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Playlist of Great Depression Cooking

  • Girl of the Finger Lakes - Pt.1 Life on the Farm -Depression Era Documentary


    Part Two is here:
    The joyful life story of a depression era girl from Western New York. A unique part of Americana that reminds us all of the great bounty in this land of ours.
    A wonderful collection of photos and film that give us a good sense of what life on a Depression-era farm could be like -- no electricity, no indoor plumbing, a wood stove for heating the house, and going off to a one-room schoolhouse every day -- but it isn't a grim picture because the warmth and happiness of the family is very apparent.
    What ties the film together so well are the segments of interviews with Kitty Puls, the girl of the title. She is a bright, witty woman whose anecdotes are entertaining and often very touching. There is never a sense of the talking head type of interview that can make some documentaries dry and not engaging. The skilled editing and brisk pace as well as excellent choice of music makes this visit with the girl of the Finger Lakes a trip the viewer is glad to take.

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  • The Great Depression- In color


    The late Twenties and Thirties were years of hardship for most Americans with the 1929 stock market crash, with no social entitlements the suffering was astounding, not only did The Greatest Generation endure that, but WWII was right around the corner.

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  • Fried Hot Dogs With Fried Potatoes Recipe


    My CDBaby music
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    This is a quick lunch recipe for some delicious hot dogs with fried potatoes and onions. This is one of the many ways hot dogs were cooked by the chefs in American kitchens during the Depression. Thanks for watching.

  • How to Cook Eggs In Purgatory


    Except the eggs are an eggsistential crisis and the purgatory is your life.

    #cookingparodies #eggsinpurgatory #eggsistentialcrisis #thefourthhashtagodesntworkthisisheretoironicallyremindyouthatimusingsocialmediaselfawarelybutalsoamdoingitunironicallyandhopingyouwontnotice

    fun fact this video's kinda slow and has like only 2 jokes in it and when someone disliked it I was like I KNEW it and i wanted to remake it but there's sooo many other things i want to make and i don't have time to redo this so here this remains not my best work but WHAT YA GONNA DO make good content? yes that but sometimes you have to move on from old projects instead of spending your life perfecting every idea you have

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  • THE ULTIMATE GUIDE TO FOOD PREPPING - How to make 15 clean healthy meals in under 2 hours


    One hour of exercise will not offset the other 23 hours of eating badly. Do yourself a favour and prep some of your meals in advance to avoid bad food temptations. If you only have clean healthy food in your kitchen, then you will only eat clean healthy food!

    If you would like the shopping list which accompanies this video. Check out the link here -


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    Music by Gordon Tennant

    Thanks for watching :)

  • How to Eat a Bologna Sandwich Hobo Fried


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    This is how we cooked and ate during the Depression. I was always fortunate enough to have great tasting food. This is a low cost alternative to most meat meals. It is not common today to have fried bologna, but it was one of the favorites in the 1930s and early 1940s in the US. Thanks for watching.

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  • Soup Song


    Provided to YouTube by Smithsonian Folkways Recordings

    Soup Song · Cisco Houston

    Cisco Houston Sings Songs of the Open Road

    ℗ 2004 Smithsonian Folkways Recordings / 1960 Folkways Records

    Released on: 1960-01-01

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Julia Child The French Chef- The Lobster Show


    Maine lobster recipe here:

    The French Chef is a television cooking show created and hosted by Julia Child and produced and broadcast by WGBH, the public television station in Boston, Massachusetts, from February 11, 1963 to 1973. It was one of the first cooking shows on television. This is the third episode from the second series. All rights belong to the Cooking Channel. Bon appétit!

  • cute songs to help you cope with depression


    cute mixes playlist ????

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    all of this amazing music is by frad ^-^

    0:00 - first date
    2:53 - the girl i have a crush on
    5:11 - 喫茶店
    8:37 - while you were away

    Listen to this mix on Spotify!

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    Artwork by pfeffersteak

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  • The Spice of Life - Mustard: The Spice Of Nations - 1983 BBC production


    This is the episode on Mustard!

    Narrated by Edward Woodward

  • One of my favorite scene from Malcolm In The Middle - Empathy


    Season 2 - Episode 18 - Reese Cooks

    Hal : Reese, do you know what empathy is?
    Reese: No.
    Hal: Well, empathy is putting yourself in other people's shoes so you can feel what they do. If you hurt someone, empathy makes you hurt as well.
    Reese: Then why would you want empathy?

