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Playlist of HECK (band)

  • HECK - Good As Dead


    Good As Dead - Taken from HECK's debut album Instructions.
    Out 11 March 2016. Music, Tickets and Smut available from -

    'Good As Dead' Score by HECK
    Director - Dave Lankester
    Co-Director/Choreography - Joseph Hall
    DOP/Lighting - Rob Drewett
    Editing – Ben Mills/Dave Lankester
    Fluffer - Kelly Innes
    2nd Unit - Jenny McCord

  • HECK - Mope


    Mope. Taken from our debut album, Instructions, out now - Enjoy!
    Director - Dan Sturgess
    Lighting - Chris Foot
    Filmed on the Moon.

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  • HECK - Good As Dead - Vevo dscvr


    HECK - Good As Dead - Vevo dscvr (Live) - an exclusive live performance for Vevo DSCVR, the channel for the freshest music.

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    TROGLORAPTOR, from BGs & Rarities Vol. 1.
    Available to buy NOW from

    This is a response to our good friends DZ DEATHRAYS's video, The Mess Up, Which is a better song, so you'd do better off by going to watch that instead:

    thanks, now listen to DZ DEATHRAYS

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  • HECK @ ArcTanGent Festival.


    HECK, strong as always, smashing up ArcTanGent.


    Need A Promo Shoot? Stills Or Video?
    London base photographer.
    I offer special rates for unsigned bands.
    Groupshoot - Portraits & a Gig £100
    4 Camera Unedited Live Video £80
    Edited £130 - Edited + Showreel £150


    Filmed by Rich Crooks

    Video Editing by Steve Leonard:



    Out NOW on Ambush Reality.
    PRE-ORDER Limited Edition Blue 7 Vinyl Here -
    Available on iTunes -
    Directed By: David Louis Lankester


    There's a righteous feeling inside my bones
    I'm not contented enduring these clones
    Each in the same way fitting the mould
    Keeping this business so painfully cold.

    Give me 5 years and I'll write it the same way.
    Just more years like this.

    I see a problem we must address,
    And it's not just to do with the way we dress,
    Let's break this to pieces brick for brick,
    Throwing money at the problem just won't stick.

    Shame to put a price on this,
    Where has your integrity gone,
    I've got a feeling you're all that's wrong,
    With this, it's not a system,
    This is a business,
    And one that I'm slowly falling out of love with.

    Under the weight of successes cold stare
    We'll find a new way of parting our hair
    And a new breed of partners will come into view
    Each of them posing a new hoop to leap through

    All you say is self serving,
    Your every revelation;
    I can't bear to hear it.

    Shame to put a price on this,
    Where has your integrity gone,
    I've got a feeling you're all that's wrong,
    With this, it's not a system,
    This is a business,
    And one that I'm slowly falling out of love with.

    There's problem we must address,
    And it's not just to do with the way we dress,

    Is this business systematically
    Draining the fun from
    A love we're all invested in.

    Can you put a price on this?
    Can you put a price on my head?

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    Directed By David Louis Lankester

    POWERBOAT DISASTER, from BGs & Rarities Vol. 1.

    Available to buy NOW from


    Art Direction:Joe Barcham
    DOP: Rufio Symes 'Wolfpack Media' & Dave Lankester




    31 Bristol Exchange

    1 Bournemouth Burnout Festival
    2 Plymouth The Junction
    3 Cardiff Globe
    4 Stoke Underground
    5 Glasgow Audio
    6 Carlisle The Brickyard
    7 Huddersfield The Parish
    8 Leeds Key Club
    10 Birmingham Cellar
    11 St Albans Horn
    12 Derby Venue
    13 Leicester Soundhouse
    14 Burnley Sanctuary Rock Bar
    28 London Dr. Martens’ Stand For Something Tour (w/ Bury Tomorrow)

  • Superbraz - Bullen am Heck


    Dies ist ein Musikvideo von 2004 vom gleichnamigen Song Bullen am Heck von 1998. Die Band ist schon lange nicht mehr aktiv.
    Aufnahme und Videoschnitt von Christian Bensinger

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  • Heck by Paperwolf


    Paperwolf playing their original song Heck at the House of Blues in Houston, TX on April 18, 2017 during the Bringing Down the House showcase.

    Formed September 4, 2016 in Houston, TX, Paperwolf is best described as an indie rock band with jazz influences. As of this show and posting, the band members are all 14 and 15 years old. The band consists of:
    Taylor - vocals
    Danny - guitar
    Aidan - bass
    Lee - drums

    Follow Paperwolf on all social media:

  • HECK - At the Oche


    Directed by David Louis Lankester

    AT THE OCHE, from BGs & Rarities Vol. 1.

