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Playlist of Freddie King

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    Freddie King - Have You Ever Loved A Woman


    Freddie King - Have You Ever Loved A Woman

    From The Dvd Live In Europe

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    Freddie King - Aint No Sunshine


    Freddie King - Ain't No Sunshine

    From The Dvd Live In Europe

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    Freddy Freddie King Very Best Of Freddy King Vol 1 FULL ALBUM


    I do not have the rights of the songs, nor the claim ..
    Just love blues...db..(track list on vid..) enjoy ...

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    Freddie King - Sweet Home Chicago


    Freddie King - Sweet Home Chicago

    From The Dvd Live In Europe

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    Freddie King - Hide Away


    Music video by Freddie King performing Hide Away.

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    Freddie King - Big Legged Woman


    Freddie King - Big Legged Woman

    From The Dvd Live In Europe

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    Freddie King Live in Europe 1973 & 1974


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    Freddie King performs Have You Ever Loved A Woman?


    Texas blues legend Freddie King performs Have You Ever Loved A Woman? From the DVD Freddie King: Live at the Sugarbowl, Sept. 22nd, 1972. More info at

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    Freddie King



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    Freddie King - Funny Bone


    Music video by Freddie King performing Funny Bone.

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    Freddie King - Texas Cannonball - 1972 - Full Album


    Freddie King - Texas Cannonball - 1972 - Full Album

    01 - Lowdown In Lodi ( 0:00 )
    02 - Reconsider Baby ( 3:08 )
    03 - Big Legend Woman ( 7:08 )
    04 - Me And My Guitar ( 11:08 )
    05 - I'd Rather Be Blind ( 15:14 )
    06 - Can't Trust Your Neighbour ( 19:00 )
    07 - You Was Wrong ( 22:57 )
    08 - Ain't No Sunshine ( 26:46 )
    09 - The Sky Is Crying ( 30:06 )
    10 - Love Her With A Feeling ( 33:32 )
    11 - Somebody's Got To Do ( 38:37 )
    12 - Pulpwood ( Instrumental ) ( 44:35 )
    13 - That's All Right ( 51:47 )
    14 - The Same Thing ( 56:30 )
    15 - Tore Down ( 1:02:27 )
    16 - Dust My Broom ( 1:09:06 )

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    Freddie King - Have You Ever Loved A Woman


    Music video by Freddie King performing Have You Ever Loved A Woman.

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    Freddie King - Im Torn Down


    Music video by Freddie King performing I'm Torn Down.

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    002_Freddie King - Aint Nobodys Business .mp4


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    Freddie King - Aint Nobodys Buisiness


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    Freddie King - Same Old Blues


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    Freddie King Blues Licks on Guitar | Reverb Learn to Play


    Freddie King: one of the Three Kings of the Blues (B.B. King/Albert King). The Texan bluesman stood out with his aggressive style that proved a huge influence on legendary guitarists like Clapton and Page. Today, Jeff Massey is breaking down a couple famous Freddie King licks so you can try it on for size at your next gig.

    Read more on Reverb:

    Browse Freddie King albums on Reverb LP:

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    Freddie King - Goin Down


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    Freddie King - San-Ho-Zay


    Music video by Freddie King performing San-Ho-Zay.

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    Gibson Memphis Freddie King 1960 ES-345【週刊ギブソンVol.145】


    Gibson Memphis Freddie King 1960 ES-345【週刊ギブソンVol.145】




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    Freddie King - Blow-Out Sessie - 101Barz


    Afgelopen zomer hield Rotjoch de Rotjoch United Talent Night en omdat hij niet al deze talenten voor zichzelf wilde houden, droppen we deze week sessies van alle deelnemers. De Vlaamse Freddie King brengt je wat Belgische gangstashit. Strak in pak!

    101Barz is het grootste hiphop-platform van Nederland met wekelijks nieuwe video's. Natuurlijk brengt Rotjoch elke week de welbekende studiosessies op je beeldscherm, maar dat is niet alles. Videoclips van je favoriete artiesten die gemaakt zijn door het 101Barz-team vind je onder de noemer 101Barz Videoclipz. Items en portretten van beginnende rappers en gevestigde namen worden met regelmaat geupload. In Hitmakerz nemen we je mee achter de schermen bij de producers van de dikste hits van Nederlandse bodem. De rappers met de best bekeken sessies krijgen bezoek van Rotjoch om een Trophy in ontvangst te nemen.

    In 2006 had Rotjoch het idee om onder de vleugel van BNN het hiphopplatform 101Barz op te zetten. Rappers kwamen langs voor studiosessies en binnen de kortste keren was 101Barz een begrip in Nederland. Welke bekende rapper begon niet zijn carrière bij 101Barz?

