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Playlist of Guilty Simpson

  • Guilty Simpson - The D


    from the album Detroit's Son. Vinyl/Download:

    Directed by Eric Coleman

  • Apollo Brown - The Backbone


    from the album Sincerely, Detroit

    Produced by Apollo Brown
    Vocals by Guilty Simpson, Fat Ray, Melanie Rutherford
    Directed by Brandon Damon

    Sounds Beautiful Like The Truth
    Mello Music Group, 2019
    #ApolloBrown #GuiltySimpson #MelloMusicGroup #FatRay #MelanieRutherford #Detroit

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  • The Leonard Simpson Duo - My Inspiration Official Music Video


    The Leonard Simpson Duo (Guilty Simpson & Leonard Charles) - My Inspiration [Official Music Video]
    Taken from LSD, out Jan31st by Jakarta Records

    video by MC Blue Matter

    Legendary Detroit MC Guilty Simpson & New Zealand producer Leonard Charles team up as “The Leonard Simpson Duo” and provide a one of a kind 60’s & 70’s inspired, psychedelic & acid influenced Rap-Album. The psychedelic sound of this record is heavily drawn from rare acid influenced records from New Zealand’s 60’s and 70’s, carefully selected, picked and sampled by musical multi-talent Charles himself and accompanied by very well placed instrumentals and interludes taking direction from late 60’s jazz/rock fusion and fuzzed out African records. All of that combined with the lyrics and the beloved attitude of Motor City’s finest makes this album a beautiful, inspirational and surpassing Trip. The visuals for their 2nd single My Inspiration come from Paris based artist MC Blue Matter.

  • Guilty Simpson x Pete Rock - A Guilty Soul || DJ Invasion || Full Mixtape


    0:00 1. Guilty Simpson Speaks
    0:20 2. A Guilty Soul (Invasion Blend) {Cuts By DJ Grazzhoppa}
    2:34 3. The World's Ashtray (Invasion Blend)
    5:33 4. Piece Of The Pie feat. M.E.D. (Invasion Blend)
    8:23 5. Know The High (Invasion Blend) {Cuts By DJ Grazzhoppa}
    10:03 6. Unique feat. Cormega (Invasion Blend)
    12:19 7. The Realness feat. Meyhem Lauren & Pete Rock (Invasion Blend)
    14:45 8. Black John Gotti feat. Sean Price (Invasion Blend)
    16:11 9. Top Rank feat. Black Milk (Invasion Blend)
    18:39 10. Heaven's Stairwell feat. M.E.D. & Kokane (Invasion Blend)
    21:52 11. The Future feat. Rozewood, Planet Asia, SmooVth, & Skillz (Invasion Blend)
    25:42 12. No Fear feat. Ty Farris (Invasion Blend) {Cuts By DJ Grazzhoppa}
    28:20 13. Yesterday feat. Cadillac Dale (Invasion Blend)
    29:43 14. Detroit Flow God (Invasion Blend)

    DJ Invasion is offering a very generous giveaway contest for 3 winners that includes A Guilty Soul CD, a poster of the cover, A Guilty Soul T-Shirt and a DJ Invasion T-Shirt!!!
    Head over to A-OK All Day on Instagram and follow the instructions on the post of A Guilty Soul for your chance to win.

    DJ Invasion is back. This time mixing the Detroit Emcee known as Guilty Simpson, with the beats of New York's Soul Brother, Pete Rock. A Guilty Soul features Guilty Simpson rocking with special guests, M.E.D., Cormega, Meyhem Lauren, Sean Price, Black Milk, Kokane, Rozewood, Planet Asia, SmooVth, Skillz, Cadillac Dale, DJ Grazzhoppa, & Ty Farris. DJ Invasion has seamlessly woven Guilty Simpson onto Pete Rock's classic production that spans over multiple decades.

    Download & Support the mixtape directly here:

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  • MED Guilty Simpson Face Down


  • Guilty Simpson - Duckin Strays / dSESSIONS #7


    dSessions to nowy cykl na kanale Prosto - znani raperzy z Polski i nie tylko wykonują swój wybrany kawałek przy akompaniamencie żywych instrumentów.

