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Playlist of Gemma Fox

  • Gemma Fox - girlfriend


    gemma fox - girlfriend video HQ

  • Gemma Fox ft J2K - Gone


    Gemma Fox ft J2K - Gone

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  • Track 07 - Gemma Fox - Boxers The Sound of Bassline 2 - CD3


    Ministry of Sound: The Sound of Bassline 2 Dsic 3 - mixed by Jammie Duggan

    Track 07 - Gemma Fox - Boxers (Delinquent Remix)

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  • Gemma Fox - Rise Today - Alter Bridge Cover


    Never actually attempted this song before, but something in my head told me to try it today! I did a few takes in its original key of D before I decided to give a go in E for more of a challenge, vocally. Worked out ok, I think?! I'm playing my Ibanez Talman TCM50E - lovely little guitar. However, it occurs to me now that I probably should've played this on my Tanglewood TW145SC as it is signed by Myles and Mark... Oh well!

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  • Gemma Fox


    Charge Allstars

  • Tie Your Mother Down - Gemma Fox & Stephen Platt


    Classic Queen Cover for fun.

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  • Gemma Fox & Stephen Platt - Times Like These - Live Acoustic


    Testing out my new AKG Perception 220 Microphone.

  • Gemma Fox - Girlfriend



  • Gemma Fox - UNDER PRESSURE


    SOS Festival 2017

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  • GEMMA FOX Interview @ Bloodstock Open Air 2018


    Jim Saunders from TotalRock caught up with Gemma Fox at Bloodstock Open Air 2018.

    Find out more about her here:

    For more alternative music interviews, live reviews and podcasts, head over to

    Jim Saunders presents 'The Bangover' Rock Show every Thursday from 4-6PM GMT on

  • Gemma Fox - Knockin On Heavens Door - Acoustic Cover


    Jamming out my own rendition of an old Bob Dylan classic, in my PJs, I might add! This is unrehearsed, so by no means a perfect performance! The song has sentimental value for me, so figured it was about time I did a version. Hope you like it anyway :)

  • Gemma fox best friends man


    Here you go people what you all been waiting for sorry i took soo long i have been abit busy enjoy :D

  • Seany B ft gemma Fox Fire Camp-Us Against the world


    seany b

  • Gemma Fox - Gone


  • J2K & Gemma Fox-Gone


  • Gemma Fox - Hurting Me



  • Caledonia - Acoustic Cover - Gemma Fox


    Had the house to myself, so figured I'd have a mess around with the webcam! I chose this song as I'm a Scot living in England and I get homesick from time to time... Thinking of recording a full version of this too.

    Written by Dougie MacLean.


    I don't know if you can see
    The changes that have come over me
    In these last few days I've been afraid
    That I might drift away
    So I've been telling old stories, singing songs
    That make me think about where I came from
    And that's the reason why I seem
    So far away today

    Oh, but let me tell you that I love you
    That I think about you all the time
    Caledonia you're calling me
    And now I'm going home
    If I should become a stranger
    You know that it would make me more than sad
    Caledonia's been everything
    I've ever had

    Now I have moved and I've kept on moving
    Proved the points that I needed proving
    Lost the friends that I needed losing
    Found others on the way
    I have kissed the ladies and left them crying
    Stolen dreams, yes there's no denying
    I have traveled hard with coattails flying
    Somewhere in the wind

    Now I'm sitting here before the fire
    The empty room, the forest choir
    The flames that could not get any higher
    They've withered now they've gone
    But I'm steady thinking my way is clear
    And I know what I will do tomorrow
    When the hands are shaken and the kisses flow
    Then I will disappear

  • Dexplicit feat. Gemma Fox - Might Be *Bassline / 4x4 / Niche*


    - video upload powered by

  • My Crime - Gemma Fox & Stephen Platt


    A song I wrote which is going to feature on my new album with my new band (TBA). Keep checking for more details

    UPDATE: This song has since been recorded and release by DamageScape on our debut EP Was It All Worth While? available to buy online or at gigs. For details, go to or send us an e-mail at

  • Gemma Fox & Stephen Platt


    Festwich 2014

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  • Faith - Gemma Fox


    I have a pretty exciting gig opportunity coming up, (of which I am not allowed to announce yet!) so, I thought I'd better sit down and write some new material, right? Here's a work-in-progress version of a new track entitled Faith, (sorry, it's not a George Michael cover...) which was the first song I wrote on my brand new Faith Blood Moon Venus acoustic guitar. And by the way, I am in love with this guitar!


