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Playlist of Forget Me Nots

  • Patrice Rushen - Forget Me Nots


    This song is called Forget Me Nots by Patrice Rushen.

    Copyright to rightful owners.

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  • Patrice Rushen - Forget Me Nots



    Available now on vinyl/CD/digital:

    Strut present the first definitive retrospective of an icon of 1970s and ‘80s soul, jazz and disco, Patrice Rushen, covering her peerless 6-year career with Elektra / Asylum from 1978 to 1984.

    ‘Remind Me’ features all of Patrice Rushen’s chart singles, 12” versions and popular sample sources on one album for the first time.

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  • Patrice Rushen - Forget Me Nots


    Strut's new compilation of Patrice 12 versions, sample sources and under-rated LP tracks is out Friday 19th July on a big 3LP set, CD and digital.

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  • Forget Me Nots


    Provided to YouTube by K7 Records GmbH

    Forget Me Nots · Patrice Rushen

    Straight From The Heart

    ℗ 2017 STRUT Records

    Released on: 2017-12-06

    Music Publisher: Baby Fingers Music c/o Silvia's Music Services ASCAP; EMI Music Aust Pty; Freddie Dee Music (BMI); Sony/ATV Music Publishing (UK) LTD; Yamina Music (ASCAP)
    Lyricist: Freddie Washington; Patrice Rushen
    Composer: Freddie Washington; Patrice Rushen; Terry McFadden

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

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  • Forget Me Nots


    Provided to YouTube by K7 Records GmbH

    Forget Me Nots · Patrice Rushen

    Straight From The Heart

    ℗ 2017 STRUT Records

    Released on: 2017-12-06

    Music Publisher: Baby Fingers Music c/o Silvia's Music Services (ASCAP)
    Composer: Freddie Washington; Patrice Rushen; Terry McFadden
    Lyricist: Freddie Washington; Patrice Rushen; Terry McFadden

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • FORGET ME NOTS cover by HSCC


    Watch the HSCC in Concert ON DEMAND (USA ONLY)

    'FORGET ME NOTS' (Patrice Rushen Classic) performed Live by the HINDLEY STREET COUNTRY CLUB feat Nikki Heuskes

    Visit our website for all things HSCC

    Produced by the HSCC
    Recorded Live at Adelaide Recording Studios, South Australia
    Mixed by @producernerd
    Support Crew: PeterV@Derringers
    Camera: Peadar McBride

    Lead Vocals: Nikki Heuskes
    Bass and vocals: Constantine Delo
    Guitar: Tzan Niko
    Keyboard and vocals: Darren Mullan
    Drums: Mario Marino
    Percussion: Steve Todd
    Saxophone: Jack Degenhart

    Subscribe to our artist's channels!
    Darren Mullan (Keys and Mixing)
    Nikki Heuskes (vocals)
    Peadar McBride (Cameras)

    Recorded using only Shure microphones and IEM's thanks to Jands.

    #absolutelylive #shotoniphone #homestudio #thehscc #producernerd #heart #hindleystreetcountryclub #bestcoverband #djiosmomobile

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  • Patrice Rushen - Forget Me Nots Bass Cover


    Bass cover of this brilliant bassline by Freddie Washington!

    Playing a Yamaha BB2024X.

  • Forget Me Nots ~ Patrice Rushen


    Credit for the Royalty Free Video Footage to:
    • Gamer X (Disco Ball)

    • Video Farm Non Copyrighted Videos (Disco Lights)

  • Patrice Rushen - Forget Me Nots


    Patrice Rushen - Forget Me Nots

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  • Patrice Rushen - Forget Me Nots 1982 HD 16:9


    Patrice Rushen - Forget Me Nots ( Não esqueça de mim )
    BBC - Top of the Pops - Reino Unido
    WMG - Rhino Elektra

  • Forget Me Nots - Patrice Rushen


    Here's a clip of Patrice Rushen performing at the Temecula Wine and Music Festival. Enjoy and Stay Smooooth.

