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Playlist of GUARD

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    Guard - im calling the cops


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    Guard : Jojos Bizarre Adventures : Golden Wind OST Vol.3 Finale


    Enjoy ;)
    Check my playlist on my Youtube channel

    (Jojo Part 5 = best part)

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    Segal - Changing th Guard


    Fat Segal:
    Matthew Simpson, better known as Fat Segal or simply Segal, real name is an electronic musician best known for his work on the British television series Skins.

    As well as composing various theme tunes for Skins, Segal has also provided many other segments of music for the show, including Clutch Edit and Tenthousand Needles, as well as an edit of Steve Reich's Music for 18 Musicians
    - -


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    Hooligan Hefs - Off Guard


    Hooligan Hefs - Off Guard (Freestyle)
    Written by Hooligan Hefs
    Produced by Open Till L8
    Videographer by Kreezy Visions

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    Kamasi Washington - Change of the Guard | Jazz Night in America


    Watch the full concert here:

    Saxophonist and composer Kamasi Washington, 34, has been working on releasing his now three-CD, nearly three-hour, choir-and-strings-assisted album The Epic for the better part of five years now. Even longer, if you consider how long his 10-piece working band has known each other: Most of its members, known collectively as The Next Step or The West Coast Get Down, have known each other since at least high school decades ago in South Central Los Angeles, and in some instances well before that. Even as their diverse careers have made it difficult to focus exclusively on this band — Washington is, for instance, the saxophone player heard on the new Flying Lotus and Kendrick Lamar albums — they've all continually committed to experimenting with a brand of jazz that resonates with their own generation's lived experience.

    Jazz Night In America features Kamasi Washington and the music of The Epic at its release party, and in its full glory. From the Regent Theater in Downtown L.A., Washington presents his new album with his working band, a choir, a string section and plenty of special guests.

    3:50 - Change of the Guard

    Kamasi Washington, Tony Austin, Ronald Bruner, Stephen Bruner, Brandon Coleman, Cameron Graves, Miles Mosley, Ryan Porter, Patrice Quinn, Battlecat, Munyungo Jackson, The Gaslamp Killer, Terrace Martin, Leon Mobley, Ras G, Dwight Trible, Rickey Washington, Dontae Winslow, Miguel Atwood:Ferguson, Paul Cartwright, Yvette Devereauz, Atryom Manukyan, Ginger Murphy, Tylana Renga, Molly Rogers, Jim Simone, Andrea Witt, Nia Andrews, Trenyce Cobbins, Thalma de Freitas, Taylor Graves, Charles Jones, Dawn Norsleet, Steven Wayne, Mashica Winslow

    Producers: Alex Ariff, Patrick Jarenwattananon, Nick Michael, Suraya Mohamed, Simon Rentner, Katie Simon / Editors: Nick Michael, Morgan McCloy / Videographers: Morgan McCloy, Nick Michael, Benjamin B. Morris, Doriane Raiman / Event Producer and Promoter: Andrew Lojero, ArtDontSleep / Assistant Producer: Colin Marshall / Asst. Videographer: Aaron Ashby / Lighting Director: Jerome Cushing / Audio Mixing and Mastering: Daddy Kev, Cosmic Zoo / House Audio Engineers: Nic Monaco, Kyle Berzle / Additional Audio: Alex Ariff / Supervising Sound Editor: Suraya Mohamed / Special Thanks: The Regent Theater, Atom Factory, Banch Abegaze, Many Giangardella, Mitchell Frank, Liz Garo, Jasper Kuo / Executive Producer: Anya Grundmann


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    Guard - Xylophone


    August | Your #1 source for Exquisite music

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    Alexander Lewis - Off Guard


    🔥 Download Link
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    Spotify Playlists
    ➤ 💪Workout:
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    🎵 Alexander Lewis

    🔊 Trap Nation

    💰 Royalty Free Music

    🚫 The music and the background in the following video are not free to use, if you'd like to use the music in this video, please contact the artist.

    ⚠️ These videos may cause people with photosensitive epilepsy to convulse in seizures. Viewer discretion is advised.

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    Red Army Choir - The Guard Song


    Song about heroism of the guard soldiers of the Red Army.
    Text added thx to SlovenskiPartizan. Thank you comrade.
    Our Guards
    Music: A. Alexandrov Lyrics: A. Argo
    Морозные, лютые были деньки,
    Был грозен годок сорок первый.
    В кольцо под Москвою сжимались полки -
    Фашистских злодеев резервы.

