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Playlist of FULL JURASSIC PARK 3 SEGMENT!! Jurassic World LEGO Game

  • ALICE IN CHAINS - Breath on a Window - fan made Music Video - LEGO JURASSIC WORLD


    Here is a fan made Music Video I edited of the ALICE IN CHAINS song Breath on a Window. Since this song is on the band's album THE DEVIL PUT DINOSAURS HERE, I thought it would be fun & a challenge to make a unique Music Video by editing it to footage from the LEGO JURASSIC WORLD video game featuring hilarious LEGO-ized cutscenes of Jurassic Park, The Lost World: Jurassic Park, Jurassic Park III & Jurassic World. I also used some clips from LEGO ROCK BAND and what's funny is the singer looks a lot like the current ALICE IN CHAINS frontman William DuVall.

    Copyright 2015 Capitol / Lego / Universal / Yu & You Productions

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  • Jurassic park 3 funny scene


    Though this was pretty funny and worth sharing

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  • Een grote stap voor een kleine dino|jurassic park|1#|


  • Lego Jurassic world lego city


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  • Jurassic Park Main Theme


    I am the oldest uploader to post this version on youtube!!!

    !Probably the best version on YOUTUBE = )

    If you really enjoyed this Jurassic park theme song... then

    I'd also highly recommend the song BELOW for you youtuberz: - I swear! this song below will take your breath away, literally.

    Modigliani (theme) - original theme song - my reason at:

    I believe this is the VERSION that everyone had been yearning for. So here it is in the flesh, virtually speaking.

    Ladies, Gentlemens, Boys and Girls

    it's not just a jurassic park theme - it has Piano accompaniment as well. So Enjoy.

    Love to read comments about childhood memories when watching this movie.

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  • Jurassic Park 3 - Coopes Last Stand


    JP Music

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  • Jurassic.Park.3.WannaBe.Credits


    Emitiranje filma: Jurassic Park 3 (2001)
    16. veljace 2010.
    Postaja: NOV@ TV

    Obratite pozornost na Wanna be Credits-tzv. komercijaliziranu odjavnu rolu. Ime redatelja je pogresno upisano. Redatelj je Joe Johnston, dok je Spielberg u 3. dijelu bio samo producent. Takodjer glazbu za 3. dio skladao je Don Davis, dok se teme John Williamsa rabe samo iz vec skladanih kompozicija iz prva dva dijela pa je i taj podatak za tekuceg kompozitora pogresan.

    Sto se tice direktora fotografije (taj podatak sam isao provjeriti jer za JP3 nisam znao napamet) i tu je u konacnici napisana greska. Direktor fotografije nije Dean Cundey vec Shelly Johnson. U drugom je dijelu palicu preuzeo Januz Kaminski koji sa Spielbergom pocinje ucestalo raditi nakon Schindlerove liste (ako se to rabilo i za odjavnu u 2. dijelu opet je bila greska).

    Pretpostavljam da je vjerojatno za 1. dio Jurassic parka napravljen template odjave koji se onda rabio za sva 3 dijela bez da je itko provjerio da li je do kakvih promjena doslo u narednim nastavcima. Svaki ce informiraniji filmofil znati da je nakon dva Jurassic Parka Spielberg predao palicu Johnstonu dok je on zadrzao producentski nadzor.

    Naravno, ovakav nemar (i rezanje odjavnih rola) ne samo da je kreativno sakacenje filmova, vec se cak i u takvim situacijama par osnovnih podataka ne zna ispravno prepisati. VRATITE ODJAVNE ROLE NATRAG!

  • Watch Chris Pratt Name His Raptors In New Jurassic World Clip


    In the latest TV spot via Movie Madness Trailers, it appears that there are more than 3 raptors in Pratt’s crew, so we may be missing a couple names. Either that or there are some raptors who are the dinosaur equivalent of extras.

    Blue is the beta animal as Owen Grady (portrayed by Chris Pratt) apparently views himself as the pack alpha. That could just be a good one-liner but based on what we’ve seen in other footage of the way Grady interacts with the raptors, it may also be true. Pratt’s Grady appears to be part of the pack, not necessarily the head of it. Will Pratt need to think like a dinosaur in order to work with the raptors to protect the island?

