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Playlist of Giovanni Giacomo Gastoldi

  • Giovanni Gastoldi - Balletti per Cantare, Sonare e Ballare


    Giovanni Giacomo Gastoldi (ca. 1554 – 4 January 1609), was an Italian composer of the late Renaissance and early Baroque periods. He is known for his 1591 publication of balletti for five voices.

    Balletti (1591)

    1. L'Innamorato
    2. Introduittione a 1 Balletti (1:23)
    3. Il bell'humore (3:07)
    4. L'Acceso (7:28)
    5. Concerto de Pastori a 8 (12:32)
    6. Il contento (15:01)
    7. Amor vittorioso (17:37)
    8. Il Piacere (20:38)
    9. La Bellezza (22:58)
    10. L'Ardito (27:45)
    11. Gloria d'Amore (31:14)
    12. Speme Amorosa (34:53)

    Ensemble Musique Ancienne de Lyon
    Instrumentations et Direction musicale: François Castet
    Ensemble Vocal de Lyon
    Direction: Guy Cornut

    His two sets of balletti, a strophic vocal dance, however, are the most prominent and influential. These were written for five voices, and contained passages of nonsense syllables (e.g. fa la la) which seemed to personify a type of lover and love-making. As a whole, Gastoldi's balletti were a musical commedia dell'arte, and included the following compositions: Contento (The Lucky One), Premiato (The Winner), L'Inamorato (The Suitor), Piacere (Pleasure), La Bellezza (Beauty), Gloria d'Amore (Praise of Love), L'Acceso (The Ardent), Caccia d'Amore (Love-Chase), Il Martellato (The Disdained), Il Bell’humore (The Good Fellow), Amor Vittorioso (Love Victorious), and Speme Amorosa (Amorous Hope). His balleti music basically had a simple chordal texture, fast declamation and rhythmic accents at the expense of contrapuntal display, as is to be expected from their close relationship to dance music.

    Gastoldi's Balleti a Cinque Voci was published in Venice in 1591, and immediately became a best seller. Within a short time, the collection was reprinted ten times, not only by their original publisher but also in other countries as well. Composers like Vecchi, Banchieri, Hassler, and Morley were greatly captivated by this musical creation (compare Morley's ballett Now is the Month of Maying for a clear example of Gastoldi's influence).

    It is certain that many frottole, villancicos, and chansons francaises were intimately related to dance, but it seems true that Gastoldi was the first scholarly author, presumably since the thirteenth century, to compose songs for dancing which were modeled on instrumental patterns, and were perfectly apt for instrumental performance alone.

    The title page of the balletti bestows the title Maestro di Cappella del Serenissimo Signor Duca di Mantova to Gastoldi. However, this has no slightest intention of masking sophistication behind the spontaneous naivete of Gastoldi's works, because the entire content is a collection of simplicty, healthy playfulness, communicative carefreeness, and gaiety. The common trait is, of course, the Fa-la refrain, (which incidentally became lirum-lirum in Gloria d’amore) with skipping rhythms, clear lines, and frank tonality. Gastoldi sought to vary his compositions from ballet to ballet by sometimes writing in triple time, in double or by the alternate use of major and minor. Otherwise, it cannot be said that he at all attempted a psychological differentiation between the several characters depicted.

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  • Six Balletti - Giovanni Giacomo Gastoldi


    Six Balletti by Giovanni Giacomo Gastoldi

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  • Giovanni Giacomo Gastoldi c.1554-1609 Il Ballerino


    Giovanni Giacomo Gastoldi c.1554-1609 Il Ballerino Quartetto di Liuti da Milano. Emilio Bezzi, Renato Cadel, Elisa La Marca, Giulia La Marca.

  • Suite Italiana - Giovanni Giacomo Gastoldi


    Recorded live in Alte Pfarrkirche Schwarzenfeld, 06. October 2013
    performed by i-Tüpferl

    I. Amor Vittorioso 0:00
    II. La Sirena 1:13
    III. L'Innamorato 2:14
    IV. L'Ardito 3:07

    Trumpets: Manfred Brunner, Sebastian Lindner
    Horn: Thomas Prey
    Trombone: Kerstin Bauer
    Bass Trombone: Wastl Klein

    Photography: Willi Gierl

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  • Il Martellato


    Coro de cámara Emitenia
    Directora: Irma Rutkauskaite
    Iglesia de la Encarnación de Bilbao
    28/11/2015 - Fair Saturday

  • LInnamorato


    Provided to YouTube by The Orchard Enterprises

    L'Innamorato (Gastoldi) · Syntagma Musicum

    Vecchie Letrose - Italian Renaissance Music

    ℗ 1998 Arts Music
    ℗ ARTS Music

    Released on: 2006-11-07

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

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  • Giovanni Giacomo Gastoldi - In dir ist Freude


