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Playlist of Gary vs The HSS Staff Over His Sex Life

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    Gary vs The HSS Staff Over His Sex Life - 7/2/02


    Baba Booey's sex life is analyzed by the newly divorced man with the mad tearin his asshole.

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    Stuttering John vs Baba Booey - John Catches Gary Napping - 5/30/03


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    Mitch Fatel Drops a Time-Bomb On Fred Norris - 4/18/06


    Former inStern, Comedian, and Stuttering John NYU roommate, Mitch Fatel, returns to the HSS to let Fred Norris how shitty he treated him while he worked on the show.

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    Beth Invites HSS Staff TO Her FHM Party - 7/2/04


    112 PRODUCTIONS and BUCHWALD ASSOCIATES starts a full-court press project to fool the general public that grifter extradnonire Beth Ostrosky is a super model, and had/has a career beyond Howard. They once again tap their wig-pro-quo shills at FHM to put Beth on the cover again, and in the hopes to eradicate the gold-digger label.

    Thankfully, Chaunce Hayden attends the event and shares his observations of the Beth HSS staff - as well as their periphery people' like Ralph (single white female moment), Mr.X and Dominic Barbara.

    A year later, Howard gets Editor Jake Bronstein fired for talking about Beth in a TV interview. RADIO GUNK has emailed with the man, and he confirms this is true, no matter how much denies and lies about it.

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    Artie & Gary Visit Stuttering John in LA & Fred Not Impressed - 4/17/06


    Artie & Gary go out to LA to visit Stuttering John Melendez. Of course the martian manhunter drip, Deadwood Norris, has to bitterly shit on it - as well as Howard.

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    SJ Gets Fired From Out To Lunch


    SJ loses an air shift and gets all bent out of shape

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    Luis The Board-Op Baba Beat-Down On Gary DellAbates Arrogance


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    Beth Gets Spit On By A Drifter + Paparazzi Follow Howard In His Limo - 4/5/06


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    SCORES Party For Howard After His Separation - 11/10/99


    Howard, seemingly fully recovered from his devastating and traumatizing break-up with Alison - has Lonnie Hanover from SCORES throw a post-separation party for the HSS in the early afternoon.

    Once again, Ralph and Howard's homo-erotica reveals are off the charts. As Howard reveals Ralph felt him up at SCORES, and the two tackle each other on Howard's bed - as Ralph draws police outlines of Howard's crotch.

    (Bonus Trump commentary from his news making phoner)

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    Jason Kaplan Assists Gary DellAbate In Richard Jenis Suicide - 8/31/10


    Gary Dell'Abate & Jason Kaplan stumble onto a sociopathic humble-brag - as they take credit for, and theorize that deceased-former HSS regular and vintage comedian, Richard Jeni committed suicide as a result of their reductive babablow-offs to come on the HSS.

    Hell is to good for these no-talent twat-waffles.

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    Artie Spends $40K On Robins 55th Birthday Party - 9/2/08


    At the end of the summer vacatiolution - Artie throws Robin a gaudy and garish Jersey jet-ski 55th Birthday Party at his beach house.

    Howard decides playing gerbil beer pong with Ivanka Trump and Richard Gere in Southampton instead - despite most of the HSS staff attending Robin's bash.

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    Tracey Vs. Gary pt 2


    Tracey comes in to discuss The Happy Hour and defensive Booey comes off dopey once more.

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    Howard Accused Of Dating Beth While Hes Married & Gets B Tattoo - 7/23/08


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    Gary Gouged By Indian Cabbie & Vinny The Music Thief - 11/11/99


    BabaBraggadocio Gary on his endless quest for live entertainment events - hosts a fundraiser for LIFEBABABeat. On his way to crash at Zoss Rapin's Upper East Side apt on 80th Street and 3rd Avenue - gets into a strange price gouging stand-off with an Indian cab driver. Gary ends ups kicking the door open, and flees to Zoss's place.

    And Vinny Favale teaches Howard and the staff their new collective hobby of illegally downloading MP3 music from Napster and Kazaa.

