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Playlist of HARLEY FLANAGAN Interview

  • The New York Hardcore Chronicles 10 Questions w/ Harley Flanagan


    The New York Hardcore Chronicles 10 Questions w/ Harley Flanagan (The Stimulators / Murphy's Law / M.O.I. / Cro-Mags / Harley's War) While shooting The Crossover segment for The New York Hardcore Chronicles Film we managed to slip in 10 questions with the NYHC pioneer.
    Directed by Drew Stone

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  • 42: Iron Age of Quarrel The Harley Flanagan Interview


    This week’s guest needs no introduction. Harley Flanagan formed and injected his life’s blood into the Cro-Mags, one of the most influential bands in the hardcore punk / crossover thrash scene. Their debut album “Age of Quarrel” as well as their follow up “Best Wishes” will go down as classics in the extreme music world.Harley was generous with his time and indulged us with a thoughtful, introspective discussion as well as some hard data about the new Cro-Mags records. Intro:                   “Death Camps”Outro:                 “The Only One”

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  • Harley Flanagan Breaks It Down


    Excerpt from The New York Hardcore Chronicles Film. Harley Flanagan breaks down his hardcore Bass and Drum technique.
    Directed by Drew Stone

  • Malfunction & Death Mr Bungle & Harley Flanagan of Cro-Mags@Brooklyn NY Steel 2/10/20


    Malfunction & You Lose & Sudden Death, Mr Bungle & Harley Flanagan of Cro-Mags, Brooklyn Steel, Brooklyn, New York; February 10th, 2020; The Raging Wrath of the Easter Bunny 2020, (Featuring original members Mike Patton of Faith No More, Trevor Dunn, Trey Spruance, and Scot Ian of Anthrax, and Dave Lombardo formerly of Slayer)

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  • Harley Cro-Mag & BAD BRAINS - Live in DC 2001


    Harley Cro-Mag & BAD BRAINS - Live in DC 2001
    doing 'Pay to Cum' with Harley on drums.

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  • Cro Mags - See the signs


    Copyright 1992. Century Media Records

    From Wikipedia:
    The Cro-Mags were a hardcore punk band from New York City. The band, which had a strong cult following, released many records, their first two considered the most influential. They were among the first bands to fuse hardcore punk with thrash metal and were associated with the birth of a tougher attitude within the hardcore scene in the late 1980s. They were also one of the first hardcore punk bands associated with the Hare Krishna movement.


    They first released a demo with songs that would eventually find themselves on their debut album The Age Of Quarrel (1986). The bass player Harley Flanagan and singer John Joseph were not the best of friends and eventually Joseph would part ways with the band leaving Harley to sing on the following Cro-Mags release. After The Age of Quarrel, the band released the record Best Wishes (1989). The record had a more heavy metal-influenced sound which alienated many of their fans. The band released another record Alpha Omega (1992), that saw the return of Joseph, and the departure of guitarist and songwriter Parris Mitchell Mayhew, a record that was only embraced by the most devoted of their fanbase, and followed by Near Death Experience (1993). After suffering from many lineup changes and frequent breakups, the group finally disbanded, seemingly for the last time, after this record. However, in 2000 they released a record that would almost make up for their past two releases. With Revenge the Cro-Mags came back to their early hardcore roots with songs that were comparable to their first release plus some songs with a more melodic/punk rock feel. After the release of Revenge the band broke up once again, and the internal hostility amongst band members (mainly between Mayhew and Flanagan) has never been resolved.

    DiscographyDate of Release Title Notes
    1985 Age of Quarrel Demo Self Financed Demo Tape John Joseph on vocals
    1986 The Age of Quarrel Profile Records. John Joseph on vocals
    1989 Best Wishes Profile Records. Harley on vocals
    1992 Alpha - Omega Century Media Records. John and Harley vocals mixed together
    1993 Near Death Experience Century Media Records. John on vocals 7 songs, Harley on vocals 1 song
    1994 Hard Times in an Age of Quarrel Century Media Records. Double live CD. John vocals on all
    2000 Revenge Cro-Mag Recordings. Harley on vocals
    2000 Before the Quarrel Cro-Mag Recordings. Remaster of their original demo
    2006 Twenty Years of Quarrel and Greatest Hits Cro-Mag Recordings.
    Released as 20th Anniversary of Age of Quarrel.

    At various times in the 90s and 00s both Harley and John Joseph simultaneously led 2 separate versions of the Cro-Mags with completely different line-ups. These groups billed themselves as Cro-Mag Jam, Cro-Mags-NYC, Age of Quarrel or Cro-Mags (whether or not the name was owned legally by the certain version of the band in question). Sometimes only one original member would be present, sometimes two or three, and sometimes even both John Joseph and Harley together. The five members that played on the recording of The Age of Quarrel are generally considered to be the classic line-up, or original members, but the truth is that membership in the Cro-Mags was frequently fluctuating from the very start.

