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Playlist of Final Boss

  • Electro - Nitro Fun - Final Boss Monstercat Release


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  • Journey Complete - New Game + Final Boss Mashup


    Suggest a Mashup:

    So despite the fact that I'm on holiday break and don't have much to do, I've strangely not really had much motivation to do mashups (And by that I mean I've p much exclusively been playing Minecraft & Paradox Games for the past 2 weeks, please send help)
    So you're getting a pretty quick one that I know *loads* of people were suggesting and apparently the Barracuda + Lycanthropy one did really well so why not do it again with a similar thumbnail /shrug
    Also I added a secret easter egg with this song, see if you can find it!

    New Game Art by @SickInk

    Final Boss Art by NatCupcake


    Nitro Fun - New Game

    Nitro Fun - Final Boss

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  • Hiroyuki Sawano Final→BOSS Epic Battle Music


    Hiroyuki Sawano: Epic Battle Music
    Music FROM: #KILL_la_KILL
    Picture from:
    Track Name: #Tabun_LASTBoSS

  • Dion Timmer & Excision - Final Boss


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  • The Enigma TNG - Final Boss - Dubstep


    The Enigma TNG Facebook:

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    Deviant Art:



    I DO NOT own the image used in this video. No copyright intended.

  • Music Producer Reacts: FFXIV Eden Refulgence


    My Reaction / Analysis of the Eden's Verse: Refulgence (the Final Boss Theme, also known as Return To Oblivion), from FINAL FANTASY XIV SHADOWBRINGERS, as a professional Music Producer.
    Square Enix is going hard at these FF EDM bangers lately and I'm loving it.
    The full song is available at @Mekkah Dee's channel!
    ???? PATREON:
    ???? TWITTER:
    ????️ GET IN TOUCH:
    Composer: Masayoshi Soken & Square Enix Music Team
    FINAL FANTASY is a registered trademark of Square Enix Holdings Co., Ltd.
    FINAL FANTASY XIV © 2010-2020 SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD. All Rights Reserved.

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  • God of War Final Boss Theme


    No gameplay or names to avoid spoilers. Final boss theme from the new god of war recorded from the game instead of the soundtrack CD to add some variety. My favorite part has to be at 12:10 :D

  • SM64 Last Impact - Final Boss and Ending Credits


    I present you the final boss and ending credits of SM64 Last Impact.

  • Nitro Fun: Final Boss - Synthesia


    Nitro Fun:


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  • Just Shinanos & Beatms Final Boss


    BGM: Nitro Fun - Final Boss


  • Olberic Final Boss Battle Octopath Traveler Soundtrack


    I like the transitions into the boss themes so I made these

    Composed by Yasunori Nishiki

  • FFXI OST - Rhapsodies of Vanadiel Final Boss Theme


    Spoilers for Rhapsodies of Vana'diel ahead. I don't recommend trying to solo this with trusts like it did... but my server was dead so i had no choice ;; It ended being a 20 min fight with lots of deaths and Arises.

    FINAL FANTASY XI ©2002 - 2017 SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD. FINAL FANTASY is a registered trademark of Square Enix Holdings Co., Ltd. All material used under license.

  • Final Boss - Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter Soundtrack


    Title: Final Boss
    Game: Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter
    Platform: DS
    Composer: David J. Franco

    NOTE: I do not own any of these tracks uploaded to this Channel. I only upload them to entertain people and to show them wonderful tracks composed by talented composers

    Comment: This track plays during the final boss fight against Wilfre.
    You can download all the Midis of this soundtrack in this folder:

    THQ's website:
    5thCell website:
    Here you can buy the game:

  • Dragon Quest: Final boss music compilation


    Every core Dragon Quest game's final boss theme, from 1 to 9 as heard in Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies. (click on Dragon Quest to listen to the game's own final boss theme, a lot of people have been asking me so I feel I needed to clarify). Enable annotations please.

    You're kidding! Views of six digits in one of my videos!? Thank you so much guys and girls. And this is one I spent the least time making too! You deserve a better one and it will come ASAP! Sorry for the delay. =)

    All DQ normal battle themes:

    Dragon Quest VII for 3DS and Dragon Quest Builders are now out, and there's tons of questers showing love to this underappreciated series. Thank you all who supported Operation Hero, and even more to all of you enjoying it for the first time. Welcome aboard!