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    Howards Divorce Reality Sets In About Half His Marbles - 6/26/02


    Howard's divorce from Alison is analyzed - as he tries to project his divorce on the HSS staffer's marriages.

    Howard's court-ordered routine of going to see the kids in Old Westbury LI and the realization of losing his house and half his marbles is starting to take it's toll - and cramp his lifestyle.

    Keep your ears open for a very rare name drop of one of Seal-Team-Sex. An ex-cop by the name GAFFNEY is quickly brought up as Howard's real driver, by Ronnie and Howard. I never heard that name before.

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    KCs intervention


    KC's legendary intervention featuring Arthur Lange.

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    Howards Forced To Ride In A Truck For His Kids Visitation Days - 3/5/01


    WIth the threat of a major blizzard in NYC/LI - Ronnie decides it's safer to take a truck - rather than the usual stretch limo.

    The man who hasn't driven in 20 years, King Baby Stern, can't handle the change for even a day - for his court ordered divorce visitation mandate.

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    Baba Booey NY Mets First Bitch-Pitch Saga


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    Howard Teases Chin Implant W/ Dr. Calabro & Anorexic Staff Fat-Shaming Tedium - 1/11/99


    On the precipice of mid-life crisis and divorce, the world's oldest teenager in mid fat-shame, gets a call from Dr. Calabro. Howard's anorexic closet-case side comes out - as he shops for liposuction and plastic surgeries - as well as teases a chin implant - that eventually is forced to admit he got.

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    THE SOPRANOS Finale Debated & Graded By HSS - 6/11/07


    The Howard Stern Show staff is baffled and divided on the finale of THE SOPRANOS.

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    Chaunce Plays Tapes Of Gary Saying Howard Cheats On His Wife - 6/13/03


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    Bob Levy Vs. Chappelle Saga


    Support my two channels, please--just a pittance a month

    Stemming from one of Chapelle's last appearances on THSS, Levy calls into the show and accuses Chapelle's writers of stealing his line about beating his dick like it owes him money.

    Between then and one of the roasts later on during the sirius years, Artie brings up the incident and mocks Levy, which Levy gets upset with. Bits and pieces of the whole story have been on YT forever, but I thought I would put it all together and add the WUS to wrap it all up in bow for y'all.

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    Howard Gets FHMs Jake Bronstein Fired For Talking About Beth - 5/30/05 - 6/6/05


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    Stuttering John, Grillo, Gange, & Cabbie Reunite To Dish On Howard & The HSS


    All Rights go to Steve Grillo and AFTERSHOCK & Stuttering John PODCAST

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    The day after Arties bullshitting seminar on the WUS


    Support my two channels, please--just a pittance a month

    The recap of one of the funniest and cringeworthiest moments on the WUS when they all gang up on some session player for the band Satellite Party to try to help him score.

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    Worlds Oldest Teenager Goofs On The Columbine Massacre - 4/21/99


    Trench-Coat Mafia wannabeast, Howard, goofs on the Columbine High School massacre - like the sociopathic scoliosis schadenfreude shit-bag he is.

    This eventually backfires, as the media picks up on and calls him out to be removed.

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    Elitist Howard Brags About Avoiding Friends & Not Going To Funerals - 9/24/04


    The topic of Stuttering John leaving the show comes up - and Gary reveals Howard was ducking John for two weeks - as he was trying to tell him about his Leno offer.

    This leads to Howard humble-bragging about who he deemed worthy of his time and what funerals he won't attend - including his own grandfather's.

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    Howard Takes 3 Sick Days To Avoid Divorce Drama - 11/1/99


    With his much vaunted and mysterious sick day this past year -- Howard claims it was his only time pulling this. Yet another lie, he takes THREE here in 1999 to avoid the legal separation bruhaha that has been freshly swirling in the media surrounding his recent announcement.

    Howard enlists super-publicist Dan Klores, to try and spin this in his favor. And divulges some of the separation woes that he's currently facing on-air, regarding Alison and the kids Talk you will not hear in way shape or from on his Sirius channels, due to an Alison gag-order.