    Related bands
    Alloy - Pete Hines
    Antidote - John doing back-ups vocals on the 7 EP Thou Shalt Not Kill (1983)
    Bad Brains - Mackie Jayson
    Bloodclot - John Joseph
    Both Worlds - John Joseph McGowan
    F.V.K. or Fearless Vampire Killers with John Joseph on vocals
    Front Line - Mackie Jayson
    Handsome - Pete Hines
    Harley's War - Harley
    Hazen Street - Mackie Jayson
    The Icemen - Mackie Jayson
    Kraut - Douglas Holland
    M.O.I - John and Harley
    Murphy's Law - Harley, Pete Hines
    Samsara (U.S. band) - Harley and Parris
    Shelter - Mackie Jayson
    Stimulators - Harley
    Urban Blight - Mackie Jayson
    White Devil - Harley and Parris

  • hate5six Cro-Mags JM - December 26, 2008


    Cro-Mags JM at The Broad Street Ministry in Philadelphia, PA on 2008-12-26

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  • hate5six Turnover - June 10, 2017


    Turnover at The Regent in Los Angeles, CA on 2017-06-10

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  • Harley Flanagan - Friends Like You


    Check out the brand new 2017 single Friends Like You from my new band HARD-CORE

    The full E.P is available exclusively at - 48% of the proceeds will go to help my friend Gary Miller A.K.A Dr Know from the Bad Brains who, as we all know, suffered serious heath issues in 2015, and is still on his road to recovery. Please check out my new music and in the process help out a man who has made a huge contribution not just to Hardcore but to music period.
    Thank you.

    Music/Words written by Harley Flanagan, 2016
    Produced by Harley Flanagan

    Recorded and Mixed by Pete Thompson at Hoborico studios
    Mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege

    Harley Flanagan: Bass and Vocals - Guild, Ampeg
    Gabby Abularach: Guitars
    Pablo Silva: Drums
    Back up vocals Pete Thompson, Alvin Robertson

    Facebook: Harley Flanagan
    Instagram: @harleyfflanagan
    Twitter: @harleyfflanagan
    For inquiries:

  • The New York Hardcore Chronicles 10 Questions w/ Richie Birkenhead


    The New York Hardcore Chronicles 10 Questions w/ Richie Birkenhead (Underdog / Into Another / Youth Of Today) While shooting the Youth Crew segment for The New York Hardcore Chronicles Film we managed to fit in 10 Questions.
    Directed by Drew Stone

  • The New York Hardcore Chronicles 10 Questions w/ Sammy Siegler


    The New York Hardcore Chronicles 10 Questions w/ Sammy Siegler (Judge / Shelter / Civ / Youth Of Today / Side By Side / Glassjaw / Project X / Rival Schools / World Be Free) While shooting an interview for the upcoming The New York Hardcore Chronicles Film 1.5 we managed to slip in 10 Questions with the legendary NYHC drummer.

  • Donahue - NYC Hardcore 27.10.86



  • How to play D-beat/Crust


    Follow on Instagram: @DBEATDAD

    This video is part of the 3 video series I mentioned on the What is D-Beat video on how it helps me categorize the style of drums I play to different types of Punk. This video was requested by a lot of you. As always, I am not a drum expert, but I hope this helps in any way.

    Thanks for watching.
    Playing On: Roland TD17-KVX

    #Dbeat #Crustpunk #Drums

  • The New York Hardcore Chronicles 10 Questions w/ Lou Koller


    While shooting The Journeyman segment for the The New York Hardcore Chronicles Film we managed to slip in 10 quick questions with Lou Koller the frontman of Queens legends Sick Of It All. The New band he is talking about is Take Offense.

  • The New York Hardcore Chronicles 10 Questions w/ Alex Kinon


    New York Hardcore Chronicles 10 Questions w/ Alex Kinon (Cause For Alarm / Agnostic Front / Hinckley Fan Club). While shooting The Crossover segment for the upcoming New York Hardcore Chronicles Film we managed to slip in 10 questions.
    Directed by Drew Stone

  • hate5six-Drum Cam Cro-Mags JM - July 28, 2019


    At the time of this recording (July 28, 2019), this lineup (John Joseph + Mackie Jayson) was billed as Cro-Mags. They now perform under the name Cro-Mags JM.

