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Playlist of Free jazz

  • Ornette Coleman ~ Free Jazz


    Free Jazz
    Ornette Coleman
    -Double Quartet, one through each stereo channel-
    Ornette Coleman, Don Cherry, Scott LaFaro and Billy Higgins on the left.
    Eric Dolphy, Freddie Hubbard, Charlie Haden and Ed Blackwell on the right.

    Artist-Wilfredo Lam

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  • Ornette Coleman Sextet - Free Jazz


    1978 Germany. Ornette Coleman - sax, violin; Ben Nix - guitar; James Blood Ulmer - guitar; Fred Williams - bass; Shannon Jackson - drums; Denardo Coleman - drums

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  • Akira Sakata Trio - Pochi


    Label: Columbia ‎– COCB-54137
    Produced by Taku Kashiwabara

    Tracklisting & Timestamps:
    Side A:
    1. Cho-Cho (0:00)
    2. Guzura In Wonderland (11:32)
    3.Strange Island (15:59)
    Side B:
    1. Do-In (23:19)
    2. R2 / Strange Island (38:20)

    Akira Sakata: Alto Saxophone, Alto Clarinet
    Hiroshi Yoshino: Bass
    Nobu Fujii: Drums

    i do not own the copyright to this if you have issues with the upload pls send me an e-mail or inbox here on youtube thanks, i only do this because i want to share great music i enjoy with friends and the world

  • Relaxing Jazz Music • Smooth Jazz Saxophone for relaxation and good for work


    Relaxing Jazz Music • Smooth Jazz Saxophone for relaxation and good for work

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  • The best FREE/AVANT-GARDE jazz albums


    Top 10 best FREE/AVANT-GARDE jazz albums. DId I miss any?
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    P.S. I had a hard time recording this video because there were a lot of noisy cars and motorcycles outside, plus a guy was drilling a wall just in front of my room. Hence the jarring edition. Sorry.

  • The Strange Album that Changed Jazz Forever



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    Music by Pracs:
    Sound Design by Graham Haerther

    00:00 Intro
    01:05 Title Card
    01:13 Radical Musical Ideas
    04:41 Musicians Just as Radical
    06:22 Instrumentation and Structure
    08:13 Music as Ideas
    08:59 Lonely Woman
    10:41 The Shape of Jazz to Come (Conclusion)

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  • Mr. Dave Liebman talks about free jazz.


    This short selection is taken from extensive interviews that are being produced and archived for the Artists of Jazz project.

    Artists of Jazz, directed by Robert Wagner and produced by Joan Babchak, was undertaken to preserve the reminiscences of those whose careers played an integral part in the greatest era in jazz history.

    For more selections and information please visit

  • Free The Jazz - teljes film


    Nehéz körül írni, mit jelent a szó: JAZZ. Mégis, amikor valaki jazzt hall, felismeri, miről van szó, még akkor is, ha előtte soha nem hallotta az adott zenekart játszani és akkor is, ha a jazznek egy olyan ágával találkozik, ami számára idegen. Mi az, ami a jazzt jazzé teszi, kik azok, akik e speciális zenei nyelvet beszélik és mondhatjuk-e egyáltalán, hogy a jazz egy nyelv, egy kifejezési forma, vagy több annál?

    Filmünk nem keres válaszokat, csupán igyekszik megmutatni, hogy a jazz mennyi mindenben van jelen és megpróbálunk közelebb kerülni ahhoz a megtermékenyítő folyamathoz, amely a XX. században kialakult zenei irányzatok közül ma már csak a jazzt tartja életben.

    Budapest zenei élete világszínvonalú, ami lehetőséget nyújt, hogy kulcsfontosságú zenészekkel beszélgessünk. A teljesség igénye nélkül néhány név a megkérdezettek közül: Courtney Pine, Mats Gustaffsson, Matthew Shipp, Peter Brötzmann, Paal Nilssen-Love, Soil & Pimp Sessions, Ken Vandermark, Joe McPhee, Conrad Bauer, Trevor Watts.

    Cím: Free The Jazz
    Angol cím: Free The Jazz
    Év: 2014
    Rendező: Czabán György
    Interjúk, konzultáns: Végső Zoltán
    Hossz: 72 perc
    Producer: KVB
    Támogató: Nemzeti Média- és Hírközlési Hatóság

    It's hard to describe what the word JAZZ means. Yet, when someone listens to jazz music almost instantly recognizes what it is, even if he never heard anything from that band before, or never encountered that type of jazz before. What makes jazz being jazz, who makes jazz being jazz. Who are these people who communicates with this extraordinary language? Can we even call jazz a language, or a form of expression; or is it more than that?