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    Stuttering John & Grillo Talk Howard Cheating W/ Mary McCormack & Ex-Fan Gun Threat


    Very interesting chat (IMHO) by Ex HSS staffers Stuttering John Melendez and Steve Grillo chat about anecdotes from the HSS. Most glaring, Steve believes Howard cheated on Alison with Private Parts Mark McCormack at Silver Cup Studios. And calls the show out on how they escape thje #METOO movement - with their treatment of interns.

    And Howard's getting gun wielding ex-fan attacking him on the street - as well as the legalese aftermath of that. Never revealed on the air.

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    Homo-Howard Froths Over Shirtless KC In Vegas For 2 Years - 2003-2004


    In both 2003 and 2004 - Howard fixates on a shirtless KC Armstrong in Las Vegas - as the HSS frolicked around the hotel pool.

    Will Murray, eventually finds it very suspiciously homoerotic, and can't help but call out Howard on it in 2003.

    A year later, the HSS goes back the LV, and Howard is still obsessed with it, as he ties into Artie's body issues.

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    Howard Gay Stern Vs Howard K. Stern & Anna Nicole Smith - 5/4/04


    Howard is not a team player for Anna Nicole Smith's sister E show. Howard & Buchwald suddenly have a selfishly strange, one-sided, and random mandate that forbids her show's cameras in the green room to film their contrived antics.

    Anna and her lawyer, Howard K. Stern, turn around and leave before the segment. They are seemingly traumatized by the fat-shaming anorexic zoozazoo-keeper - and let known when the engage Howard from the street.

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    Sal Insults Jon Stewarts Comedy - 9/23/04


    Fresh off the Win John's Job Contest - Sal's trying too hard for Howard's affection, and goes loose cannon on Jon Stewart and a DJ named Stefani off the air.

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    Howards Spoiled Daughters Will Never Have Their Own Lives & Scores Stories - 9/ 9/02


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    Sal asks for Traction


    No description needed

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    Howard Laments Not Having His 45th Birthday Bash & Goes To SCORES - 1/12/99


    On the verge of legal separation, and midlife crisis - Howard shits on his 45th birthday gifts and regrets his fake request to not make a bigger deal out of it.

    The gang goes to SCORES the Tuesday after - to heal his King Baby ego.

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    David Predatorman-freude F-Room Saga Pt.2 - 10/06/09


    Before Harvey Weinstein, Bill Cosby, Les Moonves #Metoo's -- there was the David Letterman F-Room exortion scandal. in 2009, Creepy Dave is extorted by a 48 HOURS producer, Robert Halderman, to the tune of 2 million dollars.

    Letterman's hand is then forced to reveal his preying on a bevy of interns and PA's, while married. Howard paints himself as a model boss, and spends an almost entire week reveling in the Letterman schadenfreude for 3k a minute.

    (2 months later, Artie Lange is let go from HSS)

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    Deirdre Imus vs Beth Ostrosky Stern - Cancer Kids vs Cats


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    Howard & Mary McCormack Caught By NATIONAL INQUIRER - 11/16/99


    Gary has a hard time getting an audience to pitch things to Howard,. So he makes a melodramatic plea to tip him off that THE NATIONAL INQUIRER wants to run a story on Howard dining out with his movie wife, Mary McCormack.

    Decent reveal on Howard's dissipating show-prep - as Gary let's out that Howard will only prepare for the show in between breaks - as he shoves oatmeal into his pelican gullet.

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    Emily Stern Catches Howard & Beth At Hotel Bar - 6/27/02


    After the HSS staff & Adam Carolla talk about wedding gift protocol - Howard reveals a story (starts about 24:20) of when his oldest daughter Emily (then 17/18) accidentally caught he and Beth out on a group date at a nameless hotel bar (Howard won't say which). Howard had not revealed Beth to his family yet, and Emily is freaked.

    Crunch the numbers, Duchwaldophiles, and do the math as to what the Alison to Beth transitional murky and ever changing timeline is now. Most of us Gunkers have it pre-Alison divorce.

