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Playlist of HEARTBEAT

  • Marcus & Martinus - Heartbeat


    Spotify: iTunes: Tidal: Music video by Marcus & Martinus performing Heartbeat. (C) 2016 M&M Artister AS, under exclusive license to Sony Music Entertainment Norway AS

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  • Nightcore - Heartbeat


    A nightcore video for my Lovelies I hope you enjoy and don't forget to like and subscribe ♥.

    ➾Marcus & Martinus - Heartbeat [PØRPEL Remix]
    You said Why am I holding on baby
    I were never backdown, are you walking out of my life
    saying you really don´t love me
    Baby you don't mean that, you remember all that we had
    I took it from granted that you loved me the same but I gotta keep on talking
    Listen to my heartbeat-beat-beat
    saying do you love me-me-me
    but I´m lying here alone so I put you in a song beside my
    I know i have´nt been the best lately
    and I really know now I should give you all my time
    you really do deserve better
    gotta get you somehow, can we start overagain now?
    I took it for granted that you loved me the same, but I gotta keep on talking
    listen to my heartbeat-beat-beat
    saying do you love me-me-me
    but I´m lying here alone so I put you in a song beside my
    Why am I holding on baby?
    I will never back down, are you walking out of my live?
    So listen to my heartbeat-beat-beat
    Saying do you love me
    Oh, saying do you love me
    But I´m lying here alone so I put you in a song beside my heartbeat-beat-beat
    saying do you love me-me-me
    But I´m lying here alone so I put you in a song beside my heartbeat-beat-beat...

    ☻MP3 Download Link :
    ☻Credits: Espen Sanden!!!! Go subscribe to his YT:
    *I don't own anything in the video. The credits go to the respective owners. This video is purely fan-made. Any artists or producers who want their song taken down or credits changed, contact me and I will do so immediately.*

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  • Christopher - Heartbeat


    Official music for Christopher's single Heartbeat
    Listen here:

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    With his sweet, high-tenor voice and winning way with falsetto, Danish pop sensation Christopher has built a huge fan base for his infectious, dance-oriented sound and hits such as Irony, Monogamy, Bad, Tulips, Told You So, CPH Girls, the brand new My Heart and many more to come.

    Director: Martin Bubandt
    Editor: Søren Lund
    DOP: Jonas Torp
    Underwater DOP Henrik Majdal Kaarsholm
    Producer: Anna-Marie Elkjaer
    Hair & Makeup / Stylist: Katrine Lauge
    Technical coordinator.: Mark A. Pilegaard
    Props: Joshua Beckford
    DOP ass.: : Kristoffer Kofod
    Gaffers: Kim Bech
    Gaffers ass.: Joe Mc´Cray
    Gaffers runner.: Azariah Bjørvig
    Runner: Amanda Pilmark
    Grade: Christoffer Schuricht / AOA


    (c) 2016 Parlophone Music Denmark a Warner Music Group Company

  • BTS


    All Rights Administered by BigHit Entertainment

    • Artist: BTS (방탄소년단)
    • Song ♫: HEARTBEAT
    • Album: 'BTS WORLD OST'
    • Released: 19.06.28
    English trans: peachBOY_0613
    • Member: Jin, Suga, J-Hope, RM, Jimin, V, Jungkook
    • My bias: Suga
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    • No copyright infringement intended / Don't reupload

    Business e-mail:

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  • Marcus & Martinus - Heartbeat Lyrics


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    Official M&M effekter :

    Marcus & Martinus
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    I do not own this song. This video is for Entertainment purposes only.
    This video is purely fan-made.

  • Heartbeat


    Provided to YouTube by Awal Digital Ltd

    Heartbeat · Childish Gambino · Childish Gambino


    ℗ MCDJ Recording Under Exclusive License To Glassnote Entertainment Group LLC, distributed by AWAL

    Released on: 2011-11-15

    Composer: Donald Glover

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

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  • Amy Diamond - Heartbeats


    God, I love this song so much ;). All the lyrics are done by my ear only, so if a single word isn't right, so be it. Anyway, this is a song from the new album Swings And Roundabouts. It's the tenth one and it's one of my favourite songs: Heartbeats.

