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Playlist of Fast Workers Super human Level

  • Fast Workers Super Human Level 2020 People Are Awesome Skills Level


    Fast Workers Super Human Level 2020 People Are Awesome Skills Level

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  • Incredibly!!!! The fastest workers of the Super Human Level Fast Workers Gods level


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  • Amazing People Fast Hands Compilation | The FASTEST WORKERS in The World 2019


    Amazing People Fast Hands Compilation | The FASTEST WORKERS in The World 2019 DO NOT TRY IT AT HOME !!!

  • FASTEST WORKERS 2019 God Level Expert ✅✅✅ Ep 1


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  • Super Fast Human !!!


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  • The worlds fastest workers!


    The world's fastest workers! amazing funny

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  • Unbelievable super skilled workers


    #superfast #skilledworkers #workers #fastskilled
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  • Reverse - People are awsome - Fast Worker


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  • Reversed Fast Workers Compilation №1


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  • The Most Satisfying Video 2018


    This is the most satisfying Video in the World 2018.
    We made you a video with oddly satisfying images and scenes that you will love. This is truely the best compilation if you love fast workers, honeycombs, very skilled people and other amazing videos. Please support us by sharing the video and hitting like!

  • Model fast posing cataloge king Filip Timotijevic


    After my posing video hit more than 4M views on Facebook i had to put it on YouTube :))

  • ✅ Amazing Street food Tiktok 2020 Compilation-part #2


    ✅ Amazing Street food Tiktok 2020 Compilation-part #2( only India)




    If you're a beatbox lover, then this is the video for you.

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  • Nusr et steak house new trend 2018


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  • 칯트키 Live - “PRODUSORN” EP06: Learning Korean Culture


    CLC Sorn’s very first live streaming channel “PRODUSORN”
    sixth episode on May 12th @7pm (KST)!
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  • Powerful mantra to get rid of enemies & people who are jealous of you.


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    om parabramha parmatmane namah,,,
    uttpatti sthiti pralay karay ,,,,
    brahma hariray trigunatmane,,,,
    sarva kautuk nidarshaya,,,,
    darshan dattatrey nahah ,,,,
    mantra siddhi kurum kuru swaha.

    This mantra provides you protection against your enemies. if you listen and meditate with this mantra 108 times starts from every amavasya to 21 days than you will get rid of enemies and from the people who are jealous of you. this mantra also helps you achieving welfare in your life. if you listen this mantra it will help in your well being.
    if you cant meditate with this mantra then simply play it in your home and feel the positive vibrations.
    These all mantras are very pure and special vocal recording makes them more powerful and effective.
    Because these mantras are recorded in very auspicious choghadiya muhurta and in very siddha powerful vocals.
    how can these mantra help you in your day to day small or big problems?????????
    there are some conditions to receive full benefit of specific mantras..
    1- be fully receptive and faithfull.
    2- listen these mantras daily for specific time and meditate with it.
    3- please try to avoid all your addictions like tobacco , cigarettes , alcohol etc.. because all these things
    collects negativity in your chakras ( chakras are energy points or nodes in the subtle body ). These negativity in your chakras stops you to receive positive energy and being receptive to these mantras full benefit.
    4- Try to control your complex emotions like fear,anger,sadness,disgust increased level of these emotions result in depression and other mental health problems. To control these complex negative emotions is very difficult but if you practice Meditation regularly with these mantras then you can overcome of these negative emotions.
    so all the best and follow and listen my mantra videos on YouTube .... Click on the link

    Om Namah Shivaya............

  • 3 ways to speed up kitchen prep


    Discover three great kitchen tools that help you make dinner faster.

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  • Thursdays with Thomas: soprano Julia Bullock and clarinetist Anthony McGill


    This week on Thursdays with Thomas, clarinetist Anthony McGill and soprano Julia Bullock will join Thomas Hampson to discuss the current state of affairs in the United States and beyond regarding race relations, and the direct impact of those challenges on Black artists and their work.
    They will explore the various layers and complexities of the situation, and how artists can work collectively to bring about meaningful change within the world of arts and culture.

