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Playlist of Falling Mirror

  • Falling Mirror - As Sly As The Fox


    The inimitable Falling Mirror!!!

    Falling Mirror – “As Sly As The Fox” – written by Tully McCully & Alan Faull.
    From the French pressing 12inch maxi 45, “As Sly As The Fox”.
    Released on the WEA label, 258 426-0, 1986.

    Track listing:
    Side 1:
    As Sly As The Fox

    Side 2:
    As Sly As The Fox
    Encounter In A Take Away Shop

    Line up:
    Nielen Marais – Vocals, Percussion
    Alan Faull – Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards, Bass

    Produced by Tully McCully

    Publisher: WEA International

  • Falling Mirror - Ordinary Suburban Girl


    Falling Mirror's new single

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  • Mirror by Samantha Smith | HD QUALITY AUDIO | FALLING INN LOVE


    I do not own any rights for this song. The song is by Samantha Smith. The song appeared in Falling Inn Love at the ending. I did a hard search on the internet and finally found it so here you go everyone enjoy it.


  • 2NE1 Falling in love dance practice MIRROR


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  • Slaraffenklang - Falling Mirror


    Prinser & Vikinger Live @ the Royal Danish Playhouse, 2010

  • Dathan - Mirror Masa


    Dathan - Mirror Masa (I Think I'm Falling for You)
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    You must goon adventures to find out where you truly belong.
    - Sue Fitzmaurice

    I think I'm fallin' for ya

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  • dathan - mirror masa


    the original music is mirror masa by dathan.
    the background picture is from we heart it.

  • time is a thief falling mirror


    after 2 years of live gigs, Falling Mirror performs their last live concert at the Barnyard, Willowbridge on 28 Sept. Bookings: Tickets: R100. Johnny Calls the Chemist, one last time...

  • Falling Mirror - Louise The Astronaut


    Falling Mirror - Shattered - Louise The Astronaut

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    prod. by Taz Taylor
    directed by FLESH
    mixed by FLESH

    Apple Music:



    22.09 Киев
    23.09 Минск
    29.09 Владимир

    01.10 Москва
    03.0 Самара
    04.10 Тольятти
    05.10 Уфа
    07.10 Киров
    08.10 Н. Новгород
    12.10 Тула
    13.10 Воронеж
    14.1 0 Ростов
    15.10 Краснодар
    22.10 СПБ
    26.10 Пермь
    27.10 Екатеринбург
    28.10 Челябинск
    29.10 Тюмень
    31.10 Омск

    02.11 Новосибирск
    03.11 Барнаул
    05.11 Кемерово
    06.11 Красноярск
    07.11 Иркутск
    08.11 Хабаровск
    09.11 Владивосток
    17.11 Калининград
    18.11 Рига
    19.11 Таллин

    ЗАКАТ 99.1



  • Jasmine Free Falling & Man in the Mirror


  • Just For Laugh - Falling mirror.flv



  • 2NE1 - FALLING IN LOVE Dance Practice



    Available on iTunes @


    More about 2NE1 @

  • Quiet & Falling ~ In the Mirror


    Provided to YouTube by IIP-DDS

    Quiet & Falling ~ In the Mirror · GENTLE LOVE and maiko

    Prescription for Sleep: Celeste

    ℗ Materia Collective LLC under exclusive license from Scarlet Moon Records

    Released on: 2018-11-02

    Artist: GENTLE LOVE
    Artist: maiko

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Falling Mirror - I am the Actor.m4v


    1979 recording from South African band Falling Mirror which unfortunately did not chart. The band went on to record Johnny Calls the Chemist in 1984 which charted on the Radio 5 charts.

