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Playlist of Fascination D

  • 04. Fascination - Proper Filthy Noughty


    Oid Mortales - Verano 2004 - 04. Fascination (The Droys Remix) - Proper Filthy Noughty

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  • The Human League - Fascination


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    Music video by The Human League performing (Keep Feeling) Fascination (2003 Digital Remaster).

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  • The Cure - Fascination Street


    Watch the official video for The Cure - Fascination Street. Fascination Street was a U.S.-only single by the rock band The Cure from their album Disintegration. The song became the band's first number-one single on Billboard's then-newly-created Modern Rock Tracks chart, where it stayed on top for seven weeks.

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    Hola amigos/as volvì con un aleteo para uds, espero que les guste ????
    Link de descarga:

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  • Greg Kihn Band - Fascination


    I've always liked Greg's stuff and probably like it even more now. This is a nifty little rocker from the Kihnspiracy album. I do not own the rights to any of this.

  • Nat King Cole - Fascination


    Pensez à mettre la vidéo en grand écran pour mieux voir les photos de la vidéo.
    Nat King Cole est un chanteur et pianiste de jazz et de rythme and blues né à Montgomery aux, États-Unis le 17 mars 1919 et décédé a 45 ans le 15 février 1965 à Santa Monica
    Photos d'une promenade sur les berges de la Seine à Paris du pont Royal à coté du Musée d'Orsay au pont des Invalides.Photos du 25 juin 2013.
    Elles sont ouvertes au public depuis le 19 juin 2013 du Musée d'Orsay au pont de l'Alma.

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  • How To Play FASCINATION | Easy Piano Tutorial for Beginners


    Here's the simple piano cover of the song Fascination. Click this link -

    This channel aims to inspire people to start playing the piano and appreciate music as a means to express oneself.

    The main objective of this channel's easy piano tutorials is to teach you how to read the provided letters (instead of notes) corresponding to the keys to be played, so you can play the songs that you love INSTANTLY on your keyboard.

    Watch this piano tutorial and learn how to play the simple version of this piano piece offered in three levels.
    *LEVEL 1 (Basic Level): Playing the piano piece using the right hand only.
    *LEVEL 2 (Intermediate Level): Covers the basic level with left hand coordination.
    *LEVEL 3 Upgraded version of the intermediate level using multiple keys (left hand).

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    Relax, learn and enjoy!

    Presentation of piano covers are interpretations of piano pieces, reflecting the channel owner's music style.
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    #pianosessions #Fascination #FascinationPianoTutorial
    #FascinationEasyPianoTutorial #FascinationEasyPianoTutorialForBeginners #FascinationPiano #FascinationLyrics #Merchetti #Piano #LoveInTheAfternoon #FermoDanteMerchetti #MauriceDeFeraudy

  • Fascination - Piano Tutorial


    As requested here is the piano tutorial for Fascination! Hope it`s helpful! :)

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    Fascination is a popular waltz song with music (1904) by Fermo Dante Marchetti and lyrics (1905) by Maurice de Féraudy.

    It was first published in Hamburg (Anton J. Benjamin) and Paris (Édition F. D. Marchetti) in 1904 in a version for piano solo ('Valse Tzigane'). As a song with de Féraudy's words, it was first performed by the French music-hall singer Paulette Darty, in 1905, and published the same year.

    With its English lyrics, by Dick Manning, Fascination was recorded by diverse artists including: Dick Jacobs, Nat King Cole, Earl Grant and David Carroll, all of whose versions, except Grant, made the charts. The Melachrino Strings recorded an instrumental version of the song in London on January 26, 1949. It was released by EMI on the His Master's Voice label as catalog numbers B 9781, HN 2882, JK 2660 and SAB 121. Other instimental vertsions include Paul Mauriat who recorded an instrumental version of the song on his album Best of France. Pete Fountain recorded it in a medley with Basin Street Blues, Tin Roof Blues and Way Down Yonder In New Orleans.