  • Heartbeat - Elevation Youth


    Recorded Live on November, 2015. From Elevation Youth's latest album, New Start.

    Purchase the album here:

    Lyrics and chord charts are available at:

    Get the music tracks to this song from

  • THAISUB BTS - Heartbeat | #BT_SUBTHAI


    0:46 คือ Lost at sea
    1:55 คือ youniverse
    เราไปเอาเนื้อเพลงมาจากเว็บ genius เนื่องจากเราจะแกะเนื้อเพลงจากตัวเกาหลี + คิดว่าเป็นเว็บที่เชื่อถือได้พอสมควร แต่สุดท้ายเนื้อเพลงก็ผิด ก็ขออภัยมา ณ ตรงนี้ด้วยนะคะ เราทราบถึงความผิดแล้วค่ะ แต่เราแก้ไขวิดีโอในนี้ไม่ได้จริงๆ โปรดเข้าใจเราด้วยนะคะ ㅠㅠ


    อย่าลืมคอมเมนต์ เพื่อเป็นกำลังใจให้ทีมทำซับทุกๆคนด้วยนะคะ ^^
    Translated : #BT_SUBTHAI
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  • Heartbeat - Stereo Skyline Lyrics


    requests? PLEASE READ : I do not own anything! This is just a cool song that I put the lyrics on to. The lyrics aren't mine, I just wrote them into a movie. Entertainment purposes only.

    requested by :

    not my favorite of songs but hey whatever it cute. this was requested forever ago and i kept procrastinating on it.

  • Christopher - Heartbeat


    Fra albumet 'Closer'

  • amy diamond, heartbeats


    sorry for the tell me thing in the lyrics ? :)

  • Heartbeat


    Provided to YouTube by West End Records

    Heartbeat (Club Version) · Taana Gardner

    Larry Levan's Classic West End Records Remixes Made Famous At The Legendary Paradise Garage

    ℗ 1981 2012 West End Records

    Arranger: Dennis Weeden
    Arranger, Composer, Lyricist, Writer: Kenton Nix
    Composer: Taana Gardner

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Nightcore ⇢ Listen to my Heartbeat


    ♡ Welcome To My Channel ♡

    ♫ Artist: Heartbeat

    ♫ Song : Heartbeat

    ♫ Picture :

    ♡ Programs ♡

    ♫ Font : Manus Smooth_TRIAL

    ♫ Video/Lyrics : Wondershare Filmora 2018

    ♫ Effects : Wondershare Filmora 2018

    ♫ Nightcore/Music : Audacity


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    ♡ Lyrics ♡


    [Verse 1: Marcus]
    You said, why am I holding on baby?
    I would never back down, are you walking out of my life?
    Saying you really don't love me
    Baby, you don't mean that, you remember all that we had?

    I took it for granted that you loved me the same
    But I, gotta keep on talking

    [Chorus: Marcus]
    Listen to my Heartbeat-beat-beat
    Saying do you love me-me-me
    But I'm lying here alone, so I put you in a song beside my Heartbeat-beat-beat

    [Verse 2: Martinus]
    I know, I haven't been the best lately
    And I really know now, I should give you all of my time
    Yeah, you really do deserve better
    Gotta get you somehow, can we start all over again now?

    I took it for granted that you loved me the same
    But i, gotta keep on talking

    [Chorus: Martinus]
    Listen to my Heartbeat-beat-beat
    Saying do you love me-me-me
    But I'm lying here alone, so I put you in a song beside my Heartbeat-beat-beat

    [Chorus: Marcus & Martinus]
    Why am I holding on baby?
    I would never back down, are you walking out of my life?