    Удалая гвардия, да боевая гвардия,
    Отчизны советской железный оплот.
    Могучая и скорая, та самая, которая
    Без устали рубит, без промаха бьет,
    Без промаха бьет!

    Мы грудью стояли за землю свою,
    И враг получил по заслугам.
    Уж он не забудет вовек Верею,
    Запомнит и Клин, и Калугу!


    Награда за подвигом смелым идет,
    И Сталин беседует с нами.
    Он смотрит в глаза нам, и руки нам жмет,
    И дарит Гвардейское знамя!


    Пока огневые не смолкли бои,
    Мы жара в душе не остудим.
    И подвиги мы увеличим свои,
    И новую славу добудем!


    The englilsh translation was added, its a rough tranlation, so dont get too angry, if some words arent translated correctly. I did what I could.

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    TERROR Eject Violent Security Guard from Show | MetalSucks


    Terror frontman Scott Vogel kicks out a security guard who was body-slamming fans at the band's show August 18, 2019 at Come and Take It Live in Austin, TX.
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    Call of the Guard


    Provided to YouTube by Universal Music Group

    Call of the Guard (Full Version) · The Lion Guard Chorus

    The Lion Guard

    ℗ 2016 Walt Disney Records

    Released on: 2016-01-01

    Producer: Christopher Willis
    Studio Personnel, Mixer: Satoshi Mark Noguchi
    Unknown, Other: Pat Sullivan
    Studio Personnel, Mixer: Satoshi Noguchi
    Composer Lyricist: Christopher Willis

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

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    Mick Gordon - Hell Guard DOOM 2016 Gamerip


    Buy the official OST here!

    High-quality mix of the tracks heard during the Hell Guard boss fight in Necropolis from the game DOOM by id Software, published by Bethesda.

    Everything belongs to Bethesda, id Software and our lord and master Micky.

    Audio extraction guide:

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    Exodus Changing of the Guard


    Fuckin song from a fuckin band!

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    WGI 2019 Las Vegas - Arvin High School Winter Guard


    March 24, 2019
    WGI Western Championships
    UNLV Thomas & Mack Center, Las Vegas
    Scholastic Open
    Production: Yugen
    Director: Bryan Dandin
    Staff: Noel Benitez, Francisco Rodriguez, Jose Flores

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    Dawn of War - Imperial Guard Theme


    'Even a man who has nothing can still offer his life.'
    'Life is the Emperor's currency, spend it well.'
    'For everyone of us who falls, ten more shall take his place!'
    'Glory for the first man to die!'
    'Who told you to die? Keep figting!'
    'Only in death does duty end.'
    'Cowards die in shame.'
    'Victory needs no explanation, defeat allows none.'
    'Success is measured in blood; yours or your enemy´s.'
    'Brave are they who know everything yet fear nothing.'

    It is an honour to serve the Emperor, sir!

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    10 Hilarious Security Guard Reactions to Music


    No need for critics or reviews. These #security guards will tell you everything you need to know.

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    Dawn of War Imperial Guard Theme


    Uploaded by request.

    This version contains only the choir and percussion parts. By Inon Zur.

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    Orbit, Houston Astros mascot clash a security guard...


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    Lorsque Orbit, la mascotte du club de baseball des Astros de Houston clash un agent de sécurité...
    When Orbit, Major League Baseball's Houston Astro's mascot clash a security guard.;;
    Michael Jackson Slave to the rythm

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    Guard - Distorted


    ep coming soon

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    Guard - Pineapple Crush


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    Bob Dylan - Changing of the Guards


    “Changing of the Guards by Bob Dylan
    Listen to Bob Dylan:

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    Sixteen years
    Sixteen banners united over the field
    Where the good shepherd grieves
    Desperate men, desperate women divided
    Spreading their wings 'neath falling leaves.
    Fortune calls
    I stepped forth from the shadows to the marketplace
    Merchants and thieves, hungry for power, my last deal gone down
    She's smelling sweet like the meadows where she was born
    On midsummer's eve near the tower.
    The cold-blooded moon
    The captain waits above the celebration
    Sending his thoughts to a beloved maid
    Whose ebony face is beyond communication
    The captain is down but still believing that his love will be repaid.
    They shaved her head
    She was torn between Jupiter and Apollo
    A messenger arrived with a black nightingale
    I seen her on the stairs and I couldn't help but follow
    Follow her down past the fountain where they lifted her veil.
    I stumbled to my feet
    I rode past destruction in the ditches
    With the stitches still mending beneath a heart-shaped tattoo
    Renegade priests and treacherous young witches
    Were handing out the flowers that I'd given to you.
    The palace of mirrors
    Where dog soldiers are reflected
    The endless road and the wailing of chimes
    The empty rooms where her memory is protected
    Where the angel's voices whisper to the souls of previous times.
    She wakes him up
    Forty-eight hours later the sun is breaking
    Near broken chains, mountain laurel and rolling rocks
    She's begging to know what measures he now will be taking
    He's pulling her down and she's clutching on to his long golden locks.
    Gentlemen, he said I don't need your organization, I've shined your shoes
    I've moved your mountains and marked your cards
    But Eden is burning either brace yourself for elimination
    Or else your hearts must have the courage for the changing of the guards.
    Peace will come
    With tranquillity and splendor on the wheels of fire
    But will bring us no reward when her false idols fall
    And cruel death surrenders with its pale ghost retreating
    Between the King and the Queen of Swords.

    #BobDylan #Folk #SingerSongwriter

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    DOOM OST - Necropolis Guard


    Support Mick Gordon and buy the official release using the links below:




    This tracked is ripped from the game files. The music for DOOM is composed by the brilliant Mick Gordon, who also did the score to Wolfenstein & Killer Instinct.

    You can purchase the game here:

    Will add a link to where you can purchase the OST once it becomes available.

    All rights belong to ZeniMax & id, no infringement intended.

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    Guard - Pineapple Crush


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    French military march of the imperial guard / Marche militaire française de la garde impériale


    Music :

    1. Pas de charge des grenadiers,
    2. Marche impériale,
    3.Marche des bonnets à poils.
    4. Marche de la garde impériale à Waterloo
    5 . Champ d'honneur
    6. La grenadière
    7. Marche de la garde consulaire à Marengo

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    Sekiro OST - The Red Guard


    Track #45 of the Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Soundtrack

    Full playlist here:

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    Here Comes The Lion Guard SONG Official Video


    I hope you guys enjoy! Make sure to leave a like and subscribe :D

    Official Video:

    I do not own any rights to the music above, This is only for entertainment purposes only.

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    The Lion Guard - Official Album Sampler


    The Lion Guard soundtrack featuring Here Comes the Lion Guard is available now!
    Google Play
    Amazon Music

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    Watch The Lion Guard: Return of the Roar on Disney Channel & Disney Junior!

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    Kamasi Washington - Change of the Guard


    Taken from 'The Epic', released 4th May 2015 on Brainfeeder.

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    Soundcloud: @kamasi-washington

    Composed, Arranged, and Produced by Kamasi Washington. Engineered by Tony Austin and Chris Constable. Mixed by Benjamin Tierney. Mastered by Stephen Marcussen at Marcussen Mastering. Recorded at King Size Sound Labs.

    Kamasi Washington - Tenor Saxophone
    Ryan Porter - Trombone
    Igmar Thomas - Trumpet
    Cameron Graves - Piano
    Brandon Coleman - Keyboards
    Miles Mosley - Acoustic Bass
    Stephen Bruner - Electric Bass
    Tony Austin - Drums
    Neel Hammond - Violin
    Tylana Renga Enomoto - Violin
    Paul Cartwright - Violin
    Jennifer Simone - Violin
    Lucia Micarelli - Violin
    Molly Rodgers - Viola
    Andrea Whitt - Viola
    Artyom Manukyan - Cello
    Ginger Murphy - Cello
    Dawn Norfleet - Choir Vocal
    Thalma de Freitas - Choir Vocal
    Maiya Sykes - Choir Vocal
    Gina Manziello - Choir Vocal
    Patrice Quinn - Choir Vocal
    Natasha F Agrama - Choir Vocal
    Dwight Trible - Choir Vocal
    Steven Wayne - Choir Vocal
    Taylor Graves - Choir Vocal
    Charles Jones - Choir Vocal
    Jason Morales - Choir Vocal
    Dexter Story - Choir Vocal
    Cameron Graves - Choir Vocal
    Tracy Carter - Choir Vocal

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    When I Led the Guard -


    Music from the new season of The Lion Guard.

