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Playlist of FREE 2BusControl L/R

  • FREE 2BusControl L/R - MONO/DIFF monitor by MAAT explained


    Maat 2 Buss Control is a nice tool, it can potentially replace the combo of BOZ Digital Labs Panipulator and Flux Stereo Tool which are great plugs that live on our master fader plugin template almost since they came out. In this video we'll quickly try to explain how it works and how to use it.

    From the website:

    A universal L/R plus MONO/DIFF monitor control and Balance/Correlation metering plug-in for stereo bus masters.

    Available for all major plugin formats, including VST/VST3 and AAX for MacOS and Windows plus Audio Units for Mac OS, 2BusControl offers five essential options for specialized monitoring modes plus highly responsive and user- friendly metering for left/right balance and correlation. Solo is available post-metering with a single button push. Traditional left/right soloing (as phantom center) can be chosen, or the equally useful MONO/DIFF(erence) or M/S (Mid/Side) rendering of the soloed signal. In addition, the stereo perspective can be swapped or flipped with the left and right channels changing places. Each solo control is a single button, allowing you to check placement and amplitude easily for all aspects of your mix.

    Usable metering is another essential for any engineer, and options are equally practical, with stereo balance and inter-channel correlation occupying the upper half of the user interface. Unlike prior products that provide similar metering functions, 2BusControl´s measurement and display algorithms adhere to our guiding philosophy of enhancing your workflow and improving ergonomics through careful attention to the way you actually work. Ballistics are meticulously tuned to achieve the best match between the aural impression you hear, and the optical rendering by the meters.


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  • FREE TBProAudio ISOL8 5-Band Frequency Monitor EXPLAINED


    In this video we explain how we understand this plugin can be used, including its use as a mixing tool on individual tracks as a lo-fi or radio effect.

    From the website:

    Isol8 is an advanced mix monitoring tool. It divides the frequency range into 5 bands. These 5 bands can be soloed or muted individually. This will help you to concentrate on certain frequency ranges during the mixing and mastering process. Isol8 is originally designed to be used on the master track, but it can also be used on individual audio track busses.

    5 adjustable frequency bands
    Solo/mute function for each band individually
    Linkwitz-Riley crossover filter design
    24/48dB/Oct filter slope
    Multiple filter channel modes (Stereo/Left/Right/Mid/Side)
    Multiple monitor modes (Stereo/Left/Right/Mid/Side)
    In-place or centered monitoring
    Adjustable output level
    Loudness dim function
    Large and easy to use GUI
    64-bit internal processing

    System Requirements
    Mac OS X 10.5+ 32/64 Bit Universal Binary Win XP SP3+ Win x64 VST VST3 RTAS Audio Unit Audio Unit
    Windows XP or newer
    Mac OS X 10.5 or newer
    Win: 32/64 Bit VST, 32/64 Bit VST3, 32 Bit RTAS, 32/64 Bit AAX
    OS X: 32/64 Bit VST, 32/64 Bit VST3, 32/64 Bit AU, 32 Bit RTAS, 32/64 Bit AAX
    Tested with: Cockos Reaper, Steinberg Cubase/Nuendo/Wavelab 6/7/8/9, FL Studio 12.x, PT10/12, Reason 9.5




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  • ISOL8 by TB Pro Audio Plugin Overview


    ISOL8 by TB Pro Audio Plugin Overview

    Operating System Availability:

    Win 32 Bit
    Win 64 Bit
    Mac Au
    Mac VST
    Mac RTAS

    ????Download ISOL8 HERE:












    ????GET TO KNOW US





    Sound Shock is committed to bringing you the highest quality FREE music production tools, in-depth tutorials, interviews with industry professionals and a community full of like minded producers looking to help each other improve. Go ahead! Check us out and join the SoundShock crew!

  • MAAT DRMeter Dynamic Range Meter EXPLAINED


    This is a useful micro tool with a clever design and fast GUI refresh rate which makes it also enjoyable and easy to use.

    From the website:

    MAAT’s DRMeter is the universal real-time level metering plug-in companion to our official DROffline batch measurement utility.

    The MAAT DRMeter offers essential options for musically responsive, real-time level metering. These include graphical and numeric measurement of DR dynamic range, SPPM Peak and RMS amplitude, plus digital overs and “digital black.” The MAAT DRMeter release is MAAT’s first step in bringing forward the legacy of the PMF’s legendary TT Dynamic Range Meter, which was certainly the most popular metering plugin of the last decade. Inspiring music producers and artists worldwide for more dynamic music releases, this “micro” version will soon be followed by its big brother. The upcoming, upgradable DRMeterMkII features all modern metering algorithms, including True Peak Level and Loudness Units compliant with EBU R128 and ATSC A/85. MAAT paid particular attention to the DRMeter’s ballistics, which contributed to the original’s broad acceptance. We have tested the new DRMeter again and again against the original TT DR Meter to ensure a consistent user experience. In addition, DRMeter is modern, supporting all major plug-in formats including VST/VST3 and AAX for macOS and Windows plus Audio Units for Mac.