    In 1957, two of the more popular recordings of Fascination were released, Dinah Shore went to #15 on the Billboard Most Played By Jockeys chart, while a recording by Jane Morgan was released by Kapp Records as catalog number 191, which proved to become her signature song. It first reached the Billboard magazine charts on September 9, 1957. On the Disk Jockey chart, it peaked at #7; on the Best Seller chart, at #12; on the composite chart of the top 100 songs, it reached #11.

    #Fascination #Piano #Tutorial

  • Best Romantic Love Melodies By Piano - Fascination Collection


    Always ,,,,, The Melody Is The Master .

    Playlist ????

    - The Godfather
    - Besame Mucho
    - La Playa
    - Lara's Theme
    - And I Love You So
    - Love Story
    - Love Words
    - Never On Sunday
    - Limelight
    - Histoire D'O
    - Beloved
    - Last Tango In Paris
    - My Way
    - Couleur Tendresse
    - Memory
    - Romeo and Juliet
    - Amado Mio
    - Fascination
    - The Impossibl Dream
    - Kiss Of Fire

    Ref - 1201 Piano Mix

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  • 1957 HITS ARCHIVE: Fascination - Jane Morgan


    Fascination (Marchetti) by Jane Morgan and The Troubadors

    A “new” song for many when it was featured in the 1957 Gary Cooper-Audrey Hepburn film “Love In The Afternoon,” the French melody had been composed for piano solo in 1904 as “Valse Tzigane.”

    Jane’s stereo version of this popular 1957 hit is somewhat different from this hit mono single version.

    THE 1957 HITS ARCHIVE - here in one place, a good-quality library of original-release-version best-sellers and songs that made an impact that were either released or enjoyed a major chunk of their popularity within the calendar year 1957 (some were recorded in 1956).

  • Fascination - Fermo Dante Marchetti/Piano Adventures Performance Book Level 3B


    Fascination - Fermo Dante Marchetti (1876-1940, Italy) arranged, Key of D Major
    Faber Piano Adventures Performance Book Level 3B Pg 22-23


  • FASCINATION Fingerstyle Guitar Cover LYRICS engl + french


    Fascination Fingerstyle Guitar Cover Lyrics english french Texte français Karaoke Arrangement Instrumental guitare gitar
    More Covers:
    More Tabs:
    About this Video:
    My arrangement of this slow waltz was a request of a couple for the first dance after their marriage.
    In this video I play my Gibson ES 165 Herb Ellis Archtop. When I play live gigs I usually play a cajon and a HiHat-Sound with my feet to make it sound more band-like. Watch some examples:
    A lot of fans asked me for the tabs of my LAYLA by Eric Clapton. Meantime there are many tabs available on my website.
    Hope you like it!
    Nat King Cole

    It was fascination
    I know
    And it might have ended
    Right then, at the start
    Just a passing glance
    Just a brief romance
    And I might have gone
    On my way
    Empty hearted
    It was fascination
    I know
    Seeing you alone
    With the moonlight above
    Then I touch your hand
    And next moment
    I kiss you
    Fascination turned to love
    It was fascination
    I know
    Seeing you alone
    With the moonlight above
    Then I touch your hand
    And next moment
    I kiss you
    Fascination turned - to - love

    Edith Piaff

    Je t'ai rencontré simplement
    Et tu n'as rien fait pour chercher à me plaire
    Je t'aime pourtant
    D'un amour ardent
    Dont rien, je le sens, ne pourra me défaire.
    Tu seras toujours mon amant
    Et je crois en toi comme au bonheur suprême.
    Je te fuis parfois, mais je reviens quand même
    C'est plus fort que moi… je t'aime !

  • FASCINATION D-MODE HOuSe musica DANCE 05 para escuchar con auriculares


    musica 8D para escuhar con auriculares :-)

  • Proper Filthy Naughty - Fascination by TiestoArgentina


    Recuerdas la canción? Hace 10 años fue una de las canciones que impulso a vario a estar en esta movida de la cual año a año tiene mas amigos con el cual compartir, este es un clásico de que ya estamos viejos... Su creador Proper Filthy Naughty y la canción es Fascination, deja tu Me Gusta y sucribete a nuestro canal. Saludos TiestoArgentina

  • Red Sun Rising - Fascination


    Red Sun Rising - Fascination
    From the album Thread - available March 30

    Apple Music:

    Directed by Brad Golowin

    Connect with Red Sun Rising


    You light up when you’re in range of the sound of misfortune
    Someone shaking the change
    String me up like marionette dancing for you
    Do you miss us at all?

