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Playlist of Hanine

  • Hanine - Arabia, Violin and Dance show


    The primary idea upon which the video was built was mainly the beat as the music had already been written for a dancer at a club where Hanine used to play the arabic violin.

    Upon hearing it, Hanine decided to alter some of its elements, marking a transition from pure dancing beats to a more musical, more oriental violin-oriented piece.

    As she firmly believes that very little can hope to compete with oriental beats, her mission was to prove to her audience that while she-as an international arabic violinist- embraces diversity in music, she owes it to her own knowledge of oriental music to ensure arabic tunes prevail when pit against western beats.

    And while the arabic violin has, for times immemorial, been associated with forlornness and relatively sombre thoughts, she sought to alter it and put an end to the stereotype by creating livelier, happier beats that it may appeal to different audiences.

    A violin show by the violinist Hanine EL Alam, dance track Arabia.
    New music video released 2018:
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    Mobile/Whatsapp: +9613608442

    My other videos:
    - Salma (new)

    - Mayas

    - Nostalgia

    - Msadaa Halak

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  • Hanine - Salma


    Salma by hanine,

    Two parallels converge into a mellifluous harmony with darkness espousing light in Salma...what Hanine sought to convey through two opposites is the seemingly immiscible elements of human nature.

    Light and darkness, while clearly standing at diametrically irreconcilable poles, collide and model us. Salma is a tale of paradox, of rebellion, of defiance, of energies, of mud turned into gold, and of a musical climax reflecting upon life’s odds harmoniously communing with one another...

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  • Salma live performance


    Performing Salma in a special episode at WTV Libya
    A special thanks to all the team

  • Hanine Et Samira - Mali Toujours baeed - حنين وسميرة - مالي توجور بعيد


    أشترك في قناة سعادة ميوزك الرسمية

    توزيع ديجيتال: شركة قنوات
    Official Facebook:
    Official Youtube:

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  • Hanine the Violinist - Summary of our 2017


    Wish you'll enjoy our new video, it's a summary of our Events & Weddings of 2017
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  • Hanine - Nostalgia / حنين - نوستالجيا


    Where dust transcends into being, where Life alloys divergent identities, where paradox foreshadows reconciliation...only there can Music be found...
    From Eastern to Western soil, from the Latin aria to the Oriental reverberation, a nostalgic echo to the classical nobleness of the Violin...
    Life cannot be contained, a single segment cannot possibly sustain it...the Violin encompasses many strings where Life plays its parallels, with each string bearing an identity...
    Nostalgia, where Past espouses Present, where Mystery espouses Clarity.

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  • All Again by Hanine El Alam


    The International Violinist; “All Again”

    One of the finest Greek composer @victor.polydorou @polymusicrecords
    Thank you for reaching out to me; it was my honor to play this track.

    And the story goes:.....
    I can’t think of any other way to tell how i feel other than My International Oriental Music, My Dance Show and My Beautiful Violin.
    Be scared, open up, love, make mistakes, learn and be stronger.
    Love never gives up!
    Her passions spoke louder and she started “ALL AGAIN”

    Music: Victor Polydorou
    Lyrics: Michalis Kechagias
    Singer: Natali Thanou
    Arranged by: Dory Francis
    Recording Studio: VOXBOX Studios - BEIRUT

    Directed by: Jessica Haykal

    Cinematographer: Alain Helou
    Assistant Director: Melissa Bichar
    Gaffer: Miguel Esper
    Producer: Sary Bou Nakhle
    Art Director: Celine Ohanician
    Editing and Color Grading: DIRECTOR SHOT PRODUCTION
    Props: Naji Haykal
    Assistant Camera: Georges H
    Helper: Nadim Haykal
    DIT: Jeanclaude Wakim

  • Hanine the oriental violinist ft. Nour - Msadaa Halak /مصدق حالك


    The idea behind both the music and the video was to capture the essence of Spain through the mellifluous tunes of the Arabic violin, traveling in time to the olden days of Andalusia, and the fusion between arabic and Spanish cultures. Sarah Baras, a flamingo dancer, sought to convey the emotions that both Spanish music and folkloric dancing stirred in her, while Hanine extended her with the oriental tunes of the arabic violin to set the tone, and concretize the notion.

    Enjoy my new Music Video named 'Msadaa Halak' Featuring Vocal Nour.
    A Violin music show into an International Latin & Arabic Mood.
    For bookings contact us on:

  • Hayat - by Hanine the Violinist


    Hayat - by Hanine the Violinist

    Every fragment of this track holds our deepest energy, with the video clip illustrating how oriental violin music manifests itself onstage, and how a violinist-dancer can improvise, based solely on sound and movement ...