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    Guard - Raincoats


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    Steely Dan - Change of the Guard


    Track 4 (side two) from the album, Can't Buy a Thrill (1972).

    Full Can't Buy a Thrill album playlist -

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    1GN - Guard Your Heart


    Above all else, GUARD YOUR HEART, for everything you do flows from it. Keep your mouth free of perversity; keep corrupt talk far from your lips. Let your eyes look straight ahead; fix your gaze directly before you. Give careful thought to the paths for your feet and be steadfast in all your ways. Do not turn to the right or the left; keep your foot from evil. - Proverbs 4:23-27

    Social media has dramatically changed the way we all communicate with one another. So much of our lives and interactions are now online. We often think we are safe there because it feels anonymous, but when we post something online - about ourselves or about someone else - it's there forever. It never goes away. We spend so much time on our mobile devices that we rarely realize how much damage can be done. The dangers are real. Plus, the images and messages hitting us in pop culture are often overly sexualized or filled with hate, bullying, violence and division. This is not the path God has called us to. As 1GN, we are about much more than music. 1GN is a movement. We can change the world only when we give careful thought to our paths and remain steadfast in all our ways. Our mission is to encourage each other to guard our hearts from these things, to protect our lives online, to overcome hate with love, and to live boldly for Christ, even while having fun. Haters gonna hate, but as Jesus taught us... love them anyway. Above all else, GUARD YOUR HEART! And let's UNITE! - Kayli, Lauryn and Carmen

    Get the song now:

    SUBSCRIBE to 1GN's channel:
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    Check out the Get Hype music video here:

    Connect with 1GN:

    Video by Wander Creative Productions

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    MIYAVI -Guard You


    Guard You Music Video
    Directed by Shuichi Tan

    MIYAVI SLAP THE WORLD TOUR 2014 Special Site




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    Naughty By Nature - Guard Your Grill


    Download/Stream -

    Follow Our Official Spotify Playlist:

    Listen to More Tommy Boy Classics:


    Tommy Boy Entertainment is a legendary Hip Hop & Electronic record label founded in New York City in 1981. The label is credited with launching the careers of notable legends Afrika Bambaataa, Coolio, Queen Latifah, House of Pain, De La Soul, and Naughty By Nature.


    Tommy Boy:


    #TommyBoyRecods #NaughtyByNature #HipHop

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    Troy Colt Marching Band preview - pregame show - Confident, Color Guard, 8/19/2016


    After a week long band camp, TCMB performs its preview.
    Troy High School, Troy, Michigan. 8/19/2016

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    Guard The Fort


    Provided to YouTube by IIP-DDS

    Guard The Fort (Radio Edit) · Chali 2na & Krafty Kuts featuring Lyrics Born & Gift of the Gab

    Guard The Fort

    ℗ Manphibian Music

    Released on: 2019-03-16

    Artist: Chali 2na
    Featured Artist: Gift Of Gab
    Artist: Krafty Kuts
    Featured Artist: Lyrics Born

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

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    Half-Life 2: Episode One Music - Guard Down


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    the style council-changing of the guard


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    Holy Ghost! - Changing Of The Guard


    From the new album 'Dynamics' now available on iTunes.


    10/12 - Denver, CO - Bluebird Theater -
    10/13 - Salt Lake City, UT - Urban Lounge -
    10/15 - Seattle, WA - Neumos -
    10/16 - Portland,OR - Wonder Ballroom -
    10/18 - Santa Barbara, CA - Velvet Jones -
    10/19 - San Francisco, CA - Treasure Islan -
    10/21 - Phoenix, AZ - Crescent Ballroom -
    10/22 - Tucson,AZ - Club Congress -
    10/24 - Austin, TX - Emo's East -
    10/25 - Houston,TX - Fitzgeralds -
    10/26 - Dallas,TX - Club Dada -
    10/28 - Atlanta, GA - Terminal West -
    10/30 - Cambridge,MA - The Sinclair -
    10/31 - New York, NY - Terminal 5 -
    11/1 - Washington, DC - 9:30 Club -
    11/2 - Philadelphia, PA - Theatre of Living Arts -
    11/4 - South Burlington, VT - Higher Ground - Ballroom -
    11/5 - Montreal, ON - Belmont on the Boulevard -
    11/6 - Toronto, ON - The Hoxton -
    11/7 - Columbus, OH - A&R Bar -
    11/8 - Pontiac, MI - Crofoot Ballroom -
    11/9 - Chicago, IL - Metro -

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    Yeomen Of The Guard - DOyly Carte - Gilbert & Sullivan


    NOTICE--Because of a one-second gap at 37:20, I have re-recorded this, and uploaded a corrected version at
    Thank You!