    Artist: Guilty Simpson;
    Title: Duckin Strays;
    File: Video;
    Video production: HipHopHeadz;
    Executive producer: A1Videos;
    Director: Kamil Fikis Kuklewski;
    Cameras/editing: Kamil Fikis Kuklewski, Piotr Pelo Gołdych;
    Recording: Jakub Juźko, Michał Łazarz;
    Mix/mastering: Jakub Juźko, Michał Łazarz;
    Intro music: Zone, Pers, Antyk - Ayala;
    Music: Hood Shit Band;
    Drums: Tomasz Nawrot Nawrocki;
    Bass: Michał Urban;
    Guitar: Michał Krzak;
    Piano: Piotr Pelo Goldych;
    Turntables: DJ Twister;
    Lyrics/vocals: Guilty Simpson;
    Original music: Apollo Brown;
    Special thanks: Trafostacja Sztuki, Radek Nagay

    Oryginalne nagranie Duckin Strays pochodzi z albumu Apollo Brown & Guilty Simpson - Dice Game / Mello Music Group 2012

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  • Guilty Simpson - Smoking


  • Guilty Simpson - Mans World


    Never officially released, a track from Guilty Simpson & J Dilla's unfinished album, circa 2005. Details:

  • Guilty Simpson & Apollo Brown - Dice Game


    Guilty Simpson & Apollo Brown - Dice Game - The Album released in 2012, titled Dice Game by Guilty Simpson (Prod. by Apollo Brown).

    (00:00) - 01. Freezing Dice
    (00:21) - 02. Reputation
    (03:32) - 03. Let's Play
    (06:48) - 04. One Man
    (10:17) - 05. I Can Do No Wrong
    (13:39) - 06. Potatoes (feat. Torae)
    (16:31) - 07. Change
    (19:47) - 08. Dear Jane
    (23:05) - 09. Lose You
    (26:08) - 10. Ink Blotches
    (29:13) - 11. Neverending Story
    (32:28) - 12. The Cook Up
    (36:16) - 13. Truth Be Told
    (39:43) - 14. Nasty (feat. Planet Asia)
    (43:28) - 15. Wrong Hand
    (46:46) - 16. How Will I Go

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  • Guilty Simpson - Stress


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  • Guilty Simpson - The Real Me


    A stones throw at your aural sense, Black Milk assisted A+ track from D city. Are you a Detroitphile yet?
    Guilty Simpson - Ode to the Ghetto (2008)



    RUFF DRAFT. //

    This track was recorded in 2003, but was released only as a snippet on the original single LP version of Ruff Draft because of time constraints. When Stones Throw reissued Ruff Draft in 2007, they went back to the master tapes and found this full-length version of the song, plus Wild and alternate versions of the Ruff Draft intro & outro. J Dilla introduced Guilty Simpson to Stones Throw by saying, You should sign him. He was signed.

  • Guilty Simpson - Robbery


    Good underground shit. From the 2008 album Ode to the Ghetto.

  • Madlib - Go ft. Guilty Simpson


  • As Serious As Your Life / Jay Dee Remix feat Guilty Simpson


    Four Tet remixed


  • Guilty Simpson - Reputation



    Artist: Guilty Simpson (prod. by Apollo Brown)
    Track: Reputation
    Album: Dice Game (2012)

    Hope you enjoy (;

    If you notice any mistake, please correct me in the comments below. Thanks!

  • Guilty Simpson Get Bitches


    Guilty Simpson ‎-- Ode To The Ghetto

  • Guilty Simpson - My moment


  • Guilty Simpson - Ode to the Ghetto


  • Guilty Simpson - What To Do


    New Project 3

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  • Strapped


    Provided to YouTube by The state51 Conspiracy

    Strapped · Jaylib · Madlib · J Dilla · Guilty Simpson

    Champion Sound

    ℗ 2003 Stones Throw Records

    Released on: 2016-07-29

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Apollo Brown and Guilty Simpson // I can do no wrong // live


    Apollo Brown and Guilty Simpson / 2013 Hip OPsession


    Video by Dasswassup / Webzine & WebTV #ScratchTheSurface
    Music, Lifestyle, Arts and all that good stuff...

