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Playlist of HITCH's YouTube Introduction

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    HITCHs YouTube Introduction


    Welcome to Hitch's YouTube channel, featuring Heavy Metal / Rock anthems, videos, playlists and some really funny stuff!

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    all rights reserved to the original owners

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    Hitch a Ride


    The intro to hitch a ride. One of my all time favorites.

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    Kubik 7 - Intro-Middle: Hitch Song


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    How I jump Ep 1 - The Intro


    Just the introduction. Actual videos on technique and training will be coming soon

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    Our New Updated Intro


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    The Pros and Cons of Hitch Hiking


    Quick intro

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    Hitch | Making Of Clip


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    Boston - Foreplay / Long Time


    Music video by Boston performing Foreplay / Long Time (Audio). (C) 2017 Epic Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment

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    Foreplay Organ Part with Matt Riddle


    Look over my shoulder and see how this iconic part by Tom Scholz is played. Fast parts are played slow at the end.

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    Provided to YouTube by Ingrooves

    Intro · Christ On A Crutch

    Crime Pays When Pigs Die

    Released on: 1991-08-27

    Writer, Composer: Christ On A Crutch

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

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    Magnus Hitch - BitterSweet Symphony


    Ambient nod to Mr Ashcroft - recorded live by Magnus Hitch using AUM and Quantiloop Pro.
    For the love of loop. x

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    Hitch hikers guide to the galaxy - Cinema 4D intro


    Introduction I created in Cinema 4D, I hope u like :)

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    Best Intro Music 2018! Top Intro songs!


    Use the songs for 20 seconds max and you won’t run into any copyright issues!



    Insta: Joe_hitch
    Facebook: Joe Hitch
    Soundcloud: JHitch -
    Track List

    1: Fabian Mazur - Savior

    2:Cash Cash & ROZES - Matches

    3:Drake - God’s Plan

    4:Martin Garrix x Matisse & Sadko - Forever Dropwizz x Savagez Remix

    5:Cheat Codes - Sex | Instrumental

    6:Disfigure - Blank NCS Release

    7:French Montana ft. Swae Lee - Unforgettable Beave x LTGTR Remix

    8:Future - Mask Off Beave Remix

    9:Hex Cougar - How Does It Feel

    10:Flynn Cranston - No Barriers

    11:The Killers - Mr. Brightside Two Friends Remix

    12:The Vamps, Martin Jensen - Middle Of The Night Official Video

    13:Lucas & Steve - Love On My Mind

    14:Don Diablo & Tchami - Fallin Shapes Music Video

    15:Marshmello x Ookay - Chasing Colors ft. Noah Cyrus

    16:MOTi Feat. Katt Niall - Livin' 4 Ya

    17:R3HAB & Skytech - Everything VIP

    18:San Holo - We Rise

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    One-Hitch Wonders, 0-C0AST Edition - Part 3


    This is the 3rd video in my 1-Hitch Wonders series about the Make Noise 0-C0AST. I introduce the fundamental concept of triggering a super-long Contour envelope so that the Dynamic circuit stays open ('phantom gate') - so then you can use the patch cable for something else. This video gets into two of this semi-modular synth's most important features, the Overtone and Slope sections. I also decided to sample some 0-C0AST sounds with my Digitakt and make something a little spacey for the end of the video (mini-track Red Sounds). I did the animations in Blender and Processing.


    00:00 A little thinking out loud about the 1-Hitch series

    02:50 Playing the 0-C0AST with a MIDI controller

    04:50 Recap

    05:30 'Phantom Gate'