  • The Adventure of Good Cooking with Samin Nosrat


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    Samin’s Wild Idea: To share the power of food with the world and inspire everyone to get in the kitchen and cook with confidence using salt, fat, acid and heat.

    If you have been anywhere on the internet lately, you’ve probably seen something about Netflix’s new series, Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat. The show follows today’s guest, Samin Nosrat, around the world as she teaches the importance of cooking with each of these four elements. On the show, she travels from Italy to Japan to Mexico and back to Berkeley, California working with internationally known foodies to discover how things like miso, soy sauce, corn tortillas and parmesan cheese are made. The whole series is beautifully documented, and she makes cooking and eating accessible and fun for everyone.

    Samin’s cookbook of the same name came out just a year ago, and it quickly became a New York Times bestseller and won a James Beard Award (which is like an Oscar of the food world). She has been cooking since 2000, when she started working in the kitchen at the world-renowned Chez Panisse in Berkeley, California and has been called the next Julia Child by NPR’s All Things Considered.

    I actually know Samin from high school where we were on the same cross-country running team. I remember her being very nurturing, making cookies to share and always bringing people together. As the daughter of immigrant parents, food has always been an important part of her life and identity. She didn’t always feel like she fit in, which taught her some important life lessons about failure and self-acceptance. It was a joy to talk to her about her success and her journey. We get into her upbringing, her mother’s cooking and the impact our cross-country coach had on her life. She also talks about how author Michael Pollan became her mentor and the work that went into creating her Netflix series. Plus Samin shares a few tips on how to make your Thanksgiving or holiday meal the best one yet. Listen to this one through to the end.

    Listen to this episode if:
    You love to cook or want to learn how.
    You love to eat and are passionate about food.
    You are an immigrant or come from an immigrant family.
    You need some inspiration to be persistent and go after your goals.
    You want to hear from one joyful storyteller.


    3:30 - What Samin loved about our high school cross-country running team.
    5:50 - How being on the cross-country team impacted her upbringing.
    13:00 - Being part of an immigrant family and the role food played in her life.
    18:30 - Samin’s first time at a world-class restaurant, Chez Panisse.
    22:45 - How she got a job bussing tables at Chez Panisse.
    25:10 - How hard work pays off.
    26:30 - Why she is more willing to fail and make mistakes.
    29:00 - How she thought about her insecurities while making the show.
    35:40 - How she met Michael Pollan and the influence he had on her career.
    41:30 - The creation of the Netflix series Salt Fat Acid Heat.
    44:00 -  The funny requests that come with fame
    46:50 - What adventures she went on while she was making the show.
    51:10 - Samin’s tips to enhance your Thanksgiving meal (hint: bring some acidity!)
    53:05 -  How to make fried sage salsa verde.
    54:50 - What Samin would tell her fifteen-year-old self.

  • Dillio Talks Grammies and cooks up a latin beat in FL studio


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  • Relaxing French Music, Soothing French Music, French Cafe music.



    Incredibly soothing French music, to listen to whilst going about your day, or having friends over for an evening meal and creating that perfect atmosphere.
    Soothing music for relaxing, working and studying.

  • 378: Q&A: Health on a Budget, Virtual Schooling, Screen Time, Self Care, Eczema & Giving Blood


