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Playlist of Government of Chicago

  • NOFX - Murder the Government/The Brews @ Congress Theater in Chicago 10/10/09


  • Brian Jonestown Massacre - Government Beard @ Vic Theatre, Chicago, IL 5/11/18


    Brian Jonestown Massacre - Government Beard @ Vic Theatre, Chicago, IL 5/11/18

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  • Is The Government Behind Mass Shootings In Chicago With Black Face Masks? / Bait Trucks


    Full episode here
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  • Vote For Barack Obama 2012- Government Officials North Chicago, IL Rap Group.wmv


    This is a song from a CD that I bought from some guy in my town Waukegan, IL. They're an independent rap group from North Chicago, IL 60064. I have no idea what the name of their group is but they have great demo/album in my opinion. I though this track in particular is a great influence on our generation. And it's great timing.. VOTE FOR BARACK OBAMA, WE THE DEMOCRATS!! (In no way shape of form am I biting or claiming right as this to be my own work. Just thought this should be put out there and who knows this might get them some well needed attention. If you know of them let me know!! Sorry for the image, I don't know how to make videos and this I just popped my YouTube cherry lol)

  • Government Shutdown at Chicago International Airport ORD January 22, 2019


    Day 32 of no pay. See and hear for yourself how the shutdown affects the workers and travelers.

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  • Govt Mule - Jesus Just Left Chicago - The Deep End Vol. 1


    Album:The Deep End Vol.1(2001)

    Gov't Mule (pronounced Government Mule) is a Southern rock jam band formed in 1994 as an Allman Brothers Band side project by Warren Haynes and Allen Woody. They released their debut album Gov't Mule in 1995. Gov't Mule has become a staple act at music festivals across North America, with both its members and frequent guests boasting members from other notable bands, adding various funk and blues rock elements to the band's sound.

    Gov't Mule
    Warren Haynes - vocals, guitar, production
    Matt Abts - drums

    Bass Players
    Jack Bruce (Fool's Moon)
    Oteil Burbridge (Worried Down With The Blues)
    Bootsy Collins (Tear Me Down)
    John Entwistle (Same Price)
    Flea (Down and Out In New York City)
    Roger Glover (Maybe I'm A Leo)
    Mike Gordon (Banks Of The Deep End)
    Larry Graham (Life On The Outside)
    Stefan Lessard (Beautifully Broken)
    Dave Schools
    Mike Watt (Effigy)
    Willie Weeks (Soulshine)
    Chris Wood (Sco-Mule)

    Additional Personnel
    Michael Barbiero - production
    Gregg Allman - vocals, keyboards (Worried Down With The Blues)
    Rob Barraco - organ and Wurlitzer (Down and Out In New York City)
    Keith Barry - Tenor Sax (Down and Out In New York City)
    Randall Bramblett - organ (Maybe I'm A Leo)
    Jerry Cantrell - vocals (Effigy)
    Audley Freed - guitar (Life On The Outside)
    Eddie Harsch - keyboards and organ (Life On The Outside)
    Chuck Leavell - organ and Wurlitzer (Soulshine)
    Little Milton - guitar, vocals (Soulshine)
    Danny Louis - organ and Wurlitzer (Banks Of The Deep End, Beautifully Broken)
    Page McConnell - organ, Wurlitzer and synthesizer (Same Price)
    John Scofield - guitar (Sco-Mule)
    Derek Trucks - guitar (Worried Down With The Blues)
    Dan Weinstein - trombone (Down and Out In New York City)
    Bernie Worrell - organ, clavinet, Mini Moog and Clarinet (Fool's Moon, Sco-Mule, Tear Me Down)
    Mike Uhler - trumpet (Down and Out In New York City)

  • Government Mule Chicago 10-05-2013


  • the streets of chicago


    100% original reason 5 track with a vocal sample from a channel 4 documentary called crack house. The track depicts a distopian life in the inner city. A life spent chasing a faulse paradise. The video containes elements of the documentary with time laspe footage of cities.

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  • Chicago Violence:Rise Above Documentary


    Antione Day spent nearly 10 years in prison for a crime he didn't commit. After being exonerated in 2002, he dedicated his life to helping the formally incarcerated turn their lives around. Day acts as mentor and stand-in father for 21-year-old Shaquille Thompson, who is trying to distance himself from the gang violence of the South Side Chicago neighborhood where he grew up.