    0:00 Dragonlord's theme: The Dragonlord
    2:36 Malroth's theme: Malroth ~ The True Evil
    3:56 Zoma's theme: Hero's Challenge
    5:21 Psaro's theme: Incarnation of Evil
    8:16 Nimzo's theme: Satan
    11:17 Mortamor's theme: Demon Combat
    13:08 Orgodemir's theme: Orgo Demila
    15:43 Rhapthorne's theme: Battle in the Heavens
    18:00 Dragon Quest IX final boss' theme

    I am a huge fan of final bosses and the game Dragon Quest IX, thus I was ecstatic when I found out that you could fight all of the series' final bosses from DQI to DQVIII in that same game! What's more, each one had a cover of their original battle theme remade for the Nintendo DS, so as a tribute I decided to put together all of DQ final boss themes as heard in DQIX. Enjoy!

    This is my first music compilation video, I hope it turned out good. I dunno if I will ever do another but maybe sometime in the future.

    UPDATE: Yes I did:

    Also, you can click on the picture to listen to the corresponding theme. I got this idea from TaciturnArtist, thank you so much, man! And to whoever made the picture... thank you! You rule! I didn't know before but it's been used for two other (japanese) videos as well! =D

    Music composed by Koichi Sugiyama. Dragon Quest is property of Armor Team and Square-Enix. Please support original material.

    Fun fact: The Dragonlord is the earliest video game theme I know about that is specifically made for ANY game's final battle (1986).

  • The FINAL BOSS approaches... - SiIvaGunner: King for Another Day


    see also:
    Please use the MF Like Button to lend our heroes your power in their battle against UNRESTRAINED HYPERCAM 2! Only you can turn the tides of battle and save the Grand Finals we all deserve!

  • Kirby Final Boss Medley 2019


    So, I saw that that Kirby Final Boss Medley was making the rounds again, and it inspired me to make my own remix medley for Kirby's final bosses, in my own way. Enjoy!
    About half of the base MIDIs were by Kimagure Nagareboshi:

    DL: (Patrons)
    (Individual Purchase)


  • Myuu - Final Boss


    Myuu Final Boss
    Angry Cinematic Background Music

    Artist: Myuu
    Title: Final Boss
    You're free to use this song in any of your videos

    License Photo:

    No Copyright Music

    No Copyright Music promote music that's free to download and use on YouTube videos.
    You can use any song from this channel on Youtube without
    worrying about content ID matches or copyright claims.

  • Double Dragon 2 - Final Boss Music


    Great electronic music from the video game Double Dragon (NES)

  • Yoshis Island Final Boss - GaMetal


    Spread the word that we want Jonny back soon! Also, comment with which one of Jonny's amazing covers you want to hear next! (I lOVE THIS GAME BY THE WAY!)

  • Paper Mario Final Boss Music



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  • Final Fantasy Final Boss Music - Final Fantasy VI Kefka


    Part 6!

    OK, now before you critisize about why why ive cut the song, 2 things,

    1. The youtube limit is 10 minutes, Dancing Mad is over 17 minutes long.

    2. This verse of the song is the part that was actually the music setting of the final FINAL boss, Kefka in his angelic like form, the previous verses of Dancing Mad were used for the Demon tower thing that you had to defeat to reach Kefka, but it isnt technically the Final boss.

    Dissidia artwork used again, you know the drill.

    So enjoy!

    Copyrights to the music, pictures, characters, Final Fantasy belong to Square Enix Ltd.

  • Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice - Final Boss song


    Passarella Death Squad - Just Like Sleep
    (Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice - Final Boss song)

    Image —

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  • Sonic the Hedgehog Final Boss Theme Compilation


    -UPDATE- New version here:

    Almost 2 hours worth of final boss themes from Sonic the Hedgehog. I think the only games I missed out were the Game Gear games. Apart from them, I think I've covered every game from Sonic the Hedgehog on the MegaDrive to Sonic 4 Ep 2.

    I also included themes like For True Story and Solaris Phase 1 as they are technically Final Boss themes.

    If you're wondering why some of the text looks a little derpy, it's because Pinnacle Studio can't text good.

