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Playlist of Fat Pat

  • Fat Pat - If You Only Knew


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  • Fat Pat Ghetto Dreams


    Rip Fat Pat Dj Screw

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  • Fat Pat - Dreamz


    it's the better version with better instrumentals!!!
    i couldn't find this version on youtube so i did the favor and put it up!

  • Fat Pat- Body Rock



    They done done the wrong thing, and leave us two alone
    Leave us with the pen and paper, make a drastic song
    We party all night long, we party all night long
    Cause it just don't stop, until the break of dawn

    Body rock, body rock (bou-bounce to this) - 4x

    [Fat Pat]
    Go on shake it go on break it, body rock with me
    It's the F-A to the T, call me the sugar daddy
    With the Grand Papi, on a Southside flip
    Big blades wood strip, candy coated mothership
    Don't trip we in the club, body rocking fa sho
    All my hoes on the flo', bou-bounce real low
    While I lead the crowd, how you do that there
    One foot up in the front, rock it like you don't care
    All my playas you can do it, cause it's thoed in the game
    Piece and chain diamond ring, go on let your Rolly swang
    All my gangstas do this thang, throw your set up in the air
    Body rock-body rock, body rock we don't care
    Got the roof on fire, cause we crunk in this bitch
    Everybody getting live, on this Southside shit
    Grab your bitch big pimps, in the do' for real
    Fat Pat and Big Steve, got the trick up our sleeve

    [Hook - 2x]
    Body rock, body rock (bou-bounce to this)
    Body rock, body rock (bou-bounce to this)
    Body rock, body rock (bou-bounce to this)
    Bou-bounce to this, bou-bounce to this

    [Big Steve]
    Shit done get heavy in the game, plus it's drastic
    Rolling with my motherfucking partna, Fat Pat trick
    Niggaz know we popped up twice, ain't tripping
    Playa points given, Grand Papi still sipping
    Now as we flipping through these H-Town streets, two deep
    Looking for the boppers as we creep-creep-creep, now peep
    What's the deal, hoes gotta toss it up
    From the head to the toes, that's the way the game go
    Fa sho we in the do', body rocking and shocking
    Affiliated to the playas, cause the tops be dropping
    I thought I told you once before, that this here ain't stoppin
    Bagguetes and bezeltynes, plus a million dolla dream
    Do it how you want it, put your hands to the sky
    Woss Ness and Wreckshop, gon be keeping it live
    Taking a motherfucking ride, to the T-O-P
    Now everybody in the place, body rock with me
    Now see the party ain't over, cause this shit don't stop
    And if you flipping in the drop, make your ass-end hop
    Now put your left foot in, and your right foot out
    Body rock with your bitch, like it ain't no doubt
    Southside for life, you gotta feel that baby
    Steady pumping and grinding, I need's my feddy
    Sharper than a mechetti, the blades be chopping
    Down the Boulevard, watch how the hoes be bopping

    [Hook - 2x]

    [Fat Pat]
    And I know what you saying, playas don't dance
    But we boogie every chance, like ants in our pants
    Put your mind in a trance, break it if you can
    Bou-bounce drop that ass, hit the front smash the gas
    Roll right pass them haters, when we stroll
    Body rocking nonstop, balling out of control
    Crawling down on 4's, tipping real slow
    Freestyling on a track, that I got from Platinum Soul
    Noke and Double D, we screaming Wreckshop
    And it won't stop, till we make em body rock
    Can you feel me now, as we put it down
    H-Town to Louisiana, let me see you bounce
    Connect with Austin Texas, flossing in a Lexus
    Bout it-bout it now, who's next with the plexes
    Don't mess with Texas, that's what we said
    Cause you see us crawling down, flossing turning heads

    [Hook - 4x]

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  • Trae ft Fat Pat nd H.A.W.K - SWANG


    and i swang and i wang to da left pop my trunk yep yep yep

  • TheFatRat - Unity


    My new song Rise Up is out now!