    Documentary Violence Chicago Chiraq WSHH The Field Worldstar Presents The Field Violence Streets Gangs Chicago Under the Gun crime gang wars Englewood Chicago Crime is a WAR Zone ChIRAQ Homicide Watch: Chicago's Gun Violence Chicago Youth Murders Chicago Police Crime Scene Violence In US Murder Capital The Field: Violence, Hip Hop & Hope For Chicago Most Notorious Street Gangsters Gakirah Barnes Chiraq Savage NUNU_OTF L'A CAPONE & RONDO#9 FBG lil Jay D Rose Charged With Murder p.rico x billionaire black x king yella x swagg dinero x lil mister x king samson x P.RICO 300K SMYLEZ Chiraq's GDK King Louie MUBU Lil Durk 300 EBK Juvie GME JoJoWorld Lamron Supa Savage 600Breezy Edai RondoNumbaNine

  • G Count - The Reason Gangs Were Founded Here In Chicago


    Official 247HH exclusive interview with Chicago based Hip Hop artist G Count, where you’ll hear about how gangs were formed in Chicago to police their own communities #247HHEXCL
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    What is 247HH? is your devoted site to celebrate everything about Hip-Hop culture from an exclusive content perspective. We feature exclusive interviews and behind the scenes from mainstream, underground, and future Hip-Hop stars. We have also featured DJ's, producers, managers, tastemakers, music executives, models, athletes, and fashion designers. We get to the essence of the individual, and bring you inside their world. Artist such as Ludacris, Jadakiss, Bun B., Busta Rhymes, Gucci Mane, 50 Cent, E-40, J. Cole, MGK, French Montana, Kevin Gates, Ghostface Killah, Lupe Fiasco, David Banner, G-Eazy, Trae Tha Truth, The Clipse, Pete Rock, Little Brother, Huey, The Game, DMX, and many more.

    Music Bed Produced By: The Innovatorz
    Intro Music Produced By: Mike Jaxx and Tha Hydrox

  • Caminando por Chicago - Walking around Chicago.


    En un día caminando por algunas partes de la Ciudad de Chicago.


  • Chicago To The UK: The Awakening


    In this series Chicago rappers talk about their struggles, rap careers and express their views concerning the all-important change that needs to take place on these violent streets for the betterment of the people. They also show their concern for the rise of street violence in the UK, sending a positive message.

  • Dubble - We Are Change


    September 11th 2001
    The attacks on our liberty finally begun
    They say are freedom is what made them attack
    So to protects us they signed the Patriot Act
    Thay attacked us so we fired back
    With illegal searches and domestic wiretapes?
    The future I see is quite scary
    When government is checkin what I read in the library
    Military in the streets with government arms
    Constintly be harrased but causin no harm
    I dont know how much more I take
    When did America become a socialist state?
    I was tought that all men were born equal
    And that the government is suppose to work for the people
    Some how they strayed off the path
    So now im here to take us back

    2, 974 souls were lost in the attacks of September 11th 2001. There has never been a criminal investigation. No one has ever been held accountable for the atrocities that occurred that day. We demand an investigation. We demand Justice. Investigate 9-11.

    Every where you go you can see our name
    911Truth Now. We Are Change.
    We present more facts than wikipetia
    But still we get looked over by all major medias
    Corperate America branwash the masses
    Schools push the goverment agendas in classes
    Business talks of global economies
    Which in the end will destroy your own sovernty
    They want to alter your decisions
    Erasing all thought of culture and religon
    A prison planet, knowledge is the key
    Never been the type to follow so now im gonna lead
    On the grind. One mind at time
    Influencing change in anyone I find
    Ill fight till right are provided all
    Because Untied We stand but devided we fall

    We can not let the seeds of laziness and content sprout in our mind. We can not allow the garden of knowledge to be overcome with the weeds of deceit. The media is lying to you. You can not believe the papers. You can believe the magazines and TV. Believe your heart. Believe your mind. We Are Change.

  • NOFX - The Brews


    NOFX - The Brews (Riot Fest Chicago 9-12-14)

  • They are Creating Crime in Englewood on the Southside of Chicago #Crimechaser


    Chicago Bait Truck is a Set up #Crimechaser

  • Transformers 3 Filming Chicago Ratchet Almost Hits Someone


    It wasn't that close but she screamed anyway. A long clip of Ratchet being loaded onto the truck , as well as the two black Decepticon SUVs, one with government plates.