    Available to buy NOW from

    ''This is the grave of your humility.
    Danger Without the 'D'.
    At the Oche.''

    DOP Rufio Symes 'Wolfpack Media'

  • HECK - The Breakers


    The Breakers - Out 30th October via NPAG Industries.
    Pre-Order -
    Merch and Tickets available here -
    Directed By Dan Sturgess

    Thrown together then pulled apart,
    Blinded by some fragile art,
    That dares to beg for another fresh start,
    It’s doomed and set in stone.

    The talk is stale and point is ripped,
    Apart by your parasitic grip,
    Until all vitality is stripped
    And cleaned down to the bone.

    Watch your nerve,
    Hold your tongue,
    It’s obvious we’ll carry on.

    Here and now
    The righteous own the heart of me.
    And here is how
    To exasperate, drain and bore me.

    Hold your point ‘till on your lips
    It suffocates under your grip
    It’s futile so I’ll just watch as you break your own fucking heart.

    So break it, I’ll be twice the bastard you want me to be
    So break it, I’ll be twice the bastard you want me to be
    So break it, I’ll be twice the bastard you want me to be
    So break it, I’ll be twice the bastard you want me to be

    I fucked up so get behind me,
    I fucked up so get behind me,
    I fucked up so get behind me,
    Get behind me,
    Get behind me.

    I can’t stay stuck in this place,
    Searching for some saving grace
    And saying it all with a sincere face
    I wouldn’t test me.

    All these things we say will mean nothing,
    Because in the end the good will be broken
    And the rest will be gored as if by bulls.

  • The Heck - For Cryin Out Loud


    For Cryin' Out Loud is The Heck's second Dirty Water Records single, teasing their upcoming full-length record 'Panic Attack'! Filmed at the elephant residence of the former Emmen zoo, For Cryin' Out Loud showcases Henri Keefman's talent to write a catchy, energetic hitsong, while staying completely true to his garagerock roots.

    The 7 single is available in both pink and black vinyl through the band's website and bandcamp (see links below). Limited to 50 pink and 50 black prints, so get yours while they're still hot!
    Digital release by Dirty Water Records, London.

    ★More from Dirty Water:

    Camera: Peter Post
    Edit: René Katerbarg

  • 「Who the heck is GFB? 」 GFB | Band Talk | 190213


    Who is GFB? What is GFB? What Genre?
    It's all in this video! Check it out! (english subtitle available)

    We team up to be the best!

    Click the links below to stay connected!



    [Band Member]
    Drum: HOTAE (
    Bass: TJ (
    Guitar: coming soon
    Vocal: JONA (


  • King of Heck - BB Bricked Out


    We are pleased to present a Half Way Home Session of King of Heck performing BB Bricked Out on April 27, 2019.

    Check out other videos and photos from this session:

    Jam out to other sessions in your car:

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  • Dang, Fetch, Oh My Heck


    Provided to YouTube by CDBaby

    Dang, Fetch, Oh My Heck · Everclean

    Music From the Motion Picture Sons of Provo

    ℗ 2003 Boy Band Records

    Released on: 2003-01-01

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • By Heck


    Provided to YouTube by o2digitale

    By Heck · Chick Webb Big Band

    Blue Skies

    ℗ Quadrifoglio

    Released on: 1992-01-19

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • HAHA ORGANA / LITTLE - Children of Heck


    Directed, Shot by Tom Dillon

    A story of Children who are at their wits end as the best band in Sid Knee. They are lost and find peace in their past. The year 2040 never looked so hecking bad.

    'Haha Organa' & 'Little' off the new full length album 'heckTIVAL' by Children of Heck

    Free Download:

  • HECK: Their best live footage … Ever


    [Filmed By John Clay a.k.a Clark Kent] Not another shitty mobile phone clip. Not another distorted sound mix. Just the best live footage of HECK … Ever. FLUFFER RECORDS put on their biggest pit party on 21/05/16. They invited Heck.

    I wasn’t filming a band, I was filming a disaster movie.

    Now for the first time ever, you get to see everything I managed to shoot before the chaos killed my camera.

    Thanks To Al Brown, Mike Davies, Danny Butcher and of course, HECK.

    Find John Clay a.k.a Clark Kent on Facebook here:

    Thumbnail pics By Freddie Payne

    When’s the last time you read a music magazine from cover to cover? Don’t remember?