    There’s only one potential downside to naming the raptors. If they have names people might get attached to them. If people get attached then they may feel really badly if something terrible were to happen to them. Are we being set up to care for the raptors so we’ll have our hearts ripped out when one/some/all of them die? Better not...

    Jurassic Park movies are always heavy on the running and hiding, and Jurassic World looks no different. However, in this promo it sounds like we’re going to get a much more offensive reaction from the humans. If we do this, we do this my way certainly sounds like Chris Pratt and his velociraptor family are going to be taking the fight to the genetic hybrid dinosaurs.

    If Chris Pratt’s character really is the pack alpha will we see him hunting like a raptor? One dinosaur distracts the enemy while another, and Chris Pratt on a motorcycle, close in from either side? This movie is going to be so ridiculous it just might work.

    But seriously people, Starlord and his crew of trained attack Velociraptors! How can this not be fun? Jurassic World hits theaters June 12.

  • Jurassic World Secret Ending After Credits


    Did you stay to watch the end credits? This is what happened at the end credits of Jurassic world.

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  • Lego Brickarms/ Курская Битва


    Курское сражение :)
    Создано с помощью VideoFX Live:

  • Return to Tokyo by DASHIWA


    'Return to Tokyo' by DASHIWA
    (Video from 'Stranger Things - 8 Bit Cinema' by CINEFIX)

    on Soundcloud:

  • Park3


  • JURASSIC 9 - Chiringuito Love - 2017


    Chanclas & Mojitos Sessions.
    Grabado y producido por Jurassic 9
    Fotografia por KODO Photography

    (C) Golden Christ Music 2017.

  • Jurassic Park: The Anthem - Patrick Dwyer


    ...And check out my other crap.

    There's nerd culture for just about everything. Star Wars, LOTR, Harry Potter, you name it. What about the Jurassic Park-ers? I know we're out there. Here's our anthem. Sing it from the top of Isla Sorna!! Share.

    ©Music/Lyrics Patrick Dwyer
    Recorded by Patrick Dwyer
    Mixed by Bobby Strohmer
    Additional lyric ideas by Jennifer-Brooke Paul

  • parlophone no jurassic park


    parlophone canta love hurts no niver do Valter

  • Reptilian Shapeshifter Jurassic Park


    I've got bad news for all the Jurassic Park Fans out there...
    Hasn't America Suffered enough?
    Say Hello to your new Snake Masters

  • LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean The Video Game | official trailer | HD 720p |


    LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean The Video Game

  • Jurassic State Park


    Filmed at Savannah's National Wildlife Refuge. Moss family fun video.

    Music- Short Change Hero by The Heavy

  • wierd al yankovic jurrasic park


    wierd al yankovic jurrasic park

  • Jurassic Park the Musical Part 5


    Raptors in the Kitchen performance epically falls apart.

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  • De institutione jurassic parco


    The Animal Health Branch has amended the requirements of the Trichomonosis Control Program in compliance with section 10610 of the Food and Agricultural Code. This rulemaking action updates the testing protocols to additionally accept the real time PCR testing procedure for the detection of bovine trichomonosis. The final text, as shown in strikeout and underline format, has been approved by the Office of Administrative Law.

  • Dubstep Jurassic Park


    Well please support me :) Thumbs up!

    Thats the picture:

  • What Are Those Vine - Jurassic Park - 10 Hours


    Do you need more?

  • Emily Kane lego video


    a vid me and my dad spent the whole day workin' on!
    Emily Kane - Art Brut Lego/Duplo

  • Dinossauros - Lulina


    Passagem de som da Lulina no SESC Campinas - Música foi composta em parceria Ana Cristina Peixoto, Jean marcel, Lulina e Matt Love.
    Imaginem minha emoção ao chegar no Sesc e ouvir minha música tocando!