    Our film does not intend to answer all these questions, it only wants to show you the vast number of things that jazz is involved with, and we tried to get you closer to the fertile process that keeps only jazz alive from the various styles established in the twentieth century.

    The world-class musical life of Budapest gave us the opportunity to get in conversation with the key members of the contemporary jazz scene. Some names of the interviewees without being exhaustive: Courtney Pine, Mats Gustaffsson, Matthew Shipp, Peter Brötzmann, Paal Nilssen-Love, Soil & Pimp Sessions, Ken Vandermark, Joe McPhee, Conrad Bauer, Trevor Watts.

    Title: Free The Jazz
    English title: Free The Jazz
    Year: 2014
    Director: Czabán György
    Interviews, consultant: Végső Zoltán
    Length: 72 perc
    Producer: KVB
    Founder: Nemzeti Média- és Hírközlési Hatóság

    We have to deliver a huge thanks to the crew of A38 Ship for their immense help in making this documentary.

  • Free jazz / Improvis / Drone : Dikeman Govaert Serries Trio @ White Noise Sessions 27 February 2015


    The trio of John Dikeman ( Saxophone), Onno Govaert and Dirk Serries ( guitar) visited the White Noise Studio on February 27th 2015 for a live improv session.
    A blend of freejazz, improv, drones and lot's of energy merged into this awesome session. Musicianship at the highest level.


    The connection with American sax player extraordinair came after inviting John as guestmusician to THE VOID OF EXPANSION (Tomas Järmyr & Dirk Serries) show at Kunstencentrum De Compagnie in Veghel (The Netherlands) early 2014. Now John Dikeman, Dirk Serries and Dutch wonderdrummer Onno Govaert are forming a new trio, continuing to seek the balance between minimalisme, repetition, noise and freejazz. Since improvisation originates, grows and matures over time in live settings, the DIKEMAN/GOVAERT/SERRIES trio is now available for concerts. John Dikeman (CACTUS TRUCK, UNIVERSAL INDIANS) is an American saxophonist currently residing in Amsterdam. Drawing inspiration from a wide range of sources, John’s playing runs the gamut of improvised music and technique, ranging from reductionist extended technique based improvisation to full throttle free jazz. The underlying characteristic of his music is an unnerving commitment, a total abandonment to sound. John has performed extensively in the USA as well as Canada, Lebanon, Egypt, Algeria, Libya, Sudan, Israel, France, Germany, Belgium, Poland and the Netherlands where he is an active performer and organizer. Since moving to Amsterdam John has performed with Joe McPhee, Han Bennink, Andy Moor, Terrie Ex, Roy Campbell, Hilliard Greene, Mike Reed, Jeb Bishop, Ab Baars, Nate McBride, Fred Lonberg-Holm, Michael Vatcher, Jason Roebke, Wilbert De Joode, Dirk Bruinsma, Jasper Stadhouders, Onno Govaert, Andrea Taeggi, Frank Rosaly, Klaus Kugel, Yedo Gibson, Renato Ferreira, Raoul van der Weide, Eric Boeren, Viljam Nybacka, Wim Jenssen, Oscar Jan Hoogland, Ivo Bol, Alfredo Genovesi, Meinrad Kneer, Gerri Jager, Stevko Busch, and numerous other musicians from the Dutch and international improvisation scene.

    Onno Govaert is a crucial member of the Amsterdam jazz scene and part of the youngest generation of improvising musicians playing at underground clubs such as OT301 and Zaal100. At a young age Govaert already performed with well known Dutch jazz musicians. In Amsterdam he developed his relentless playing in bands such as Cactus Truck, which gathered international acclaim. ‘Onno Govaert stokes the band’s fires with spazzy rumbles and unflagging motion’, commented Chicago Reader, and Volkskrant describes his style as ‘full of initiative and uninhibited.’