    So, listen to my Heartbeat-beat-beat
    Saying do you love me-me-me
    (Oh, and you're saying that you love me)
    But I'm lying here alone, so I put you in a song beside my Heartbeat-beat-beat

    Saying do you love me-me-me
    But I'm lying here alone, so I put you in a song beside my Heartbeat-beat-beat


    ♡ Disclaimer ♡

    I don't own anything in the video, including the audio and picture.
    The credits go to the respective owners. I've just ''nightcored'' the song,
    which means i pitched it up and sped it up. If you are the owner of the song

  • Scouting for Girls Heartbeat


    SFG's Heartbeat - Buy/Download single and merch at

  • Kelly Clarkson - Heartbeat Song


    Get Kelly's new deluxe 'Piece By Piece' album including Piece by Piece (Idol Version) on iTunes: Spotify: Amazon: Google Play:

    New 'Piece By Piece Remixed' album also available on iTunes: Spotify: Amazon: Google Play:

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    #KellyClarkson #HeartbeatSong #Vevo

  • Deborah Cooper - Heartbeat


    Tony Moran vs Deborah Cooper - Heartbeat
    Enrry Senna Remix
    Tony Mendes Video Re-Edit 2013
    © 2013 Mr Tanman Music, Inc

    TONY MORAN v. Deborah Cooper Heartbeat (Single Edit)

    A&R Coordinator: Frank Ceralo Director: Patricia Nieto Executive Producer: Craig Hagelin
    Editor: Boris Averki Animator: Igancio Gutierez

    Wardrobe by: WILDCHILD WORLD

    Mr Tanman Music, Inc All rights reserved copyright 2013

    AVAILABLE on iTunes and Beatport!
    iTunes :
    Beatport :

  • BTS - Heartbeat Lyrics | Terjemahan Indonesia


    Heartbeat by BTS with the Indonesia translation. Maaf ya jika ada kesalahan :)

    #BTS #BTSWORLD #Heartbeat

  • Vicetone - Heartbeat TRM Mixcut


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  • Worlds most relaxing Heartbeat music for Meditation, Reiki, Yoga, Healing and Spa |80


    Worlds most relaxing Heartbeat music for Meditation, Reiki, Yoga, Healing and Spa
    Through the heartbeat impulse used in this song, your heart beat comes after a while to the beat of the impulse. With regular use, most people become more relaxed for everyday life.

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  • Heartbeat Song - Kelly Clarkson


    (Lyrics) Heartbeat Song - Kelly Clarkson
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  • TJ노래방 Heartbeat - 방탄소년단 / TJ Karaoke


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    Heartbeat(BTS WORLD OST) -- 방탄소년단
    TJ 노래방 곡번호.91630

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  • BTS - Heartbeat


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  • 2PM Heartbeat M/V


    2PM(투피엠) Heartbeat M/V

    Download 2PM 01:59PM on iTunes:

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    Copyrights 2009 ⓒ JYP Entertainment. All Rights Reserved.

  • Heartbeat - MV「WalkinOn Air」


    Heartbeat - New Single「Walkin'On Air」1/17(金)リリース
    (2020年上半期 兄者弟者(2bro)チャンネル動画エンディングテーマ)
    【DL / Streaming】
    【DL Card】
     [Web Store]
     (Web Store購入特典:WAOアクリルチャーム)
    [全国CD・レコード店] 1/31(金)より順次販売開始

    music by NAOtheLAIZA , Heartbeat
    Lyric by Heartbeat
    Prod by NAOtheLAIZA
    (2020 soulbase)

    Music Viveo
    director : tatsuaki
    camera : kintaro
    producer : nyonyo
    stylist : taiji goto
    special thx : sopranojungle

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  • 2PM - HEARTBEAT 하트비트 Stage Mix~~!!


    2pm Heartbeat (2009) Stage Mix~!! Enjoy~

    2PM official music video Heartbeat

    ▶2PM Hands Up Stage Mix

    HEARTBEAT Download on iTunes:
    투피엠 하트비트 안무위주 교차편집본
    Audio: studio version & live version mix

  • Heartbeat Sound Effect ❤️ Slow, Fast, Creepy, Irregular, Normal - Free Download I No Copyright


    10+ different Heartbeat Sound Effects for your Videos on Youtube. This pack contains slow, fast, creepy, irregular and normal human heartbeat sounds. You can download and use these sound effects. It's copyright free. ❌Make sure to check all my free sfx: ????????????