    TJ Jimenez, a Chicago gang leader who won 25 million from a settlement was just sentenced for a FB live shooting. He'll serve 9 years for his crime. CHECK IT OUT!

    #TJjimenez #jimenez #gang #leader #chicago #chiraq #chicago #news #shooting #report #gangster #boss #tmz #sentenced #jail #prison #shooting #story #years #FB #live #facebooklive #facebook

  • My First Day in Chicago


    Provided to YouTube by CDBaby

    My First Day in Chicago · Manchild Razor

    Bogus Government Yoyo

    ℗ 2016 Coy Hurd

    Released on: 2016-01-24

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Govt Mule 12-30-2010 Jesus Just Left Chicago w/David Hidalgo


    Gov't Mule w/David Hidalgo(Los Lobos) performing ZZ Tops' Jesus Just Left Chicago 12-30-2010 Beacon Theater NYC

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  • Detroit vs Chicago Big Gov


  • NOFX LIVE 2 @Riot Fest 2012, Chicago


  • Life Sentance, A punk band from Chicago 1987


    The last song from my first gig video.

  • International Blockchain Congress 2018- 1st Panel: Crypto Trading. August 2018 Chicago, IL


    On August 17, the IDF hosted 2nd International Blockchain Congress took place at the Aon Center in Chicago. Leaders in law, business, and government all attended in order to gain a better understanding how blockchain could affect their respective industries.

    Cryptocurrency trading has taken off in terms of popularity. This panel discusses where the industry is headed and what changes we might expect.

    Tom Sosnoff, Founder of TastyTrade

    Panel Members:
    Stephen H Watkins, CEO at Entrex
    Ross Zhang, General Manager at Huobi Canada
    Alex Clifford, Managing Partner at OneChain Capital
    Yuri Zamostin, Founder of CoinFide
    Scott Diamond, Partner at Chicago Digital Asset Network

  • More corruption uncovered in Chicago Police Dept


    Terence Johnson of Chicago, former Cook County prosecutor at the center of the notorious Englewood Four wrongful conviction case described the systemic collusion between Chicago police detectives and assistant state's attorneys responsible for bringing charges, according to a long-secret document unsealed in federal court Wednesday. Four men-Michael Saunders, Vincent Thames, Harold Richardson and Terrill Swift- were convicted in the 1994 rape and murder of 30 year old, Nina Glover. Johnson, was one of two prosecutors in the felony review unit who worked with detectives to take statements in the homicide investigation and approve charges against the four men.

    With all of the police corruption affecting major cities around the country, it’s easy to complain about the problem, but what solutions can we as a community come up with to address this problem?

    -Video Upload powered by

  • Transformers 3 Filming Chicago Black Decepticon SUVs


    August 27, 2010 my first shots of the two black Decepticon SUVs. They are black Chevy Suburbans. One has official government plates on it.

  • Free Enterprise: The Chicago Music Project


    Welcome to Chicago Music Project - your one and only source to the best Chicago music.

    Our mission is to provide Chicago with a well-deserved platform to showcase its thriving and incredibly diverse music scene.

    We will never allow ourselves to become one dimensional to a single genre or scene; but rather as a collective, because after all, every genre, venue and scenes are in fact components that make-up Chicago Music.

    This is all for our amazing city we love to call home our city that fills us with pride.


    You can view all of our videos @

  • T.S.O.L. - Abolish Government / Silent Majority


    T.S.O.L. - Abolish Government / Silent Majority - Live at Riot Fest in Chicago, IL on Saturday, September 15th, 2013

  • Police Shot in Chicago


    Police Shot in Chicago

  • Unified Field - Government Waste


    Unified Field - Government Waste. Great Chicago band from the late 80's. This is taken from their 8 song demo tape.

  • Grandson - Riot Fest 2019 Chicago


    Grandson Live as part of Riot Fest 2019 at Douglas Park in Chicago, Illinois 9-14-19

  • Chicago - Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?