    Music production & recording: VOXBOX Studios
    Arrangement, mix & mastering: Dory Francis
    Vocal: Rosette Barkil
    Guitar Bass: Bashar Farran
    Darbuka: Eliana Awad
    Drums: Wissam Sawaya
    Wardrobe: Bassam Ghorayeb
    Accessories: The Dark Shop
    Producer: Sary Bou Nakhle
    Editing & Coloring: Director Shot Production

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  • Hanine The Violinist feat. Dj Roody - Ya Msafer Wahdak


    My Trip to Dubai
    Music Production: DJ Roody
    Studio: Vox Box
    Vocals: Rosette Barkil
    Choreographer: Nadim Cherfane
    Produced By: Sary Bou Nakhle

  • Hanine El Alam - MAYAS / حنين - مياس


    Transitioning from her customary, acknowledged international arabic violinist status to a more pop, upbeat, and spontaneous scene; the music, composed by Charbel,; the video clip’s primary purpose was to keep apace with the spontaneity of the music as composed by Charbel, a concept that quickly paved the way to the flashmob at the samir kasir fountain.

    Location: Platea, Lebanon
    For bookings contact us on:

  • Hanine - Fi yom w leila / حنين - في يوم وليلة


    Arabic Violin Music

  • violin show by Hanine the international Violinist - Feira De Mangaio - Levan Polkka - Arabia


    Dance Violin show - Brazilian music - #عزف_كمان #حنين_العلم #عازفة_كمان #internationalviolinshow #arabic_music #Orientalviolinist #Orientalviolinmusic
    #arabic violinist
    #violinist in jordan
    #Professional Arabic Violinist in Spain & Dubai
    #most beautiful violinist in the Arab world #sexyviolinist #danceviolinmusic

  • Cover لنا الله لمطرب العرب محمد عبده


    fb production انتاج فاتن البرازي
    اخراج: شهاب شهاب
    توزيع موسيقي: البير بيودجيان
    مصمم الازياء: لما ريدان
    ميكس و ماستر: روبير الاسعد
    مصمم الرقص: هادي سعد
    فريق الرقص: اكادمية الرقص S.O.L

    Producer: Faten Barazi
    Director: Shehab Shehab
    Composer : Albert Boyadjian
    Mix and mastering: Robert Al Asaad
    Stylest: Lama Raydan
    Choreographer: Hoedy Saad
    Dancers: SOL dance academy

  • Hanine the oriental Violinist performing in a royal wedding


    The Arabic Violinist Hanine performing in a wedding with her band & dancers, Lebanon Beirut, Ashrafieh. Mixture of fusion & oriental music, Hanine played her own music, Arabia, Salma, Mayas, oriental violin music.

  • Arabic Violinist Show - MTV Lebanon


    Arabic Violinist Show - MTV Lebanon

    Wishing you a 2021 as VIVID & ENERGETIC as my New Year’s Eve show ♥️

    I never ceased to believe that I had something I craved to do; VIOLIN Performer and Dancer!

    I wanted to create art that lived on longer than I do.

    Perseverance, training and daily hard work did pay off; today Hanine is the International Arabic Violinist

    It is crazy beautiful!! It is crazy rewarding!

    “She believed she could, so she did”

  • Hanine Y son Cubano - ya habibi


    يا حبيبي تعال الحقني شوف اللي جرالي....ـ
    حنين أبو شقرة
    Hanine abou shakra
    cuban latino oriental music

  • Anasart - Hanine | انزار - حنين


    HANINE: Composed by ANASART,Arrangement by Amin shams eddin, Directed by EL TAHA, Produced by ONEWAY 2014 ©

  • Hanine and her band - live show


    Hanine the violinist with her band - Live show

  • Cover Zeina & Aziza by Hanine the violinist - Mohamed Abdel’Wahab


    Abd el Wahhab tunes, very precious, virant, and full of energy; a heritage that the new generations remains unaware of; Hanine is always subjugated by every beat whenever her ears chance upon them, which has prompted her to undertake the challenge of liberating this heritage of its funerary stereotype, by tearing the widow veil off oriental music and the arabic violin in particular . Why burry our oriental gems under groundless prejudice?

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  • Hanine, Best International Violinist at the 7. Digital Worlds Awards, 9. Evos Angels Ceremony


    Hanine was nominated and selected in Turkey as winner of the Best International Violinist 2019 Award

  • Violin cover, Chic Chac choc, Arabic Violinist & dancer Hanine


    The present circumstances may seem impossible to bear but a little bit of joy & energy are a guarantee to lift up our spirits and strengthen our immune system ???? #covid-19 #stayhome

  • Hanine El Alam - Weddings & Events Violin Show


    Hanine El Alam - Violin Show: Get an unforgettable Entertainment for your Weddings, Private & Corporate Events!
    For Booking contact us on: or +961 3 608 442

  • Hanine - Search and Rescue


    Follow Hanine:

    Written by: Hanine and Like
    Produced by: Like

    Directed / Edited by: The Floating Condo


  • Oriental improvisation


    This #orientalimprovisation is but a humble tribute, inspired by and dedicated to my mentor and musical oracle, Nazir Maouas, without whom my skills would never have been honed. Every #violinist is a diamond in the rough, a wild stone, that can only hope to be turned into a gem through careful and dexterous carving. Nazir Maouas held my hand throughout the entire process, and in this modest piece of recognition, I sought to attune a mellifluous amalgamation of revolt,defiance, and nostalgia.
    “With sentiments, of the most profound humility”, I hereby dedicate it to my Master, and dearest of friends.