    0:00 - Final Zone (Sonic the Hedgehog)
    0:48 - Death Egg Zone Boss Theme (Sonic the Hedgehog 2)
    1:50 - Final Boss Theme (Sonic the Hedgehog 3)
    2:57 - Doomsday Zone (Sonic the Hedgehog 3 and Knuckles)
    4:10 - Final Fight Zone (Sonic 3D Blast ~ Genesis)
    5:10 - Final Fight Zone (Sonic 3D Blast ~ Saturn)
    8:00 - Boss Theme (Sonic the Hedgehog CD ~ US)
    9:23 - Final Fever (Sonic the Hedgehog CD ~ JP)
    11:03 - Final Boss Theme (Knuckles Chaotix)
    12:11 - Open Your Heart ~ Short Ver. (Sonic Adventure)
    14:37 - Perfect Chaos Revival (Sonic Adventure)
    15:58 - For True Story (Sonic Adventure 2)
    17:46 - Live and Learn (Sonic Adventure 2)
    22:13 - Metal Madness (Sonic Heroes)
    24:31 - What I'm Made Of... (Sonic Heroes)
    28:12 - X Zone Final Boss Theme (Sonic Advance)
    29:29 - Moon Zone Theme (Sonic Advance)
    30:57 - XX Zone Final Boss Theme (Sonic Advance 2)
    32:30 - XX Zone Final Boss Theme ~ Pinch (Sonic Advance 2)
    33:28 - True Area 53 (Sonic Advance 2)
    34:29 - Final Boss Theme (Sonic Battle)
    36:40 - Final Boss Theme (Sonic Advance 3)
    39:14 - Final Boss Theme ~ Pinch (Sonic Advance 3)
    40:23 - Nonaggression Zone (Sonic Advance 3)
    42:08 - Nonaggression Zone ~ Pinch (Sonic Advance 3)
    42:52 - I Am... All of Me ~ Devil Doom Ver. (Shadow the Hedgehog)
    46:26 - Bomber Barbara (Sonic Rush)
    48:35 - Bomber Barbara Part 2 (Sonic Rush)
    49:14 - Wrapped in Black (Sonic Rush)
    51:49 - Wrapped in Black Part 2 (Sonic Rush)
    52:50 - Theme of Digital Dimension (Sonic Riders)
    55:10 - Solaris Phase 1 (Sonic the Hedgehog 2006)
    58:18 - Solaris Phase 2 (Sonic the Hedgehog 2006)
    1:01:10 - Meteor Base Zone Boss Theme (Sonic Rivals)
    1:02:04 - Boss: Big Swell (Sonic Rush Adventure)
    1:03:57 - Deep Core (Sonic Rush Adventure)
    1:05:43 - Deep Core ~ Allegro (Sonic Rush Adventure)
    1:07:23 - It Has Come To This (Sonic and the Secret Rings)
    1:10:08 - Seven Rings in Hand (Sonic and the Secret Rings)
    1:15:13 - The Core (Sonic Riders Zero Gravity)
    1:19:48 - Boss: Ifrit (Sonic Rivals 2)
    1:21:28 - Vs. Dark Gaia (Sonic Unleashed)
    1:24:49 - Super Sonic Vs. Perfect Dark Gaia (Sonic Unleashed)
    1:28:16 - Fight the Knight (Sonic and the Black Knight)
    1:30:11 - With Me (Sonic and the Black Knight)
    1:34:03 - Final Boss Theme (Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Episode 1)
    1:34:51 - Theme of Final Factory (Sonic Free Riders)
    1:37:23 - Vs. Nega Wisp Armour Phase 1 (Sonic Colours)
    1:41:26 - Vs. Nega Wisp Armour Phase 2 (Sonic Colours)
    1:44:58 - Boss: Time Eater Ver. 1 (Sonic Generations)
    1:47:08 - Boss: Time Eater Ver. 2 (Sonic Generations)
    1:49:19 - Boss: Time Eater Final Attack (Sonic Generations)
    1:50:00 - Death Egg Mark II Act 1 (Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Episode 2)
    1:51:28 - Death Egg Mark II Final Boss Theme (Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Episode 2)

  • Final Boss - Sonic Mania Inspired Remix


    #SonicMania #SonicManiaRemix #BigArms #Sonic3FinalBoss

    I ask you to join my own Discord server! Get the chance to meet new people. Link to The Glowtel 2.0 Discord server:

    Download link (MP3):

    (Requested by Red Cardinal1) While the Sonic Generations remix of the final boss theme for S3&K sounds amazing, it doesn't even have a single trace of the original 16-bit synths. There are times were even Mania remains more faithful to the originals; take the drowning theme as an example. This is why I felt like using some of the older synths but still use new ones to make it feel like something out of Sonic Mania.