    Voor de laatste videoclips van derden, nieuwtjes en interviews kun je terecht op de site

    Volg ons ook op social media:

    Snapchat: Barz101

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    Freddie King - CC Rider


    Music video by Freddie King performing CC Rider.

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    Freddie King - I Love The Woman


    Music video by Freddie King performing I Love The Woman.

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    Freddie King - Lets Hide Away and Dance Away With Freddie King


    Instrumental album by Freddie King. One of the best blues albums of all time.

    Hideway 00:00
    Butterscotch 02:43
    Sen-Sa-Shun 05:47
    Side Tracked 08:41
    The Stumble 11:48
    Wash Out 15:02
    San Ho Zay 17:40
    Just Pickin 20:20
    Heads Up 22:53
    In The Open 25:26
    Out Front 28:37
    Swooshy 31:17

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    Freddie King - Have You Ever Loved A Woman - Sweden 1973


    From the DVD The !!!!Beat 1966

    These video uploads are completely nonprofit, no copyright infringement intended. The intention is rather to encourage those among the audience who enjoy the clips to buy the artists' CDs and DVDs and thus support them or their legal heirs. All DVDs shown here are available at the usual online shops. Greetings from the Black Forest!

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    Freddie King - The Things That I Used To Do - Live In London.mpg


    The Things That I Used To Do. Recorded in London in 1975 on the BBC's Old Grey Whistle Test. A real showman & a gentle giant of a man.
    Freddie was a great influence on Eric Clapton and many others who have followed Clapton.
    Freddie was born in Texas in 1934. His family moved to Chicago in 1950. In 1962 he moved to Dallas. He died December 28, 1976 - not long after th is was recorded. He was survived by his wife Jessie and seven children. He was only 42 year's old. Another to die young. Buy his CD's - try Hideaway or King of the Blues. There are many, many CD's & DVD's available on Amazon: Visit his web-site : Keep the Blues Alive!

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    Freddie King - I Just Want To Make Love To You


    Uploaded By ✔ Red Grey Matter
    ✔Enjoy Your Day!
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    Buy Link:

    Freddie King:
    Freddie was born in Gilmer Texas on September 3 1934 with the given name of Fred King to Ella Mae King and J.T. Christian. My father's mother told him that her grandfather ( who was a full-blooded Choctaw Indian) prophesied to her that she would have a child that will stir the souls of millions and inspire and influence generations. My grandmother and her brother Leon played the guitar. Freddie's mother recognized early her first born interest in music. She and her brother Leon began teaching him to play rural country blues at the age of six. His early music heroes were Sam Lightnin Hopkins (who he credits his proficiency of the down home thumb-finger picken style) and Louis Jordan (the jump blues saxophonist). He told me that he would play Jordan's record over and over again until he could match his horn, note for note. This discipline would have a major impact on his phrasing.

    His first guitar was a silvertone acoustic. His most prized guitar at that time was his Roy Roger acoustic. In a interview years later he recalled going to the general store to order it. The store owner asked him if his mother knew he was trying to order a guitar on her store account. Freddie replied no. The store owner told him to get permission. His mother said no. She told him, if you want a new guitar you will have to work for it. He stated that he picked cotton just long enough to earn the money to purchase a Roger's guitar.

    By 1949 three of Freddie's uncles, Felix , Leonard and Willie King had already moved to Chicago. They were earning good money working in the steel mill. Ella now married to Ben Turner saw opportunity for her family in Chicago. Freddie's father J.T. didn't want Freddie to go to Chicago, He wanted Freddie to finish high school and go to college in Texas like some of his family. J.T.'s sister Melissa was a teacher at the local black school. Ella and J.T. agreed to let Freddie finish high school. The family left for Chicago in the fall of 1949.

    I don't want you to be no slave
    I don't want you to work all day
    I don't want you to be true
    I just want to make love to you

    I don't want you to wash my clothes
    I don't want you to keep my home
    I don't want your money too
    I just want to make love to you
    Love to you, love to you

    Well I can see by the way that you switch and walk
    And I can tell by the way that you, baby talk
    And I can know by the way that you treat your man
    I wanna love you darlin', it's a cryin' shame

    I don't want you to bake my bread
    I don't want you to make my bed
    I don't want you 'cause I'm sad and blue
    I just want to make love to you, love to you

    Well I can see by the way that you switch and walk
    And I can tell by the way that you, baby talk
    And I can know by the way that you treat your man
    I wanna love you darlin', it's a cryin' shame

    I don't want you to bake my bread
    I don't want you to make my bed
    I don't want you 'cause I'm sad and blue
    I just want to make love to you, love to you
    Love to you, love to you

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    Only for watching, listening and streaming.
    DOWNLOADING copying, sharing and making available is strictly

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    Freddie King - Goin Down


    Live in USA 1975

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    Freddie King - Let The Good Times Roll


    Uploaded for the 1st annual International Blues Music Day. From his 1974 album 'Burglar.' I claim no rights to any of the material herein. Uploaded for your enjoyment only.