    Today we're going to switch things up and have a Q&A episode to cover some of the great questions I get from all of you. We'll cover some timely topics like virtual schooling and homeschooling on a budget, as well as health-related topics I have been talking about for a while, like why I make giving blood a regular part of my routine.I love that we can have these chats! Please send any questions for future episodes my way in the comments and let me know what's on your mind!Episode Highlights What cortisol is and why balancing it is key for weight loss A simple and free way to balance your circadian rhythm using food and light Why I couldn't lose weight for long (despite a healthy lifestyle) and how I found the hidden trigger One completely free change you can make to drastically reduce stress The physiological effects of social media, and why it keeps us in fight or flight mode Health benefits of giving blood (and some risks to consider) Why to take a look at your vitamin C levels if anemic (low iron) or in hemochromatosis (excess iron) My take on homeschooling and what we prioritize in our homeschool Benefits of the GAPS diet for gut imbalance, eczema, and more And more!Resources We Mention 309: How I Overcame Trauma (and Lost 50 Pounds) How to Lose Weight: What Worked for Me to Lose 80+ Pounds Vitamin C Probiotics Steady MD DUTCH Test 373: Why Sunlight Is As Important As Nutrition and Exercise for Health & Lifespan With Ari Whitten Blue Light Blocking Glasses f.lux Chili Pad Nutrition Genome 341: Q&A With Katie: Motivation, Magnesium, Homeschooling & Parenting TeensMore From Wellness Mama 364: Mindset Strategies to Survive and Thrive as a Homeschooling, Working Parent With Carrie Husse 305: A Day in the Life: Wellness Mama Health Routines 371: How Eating More Protein Will Transform Your Metabolism w/ Dr. Gabrielle Lyon The GAPS Diet: Help for Food Allergies and Gut Issues? How to Create a Morning Routine (That Lasts) The Neuroscience of Play & Why Kids Need It Why We Are Creating a Business Incubator for Our Kids (And How) How I Reduced My Cortisol Levels Naturally With Food & LightDid you enjoy this episode? Do you have other questions for me? Please drop a comment below or leave a review on iTunes to let us know. We value knowing what you think and this helps other moms find the podcast as well.[toggle title=Read Transcript]Child: Welcome to my Mommy’s podcast.Today's episode is brought to you by Athletic Greens, the all-in-one daily drink to support better health and peak performance. Even with a balanced diet, it can be difficult to cover all of your nutritional bases and this is where Athletic Greens can help. Their daily drink is essentially nutritional insurance for your body and it's delivered straight to your door every month. It's developed from a complex blend of 75 minerals, vitamins, and whole-food ingredients. It's a greens powder that's engineered to fill the nutritional gaps in your diet. Their daily drink improves your everyday performance by addressing the four pillars of health, energy, recovery, gut health, and immune support. It's packed with adaptogens for recovery, probiotics and digestive enzymes for gut health, and vitamin C and zinc for immune support. It's basically an all-in-one solution to help your body meet its nutritional needs. And it's highly absorbable and diet-friendly, whether you are keto, vegan, paleo, dairy-free, gluten-free, etc. It has less than one gram of sugar and it tastes great. And here's how I used it and still use it. When I started losing weight, I was eating a lot more protein, and it became hard to get enough greens and vegetables in because it was hard to actually eat enough volume of food. I was full. So I was able to use Athletic Greens to meet my veggie and nutritional needs, even if I was full and just didn't feel like eating extra. It's basically like a multivitamin, but it's actually head and shoulders above

  • How to make - Great Depression Cooking - Dandelion Salad - FilmMake in Kosovo - Ferizaj 2019


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    How to make #Dandelion Salad - FilmMake in #Kosovo #Ferizaj

  • Lockdown 50/56 - Great Depression-Era Peanut Butter Bread


  • The Great Depression: BASECAMP


    Live at the Rockit Room, San Francisco, CA on October 13, 2008. BASECAMP performs one the hit songs from their debut concert.

    © 2008 Performance by BASECAMP, song by Christopher Grant Ward. BASECAMP is Dominic Fasso, Rob Mills, Graham Stearns and Christopher Grant Ward.

  • The Wild West Of Cooking


    Provided to YouTube by Believe SAS

    The Wild West Of Cooking · What Chickens Made

    Darkness To Light

    ℗ Operatific Records

    Released on: 2017-07-28

    Author: Barbara Webb
    Composer: Barbara Webb

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Art Girl


    Provided to YouTube by DistroKid

    Art Girl · Depression Breakfast

    Just Because I'm a Womxn

    ℗ To-Go Records

    Released on: 2019-08-02

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

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  • 2020 The Greater Depression


  • Desperate Measures: What is a Desperation Pie?


    How did home cooks make do when fresh fruit wasn't available or money was tight? One way was to make pies with simple ingredients that were available year round instead of fresh or imported fruit. Desperation pies are a unique slice of American history and an authentic taste of local flavor and tradition.

    All recipe and image sources are listed in the credits.