    I'm a lie, I don't try
    I've come so far
    This internal scar
    It is fading but will always remain
    As I'm laying here just dreaming in vain

    I feel it on my skin
    And I'm aching like I'm living in sin
    But I'm not that strong
    Just dead all along
    And I'm drifting way beyond return
    But this journey is a lesson I'll learn

    The day I lost my way
    I found a light
    Beyond the stars
    Was waiting
    Holding out for love
    To fill my heart
    And feed my soul
    Restore my faith

    I'm alive, I will try
    To push through this wall
    And give it my all
    But these voices always pulling me back
    Are reminding me of all that I lack

    Repeat it all again
    In a cycle that I'm wishing would end
    Existing in time
    In this blackened shrine
    As I hold my hand toward the light
    It's still out of reach but just within sight

    The day I lost my way
    I found a light
    Beyond the stars
    Was waiting
    Holding out for love
    To fill my heart
    And feed my soul
    Restore my faith

    I lost myself
    I lost my mind
    I lost my way

    Say it's all right
    Say it again
    Say it aloud



    a big track

  • Gemma Fox Young Girl - Album Version


    Gemma Fox Young Girl

  • Gemma Fox & Stephen Platt of Collibus - Gone - Clip


    So, this was something that started out as a bit of fun as a reply to an NSync related Snapchat from a friend, but ended a bit more epic than I expected!

    Produced and recorded by Stephen Platt, arranged and performed by myself and Stephen.

    Original song performed by NSync, written by Justin Timberlake & Wade J. Robson.

    The slideshow features photos of myself and Stephen by various photographers, including:

    Rotted Grape Productions
    Down The Barrel Photography
    Natalie Batten Photography
    Sabrina Ramdoyal Photography
    PG Photography

    (Feel to message if I've missed a photo credit so I can amend!)

  • Delinquent ft Gemma fox- Boxers


    Old skool tune xD
    Taken from Ejucation Volume 1

  • Gemma Fox with Stephen Platt - We Stand Together - Bloodstock 2018


    A live acoustic rendition of We Stand Together by Collibus, performing on the Jager Stage at Bloodstock 2018. Video courtesy of Steve Braidwood.

    Official We Stand Together music video -

  • Gemma Fox ft Jim Jones - Messy


    Gemma Fox ft Jim Jones - Messy

  • Gemma Fox ft Jim Jones - Messy


    Gemma Fox ft Jim Jones - Messy

  • Gemma Fox Interview @ SOS Festival 2016


    GetYourRockOut chatted to Gemma Fox at SOS Festival 2016. For more interviews, news and reviews, head over to

  • Gemma Fox - Messy


    Vinyl rip. Released 2002

  • Outlaw Break ft Gemma Fox & Sweetie Irie - Dutty


    Released on Left Records in 2003 Cat# VTNT008R

  • Gemma Fox - Crazy Crush


    Gemma Fox Crazy Crush

  • Gemma Fox - Might Be


  • J-Sweet & Cameo - Baby


    I dont own this material, all the rights goes to it's respective parts.

    From Ministry of Sound / Smoove presents / Street Beats / the heavyest UK garage / mixed by Slimzee & Femme Fatale / featuring MC's B-Live & God's Gift /

    Cant believe nobody uploaded this compilation before, it's AMAZING ❤

  • gemma


  • Gemma Fox - Think Im In Love


    Shock 2 The System

  • Gemma Fox feat Rush - Boxers


    Gemma Fox and Flukes song -Boxers...
    With Rush rapping at the end

  • Stephen Platt & Gemma Fox


    Guitar, Bass, Keyboard, Drum Programming, Backing Vocals, Mixing & Mastering by Stephen Platt. Lead Vocals by Gemma Fox.

    Original version by Miley Cyrus, written by MoZella, Stephan Moccio, Sacha Skarbek, Lukasz Gottwald, and Henry Russell Walter.

  • gemma fox - ivory ft paris hilton


    song by Paris Hilton

  • Gemma Fox ft MC Lyte - Girlfriend


    Gemma Fox ft MC Lyte - Girlfriend

  • BurgaBoy featuring Gemma Fox - The One



  • Gemma Fox ft Rush - Boxers


  • Gemma Fox - Let Feelings Grow



  • Gemma Fox - Acoustic Session with Rotted Grape


    An acoustic session shot by Rotted Grape, featuring a cover of 'Love Of My Life' by Queen, and one of my own songs 'Take Me Away' written for one of my bands, DamageScape, performed with my guitarist, Stephen Platt.



  • Gemma Fox in Cardiff


    gemma fox with a big bassline pa in cardiff



    Bassline Samurai Vol.30

  • Stephen Platt & Gemma Fox


    Original by Abba, written by Benny Andersson and Björn Ulvaeus.

    Stephen Platt - Guitar, Bass, Keyboard, Drum Programming, Mixing, Mastering
    Gemma Fox - Vocals, Backing Vocals.

  • London Urban Collective II - LOreal ft. Gemma Fox, Flirta-D


    The debut video from London Urban Collective. Charmz and Little Bubbs featuring Gemma Fox and Flirta-D directed by Raw Creatives. See for more video clips, downloads and links to buy the critically acclaimed album.

  • Gemma Fox - Girlfriends Story *Grime*




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