    “A lone guitarist, Dirk Serries produced an inexorable tsunami of guitar drones. From the simplest of musical material - a minor arpeggio, a simple loop - he conjured a physical musical experience that was huge in scale, and monumental in its sonic sophistication. Brilliant.” The Guardian-UK
    Since his first releases in the early 80s, uncompromising Belgian artist Dirk Serries has garnered respect from and invitations to collaborate with recognised musicians like Steven Wilson, Steve Von Till, Justin Broadrick, Cult Of Luna, Teun Verbruggen. He has been commisioned to write works for Dutch national television broadcaster VPRO, the Antwerp Zoo as well as architectural festival Biënnale Rotterdam and worked on stage with the Holland Symfonia orchestra. His discography encompasses stylistically diverse releases on labels like Relapse, Projekt, Conspiracy as well as his current creative partner Tonefloat, an outfit
    with years of experience in vinyl editions for acts like Porcupine Tree, Robert Fripp, Theo Travis and Anja Garbarek. Over the past thirty years, he has toured
    extensively through Europe and the USA and performed at some of experimental music's major venues and concert spaces, as headliner or in support of Low, Mono, My
    Bloody Valentine, Jesu and others.

    Dirk Serries

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  • No Copyright | Calm Jazz Music | Background Chill | Cafe Music | Relaxing Work & Study


    Thank you for listening.

    Music with download links:
    0:00 - A Night Alone
    Free Download:

    3:33 - Almost A Year Ago
    Free Download:

    6:22 - Bet On It
    Free Download:

    9:25 - Bluesy Vibes
    Free Download:

    10:53 - Book Bag
    Free Download:

    14:10 - Ersatz Bossa
    Free Download:

    16:57 - George Street Shuffle
    Free Download:

    21:18 - Home for the Holidays
    Free Download:

    24:07 - Just As Soon
    Free Download:

    27:35 - Long Stroll
    Free Download:

    31:44 - Nighttime Stroll
    Free Download:

    34:32 - Soul and Mind
    Free Download:

    36:32 - The Night Falling
    Free Download:

    38:28 - Together With You
    Free Download:

    42:09 - With a Stamp
    Free Download:

    You’re free to use this audio in any of your videos, including videos that you monetize.
    However, if the track you want to use is credited below, you must include its information in your video description.

    George Street Shuffle by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (

    Just As Soon by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (

    Long Stroll by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (

    With a Stamp by Twin Musicom is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (

    #nocopyright #jazz #smoothjazz

  • Claves para entender el Free Jazz | Uri Cisneros


    El día de hoy abordamos un tema muy polémico dentro del jazz y la música en general: El Free Jazz. Un movimiento que tiene un trasfondo más allá de lo musical.


  • Anatoly Vapirov ‎- Invocations


    Artist: Anatoly Vapirov
    Album: Invocations
    Year: 1983 (Recorded in 1981 and 1983)
    Genre: free jazz, avant-garde, experimental
    Country: Russia, USSR
    Label: Leo Records ‎– LR 121

    Reeds, Music By - Anatoly Vapirov
    Bass – Ivars Galenieks (A1)
    Percussion, piano – Sergey Kuryokhin
    Vocals – Valentina Ponomareva (A1)
    Bass – Vladimir Volkov (B1, B2)
    Bassoon – Alexander Alexandrov (B1, B2)

    Side A recorded in Novosibirsk (October 1983)
    Side B recorded in Leningrad (end of 1981)

    A1 Invocation Of Spirit 00:00

    B1 Invocation Of Fire 27:17
    B2 Invocation Of Water 42:44

  • Mark Guiliana Jazz Quartet - Full Session - 9/27/2017 - Paste Studios - New York, NY


    Mark Guiliana Jazz Quartet - Full Session
    Recorded Live - Paste Studios - New York, NY
    More Mark Guiliana Jazz Quartet:
    Visit Paste Magazine:

  • 70s French Jazz Mix


    Underground French Jazz from the 70's, composed and performed by iconic pioneers from France such as, François Tusques, Jef Gilson, or Henri Texier, to name but a few. The mix follows Magical Mystery Mix's '70s Jazz Mix' series, a collection of dusty grooves from the international Jazz scene.