  • Hardships of the Great Depression


    History : Great Depression

  • hate5six Depression Breakfast - June 28, 2018


    Depression Breakfast at The East Room in Nashville, TN on 2018-06-28

    Other Videos From The Show:

    Antifaces -
    Tom Violence -
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    Shadraq -
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    Bands Similar to DEPRESSION BREAKFAST, computed by Sage:

    Potty Mouth -

    hate5six is a one-man operation focused on documenting live music and creating avenues for people and bands to discover one another. Become a member of hate5six and gain access to exclusive interviews, early access to live sets, apps and other bonus content:

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  • The Great Depression.wmv


  • The All For Nots on Cooking with Rockstars


    Erica, drummer for The All-for-Nots, prepares an Italian feast in her Brooklyn backyard featuring the Cesina family sausage.

  • The Great Depression


  • Greenhouse - Depression Era Full Album


    Depression Era (Audio. Visuals. Atmosphere. 2018)

    *All rights belong to Greenhouse
    Left Running In An Empty Room- 0:00
    An Airless Quality- 2:24
    Rotator- 7:51
    Shimmer- 14:21
    Dose- 23:27
    Otra- 28:57


  • #cooking #chineseStyle #ofwlifeHK SUGARCANE SOUP or TUBO |Jhoy STV


    Published June 22, 2020

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  • Cooking Breakfast For The One I Love-1930


    Cooking Breakfast For The One I Love By Bernie Cummin's Orch on Jan.23-1930 on ViS 22295A
    Belle Mann on vocal

  • In My Life of Losing - The Great Depression


    This is my arrangement of an classic Kid Dynamite song called Rufus wants a hug. Kid Dynamite was a hardcore punk band from Philadelphia that played during the 90's. Their music influenced a number of bands and helped to define a unique style with Philly as its home.

  • The Great Depression, Then and Now


    For those who won't remember the past, they are sure to repeat it. The more things change the more they remain the same.



    Brahim's is my ultimate instant magic!

    Cooking is like a therapy. you get to relax and enjoy your me-time with food. ????

    Created by Filmigo:

  • Composing With Mixcraft 6


    Trying my hand at chamber music, producing an arrangement of the theme song from Great Depression Cooking.

  • Paper Bag Cooking


    Provided to YouTube by Universal Music Group

    Paper Bag Cooking · Warren Fahey

    Lean Times And Mean Times On The Hungry Mile: Australia In The Great Depression

    ℗ 2009 Bodgie Productions

    Released on: 2009-04-10

    Composer Lyricist: Trad Arr
    Composer Lyricist: Warren Fahey

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • cooking by the book rewind


    awsome song

  • El Cumbachero


    A cumba, cumba, cumba cumbanchero,
    A bongo, bongo bongosero.
    Priquití que va sonando el cumbachero,
    bongocero que se va.

    A va
    a suena así el tambor,
    Y vuelve a repicar,
    biriquití bumbumbá

    A va
    y suena así el tambor,

    Y vuelve a repicar,
    biriquití, bumbambá

  • Baking mayonnaise cookies


    There good
    Go to to see the recipe
    Created using VideoFX Live:

  • Bass player is cooking pasta


    Bass player is cooking pasta or maybe he's burning in the fire.
    In the background.
    Almost Nirvana Air band.
    Dumb. Though.

  • Cracker Bounce - Depression


    *Composed By Cracker Bounce*

  • The Taste Of Things-A Chicken In Every Pot



    Hudson Valley-Berkshires area cooks and food-lovers of all levels know HGS Home Chef in Hillsdale, NY. The HGS stands for Hillsdale General Store, our mother company in Hillsdale, New York — located right across the street, a source for home goods and gifts. What sets HGS Home Chef apart is our two beautiful teaching kitchens (above), and the caliber of our instructors. Within these inviting rooms, renowned national and local experts offer classes on how to prepare the most delicious food — from simple to sublime — and we also create private classes or events, like brunches and teas, to mark your special occasion.

    The kitchen store, at 2635 Route 23 in Hillsdale (telephone 518-325-7000), also offers an extensive cookbook selection, plus all the cookware, tools and gadgets that any home chef could possibly hope for.

    The historic 1870’s house has undergone a complete restoration (including the turret!). Its gracious rooms have regained their charm and we simply cannot wait to share this gem with you.

    We are open 10-5 Wednesday to Sunday (plus holiday Mondays). Phone (518) 325-7000 for more information.

