubstep Mixes. Please Like the video and check out the artist and producers in the description buy and like their music. Links in the description.


    0:00 Genetix - Hunga Munga
    Buy it from Prime Audio on Beatport:

    Prime Audio

    Soundcloud -
    Facebook -
    Twitter -


    Soundcloud -
    Facebook -
    Twitter -

    1:40 12GAUGE - 64
    ► Available to download:
    ▪ 12GAUGE:

    ▪ AR the Bushmaster:

    3:10 Jub - Nightmare
    Free download:


    4:15 SkeptiK - Fearless
    Free Download:

    Like -
    Listen -

    6:24 Snorch - D-Jahsta's Son

    .::Follow Snorch::.

    7:58 Woogie - Punctured

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    9:13 Torqux - No Way Back
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    11:10 Skenka - Layzerz VIP
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    12:41 Krimma - In The Shit



    Welcome to the BEST BRUTAL DUBSTEP 2016 MIX be greeted with fast pace extremely aggressive dubstep that will melt your brain this mix is not for people who can't take it to heavy this is to heavy way to heavy and here it is enjoy!


    Metal Instability

    Evil's Bass Mixes

    Copyright Disclaimer
    I do not own this mix nor any of the content used in this mix i do not take any credit for it and all rights go to there respectful owner of each individual track.



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