  • Guilty Simpson - I Must Love You


    Guilty Simpson

    Album: Ode To The Ghetto

  • Rasco & Guilty Simpson- Motivation Official Video


    Rasco & Guilty Simpson have teamed up for this years surprise release. The Swann Simpson EP Here is the lead single and Video for the project. Motivation Video by Swannworks Films 2013

  • 05. Apollo Brown & Guilty Simpson - I Can Do No Wrong



  • Hus Kingpin - Time is Running Out feat. Guilty Simpson


    Hus Kingpin - End Of A Decade
    CD & Vinyl Available ▶️
    Spotify ▶️
    Tidal ▶️

    Follow HusKingpin:
    • Bandcamp:
    • SoundCloud:
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    • Youtube:


  • J Dilla - Jungle Love


    J Dilla
    Jungle Love (Feat MED & Guilty Simpson)
    The Shining

  • Quakers - Fitta Happier


    Guilty Simpson & MED featured MCs. Quakers is a 35-person hip-hop collective, centered around three producers - Fuzzface (Geoff Barrow), Katalyst (Ashley Anderson), and 7Stu7 (Stuart Matthews). Quakers 41-track album is out now on Stones Throw.

    Video Director: Eric Coleman; Cinematography: Jerry Henry; Editor: Laith Majali; Cameras: Jerry Henry, B+, Mike Park; Producers: Marybell Chavez, Eric Coleman.

  • Guilty Simpson & J Dilla - Clap your hands


    Track 2 of Chrome Children album, co-production between Stones Throw Records and Adult Swim. Performed by Guilty Simpson and produced by J Dilla.

  • Random Axe - Run


    off Guilty Simpson's 2008 joint Ode to the Ghetto.
    Produced by Black Milk

  • Guilty Simpson - I Can Do No Wrong



    Artist: Guilty Simpson (prod. by Apollo Brown)
    Track: I Can Do No Wrong
    Album: Dice Game (2012)

    Hope you enjoy (;

    If you notice any mistake, please correct me in the comments below. Thanks!

  • Phat Kat ft. Guilty Simpson - Nightmare Suff Daddy Refill


  • Reckonize Real x Guilty Simpson - No Love



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  • 12. Apollo Brown & Guilty Simpson - The Cook Up



  • guilty simpson - knockout kings


    guilty simpson - knockout kings

  • Guilty Simpson - Stray Bullets - 2007


    01. The Future (01:16)
    02. For The D (03:29)
    03. Get Riches (01:12)
    04. Bishop Lamont Interlude (00:44)
    05. Beast (02:18)
    06. Planet Asia Interlude (00:20)
    07. Supreme Beings (03:05)
    08. Trick Trick Interlude (00:50)
    09. Look Out Below (Feat. Bizarre & King Gordy) (02:28)
    10. Inner Circle (Feat. Almighty Dreadnaughtz) (04:44)
    11. Professionals (Feat. Marv Won) (02:32)
    12. Squeez EZ (Feat. King Gordy & Fatt Father) (03:24)
    13. T3 Interlude (00:13)
    14. Get Em (Feat. Kon Artis & Jay Electronica) (03:21)
    15. Elzhi & Phat Kat Interlude (00:42)
    16. La La (01:56)
    17. Rakaa Iriscience Interlude (00:32)
    18. Roll Call (Feat. Cysion) (03:22)
    19. Lemon Squeeze (02:26)
    20. Royce 5'9 Interlude (00:25)
    21. Sound The Alarm Remix (Feat. Black Milk & Royce Da 5'9) (03:20)
    22. Dave NY Interlude (00:17)
    23. Man’s World (02:29)
    24. Ras Kass Interlude (00:31)
    25. DJ Rhettmatic Megamix (15:34)