  • 김종국 지우고 아플 사랑은.. 가사 Color Coded Han/Rom/Eng


    Song : 지우고 아플 사랑은.. (forget-me-not)
    Artist : 김종국 (KIM JONG KOOK)
    Album : Special Single
    Released on 8/12/20

    지우고 아플 사랑은..'은 겨울의 쓸쓸함과 어쿠스틱 사운드가 주는 따스함을 동시에 느낄 수 있는 정통 발라드 트랙으로, 서로 사랑했던 기억을 그리며 살아가는 한 남자의 애잔한 마음이 고스란히 가사로 표현되어 있는 곡이다. 여기에 김종국만이 표현할 수 있는 특유의 감성이 눈 녹듯 녹아들어 있어 듣는 이로 하여금 '슬픔'과 '그리움', '애절함' 등 복합적인 감정을 느끼게 해준다. 또한, 작사 작곡을 포함한 전반적인 곡 프로듀싱에 김종국이 직접 참여하여 본인 만의 감성을 짙게 녹여내었으며 레드벨벳, 에이프릴, 정승환, 10CM, 산들, 윤미래 등 수많은 아티스트들의 음악을 프로듀싱 한 타이비언과 바크의 참여로 곡의 완성도를 더욱 높여주었고 스트링은 AIMISTRINGS가 편곡을 담당하며 풍부한 오케스트라 사운드를 구현해 웅장한 느낌을 더해주었다.


    Lyrics by 김종국
    Composed by 타이비언, 김종국, 바크, YESY
    Arranged by 타이비언, 바크

    Vocal Director by 타이비언

    Keyboard by 타이비언
    Piano by 바크
    Guitar by 이병호
    Bass by 타이비언
    Strings Arranged by 강민훈, 한성은 at AIMISTRINGS
    Strings by 에임스트링

    Recorded by 황민희 at MILLIONMARKET Studio
    Digital Edited by 허은숙 at W Sound
    Mixed by 조준성 at W Sound
    Mastered by 권남우 at 821 Sound Mastering

    - Copyright Notice –
    Strictly no copyright infringements intended.
    Song doesn’t belongs to me. Do not reupload.
    All copyright owns to JK Entertainment, The Turbo Company and their respective owner.

    Request Video :

    Business Email:


    Kim jong kook forget-me-not color coded lyrics
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    김종국 가사
    Kim jong kook 지우고 아플 사랑은..
    김종국 지우고 아플 사랑은..
    김종국 forget-me-not
    지우고 아플 사랑은.. 가사
    Kim jong kook 가사
    kim jong kook 지우고 아플 사랑은.. lyrics
    kim jong kook forget me not
    forget me not kjk lyrics
    지우고 아플 사랑은 김종국

    #김종국 #지우고_아플_사랑은 #KimJongKook #Forget_Me_Not #JK #SpecialSingle #20201208 #STAL24

  • Forget Meme Nots


    Inspired by juliaplaysgroove

    Natalie Woolf
    Caleb Santiago
    Miika Juhola
    Garry Hoyt
    Alex Underwood
    Dimitar Dimitrov
    Moritz Kiesow
    Liam Aspinall
    Gracious Benefactor
    Jinte Spijker
    Eskil Dybvik
    Ryan Andonian
    Uncultured Swine
    Korbinian Maag
    Benjamin Bates

    SONG USED: Forget Me Nots by Patrice Rushen (Song from Men in Black)

    Bald Head Slap
    BASS MEETS BASS (Davie504)
    Could You Pay Me In Advance (Spider-Man 2)
    Doot (Skull Trumpet)
    Duck Army
    Eminem Spits His Favorite 50 Cent Verse (MuchDank)
    Four Peters (Family Guy)
    Gary Meow (Spongebob Squarepants)
    Girl Gets Hit By Door (Kingxaviara)
    How to be a moth (Sven Johnson)
    Jack Black defines Octagon (Sesame Street)
    Oh hey (twomad)
    Old Spice Commercial (Terry Crews)
    Pewdiepie Meme Review Clap
    Preparing The Krabby Patty (Spongebob Squarepants)
    Some (Smash Mouth - All Star)
    Steppin' On The Beach (Spongebob Squarepants)