    The full drum cam set is up now on the hate5six Patreon feed:

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  • HARLEYS WAR - Life of my Own - Live in Japan


    HARLEY'S WAR - ''Life of myOwn'' - Live in Japan 2007

    Yokohama Cultural Centre
    June 02 2007

    Harley Cro-Mag Flanagan - vocals,bass
    Sean Killkenny - guitars
    Will Dahl - guitars
    Gary Sullivan - drums

    Check out :



    Exclusive 'Behind The Scenes' footage taken in Malibu, California during the filming of the video for our third single 'A Room With A Zoo' starring Hollywood actor Tommy Flanagan (Sons Of Anarchy / Peaky Blinders / Gotham) ????

    #SonsOfAnarchy #PeakyBlinders #Gotham

  • John Jospeh: Interview with BrooklynRocks, NYC 6-19-08


    John Joseph, vocalist for many of the great NYHC bands (Cro-Mags, F.V.K., Bloodclot, etc.), had a launch party for his new book last week at The Delancey. John's new book is an autobiography entitled The Evolution of a Cro-Magnon and is available from John also did a book reading this night (second video to follow) and played a full Cro-Mags set.

    John Joseph:


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  • Sons of Anarchy Actors RON PERLMAN & TOMMY FLANAGAN Interview Panel 28.9.2019 Comic Con Berlin GER


    You ccan find me here:

    Instagram: nadjamaricactress

  • 2016 - New York Comicon - RockRevolt™Magazine, Radio & TV - Kim Coates


    RockRevolt had a quick moment to discuss Officer Downe with film star Kim Coates.
    It is a HARD R and features Kim Coates naked more than 3 times.

  • The New York Hardcore Chronicles 10 Questions w/ Rat Bones


    The New York Hardcore Chronicles 10 Questions w/ the infamous NYHC pit legend Rat Bones. While shooting the Forever And Always segment for The New York Hardcore Chronicles Film we managed to fit in 10 questions.

  • Rock Hard Vol. 401 mit MOTÖRHEAD-Titelstory + CD!


    Ab dem 21. Oktober steht das neue ROCK HARD in den Läden - mit fetter MOTÖRHEAD-Titelstory, 132 Seiten und brandheißer Lauschangriff-CD! Hier könnt ihr das Heft portofrei bestellen:

    Die CD-Bands:


    Im Heft erwarten euch u.a. folgende Storys:

    - Wir feiern den 40. Geburtstag von Ace Of Spades mit einer fetten MOTÖRHEAD-Titelgeschichte. Auf zwölf Seiten erzählen wir die Entstehungsgeschichte des Albums, drucken ein exklusives Interview mit Lemmy und Schlagzeuger Phil Taylor aus dem Jahr 1981 ab, sprechen mit dem ehemaligen MOTÖRHEAD-Manager Doug Smith, Gitarrist Phil Campbell, Schlagzeuger Mikkey Dee, Metal-Queen Doro Pesch, Cro-Mags-Vorturner Harley Flanagan, Girlschool-Bassistin Enid Williams, Sodom-Chef Tom Angelripper, dem ehemaligen Kerrang!-Schreiber Mick Wall und Projektmanager Steffan Chirazi, der bereits für mehrere famose MOTÖRHEAD-Boxsets verantwortlich zeichnete. Und ein Konzertreview über eine MOTÖRHEAD-Show aus dem August des Jahres 1981 gibt's auch noch obendrauf. Happy Birthday!
    - Anlässlich des in Kürze anstehenden 40. Dienstjubiläums von METALLICA schnappten wir uns Schlagzeuger Lars Ulrich zum gemütlichen Plausch.
    - Holger Stratmann spricht mit den Rockern von KADAVAR nicht nur über die neue Realität, sondern selbstredend auch über deren famoses Album The Isolation Tapes.
    - Mit FATES WARNING-Sänger Ray Alder schnacken wir über die besonderen Hürden beim Aufnehmen des neuen Albums Long Day Good Night, schockierende Saxofon-Parts und die Zukunft.
    - Auf dem diesmonatigen Seziertisch nimmt Andreas Schiffmann das Schaffen von Schinkengott Glenn Danzig unter die Lupe, Samhain und Misfits inklusive. Ebenfalls von Herrn Schiffmann: Ein Gespräch mit dem Sänger, politischen Aktivisten und Podcast-Betreiber Freddy Lim (CHTHONIC). Matthias Mader widmet derweil der Geschichte des finnischen Metal satte zwölf Seiten und haut ein dickes Finnland-Special raus. Dass daneben noch Zeit für eine Wurzelbehandlung mit EPITAPH war, lässt uns sprachlos zurück.
    - Wir hören vorab in die neuen Alben von SODOM und DARK TRANQUILLITY rein.
    - Wie immer im Heft: Krach von der Basis und From The Underground.
    - Für die diesmonatige Tonezone spricht Ronny Bittner mit Zack Anderson (BLUES PILLS).