    Renaissance music composed by Italian composer Giovanni Giacomo Gastoldi (1554 - 1609)

    Ensemble: The Baltimore Consort
    Album: Christmas Gift - A Dorian Holiday Celebration (1997)

  • Amor Vittorioso - Giovanni Giacomo Gastoldi


    Amor Vittorioso - Giovanni Giacomo Gastoldi (1556 - 1622)

  • Il Martellato - Giovanni Giacomo Gastoldi


    Piero di Cosimo - Liberazione di Andromeda

    ernst stolz- #baroque-violin #recorder, #organ #violin #percussion

    Pianoles Den Haag, Vioolles Den Haag, Accordeonles Den Haag


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  • Linnamorato: A lieta Vita - Giovanni Giacomo Gastoldi


    Registrazione dal vivo - Sarzana 05.05.2018

    Lorella Coppa: Direttore Artistico

    Antonella Tronfi: Soprano Solista

    Ensemble Vocale Vaghi Concenti:
    Antonella Tronfi, Elisa Sebastiani, Sabrina Maggiani, Lorella Coppa, Eleonora Baroncelli, Ilaria Zolesi, Nicoletta Menini, Daria Malaspina, Sara Menini, Tiziana Biagini, Fausto Parma, Lorenzo Bloise, Gaetano Canepa, Andrea Maesano, Francesco Menghini.

    Maestro Accompagnatore: Cesare Goretta

  • Giovanni Giacomo Gastoldi, Balletto


    Giovanni Giacomo Gastoldi (c. 1550 1622?), was an Italian composer of the late-Renaissance and early-Baroque periods. He is known for his 1591 publication of balletti for five voices.
    Performed by choir: AKUD Obilić - Krsmanović from Belgrade, Serbia, conducted by Mrs. Darinka Matić-Marović

  • Giovanni Giacomo Gastoldi - Il Risentito


    Provided to YouTube by TuneCore

    Giovanni Giacomo Gastoldi - Il Risentito · Marco Scavazza, Cristiano Contadin

    Cantar Bastardo

    ℗ 2012 E lucevan le stelle

    Released on: 2012-03-29

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Linnamorato


    Regis University Collegium Musicum (Mark Davenport, director), performs L'innamorato by Giacomo Gastoldi (c. 1550-1609). Spring, 2012.

  • Musica Divina - Amor Vittorioso de Giovanni Giacomo Gastoldi


    Grupul vocal MUSICA DIVINA, in concert la Festivalul International de Muzica Universitara (FIMU) de la Belfort, Franta, MAI 2012. Dirijor: Mariana Ontanu Craciun.

  • Cantus Firmus: Giovanni Giacomo GASTOLDI - Villanella


    Vystoupení souboru v odpoledním programu Hradozámecké noci 31. 8. 2013 na státním hradu Rožmberk

  • Linnamorato


    Die erste Strophe eines sehr beliebten Stückes von Giovanni Giacomo Gastoldi, veröffentlicht in den „Balletti a 5 voci“ von 1591 und ebenfalls bekannt unter dem Namen A lieta vita - „Zum heiteren Leben lädt Amor uns ein“

  • Amor Vittorioso


    In Song '07

    Victoria Chorale presents All Creatures Now, composed by Giovanni Giacomo Gastoldi, conducted by Nelson Kwei.

    Victoria Chorale was inaugurated in 1988, under the musicianship of Mr Nelson Kwei and has since established itself as one of Singapore's top semi-professional choirs. The choir performs an extensive repertoire ranging from sacred Latin works to contemporary Asian songs. Comprising of alumni members from the Victoria School and Victoria Junior College choirs, the choir has grown from 15 singers to a healthy number of 35 singers to date.

    The choir has been active in both the local and international choral scenes, travelling extensively for performances and competitions. They have won numerous awards at various prestigious international competitions from Llangollen in Wales, to Pohlheim in Germany and Bournemouth in England. Victoria Chorale first took part in the Choir Olympics in Linz, Austria and returned in 2006 to the World Choir Games held in Xiamen, China, where they emerged category champions in the Musica Sacra A Capella category.

    In February 2009, the choir was invited by J&A Music Corporation to stage Victoria Chorale Concert in Korea 2009 at the Seoul Arts Center which caters to an audience of 2,500. The arts center was built for the sole appreciation of classical music. This marks a milestone for Victoria Chorale as it was their first concert tour in the Asia Pacific region. During the exchange, Victoria Chorale was also privileged to have worked with several renowned international choral conductors in a choral clinic conducted by our own music director, Mr. Nelson Kwei.