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    ❤️ Sound effects featured in this video

    time • title ???? full length sfx + free download

    0:00:10 • 01 Dramatic heartbeat ????
    0:00:31 • 02 Slow heartbeat (40 bpm) ????
    0:01:02 • 03 Human heartbeat (almost 70 bpm) ????
    0:01:53 • 04 Heart sound with creepy echo ????
    0:02:23 • 05 Dramatic heartbeat #2 ????
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    0:03:08 • 07 Clean, short heartbeats ????
    0:03:28 • 08 Slow to fast heart SFX (60 bpm to 120bpm) ????
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    ???? Usage &License

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    Heartbeat SFX provided by MrSnooze


    ☝️ Hints

    Dramatic heartbeat and Slow to fast heart SFX are licensed under a Creative Commons license.

    You’re free to use these effects in any of your videos, but you must include the following in your video description (Copy & Paste):

    0:02:23 • 05 Dramatic heartbeat

    Heartbeat by TobiasLudwig
    Promoted by MrSnooze
    Creative Commons — CC BY 3.0

    0:03:28 • 08 Slow to fast heart SFX

    Heatbeat Normal Faster Normal by Benboncan
    Promoted by MrSnooze
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    ???? Outro (Music)

    Ark by Ship Wrek & Zookeepers

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  • Christopher x Hanin Dhiya - Heartbeat


    Christopher x Hanin Dhiya - Heartbeat

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  • Heartbeat --Geeta Zaildar


    heartbeat, geeta zaildar, new punjabi song 2011,,WWW.JattWeb.CoM

  • HEARTBEAT - Christopher


  • Childish Gambino - Heartbeat


    Download Heartbeat from the album Camp here:

    Music video by Childish Gambino performing Heartbeat. (C) 2011 Glassnote Entertainment Group LLC

    #ChildishGambino #Heartbeat #Vevo

  • Initial D - Heartbeat DJ Shu Remix


    Anime - Initial D

    Song - Heartbeat ('DJ Shu' Remix)

    Artist - Super Eurobeat - Nathalie

    All rights and credits go to their respective owners.



    ELEVATION RHYTHM brings you the official music video for their single “HEARTBEAT.”

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    I was searching for a better way
    Lost without a reason for the pain
    But then You stepped right in and showed me grace
    You found me, You found me

    I can't get enough of You
    You got my heart with everything You do
    Now Your love's making me new
    You're the one I'm running to

    Forever You're my reason, gave my life a meaning
    Got me singing through the night
    I have found what love is, I won't stop for nothing
    Got me singing through the night
    I have found what love is, I won't stop for nothing
    Got me dancing through the trial
    To the rhythm of Your heartbeat

    Now I'm living in a brighter day
    You picked up all the pieces of my shame
    You see my wrongs but still love me the same
    You want me, You want me

    #elevationrhythm #heartbeat #musicvideo

  • Heartbeat...จังหวะจะรัก



    นำแสดงโดย วี วิโอเลต กำกับโดย โต้ง บรรจง
    #Heartbeat #จังหวะจะรัก #Central70Years

  • Elani - HeartBeat SKIZA :7630587 SMS to 811


    Elani performing Heartbeat!

    East African Powerhouse group Elani is back with the first single off of their sophomore album, Colours of Love!

    #Heartbeat kicks off the journey of Colours of Love with the excitement of fresh romance. The song captures the attraction, joy, anticipation and confusion that come with uncontrolled emotion.

    #Heartbeat kicks off the yellow phase of love...a time full of sunshine, bright smiles, heart-eyed emojis and long, late night phone calls.

    #Heartbeat begins the journey of Colours of Love!!

    SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube Channel Here -

    Recorded by Saint P
    Mixed and mastered by Eric Musyoka (Decimal Records)
    Video by Ogopa

    Special thanks to Film Studios!

    Styled by Triza Mwendwa.

  • Geeta zaildar heartbeat - Brand New Punjabi Song Heartbeat - Geeta zaildar


    HeartBeat Singer Geeta Zaildar Feat Roachj Killa Music Aman Hayer Direct By Rimpy Prince

  • SMOOTH1시간/1hour loop 방탄소년단


    끊기지 않아서 자기 전 듣는 걸 추천합니다!
    Song you hear before go to bed!