    ????Magical Mystery Mix :
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    ⚡70s Electric Miles Davis Mix (1h40min) :


    Mix & cover art by Dckne

    ✏️Tracklist :

    00:00 | Michel Sardaby - Welcome new warmth
    03:17 | Rhesus O - Éveil
    05:26 | Jef Gilson & Malagasy - Valiha Del
    10:07 | Baroque Jazz Trio - Orientasie
    13:24 | Edja Kungali - Jungle Dance
    19:25 | Jacques Thollot - Position stagnante de réaction stationnaire
    20:50 | Henri Texier - Le sage, le singe et les petits enfants
    25:14 | Jef Gilson, Malagasy - Hommage À Rakotozafy
    30:00 | Moving Gelatine Plates - Un Jour...
    31:16 | Jef Gilson, Malagasy - Buddah's Vision
    37:09 | Christian Zÿsset - Thème N° 3 Medium Free-Jazz
    38:47 | Daniel Humair, Jean Luc Ponty, Phil Woods, Eddy Louiss - La Sorcellerie
    43:53 | Richard Raux, Hamsa - A Coltrane
    46:46 | Mahjun - Chez Planos
    52:50 | Henri Texier - Angèle
    54:14 | Brigitte Fontaine - Moi aussi
    56:45 | Intercommunal Free Dance Music Orchestra - 7 rue des Precheurs
    58:03 | Zao - Ataturc


    Jazz in France during the 1970's

    In France the fortunes of few genres were as closely linked to May ’68 as free jazz..

    Certain groups adopting the style or borrowing heavily from it claimed to have formed during May further buttressed the perception that a subterranean connection existed between the spontaneous character of the protest movement and the improvisatory practices of avant-garde jazz..

    Free jazz musicians were among the most active members of the musicians’ strike.. The genre appeared to suffuse the May events from one end of the uprising to the other..

    It bespoke a belief that the Free Jazz somehow corresponded to the social movement, that the two were in some way connected..

    Free Jazz in France remained highly visible in subsequent years. This may appear surprising, given that the movement was both relatively new to France and widely perceived as inaccessible. Yet the assumption that free jazz would prove too rebarbative for audiences was refuted in the event. Concert reviews from the late 1960s make continual reference to auditoriums overflowing with a public that was young, enthusiastic, and demanding.

    「Excerpts from : Music and the Elusive Revolution: Cultural Politics and Political Culture in France, 1968–1981 by Eric Drott - Associate Professor of Music at the University of Texas」

    #frenchjazz #deepjazz #souljazz

  • Chick Corea: Vigilette | JAZZ NIGHT IN AMERICA


    Pianist Chick Corea has lived many lives as a musician, from post-bop wunderkind to free-jazz maverick to fusion explorer to chamber-jazz eminence. Jazz Night caught up with Corea during a recent gig at Scullers in Boston while he was on tour with a new trio he calls Vigilette.

    Listen to the accompanying radio episode here:



    Pianist Chick Corea has lived many lives as a musician, from post-bop wunderkind to free-jazz maverick to fusion explorer to chamber-jazz eminence. That imprecise tally leaves out a lot in an expansive career — but, more to the point, it creates the false impression that Corea compartmentalizes his musical output, when the truth suggests something far more holistic.

    Jazz Night in America caught up with Corea during a recent gig at Scullers in Boston — just across the river from Chelsea, Mass., where he was born and raised. He was on tour with a new trio he calls Vigilette, with Carlitos Del Puerto on bass and Marcus Gilmore on drums. The set list combined songbook standards like On Green Dolphin Street with originals like Rhumba Flamenco, each number delivered with Corea's brand of articulate flair.

    A few days after the performance, Corea sat down with Christian McBride — our host, and his longtime musical collaborator — for a collegial and far-ranging conversation. They discuss the first time Corea saw Miles Davis, an experience that changed his life, and one he recalls with absolute detail. Corea also reflects on the role of an artist: We have a mission to go out there and be an antidote to war, and all of the dark side of what happens on Planet Earth, he says. We're the ones that go in and remind people about their creativity.


    This performance was recorded live by Antonio Oliart at Scullers Jazz Club in Boston, MA, on Sept. 19, 2018.

    00:00:10 - On Green Dolphin Street
    00:11:06 - Rhumba Flamenco
    00:24:55 - Tempus Fugit
    00:46:51 - Zyryab
    01:00:35 - Fingerprints

    Chick Corea (Piano)
    Carlitos Del Puerto (Bass)
    Marcus Gilmore (Drums)

    Thumbnail photography: Niki Walker/NPR



  • Renku - NYC Free Jazz Summit / Arts for Art - March 29 2016


    Michael Attias - alto saxophone
    John Hebert - bass
    Satoshi Takieshi - drums

  • Cecil Taylor - Free Improvisation #3


    From Ron Mann's 1981 free jazz documentary Imagine the Sound

  • Jazz Styles - Free Jazz


    Brent Jensen lectures on Free Jazz for the MUSI 108 (Survey of Jazz) course.