    You find what drives you and mesmerized you
    Leaving us to discover love through the fascination
    Fascination isn’t fascination unless it motives you death

    Do you miss you miss us all?
    Well never mind it’s the same old rhetoric
    And if you want to complain
    Well would you mind remembering us for a change?

    You find what drives and mesmerized you
    Leaving us to discover love through the fascination
    The fascination isn’t
    The Fascination isn’t
    Fascination unless
    Do you miss us at all?

    Music video by Red Sun Rising performing Fascination. (C) 2018 New Razor & Tie Enterprises LLC d/b/a Razor & Tie Recordings. / Distributed by Concord Music Group, Inc.



    When I kissed you, fascination turned to love...

    DISCLAIMER: Absolutely no copyright infringement intended. This video is for entertainment purpose only and not for any kind of monetary gain. I do not own nor claim to own anything in this video. The song and the photo(s)/gif image(s) are the sole property of their rightful and lawful owners. Thank you so much for uploading and sharing those lovely photo(s)/gif image(s) in the net. This song is one of my favorite songs. I just give tribute and praise to the song, the singer and the people behind this song by creating this video and sharing it with all the music lovers out there like me. All credit goes to the song owners, writers, composers, singers and owners of photo(s)/gif image(s), as I thank them wholeheartedly.

  • Fascination by Filippo D. Marchetti | The Joy of Piano Duets



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  • Fascination - Proper Filthy Naughty


  • Proper Filthy Naughty - Fascination


    Proper Filthy Naughty ‎– Fascination
    10 Kilo ‎– 10 KG 1228
    Vinyl, 12
    House, Synth-pop
    A Fascination (Full Length Original)
    AA Fascination (The Droyds 'Ghetto' Remix)

  • 魅惑のワルツ|Fascination|D.Marchetti|Violin Cello Piano


    【Fascination 魅惑のワルツ】
    Ver. / Violin Cello Piano
    Comp. / D.Marchetti
    Arr. / 春畑セロリ
    violin / 松本尚子 Naoko Matsumoto
    cello / 小棚木優 Yu Odanagi
    piano / 徳山美佳 Mika Tokuyama
    [応援]cafe Maria
    [協賛]YAMAMOTO K.K.



    ♩Thank you for coming to violin channel.
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    今回の動画は[カフェマリア]さんの応援、[YAMAMOTO K.K]さんのご提供でお送りしました。


    ━━━━━━━━━ Cello ━━━━━━━━━
    Cello player Yu Odanagi
    小棚木 優(チェロ)


    ━━━━━━━━━ Piano ━━━━━━━━━
    Piano player Mika Tokuyama
    徳山 美佳(ピアノ)


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    ━━━━━━━━━ Violin ━━━━━━━━━
    Violin player Naoko Matsumoto
    松本 尚子(ヴァイオリン)





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  • Fascination


    Provided to YouTube by Universal Music Group

    Fascination (2) · Paul Mauriat

    Best Of France

    ℗ 1988 Mercury Music Group

    Released on: 1988-01-01

    Associated Performer, Music Director & Conductor: Paul Mauriat
    Composer Lyricist: Fermo F.D. Marchetti

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Fascination guitar arrangement by Nemanja Bogunovic


    Nemanja Bogunovic plays his arrangement of Fascination, (a theme from Love in the Afternoon), by Fidenco Dante Marchetti, as featured on his new album The Soundtrack.
    Recorded at villa Sherezade in Dubrovnik Croatia.

  • Fascination-F D Marchetti


    Fascination by F.D. Marchetti on Piano.

  • Instumental music Fascination-F D Marchetti muzica instrumentala


    Instumental music Fascination-F D Marchetti muzica instrumentala

  • Fascination for tin whistle in D


    Fermo Dante Marchetti
    Fascination (1904)
    transcription, variation and performance by Aldo Bova, tin whistle Tony Dixon in D (tanks Susanne!)