  • Falling Mirror


    Provided to YouTube by Awal Digital Ltd

    Falling Mirror · The Horn The Hunt · The Horn The Hunt

    The Last Winter

    ℗ Gpig Records

    Released on: 2015-07-28

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Makin Out with Granny by Falling Mirror


    A particular odd track by South African alternative band, Falling Mirror, who are perhaps best known for their 1986 hit, Johnny Calls the Chemist (music video:

    Buy the album:
    Retro Fresh:

    More info from

    The Hawns & Dendles is a spooky, double-story mansion in Ravensburg Road, Newlands. It is 1970. Down the passage lives mad old Uncle Edward Faull and his mother Anne. Granny Anne Faull has been charged with the almost hopeless task of policing two of her most troublesome grandchildren, Allan and Nielen, the black sheep of the Faull and Marais families. Allan's father Louis and Nielen's mother Meg are siblings and their mother Anne is the families' last resort for keeping these two first cousins in line.

    In another room in the house is the cause of all the trouble. Allan Faull is the taller, older and gaunter Anthony Perkins lookalike, hunched over his beloved guitar, striving to emulate the magical sounds of his guitar heroes featured on the many LPs scattered around his feet – John Mayall, Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, Jimmy Page and Peter Green. Over on the couch, a plume of blue smoke around his head, sits Nielen, a blonde, fuzzy-haired ball of manic energy. A poet with the look and voice of a Dylanesque choirboy and the restraint, dignity and morals of Jim Morrison, scribbling reams of poetry, short stories, film scripts, horror stories, and mostly song lyrics.

    Independently they were two lost souls, living lives on the wrong edge of the posh Cape Town fishbowl they had grown up in. Together they formed an unlikely duo, two freaks of society who only actualized themselves fully while wrapped in the unique chemistry that the combination of their skills produced. It was still eight years before Allan and Nielen found the confidence to present their scratchy demo cassette to local Cape Town music producer and legend Tully McCully. But in that room in The Hawns & Dendles, stoned and psyched out of their brains, those two cousins began writing the songs that would secure them a reputation as one of the weirdest bands ever to emerge from the South African rock scene. This was the beginning of Falling Mirror.

    Read the rest here:

  • Dathan - Mirror Masa


    i hope yall enjoy this!

    #aesthetic #lofi #loop #chill #tiktok #thelxcas

  • Johnny Calls the Chemist - FALLING MIRROR


    Random visuals to Check for copyright errors. (c) Songwrights Publsihers. All rights reserved.

  • Dathan - Mirror Masa slowed down - tiktok - now out in soundcloud


    #slowed #aesthetic #lofi
    Yall wanted this so here!


    slowed down by thelxcas
    its original slowed down its viral song on TikTok app..
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  • COLLAB. Materia Collective: Quiet and Falling~In The Mirror from Celeste Piano Collections


    Hey Smartists! In collaboration with the Materia Collective, here's a performance video of Quiet and Falling~In The Mirror from their recently released Celeste Piano Collections! They're an amazing record label that is all about video game music!

    Go buy a copy of the sheet music and the album here!:

    Composed by Lena Raine ~
    Arranged by Trevor Alan Gomes ~
    Produced by Materia Collective ~

    Learn how to play Quiet and Falling
    ►Click here:

    Learn how to play In The Mirror
    ►Click here:

    ♬ Sheet Music. Find the sheet for all the pieces on our website.

    ❤️ Share Love. Leave a comment. It took me about 3 hours to record this. Please let me how I did ;-)


    Instagram ►
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    💡Info: Celeste is a platforming video game by Canadian video game developers Matt Thorson and Noel Berry, with art of the Brazilian Studio MiniBoss. Celeste is a platform game in which players control a girl named Madeline as she makes her way up a mountain while avoiding various deadly obstacles. Madeline begins climbing Celeste Mountain, ignoring a warning from Granny (an old woman who lives there). Celeste received universal acclaim from critics, according to review aggregator Metacritic.

    🎹 Enjoy the best video game music on the piano made with Synthesia. Search nowhere else for epic video game piano tutorials. We are the channel dedicated to video game themes on the keyboard.

    ⚙️ Arrangement & Performance by Sydney Kjerstad

    Learn easy piano beginner lessons of classical music with SmartClassicalPiano lessons. We specialise only on classical music so head over to to learn tons & tons more!