  • Ray Charles Live @ Free Jazz Festival 1986


    I am excited to share this video that was sent to me of a performance with the Ray Charles Orchestra in Brazil in 1986. I have been quite fortunate to play with many amazing musicians over the years but as we all know, this man is as good as it gets!! The band is smokin and everyone was on the top of their game including Ray who sings his heart out.

  • The Ornette COLEMAN Double Quartet - FREE JAZZ - A Collective Improvisation By full Album


    Vinyl, LP, Album, Reissue, Gatefold, US - Year unknown
    Atlantic — SD-1364, Atlantic — ATLANTIC 1364
    1080p - 60fps

    00:00 - - - A1 — Free Jazz — Part 1 (Ornette Coleman) - - - (19.55)
    20:00 - - - End Side a)
    20:02 - - - B1 — Free Jazz — Part 2 (Ornette Coleman) - - - (16.28)
    37:41 - - - End Side b)

    Recorded December 21, 1960
    Released September 1961


    Left Channel
    Ornette Coleman - alto sax
    Don(ald) Cherry - pocket trumpet
    Scott LaFaro - bass
    Billy Higgins - drums

    Right Channel
    Eric Dolphy - bass clarinet
    Freddie Hubbard - trumpet
    Charlie Haden - bass
    Ed Blackwell - drums

    Recording engineer - Tom Dowd
    Album design - Loring Eutemey
    Liner Notes - Martin Williams
    Supervision (Producer) - Nesuhi Ertegun

    FREE JAZZ was recorded in one uninterrupted take of 36 minutes 23 seconds. This performance by Ornette Coleman's Double Quartet is heard exactly as it was performed in the studio, without any splicing or editing. Side One ends with a quick fade-out, and the music resumes with a minimum of interruption on Side Two.

    Timing of the various sections:

    00:04 Polyphonic introductionon
    00:11 Ensemble introduction to Eric Dolphy
    00:26 Eric Dolphy – Bass Clarinet solo (right channel)
    05:17 Ensemble introduction to Freddie Hubbard
    05:45 Freddie Hubbard – Trumpet (right channel)
    10:00 Ensemble introduction to Ornette Coleman
    10:12 Ornette Coleman Alto Saxophone solo (left channel)
    (19:44) 20:08 Ensemble Introduction to Don Cherry
    20:19 Don Cherry – Pocket Trumpet solo (left channel)
    25:55 Ensemble Introduction to Charlie Haden
    25:59 Charlie Haden – Bass Solo (right channel)
    30:26 Ensemble introduction to Scott LaFaro
    30:35 Scott LaFaro – Bass Solo (left channel)
    34:22 Polyphonic ensemble introduction to Ed Blackwell
    34:32 Ed Blackwell – Drum Solo (right channel)
    35:54 Ensemble pitch introduction to Billy Higgins
    36:03 Billy Higgins – Drum Solo (left channel)




    . . . . . . . . . .

    . . . . . .

    . . . .

    . . .


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  • No Copyright Coffee House Jazz | Calm Jazz Music | Relaxing Music | Relax Music Meditation


    Smooth Jazz Music - All songs licensed under Creative Commons - Can be used in public settings w/o a license (restaurants, coffee houses, etc). Enjoy!

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    Equipment I use for background videos:

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    With a Stamp by Twin Musicom is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (

    Please see the pinned comment below for a list of the songs in this video.

    Attribution is not required, but a link back to this video is appreciated if the compilation is used in a video. Again, not required.


  • The Present is Present - on free jazz in the Amsterdam Impro Scene


    A wonderful short documentary made by the Dutch film team of Seeltje van Boeckel and Elsie Vermeer. Centered around the festival, The Present is Present, which took place in 2017, it gives a glimpse into the current scene in Amsterdam. Featuring interviews and performances by John Dikeman, Oscar Jan Hoogland, Nicolás Chientaroli, Ada Rave and many more.