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  • Mawar De Jongh Feat. Julian Jacob - Heartbeat | Official Video Clip


    Mawar De Jongh Feat. Julian Jacob - Heartbeat | Official Video Clip

    #mawardejongh #julianjacob #mawardejonghheartbeat

    Heartbeat | Behind The Scene :

    Heartbeat sudah bisa di dengarkan di

    Meski namanya naik lewat beberapa judul sinetron seperti “Super Puber” atau beberapa judul film seperti “Serendipity”, “London Love Story 2”, dan yang akan ditayangkan pada tahun 2019 perannya sebagai Annelies di film “Bumi Manusia”, namun Mawar Eva sebenarnya memiliki bakat terpendam sebagai penyanyi. Sejak berusia 8 tahun, Mawar sudah sering bernyanyi di depan publik. Setidaknya di hadapan pelanggan restoran yang dimiliki sang ibu.

    Dan kini, Mawar telah siap mempersembahkan karya terbarunya. Lewat single pertamanya “Heartbeat” Mawar menyuguhkan sebuah lagu cinta yang menyegarkan. “Lagu ini sebenernya menceritakan tentang seseorang yang sedang merasa jatuh cinta dengan pasangannya. Apapun yang si cowoknya lakuin pasti bisa bikin dia berdebar-debar. Dari cara ngelihat, dari cara ngomong, pokoknya semuanya deh,” ungkap Mawar.

    Bersama Julian Jacobs, lagu upbeat dengan tropical vibe ini menjadi terdengar lebih menyenangkan. “Senang banget rasanya bisa kolaborasi sama Mawar, jujur ini juga merupakan kolaborasi aku yang pertama, jadi rasanya bangga dan senang sekali bisa dilibatkan dalam single ini,” ungkap Julian Jacobs.

    Untuk melengkapi single perdananya ini, sebuah suguhan visual sudah dipersiapkan. Sebuah musik video yang digarap oleh Pandu Aji Surya dengan mengangkat sepasang kekasih virtual yang tengah dimainkan oleh gamers ini memiliki sarat makna social yang mendalam. Untuk lokasi syuting sendiri, Pandu memilih Jogjakarta sebagai tempat penggarapan video klip kali ini. Alasannya, karena tidak banyak daerah terbuka yang sepi dari pengunjung. “Kebanyakan lokasi di video klip ini diambil di Kaliurang, Jogjakarta. Sebenernya bisa saja mengambil lokasi yang ada di jakarta atau di daerah lain. Tpai untuk daerah perkebunan atau hutannya, menurut saya yang paling ideal untuk musik video ini adalah Kaliurang. Karena juga udaranya relative lebih adem dibandingkan di Jakarta atau daerah lain,” ungkap Pandu.

    Selama proses syuting ini, banyak hal yang menarik yang terjadi, salah satunya adalah ketika Julian Jacobs kesulitan dalam akting mencuri mobil holden tua. “Karena aku enggak bisa bawa mobil manual, jadi waktu ada adegan itu aku jadi harus latihan dulu,” ungkap Julian.

    HEARTBEAT (feat. Julian Jacobs) (Lyrics)

    The way you look over your shoulder
    The way you be calling me over
    Never thought we’d be together
    You got me good
    You got me good
    You got me good

    Your eyes when they stare
    They’re making me sweat
    Your lips starts the tune
    Your love sings the rest

    So come onto me
    We’ll see where this goes
    Cause we’re dancing in tempo
    And my heart is crescendo
    It goes like… heart goes make me
    Du-dup-du-dup-du-dup...then we go
    Making moves in the only way that we know

    You say we’re not good for each other
    You think i’m better off with another
    But what we have is amazing
    So i don’t care, i want you now
    No i don’t care

    You don’t know what you do to me,
    You know that i’ll be there whenever you need,
    I’ll always drop my bois for you every week,
    So we can go makin moves however you please,

    And i don’t know if you’ll come thru,
    But i know that i wanchu, i wanchu, baby

    Maybe we can start a new pact,
    I’ll do all the work and girl you can relax,
    You know that i’ll hit you up in a blink
    Cause i know we fit, girl ya we sync.

