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Playlist of FresHit & NeelKanth - Raindrops (Elektronica Remix)

  • Sullivan King - Ricochet


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  • RITHMAL - Vibrant


    Vibrant is out now.

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  • Progressive House BasslineKicker & Ufis - Requiem


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  • Dekkai - Cordelia Colorize


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    Cat. Number: ENCOLOR201

    Dekkai bring their first release to Colorize with triumphant two-track EP 'Cordelia / Empyrean'.

    The Slovakian duo bring their polished Prog House sound to Colorize starting with 'Cordelia', a lush, vibrant track which was featured in Matt Fax's mix for Colorize's 'Colorscapes' compilation. They follow up with 'Empyrean', a darker and more nebulous track that perfectly compliments the former, with both tracks highlighting Dekkai as ones to watch on Colorize.

    Dekkai make their Colorize bow in emphatic fashion with this terrific new release!

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    #dekkai #cordelia #colorize #melodichouse #progressivehouse

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  • FresHit & Neelkanth - Raindrops


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