    Neither do I – and hey – even the best forty plus pages are gonna have bits that you skip till later.

    Kind of like Clark Kent’s Rock and Roll Revue, which features a monthly video playlist dedicated to London’s underground Rock and Roll.

    Until Ant and Dec host something worth buying a TV for, indulge yourself on a musical safari.

    This channel belongs to you.

    Here's the March 2017 playlist. The next playlist shall arrive on 25th Can you dig it? Subscribe not to miss a thing:

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  • Blooming Heck - Seahag


    A song from Melbourne band Blooming Heck!

    iTunes -
    Further listening -

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  • Heck 1, live at Schmorgasbaag, Hobart, 3.6.2017


    New Hobart band Heck

  • Alaska - Bong Rips With The King of Heck Live at Little Elephant


    Watch Alaska play Bong Rips With The King Of Heck live here at Little Elephant in Toledo, OH!

    Buy this session on VINYL!

    We split the profits 50/50 with the bands.

    Every record is Hand-cut in real-time on our HIGH-QUALITY stereo record lathe. Hand numbered. Hand stamped. And made-to-order with screen printed jackets.

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  • The Heck - Insane


    So this was supposed to be the first single from the band I created way back in early 2000's. The album was self titled and released in Canada in 2005, but alas, I felt like my writing had quickly out grown this caliber of material, and so the album was more or less shelved while we were busy recording more material. Unfortunately, the record label went belly-up before that one could be released also. So none of it really went anywhere. But its fun to watch. Its definitely cheesy at times... but not bad for being 17-18 years old.


  • Site 109 Band Heck on Heels


    The group Site109 performs Heck on Heels at the Mortgage investors Group tailgate party in Knoxville, TN on September 28, 2012.

  • To Heck with Ole Santa Claus


    Provided to YouTube by CDBaby

    To Heck with Ole Santa Claus · Sam Morrison Band

    The Christmas Album

    ℗ 2018 Sam Morrison

    Released on: 2018-11-17

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Heck - TITO


    Heck did Glastonbury, a 6 Music Session, and opened for The Fall during their short time together. I ripped this particular song from a recording of 'Fresh On The Net', a 6 Music show dedicated to Myspace bands. A recording of the actual 6 Music Session they did eludes me, and Myspace are still in the process of fixing their broken MP3 links, so no luck there. Anyone willing to share a copy with me will get a great big kiss on the cheek (whether they like it or not...)



    Heck's Myspace Page:
    (Elis James fans, check out the hair!)

    Fresh On The Net listings page:

  • Chris Stone Band Heck from Leftover Grooves


    A song inspired by a question posed by the late Charlie Smith and a tribute to my other musician friends who have passed in recent years. They live on.

    John Cascella, Billy Sigers, Elliott Jackson, Charlie Smith, George Ogg & Tom Berry.

  • The Dead South - In Hell Ill Be In Good Company Official Music Video


    Official video for In Hell I'll Be In Good Company by The Dead South

    The Dead South are on tour!
    Get your tickets for the 2019/2020 Served Cold Tour:

    Stream the full album, 'Good Company':

    Connect with The Dead South:
    • Facebook:
    • Instagram:
    • Twitter:

    Directed by Zach Wilson of Two Brothers Films.
    Recorded and Mixed by Orion Paradis at

    We recognize and thank Creative Saskatchewan for their financial support in the production of this video.


    Dead Love couldn't go no further
    Proud of and disgusted by her
    Push shove, a little bruised and battered
    Oh Lord I ain't coming home with you

    My life's a bit more colder
    Dead wife is what I told her
    Brass knife sinks into my shoulder
    Oh babe don't know what I'm gonna do

    I see my red head, messed bed, tear shed, queen bee
    My squeeze
    The stage it smells, tells, hell's bells, miss-spells
    Knocks me on my knees
    It didn't hurt, flirt, blood squirt, stuffed shirt
    Hang me on a tree
    After I count down, three rounds, in hell I'll be in good company

    Dead Love couldn't go no further
    Proud of and disgusted by her
    Push shove, a little bruised and battered
    Oh Lord I ain't coming home with you

    My life's a bit more colder
    Dead wife is what I told her
    Brass knife sinks into my shoulder
    Oh babe don't know what I'm gonna do

    I see my red head, messed bed, tear shed, queen bee
    My squeeze
    The stage it smells, tells, hell's bells, misspells
    Knocks me on my knees
    It didn't hurt, flirt, blood squirt, stuffed shirt
    Hang me on a tree
    After I count down, three rounds, in hell I'll be in good company

    In hell I'll be in Good Company

  • Da Deplorables - Song Check Heck Ya!!! Music Video From Niagara Falls Canada Full HD 1080p


    #music The D Train Band Song with Da' Deplorables Music Video
    Songs Check Heck Ya!!! & Stepping Stone Stream
    Both Band's out of Niagara Falls Canada where a new music scene is budding...