  • Andrzej Kurylewicz Quintet ‎- 10 + 8


    Artist: Andrzej Kurylewicz Quintet
    Album: 10 + 8
    Year: 1967
    Genre: modal jazz, free jazz, post bop, avant-garde jazz, proto-disco
    Country: Poland
    Label: Polskie Nagrania Muza ‎– XL 0439 (Polish Jazz – Vol. 14)

    Alto Saxophone – Włodzimierz Nahorny
    Bass – Janusz Kozłowski
    Bass, Tambourine – Jacek Ostaszewski
    Drums – Sergiusz Perkowski
    Valve Trombone, Piano, Composed By – Andrzej Kurylewicz
    Vocals – Wanda Warska

    Recorded in Warsaw, October 1967

    A1 Już Ja Z Tobą Nie Zostanę
    A2 Requiem Dla Z. C.
    A3 10 + 8

    B1 Rondo
    B2 Twarz Widza

  • Free Form Jazz


    Free Form Jazz

  • Duncan Lamont - Pressure Point


    This is the famous song that was used in Spongebob S2E15 Grandma's Kisses

  • Experimental Free Form Jazz - Improvised Avant Garde Music - Trumpet Trombone Drums Trio


    Hi, nice to meet you.

    Today's session (2014-12-19, recorded in Vancouver BC Canada) has the unusual trio format of a trombone, a trumpet and a set of drums. The chordless approach allows an unlimited amount of freedom for the horns and drums to shine.

    The members are trying their best to listen to the supple (or not so supple) texture of sounds created by each other. There are many soulful moments for the trombone player, while the drums tend to keep the drive on max and/or cruise control. And then the trumpet flashes those runs that can't be stopped (luckily there aren't any speed zones with this music). It's all very exciting stuff.

    Please enjoy this session performed by Free Jazz Vancouver.

    Kıvanç Tatar (trumpet) C Walter Lovell (drums) Mark Quigley (trombone)

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  • Art Blakey & the Jazz Messengers - Free For All Full Album


    'Free for All' is a jazz album by Art Blakey & the Jazz Messengers released on Blue Note. Recorded in February 1964, it would be released the following year. It was originally titled Free Fall.

    The Allmusic review by Al Campbell awards the album 4 stars and states This edition of the Jazz Messengers had been together since 1961 with a lineup that would be hard to beat: Freddie Hubbard on trumpet (his last session with the Messengers), Wayne Shorter on tenor sax, Curtis Fuller on trombone, Cedar Walton on piano, and Reggie Workman on bass. Shorter's title track is one of the finest moments in the Jazz Messengers' history.

    Track listing

    00:00 - 01. Free for All
    11:09 - 02. Hammer Head
    19:00 - 03. The Core
    28:25 - 04. Pensativa


    Art Blakey – drums
    Freddie Hubbard – trumpet
    Curtis Fuller – trombone
    Wayne Shorter – tenor saxophone
    Cedar Walton – piano
    Reggie Workman – bass

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  • Ornette Coleman - Free Jazz


    More info on this album at

    Recorded from the original stereo vinyl release.

    Left Channel:
    Ornette Coleman - Alto Sax
    Don Cherry - Pocket Trumpet
    Scott LaFaro - Bass
    Billy Higgins - Drums

    Right Channel:
    Eric Dolphy - Bass Clarinet
    Freddie Hubbard - Trumpet
    Charlie Haden - Bass
    Ed Blackwell - Drums

    From Free Jazz
    1961 - Atlantic Records

  • 70s Spiritual Jazz Mix


    [Re-upload] -- Spiritual Jazz is a style of Avant-Garde Jazz music which emerged in the 1960s. Stylistically, spiritual jazz is marked by a mixture of jazz with approximations of ethnic music styles (often a blend of styles evocative of African, Indian, and East Asian musical traditions), religious music of non-Christian traditions, and the ecstatic, transcendental aspects of Free Jazz. This radical style was closely linked to various African-American political and spiritual movements, such as the Nation of Islam and Afro-Centrism, the introduction of Zen philosophy and yoga in America, a resurgence of Egyptology, as well as the Civil Rights and Black Power movements.


    Mix and cover art by Dckne

    Magical Mystery Mix



    00:00 | Intro
    00:51 | Pharoah Sanders - Morning prayer
    04:37 | Stanley Cowell - Travellin' man
    07:36 | Harold Mckinny - Ode to Africa
    13:30 | Rahsaan Roland Kirk - Spirits Up Above
    17:00 | Don Cherry - Utopia and Visions
    22:34 | Karin Krog - Meaning of love
    26:22 | Leon Thomas - Echoes
    29:55 | Toshiaki Yokota & The Beat Generation - 光の洪水
    37:30 | The Pyramids - Queen of the Spirits
    39:40 | Gil Scott-Heron - Sex Education, Ghetto Style
    40:28 | Walter Bishop - Keeper of my soul
    43:25 | The Ensemble Al-Salaam - Optimystical
    46:48 | Haki R. Madhubuti & Nation - Walk The Way Of The New World
    50:56 | The Descendants Of Mike And Phoebe - Coltrane
    54:58 | McCoy Tyner - Valley of life

    #spiritualjazz #souljazz #ethnojazz


    ????More Jazz Mixes

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  • Free Jazz


    Provided to YouTube by Rhino Atlantic

    Free Jazz (Pts. 1 & 2) · Ornette Coleman

    Beauty Is A Rare Thing- The Complete Atlantic Recordings

    ℗ 1993 Atlantic Recording Corporation for the United States and WEA International Inc. for the world outside of the United States.