  • Jurassic Park-Weird Al Yankovic


    album pic, not my music

  • Dinosaurs Alive! at SM City Bacolod Feb 26, 2012


  • Jimmy Fallon Has A Bigger Role In Jurassic World Than We Thought


    With just a little over a week until the release of the widely anticipated franchise revival Jurassic World, the early buzz is more than promising. Yet, for Tonight Show host, Jimmy Fallon, the buzz is more immediate, due to the self-confessed Jurassic Park fan having a cameo in the new film, and the fact that it looks like there may be more to his role than a simple walk-on spot.

    Appearing last night on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Bryce Dallas Howard wound up spending just as much time discussing Fallon’s Jurassic World cameo as much as her own co-starring role in the film. During the exchange, Fallon - at first vaguely described his cameo by referring to the fact that folks behind the film asked me to do this tiny little thing, – celebrated the scene apparently made the cut. Yet, cutting through the clearly sarcastic fun the two were having over the apparent breadth and importance (or lack thereof) for Fallon’s cameo, there seemed to be signs possibly pointing to its further significance.

    News of Fallon’s cameo actually had been known about for the better part of a year due to leaked photos of a sponsor-laden Jurassic World brochure, which contained a section about the transparent spherical vehicles showcased in the trailers called the Gyrosphere.(Pictured below.) The passage mentions that prior to take-off, the patron passenger transports feature an on-site instructional video starring comedian/video host Jimmy Fallon.

    Interestingly enough, Fallon also pointed out another interesting bit of trivia in the fact that Bryce Dallas Howard’s daughter also had an apparently memorable walk-on of her own in the film, depicted hugging a dinosaur during a scene at Jurassic World’s petting zoo. Yet, when it comes to Fallon’s scene, he seemed to be genuinely ecstatic that the bit of work he did for the film made the cut, pretty much confirming it as minor. However, judging from the overall tone of the conversation, it could be the case that his work was utilized in a manner that surprised him.

    Sure, we could be reading too much into things and it all might just be the product of a humorous rapport. However, for Fallon, whose post SNL aspirations as a film star did not quite go so swimmingly as they did for him the late night arena, a memorable side-splitting cinematic scene might just be a form of redemption.

    Jurassic World unleashes a new kind of chaos theory at theaters on June 12th.

  • Electronic Godzilla toy




    Mad thing !!!!!!! just check it ouuttt!!!!!!



    STIG is an all-instrumental progressive jazz funk band consisting of 5 best friends from a myriad of places both geographically and musically. “We share music with each other during the day, and weave those news ideas into our shows at night.” Their improvisational nature paired with tight communication and 2 years of playing and growing together creates an exploratory and engaging live show experience.

    STIG tunes are all original and are always written as a group to fuse each member’s genre-crossing influences. Since forming in Boston while attending Berklee College of Music, STIG has been touring the country non-stop, playing high-energy shows, and catering their funk to the vibe and energy of the crowd.

    The band recently relocated to Asheville, North Carolina after falling in love with the town while on tour. An Asheville home base means the chance to dive deep into writing music full time, putting it out there and playing it. “We’re stoked to be immersed in the Asheville music community!”

    From opening for the likes of Aqueous, Nicki Bluhm and Dynamo to raging the late night stage at Some Kind Of Jam festival, STIG is constantly working to bring their funky instrumental sound to as many smiling faces as they can. Be on the lookout for new tour dates, music videos, and updates from the band!

  • sparks fly taylor swift


    this is my 2nd video on youtube that uve been in or made! check out me and my friends at the school taent show its under Bebe,Peyton, and Kami (!!!!!!)

  • ESHS & ESMS Concert Bands, Spring 2013


    Danny Elfman Medley

  • Super Hero Squad - Loki Dances to What is Love


    I imagine this being Loki's wedding...

  • Mama Franko - Waterpop 2018


    Op 28 juli trad Mama Franko op tijdens de 41e editie van Waterpop in Wateringen.
    Zij hadden Waterproof - de bandjescompetitie van Waterpop - gewonnen. Daarmee zij een plekje in de programmering van Waterpop op het hoofdpodium.