  • Trevor Daniel - Falling


    Download Trevor Daniel - Falling (Lyrics):

    Discord Server:


    Watch Official Falling video:
    Stream Falling:

    ► Trevor Daniel

    My last made me feel like I would never try again
    But when I saw you, I felt something I never felt
    Come closer, I'll give you all my love
    If you treat me right, baby, I'll give you everything
    My last made me feel like I would never try again
    But when I saw you, I felt something I never felt
    Come closer, I'll give you all my love
    If you treat me right, baby, I'll give you everything

    Talk to me, I need to hear you need me like I need ya
    Fall for me, I wanna know you feel how I feel for you, love
    Before you, baby, I was numb, drown the pain by pouring up
    Speeding fast on the run, never want to get caught up
    Now you the one that I'm calling
    Swore that I'd never forget, don't think I'm just talking
    I think I might go all in, no exceptions, girl, I need ya

    Feeling like I'm out of my mind, cause I can't get enough
    Only one that I give my time, 'cause I got time for ya
    Might make an exception for ya, 'cause I been feeling ya
    Think I might be out of my mind, I think that you're the one

    My last made me feel like I would never try again
    But when I saw you, I felt something I never felt
    Come closer, I'll give you all my love
    If you treat me right, baby, I'll give you everything
    My last made me feel like I would never try again
    But when I saw you, I felt something I never felt
    Come closer, I'll give you all my love
    If you treat me right, baby, I'll give you everything

    I'll never give my all again
    'Cause I'm sick of falling down
    When I open up and give my trust
    They find a way to break it down
    Tear me up inside, and you break me down


    I don't own the music in this video. Please contact the artist/label if you want to use it.
    If you need a song removed from my channel, please contact me here:

    #trevordaniel #falling #fallinglyrics #uniquevibes

  • I Think I’m Falling For You Song Name- Mirror Masa


    Not my song just spreading the love by reposting it

  • Official Celeste Original Soundtrack - 11 - Quiet and Falling


    🍓 Celeste Original Soundtrack 🍓


    Written, performed & mastered by Lena Raine.
    Cover art by Amora B.

  • Falling Mirror


    Prinser & Vikinger live at The Royal Danish Playhouse.

  • Listening Mirror - Falling Under


  • Celeste: Quiet and Falling - Metal Cover | Christian Richardson


    I had heard of this game a few months back, but never again until I woke up to Dunkey’s review of it last week. Decided to look up the soundtrack out of interest, and it was absolutely gorgeous. This song stood out to me the most, so I ended up starting up a cover of it. I didn’t exactly realize that this was literally the day the game and soundtrack came out, and so it seems I’m the first person to make a cover from this game (aside from the entire remix album, obviously)! This song really intimidated me at first, since the original song is almost 8 minutes long. I eventually figured out the song structure. The song goes through a section twice, and then a small build up, and then that same section twice again but with a small chord change. Then the whole song repeats with some different layering. To the best of my ability, I tried to transcribe the song to guitars as exact as I could, while adding my own layers of drums, rhythm guitars, a solo, and some vocals. I ended up shortening the second half of the piece, mainly because I didn’t want my cover to be eight minutes. But I still tried to capture all the different, more echoey layers in the second half.

    This game looks SOOO cool. I love platformers to death, and the way the player movement works in this looks like a lot of fun. I’ll definitely have to pick it up on Switch very very soon!

    I’m super proud of how this all turned out, even the video ended up looking pretty neat! I’m trying to do weekly videos now, and finishing this in a week wasn’t exactly an easy feat. See you all soon!!