    Die weiteren Interview-Themen des Heftes:

    Mit Live-Reviews von:

    Des Weiteren wie immer am Start: Tourdates, News und weit über 100 CD-, Vinyl-, DVD- und Demo-Reviews!

    Viel Spaß beim Lesen!

    In diesem Sinne,
    euer ROCK HARD-Team



    We have interviewed Sick of It All at Mighty Sounds festival. The band was in full strength and we have discussed the band´s career, life goals, motivation, kids, the celebration of band´s upcoming 30th anniversary and many more!

  • Harley Flanagan - My Life - Paris - 16/05/2017


    Harley Flanagan - My Life (White Devil) - Le Gibus Live, Paris - 16 mai 2017

  • Heavy New York- Billy Graziadei of Biohazard and Powerflo Interview


    Billy from Biohazard and Powerflo talks about the recording of the first Powerflo record, the world of Hardcore today, Esp guitars and more on Heavy New York as we Invade California for Namm 2018

  • Harley Flanagan Pittsburgh 2017


  • Pete Koller of Sick Of It All on the BIAS Rack amplifier


    Learn more:

    We're extremely proud to welcome hardcore legend Pete Koller of Sick Of It All to the PG family! Here he is playing Black Venom off the record When The Smoke Clears using his BIAS Rack amplifier. Hit us with your favorite SOIA record in the comments and catch Pete's custom presets throughout the video, available now on ToneCloud!

    Catch Sick Of It All on tour w/the BIAS Head across Europe now!

    3rd Nov - Schweinfurt, Alter Stattbahnhof, DE
    4th Nov - Sound Of Revolution, Eindhoven, NL
    5th Nov - Helsinki, Tavastia, FL
    7th Nov - Aarau, Kiff, CH
    8th Nov - Decibel, Magenta, IT
    9th Nov - Les Pennes Mirabeau, Jas Rod, FR
    10th Nov - In Your Face Fest, Treize Septiers, FR
    11th Nov - Gasteiz Calling, Vitoria Gasteiz, ES

  • Dan Lilker On NUCLEAR ASSAULT Retirement, ANTHRAX Singers & Thrash Metal Evolution


    Metal Wani's Editor In Chief Owais 'Vitek' Nabi had a chat with Nuclear Assault bassist Dan Lilker. Dan discusses final European tour, witnessing 3 generations of fans throughout his career, recent Paris Incident, ISIS, his take on Donald Trump, last Nuclear Assault EP 'Pounder' & whether the band plans to work on new material in future. Dan also talks about 80's American thrash metal scene & German thrash metal scene, memories of Anthrax's 'Fistful Of Metal' while recording the album, his favorite ANTHRAX singer and what he liked about them.

  • BIOHAZARD - Studio Segment 1


    Biohazard - Studio Segment 1

    From the recording sessions of Reborn In Defiance at Firewater and Ocean Studios in Los Angeles, CA. Reborn In Defiance will be released worldwide January 20th 2012.

    Produced, Directed, Shot, Cut & Colorized by
    Alain Vasquez

    A Vasquez | Production

  • 2020


    Provided to YouTube by The Orchard Enterprises

    2020 · Cro-Mags · Harley Francis Flanagan


    ℗ 2020 Mission Two Entertainment

    Released on: 2020-11-27

    Producer: Arthur Rizk

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • 5 Punk/Hardcore Drum Beats


    In this video I show you how to play 5 different punk/hardcore beats. I play them each at 120, 140, 160, and 180bpm and I made a little music notation thingy, I hope they're right because I don't really know how to read music lol oops but yeah, I hope you like it!

    I spend a lot of time writing, filming, and editing these videos for free.
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    Venmo: @tomclaudevandamme
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    Music, and animation by me :)
    Filmed with my Nikon d5200


  • Harley Flanagan 2019 03 23 Blackthorn 51 Elmhurst NY We Gotta Know


    Harley Flanagan 2019 03 23 Blackthorn 51 Elmhurst NY We Gotta Know

  • Jack from Slapshot about how he hates being outside - Punk Rock Holiday 2017


    We sat down with Jack from Slapshot and talked about how he hates being outside, Europe vs. the US and Henry Rollins (again)

  • Hollywood Actors THEO ROSSI & MARK BOONE JUNIOR Sons of Anarchy Interview German Comic Con 6.5.2018


    You can find me here:
    Instagram: nadjamaricactress

  • M.O.D. - Video update November 28, 2015


    M.O.D. in the studio, recording the new album 'Busted, Broke and American'. Billy introduces the guys he currently works with in the studio and interviews bassplayer Tim 'Tank' Casterline.