    Julia Bullock, soprano
    Anthony McGill, clarinetist

    Listen on IDAGIO:
    Listen to Julia Bullock's discography:

    Listen to Anthony McGill's discography:

    Listen to Thomas Hampson's discography:

  • Wean-to-finish mortality: non-infections causes - Dr. Jordan Gebhardt


    ???????? Today’s episode will cover ????????????????-????????-???????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????????: ????????????-???????????????????????????????????????? ????????????????????????. “???????? ???????? ???????????????? ???????? ???????????????? ???????????????????????????????????????????????? ???????? ???????????????????????????????????? ???????? ???????? ????????????????????????????????, ???????????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????? ???????? ???????????????? ???????? ???????????????????????????????? ???????? ???????????????????????????? ???????????????? ???????????? ???????????? ???????????????????????????? ???????? ???????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????????? ???????? ???????????????????? ???????????????? ???????? ???????? ????????????????????????????????, ???????????? ???? ???????????????????? ???????? ???????????????????????????????????? ???????????????? ???????? ???????? ???????????????? ???????????????????????????????????? ???????????????????? ???????????? ???????????????? ???????? ???????????????????????????????????????????????????? ???????????? ???????????????????????? ???????????????????????? ???????? ????????, ???????????? ???????????? ???????????????????????????????????????? ???????????????? ???????????? ???????????????????????? ???????????????????????? ???????????? ???????????????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????? ???????????????? ???????? ???????????? ???????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????????????????? ???????? ???????????? ????????????????????????.” – Dr. Jordan Gebhardt.⠀
    ????????️ Our guest is ????????. ???????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????. Dr. Gebhardt graduated with high honor from Michigan State University with a B.S. in Animal Science and was a member of the Honor’s College. In addition, Jordan completed two internships in the animal health and nutrition industries. He completed both his DVM and Ph.D. (swine nutrition) at Kansas State University in 2019 and is currently a post-doc there.⠀
    ???????? What you will learn:⠀⠀
    • The ???????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????? wean-to-finish mortality;⠀
    • ????????????????????-???????????????? ????????????????????????????????????: short questions about anatomic abnormalities, toxicity, animal factors, facilities, season, nutrient deficiencies, and management factors;⠀
    • What ???????????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????????????? ???????????????????? ???????????????????????????????????????????????????? from those that are not;⠀
    • Jordan's favorite books.⠀
    ???????????? Check it out on Spotify, Apple Podcasts or any major platform.⠀
    ????️ This episode was edited and published by Lauro Faccin

  • Electromotive: The Story of ARP Synthesizers


    Just released: An updated version of Alex Ball's thorough and fascinating documentary about the history of ARP Instruments through the eyes of former employees, family and synthesizer historians and enthusiasts. Includes images that have never been seen before the premiere of this documentary.

    The creator of the documentary, Alex Ball endorses the Alan R. Pearlman Foundation. To learn more, visit:

  • Red Pineapple


    This beat has a amazing sunset took in ocean beach, san Diego amazing vibes, amazing people and amazing beats. This one is called red pineapple a tropical beat for the ones you love 3 RIP ZACH.

  • Leaving Work Early


    Provided to YouTube by Universal Music Group

    Leaving Work Early · Dominic Lewis

    The Man In The High Castle: Season 2

    ℗ 2016 Amazon Content Services LLC, under exclusive license to Varese Sarabande Records

    Released on: 2017-01-27

    Composer Lyricist: Dominic Lewis

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • RMAF 2018 - Digital Signal Processing In Headphones: Stigma or Solution?


    Moderator: Jude Mansilla,

    Digital Signal Processing (DSP) In Headphones: Stigma or Solution?
    Posted on August 7, 2018
    WHEN: October 5, 2018 @ 4:15 pm – 5:15 pm
    WHERE: Marriott Aspen Amphitheater, Lobby Level
    Moderator: Jude Mansilla,

    Speakers: Paul Barton, PSB & NAD; Mario Gebhardt, beyerdynamic; Sankar Thiagasamudram, Audeze

    With technology advancing at a relentless pace, acoustic pioneers are now incorporating innovative DSP methods in their quest to offer us greater fidelity — and more. This begs the question: Can DSP improve the listening experience for dyed-in-the-wool audio purists? Join these industry leaders to discuss how DSP is reshaping the audio of the future.

    The 2018 Seminars are sponsored by

  • #47 - Ric Edelman - 47% of the Occupations in America Will Be Gone Within 15 Years


    To see links or read the transcript of the episode, visit us at:

    In Episode 47, we welcome New York Times bestselling author, Ric Edelman.

    We start with some quick background on Ric, but then jump into the main topic: the future of technology and how it will affect our lives.
    In essence, the future is going to look far different than what we’ve known. The tendency is to believe that the future will be similar to what our parents and grandparents experienced as they aged. A linear progression – school, work, retirement, death.
    Ric tells us this is going to change. The linear lifeline is going away. It will more resemble school, work, back to school, a new, different career, then a sabbatical, more school, and so on… Think of a lifeline that’s more cyclical.