  • Final Boss/Jenova Remake - A Koopas Revenge


    Soundtrack Download by Newgronds:
    Play the game by Newgronds:
    Play the game by




  • Sonic 3 Music: Final Boss extended


    This is the tune used for the final boss at the end of the Launch Base zone in Sonic 3.

    This version is 8 MINUTES LONG!!!

  • Super Mario Galaxy 2 vs CarboHydroMusic EXTENDED/LOOPED


    Requested by ZekromReshiram900, here is a 30-minute extended/looped version of my Super Mario Galaxy 2 Final Boss mash-up. It's basically the song looped multiple times for your enjoyment. I hope this is what Zekrom meant by extended.

    No HD this time. Sorry. If I did HD, the video would take way too long to upload.

    Hope you enjoy and thanks for watching! - HyperCole64

  • Reach for the Stars Nega Remix


    MP3 download available:

    You all knew this was coming. Reach for the Stars from Sonic Colors mixed with the orchestral version used in the second phase of the game's final boss.

    Knowing I was treading predictable ground, I had to be very conscious of quality on this one. I considered waiting for the official soundtrack (two weeks away from now), but I didn't want to be beat out by others who have also caught on to this crazy Sonic mashup subdivision of YouTube.

    The composers didn't make it easy, though. Unlike Endless Possibility, which could be played together almost perfectly, we have to bend over backwards to make the best possible mashup of these two versions. I spent many hours on this, making sure the sequencing and sound balance were satisfactory. After starting from scratch three different times, I think this one's the winner.

    By the way, Sonic Colors is a really good game. No, really. Go get it.

  • Sonic 2 Secret Final Boss - Mecha Mighty


    (sadly I have to kill the joke and say it's not real in the description as an increasing number of people...actually think I'm trying to pass it off as real. Internet I never thought you were this stupid)

    To unlock this stage you must jump out of the spike pit in mystic cave, finish a special stage without Tails running into a bomb, die on the first boss and kill the final boss as Knuckles in 30 seconds.

  • Final Boss Battle - Kirby Star Allies OST Extended



  • Alfyn Final Boss Battle Octopath Traveler Soundtrack


    I like the transitions into the boss themes so I made these

    Composed by Yasunori Nishiki

  • Pandoras Tower: Until I Return to Your Side Soundtrack - Final Boss -


    PT ost music bgm

  • Final Fantasy Final Boss Music - Final Fantasy II Emperor Palamecia


    Here's the second one of my FF Final Boss music collection!

    Final Fantasy II, the final battle against Emperor Mateus Palamecia, as with Chaos, I chose Nomura's artwork for him, in this case, his Dissidia artwork.

    Copyrights to the music, pictures, characters, Final Fantasy belong to Square Enix Ltd.

  • Mighty Switch Force 2 OST - Track 14 - Final Boss


    Disclaimer: I did not compose this, this work belongs to Jake Kaufman, otherwise known as Virt. You can find his website here:

    As for the soundtrack itself, you can get it here for a name your price download (which technically means you can get it for free, but why wouldn't you support someone as amazing as virt?):

  • Kirby - All Final Boss Themes


    As ever, you can jump to a specific theme/game by clicking the times below or the in-video annotations!

    Kirby's Dream Land
    00:00 - Mt. Dedede

    Kirby's Adventure
    00:48 - Nightmare Battle
    01:45 - Nightmare Battle (Nightmare in Dream Land ver.)

    Kirby's Dream Land 2
    03:19 - Duel in the Darkened Sky
    04:06 - Dark Matter

    Kirby Super Star
    04:38 - Marx's Theme

    Kirby's Dream Land 3
    06:47 - Hyper Zone 1
    07:51 - Hyper Zone 2

    Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards
    09:01 - Miracle Matter
    10:41 - 02 Battle

    Kirby and the Amazing Mirror
    13:14 - Dark Mind I
    14:45 - Dark Mind II
    15:35 - Dark Mind III

    Kirby: Canvas Curse
    16:31 - Drawcia Sorceress
    18:18 - Drawcia Soul

    Kirby: Squeak Squad
    19:46 - Dark Nebula

    Kirby Super Star Ultra
    21:27 - Galacta Knight

    Kirby's Epic Yarn
    22:24 - VS. Yin-Yarn
    23:39 - VS. Mecha Yin-Yarn

    Kirby Mass Attack
    24:38 - Terrifying Fiend

    Kirby's Return to Dream Land
    26:36 - VS. Magolor
    29:43 - C-R-O-W-N-E-D

    Kirby Triple Deluxe
    33:18 - Sullied Grace
    36:45 - Moonstruck Blossom
    38:54 - The World to Win
    40:38 - Soul of Sectonia

    Kirby and the Rainbow's Curse
    42:28 - Battle Against the Dark Crafter

    Kirby does not belong to me.
    Kirby is property of Nintendo and HAL Laboratory.
    Please support the official release.