  • Sick Of It All Interview -


    I did an interview with Lou Koller (Vocals, SOIA), Matthew Fox (Guitar, Shai Hulud) and Armand Majidi (Drums, SOIA) at the show in Kofmehl (Solothurn, Switzerland) on October 18th, 2011.
    All rights reserved by Heartbeatmedia (

  • Yellowcard - Ocean Avenue


    More Mids and Treble on Peter Mosely Bass
    Released: 2003

  • Interview with Matt Honeycutt of Kublai Kahn at Vans Warped Tour 2018


    Antihero Magazine had the chance to catch up with many of the bands on the 2018 run of the Van’s Warped Tour when it stopped in Charlotte NC at the PNC Music Pavilion. During the conversations, the bands touched on the demands of the tour, staying healthy on the road, the void Warped Tour is going to leave on the summers going forward and new music from some of the bands.

  • Despised Icon Interview - Ladies of Metal


    LOM Model Mischief Madness interviews vocalist Alex Erian of Despised Icon at Texas Independence Fest 2016 in Austin Texas

  • STRAY FROM THE PATH - Landmines


    Tom Williams (Stray From The Path) Performs Landmines

    Amazon MP3:
    Google Play:

  • You Will Never Break My Heart


    Provided to YouTube by The Orchard Enterprises

    You Will Never Break My Heart · Stimulators

    Loud Fast Rules

    ℗ 1980 Savoia NYC Incorporated

    Released on: 2018-08-10

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Minutemen - Toadies


    Bass run through of the Minutemen's Toadies
    This is the best I could do Mike Watt rules!
    - slide
    Good Times !!!

  • M.O.D. | APRIL 2019 | First rehearsals with Rob, Jason & Michael


    M.O.D. - Method Of Destruction. First rehearsals for the upcoming tours in 2019. Instrumental version of 'True Colors'. M.O.D. are: Billy Milano (vocals), Rob Moschetti (bass), Jason French (guitars), & Michael Arellano (drums). |

  • H2O Nothing to Prove Music Video 16x9 Directed by Joseph Pattisall


    Artist: H2O
    Song: Noting to Prove
    Album: Nothing to Prove
    Label: Bridge Nine
    Director: Joseph Pattisall
    DP: Larry Langton
    TRT: 1:35

  • Syd Straw & Mark Boone Junior - Your Chance - Live at McCabes


    Syd Straw Live at McCabe's 4-5-2013
    with special guest: Mark Boone Junior
    Your Chance by: Syd Straw,Mark Boone Junior

  • FRONTLINE NYC- Power In Our Minds


    Frontline members went on to The Cro-Mags, Bad Brains & The Icemen, read their story here:
    On this recording:
    Drums- Mackie HYPE Jayson
    Guitar- Miles RAGE Kelly
    Bass- NOAH Evans
    Vocals- Kenny Liburd

    From the Urban Styles Mix Tape

    -Video Upload powered by

  • Transamerica


    Regia Duncan Tucker
    Cu: Felicity Huffman, Kevin Zegers, Fionnula Flanagan

    2 nominalizări la Premiile Oscar 2006, pentru cea mai bună actriţă (Felicity Huffman) şi cea mai bună melodie originală, Travelin' Thru

    Premiul Globul de Aur 2006 pentru cea mai bună actriţă

    Toată energia lui Bree şi toţi banii pe care-i câştigă sunt îndreptaţi către un singur ţel, visul său de-o viaţă: să facă operaţie de schimbare de sex, devenind femeie. Însă planul se năruie în ziua în care află de existenţa lui Toby, fiul său, rezultatul unei scurte legături din tinereţe. Băiatul e la închisoare la New York, iar Bree îl eliberează şi primeşte custodia lui. Fără să ştie adevărul, Toby crede că salvatoarea lui este o misionară creştină care aduce sufletele pierdute pe calea cea dreaptă. O vreme, situaţia confuză îi convine lui Bree, dar, foarte curând, adevărul va trebui să iasă la iveală, cu consecinţe dureroase.

  • Mr Bungle 2nd Warfield Show in San Francisco - February 13, 2020


    Mr Bungle live at the Warfield in San Francisco. Second show. If you know the name of the song, please share and I can update the video title! Thanks! Featuring Mike Patton, Dave Lombardo, Trevor Dunn, Trey Sprucance and Scott Ian. Filmed on a Panasonic Lumix TZ30. Enjoy!



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