    08:50 Timbre variety with the Overtone section

    09:35 The Overtone and Multiply Knobs

    12:15 Using the Slope circuit

    14:00 Where we're at and where we're headed in Episode 4

    15:30 Outro

    16:10 I harvested something like 40 samples from the 0-C0AST (using more than 1 patch cable, btw), tweaked some of those and resampled the drums and some chords, added effects, and then mixed the tracks while playing the lead - all on the Elektron Digitakt (another great device!). I did some post-processing in Ableton using the FabFilter VST Saturn (for a little bit of saturation). As for the music itself? I follow tags like #retrowave and #haveyoubeenfound on Instagram and that stuff sort of gets into your subconscious. I ended up calling this mini-track Red Sounds because I thought a lot about Mars while I was exploring the samples. I did the 3D animation in Blender (I haven't learned anything about doing terrain in Blender, so I decided to make an animated starfield texture to put in the window instead of the Martian surface) - I decided to keep the interior design pretty minimalist and textureless (I'm a big fan of 90's-style VRML 3D). I did the 2D animations (starfield and monitor on the desk) in Processing. The abstract patterns on the monitor are based on a mathematical equation called the Superformula (see below). It is known for being able to generate a lot of different patterns just by varying a handful of parameters (I was looking at it a while back in regard to the video game No Man's Sky).

    17:10 The second half of the track video is a close-up look at the code-generated slideshow of random superformula parameter slices, with some other random adornments thrown in for visual appeal (the concentric circles). I did this a couple of years ago, but it seemed like a good repurposing. I was trying to make the results look somewhat like the subatomic 'spray' from collisions in a particle accelerator.


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    Jaws - Intro Official HD Music Video


    On Road Entertainment presents the 'Intro' to Jaws promo, Comment, Rate & Subscribe.
    to get in touch With On Road Ent Subscribe & Message through youtube or Contact Through Twitter @OnRoadEn
    Contact the Artists through Twitter @jaws_artist

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    Lego Ninjago,Children 💘~Love U Betta-Neon Hitch🎶.


    😊😉Hello everyone👋👋👋.
    To introduce me this channel is mine with Ninjago👍I'm passionate about the baby si I welcome you and welcome you to the subscribers of the new ones and my fans tranks you from the soul for appreciating what I do for you and I hope you are happy with all my videos hope you're excited about them.💚❤💙💜💛.
    And tranks you once again for your encouragement,do not foget to subscribe to this channel to give a great liking and comment and I will beg your subscriber.💝💘💗💖👋👋
    ❤❤❤Bye Bye.❤❤❤

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    Hitch Full Album


    The complete soundtrack to the 2005 film Hitch.

    1. 1 Thing - Amerie (0:00)
    2. Don't You Worry 'Bout a Thing - John Legend (4:02)
    3. This Is How I Feel - Earth, Wind & Fire feat. Kelly Rowland, Big Boi, & Sleepy Brown (8:49)
    4. Ooh Wee - Mark Ronson feat. Ghostface Killah, Nate Dogg, Trife, & Saigon (13:02)
    5. Now That We Found Love - Heavy D & The Boyz (16:33)
    6. Happy - Meleni Smith (20:52)
    7. Love Train - The O'Jays (24:46)
    8. I Can't Get Next to You - The Temptations (27:46)
    9. You Can Get It if You Really Want - Jimmy Cliff (30:31)
    10. It's Easy to Fall in Love (With a Guy Like You) (Album Version) - Martha Reeves & The Vandellas (33:12)
    11. Reasons - Earth, Wind & Fire (35:30)
    12. Never Gonna Let You Go (She's a Keepa) - Omarion (40:31)
    13. Turn Me On (Low Tide Remix) - Kevin Lyttle (44:08)

    Note: This video is blocked in the United States, so apologies to my fellow countrymen for being unable to enjoy this video.

    I do not own any of this content.

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    Gestrument Pro Tutorial #1 - Basic Overview and introduction


    This is the first part of our long-awaited series of Gestrument Pro tutorials! In this video, we'll be covering some basic features and concepts that should help you navigate the factory presets, and even start creating your own.

    Please comment below if you have any questions, and don't forget to subscribe if you want to learn more about Gestrument Pro!

    Gestrument Pro is a musical interface that's explicitly built to be played on a touchscreen. With Gestrument Pro, users are invited to create complex frameworks of musical rules and properties which they can play, improvise and experiment freely within. In other ways, th Gestrument Pro app, allows you to approach music making in an entirely new way.

    Download Gestrument Pro today!