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    FREDDIE KING - Fillmore West, SanFrancisco. 1970


    rock blues
    1. Instrumental 4:26
    2. IÕm Tore Down 5:29
    3. Someday Baby 5:15
    4. Have You Ever Loved a Woman 11:31
    5. Instrumental 6:30
    6. Key To The Highway 7:21
    7. Going Down 5:58
    8. Going Down Part Two 2:37
    9. AinÕt NobodyÕs Business 6:22
    10. Hideaway 4:12
    11. Dust My Broom 5:31
    12. Have You Ever Loved a Woman 14:17

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    British guitarist reacts to the LEGENDARY Freddie King in 1973!


    Tonight I'm taking a look at one of the 3 kings! It's Freddie!
    Original video -

    For more, check out my other sites!

    Twitter - @wingsofpegasus
    Insta - @wingsofpegasusofficial

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    Freddie King - Hideaway - excellent version


    Hideaway en un a versión mas completa.

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    Freddie King - Keys to The Highway LIVE


    I first heard this great singer and guitarist thanks to Japanese television. The year was 1969, I was stationed in Tokyo assigned to the Far East Network ( Armed Forces Radio) as a DJ and Sports reporter. The US had long ago returned all the TV broadcast channels to Japan and there was no TV. Sumo was pretty cool, even without understanding much of what was being said. Then, one Saturday afternoon on came this show from Dallas or Houston, with Freddie King and it was awesome, especially as Clapton was so huge and of course he loved King's playing.

    I had albums done by all three of the blues masters named King, Albert, B.B. and Freddie, but if I had to pick a favorite it would be the man from Dallas, Freddie King.

    If anyone knows who the guys in the band are, please let me know. I've scoured the internet and come up with zip. My favorite Freddie King album is the first one he did for Shelter Records: Getting Ready

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    JAF - Freddie King


    Juan Antonio Ferreyra Freddie King (Del disco Me voy para el sur - 1992)

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    Freddy King Rock and Roll Hall of fame induction


    Billy Gibons, Dusty Hill, Joe Bonamassaand Derek Trucks Freddy King induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

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    Freddie King - Look Over Yonder Wall


    The King of Texas Blues Live in Switzerland.

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    Freddie King - Please Accept My Love


    Live at Bataclan Club. Paris, France. 1973

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    Im tore Down - Freddie King Cover - - Alexandre da Mata & The Black Dogs


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    Im Tore Down - Freddie King 1963 Fender Precision Bass


    Out of focus Jam

    Freddie King's I'm Tore Down

    Vintage 1963 Fender Precision Bass tone.
    Instagram - @soohungry

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    Freddie King ~ Only Getting Second Best & I Got The Same Old Blues 1974


    Modern Electric Blues 1974
    Enjoy , my friends !!!
    *Disclaimer: All audio & visual parts in my videos are the sole property of their respective owners.
    The videos are purely for entertainment and recreational purposes.
    No Copyright infringement intended!
    All rights go to their rightful owners.
    I do not own the rights of the music.
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    Freddie King - The Things i Used To Do 1975


    Freddie King - The Things i Used To Do ( Larger Than Life ) 1975
    recorded Live at Armadillo World Headquarters, Texas

    I do not own anything all rights reserved to Freddie King , this video is for entertainment purposes only, i own nothing !

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    Freddie King - Texas Legend on The Texas Music Scene with Ray Benson


    The Texas Cannonball Freddie King is a 2012 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee and a Texas Music Legend on The Texas Music Scene with Ray Benson.

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    I Love The Woman - Freddy King


    Recorded in 1961. Freddie King (who was originally billed as Freddy early in his career) was born and raised in Gilmer, TX, where he learned how to play guitar as a child; his mother and uncle taught him the instrument. Initially, King played rural acoustic blues, in the vein of Lightin' Hopkins. By the time he was a teenager, he had grown to love the rough, electrified sounds of Chicago blues. In 1950, when he was 16 years old, his family moved to Chicago, where he began frequenting local blues clubs, listening to musicians like Muddy Waters, Jimmy Rogers, Robert Jr. Lockwood, Little Walter, and Eddie Taylor. Soon, the young guitarist formed his own band, the Every Hour Blues Boys, and was performing himself.