  • Fascination


    Provided to YouTube by Universal Music Group

    Fascination · Kem

    Take The Lead

    ℗ 2006 Universal Records a division of UMG Recordings Inc.

    Released on: 2006-01-01

    Producer, Executive Producer: Kem
    Producer, Co- Producer, Studio Personnel, Recording Engineer, Associated Performer, Programming: Carlos Gunn
    Studio Personnel, Mixer: Ray Bardani
    Studio Personnel, Assistant Mixer: Alex Venguer
    Associated Performer, Keyboards: Brian O'Neal
    Associated Performer, Strings: Jose Carretero
    Associated Performer, Bass Guitar: Al Turner
    Associated Performer, Drums: Ron Otis
    Associated Performer, Guitar: Quentin Baxter
    Composer Lyricist: D. Manning
    Composer Lyricist: D. Marchetti

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Fascination Waltz


    Provided to YouTube by Universal Music Group

    Fascination Waltz · Beegie Adair · David Davidson

    Parisian Cafe

    ℗ 2009 Green Hill Productions

    Released on: 2009-01-01

    Producer: Jack Jezzro
    Composer: Beegie Adair
    Composer: David Davidson

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Pascal - Fascination :D


    Schon bisschen älter aber gut! Pascal spielt Fascination, haha. :D

  • Fascination


    Provided to YouTube by Believe SAS

    Fascination · West End Girls

    The Definitive Collection

    ℗ Dexter Entertainment Group Inc.

    Released on: 1991-01-01

    Author: J. Dexter
    Author: D. Robertson
    Composer: J. Dexter
    Composer: D. Robertson

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • ♪ Fascination ♪ Piano | Alfreds 2


    By Marchetti.
    From Alfred's Basic Adult Piano Course: Lesson Book, Level Two. Page 74.
    By Willard A. Palmer, Morton Manus and Amanda Vick Lethco.
    Copyright © MCMLXXXIV, MCMXCVII by Alfred Publishing Co., Inc.
    ISBN: 0-88284-634-5


    ???? Piano: Yamaha P-105.
    ???? Sound: Grand Piano 1.

    ???? Audio recorded with Behringer U-CONTROL UCA222.
    ???? Software: Adobe Audition + Adobe Premiere Pro.
    ???? Video: Panasonic HC-V100.

  • fascination - dreem


    fascination - dreem (BPM 120) World Music.
    Stock images, music, photos, videos and more:
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    You will find here the best unknown music from music libraries such as Epidemic Sound.
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    Please click the links below and read their terms to get informed about their license conditions.

    Community WM
    Music Epidemic Sound

    #music #worldmusic #deephouse #house

  • Helmut Zacharias - Fascination


    Helmut Zacharias - Fascination

  • Fascination - Lily Vincent HD SOUND


    Fascination - Lily Vincent accompagnée par Harry FREKIN et son orchestre

    Label : Decca
    Boston-F.D Feraudy

    Lily Vincent, née le 1er mai 1926 à Schaerbeek et morte le 10 juillet 2009 à La Hulpe, est une chanteuse populaire belge.

    Biographie[modifier | modifier le code]
    Lily Vincent est le nom de scène de Liliane De Smedt.

    Sa carrière est véritablement lancée en 1953 quand elle est lauréate d'un concours de chant sur Radio Luxembourg. L'année suivante elle termine deuxième au concours de chant les étoiles chantent.

    Lili Vincent enregistre son premier disque vinyle (45 tours) en 1956 chez RCA. Contemporaine de Sacha Distel, de Gilbert Bécaud et de Luis Mariano, elle a souvent accompagné ces artistes en tournée. Ses dernières apparitions à l'écran sont à l'émission de Pascal Sevran.

    Elle est citoyenne d’honneur de la commune de La Hulpe.

    Même si la plupart de ses succès sont des reprises de chansons françaises, elle présente aussi des compositions personnelles.

    Elle est décédée à l'âge de 83 ans.