    Official audio for Chicago - Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is? from 'Chicago Transit Authority' (1969)
    Listen to Chicago’s latest release, Chicago Christmas here
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    Stay In Touch with Chicago…
    🎶 Website
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    Welcome to the official YouTube channel for the band Chicago – the YouTube home of Chicago’s numerous 70s and 80s hits like “If You Leave Me Now,” “You're the Inspiration,” and “Hard To Say I’m Sorry / Get Away,” among many others. Subscribe to the channel for official music videos, live performances, Chicago-certified playlists, interviews with the band, and the latest announcements.

    Chicago is one of the longest-running and best-selling groups of all time. Lifetime achievements of the legendary “rock band with horns” include being inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, two Grammy Awards® and two American Music Awards. Record sales top 100M, including five #1 albums and 11 #1 singles.

    Chicago will celebrate the holidays in 2019 with a new Christmas album that spotlights the legendary group’s trademark sound on eight original songs, two yuletide favorites and one timeless classic that embraces the spirit of hope. CHICAGO CHRISTMAS will be available on October 11.

  • GV Selvam - VIT Vice President Speech at Chicago


    GV Selvam Speech in GTEN ( Global Tamil Entrepreneurs Network) Conference in Chicago - Panel Discussion on Agro Tech : The Green Future

  • Chicagos Genocide Mercenary of Evil 1985


    Very rare Demo from Chicago's Genocide 1985
    All Genocide songs and lyrics are property and copyright of their actual owner Brian Foster. Chicago's Dangerous Metal.

  • Wu Tang Clan @ Riot Fest 2019 Chicago, Live HQ


    Staten Island NY band Wu Tang Clan performs at Riot Fest In Chicago, Illinois 09/14/2019, Live HQ
    (help with song title appreciated)
    Check out
    2019 Tour/Festivals - Del Mar, Jiffy Lube, Majestic Theatre, Smart Financial, ACL Live, Moody, Prudential Center, Red Rocks, Desert Daze

  • The Paste Parlour Dinner - HOW Design Live 2015, Chicago - Vol. 3


    Use offer code PASTEPARLOUR15 for 10% off your first purchase at Squarespace

    How Design Live 2015 - Discussing Design over Dinner Pt. 3
    Recorded Live: 05/06/2015 - Ada St. Restaurant - Chicago, IL

    Music: “Government Funded Weed” by Black Ant
    Song freely available under the Creative Commons Attribution. License here:
    Creative Commons License:

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  • Be Careful How You Vote by Chicago Beau


    This is a song recorded in 1991. It is inspired by a song by the great Sunnyland Slim; and Chicago politics (and beyond).

    Chicago Beau - Harmonica & Vocals
    Sunnyland Slim - Piano & Vocals
    Jim Dorch - Keyboards
    Jimmy Dawkins, James Johnson,
    Eddie King & Vince Agwada - Guitar
    Jerry Murphy & Willie Kent - Bass
    Frank Alexander & Jeff Taylor - Drums
    Michael Peavey - Alto Saxophone
    Ndiko Xaxa, Albert Gunn, Shirley Johnson,
    & Young People's N'Bria Ensemble - Percussion
    Deitra Farr, Kay Reed & Eugine B. Redmond - Bckgr Vocals

  • Beautifully Broken - Govt Mule 2017.10.14 Chicago Riviera Theatre


  • City of Chicago Dep of Cultural Affairs and Special Events Host Public Art Town Hall Meetings about


  • The Paste Parlour Dinner - HOW Design Live 2015, Chicago - Vol. 2


    Use offer code PASTEPARLOUR15 for 10% off your first purchase at Squarespace

    How Design Live 2015 - Discussing Design over Dinner Pt. 2
    Recorded Live: 05/06/2015 - Ada St. Restaurant - Chicago, IL

    Music: “Government Funded Weed” by Black Ant
    Song freely available under the Creative Commons Attribution. License here:
    Creative Commons License:

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  • Louis Armsrong & Earl HInes, Chicago Breakdown, 1927


    Chicago Breakdown was recorded May 1927 in Chicago for OKEH Records. The recording would not be released for 15 years, and then on the Columbia label. Called the Stompers, Earl Hines and Louis Armstrong led the group which was formed to play at the Sunset Cafe on E 35th in Chicago in 1927. The Chicago Breakdown was a disintegration of morals, general lawlessness, corruption, and in some cases, mental and physical health due to the sale of illegal alcohol and drugs that was brought about by the government policy of Prohibition, which ineptly attempted to stop which it caused. Profits from these activities was enormous and Chicago became a gangsters paradise.