  • Sonic Unleashed - Eggmanland - Final Boss - Dark Gaia ~ S-Rank


    My favourite Bossbattle of Modern Sonic Games! I finally recorded it for you. Please enjoy. I also edited the gameplay a bit. Maybe you'll find out everything I changed. Let me know in the comments below.

    You liked the Final Boss Theme i placed in this video? Check out my New RS Remix:

  • Final Boss Splatoon Remix




    Another remix for you guys, this time on both phases (DJ Octavio and the Squid Sisters) of the final boss battle theme during Splatoon! Hope you guys enjoy! If you did, Please leave a like, subscribe to the channel, and leave any requests for future remixes in the comments below!

    My Bandcamp:

    Want to be the first to know whenever I use the bathroom? Follow me on Twitter!

  • Hard Corps: Uprising - Stage 8 Battleship Final Boss Theme


  • Spark the Electric Jester OST 23 - Final Boss


    Spark the Electric Jester Original Soundtrack

    23 - Final Boss
    Composed by Paul Bethers

    Also available for purchase via iTunes and streaming via Spotify & Amazon Prime

    Spark the Electric Jester on Steam:

    Music © 2017 Paul Bethers & Materia Collective

    Spark the Electric Jester © Felipe Daneluz

    Used with Permission

  • Final Fantasy Final Boss Music - Final Fantasy V Exdeath


    Part 5!

    Before anyone says that the title is wrong, Neo-Exdeath was still technically Exdeath himself, he just became a freakishly deformed huge monster, like what most FF villians do. :D

    Used the Dissidia artwork once again, Exdeath's Dissidia artwork looks better than some of the others to me, not sure why.

    Copyrights to the music, pictures, characters, Final Fantasy belong to Square Enix Ltd.

  • Project Altered Beast - Final Boss - Anatasia


    Album: Jyuouki: Project Altered Beast Gamerip
    Track: 31 - Final Boss - Anatasia

    For entertainment purposes ONLY. Not for sale of distribution. Property of Sega.

    Jyuouki: Project Altered Beast (C) 2005 SEGA

  • Etrian Odyssey 5 世界樹の迷宮V - Final Boss 1


    From the game's audio files.

  • My Top 25 RPG Final Boss Themes #2- Lunar Eternal Blue


    Game: Lunar Eternal Blue
    Song: Zophar Vs. Lucia
    Composer: Noriyuki Iwadare

    ~My Top 25 Final RPG Boss Themes~
    #25: Mother 3- Master Porky's Theme
    #24: Final Fantasy XI- Ragnarok
    #23: Dawn of Mana- The Final Desicive Battle
    #22: Baten Kaitos- Violent Storm
    #21: Ys II Eternal- Termination
    #20: Final Fantasy VI- Dancing Mad
    #19: Terranigma- Final Battle
    #18: Final Fantasy XI CoP- A Realm of Emptiness
    #17: Final Fantasy Mystic Quest- Battle 3
    #16: Valkyria Chronicles- Final Decisive Battle.
    #15: Super Robot Taisen OGs 2- Inspector From an Evil Star
    #14: Secret of Mana- Meridian Dance
    #13: Final Fantasy IV- Final Battle
    #12: Super Robot Taisen Alpha 3- GONG Ver. @III
    #11: Breath of Fire III- Last Battle
    #10: Persona 4- The Almighty
    #9: Skies of Arcadia- Last Battle
    #8: Ys III- The Strongest Foe
    #7: Chrono Trigger- World Revolution
    #6: Odin Sphere- Facing the Darkness
    #5: Grandia II- FIGHT Ver. 4 ~Final Battle~
    #4: Digital Devil Saga 2- Divine Identity
    #3: Final Fantasy VIII- The Exteme
    #2: Lunar Eternal Blue- Zophar Vs. Lucia

  • Sonic Colors Music Extended - Final Boss - Part 2


    Sonic Colors music that I made play for 15 minutes.

    This song was extended by Dinkleberg.