    Composed by AUDI MOK / ATILLA HANNA
    Produced & Mixed by AUDI MOK
    Vocal Produced by BOWO ‘SOULMATE’ @ BACKBEAT Std& BRO’S Std, Jkt Engineered by ANGGI ANGGORO
    Mastered by DIMAS PRADIPTA @SumIt! Std

    Aktifkan RBT Heartbeat
    Telkomsel - Ketik FFRAP sms ke 1212
    XL - Ketik 34132335 sms ke 1818
    Indosat - Ketik SET(spasi)51105182 sms ke 808
    Tri - Ketik 1110920 sms ke 1212
    Smartfren - Ketik MAWAR sms ke 1212

    Lagu lainnya:
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  • Heartbeat จังหวะจะรัก Official MV


    Music Video ที่จะทำให้หัวใจคุณเต้นแรง
    ซิงเกิ้ลล่าสุดจาก วี วิโอเลต ประกอบหนังสั้น
    Heartbeat จังหวะจะรัก

    ARTIST : วี วิโอเลต วอเทียร์
    Written by: theBOYKOR
    Vocal directed by: ตรัย ภูมิรัตน
    Arranged&Produced by: ณฐพล ศรีจอมขวัญ

    Apple Music :
    Mastered for iTunes :
    JOOX :
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    Deezer :

    #Heartbeat #จังหวะจะรัก #Central70Years

  • GTA - Heartbeat


    GTA - Heartbeat:
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  • Tom Walker - Heartbeats


    » Stream Tom Walker - Heartbeats (Lyrics):

    Tom Walker • Social Networks

    Gold Coast Music • Social Networks

    • Lyrics:

    Hello, my friend, it's been a while
    It's been a minute since I passed you by
    Same cities but we're miles apart
    Four kids, a house and two cars
    Remember when we used to rule the world
    Park behind the golden arches
    We had it all when we had nothing
    I wish I'd seen it coming

    You should've told me you were in deep
    You should've told me when it all went wrong
    I hear you echo through the concrete
    Down the streets where we once belonged

    If you need me, just call my name
    I know we went our separate ways
    But I'll be there in a heartbeat
    I'll be there in a heartbeat
    I'll share your pain, no, I won't judge
    We'll pick it up where we left off
    I'll be there in a heartbeat
    I'll be there in a heartbeat

    Hello, my friend, I should've called
    It's been years, hardly spoke at all
    From the same place, just three doors down
    Five mates raised in the same town
    Remember when we used to rule the world
    Down inside just by the station
    Shelly boys thought we were famous
    It's those days that made us

    You should've told me you were in deep
    You should've told me when it all went wrong
    I hear you echo through the concrete
    Down the streets where we once belonged

    If you need me, just call my name
    I know we went our separate ways
    But I'll be there in a heartbeat
    I'll be there in a heartbeat
    I'll share your pain, no, I won't judge
    We'll pick it up where we left off
    I'll be there in a heartbeat
    I'll be there in a heartbeat

    When you're alone, you need some love
    We'll be here to lift you up
    When it feels like it's too much
    We'll pick it up where we left off
    If you're scared and all alone
    There's a place that we call home
    Racing down the old dirt road
    We'll pick it up where we left off

    If you need me, just call my name
    I know we went our separate ways
    But I'll be there in a heartbeat
    I'll be there in a heartbeat
    I'll share your pain, no, I won't judge
    We'll pick it up where we left off
    I'll be there in a heartbeat
    I'll be there in a heartbeat

    I'll be there in a heartbeat
    I'll be there in a heartbeat
    I'll be there in a heartbeat
    I'll be there in a heartbeat