    For more information, please visit us at


    #GestrumentPro #iPadmusicapps2018 #tutorial

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    Roger Waters


    Meadowlands Arena, New Jersey, 22.07.1984 ///

    * Eric Clapton: Lead Guitar
    * Michael Kamen: Keyboards;
    * Andy Newmark: Drums;
    * Tim Renwick: Rhythm Guitar
    * Chris Stainton: Hammond Organ;
    * Mel Collins: Saxophone;
    * Katie Kissoon: Backing Vocals;
    * Doreen Chanter: Backing Vocals.

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    Cure For The Itch - Linkin Park


    Cure For The Itch from the album Hybrid Theory - the debut album by the American band Linkin Park, released on October 24, 2000 through Warner Bros. Records.


    Google Play:

    YouTube Subscribe:

    Official Linkin Park Merch:

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    Rack A62 trailer hitch motorcycle towing carrier


    A cheap and easy way to tow your bike on your own.

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    Banjo Quest: Introduction


    Welcome to Banjo Quest! This is a followup to my year-long clawhammer banjo series Banjo Blitz that is both wider and deeper in scope. Here we will explore tunes, historical players, and translate our raw technique work that we accomplished in Banjo Blitz into music making.

    Banjo Quest will be a weekly program. The first full episode will drop next week.

    Please don't forget to subscribe! I have a lot of big surprises coming with Banjo Quest. I will also be launching a Patreon campaign shortly.

    Don't worry if you haven't completed Banjo Blitz! This is a standalone series. If you want to prepare yourself, take a glance at the first few episodes. I will be cross referencing Banjo Blitz episodes from time to time in Banjo Quest.

    This video is dedicated to my students all over the world. I could not do what I do without you. You inspire me on a daily basis. This video is also dedicated to all of the Banjo Blitz fans that have participated so enthusiastically. You guys give me energy to keep pushing forward.

    Special thanks to my wife, Nina, who is not only an incredible life partner, but a world-class editor. You are brilliant. And to my daughters who tidied the house for students while I was in editing hell...thank you guys! I love you!

    I am so fortunate to live in what I consider to be one of the most beautiful places in the world: The North Shore of Massachusetts. I draw a deep sense of peace from the sea. This video was shot on location in Salem, Beverly and Magnolia. Even though I was raised in rural hills of VT, I feel as much a part of these coastal cities and towns as anywhere. I hope this video conveys my deep love of this place.

    The track that is playing in the background is a remix of Cumberland Gap from my album with Jon Anderson called Sinful to Flirt. We recorded and mixed that track at Misery Island Sound, my studio in Salem, that is dedicated to the recording, preservation and instruction of the traditional acoustic arts.

    More info on Sinful to Flirt is here:

    Timothy Jones of the Old Time Herald says that Tom and Jon ...are not only masters of their instruments, they attack the songs here with energetic vocals and tight harmonies...repeated, deep listening reveals high creativity and even experimentation, hinting at all kinds of riches to be mined from future listening.

    Brad Leftwich says of our album, 'Sinful to Flirt,' ...a delightful collection of classic fiddle-banjo duets, played with energy, skill and respect for tradition!

    The Banjo Newsletter reviewed the album and loved it. Dan Levenson says, it reminds me of the old players and recordings I loved when starting out and old time was still old time. ... Don't miss this CD.

    Friends of American Old Time Music and Dance in the UK agrees that ...this CD is a little gem.

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    Double cow hitch on ring of djembe


    Zmiana skóry na djembe. Serwis djembe Łódź

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    Jungle announces the vocal bite at the beginning of another awesome track from break splicing master DUSKKY and jungle is just what you get. The track skips in with a simple little kick and snare pattern alongside a nice bouncy bassline whilst vocal snippets announced the arrive of a; perfect Duskky beat jam'
    A wicked, shuffled, chopped and rejigged funk break then begins to roll in a truly tribal and junglistic fashion. The sub pattern that accompanies this does the important job of forcing your head into involuntary bobbing actions, just as it should.
    A vocal sample drops in soon after, again in an awesome junglistic fashion, pitching up and down while the breaks continue to juggle in the background doing their funky thang ;)
    Duskky has managed to capture an authentic jungle vibe with this track. One of my favourite tunes of the moment and one that more people need to be aware of. Awesome work, big up the one like Duskky.