  • Amazing Arabic violin performance in Egypt by Hanine El Alam


    Arabic violin performance, new year's eve 2020, Arabian night @ Sharm El Sheikh - rixos premium ????????????????????????

  • Hanine


    Provided to YouTube by DistroKid

    Hanine · Shahrzad

    Leylit Shahrzad

    ℗ Shahrzad Raqs

    Released on: 2020-11-19

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Mayas _ arabia_ oriental tunes from a royal wedding by Hanine


    Violin dance show from a royal wedding in the Arab world, #internationalorientalviolinist #arabicviolinshow #danceviolin #arabic_music #عزف_كمان #حنين_العلم #كمان_حزين #haninetheinternationalViolinist #hanineArabia

  • Hanine El Alam - Our kind of Egyptian


    Enjoy our kind of Egyptian Music Medley.
    For bookings contact us on:

  • hanine y son cubano medley


    hanine y son cubano medley

  • Hanine y Son Cubano - Afro


    Album Arabo-Cuban (2002)

  • Hanine Y Son Cubano Baladi


  • New Years Eve 2019 @RixosHotels Sharm El Sheikh - Hanine the Violinist


    Commercial - Violin show - New Year's Eve 2019

  • Hanine El Alam Greatest Hits Playlist - Hanine El Alam Best Violin Songs Collection Of All Time


    Hanine El Alam Greatest Hits Playlist - Hanine El Alam Best Violin Songs Collection Of All Time
    Hanine El Alam Greatest Hits Playlist - Hanine El Alam Best Violin Songs Collection Of All Time
    Hanine El Alam Greatest Hits Playlist - Hanine El Alam Best Violin Songs Collection Of All Time

  • Hanine ~ Salma


  • Amara???????? Blue Note, Hanine the Violinist


    Hanine the Lebanese Violinist

  • Hanine Y Son Cubano 4 Beiteddin Art Festival 2009


  • amazing Arabic violin rehearsal ????????????????????????من مقدمة العيون السود_وردة


    Rehearsing for an Arabic violin performance, Violinist with her band , Arabian night????????????????????????

    Hanine: Famous artists in saudi Arabia, jeddah, Riyadh-Saudi, Dubai, Amman, Muscat Oman.. & Egypt

    #ProfessionalArabicViolinistinKuwait, #professionalViolinistinJeddah,
    #ProfessionalViolinistinOman, Beirut....
    #ProfessionalArabicViolinistinSpain #Professional ViolinistinQatar

  • Hanine El Alam Greatest Hits Violin Playlist ???? Hanine El Alam Best Violin Songs Collection


    Hanine El Alam Best International Lebanese Violinist

    Thanks For Watching! Don't Forget To Subcribe, Like and Share My Video If You Enjoy It!
    Have A Nice Day. May God Bless You.

  • Hanine y Son Cubano - La llave


    Arabo- Cuban (2002)

  • hANInE y SOn cuBAnO - Baladí


    Cubanos y árabes se abrazan gracias a la música de HANINE(Líbano)

  • Hanine - Arabia ❤????


  • Zourouni - Hanine Y Son Cubano


  • Hanine El Alam na Overnight


    Show da Violonista Libanesa Hanine El Alam na Overnight, trecho da Performance.

  • Hanine y Son Cubano - Afro


    New muZic

  • Hanine y Son Cubano - El Gallo


    Son Cubano

  • Sweetener / Dj Roody Ft. Hanine El Alam


    Dj Roody Links:
    SoundCloud: @dj-roody
    Snapchat: Djroodyy
    Instagram: Djroody_
    Google Play :…25gnsmxdvuy&hl=sv

    Hanine El Alam :


  • Hanine Y Son Cubano - Ala Bali of Mohamed Abdelwahab


  • Hanine y Son Cubano - Ya Habibi


    La musica no tiene fronteras
    La musica cubana
    يا حبيبي

  • GFRIEND _ Sunny Summer Dance Cover by Hanine


    Hi guys..we are Ayame, Tsubaki and Sumire from Hanine. This is our new cover, we hope you enjoing it. Sorry for any mistake but we'll keep improving to show you better covers. Thanks for watching and if you enjoyed it make sure to give this a thumbs up and subscribe if you haven't already!

    Ciao ragazzi siamo Ayame, Tsubaki e Sumire delle Hanine, questa è
    la nostra nuova cover che speriamo vi piaccia. Scusateci per
    eventuali errori continueremo ad impegnarci per mostrarvi contenuti
    sempre migliori. Grazie per aver visto questo video e se ti è piaciuto
    faccelo sapere con un like ed un commento e mi raccomando iscriviti
    al canale! ????



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