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    ►Personal Channel:
    ►Facebook Page:

  • Patrice Rushen - Forget Me Nots


    Bass cover of Forget Me Nots, the ultimate groove from Patrice Rushen's album Straight From The Heart.
    In this cover I'm using my old bass, Hohner HRB STD.
    Hope you like it & thanks for watching!

    My Patreon:

  • Bad English - Forget Me Not


    Music video by Bad English performing Forget Me Not. (C) 1989 SONY BMG MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT

  • Forget Me Nots


    Provided to YouTube by K7 Records GmbH

    Forget Me Nots (12 Version) · Patrice Rushen

    Straight From The Heart

    ℗ 2017 STRUT Records

    Released on: 2017-12-06

    Music Publisher: Baby Fingers Music c/o Silvia's Music Services (ASCAP)
    Composer: Freddie Washington; Patrice Rushen; Terry McFadden
    Lyricist: Freddie Washington; Patrice Rushen; Terry McFadden

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Forget Me Nots - Bass Line Analysis & Lesson /// Scotts Bass Lessons


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    Last Friday I released a riff analysis lesson of one of the best slap riff's of all time... Hair by the godfather of funk - Mr Larry Graham...

    Well, the response from that lesson was simply off the chart... so, I thought I'd hit you with another EPIC slap riff!

    In this lesson you're going to learn the bass line to Forget Me Nots... played by the legendary Ready Freddie Washington.

    Like last week's lesson, this is another iconic slap bass riff and there's so much that can be learned from studying this great groove....

    I show you the riff, break it down slowly, and then explain why and how the actual riff works from a harmony perspective so you can take this information and use it in your own slap riffs.

    Ready to get your funk on? Let's do this!


    Right now over 10,000 bass players are enrolled in the Academy here at Scott's Bass Lessons and are making a real difference to their playing... if you're really serious about getting your bass playing together, click here to find out more and grab your FREE trial:

  • forget-me-not


    Provided to YouTube by Sony Music Labels Inc.

    forget-me-not · ReoNa


    ℗ 2019 SACRA MUSIC

    Released on: 2019-02-06

    Lyricist: Kei_Hayashi
    Composer: rui
    Arranger: Kegani

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Patrice Rushen - Forget Me Nots Lyrics 1982


  • Patrice Rushen - Forget Me Nots / Will Smith - Men In Black / George Michael - Fast Love


    Patrice Rushen - Forget Me Nots / Will Smith - Men In Black / George Michael - Fast Love

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  • Smolik - Forget Me Not feat. Emmanuelle Seigner


    Album dostępny w plikach cyfrowych i streamingach:

    Smolik Facebook:

    Autorem zdjęć do tego obrazu oraz reżyserem teledysku jest światowej sławy operator filmowy Paweł Edelman, który jest autorem zdjęć do takich filmów jak „Pianista, „Olivier Twist, „Ray, „Autor Widmo, „Katyń.

    Muzyka: Andrzej Smolik
    Słowa: Gaba Kulka

    A week or two, will do to wipe me from your mind
    No need to try so hard to remember
    A memory finds the blanks and fills them overtime
    Connecting dots and drawing faces

    Call me when you give it a thought

    Maybe one day you'll leave
    Your idle mind at play
    And launch into a chain reaction

    Call me when you give it a thought

    My name was lost along with details and dates
    A small event of no importance
    But every single thing you thought you had erased
    Is still alive beneath the surface
    Funny, you never gave it a thought

    A little shock, a smile, a colour or a smell
    Will bring about my resurrection