    This is the D'Oyly Carte 1964 recording of The Yeomen Of The Guard. It is posted in two acts.

    Link to Act 2:


    Sir Richard Cholmondeley ---------------Anthony Raffell
    (Lieutenant of the Tower)
    Colonel Fairfax -- --------------------------Philip Potter
    (Under sentence of death)
    Sergeant Meryll ----------------------------Donald Adams
    (of the Yeomen of the Guard)
    Leonard Meryll - ---------------------------David Palmer
    (his son)
    Jack Point ----------------------------------John Reed
    (a Strolling Jester)
    Wilfred Shadbolt --------------------------Kenneth Sandford
    (Head Jailer)
    First Yeoman -----------------------------David Palmer
    Second Yeoman ---------------------------Thomas Lawlor
    Elsie Maynard -----------------------------Elizabeth Harwood
    (a Strolling Singer)
    Phoebe Meryll ----------------------------Ann Hood
    (Sergeant Meryll's daughter)
    Dame Carruthers ---------------------------Gillian Knight
    (Housekeeper to the Tower)
    Kate -------------------------------------------Margaret Eales
    (her niece)


    Information from album notes, and
    Straight from the 1964 vinyl. For entertainment purposes only--I own nothing here.

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    Security Guard OWNS the Play Me Piano


    Security guard filmed playing the piano. His piano style is Blues and Boogie Woogie. The music is played on a 'Play Me I'm Yours' Street Piano in London.

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    Avon High School Winter Guard 2016. Crude. WGI Finals.


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    Guard Your Heart - Steve Green


    Today's information age has allowed the youth access to anything and everything: even things such as pornography, scandals and all that.

    As someone who spent her high school years being a romantic, this song is a personal favorite of mine: because in the end, it's not roses, or gifts, or a hug, that captures my heart most: It's the picture of a man nailed to the cross.

    Guard your heart, for it is precious.

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    Guard - im calling the cops


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    Half-Life 2: Episode One - Guard Down


    what's better than half-life and darksynth? how about these two things COMBINEd? (see what i did there?)
    Available on Bandcamp
    Google Play
    and others...

    Social media:

    more remixes:

    artwork: Dark Void by DP-films

    original track by Kelly Bailey:

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    eLVy The God - On Guard


    eLVy The God - On Guard (Official Video)
    S&E by:
    For business inquires email me|
    Or Direct Message me on Instagram

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    1st Battalion Grenadier Guards Corps of Drums - Buckingham Palace 7 June 2015