  • Fascination - Diplomats of Solid Sound, June 2019


  • Fascination F D Marhetti 1932 Tenor Sax


  • 냇킹콜 / Love in the Afternoon *Old pop


    Fascination( 'Love in the Afternoon' ost), 1957
    Nat King Cole (1919~1965 )
    Dinah Shore (1916~1994) *02:40~

    It was fascination
    I know
    And it might have ended
    Right then, at the start
    Just a passing glance
    Just a brief romance
    And I might have gone
    On my way
    Empty hearted

    It was fascination
    I know
    Seeing you alone
    With the moonlight above
    Then I touch your hand
    And next moment
    I kiss you
    Fascination turned to love

    It was fascination
    I know
    Seeing you alone
    With the moonlight above
    Then I touch your hand
    And next moment
    I kiss you
    Fascination turned - to - love

    *Fascination (F. D. Marchetti - D. Manning), RCA Victor 47-6980 (1957)
    Peak chart positon: US Billboard Hot 100 Chart # 15 (1957)
    Orchestra conducted by Harry Zimmerman
    *Fascination(매혹의 왈츠)........영화 '下午의 戀情' (하오의 연정, Love in the Afternoon) OST, 1957

  • Fascination


    Provided to YouTube by IDOL

    Fascination · Mathé Altéry

    Mathé Altéry (Collection Les voix d'or)

    ℗ Marianne Melodie

    Released on: 2005-01-01

    Composer: M. de Férandy
    Composer: F. D. Marchetti

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Pete Fountain - Fascination Medley


    Just Music. Pete Fountain, along Vibraphone & Orchestra, plays Fascination Medley: a) Fascination, b) Basin Street Blues, c) Tin Roof Blues, & d) 'Way Down Yonder In New Orleans in this recording from his Best Of album.

  • La Roux - Fascination - Queen D Remix


    IMPORTANT: I do not claim in any way or form to have any ownership rights to the content in this video. I would like to make it very clear that if any party(s) involved in the creation, promotion, release or sale of this music has any issues with me hosting it on my channel, please do not contact YouTube for it to be removed. Just send me a message through my channel and the video will be removed immediately.

    Thank you.

  • Stan Brenders - Fascination


    Großes Tanzorchester Stan Brenders

    In dem Ruf, das modernste Tanz- orchester Europas zu sein, arbeitete STAN BRENDERS mit Solisten wie HUBERT ROSTAING und DJANGO REINHARDT zusammen, nahm etliche Swingtitel, aber auch sinfonische Bearbeitungen für diverse Labels wie TELEFUNKEN, OLYMPIA, RYTHME, BRUNSWICK auf. Sagenhaft die Arrangements deutscher Schlager, die in Rhythmus und Instrumentierung an amerikanischen Glamour erinnern, aber dabei wiederum europäische Bodenständigkeit beweisen.

  • Fascination Street


    Provided to YouTube by LOUNGEMASTERS.ORG

    Fascination Street · Virgin Magnetic Material


    ℗ 2014 Playground Records

    Released on: 2014-08-30

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Diane Dufresne - Fascination


    Album: Follement Vôtre
    Paroles: Maurice De Féraudy
    Musique: Fermo Dante Marchetti

    Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for fair use for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.

  • Fascination


    Provided to YouTube by IDOL

    Fascination · Lina Dachary

    50 ans de chansons d'amour

    ℗ Marianne Melodie

    Released on: 2006-01-01

    Composer: F. D. Marchetti
    Composer: M. de Férandy

    Auto-generated by YouTube.



    Sou de uma geração em que o aprendizado da língua francesa era obrigatório no ensino médio e sempre me encantei com a sonoridade do idioma.
    E em “Fascination”, composição original de Fermo Dante Martchetti e Maurice De Feraudy, aqui apresentada pela sensacional cantora Jacqueline François, com o acompanhamento luxuoso de Paul Durand e sua Orquestra, tem-se uma pequena mostra desse melodioso idioma em uma das mais belas páginas do cancioneiro internacional.
    Jacqueline François é uma cantora francesa, nascida Jacqueline Guillemautot em 30 de janeiro de 1922 em Neuilly-sur-Seine, morreu em Courbevoie em 7 de março de 2009.
    Vinda de uma família burguesa e conservadora, ela recebeu uma educação rigorosa com aulas de piano. A mais velha de cinco filhos, ela deve liderar pelo exemplo. A guerra ocorre quando ela é apenas uma jovem, mas o espetáculo já lhe interessa. Ela escuta muitos discos, Léo Marjane e Jean Sablon são seus ídolos. Durante os anos sombrios da ocupação, ela fez figurações no cinema. Ela também canta, mas apenas no ambiente familiar. Foi somente após a libertação que ela decidiu começar a cantar. O clima da época se presta a isso, os parisienses querem se divertir depois de todas as privações da guerra. Tanto é assim que Jacqueline, que escolheu François como nome artístico, mal sabe sobre o desemprego. As gravadoras, no entanto, levaram tempo antes de se interessarem.