    Song Info:

    Composed By:
    Lena Raine

    Arranged, Produced, and Performed By:
    Christian Richardson


    Consider purchasing my original music here!:


    Check out my new podcast with Reece Harper!:


    Stalk Me:





    Lead guitar: G&L Asat Special
    Everything else guitar: Ibanez RG 827Z
    Bass: Ibanez SR 305


    Audio Interface: Line 6 Pod Studio UX1
    Microphone: Shure SM57
    Camera: Moto G 3

    Software & Audio Plug-Ins:

    DAW: Cockos' Reaper
    Tones: Positive Grid's Bias Amp
    Drums: Toontrack Superior Drummer 2
    Mixing & Mastering: FabFilter Plugins & Izotope Ozone 5
    Video Editing Software: Final Cut Pro



  • Mirror Falling Backwards - Joymar Spirits


    The unfinished proof of concept video for Mirror Falling Backwards by Joymar Spirits

    We hope you enjoy this peek into the archives




    Available on iTunes @


    More about 2NE1 @

  • I Think Im Falling For You | Dathan - Mirror Masa | TikTok


    I Think I'm Falling For You | Dathan - Mirror Masa (Slowed Down + Extended) | TikTok

    ► Song: Mirror Masa (Slowed Down + Extended)
    ► Artist: Dathan

    ► Our Spotify playlist -

    ► Artist’s social links:

    ✓ This song was posted on here for the sole purpose of promotion for the artist. If you have an issue with this song or picture being uploaded on this channel, then please contact us so we can remove it.

    © This music may not be royalty/copyright free so before using it in your own videos or creations, please contact the artist.

    #tiktok #tiktokvibes #fallingforyou

  • Lets Dance: UNIQ _ Falling In Love ENG/JPN/CHN SUB


    Let's Dance: UNIQ(유니크) _ Falling In Love [ENG/JPN/CHN SUB]

    *English & Japanese & Chinese subtitles are now available. :D
    (Please click on 'CC' button or activate 'Interactive Transcript' function)
    (CCボタンをクリック、それとも'Interactive Transcript' 機能を活性化して下さい)

    What happens when UNIQ has fallen in love?
    A rookie group with a hot debut, UNIQ! Learn the three steps to their Falling In Love dance!
    If you want to know more about UNIQ in love, then fall in now!

    ▶1theK FB :
    ▶1theK TW :
    ▶1theK G+ :

    ホットにデビューした新人UNIQ!彼らは教えてくれる「Falling In Love」の 3STEPダンス!
    强烈出击的新锐组合,UNIQ!他们告诉《Falling In Love》3STEP舞~
    유니크가 제대로 사랑에 빠졌을 때?!
    핫하게 데뷔한 신예 유니크! 그들이 알려주는 Falling In Love 3STEP댄스~
    사랑에 빠진 유니크가 궁금하다면~ 지금 바로 Falling!

  • Falling Mirror, Girl of Fashion


    Remember Johnny Calls the Chemist, Making Out with Granny, Neutron Bop? Falling Mirror is back!!!!!!!! Cafe Roux, Noordhoek, July 11, Truth, Cape Town, July 16/23, August 6/13. Saronsberg Teater, Tulbagh, July 26, Don't miss this!!

  • i think i’m falling for ya - dathan | TikTok version


    original music - Mirror Masa by Dathan.
    background video - Oskar S Vid
    girl ig - patrycja_uscilko
    my ig - oskar_sadej_pics

  • Korn - Falling Away from Me


    Korn's official music video for 'Falling Away From Me'. Click to listen to Korn on Spotify:

    As featured on Greatest Hits Vol. 1. Click to buy the track or album via iTunes:
    Google Play:

    More from Korn
    Freak On A Leash:
    Did My Time:
    Got The Life:

    More great 90's Alternative videos here:

    Follow Korn

    Subscribe to Korn on YouTube:



    Hey, I'm feeling tired.
    My time, is gone today.
    You flirt with suicide.
    Sometimes, that's ok.
    Do what others say.
    I'm here, standing hollow.
    Falling away from me.
    Falling away from me.
    Day, is here fading.
    That's when, I would say.
    I flirt with suicide.
    Sometimes kill the pain.
    I can always say.
    'It's gonna be better tomorrow'.
    Falling away from me.
    Falling away from me.