  • G.E.M.【新的心跳 HEARTBEAT】Official MV HD 鄧紫棋



    新的心跳 Heartbeat

    作詞: G.E.M. 鄧紫棋
    作曲: G.E.M. 鄧紫棋
    編曲/監製:Lupo Groinig

    也許  你看過太多悲劇
    你怕不願回首的過去  會一直延續

    但生命 夠曲折才夠真實
    而故事  還沒有走到結局

    就讓我們    忘了過去有多悲傷
    來為自己戴上   掉下的皇冠
    經過了燃燒   有新的心跳

    愛是   受傷過才夠轟烈
    而且   時間還未停歇

    就讓我們    忘了過去有多悲傷
    來為自己戴上   掉下的皇冠
    經過了燃燒   有新的心跳

    就用微笑哀悼  死去是復活的先兆
    聽未來的呼召  埋葬憂傷痛苦的煎熬
    舊事再不重要  一切已經來到  永遠的句號

    我們死而復活 我們失而復得 舊事已過
    新的心跳  新的心跳  新的心跳  新的心跳
    新的心跳  新的心跳  新的心跳  新的心跳

    The Official Site | 官方網頁 :
    G.E.M.'s Official Site:
    Fans Club:

  • Haux - Heartbeat


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    Haux - Heartbeat (Lyric Video)
    Artist - Haux
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  • Heartbeat - Carrie Underwood


    Lyrics video.....enjoy!

  • ตกหลุมรัก OST. รักฉุดใจนายฉุกเฉิน - ใหม่ ดาวิกา Official MV | Nadao Music


    เพลง ตกหลุมรัก (Heartbeat) OST.รักฉุดใจนายฉุกเฉิน
    ศิลปิน: ใหม่ ดาวิกา
    คำร้อง : จิณห์วรา โพธิ์รักษา
    ทำนอง, เรียบเรียง : ศิวัช หอมขำ, ปกป้อง จิตดี
    โปรดิวเซอร์ : เมลโลว์ จูน 
    Mixed & Mastered : กฤช วิรยศิริ 
    Music Production : เมลโลว์ จูน
    แม้เพียงสบตาแค่ครั้งหนึ่ง แค่เพียงวินาที
    หรือ เธอคนนี้จะเป็นคนที่ตามหา เพราะ
    ในหัวใจฉันมันบอก แต่ไม่ค่อยแน่ใจ
    ที่ผ่านมา ไม่เคยเจอแบบนี้เลย

    ว่าเธอคิด ตรงกับฉันใช่มั้ยเธอ

    * Oh it could be love
    และมันอยากทำให้เธอได้รับรู้ ว่าในวินาทีที่เธอหันมา
    ช่วยตอบได้มั้ย คำตอบที่ค้างในใจ
    ว่า You love me เหมือนกัน

    จะพบว่าคนที่ใช่ เขายืนไม่ไกล
    แค่เพียงในใจ มันเพิ่งค้นเจอ
    เลยมาถามเธอดูว่า เธอคิดตรงกับฉันใช่มั้ยเธอ


    บอกไปว่า รักเธอ เพียงแค่เธอหันมา
    ช่วยตอบได้มั้ย คำตอบที่ค้างในใจ
    ว่า ฉันรักเธอ เหมือนกัน

    JOOX :
    Spotify :
    Apple Music :


    ติดตามความเคลื่อนไหวของเพลงประกอบละคร รักฉุดใจนายฉุกเฉิน ได้ที่


  • Heartbeat || Cute Love story || Navdeep Singh || Latest Punjabi Song 2019 || Ft. Suvo & Pallabi


    SHADE Of Love Presents A Cute Love Story on Heart Beat Hope You Guys Enjoy It. Watch Till The End
    #HeartBeat #CuteLoveStory #PallabiKar

    For Business Inquiry-
    Wp: 9733240599

    Song Credit:
    Singer : Navdeep Singh
    Lyrics : Manjot Singh
    Mix & master : Devotees Insanos Studios
    Music : Devotees Insanos
    Spacial Thanks
    Steelbird Entertainment

    Our Additional Video Song:

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  • Cloudier - Heartbeat


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  • Nneka - Heartbeat


    Original song: Nneka - Heartbeat
    Remix: Chase & Status Remix
    Visuals: The Light Surgeons

  • MORTEN - Beautiful Heartbeat 1 Hour Version


    ★ MORTEN - Beautiful Heartbeat (Deorro Remix) ★

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    Frida Sundemo

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  • Heartbeat - Christopher x Hanin Dhiya


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    Heartbeat - Christopher x Hanin Dhiya (Lirik) semua hak milik artis dan label asli.

    #Heartbeat #Christopher #HaninDhiya



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