  • THE HECK - Rising High


    Japanese girls garage band.

  • KS Band-What the heck is this song?


    KS Band practices

  • Smokie - Living Next Door to Alice


    Smokies offizielles Video zu 'Living Next Door to Alice'
    Hier gibt's das Album 'Greatest Hits Vol. 1':

    Abonniere jetzt den Kanal:

    Mehr Videos von Smokie:
    'Babe Its Up to You':
    'I'll Meet You At Midnight':

    Smokie auf Social Media:
    Sally called, when she got the word
    She said I suppose you've heard about Alice
    Well, I rushed to the window, and I looked outside
    And I could hardly believe my eyes
    This big limousine pulled slowly into Alice's drive

    Oh, I don't know why she's leaving, or where she's gonna go
    I guess she's got her reasons but I just don't want to know
    'Cause for twenty four years I've been living next door to Alice
    Twenty four years, just waitin' for a chance
    To tell her how I'm feeling, maybe get a second glance
    Now I've gotta get used to not living next door to Alice

    Grew up together, two kids in the park
    Carved our initials deep in the bark me and Alice
    Now she walks to the door, with her head held high
    Just for a moment, I caught her eye
    As the big limousine pulled slowly out of Alice's drive

    #Smokie #LivingNextDoorToAlice #Vevo

  • AC/DC - Highway to Hell


    Highway To Hell:
    Buy/Listen -

    About the album:
    Highway to Hell is AC/DC's fifth internationally released studio album and the sixth to be released in Australia. The album became AC/DC's first LP to break the US Top 100 and is the group's second highest selling album behind Back in Black.

    Follow AC/DC:
    Spotify -
    Facebook -
    Twitter -
    Instagram -
    Website -
    YouTube -

  • Red Electrick - Who The Heck is Rek


    Commisioned by the Maltese Art Festival, Red Electrick perform - Who The Heck is Rek at the Ftakar 3 - Big Band Brothers Concert 2013 (07/07/2013) - Copyright Red Electrick/Big Band Brothers/PBS Malta/TVM2/Authors. All Rights Reserved.

  • HECK - Live at The Joiners


    A bunch of clips from HECK's hilariously good show at The Joiners, Southampton. Sadly there are no clips of Raketkanon but take my word for it, what a band. Thanks to the band for being dudes and letting me put the GoPro onstage also to Gary for taping the thing down. Cheers!

  • Heck:Goodbye


    Title: Goodbye
    Band: Heck
    Music and lyrics: Marieke Koet
    Marieke Koet: Guitar and vocals
    Wim Elzinga: Guitar and vocals
    Emilie Blom van Assendelft : Bass
    Wouter Overhaus: Drums

    Video: Jan van Rijswijk

  • FlippinHeck - Cursed Tour


    Band: Flippin'Heck
    Song: Cursed Tour
    Album: Cursed Tour
    Year: 2016

  • Blooming Heck - Bury The Dead


    Latest film clip from Melbourne band Blooming Heck. Debut album released November 2017, available through iTunes and Spotify via Half A Cow Records.

    Directed / Filmed / Edited: Jam Nawaz

    iTunes -
    Facebook -
    Listen to more tunes -
    Video awesomeness -

  • MV SHA SHA _ What The Heck


    [MV] SHA SHA(샤샤) _ What The Heck

    *English subtitles are now available. :D
    (Please click on 'CC' button or activate 'Interactive Transcript' function)

    [Notice] 1theK YouTube is also an official channel for the MV, and music shows will count the views from this channel too.
    [공지] 1theK YouTube는 MV를 유통하는 공식 채널로, 1theK에 업로드된 MV 조회수 또한 음악방송 순위에 반영됩니다.

    :: iTunes :

    SHA SHA, the group made its debut in February with “You & Me”, came back with the second single.
    By recruiting new members Ha Kyeong, Chakey and Wanrin, SHA SHA returned as a global group.
    Its new single “WHAT THE HECK” was produced by a competent team like the Avengers. It was choreographed by Bae Yoon Jung from YAMA & HOTCHICKS Entertainment, who create the choreographies for EXID’s “UP & DOWN”, Kara’s “Mister” and “Mamma Mia”, Brown Eyes Girls’ “Abracadabra” and GIRL’S DAY’s “Expect”, expecting to show its uniquely charming performance.

