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Playlist of Harriett Everard

  • The Crowd. Tell Mama


    The Crowd, Ottawa Rhythm & Blues Band (Murray Kinsley, Leigh-Anne, Anastasia Filippova, Everard, Richard and many more - please add the names) performs Tell Mama (Clarence Carter, Marcus Daniel, Wilbur Terrell) first performed by Etta James.
    Tucson's Blues Bar in Ottawa, Canada Day Show on July 1, 2005.

  • Drive Her Captain


    This comes out of Horace Beck's _Folklore and the Sea_ (1973). It was evidently collected by the author in the Caribbean somewhere, but he does not give details.

    Alan Lomax collected a different version of this in Trinidad in 1962. The recording of that may be heard here:

    And in Grenada...

    As for Beck's version, I believe I could be the first person who's tried to perform it since it went in print.

    Some similarity to the better-known chanty repertoire comes in the chanty Run, Let the Bulgine Run:

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  • Darrell Rutherford Reid





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