    #Korn #FallingAwayFromMe #Vevo #Rock #OfficialMusicVideo

  • Quiet and Falling ~ In the Mirror | Celeste


    Pieces from the Celeste Piano Collections, played on celeste.
    Recorded on March 8th, 2019

    Grant Huang - Celesta

    Composed by Lena Raine
    Arranged by Trevor Alan Gomes
    Celeste Celeste Collections idea from Sebastian Wolff

    Audio engineering and video editing by Neil Bickford
    Additional recording setup by Samuel Neubuerger
    Special thanks to Patrick Gardner

  • MIRROR performed by Samantha Smith from FALLING INN LOVE


    I, I’m gonna change it up
    And that’s alright, doin alright
    And I, I’m gonna find the love in everything
    and that’s alright, yeah that’s alright

    And I believe I believe it means something
    Just to try to be something good yeah
    And I can see I can see how easily
    We can be misunderstood yeah

    And I may not move a mountain
    Or solve the whole world’s problems
    But if I can help to solve just one today
    That’s OK

    I believe I believe in what I see
    Lookin at me
    And what I’ve become
    There in the mirror
    I believe I believe I believe in me
    And finally
    I like what I see there in the mirror

    I, I’m gonna shake it up yeah
    And that’s alright, feelin alright
    And I, I’m gonna bring the fight
    To everyone and that’s alright
    yeah that’s alright

    And I believe, I believe that I can be
    A little better than something good, yeah
    And I can see I can see how easily
    We can all be understood, yeah

  • Faith, Hope, Fear & Falling in Love


    Provided to YouTube by The Orchard Enterprises

    Faith, Hope, Fear & Falling in Love · Clint Mansell

    Black Mirror: San Junipero (Original Score)

    ℗ 2016 Lakeshore Records

    Released on: 2016-12-02

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • 1 HOUR dathan - mirror masa


    Original Video:

  • Falling From You - My Mirror Speaks


    Us doing no justice to Death Cab for Cutie's My Mirror Speaks.

  • Nick Howard - Falling for you + Free fallin + Man in the mirror - live @ Arena Vienna 2012-03-15


    Nick Howard - Falling for you + Free fallin' + Man in the mirror - live @ Arena Wien 2012-03-15

  • Celeste Piano Collections: 06 Quiet and Falling


    The official Celeste Piano Collections! Sheet music, CD, vinyl:
    Quiet and Falling & In The Mirror together create perhaps the most interesting relationship between any two tracks of this album. In the Mirror Temple stage, there comes a point (spoilers) where you encounter a mirror that alters the level… significantly. The music is then changed into what is essentially an audio mirror, forming two halves of a uniquely haunting complete picture. To contrast the more steady, constant nature of Quiet and Falling, In the Mirror is performed with a slightly choppy, “not quite right” feeling.

    Trevor Alan Gomes: Producer
    Jett Galindo: Mastering Engineer (The Bakery)
    David Peacock: Engraving
    David René Christensen: Album art
    Lena Raine: Composer, Special Thanks
    Rozen: Product Design
    Sebastian Wolff: Executive Producer
    Will Kennedy: Mixing Engineer
    William Caleb Parker: Recording Engineer


    With some of my previous work, I’ve taken incredibly simple source material and added layers of complexity and harmonic sophistication to make it work ideally for solo piano. In the case of Celeste, however, I often found I had to reduce what was already super complex and rich down to its core elements to make the material manageable on a single instrument.

    Lena has a way of brilliantly hyper-saturating the music with rhythmic ideas, counterpoint, and in some cases even multiple lead lines, with an end result that is immensely satisfying. Each track is a sort of “complete meal” for the ears. So taking those full-to-the-brim tracks and transforming them into equally complete piano solos was actually the greatest challenge of any of the VGM piano arranging I’ve done so far. I sincerely look forward to fans having this new way to enjoy and explore this absolute
    gem of a soundtrack! - Trevor Alan Gomes

    I grew up playing japanese role-playing games, basking not only in the games themselves, but the music too. I chased after any way to listen to the soundtracks outside the game.