    Drums: Billy Higgins
    Double Bass: Charlie Haden
    Cornet: Don Cherry
    Drums: Ed Blackwell
    Bass Clarinet: Eric Dolphy
    Trumpet: Freddie Hubbard
    Producer: Nesuhi Ertegun
    Alto Saxophone: Ornette Coleman
    Double Bass: Scott LaFaro
    Composer: Ornette Coleman

    Auto-generated by YouTube.



    My top free jazz records to insure a happy, soothing home

  • Jazz music ROYALTY FREE Background Cafe Music Jazz no copyright - Creative Commons Music


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    ↓ Comment your favorite track to relax to and your suggestions for next videos and playlists ↓

    If you are a creator you may use this track in your videos (it's copyright free). But please don't forget to give a shout out to the artist.

    00:00-02:59 – Peacefully - E's Jammy Jams
    02:59 – 04:16 – Et Voila - Chris Haugen
    04:16 -07:05 – Quarter Mix - Freedom Trail Studio
    07:05 – 10:12 – Elder Dilemma - Freedom Trail Studio
    10:12 -14:41 – Swing Theory - Freedom Trail Studio
    14:41- 16:57 – Sunshine Samba - Chris Haugen
    16:57 – 20:22 – Miles Beyond - Quincas Moreira
    20:22 – 23:23 – Happy Birthday Bossanova - E's Jammy Jams

    These tracks you can find on Audio Library - Just paste the track in the search and you can easily download it!
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  • ????Jazz in the Dark | 10 Hours Black Screen Ad-Free Relaxing Music for Distraction-Free Sleep & Study


    10 hours of black screen with smooth calming tunes and sounds so you can focus on sleeping, studying, work, school projects, writing, cleaning, relaxing, or meditation.

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    Lo-fi hop-hop/jazz, classical, ambient, atmosphere, country/folk, and more. We're here to help you concentrate on achieving your goals.

    Feel free to comment on what sounds you'd like us to do next.

    All sounds/music has been acquired through the Youtube Music Library with no attribution required.

  • Free Jazz?


    Free Jazz? I am not sure if this is really free jazz.

    It is at least not a song, even if it is sometimes in a key and mostly also in tempo.

    What do you think? When is something free jazz? What do you like or hate about it?'

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  • Jamiroquai - Free Jazz Festival, The Palace, São Paulo, Brazil, October 11th 1997


  • Ornette Coleman Double Quartet - Free Jazz


    A collective improvisation by the Ornette Coleman Double Quartet, recorded in a single uninterrupted take on December 21, 1960 at A & R Studios, NYC

    |Heard on the left channel|
    Ornette Coleman - alto sax
    Don Cherry - pocket trumpet
    Scott La Faro - bass
    Billy Higgins - drums

    |Heard on the right channel|
    Eric Dolphy - bass clarinet
    Freddie Hubbard - trumpet
    Charlie Haden - bass
    Ed Blackwell - drums

    |Solos: 1. Dolphy, 2. Hubbard, 3. Coleman, 4. Cherry, 5. Haden, 6. La Faro, 7. Blackwell, 8. Higgins



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    Jiem EB Music:


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  • Jonny Lang - Live at Free Jazz Festival 1999 FULL CONCERT


    It doesn't get any better than this.

    01. Still Rainin'
    02. Good Morning Little School Girl
    03. A Quitter Never Wins
    04. The Levee
    05. Walking Away
    06. Right Back
    07. There's Gotta Be a Change
    08. Second Guessing
    09. Leaving to Stay
    10. Standing On a Corner
    11. Breakin' Me
    12. Lie To Me

  • Michael Gregory Jackson — Clarity FULL ALBUM


    Best Track: Prelueoionti (11:50)

    Side A
    Clarity 0:00
    A View Of This Life 4:28
    Oliver Lake 8:30
    Prelueoionti 11:50
    Ballad 19:42

    Side B
    Clarity (4) 21:28
    Ab Bb 1-7 3° 31:09
    Iomi 35:06

    Label: Bija Records
    Format: Vinyl, 12 LP


    (If you made this music and you'd like me to take this video down, please let me know.)