    De: Fermo Dante Marchetti e Maurice De Feraudy

    Je t'ai rencontrée simplement,
    (Eu conheci você apenas,)

    Et tu n'as rien fait pour chercher à me plaire,
    (E você não fez nada para tentar me agradar,)

    Je t'aime pourtant
    (Eu te amo embora)

    D'un amour ardent,
    (De um amor ardente,)

    Dont rien, je le sens, ne pourra me défaire.
    (Que nada, eu sinto, eu não posso desfazer.)

    Tu seras toujours mon amante
    (Você sempre vai ser meu amante)

    Et je crois à toi comme au bonheur suprême.
    (E eu penso em você como a felicidade suprema.)

    Je te fuis parfois, mais je reviens quand même.
    (Eu vou fugir, às vezes, mas eu volto de qualquer jeito.)

    C'est plus fort que moi: Je t'aime!
    (É mais forte que eu: eu te amo!)

    Lorsque je souffre il me faut tes yeux profonds et joyeux
    (Eu sofro quando eu preciso de seus olhos profundos e alegre)

    Afin que j'y meure
    (Que eu morra)

    Et j'ai besoin pour revivre, amour,
    (E eu preciso reviver o amor,)

    De t'avoir un jour,
    (Você um dia,)

    Moins qu'un jour, une heure!
    (Pelo menos um dia, uma hora!)

    De me bercer un peu dans tes bras
    (Para balançar me em seus braços um pouco)

    Quand mon coeur est las,
    (Quando meu coração está cansado,)

    Quand parfois je pleure.
    (Às vezes, quando eu choro.)

    Ah! crois-le bien, ma chérie, mon aimée, ma reine,
    (Ah! acredite em mim, meu querido, meu amado, minha rainha,)

    Vivrons toujours sans soucis, sans peines.
    (Sempre viver despreocupado, sem penalidades.)

    Je t'ai rencontrées simplement...
    (Eu acabei de conhecer ...)

    C'est toi l'amie quand est mort l'espoir,
    (Você é o amigo quando a esperança está morta,)

    Dont on rêve un soir,
    (Sonhamos uma noite,)

    Et que l'âme implore
    (E que a alma implora)

    L'amie fidèle, et jamais constante,
    (O fiel amigo, e nunca constante,)

    Et la seule pourtant qu'un homme adore!
    (E ainda o único amor de um homem!)

    Sous tes baisers les chagrins passés
    (De acordo com o seu passado dores beijos)

    Sont vite effacés
    (São rapidamente esquecidos)
    Et l'on s'aime encore!
    (E nós ainda amamos!)

    Ah! crois-le bien, ma chérie, mon aimée, ma reine,
    (Ah! acredite em mim, meu querido, meu amado, minha rainha,)

    Vivrons toujours sans soucis, sans peines.
    (Sempre viver despreocupado, sem penalidades.)

    Reviens moi
    (volte para mim)

    Reprends moi
    (Leve-me para trás)

  • Fascination


    Provided to YouTube by ALTAFONTE NETWORK, S.L.