    Changing of The Queen's Guard at Buckingham Palace on 7 June 2015.
    OLD GUARD: 1st Battalion Welsh Guards.
    NEW GUARD: 1st Battalion Grenadier Guards.
    1st Battalion Grenadier Guards Corps of Drums accompanies the St James's Palace Detachments of both the Old and the New Guard to and from St James's Palace.
    The Household Cavalry Band Dismounted accompanied both the New and Old Guard to and from Wellington Barracks.
    CORPS OF DRUMS: Each of the 1st Battalions of each of the five Regiments of Foot Guards (Grenadier, Coldstream, Scots, Irish and Welsh Guards) has a Corps of Drums. For parade they comprise a Drum Major (or Drum Sergeant or Lance Sergeant acting up), up to seven side drummers, up to 15 flautists (fifers) predominantly B Flat flutes, a bass drummer and cymbalist, and excepting the Drum Major, all are appointed and addressed as Drummer. The Corps of Drums are additional to the five Regimental Foot Guards Bands, 1st Battalion Scots Guards Pipes and Drums, and 1st Battalion Irish Guards Drums and Pipes.
    The 1st Battalion Grenadier Guards Corps of Drums are under the ultimate command of 1st Battalion's Adjutant, currently Captain Hugo Cartwright. Whilst most often seen leading the Regimental Bands, administratively Drum Majors are part of the Corps of Drums. All Drum Majors are the rank of Warrant Officer Class 2 (WO2) excepting that occasionally new appointments are still Sergeants, and some senior members can attain Warrant Officer Class 1 (WO1) rank. All members of 1st Battalion Grenadier Guards Corps of Drums are fully trained infantry soldiers and perform Assault Pioneer roles such as construction of defensive installations, obstacle clearance and demolition in addition to their ceremonial role.
    HISTORY: In the haze of battle, at a time well before any other means of mass communication, drums provided the signals of battle. Earliest written accounts of fifes and drums used as battle signallers comes from the Swiss in the 1300's. Henry VIII combined the fife with the drum for battle signals in 1513. The bugle, usually played by drummers, became the prime signalling device from around 1800 at which time the Drummers appointed to each Company combined at Battalion level as the Corps of Drums and their role expanded to accompany marching. The Staff Sergeant became the leader of the Drummers and this position evolved into the Drum Major who still carries a Staff, not a Mace. As early as 1685 the fifes were joined by hautbois (early oboes) in the 1st Regiment of Foot (Grenadier Guards) and these eventually evolved and separated into the Regimental Bands. From the 1830's the Scottish and Irish regiments started replacing their fifes with authorised bagpipes. Fifes have now been replaced by keyed flutes and Fifers are now Flautists. All that said, it should be noted that every account of the early history of corps of drums I have read contradicts each other. This may be due to the complexities and differences between the histories of different regiments.
    Next time you see a Corps of Drums perhaps consider the ancient history and legacy they hold.
    UNIFORM: As their original role was to convey battle orders, Drummers were necessarily close to the Commanding Officers. As battles could quickly develop into chaos, a practice developed of displaying colourful flags to identify the Company command point. These became known as Colours and were protected by Drummers who had their uniforms embellished by lace to assist in identifying the command and rallying point for the Company. The Drummers of the five Regiments of Foot Guards are unique in having their ceremonial tunics embellished with Royal Lace which comprises repeated blue fleur-de-lys motifs on a white background. The fleur-de-lys was a motif used by French Kings and it's use on British Royal devices symbolises an ancient claim over France. Crown Lace comprises red crowns repeated on a white background and is used by infantry drummer's tunics but not on the Foot Guards uniforms. Bearskin caps worn by all members of the Corps of Drums, including Drum Majors, are tapered to a sharp point at the rear.
    SIDE DRUM: Introduced to Britain by the Romans, early drums came in many sizes and forms. By 1650, drums used by the military were almost bass drum size (and much deeper in thickness) and hung on a shoulder sling, the top skin facing forward and entirely on the left side of the body (side drum).

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    Dawn of War - We Die Standing


    Imperial Guardsmen, you are the last line of defence against the alien hordes that threaten our Imperium. Each one of you brave warriors is part of a vast fighting force that will be called upon to serve in the eternal war. You will fight on countless battlefields on a thousands worlds across the galaxy. And, whether you fight in our great crusading armies or serve with the smallest garrison, you must be proud to sacrifice your life to save Humanity from its enemies.

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    Semper Paratus - United States Coast Guard Marching Song


    The marching song of the United States Coast Guard.

    Semper Paratus!

    From Aztec Shore to Arctic Zone,
    To Europe and Far East,
    The Flag is carried by our ships
    In times of war and peace;
    And never have we struck it yet,
    In spite of foemen's might,
    Who cheered our crews and cheered again
    for showing how to fight.

    So here's the Coast Guard marching song,
    We sing on land or sea.
    Through surf and storm and howling gale,
    High shall our purpose be.
    Semper Paratus is our guide,
    Our fame, our glory too.
    To fight to save or fight and die,
    Aye! Coast Guard, we are for you!

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    Changing Of The Guard


    Provided to YouTube by Universal Music Group

    Changing Of The Guard · Exodus

    Impact Is Imminent

    ℗ 1990 Capitol Records, LLC

    Released on: 1990-01-01

    Composer: Exodus

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

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    Flavour - Loose Guard Official Video


    Flavour presents the visuals for Loose Guard off . The fifteenth track off Flavour's fifth studio album titled, Ijele - The Traveler.

    Directed by Patrick Elis.

    Visit and for all the latest updates on Flavour's music.

    Subscribe to Flavour’s YouTube channel -

    Facebook -

    Twitter -

    Instagram -

    Snapchat - @FlavourIjele

    Google+ -



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