    Call me when I'm crossing your thought



  • winnie【forget me not】


    winnie【forget me not】(Official Music Video)

    BAND Name:winnie

    ■Band Profile■
    Formed in 2002 from Tokyo Japan. Features twin vocals of a male and a female. Influenced by bands like Jimmy Eat World, Anberlin, and Copeland
    they produce beautiful sound like a mixture of melancholic melody and the aggressiveness of Nirvana. Accompanied by Okuji and Iori's voice creates
    the winnie sound. They have released 2 singles, 3 EPs, and 1 full length from EVOL RECORDS. Most of their records have marked high position
    in the Japanese music chart Oricon. They've played in front of 10,000 crowds in a festival in Japan and are planning to play shows worldwide.

    Single & LIVE DVD「forget me not」

    2012年2月8日 OUT!

    品番 : EVOL-1019D(CD+DVD)/EVOL-1019T(HMVタオルセット)
    価格 : ¥1,680(税込)(CD+DVD)/¥2,680(HMVタオルセット)
    POS : 4582241310620(CD+DVD)/4582241310637(HMVタオルセット)

    CDタイトル:Forget me not
    1. forget me not【MUSIC VIDEO】
    2. secrets

    DVDタイトル:2011.04.23 winnie 'Synchronized Tour 2011 FINAL' in Shindaita FEVER)
    1. who's dreaming deep
    2. memories memories
    3. sweep
    4. starlike stereo
    5. boys & girls
    6. this storyends
    7. first class speed of light
    8. suddenly

    winnie offcial website 
    EVOL RECORDS offcial website 

  • Patrice Rushen - Forget Me Nots - 7 inches single vinyl


    #psx555es #hifispongebob #hifisquarepants

  • Patrice Rushen Forget Me Nots TOTP 06 05 1982


  • Patrice Rushen - Forget Me Nots


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  • Kikki Danielsson - Forget Me Not


    Album: Just Like a Woman
    Utgitt: 1981
    Låtskriver : Steve Wariner
    Label: Mariann ‎Studios Skara – MLPH 1279

    Ann-Kristin «Kikki» Danielsson (born 10 May 1952 in Visseltofta in Skåne) is a Swedish country, dance band and pop singer. [1] She also plays accordion and jewels. Kikki Danielsson has participated in the Melodi Grand Prix, the Melodifestivalen and the Eurovision Song Contest. She represented Sweden in the Eurovision Song Contest 1985 with the song Good Vibration and ended in third place. Three years earlier she also represented Sweden, but then as part of the duo Chips and the song Day after day. The grant ended in eighth place in the Eurovision Song Contest 1982.

    She began her career as a vocalist and foreground figure in the dance band Wizex in 1973. At that time she wrote Swedish texts to a number of international hits that the group then recorded. Danielsson left Wizex in 1982 and joined the group Chips.

    In a town in Tennessee, an old man reaches
    For a torn and tattered book upon a shelf
    He takes it down and opens to
    Some pressed forget-me-nots so blue
    And he reads her tear-stained letters to himself

    Forget me not, regret me not, my darling
    I'll be yours, long as these blossoms stay true blue
    And if our love is meant too bloom, I'll be back to you real soon
    If the flowers fade, you know our love is through

    Fifty summers have gone by since he has seen her
    The old man lives all alone and friends are few
    But the few who know him say, his love made nature lose her way
    Those forget-me-nots inside the book stay blue

    Forget me not, regret me not, my darling
    I'll be yours, as long as these blossoms stay true blue
    And if our love is meant too bloom, I'll be back to you real soon
    If the flowers fade, you know our love is through

    No one sees him pick fresh flowers every morning
    Place them in that book, still wet with morning dew
    But if an old man's love won't die, then does it really matter why
    Those forget-me-nots inside the book stay blue

    Forget me not, regret me not, my darling
    I'll be yours, as long as these blossoms stay true blue
    And if our love is meant too bloom, I'll be back to you real soon #KikkiDanielson #CountryMusic

  • 1929, Where the Sweet Forget-Me-Nots Remember, Reaching For the Moon, Ben Pollack Orch. HD 78rpm


    Note: be sure to enable the “1080p HD” option for best sound and picture -- and then click the full-frame icon for full view.