    Fascination · Pshycotic Beats · Pati Amor


    ℗ 2020 Log Lady Records

    Producer: Andres Costureras
    Mixer: Andres Costureras
    Associated Performer: Pati Amor
    Composer: Andres Costureras
    Lyricist: Andres Costureras
    Music Publisher: Andres Costureras

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  • Marc Seberg - 06 - Fascination


    Une histoire commence, une autre s'achève...
    Mais les chiens errants pleurent toujours leur laisse...
    Parfois les eaux du fleuve peuvent devenir claires...
    Si l'amour est aveugle il connaît nos faiblesses !
    Elle : la belle
    a mis la bête
    en cage,
    m'a pris au piège
    en otage
    dans le théâtre qu'elle appelle
    son âme
    ...Son âme !
    Avec la spirale
    des neuf cercles de l'enfer :
    les nuits sans sommeil...
    La ronde infernale
    dans son sillage m'entraîne,
    une chute précipitée
    d'hôtels en meublés.

    Pour elle
    j'ai noyé au fond d'un verre
    ma maigre fierté.
    Pour elle
    j'ai noyé au fond d'un verre
    mon double, mon reflet
    mon frère.
    Ange ou démon : une obsession...

    Mi ange mi démon : une obsession,
    à tort ou à raison, fascination...


    L'enfer sur la terre.
    Mon enfer sur la terre !

    Un cri de haine / Appel à l'aide.

    Le long des rives
    la ville brille
    comme une coulée de givre.
    Un millier d'aiguilles que la nuit hérisse.
    Un millier de désirs m'invitent à sortir.
    Elle est partie...
    Partie... Fini !

    Un peu de rouge
    à lèvres au bout
    d'une cigarette douce.
    Deux ou trois petites choses
    que je garde secrètes
    mais je vendrais père et mère pour l'emmener danser.

    peut faire de moi ce qu'elle veut.
    (Une langue de feu sous la glace.)
    fait de moi ce qu'elle veut
    (quand ses cheveux noirs s'enflamment.)

    Mi ange mi démon : une obsession,
    à tort à raison, fascination...

    Mi ange mi démon : une obsession,
    à tort à raison, fascination...

    Pour une opale sombre,
    une opale d'ombre.

  • Fascination--by 7R


    It was fascination, I know
    And it might have ended right then, at the start
    Just a passing glance, just a brief romance
    And I might have gone on my way, empty hearted

    It was fascination, I know
    Seeing you alone with the moonlight, above
    Then I touch your hand and next moment, I kiss you
    Fascination turned, to love

    It was fascination, I know
    Seeing you alone with the moonlight, above
    Then I touch your hand and next moment, I kiss you
    Fascination turned, to love

    Penulis lagu: Dick Manning / Fermo F.d. Marchetti

    Lirik Fascination © Wb Music Corp., Peermusic (germany) Gmbh, Peermusic Musikverlag G.m.b.h., Editions Philippo, Andre Rieu Publishing Bv

    Fascination-(guitar cover)-by 7R

    Fascination-(guitar cover)-by 7R

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  • Edith Piaf - Fascination


    Je t'ai reencontre simplement,
    Et tu n'as rien fait pour chercher me plaire.
    Je t'aime pourtant,
    D'un amour ardent,
    Dont rien, je le sens, ne pourra me faire.
    Tu seras toujours mon amante

    Et je crois toi comme au bonheur supreme.
    Je te fuis parfois, mais je reviens quand meme.
    C'est plus fort que moi : Je t'aime.

  • Fascination


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    Fascination · Sacha Distel

    Maladie d'amour

    ℗ Earfood

    Released on: 2018-11-28

    Author: Fermo D. Marchetti
    Composer: Fermo D. Marchetti
    Author: M. De Feraudy
    Composer: M. De Feraudy

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  • PSHYCOTIC BEATS featuring PATI AMOR - Fascination


    #PshycoticBeats #PatiAmor #KillingEve
    You can PRE ORDER the Vinyl HERE:
    THE BLEEDING SONGBOOK, is the new EP by Pshycotic Beats and Pati Amor, inspired by their recent Global Hit from BBC America's TV Series KILLING EVE

    by A. Costureras
    I want you to come with me I want you to be like me
    I want you to ride with me Hey please set me free
    For once in my life For once in my life I feel
    Fascination for you
    I never imagined
    That I’d love somebody like you
    I want you to ride with me
    I am scared you might run from me I want you to dream with me
    Hey please let it be
    For once in my life For once in my life You feel
    Fascination for me
    You never imagined
    That I’d love somebody like you



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