  • Giovanni Giacomo Gastoldi - Concerto de Pastori


    Dai Balletti a 5 voci di Giovanni Giacomo Gastoldi (1555-1609) pubblicati ad Anversa da Pietro Falesio nel 1596. La raccolta comprende anche una mascherata de cacciatori a sei voci e questo dialogo-concerto per doppio coro, a 8 voci.

    Il testo festeggia l'arrivo della primavera, portatrice di gioia, canto e piaceri d'amore.

    An 8-voices concert (or dialogue between 2 choirs) from Gastoldi's Balletti, which were published in 1596. The song celebrates the arrival of Spring, with its singing, its joy and the pleasures of love.

    Transcription by Guido Menestrina

    Score / Partitura (with modern clefs):

    or on Sheetmusicplus:

  • Amor Vittorioso Giovanni Gastoldi - NWMSU Madraliers


    Amor Vittorioso -- Giovanni Gastoldi, conducted by Dr. Brian Lanier and performed by NWMSU Madraliers.
    Performed at American Choral Directors Association, Southwestern Division, Dallas, Texas. 2012

  • LUMORISTA(Giovanni Giacomo Gastoldi- siglo XVI



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  • Canzona


    Clarinet Bb & cello duo
    Júlia Zaera - cello
    Manel Zaera -clarinet

  • Il ballerino .


    Roma 8 dicembre 2012. Rainbow Music Against Aids. Il Roma Rainbow Choir, diretto dal Maestro Giuseppe Pecce, in occasione della giornata mondiale di lotta all'AIDS, presso la chiesa Evangelica Metodista di Via Firenze n. 38, canta Il ballerino (Giovanni Giacomo Gastoldi 1555 - 1609).

  • Il Prigioniero - Michael Kelly -


    A 16th century song written by the Italian composer Giovanni Giacomo Gastoldi, and published in 1594 as part of his 'Balletti a Tre Voci'. This collection of vocal dance music was released just two years after he took over the position of maestro di cappella (choirmaster) of the chapel of Santa Barbara, at the ducal palace in Mantua.

    Gastoldi's works were tremendously popular in the latter half of the 16th century throughout Italy, England, and Germany, as well as in the Netherlands, where his popularity lasted well into the 17th century. His music had a significant influence on Dutch music of the period; as well as his balletti being republished in the Netherlands as 'Balletten Met Drie Stemmen' using Dutch text rather than the original Italian, some of his melodies also reappeared independently as Dutch contrafecta.

    In keeping with the majority of the period music that I cover, I was introduced to this song through the works of Owain Phyfe, and my arrangement is based off of his version. The origininal version, which is usually sung as accompaniment to dancing a pavane, is slightly longer and contains an additional verse not heard here.

    If you enjoy my music, please visit my Patreon page and consider becoming a patron of the arts!
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    IL PRIGIONIERO written by Giovanni Gastoldi

    O vezzosetta e bella
    che hai fra tutte il primo onor,
    non mi far morir d'amor!

    So ben che indegno son
    che del tuo cor mi cacci don,
    ma gradisci il mio servir,
    che mi fai crudel morir.


    O sweet charmer,
    most honorable of all,
    don't let me die of love!

    I know well my unworthiness
    that bars me from your heart.
    Yet I welcome this charge
    that leads me to cruel death.

  • Amor Vittorioso


    Famous Renaissance piece, Kings Singers. Text in Olde English. Full text in English and Italian below.

    Tutti venite armati O forte miei soldati. Fa la la
    Io son l'invitt' Amore Giusto saettatore. Non temete punto,
    Ma in bella schiera uniti, Me seguitate arditi. Fa la la

    Sembrano forti heroi Quei che son contra voi.Fa la la
    Ma da chi sa ferire, Non si sapran schermire. Non temete punto,
    Ma coraggiosi e forti, Siat' a la pugna accorti. Fa la la

    Lieti hor movete il piede, Che vostre sian le prede, Fa la la
    Hor via feriam lo sdegno Ch'ei de la vita è indegno
    Non temete punto Eterna sia la gloria
    E certa è la vittoria, Fa la la

    Già morto giace in terra Chi ci avea mosso guerra, Fa la la
    Or gli altri suoi suguaci Tutti assaliamo audaci
    Non temete punto Ecco ch'i non estinti
    Fuggon già sparsi e vinti, Fa la la

    Come all ye, armed, My hardy soldiers! Fa la la
    I am Love indomitable, The righteous archer.
    Do not fear in the slightest, But in beautiful array,
    Follow me with ardor! Fa la la