    What’s the reason? Well, we’re going to be living far longer. Technological and health care advances mean we’re going to be far more vibrant much later in life, so this will change everything we know about retirement and our traditional life-paths.

    The guys then dig into the role that technology and robots will play in all this. Robots are going to eliminate numerous existing occupations. On the other hand, new jobs and skill sets will be created, but we’ll have to go back to school to learn them.
    Meb ask Ric to dive deeper into this “loss of jobs” forecast, as it’s a common source of concern for many people.

    Because of computers’ increased capacity, robots will be able to do jobs that humans do – and not just “factory line” type jobs. Any jobs that are repetitive in nature are at risk – which means white collar jobs too; for example, certain types of legal work. As another example, did you know that computers are already writing news articles? There’s a program that currently writes sports stories, and apparently, readers can’t tell the difference between a human and computer author.

    Ric tells us “According to Oxford University, 47% of the occupations in America will be gone within 15 years.”

    So what can you do to protect yourself from being replaced by a robot?

    There are 4 skill sets that will give you an edge: thinking, managing, creating, and communicating. These four things will be the most difficult for computers to do.

    The conversation bounces around a bit before the guys dig deeper into how working has changed over the years – and how it will continue to change. This leads into a conversation contrasting the “New York model” with the “Hollywood model.”

    In essence, the New York model is “one job.” You do a given thing with same people for the same customers for decades. With the Hollywood model, you have a group of people who come together for one project, though they’re likely working on multiple projects at the same time. You’re using your skills in a wide variety of activities at the same time. We’re moving toward a Hollywood model.
    Meb asks how this view of the future impacts asset allocation.

    There are two big ways: One, we need to increase our allocation to stocks far more, and maintain it for much longer. Most peoples’ asset allocation models are flawed in this manner.

    Two, we need to re-think the types of companies that are in our portfolios. Most of these businesses were likely built for the 20th century – and if so, they’re at risk of failing in the 21st century. As an example, think Kodak that went bankrupt when it couldn’t transition and monetize newer technologies. Ric mentions Tesla and AirBnB as two examples of 21st century companies.
    This leads into a discussion about an ETF that targets only 21st Century companies. You’ll want to hear this topic.

    There’s way more in this episode: behavioral challenges for investors and the role that an advisor should play in helping… an irrevocable trust, created by Ric, that’s helping parents save money for their children… the challenges facing Social Security given our much longer life-spans… Even why personal finance isn’t taught in schools, despite being one of the most critical skills our kids should learn.
    So why isn’t it taught? Hear Ric’s thoughts in Episode 47.

  • How COVID-19 is Affecting the Music Industry & GRAMMY-Winner Rob Chiarelli


    This is the third installment of TAXI Music's Daily Quarantini Happy Hour hang for musicians! TAXI CEO Michael Laskow talks about everything from haircuts to dealing with noisy neighbors while trying to record your music to Netflix's Tiger King.

    We're also joined over the phone by Multi Grammy-Winning Mixer, Engineer, and Producer Rob Chiarelli, who shares recording tips and how COVID-19 is affecting the music industry.

    Join Us Every Tuesday - Friday at 4 pm Pacific Time on our YouTube channel. We want to include musicians of all types (not just TAXI members), from all over the world, and you will pick the topics. I’ll be there to answer questions, but it’s going to be directed by you!

    You can talk about what's going on in your (musical or personal) life, how you’re dealing with being cooped up, ask pressing music creation or music business questions, share recording and production techniques, trade songwriting tips, ask film and TV music licensing questions, trade time management ideas, meet collaborators, talk about your frustrations or best placements, and whatever else you want our daily hangouts to be about!

    I was trying to find a way to get more connected with people in the “outside” world, when somebody in the chat room of last Monday’s TAXI TV broadcast suggested doing daily hangouts on YouTube.

    Our weekly TAXI TV audience loves nothing more than enjoying a frothy libation and socializing in the chat room while watching the live broadcast.

    They inspired us to create a live, real-time place where we can all relax and hang out with musicians of all types from all over the world. We’re experiencing this pandemic together, after all. Every one of us!

    It’s sadly ironic that it took a pandemic to bring us all together, but meeting new friends who also love creating and producing music might be a silver lining :-)

    And like TAXI TV and the TAXI Road Rally convention, we want to keep it very supportive and friendly! Trolls will be excommunicated on the spot ;-)

    We’ll be joined by some TAXI All-Stars from time to time, as well as some of my music industry friends, so drop by and meet them!