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  • Fat Pat - Tops Drop


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  • Fat Pat - Freestyle, Last concert


    Fat Pat - Freestyle, Last concert

  • Fat Pat - Swang Down


    Fat Pat's Greatest Hits (2001)

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  • Fat Pat Im So Fly


    Rip Fat Pat

  • Just A Dog


    Provided to YouTube by Ingrooves

    Just A Dog · Big Moe

    Moe Life

    Released on: 1999-07-16

    Writer, Composer: Kenneth Moore

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • FREE Fat Pat x S.U.C. Type Beat | Candy Paint


    Screwed Up Click x Texas Type Rap Instrumental
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  • Dj Screw & Fat Pat-Smokin Maryjane INSTRUMENTAL


  • Fat Pat - Gangsta Strut Freestyle


    Hold it dowwwnn Htownnn

  • Fat Pat - Do What You Wanna Do


    Fat Pat
    Do What You Wanna Do
    Throwed In Da Game

  • Fat Pat - Tops Drop


    Straight From The Streetz Presents: Houston Hard Hitters Vol. 1

  • Fat Pat - Tops Drop


    Rip Fat pat

  • Fat Pat - Tops Drop surside13


    rateee the song

  • Fat Pat-tops drop.


  • Fat Pat - Tops Drop


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  • Fat Pat - If You Only Knew Live


    This One For My Bro PJ Live Crazyed & Chopped Remix Swangin Dirty Djs , Stunna Djs And Chop Shop Djs

  • Power sound pickups vs Gfs fat pat Alnico v


    I have a Cort Zenox Z22 guitar that came equipped with some ceramic Powersound pickups. I replaced them with GFS Fat Pat pickups that have Alnico V magnets. First I play for a couple minutes with the stock, then a couple minutes with the Fat Pats so you can hear the difference. I actually like both sets of pickups, but the Fat Pats have more clarity and breathe a little more.

  • Fat Pat: Full Time Playa


    Fat Pat: Full Time Playa. [Album: Greatest Hits (Disc 1)]

  • DJ Screw - Tops Drop


    Chapter 107 - It's All Good 1998 (Fat Pat's Last Birthday Tape)

  • Fat Pat , Big Pokey , ESG , Big Moe - Last Concert Friends freestyle Chopped & Screwed


  • Fat Pat - Dreamz



    Fat Pat - Dreamz (Full Instrumental)

    @southcoastborn @mxkn.hndrx @hustletownnet @straightouttatexasshow

    Hustle Town Network
    South Coast Born


    !!!!!!!! Accepting Instrumental Requests In Comments Section !!!!!!!!

    (R.I.P Fat Pat)



  • Fat Pat - Ghetto Dreams


    ***AS SEEN ON HUSTLE TOWN NETWORK & STRAIGHT OUT OF TEXAS **** (reprod. by s6x) BLNT ENT x SOUTH COAST BORN sailing the westside of SmallTown, TX S/O to all the playaz n hustlaz along the whole Gulf Coast keep pushin -------- NEW CONTENT DROPPING SOON *** THE BLNT TAPE x $WANK & HENDRIIX RELEASE DATE 6/29/19 *** ACCEPTING REMAKE REQUESTS IN THE COMMENTS ????????????

  • Fat Pat: Tops Drop


    Fat pat: Tops Drop. [Album: Ghetto Dreams]

  • Big Hawk and Fat Pat - Next on the Mic


    Big Hawk and Fat Pat Next on the Mic. a mix i did a few days ago. gotta love that s.u.c. SUBCRIBE TO MY PAGE THERE IS ALWAYS MORE TO COME

  • Fat Pat


    Provided to YouTube by DistroKid

    Fat Pat (Live) · Lane Garner

    Fundamental: Root (Live at Rasoi)

    ℗ Wooden Robot Records

    Released on: 2014-12-16

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • DJ MegaMixx-Tops Drop .wmv


    Chopped and Screwed by DJ MegaMixx

  • LETS RIDE by ZK$


    The famous Fat Pat freestyle beat.

  • Fat Pat - Tops Drop/25 Lighters Vs Kris Kross - Da Streets Aint Right


  • Jnana & Fat Pat - Sauce


    Global Glitch is an international compilation dedicated to musicians living and producing outside of the USA. This fresh creation was compiled by Street Ritual’s Label DJ and Label Manager of 2 years, spacegeishA . The compilation consists of 14 electrifying underground glitch, bass, psychedelic, and tribal productions from 16 innovative producers: Staunch/Goosebumpz, Bumble, Anchor Hill, Mindex, Filip Rasch, Sourone, AtTyA, Nocti Luca, 4bstr4ck3r, MoLokaii, Evil Oil Man, Hinkstep/Animatronix, KarmasynK, & Jnana/Fat Pat. Representing Australia, Norway, Canada, India, Poland, Australia, Russia, France, and Germany, we are continuing to expand our global reach one country at a time as we expand one consciousness through imaginative sonic triggers. Let these experiences inspire, rejuvenate, and enlighten your entity from across the world and into the now.