    Who knows what the real truth is with this conman serial liar???

    P.S. (24:50) Listen to Granny Stern tell his daughter Deborah's not to get married and have a kid. Meanwhile........

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    Jackie Martlings Debut On Opie & Anthony - 3/5/10


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    Howard Goes Trick Or Treating W/ Ashley & More Separation Talk - 11/1/99


    Somewhere in his sick days - hands-off Father-Of-The Year, Howard, allegedly takes his six year old daughter Ashley trick-or-treating - where he dresses a Skeleton Twin

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    Doug Goodstein Daughter Sits in King Babys Throne - 1/29/08


    During a bring your daughter to work day, ex HTV-EP, Doug Goodstein brings his very young daughter, Audrey into the studio to get a cute pic in Howard's studio chair. Howard can't handle the innocuous fun, and lectures Doug about his King Baby supremacy and fake germapobia.

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    Howard Refuses To Shake A Fans Hand At A Wedding Bathroom - 3/10/03


    A super fan calls in to say he saw Howard at a wedding hall in a bathroom, and fake germaphobe, Howard, refuses to shake the fan's hand.

    This leads to a discussion about Homo Howard's second favorite topic to penis....DOODIES!

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    Stuttering John Dishes Howard Dirt W/ AJ Benza - 3/12/19


    Stuttering John and his sidekick Royce have AJ Benza on the phone to dish on the Howard Stern Show.

    AJ talks about Angie Everhart wanting to borrow 20k from Howard - as well as his hair plugs/system.

    Nice lil RADIO GUNK mention - as well as John going deeper on Gary cheating on Mary with a publicist.

    All Credit to Stuttering John Melendez and his podcast.

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    Howard Done W/ Mrozak - Crazy Cabbie Sues Crazy-Eyes - 6/20/07


    Former HSS regular, Crazy Cabbie is fat-shamed by Howorexic when he comes in to promote weight-loss product, MyI57. Thus ruining his value to the company

    Cabbie mightily turns on Howard and decides to sue Howard and/or Sirius.

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    Ralph Busted At SPA For Drug Dealing - 6/19/00


    Sandra Bernhard drops by, and Howard shakes her down for cornball poser invites to her modeling party circuit - which is directly across the street from his penthouse in Lincoln Square.

    During a three day weekend - Howard attends parties at LOT 61 and then SPA - where Ralph is summarily bounced from the club for getting accused of dealing drugs in front of the staff.

    Howard pisses off Ralph, as he is seemingly lying, or of no help in standing up for his Farrell Hair System'd lover to help clear his name and let him back in the club.

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    John Cusack Cancels & Joe Rogan Mad At Howard - 6/14/07


    On the same day, John Cusack, Mark McGrath, and Jimmy Fallon seemingly cancel on Howard.

    Then it's revealed that Joe Rogan also won't come on - and holds a grudge against Howard as well for getting disrespected.

    Also, Ralph's call-in MO and protocol is analyzed.

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    Beth Gets Attacked On The Street & Accused Of Lying About It - 8/20/03


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    Ralph Isnt Fulfilling His Howard Doodies - 11/2/99


    Ralph Cirella has suddenly been AWOL for Howard's hair-plugs and scarves - as Howard and staff chronicle what and who ne'r-do-well Ralph has been taking advantage of in LA.

    Bonus, Howard frothing & aroused by Matthew McConaughey's nude bongo story.

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    Bonnie McFarlane Hates Jay Mohr, Joe Rogan Hates Women, Rich Vos Hates Howard - 9/22/04


    Canuck Comedienne Bonnie McFarlane debuts on HSS to shit on LAST COMIC STANDING and #METOO LCS host Jay Mohr for groping her uninvited during the filming of the reality show.

    Chaunce Hayden starts more trouble with lying Gary - insisting Bonnie's beau, Rich Vos, hates Howard for not booking him.

    And the Joe Rogan hates women narrative is perpetuated by Howard once again.



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