    ▶1theK FB :
    ▶1theK TW :
    ▶1theK Kakao :




    Christian hardcore punk band from Ventura, CA. (Not together any longer.) In my opinion, they were by far the hardest hardcore of any Christian band... ever!
    Their sound was a lot like Minor Threat (Discord Records). They did a great cover of Iron Cross's (also on Discord) Fight 'em All.
    jordan darby-vocals
    patrick landfair-guitar
    casey wisenbaker-guitar
    kyle shimabuku-bass
    javier cruz-drums

  • Pantera - Rock The Fox 2014 cover band


    Songs in order:
    Cowboys from Hell
    This Love
    Cemetery Gates

    Brendan Farewell - Vocals
    Wesley Graham - Lead Guitar
    Kaleb Parman - Rhythm Guitar
    Jack Thomas - Bass
    Chris Sonea - Drums

    (p.s I do indeed realize i fucked up many times in Cemetery Gates)

  • Hitparade Schnelldurchlauf und Abspann Dieter Thomas Heck


    Dieter-Thomas Heck Moderiert den Schnelldurchlauf und Abspann der 75. Ausgabe der ZDF Hitparade vom 18.10.1975

  • By Heck Ragtime played by the Royal Military band C 1916


    Superbe condition record of a Ragtime tune C 1915

  • Who the heck is the Mixed Breed Band?


    Leo Bowers and The Mixed Breed Band...who are they? what do they do? What's their music like? Actually a whole bunch and more keeps coming everyday, allot to do , allot to learn and allot to catch up on. The people are everyday, but the music is rare and definitely Mixed Breed!

  • Melvins Buzz says Nirvana doc Montage of Heck is BS, defends Kurt Cobain | Aggressive Tendencies


    In June, we caught up with King Buzzo, Dale Crover and latest addition Jeff Pinkus (ex-Butthole Surfers) before their show at the Danforth Music Hall in Toronto for this episode of Aggressive Tendencies. In this interview, the trio share their thoughts about being dubbed the Godfathers of Grunge, insights about their songwriting process and Buzzo's recent acoustic solo album. June 22, 2015.

    Read the full article now on Exclaim!

    Interview by Bradley Zorgdrager
    Filmed by Katherine Kwan
    Audio by Kyle Laurin
    Edited by Katherine Kwan


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  • The Heck - Spare Change


    Really cool song from The Heck Great band from Canada!

  • Lizzo - Good As Hell


    The official video for Good As Hell by Lizzo.
    Download/Stream -
    Listen to Lizzo’s album ‘Cuz I Love You’ out now!

    Subscribe for more content from Lizzo:

    Follow Lizzo

    Follow Sasha Flute

    The official YouTube channel of Atlantic Records and Nice Life artist Lizzo. Subscribe for the latest music videos, performances, and more.

    Born in Houston and raised in Detroit, Lizzo adopted her moniker in 2011 and fronted Lizzo & the Larva Ink after moving to Minneapolis. Her work began to intertwine with the city's indie scene, allowing her to work with artists like Gayngs and Doomtree.

    Since then, Lizzo has collaborated with a variety of creatives--Clean Bandit, Bastille, and Big Freedia, to name a few--and was named one of Forbes Magazine's 2018 30 Under 30. Her top singles Good As Hell and Truth Hurts have gained over 34.5 million Spotify streams combined. In addition to headlining her own Good As Hell tour in 2017, Lizzo joined Haim on the Sister Sister Sister tour in 2018.

    Subscribe for the latest official music videos, official audio videos, performances, bts and more from Lizzo:

    #Lizzo #GoodAsHell #CoconutOil #OfficialVideo #AtlanticRecords #NiceLife #CuzILoveYou

  • Give Em Heck Kid By My Chemical Romance Band Cover


    Calvin and Eli's cover of this song.

  • The Heck - Shit On The Radio - 2 Meter Sessies


    Dutch garagerock band The Heck playing 'Shit On The Radio' acoustic at '2 Meter Sessies' during Eurosonic 2019 with host Jan Douwe Kroeske in Der Aa-Kerk.

    ★More from Dirty Water:

  • Heck Dorlan vs Temptation 87 2019 0707 Death Mullet


    This video was produced by Monkey King Video.
    For more information about having your band shot:



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