    Luckily, there was a local import shop that stocked not just the original soundtracks, but Piano Collections albums and sheet music of many of my favorites. Without fail, game
    after game received these amazing piano arrangements and I became familiar with the melodies and how to play them.

    When I heard Trevor Gomes’ beautiful Chrono Trigger Piano Collections album, I knew right away that I wanted to work with him on something. I had no idea that opportunity would arise so quickly, and so I find myself honored to collaborate with him on these arrangements of my score to Celeste.

    He understands my music to its core, and I can’t wait for you all to hear what we’ve come up with. Enjoy! - Lena Raine


    ©Ⓟ 2019 Materia Collective LLC

    Celeste © 2018 Matt Makes Games Inc., music © 2018 Lena Raine under license to MATERIA COLLECTIVE LLC. Arrangements and sound recordings © 2019 MATERIA COLLECTIVE LLC. All Rights Reserved.

    For complete credits and information about this release, please visit Materia Collective:

  • #49 Falling in a dream - Winter Project


    Falling in a dream, canción de Winter Project. Grabada en Pontevedra.

    Facebook The Acoustic Mirror:

    Facebook Winter Project:

    The Acoustic Mirror 2014.

  • Celeste - Quiet and Falling ~ In The Mirror | Piano Tutorial |


    ♫ Happy new year guys! It's time for the next Celeste Tutorial, been a while since last one. This one here I like a lot, it's very calm and relaxing. I hope you're still enjoying these. You can purchase the album and Sheet music here:

    🌟 Support me on PATREON:

    I've been very busy lately moving into my new appartment and getting used to a new way of life. Demonitisation and such been hard on me. I'm trying to get back on schedule as of now so I can bring in the bread and butter as well as bring you the content I want to show you. Thanks for staying with me and enjoying my content.

    🌟 Join my DISCORD:

    Check out the rest of the album:

    Background VFX by AA-VFX:
    ✔ Purchase the SHEET MUSIC:
    Song: Celeste - Quiet and Falling + In The Mirror (Lena Raine)
    Arrangement by: Trevor Alan Gomes
    Album: Celeste Piano Collections
    Produced by: Sebastian Wolff (Materia Collective)
    ♬ Other great Black MIDI Channels:
    ► Gingeas:
    ► Scub Domino:
    ► Infernis:
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  • Coldplay - Viva La Vida


    The new album, Everyday Life, out Nov 22. Pre-order

    Taken from the album Viva La Vida Or Death And All His Friends

    Get A Head Full Of Dreams now:
    – iTunes
    – Amazon
    – Google Play
    – CD (with exclusive holographic stickers)
    – Vinyl (with exclusive holographic stickers)

    ~ Follow Coldplay ~

  • Raindrops Falling on a Shattered Mirror


    Provided to YouTube by DistroKid

    Raindrops Falling on a Shattered Mirror · Sam Tucker

    Raindrops Falling on a Shattered Mirror

    ℗ Funky Time Productions

    Released on: 2016-03-31

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Quiet and Falling - Celeste


    Music: Quiet and Falling (Mirror Temple)
    Composer: Lena Raine
    Platform: Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC

    I beg you to read the channel description.

  • Fringlee - Falling Mirrors


    Track made by fringlee © 2009
    Art by envrmnt

  • Nick Howard - Falling For You/Free Fallin/Man In The Mirror live Berlin Columbiahalle 25.01.2013


    Nick geht ab April auf Solo-Tour. Er ist live klasse und ein toller Mensch! :)

  • Falling Pearls, Op. 1: I. Magic Mirror


    Provided to YouTube by Horus Music Ltd

    Falling Pearls, Op. 1: I. Magic Mirror · David Ianni

    Night Prayers

    ℗ 2011 David Ianni

    Released on: 2011-04-16

    Producer: David Ianni
    Composer: David Ianni

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • The Sky is Falling - Mirror Image - The Actors Edge Performance


    The Sky is Falling from The Actors Edge production of Mirror Image
    Duluth, GA
    For More Info Visit or



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