    Where the Sweet Forget-Me-Nots Remember 1929 voc: Scrappy Lambert
    Keep Your Undershirt On 1929 voc: Scrappy Lambert
    Reaching For the Moon 1929 voc: Scrappy Lambert (unissued test)

    All posting on this channel conforms to the United States Code: Article 107., Chapter 1., Title 17., “Fair Use” Act of 1976 which supersedes all copyright. The material herein is of a strictly non-commercial intent, and is created for the sole purpose of nonprofit education, research, information, and social comment. As presented in the Youtube forum, this video in no way violates actual copyright ownership for which I make no claim. All soundtracks use my own vintage, original 78rpm recordings. Copying of any portion of these videos is prohibited without permission of the author. Ref:

  • Patrice Rushen - Forget Me Nots



    Bass Tone

    - Bridge Action: Mid High
    - Pickup Selection: Both
    - Pickup Tone: Full
    - Finger/Pick Strength: Mid
    - Finger/Pick Shape: Sharp
    - Other: Played with a tight slap and pop technique.

    Amp/Cab Tone

    - Gain: -
    - Bass: -
    - Mids: -
    - Treble: -
    - Pedals: -
    - Other: Just DI


    - EQ: Boosted just a bit of bass freqs at 100hz and some 1 and 5 khz, cut down some high end
    - Compression: Little amount
    - Other: -

    Transcription Sources

    - Isolated Track: No
    - Live Videos: Yes
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  • Forget Me Nots


    Provided to YouTube by The Orchard Enterprises

    Forget Me Nots · The Trammps

    Disco Hits Of The 70s

    ℗ -
    ℗ 2011 Goldenlane Records

    Released on: 2011-07-19

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Edgard Mile Feat. Beatrich - Forget Me Nots


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  • Chase - Forget Me Not


  • Daryl Hall & John Oates, Train - Philly Forget Me Not


    Philly Forget Me Not Out Now:

    Apple Music:
    Google Play:

    On tour with Train

    Connect with Daryl Hall & John Oates:

    #HallAndOates #PhillyForgetMeNot #Vevo

  • Forget Me Nots


    Provided to YouTube by TuneCore

    Forget Me Nots · James Spiteri

    A New Beginning

    ℗ 2016 James Spiteri

    Released on: 2016-01-15

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Hold Up - Forget Me Nots Feat. Orla Breslin


    Hold Up performing Forget Me Nots by Patrice Rushen, Featuring Orla Breslin on Vocals. Recorded live at Camelot Studios - Dublin, Ireland

    Fully live recording using 2 x 8 Channel Mic Pre's, recorded into and edited with Presonus Studio One

    Orla Breslin - Lead Vocals
    Terence Taylor - Vocals / Guitar
    Jake Curran - Lead Guitar
    Adam Taylor - Bass
    Eoin Redmond - Drums
    Shane O Connor - Keys

    Videographer - Shaun Ryan
    Video Editing - Eoin Redmond
    Audio Editing - Eoin Redmond

  • forget me nots...


    Provided to YouTube by NexTone Inc.

    forget me nots... · 平野 綾


    Released on: 2007-11-07

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Vinylshakerz - Forget Me Nots


    By Bet!nho

  • The Forget Me Nots Trouble


    Trouble - 1992 release

  • PATRICE RUSHEN - Forget Me Nots Special Dance Mix


    Patrice Rushen - Forget Me Nots [Special Dance Mix]

    Label: Elektra (K 13173(T)
    Format: Vinyl, 12, 45 RPM, Single
    Released: 1982 [UK]
    Producer: Charles Mims Jr., Patrice Rushen
    Written by Freddie Washington, Patrice Rushen, Terri McFaddin

    For promotional purpose only !