    Let’s Turn This into a “Thing”!
    We’re doing this for love, not money. It’s totally free — no strings attached. We want to give you a place to hang out with old friends and make some new ones from a bunch of different countries and cultures.

    We only ask two things:
    1. Be polite and respectful.

    2. Tell every musician you know about the TAXI Music Quarantini Happy Hour, and here’s why…

    If our community gets big enough, I’ve got gear manufacturers that will give us microphones, software, guitars, books, and keyboards to give away for… wait for it… yes, FREE!

    Spread the Word!
    So forward this email, post about it on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and any music-related groups, chats, or forums you know of. If we can get our audience to hit 1,000 people during the live show, I can get my hands on some great stuff to give away!

    Watch Last Week's Episode:

    Learn More About TAXI Independent A&R:

    Rub Elbows with Music Industry Pros at Our FREE Yearly Convention:

    View Our Current Music Industry Opportunities:

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  • Finding your greater purpose and trusting your intuition with Carmel Rodriguez


    ThinkSpace Podcast Episode 21 | On episode 21 of the ThinkSpace podcast, Joss takes a deep dive into the mind of fitness expert Carmel Rodriguez. With an entrepreneurial spirit​ and an insatiable drive, Carmel is a unique individual who is much more nuanced than any social media post can explain. This episode offers us an insight into the importance of finding your greater purpose, trusting your intuition, and focusing on incremental progress, all of which Carmel accredits to her success.

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  • Fighting Climate Change and Investing ethically in long term megatrends on ThinkSpace


    Joined this week by investment specialist and EthicInvest founder is Anthony Edwards. Anthony talks a new economic vision, sustainability, profitability, risk reduction and much more in a pursuit for a more tenable earth. Episode 47 is an eye opener to take initiative for a greener globe, and prosperous future

  • Housing Bubble 2.0 - E. Eisenberg 2020 Econ Summit - Part 3 of 3


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    Whats included?
    - 10 Rules for Successful Trading
    - Intro to Candle Trading
    - 6 High Probability Patterns I Love
    - Magical Numbers
    - RSI
    - How to Trade Moving Averages
    - Gaps and Pivots
    - Plus More

    Trading Platform We Use -

    Btc - 1KMfvBgPQ6U2WUehkHx33U1oJ4rmzSYrDB

    Eth - 0x0455a53af8897dC19Af3238642122B7717f96b22


  • Unbelievable Super Skilled Workers 2019 - God Level Human Fast People


  • Spoon bending super human


    Bending and twisting a spoon trick.
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  • Kitchen works with shortcut




    Are you bored this lockdown or having a bad day? This video is specially for you! You will be amazed! It will take all your worries away!. ????????????????

    #Amazing People #PeopleAreAwesome #AmazingVideos

  • BarTender skill 100%


    EpicFail,Bartender Skills

  • Fast Food Episode - Hans im Glück #1


    ►MMHJTV Channel abonnieren: ◄
    ►Der erste Rapper mit Abitur: ◄

    Folgt, liked und besucht Hustensaft Jüngling außerdem in allen Sozialen Netzwerken ►

  • คนทำงานรวดเร็วมีทักษะความสามารถระดับมนุษย์ ????????????


    Fast workers Skills super human level ????????????

  • Top Chef MUST WATCH !




    The Chef Post endeavours each time to bring out the passion, commitment and love for work of the incredible chefs. This video, I am a #chef, is very special to us as we feature one of the first chefs who inspired us in our journey, Chef Padala Mahesh , Executive Chef, Bengaluru Marriott Hotel Whitefield; it’s a beautiful portrayal of the emotions at play, the focus, dedication, and involvement of the chefs at their work. On the International Chefs’ Day, we dedicate this to all the wonderful chefs across. Let’s celebrate chefhood today !

  • PARKER • Superhuman


    Superhuman is about being brave, facing your fears and evolving. I wrote it in response to developing anxiety and insomnia a few years ago. Dealing with these challenges led me on a journey of self discovery, overcoming my worst fears and facing my problems head on.