    Each auditory awareness is a self-reflection felt through inner direction of known future ancient downloads stemming from each creative artist. These ground-breaking productions reveal authentic intentions through explorations of deep alluring bass lines, glitch emergences, elaborate beat patterns, strategic leads, and otherworldly yet organic rhythms. Capturing the colors of the world through glitch fusions, each producer creates a mystical and emotive direction of gaze into the world’s mind’s eye. Journey into the awakening vision of Global Glitch meant to spark connectivity across continents through geometrical aural escapes.

    Artwork By: Glyphix Canada

    Artists Link
    compiled by:

    Street Ritual

  • Kursa & Fat Pat - Sleepless Beats


  • 38 SANJUANISTAN - FAT PAT - Asi empieza mi mañana


  • DJ Screw - Big T - In Da House Tonight


    Oh No It's Big T

    R.I.P. DJ Screw (1971-2000)

    And all the fallen S.U.C. members, Fat P.A.T., H.A.W.K., Big Steve, Big Mello, Big Moe

  • Fat Pat - Jammin Screw Live


  • Fat Pat


    Provided to YouTube by CDBaby

    Fat Pat · North Valley Playhouse Cast

    Diet! The Musical

    ℗ 2007 Kenneth and Susan LaFave

    Released on: 2007-01-01

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • DBZ Bolero Stock vs GFS Fat Pat


    Audio comparison between the Stock Pickups in my DBZ Bolero versus Guitar Fetish Fat Pats. Which Sound Better? Is it worth the hassle to go through the soldering and wiring?

  • Southern University Human Jukebox 2018 Tops Drop by Fat Pat


    Southern University Human Jukebox 2018
    Southern vs. Prairie View 2018
    Please Watch in HD! Human Jukebox Media | @DaEdge1
    #HumanJukebox #JukeboxMedia #Fall18

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  • DJ DMD Ft. Lil Keke & Fat Pat - 25 Lighters FREE DOWNLOAD


    click link below to download:

  • Big Moe-Bar Baby


    R.i.p. Big Moe

  • Fat Pat x Lil Keke Type Beat Prod. By SF


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  • Fat Pat Tops Drops Slowed by dj lil dro


    Please let me know what you think of all my videos

  • Fat Pat Owes Paul $20


    Provided to YouTube by The Orchard Enterprises

    Fat Pat Owes Paul $20 · The Dimwits

    Hey Man, Good Set

    ℗ 2007 Winter Street Records

    Released on: 2007-10-05

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Fat Pat - Tops Drop


    Drum Kit:

    Ludwig Centennial LRC20 Groover 4pc Shell Pack:
    Evans Genera Resonant - Resonant on all toms
    Evans Clear G2 - Batter on all toms (10x7.5, 12x8,16x14,)
    Bass Drum: 20x20
    Evans Clear EMAD - Batter
    Ludwig Stock Head - Resonant
    Mapex Pro M Snare (12x7)
    Batter - Remo Emperor X
    Resonant - Remo Hazy Ambassador
    Sabian HH Regular Hats - 14
    Sabian AAX O-Zone Crash - 16
    Sabian AAX Stage Ride - 20
    Sabian HHXtreme Crash - 17
    DW 5000AD3 Accelerator Chain-Drive Single Foot Pedal
    Pork Pie Big Boy Bicycle Drum Throne

    Recording Gear

    - Shure Beta 52 (kick drum)
    - Shure SM57 (snare)
    - Shure SM81 (overheads)
    - Sennheiser e604 (toms)
    - Presonus Firestudio Project (recording interface)
    - Cubase 5 (audio recording)
    - Sony Vegas Movie Studio Platinum 9 (video editing)
    - Kodak Zi8
    - Vic Firth Isolation Headphones

  • Shambhala 2011 - Fat Pat @ the Village


  • Trunks Keep Popn Tops Keep Dropn Down In Houston - Fat Pat Classic Texas Anthem


    Shoutout to Houston from the Triple D
    Trunks Keep Poppin Tops Keep Droppin Down In Houston - Fat Pat Classic Texas Anthem



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