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    Guitar Lessons Introduction


    Curious about guitar lessons with Brant Grieshaber? Check this out.

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    페티 왑


    페티 왑(Fetty Wap)_ Make You Feel Good 안무(Hitch Choreography)

    모던K 오디션반 한지현 강사님 class 학생들의 페티 왑(Fetty Wap) Make You Feel Good 안무(Hitch Choreography) 안무 영상 입니다

    모던K실용음악학원은 1999년 개원한 국내 최대 규모의 수원캠퍼스를 비롯한, 서울캠퍼스, 분당캠퍼스, 영통캠퍼스 등 네 곳의 캠퍼스, 국내 외 정상급 뮤지션들의 공연 및 모던K 수강생들의 공연이 진행되는 네 곳의 SEED 공연장을 보유하고 있으며 매년 국내 최고의 대입 합격률과 EXO 첸, 백아연, 마마무 솔라, 문별, 휘인, 화사, 비투비 서은광, 이창섭, 펜타곤 후이, 조진호, 브로맨스, 윤현상, 포미닛 전지윤, 에이핑크 윤보미, 씨스타 소유, 헬로비너스 여름, 라붐 안솔빈 등을 배출해낸 명실상부 국내 최고의 실용음악아카데미 입니다

    수원캠퍼스(본원) 문의 - 031-224-4626
    서울캠퍼스 문의 - 02-585-4626
    분당캠퍼스 문의 - 031-702-4626
    영통캠퍼스 문의 - 031-204-4628

    모던K 공식 홈페이지 -
    모던K 공식 유튜브 채널 -
    모던K 공식 페이스북 페이지 -
    모던K 공식 네이버 TV -

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    Teri Dastaan | Full Song | Hichki | Rani Mukerji | Jasleen Royal


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    For all your love & appreciation for Naina ma'am & Class 9F, we have something special for you. Watch her journey unfold in
    #TeriDastaan from the film 'Hichki'

    Watch Full Movie:
    ► iTunes -
    ► Google Play -

    🎧 Song Credits:
    Song: Teri Dastaan
    Singer: Jasleen Royal
    Music: Jasleen Royal
    Lyrics: Neeraj Rajawat

    Stay in the filmy loop:
    ► Like us on Facebook:
    ► Follow us on Twitter:
    ► Follow us on Instagram:

    🎬 Movie Credits:
    Starring: Rani Mukerji
    Director: Siddharth P Malhotra
    Producer: Maneesh Sharma
    Music: Jasleen Royal
    Lyrics: Jaideep Sahni, Raj Shekhar, David Klyton, Aditya Sharma, Neeraj Rajawat
    Director of Photography: Avinash Arun
    Release Date: 23 March 2018

    “Hichki” is a story about a woman who turns her most daunting weakness into her biggest strength. Naina Mathur (Rani Mukerji) is an aspiring teacher who suffers from Tourette Syndrome. After several interviews and numerous rejections, she lands her dream job as a full-time teacher in one of the most elite schools in the city. However, she soon realises that the class she has been assigned comprises of defiant and impish students who can’t seem to keep out of trouble. Despite a few initial hiccups, Naina must do whatever she can to ensure that her students realise their true potential, and defy all the odds against them.
    © Yash Raj Films Pvt. Ltd.

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    ► Ransom - Winters Here ◄



    Thanks for checkin out this video.

    If you liked the sound of Ransom, and you want to hear more from him,

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    2. Download his latest Mixtape Winter's Coming

    Mixtape download link:

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    This theme tune is one of the reasons I decided to learn to play the banjo
    This version of Hitch-Hikers Guide is in a C Minor tuning

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    Introduction to NOXIOUS


    This is a short introduction to the guys in the band.

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    Hitch Your Dream to the Morning Star


    The Jr. High Treble Choir performing Hitch Your Dream to the Morning Star by Eugene Butler under the direction of Mr. Andy Messina.