    -- CREDITS --
    Created, Animated & Directed by Hans van Vliet
    Motion Capture by The Dance Motion Capture Database of the University of Cyprus
    Dancing by Andria Michaelidou & Elena Kyriakou
    Produced by Tash Parker & Hans van Vliet

    -- SONG --
    Written by Tash Parker, Hans Van Vliet
    Produced by Hans Van Vliet
    Mixed and Mastered by Becki Whitton
    Listen again here:

    -- LINKS --
    Tash Parker -
    Becki Whitton -
    Hans van Vliet -

    -- LYRICS --
    I was always keeping it safe
    Checking every step before I made it
    Lately I’ve been feeling more reckless
    Could it be from the machine in my chest
    Pounding out a rhythm
    I am superhuman

    I would always keep my head straight
    Till I found out all my parts were fading
    Take em off now turn them into light
    Shine em in your eyes doesn’t matter what you say
    I’m never going back
    I am superhuman
    And I’m never going back
    I am superhuman


    Stronger than I felt before
    Everything in me is rearranging
    Braver cause I now know what I’m here for
    No longer confused power to diffuse circuits running fast now
    I am superhuman
    And I’m never going back
    I am superhuman

    There are so many things inside my head
    Patterns running deep I can’t get no sleep
    Gotta find a way to reprogram my heart
    Happens every time I go to bed
    Pictures from my past coming thick and fast
    Only way to break the cycle is to run as hard as I hard as I can
    I am superhuman
    I am superhuman
    I am superhuman
    I am superhuman
    I am superhuman

    #superhuman #iamtashparker

  • Best Music remix 2017 | Best Music mix 2017





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    You know when you say you’re in love,
    but you’re not really in love?
    I guess it’s something about this generation
    That’s got me begging temptation.
    You know it was hard to challenge myself
    And open up to you.

    I remember when we were drinking
    and you basically flirted with this one guy.
    What was that about?
    It was always complicated,
    I never said it wasn’t.
    You know it took a lot for me to come around
    But when I knocked on your door, you didn’t make a sound.
    And you know
    It's Crazy
    The way our
    hearts digress.
    Even though
    It's Crazy,
    It matters.
    It matters less
    And you know
    I’m Crazy.
    I can’t face,
    Face the test.
    The pressures of
    Life's crazy.
    It enough
    I cannot stress.
    I cannot stress.
    I cannot stress.
    And I try, I try to be the best person I can be.
    But there’s something about you that affects me.
    And I know it’s hard, but won’t you answer me.
    I know you have your anxieties and delusions 
    But open up to me.

    Open up to me.
    Open up to me.

    It's Crazy!
    It's Crazy!
    The pressures of life.
    The pressures of life.

  • En Bruto, Con mas Deudas que Alegrias


    Extractos de videos de En Bruto

  • Packing Records Pt 4


    This is how I pack records I send.
    Note that this is only one of many different ways to do it. Keep oyur eyes open for more packing videos.

  • Rhodz - Street Food


    Music Released by Tasty
    Song title: Rhodz - Street Food
    Music Video:
    Label Channel:

    #AddThisEDM #AddThisMusic

    If you like this song, then SUBSCRIBE to the channel and check out the #AddThisEDM playlist.


    Check here for more music from this artist:



  • South African efficient workers


  • Wonderful Art work


  • Beautiful Freaks | Webkinz Music Video


    Ahgjgj I reached 150(4) subcribers!!!!! I feel like I just reached 100! Ahh!
    To be honest, I though I wouldn't get past 138 (which I was totally cool with), and then all a sudden I got a bunch of new subscribers and then BOOM I was at 150. And then I freaked out. xD
    You guys mean the world to me, you're all so supportive and amazing people and ahhh! I wouldn't be here without you guys.
    Thank you.


    Jamie the Lil' Kinz Black and White Cat (He's the one singing)
    Poppy the Lil' Kinz Black and White Cat (She's the one with the flower on her ear)
    Echo the Lil' Kinz Black and White Cat (He's the one with the tag)
    Simon the Lil' Kinz Black and White Cat (And he's the one left)
    Ginger the Lil' Kinz Striped Alley Cat
    Aero the Lil' Kinz Gold and White Cat
    Ellie the Lil' Kinz Seal
    A Lil' Kinz Basset Hound
    A Lil Kinz Hippo
    Rex the Lil' Kinz Bulldog
    Griffon the Small Signature Fox
    Tabby the Small Signature Grey Tabby Cat
    And a Lil' Kinz Bear
    (Can you tell I wanted to do a wmv with lil' kinz?)
    (The signatures are a nod to another music video of mine ;D)

    Beautiful Freaks by Hot Chelle Rae
    I don't own the audio.
    (And yes, I did cut out the swear words)

    Thanks fur watching! Hope you enjoyed!



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