  • Cooking Breakfast for the One I Love


    Provided to YouTube by Ingrooves

    Cooking Breakfast for the One I Love · Roger Wolfe Kahn & His Orchestra · Libby Holman

    Vintage Rare - Crazy Rhythm

    Released on: 2013-10-09

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Depression


    Provided to YouTube by Believe SAS

    Depression · Animal House DJ


    ℗ Animal House DJ

    Released on: 2019-05-23

    Composer: Animal House DJ

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Meal // Best Of Fives


    How about leave it at that as always

    Big thanks to our buddies at Heartland Institute for the 150k to budget this video... never could've done this without u dawgs u scallywags

    Mixed & mastered by Aki Pohjankyrö

  • Jack Albins Orch.: Happy Days Are Here Again, 1930


    Hotel Pennsylvania Music was the Jack Albin Orchestra which had a long term engagement at New York City's Hotel Pennsylvania during the early 1930s. Their voicalist was very often Bill Coty. Later in the decade, the hotel's phone number would be immortalized in song by another resident band, the Glenn Miller Orchestra with its hit Pennsylvania 6-5000. Happily, the Hotel Pennsylvania still stands and operates as a hotel - though its once grand lobby suffers from a rather tacky modernization.

    In 1929, as part of their score for an early talkie called „Chasing Rainbows, Jack Yellen and Milton Ager wrote Happy Days Are Here Again to be sung by a group of American doughboys upon receiving news of the armistice. Before the film was released - on the night of 29th October 1929 (the day also known as Black Tuesday, on which the stock market crashed, plunging America into the Great Depression) - the writers took the music to George Olsen, then leading his dance orchestra at the Hotel Pennsylvania in New York. As the vocalist sang, the dispirited diners, according to Yellen, stopped what they were doing and joined in sardonically, hysterically, like doomed prisoners on their way to the firing squad. The song was quickly picked up as a genuine rallying cry of the Depression years and, in 1932, became the official theme of Franklin Delano Roosevelt's victorious campaign for the Presidency.
    Hotel Pennsylvania Music (Jack Albin & His Orchestra) - Happy Days Are Here Again (Yellen/Ager), 1930

  • Dust Storms


    Dust Storms is a true story about my Grandfather. It is part of the album I am currently working on about real-life stories about Oklahomans throughout history. When my grandfather was 12 his Mom and Dad left him and his sister. He ended up living with his Aunt Della in the attic. It was a couple years after the great depression and in the years of the dust storms. I wrote this song to give some humanity to the story. Find more at

    Help Fund This Album at Kickstarter:

    Dust Storms Lyrics

    I got up from my bed with my sister still asleep
    Maybe Mom was cooking breakfast, we hadn't much to eat
    Calling out to her, she did not answer
    Every sign of Dad was gone, even the morning paper

    Did the dust storms carry them away?
    From our home here in the Oklahoma plains.
    Was it something I did or I did not say.
    Did they not love me enough to stay?

    So we walked to Aunt Della's on the other side of town.
    An attic became my room and Mom and Dad could not be found
    The grownups would talk while they thought we were asleep
    So I stayed really quiet so they could not hear a peep.
    They said something about a market crash.
    I don't know what that means I just wish they'd come back.

    Did the dust storms carry them away?
    From our home here in the Oklahoma plains
    Was it something I did or I did not say.
    Did they not love us enough to stay?

    A blanket of stars wraps around me tonight
    I wish it were my Mom, holding me tight.

    Did the dust storms carry them away?
    From our home here in the Oklahoma plains.
    Was it something I did or I did not say?
    I know I'd love me enough to stay.

    More Songs by Sarah Popejoy
    Beautiful Symphony -
    Wooden Chair (an imrov song) -
    Closer -

    How to Write Great Song Lyrics (184K + views) -

  • Joy of Cooking - Old Man Luedecke


    Joy of Cooking - Old Man Luedecke
    Live at the Black Sheep Inn, Wakefield, Quebec
    January 17, 2010

  • Summertime Cooking with Grandma


    Brighten your summer cooking with Grandma's secret recipe

  • Fanny Brice helps the unemployed 1931


    Great Depression film clips from the new DVD/CD release The Panic Is On.

  • Cooking Breakfast for the One I Love


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    Cooking Breakfast for the One I Love · Roger Wolfe Kahn and His Orchestra

    Crazy Rhythm (Original Recordings 1928 - 1932)

    ℗ Salt & Pepper

    Released on: 2014-01-25

    Author: Billy Rose
    Composer: Henry Tobias
    Music Publisher: D.R

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