    They seem strong heroes, Those in front of you. Fa la la
    But from those who know how to wound, They will know not how to defend.
    Do not fear in the slightest, But, bold and strong, Be shrewd in battle! Fa la la

    With happiness now move your foot, Yours will be the prey, Fa la la
    Now let's harm the unworthy The one which does not deserve to live
    Do not fear in the slightest! Let the glory be eternal, And sure is the triumph! Fa la la

    Already dead lays on the ground The one which started war with us, Fa la la
    Now his followers We attack boldly
    Do not fear in the slightest! Now those not dead
    Run away scattered and loosers Fa la la

  • Magnificat VIII toni - Giacomo Gastoldi -


    Ensemble Biscantores
    live in Vimercate 24 Novembre 2012

    Soprani: Paola Bianchi, Marta Bonomi, Francesca Cassinari, Elisa De Toffol, Cristina Greco.
    Alti: Edvige Brambilla, Elena Carzaniga, Monica Fumagalli, Camilla Novielli.
    Tenori: Davide Colnaghi, Davide Nicolussi, Stefano Perego, Roberto Rilievi, Fabio Rovelli, Luigi Santos.
    Bassi: Alfredo Magni, Alessando Marchesi, Marco Radaelli.

    Viola da gamba: Luciana Elizondo
    Violone: Diana Fazzini
    Tiorba: Franco Lazzari
    Organo: Gianluca Viglizzo

    Luca Colombo

  • La Serena - Giovanni Giacomo Gastoldi


    Italian Renaissance/ early Baroque dance from Balletti a cinque voci, 1591.

    video the sea at the south beach of Sicily


    ernst stolz

  • AMOR VITTORIOSO by Giovanni Giacomo Gastoldi


    Andrea Inghisciano - cornetto
    David Brutti - cornetto
    Anaïs Chen - violino
    Francesco Gibellini - cornetto tenore
    Elina Veronese - trombone

    Chiesa di San Francesco in Rocca, Sassuolo (MO), 16th January 2019

    Andrea Inghisciano
    +39 389 7980470

  • Giovanni Giacomo Gastoldi: Amor vittorioso


    Giovanni Giacomo Gastoldi: Amor vittorioso
    Giovanni Giacomo Gastoldi (Caravaggio, 1555 circa – Mantova, 4 gennaio 1609) è stato un compositore, cantante e maestro di cappella italiano.
    Gastoldi divenne famoso principalmente per i suoi Balletti, molto in voga ai suoi tempi. Infatti il balletto, dal quale nasceranno successivamente le canzoni ballate, ebbe proprio origine nel XVI secolo presso le corti rinascimentali italiane. Nati dalle canzonette e dalle villanelle popolari, i balletti venivano impiegati per accompagnare spettacoli di danze mimate. Tra i più famosi balletti del Gastoldi si ricordano: Amor Vittorioso, Lo Schermito, Il Contento, Il Ballerino, Lo Spensierato.
    Direttore artistico: Roberto Fasciano.

  • Amor Vittorioso, 16° secolo, Giovanni Giacomo Gastoldi


    Nell'occasione del CONCertosa 2017, domenica 11 giugno, nel Chiostro dei Procuratori della Certosa e Museo di San Martino, una selezione di elementi della ScalzaBanda e del Pergolesi Consort, per l'occasione battezzata ScalzaFlauti, sotto la direzione del Maestro Tommaso Rossi, ha eseguito brani a più voci del repertorio antico e barocco.

  • Balletti: A lieta vita


    Provided to YouTube by NAXOS of America

    Balletti: A lieta vita · Danielle Svonavec

    Baltimore Consort: Live in Concert

    ℗ 2011 Sono Luminus

    Released on: 2011-02-01

    Artist: Danielle Svonavec
    Ensemble: Baltimore Consort
    Composer: Giovanni Giacomo Gastoldi

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Il Ballerino - Giovanni Giacomo Gastoldi


    Voce, percussioni e realizzazione tecnica di Alessio Bellino.