    In the mid-'50s, King began playing on sessions for Parrott and Chess Records, as well as playing with Earlee Payton's Blues Cats and the Little Sonny Cooper Band. Freddie King didn't cut his own record until 1957, when he recorded Country Boy for the small independent label El-Bee. The single failed to gain much attention.

    Three years later, King signed with Federal Records, a subsidiary of King Records, and recorded his first single for the label, You've Got to Love Her With a Feeling, in August of 1960. The single appeared the following month and became a minor hit, scraping the bottom of the pop charts in early 1961. You've Got to Love Her With Feeling was followed by Hide Away, the song that would become Freddie King's signature tune and most influential recording. Hide Away was adapted by King and Magic Sam from a Hound Dog Taylor instrumental and named after one of the most popular bars in Chicago. The single was released as the B-side of I Love the Woman (his singles featured a vocal A-side and an instrumental B-side) in the fall of 1961 and it became a major hit, reaching number five on the R&B charts and number 29 on the pop charts. Throughout the '60s, Hide Away was one of the necessary songs blues and rock & roll bar bands across America and England had to play during their gigs.

    King's first album, Freddy King Sings, appeared in 1961, and it was followed later that year by Let's Hide Away and Dance Away With Freddy King: Strictly Instrumental. Throughout 1961, he turned out a series of instrumentals -- including San-Ho-Zay, The Stumble, and I'm Tore Down -- which became blues classics; everyone from Magic Sam and Stevie Ray Vaughan to Dave Edmunds and Peter Green covered King's material. Lonesome Whistle Blues, San-Ho-Zay, and I'm Tore Down all became Top Ten R&B hits that year.

    Freddie King continued to record for King Records until 1968, with a second instrumental album (Freddy King Gives You a Bonanza of Instrumentals) appearing in 1965, although none of his singles became hits. Nevertheless, his influence was heard throughout blues and rock guitarists throughout the '60s -- Eric Clapton made Hide Away his showcase number in 1965. King signed with Atlantic/Cotillion in late 1968, releasing Freddie King Is a Blues Masters the following year and My Feeling for the Blues in 1970; both collections were produced by King Curtis. After their release, Freddie King and Atlantic/Cotillion parted ways.

    King landed a new record contract with Leon Russell's Shelter Records early in 1970. King recorded three albums for Shelter in the early '70s, all of which sold well. In addition to respectable sales, his concerts were also quite popular with both blues and rock audiences. In 1974, he signed a contract with RSO Records -- which was also Eric Clapton's record label -- and he released Burglar, which was produced and recorded with Clapton. Following the release of Burglar, King toured America, Europe, and Australia. In 1975, he released his second RSO album, Larger Than Life.
    Throughout 1976, Freddie King toured America, even though his health was beginning to decline. On December 29, 1976, King died of heart failure. Although his passing was premature -- he was only 42 years old -- Freddie King's influence could still be heard in blues and rock guitarists decades after his death.

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    Joe Bonamassa covers Freddie Kings Hide Away in Kettering, Ohio


    Three Kings tour 2015. Fraze Pavillion, August 15, 2015.

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    Quick cover of Hideaway by the legend Freddie King. PRS Ted McCarty into Morgan JS12. Recorded with my iPhone so apologies the sound quality isn't the best.

    And yes that is one of my dogs (Nova) singing along. Hahaha 🤣

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    Kevin Alexander - Boogie Man


    Please excuse & enjoy my outrageous facial expressions...and have a fantastic day! Also, if you're watching near October, well, Happy Halloween, I guess.

    This is my own acoustic arrangement of Freddie King's filthy song Boogie Man. He's definitely one of my top favorite blues guys. The lyrics are as follows:

    I got a funky reputation
    'Cause I like to get low down
    All of you mothers better lock up your daughters
    'Cause the boogie man's in town

    They call me the boogie man
    Nobody can do it like I can
    They call me the boogie man
    I'm a king-size boogie man

    The sheriff had got my number
    He locked me up last fall
    I taught his daughter how to do the boogie
    Now I can't go back at all

    I used to play in a traveling band
    Down at the county line
    I went down there to do some boogie'n
    And I wound up doing time

    I tell all you good time women
    And you debutants on the ball
    Just a little taste of my good boogie
    And I'll make you climb the wall

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    Freddie King- Tore Down


    one of my favorite blues guitar player

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    Same Old Blues - Freddie King


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    Freddie King: Ghetto Woman


    Master skills again

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    Freddie King - Supertrapper


    EP STRAKKE PLAN. Beschikbaar nu:

    Management/ Boekingen:

    Volg Freddie King

    Executive Producer - Matthijs Spittel
    Video - Ferian Mettioui

    Music video by Freddie King performing Supertrapper... (©) (℗) 2017 Freddie King



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