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    Boston - Intro to Rock and Roll Live at Brad Delp Tribute


    Boston - Intro to Rock and Roll Live at Brad Delp Tribute guitar intro 8/19/07

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    JDEETZ-Hitch hiking Lyrics


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    The Hitchhikers - Mr Fortune.wmv


    A generous slab of finest Canadian soul from the Hitchhikers - this is absolutely great! Well worth a listen.

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    Neon Hitch Gives Jon ALi a Shout Out!


    Singer-songwriter gives Jon ALi a Shout Out!

    New single Fuck U Betta is available on iTunes NOW!

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    First Date



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    Recon Roper Knots Introduction


    Recon Roper Knots (prepare for BRC!)

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    Lock, Stock And Two Smoking Barrels Opening Scene


    The Openning Scene to Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels. A definite must-see. Watch it for the accents, watch it for fun. But definitely, watch it. One more thing - don't watch it dubbed or with voice-over as it spoils the whole fun.

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    The Hitch Hikers: Meditation


    His Master's Voice 7 single #TJ-351 (6/1966)

    Written by Curt Quarnström.

    Dan Eriksson: vocals
    Curt Modde Quarnström: guitar
    Håkan Hooky Rikberg: organ
    Johan Moxie Söderlund: bass
    Kari Tuominen: drums

    When Meditation was recorded in the early summer of 1966, it was almost a year ahead of its time, especially for Finland. It was basically a slow blues rant in the manner of Them or The Animals, but the introduction and guitar solo seemed to erupt unexpectedly out of an altogether different, Oriental dimension. The effect is mind-expanding enough to make one wonder whether some cigarettes might be involved.

    The Hitch Hikers were from Mariehamn, which is the capital city of the Åland Island, the Swedish-speaking enclave of Finland situated off the coast of Sweden. Their only single was the result of an audition arranged in Helsinki by press photographer Sverker Ström, who was working as the band's roadie. The B-side of Meditation, the more ordinary pop tune Sweety, spent several months in the lower reaches of the charts, and with such a strong showing as their debut single, the band seemed ready to take their place in the vanguard of Finnish rock. But after a summer spent touring the Western parts of mainland Finland in a beat-up Volkswagen bus, they grew tired and split up. Their only reunion was in 1985 as part of a Live Aid event in Mariehamn.

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    Asthenia - Introduction


    Intro to short film I made at college in 2004. Filmed in Nottingham. Features my brother and music by Good Charlotte.

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    Creedence Clearwater Revival / Sweet Hitch-Hiker


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    Introduction Dubstep


    Free HQ Download:

    Hey there!
    Here's my first track as Speo! This was originally only planned as a 1-2 min piece to announce the change of artist name, but I ended up making it 3 mins long anyway.
    Hope you like!

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    Roger Waters - Radio Kaos - Intro


    Radio KAOS is a result of the vision and ideas of Roger Waters, the man who was the driving force behind the legendary Pink Floyd. Radio KAOS is a unique and highly original concept. The video comprises some of the best tracks from Roger Waters' first album since his departure from Floyd. Radio Waves, Sunset Strip, Four Minutes, The Tide Is Turning.

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    Dubba Jonny - A Brief Introduction on Dubstep Production


    If you enjoyed it please suscribe my channel:

    Thank you :)

    I upload music not for getting money, I do it for entertainment, for MY and YOUR entertainment. AND that you can hear GOOD DUBSTEP!

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    How To DJ With Pioneer DJ DDJ-SB2, 2 of 5: Downloading & Installing The Software


    Watch videos 1-5:

    Full course:

    [BEGINNERS ONLY] Your Pioneer DJ DDJ-SB2 (or SB or SB3) needs software in order to work, so in this, the second of five free sample lessons from the Digital DJ Tips intro course for new users, we'll show you where to go, and how to get everything downloaded and installed correctly without a hitch.

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    Introduction to our SXSW journey!


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    Chicago / Introduction


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    Introduction Film of Abkhazia 2 - Turkish


    Abhazya tanitim filmi



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