  • Giacomo Gastoldi - Linvaghito - Ensemble Vocale Secolo XXI


    Concerto a Praia a Mare nell'ambito della XXXI° Stagione Musicale Incontro col Pianoforte organizzati dal C.A.M. - Centro Attività Musicale

  • Il Prigioniero - Giovanni Gastoldi


    Provided to YouTube by CDBaby

    Il Prigioniero - Giovanni Gastoldi · The New World Renaissance Band

    Live the Legend

    ℗ 1992 Nightwatch Recording

    Released on: 1992-01-01

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Il bell umore Giovanni Gastoldi


    Il bell' umore (Viver lieto voglio) by Giovanni Gastoldi performed by Kammerkoret Musica Copenhagen 2013

  • Giovanni Giacomo Gastoldi - Vezzosette ninfe e belle


    Srpsko pjevačko društvo Vila iz Prijedora na takmičenju Zlatna Vila 2016 godine.
    Dirigent: Aljoša Novaković

    Serbian singing society VILA on the international choir festival (Zlatna Vila) 2016.
    Conductor: Aljoša Novaković

  • Giovanni Giacomo Gastoldi: Szálljon az ének/In dir ist Freude


    A Mandák Kórus 20 éves jubileumán készült felvétel. Minden jog a felvételt készítő céget illet meg, a videóból anyagi hasznom nem származik, a feltöltés non-profit célból történt meg.

  • Il ballerino - Giovanni G. Gastoldi


    Grup Concertare.
    Concert de Música Renaixentista i Barroca a la Cartoixa d'Escaladei (Priorat).
    30 d'Agost de 2013.
    Rosa Mónico - Soprano
    Marc Guerris - Contratenor
    Albert Cid - Tenor
    Anton Colom - Flauta traverso
    Guillem Cabré - Violí
    Anna Losantos - Fagot
    Francesc Rius - Clavicèmbal

  • Giovanni Giacomo Gastoldi - Il Ballerino


    Provided to YouTube by TuneCore

    Giovanni Giacomo Gastoldi - Il Ballerino · Marco Scavazza, Cristiano Contadin

    Cantar Bastardo

    ℗ 2012 E lucevan le stelle

    Released on: 2012-03-29

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Giacomo Gastoldi - Lumorista - Ensemble Vocale Secolo XXI


    Concerto a Praia a Mare nell'ambito della XXXI° Stagione Musicale Incontro col Pianoforte organizzati dal C.A.M. - Centro Attività Musicale

  • An Hellen Tagen - Giovanni Giacomo Gastoldi


    Bad Nauheim Guitar Ensemble
    Bei der Probe- At rehearsal

  • Linnamorato by Gastoldi


    on my new tenor lute ukulele

    ernst stolz


  • Giovanni Giacomo Gastoldi - Amor vittorioso


  • Amor Vittorioso - Giovanni Giacomo Gastoldi


    Provedeno na zámku Humprecht 13.7 2016

    © Marie Vozková

  • Monteverdi - Cantiam, lieti cantiamo


    Cantiam, lieti cantiamo
    Giovanni Giacomo Gastoldi (1555-1609)

    Voces Suaves
    Christina Boner-Sutter: soprano
    Lia Andres: soprano
    Jan Thomer: alto
    Gabriel Jublin: alto
    Dan Dunkelblum: tenor

    Raphael Höhn: tenor
    Tobias Wicky: baritone
    Davide Benetti: bass

    recording : L’Arte del madrigale
    Ambronay Editions

    Voces Suaves is part of the EEEmerging programme

    Emerging European Ensembles is supported by the
    Creative Europe programme of the European Union

    Subscribe for more content:

  • Linnamorato: A lieta vita


    Provided to YouTube by Believe SAS

    L'innamorato: A lieta vita · Ensemble Juveniliter


    ℗ Velut Luna

    Released on: 1997-12-01

    Composer: Giovanni Giacomo Gastoldi
    Music Publisher: D.R

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Giovanni Giacomo Gastoldi - Il prigionero


    A concert at Archeological Museum in Zagreb, Croatia - Triola with students of Elly Bašić School of Music.

  • Il Prigioniero by Giovanni Giascomo Gastoldi


    The Roaring Wastrels perform Gastoldi's Il Prigioniero at St. Cecilia at the Tower III.

    The Roaring Wastrels are presenting some of the songs that inspired Owain Phyfe during his many years of performing at the Pennsic War and Renaissance Festivals across the country. Owain Phyfe passed away September 5th, 2012. These songs can be found on his recordings Live the Legend and Sweet Was the Song.

    Il Prigioniero is a late 16th-century Italian piece by Giovanni Giacomo Gastoldi. Gastoldi composed for the stage, and his songs show the influence of theater music, with dancelike rhythms and simple textures.

  • IL Bellhumore - Giovanni Giacomo Gastoldi


  • Giovanni Giacomo Gastoldi Speme Amorosa


    Giovanni Giacomo Gastoldi (1550—1609) Speme Amorosa

  • Giovanni Giacomo Gastoldi: Il Tedesco


    Guitar Trio from Bad Nauheim/Germany rehearsing 'Il Tedesco' by Giovanni Giacomo Gastoldi on December 13th 2009.



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