  • The Paste Parlour Dinner - HOW Design Live 2015, Chicago - Vol. 1


    Use offer code PASTEPARLOUR15 for 10% off your first purchase at Squarespace

    How Design Live 2015 - Discussing Design over Dinner Pt. 1
    Recorded Live: 05/06/2015 - Ada St. Restaurant - Chicago, IL

    Music: “Government Funded Weed” by Black Ant
    Song freely available under the Creative Commons Attribution. License here:
    Creative Commons License:

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  • Blockchain Trends: Government Healthcare & Insurance - International Blockchain Congress 2018


    On August 17, the IDF hosted 2nd International Blockchain Congress took place at the Aon Center in Chicago. Leaders in law, business, and government all attended in order to gain a better understanding how blockchain could affect their respective industries.

    This panel gathers to discuss the potential impact that blockchain technology will offer to government, healthcare, and insurance providers.

    Colleen Sullivan, CEO of CMT Digital

    Panel Members:
    Eric Vasquez, CTO at City of Chicago
    Mike Wons, Former CTO at City of Chicago
    Evan Luthra, Founder of Crypto Investment Bank Almora
    Xiaochen Zhang, Founder of Blockchain Frontier Group
    Sean O'Kelly, CIO at State of Illinois
    Dima Elissa, Founder of Symptomatic

  • Propagandhi - 10 - Resisting Tyrannical Government


    Propagandhi - 10 - Resisting Tyrannical Government Live At The Congress Theater, Chicago 01-03-03

  • Trial By Fire LP Classic 80s Chicago Hardcore Strike Under Naked Raygun


    The Holy Grail Of 80’s Chicago Hardcore!
    Regressive Films/Alona’s Dream Records is proud to announce the Lost, Unreleased 1982 LP by Trial By Fire (feat. 3/4 of Chicago Punk legends Strike Under) is finally going to see it’s first Official release!. Proto-Thrash with Post-Punk Weirdness make this one of the finest unheard records of the era! Fans of Naked Raygun (they did the original version of Rocks Of Sweden, Effigies, and the Stranglers take note. Digital Download & Limited Vinyl Pressing OUT NOW at

  • 【USA】Tsunami Disaster Prevention Planning。(English) IIT, Chicago


    13th, July,2018 @ Tsunami/Storm surge prevention,Station, Osaka, Jpan

    Interested it studying abroad in Japan in summer 2019?
    Applications will be opening soon for the June 2019 program in Osaka, Japan. Two courses are offered.

    1) IPRO 497: Tsunami Disaster Prevention Planning and
    2) SSCI 285/385 Global Cities Osaka.

    This means you can earn 6 core curriculum credits in 4 weeks!
    This program involves regular cultural and academic exchange with Japanese students at Osaka City University.
    Students will live in shared apartments in a Japanese neighborhood, ride public transportation and immerse themselves in everyday Osakan life. Weekly faculty led excursions to other parts of Kansai are offered (Himeji, Kyoto, Nara, and Koyasan).
    This trip will have a limitted number of spaces. You are encouraged to apply early. Spots will be allocated on a first come, first serve basis to students who pay the $500 deposit.
    Want to learn more? Join our facebook group:

  • Young Hurk - Chicago


    I Own All Rights To These Lyrics, LLC Copyright Office, U.S Government Approved.
    Justin Spears “ Young Hurk “
    Instagram : @younghurk
    Facebook : YoungHurkGsf Spears

  • Anti-Flag - American Attraction @ Riot Fest 2019 Chicago, Live HQ


    Pittsburgh band Anti-Flag performs American Attraction at Riot Fest In Chicago, Illinois 09/13/2019, Live HQ
    Check out This Is the End, Racists, Press Corpse, Turncoat, Brandenburg Gate, Broken Bones, Christian Nationalist, Unbreakable
    2019 Tour/Festivals - Louder Than Life
    2020 Tour / Festivals - Epicenter, Hell Fest

  • Bob Marley - Buffalo soldier


    Bob Marley - Buffalo soldier

  • Down in Chicago


    Provided to YouTube by DashGo

    Down in Chicago · The Steepwater Band

    Brother to the Snake

    ℗ 2001 Funzalo Records

    Released on: 2001-01-01

    Auto-generated by YouTube.



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