  • Deus Ex: Human Revolution OST HD - 82: Hyron


    The soundtrack from the major cyberpunk action-adventure prequel 'Deus Ex: Human Revolution' in high definition quality.

    Set in a dystopic 2027, you are Adam Jensen, a security officer who gets heavily augmented against his will, after his employer, Sarif Industries, gets attacked by ruthless terrorists that injure him almost deadly. Your goal now is to find out who these people are, and what they want. As you proceed, you begin to forget on who's side you are. And soon you find out that there are powers in the world, who want the future of planet earth to develop in a very special way...

  • The Legend of Zelda - All FINAL BOSS Themes


    All The Legend of Zelda Overworld Themes from 1987-2017.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    DISCLAIMER~ All content used in this video belongs to Nintendo.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    0:00 - The Adventure of Link - Dark Link
    0:39 - A Link to the Past - Ganon
    1:55 - Link's Awakening - Nightmare
    3:56 - Ocarina of Time - Ganon
    6:06 - Majora's Mask - Majora's Mask (Phase 1)
    7:54 - Majora's Mask - Majora's Incarnation(Phase 2)
    9:43 - Majora's Mask - Majora's Wrath (Phase 3)
    11:43 - Oracle of Seasons/Oracle of Ages - Veran/Dark Dragon
    12:59 - Oracle of Seasons/Oracle of Ages - Ganon
    13:57 - Fours Swords - Vaati
    14:50 - The Wind Waker - Ganondorf
    17:13 - Four Swords Adventures - Ganon
    18:59 - The Minish Cap - Vaati Reborn (Phase 1)
    20:05 - The Minish Cap - Vaati Transfigured (Phase 2)
    21:12 - The Minish Cap - Vaati's Wrath (Phase 3)
    22:50 - Twilight Princess - Ganondorf
    27:02 - Phantom Hourglass - Bellumbeck
    28:26 - Spirit Tracks - Malladus (Protecting Zelda) (Phase 1)
    30:15 - Spirit Tracks - Malladus (Phase 2)
    32:30 - Ocarina of Time 3D - Ganon
    34:40 - Skyward Sword - Demise (Phase 1)
    36:37 - Skyward Sword - Demise (Phase 2)
    38:23 - The Wind Waker HD - Ganondorf
    40:45 - A Link Between Worlds - Yuga Ganon (Phase 1)
    42:51 - A Link Between Worlds - Yuga Ganon (Phase 2)
    44:26 - Hyrule Warriors - Dark Beast Ganon
    47:29 - Majora's Mask 3D - Majora's Mask (Phase 1)
    49:17 - Majora's Mask 3D - Majora's Incarnation(Phase 2)
    51:05 - Majora's Mask 3D - Majora's Wrath (Phase 3)
    53:06 - Tri Force Heroes - The Lady (Phase 1)
    54:57 - Tri Force Heroes - The Lady (Phase 2)
    56:51 - Twilight Princess HD - Ganondorf
    1:01:03 - Breath of the Wild - Dark Beast Ganon (Phase 1)
    1:03:30 - Breath of the Wild - Dark Beast Ganon (Phase 2)
    1:05:12 - Breath of the Wild - Dark Beast Ganon (Phase 3)
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    The original game doesn't have a specific theme for the boss fight with Ganon, and is therefore not included.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Which is your favourite Final Boss theme? Tell me in the comments down below! :D

  • Sonic 3 - Final Boss - Deconstructed


    Don't forget to LIKE and SUBSCRIBE!
    The Final Boss music from Sonic 3 but deconstructed. Enjoy!
    Deconstructed playlist:
    If you have any requests for Megadrive, SNES or Gameboy VGM you'd like edited in this way or other ways, let me know!

  • Persona 3 - Final Boss Theme


    the final boss theme in persona 3. also known as
    The Battle For Everyone's Soul.
    Enjoy :)
    please check out my channel

  • The Legend of Dragoon Musik Track: Final Boss Battle Extended


    Der Originale Soundtrack von The Legend of Dragoon in Extended

  • 【Splatoon】シオカラ節【Piano】



    Piano cover of Splatoon's Final Boss (Squid Sisters Ver.)
    Update: Sheet music is done.(追記:楽譜完成しました)

    Since this is my first piano video on YouTube, I'll have to explain several things. The blue paper is to prevent reflection (so you can't see my face), and the red thing is Jagarico Sensei, the mascot.


    【Sheet Music (楽譜)】



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