  • Forget Me Nots Choir Zoom Collage Apr Oct 2020


    We never heard of Zoom when we restarted rehearsals in January but it became a lifeline for our choir members as we worked to stay connected during the COVID-19 lockdowns, cocooning, tier level restrictions and social distancing. This short video collage gives a small taste of our Feel So Young Tuesday and Silver Lining Friday Zoom sessions. We hope you enjoy it as we all look forward to getting back together again in person!

  • Darren Rahn - Forget Me Nots


    Darren Rahn - Forget Me Nots (featuring De'Nate')
    Album: Talk Of The Town 2009

  • Saves The Day Holly Hox, Forget Me Nots


    Holly Hox, Forget Me Nots is from the album Through Being Cool, available now. Get the album here:

    Somewhere under water
    Maybe you could find my heart
    That's where I threw it after you had torn it out
    Oh, three days ago
    The doctor he said so, told me:

    Every skyline and every night spent alone
    Is tearing me apart
    Maybe I should get some help
    Maybe I should fly out to Montana
    It's quiet

    Out past the electric lines
    Out where no one will know my name
    Oh, I've had it now
    I am walking down to your house

    Banging on the door
    Please, please, please, Mr. Hox
    Won't you tell your daughter I'm all alone
    And I'm not handling this well.

    You never know what you have
    Until you get it yanked out of your chest
    I am walking to the water
    Standing on the bank
    Staring at my reflection
    Oh my god, I look pathetic tonight.

    Well, guess what now?
    I'm diving in this river
    Fishing out my heart
    Never gonna let you
    Never gonna let you get your hands on this again

    #savestheday #throughbeingcool #hollyhoxforgetmenots

  • George Michael - Fastlove Part II


    Contains Samples from Forget Me Nots by Patrice Rushen!!
    Original Edit
    *******Check my MIXCLOUD If you like it!*******



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  • Forget Me Nots - Patrice Rushen Smooth Jazz Tribute


    Smooth Jazz All Stars performing Patrice Rushen's Forget Me Nots from the Smooth Jazz Tribute to Patrice Rushen album. Like the Smooth Jazz All Stars on Facebook.

  • Randy Crawford - Forget Me Nots


    Naked And True 1995

  • Patrice Rushen performs Forget Me Nots Live @ Thornton Winery


    Patrice Rushen performs the R&B classicForget Me Nots Live @ Thornton Winery featuring Lee Ritenour on Guitar

  • Patrick Patrikios | Forget Me Not


    Video created by NCALIB.
    Music without copyright - Attribution not required.
    You're free to use this song and monetize your video.
    Artist: Patrick Patrikios | Track: Forget Me Not
    Download MP3 -
    Dance & Electronic | Dramatic
    Patrick Patrikios playlist:
    Dance & Electronic music playlist:
    Dramatic music playlist:

    #DanceElectronicDramatic #PatrickPatrikios #ForgetMeNot #NoCopyrightMusic #NoCopyrightAudioLibrary #DownloadMP3 #MusicVisualization


  • Tongue n Cheek - Forget Me Not$


    Tongue 'n' Cheek Forget Me Nots Not$. 1991 single charting at #26 in the UK in January 1991. From the album 'This Is Tongue N Cheek', this single version was remixed by DNA. A cover version of the Patrice Rushen song. Official music video HQ 90s 90's dance. ohnoitisnathan

  • Forget Me Nots


    Provided to YouTube by Universal Music Group

    Forget Me Nots · Lee Ritenour

    Smoke 'n' Mirrors

    ℗ 2006 Peacon LLC

    Released on: 2006-01-01

    Composer Lyricist: Patrice Rushen
    Composer Lyricist: Terri McFaddin
    Composer Lyricist: Fred Washington

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Vinylshakerz - Forget Me Nots




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