  • 06. Apollo Brown & Guilty Simpson - Potatoes



  • MED Guilty Simpson MAD


  • 04. Apollo Brown & Guilty Simpson - One Man



  • Apollo Brown + Guilty Simpson The Cook Up


    Album: Dice Game
    Track: 12
    Date: 11/07/2012
    Label: Mello Music Group

  • Legend of the Fox - Guilty Simpson & J Dilla: Take Notice


    Tribute music video to Shaw Brothers Kung Fu film Legend of the Fox to the music of J Dilla from Ruff Draft featuring Guilty Simpso

  • 02. Apollo Brown & Guilty Simpson - Reputation



  • 15. Apollo Brown & Guilty Simpson - Wrong Hand



  • 16. Apollo Brown & Guilty Simpson - How Will I Go



  • J Dilla - Baby Feat Guilty Simpson Madlib


    But the album here on Vinyl/CD/Digital formats:

    On August 22nd, 2006 J Dilla’s ‘The Shining’ will serve as a testament to the fact that legends never die.
    On February 10th, 2006, the world of Hip Hop lost J Dilla aka Jay Dee.
    James ‘J Dilla’ Yancey leaves behind an impression on Hip Hop that will last the test of time. A bridge between Hip Hop’s underground and mainstream, Dilla’s contributions ranged from single handedly defining Detroit Hip Hop as a founding member of Slum Village to providing his production talents to Common, D’Angelo, Busta Rhymes, Erykah Badu, A Tribe Called Quest, The Pharcyde, The Roots, Janet Jackson and Macy Gray.
    The Shining marked the reunion of J Dilla & BBE, who had released Welcome 2 Detroit, J Dilla’s debut album. The Shining serves as showcase of J Dilla’s talents which features him not only as a producer, but also as a rapper, singer and musician. Featured guests on this album include Busta Rhymes, Common, Pharoahe Monch, D’Angelo, Madlib, Black Thought, Medaphor aka MED, and Guilty Simpson. ...

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  • Uncommon Nasa feat Guilty Simpson Compass


    Buy Written at Night Bandcamp Here ::

    Buy Written at Night MBDR Here ::

    Man Bites Dog Records presents the last planned video for Uncommon Nasa's critically acclaimed, Written At Night LP. Compass features Guilty Simpson and he and Nasa bring you behind the scenes of touring life, not as it's imagined but as it is. An adult quick guide to touring for grown men, Compass weaves through the peaks and valleys of the money, loneliness and confusion of being on the road. The video is directed by Spencer Garland of Loner Vision, a listener to the album, he reached out to be a part of it's artistic vision with his eerie, minimal approach that was previously seen in his Ashes work for Saul Williams. This video is presented with no explanation, no answers and no theories, just haunts.

    Director/Producer: Spencer Garland
    Character Designer/Cinematographer:Michael Richardson
    Prop Fabrication: Evan Larrick
    Talent: David James
    Kyle Kellogg
    Jesse Williams-Mactagone
    Steve Garland
    Derek Stein

    Uncommon Nasa:

    Man Bites Dog Records:


  • Guilty Simpson - Neverending Story


  • Jay Dilla ft Guilty Simpson- As Serious as Your Life


    ***If you intend to buy this MP3, do not follow the links below the video. They'll take you to lord knows what which leaves you better off just going to Amazon and searching it yourself.***

    You already know what the dilla is with Jay, so I don't even have to say anything else. Oh yea yea, the picture is the name of the cd the track is located on.

  • Willie The Kid - Yes! Michigan, Pt. 4 Ft. Guilty Simpson


    Willie The Kid brings you his compilation project Pearls featuring some of the best guest verses and collaborations throughout his career. Tune in now everywhere music is streamed and sold!



    2019 The Fly LLC

  • Kill em- Guilty Simpson


    a track off guilty simpsons album that dropped last year ode to the ghetto



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