    Het video team bestaande uit:
    Roy De Letter
    Floortje Meewisse
    Juliette Lemmen
    Robin Pakvis
    Sem De Groot
    Jorick Buurstra
    Marc Orlandini
    Kevin Van Der Stap
    Bryan Verhaar
    Max Wijtmans
    Jessie Maas

    Heeft u vragen over de video?

  • Santaflow - Adelanto Red Vol. 3


    Año: 2017

  • Magix Music Maker - Hit and Run


    Just having fun in my horror world
    I find The pictures on google

  • Vernisáž JURSKY PARK 7.10.2014 KDLJ Havířov


  • Tarantallegra - Xia Junsu 1° World Tour in Mexico 06092012


    Disculpen de antemano los gritos que escucharan en el vídeo espero que disfruten de esta canción en México es algo que nunca pense que sucedería en mi país uno de los Dioses a venido la emoción estuvo a flor de piel.

  • Freddy and shadow Freddy go fishing


    Shadow Freddy and Freddy go fishing and shadow Freddy hates it. ????
    Created using VideoFX Live:

  • La vita di Goku su Facebook


  • 17-4-2014 opening Classic Park Boxtel



  • House and Sax Full Concept


    Le Concept Full du Show House and Sax (Dj+Sax+Percu+Chanteuses)
    Le concept pour des soirées tendances et classes
    Booking at

  • If I had a hammer - Trini Lopez


    Moj glazbeni Jurski Park.. Pjesme koje volim, odsvirane i otpjevane uživo, prvenstveno sebi za dušu, pa za sve ostale kojima se svidi..

  • Parade Band SMPN 1 Singaparna grup 3


  • 【初音ミク】 地下室とワタシ 【オリジナル】





  • Viagem a Florianópolis 2015 - Andrezza e Patrik


    Um pouquinho do que foi para nós uma das nossas mais marcantes viagens.

    Musica: John Mayer ft Katy Perry: Who you love.

    Você ama quem você ama?
    Quem você ama?
    Você ama quem você ama?
    Quem você ama?

    Minha menina, ela não é a única que vi chegando
    E às vezes eu não sei para onde ir
    E eu tentei correr antes
    Mas eu não estou correndo mais
    Porque eu lutei o suficiente contra isso para saber

    Que você ama quem você ama
    Quem você ama?
    Você ama quem você ama?
    Quem você ama?
    Você ama quem você ama?
    Quem você ama?
    Oh, você não pode se impedir de sonhar
    Com quem você está sonhando
    Se esse é quem você ama, então é quem você ama

    Meu menino, ele não é o único que eu vi chegando
    E alguns dizem que seu coração é muito difícil de prender
    E isso leva um pouco de tempo
    Mas você deveria vê-lo quando ele brilha
    Porque você nunca iria querer deixar esse sentimento ir
    Quando você ama quem você ama

    Quem você ama?
    Você ama quem você ama?
    Quem você ama?
    Você ama quem você ama?
    Quem você ama?
    Oh, você não pode se impedir de sonhar
    Com quem você esta sonhando
    Se esse é quem você ama, então é quem você ama
    Oh, você ama quem você ama?

    Quem você ama?
    Você ama quem você ama?
    Quem você ama?
    Você ama quem você ama?
    Quem você ama?
    Oh, você não pode se impedir de sonhar
    Com quem você esta sonhando
    Se esse é quem você ama, então é quem você ama

    Você é a pessoa que eu amo!

  • sonido depredador con la familia meza 10/12 rock


    soniod depredador

  • 2015-10-17 Greg Golden Band Smoke on the Water


    Jeff Keith Ride for Reason
    October 17, 2015
    Greg Golden Band Smoke on the Water

    Video by TC

  • The Lord of the Rings - Theme Song


    I DO NOT OWN THIS MUSIC! The actual title of the song is The Breaking of the Fellowship and it is played at the end of The Fellowship of the Ring. Composed by Howard Shore.

    All the paintings were made by Ted Nasmith. Ted Nasmith's website:

    Some of the paintins are repeating, so I'm sorry for that. Also, the most of the them represent scenes from The Lord of the Rings, but there are some that represent events of the ancient world described in The Silmarillion, and some from The Hobbit.