  • 637: Robert Landfermann on free jazz


    I was introduced to Robert Landfermann by WDR Big Band bassist and former podcast guest John Goldsby.

    Robert is a mainstay on the German jazz and new music scene. He’s played for years with the Pablo Held Trio, and does his own albums and projects. He teaches at the University in Essen.

    We dig into topics like what it’s like performing free jazz, the influence of Paul Motian, Gensler strings and their fascinating properties, the Cologne jazz scene, and much more. Enjoy, and be sure to check out his recent albums Brief and Topaz.

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  • Free Jazz / Noise Rock - Chaman Chomeur - Nostalgie du RMI @ White Noise Sessions 31-10-16


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    Chaman Chômeur, is a free jazz/ noise rock. improv 3 piece from Lille, France. After releasing their first album on the Becoq label, they played around quite a bit.
    So they came over to the White Noise Studio to perform a session. 2 tracks were selected for online release. The track you can see here and is named ''Nostalgie du RMI'' and is already released on the band's debut album. A long track based on a jazz approach, with lot's of room for improvisation and free playing but centered by a beautiful musical theme.

    Chaman Chomeur is Léo Reithar - Guitar, Thomas Coquelet - Bass, Marc-Antoine Moercant - Drums

    The other track of the session ''What the Caf'' can be seen here:

  • Ornette Coleman - Free Jazz on Vinyl


    The music of Ornette Coleman in my record collection.

    Ed Blackwell
    Billy Higgins
    Don Cherry
    Charlie Haden
    Double Quartet

    #vinylcommunity #vinylcollection #jazz

  • Kraftwerk - Free Jazz festival - 1998


    Imagens: TV Globo.



    Say what about the music. Win the record. Like and Subscribe like your fingertips are full of honey and only the keyboard can lick it off.

  • Don Friedman - Metamorphosis


    I don't own this music. Uploaded it for educactional purposes only. If You like an album, buy original release.


    Recorded February 22, 1966 at Van Gelder Studio, Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey. Released by Prestige Records.

    Don Friedman - piano
    Attila Zoller - guitar
    Richard Davis - bass
    Joe Chambers - drums

    Producer: Cal Lampley

    Track listing:

    00:00 Wakin' Up (Don Friedman)
    05:00 Spring Sign (Friedman)
    16:43 Drive (Jimmy Giuffre)
    21:36 Extension (Attila Zoller)
    30:54 Troubadours Groovedour (Zoller)
    37:41 Dream Bells (Zoller)

  • Virtuosity Drums - free jazz drum samples by Versilian Studios and Karoryfer Samples for KVRDC21


    This works in the free Plogue Sforzando sampler, download that here:

    The 2021 KVR Developer Challenge entry by Versilian Studios and Karoryfer Samples, a free jazzy drum kit with plenty of extra techniques and General MIDI compliant percussion.

    One small error in the narration, the floor tom has six techniques sampled, not four.

  • free jazz part I - ornette coleman double quartet


  • #17 Jazz Vinyl Finds - Free Jazz, Hard Bop, Fusion, Blues, Blue Note, Impusle, Prestige, ECM


    This is my latest Jazz Update!
    Including albums by: John Coltrane, Sonny Rollins, Miles Davis, John Lee Hooker, Muddy Waters, Youn Sun Nah, Chick Corea, Pharoah Sanders and many more....

  • Jazz Lesson #11: Play Free


    #jazz #lesson #tutorial #freejazz #avantgarde #playout #paulthompson
    This week's video is about playing free in jazz music, my personal story about discovering it's truth, and some of my favorite music encompassing the genre. Free still MUSIC!

    Many thanks to my dear friend and brilliant musician Ben Opie. His blog can be found here:

    Instagram @pauldavid74

    Ending music is 101 Degrees by THOTH Trio (Ben Opie, Dave Throckmorton, Paul Thompson)

  • Soul Coughing - Sugar Free Jazz - Video Interpretation


    Soul Coughing - Sugar Free Jazz

    Class project: Create a music video with pictures.

    This song always reminded me of driving down an empty highway with stark overcast skies above, with interesting cloud formations moving overhead in different colors.



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