    MAAT to the Rescue
    The DR meter is back! In conjunction with the PMF, the geeks at MAAT have sweated the details, testing and tweaking to make sure that you get the same familiar and much-loved ballistics of the original TT DR Meter tool, which has already helped to preserve dynamics for thousands of modern pop releases and multimillions of records sold. The only difference between the original and new DR meters is the removal of Correlation metering and the Mono Button. That was done, in response to user requests, to reduce UI height so the new DRMeter takes up less screen real estate. We have implemented those functions in a free plug-in, the MAAT 2BusControl, which also includes solo buttons for L, R, MONO & DIFF, plus a left-right flip button and a useful Balance meter. Usable metering is an essential for any engineer, and the DRMeter´s measurement and display algorithms adhere to our guiding philosophy of enhancing your workflow and improving ergonomics through careful attention to the way you actually work. Ballistics are meticulously tuned to achieve the best match between the aural impressions you hear and the optical rendering by the meters. Likewise, the plug-in is lightweight demanding a minimum of CPU resources so it won't slow down your host.

    The Backstory

    The DR algorithm, akin to PLR (Peak–to–Loudness Ratio) or “crest factor,” specifically measures the dynamic density or lack of dynamics caused by overly aggressive dynamic compression and limiting. When the loudest spots of a song are measured, it gives the user an estimate for the official DR Value, measured with the companion DROffline. Seeing a meaningful and easy to understand indication of dynamic range inspires users to back away from hyper-compression. The complete DR metering system, composed of the real-time DRMeter plus the DROffline batch processor, was created by Friedemann Tischmeyer to address the need to generate a repeatable, easy to understand numeric value. In response to the broadly publicized “Loudness Wars,” the PMF worked to raise awareness that oppressively compressed dynamics in pop music are not only counterproductive but sound often like crap! Now legendary, the PMF’s TT DR Meter and its offline companion was created to provide a deterministic benchmark and was used by thousands of engineers and consumers to measure and log the dynamic range of popular music releases around the world. Alas, as with all things digital, the TT DR Meter grew old. An update was needed…

    AAX (Pro Tools 10.3.10 and newer), AU, VST2/3 M/W
    Sample rates from 44.1 to 384 kHz
    Mac: macOS 10.8 and newer, 32 & 64 bit.
    PC: Windows 7 and newer, 32 & 64 bit.



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  • Sturiophonia by MaxSynths


    Sturiophonia is a stereo image widener and sound placement tool born from an idea of Turi Curello.
    for more information visit.

    official youtube channel

    old video

    if all else fail try the web archive wayback machine it's like time travel for websites.

  • FREE Fat Filter by SoundSpot


    Just a heads up on this freebie.

    From the website:

    Whilst hard at work in the studio, some members of the SoundSpot team discovered that when they were making their filter sweep transitions, they were forced to use heavy, full featured EQ’s & were using way more CPU power than seemed logical.

    They also found that they were coming across strange crackling digital artefacts when using some plugins over certain sound sources. This was all far from ideal, so with this in mind, the SoundSpot team decided enough was enough, and set out to create a solution to fix the problem.

    After coffee, brainstorming, interface design and all the all important coding, The FAT Filter was born.

    The FAT Filter has been developed using our ever popular analogue modelled algorithm, which results in super smooth transitions, whilst being incredibly light. This allows you to load almost as many instances as your heart desires without hitting your CPU to hard.

    The FAT Filter plugin is completely free and always will be, so download your copy today and get your transitions sounding great.

    System Requirements
    Mac: OS X 10.7 and later
    PC: Windows 7 and later
    Formats: (32bit & 64bit)


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  • ISOL8 Introduction


    Isol8 is an advanced mix monitoring tools. It divides the frequency range into 5 bands.

    These 5 bands can be soloed or muted individually. This will help you to concentrate on certain frequency ranges during the mixing and mastering process.

    Isol8 is originally designed to be used on the master track, but it can also be used on individual audio track busses.

  • Free 2S EQ VST/AAX by 2nd Sense Audio


    According to 2ns Sense Audio: 2S EQ is a parametric EQ featuring a straightforward user interface. We believe everyone can use it without learning. And it is free...

    Well, we decided to make a video showing how to use 2SEQ on a drum machine...

    Compatible with AAX and VST


  • HawkEye Part 2 – Level Meter


    In this video we discuss the Level Meter section of the SPL HawkEye Audio Analyzer.

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  • Panipulator is a great FREE plugin


    From the website:

    Even though you spent considerable time and effort getting your mix to sound amazing on your monitors, there is still one very important question: What will it sound like playing at a theme park? or at the dentist's office? or on your old radio? What if they wired one of the speakers backwards?

    As much as we’d like to think that everyone is listening our music in stereo, the truth is that many many people are listening in less than ideal environments. Panipulator lets you hear what your mix will sound like in those environments so you can be sure that your mixes will translate across all systems.

    What will your mix sound like summed to mono? Flip a switch to find out. What if someone wires their system so that they can only hear the left channel? Flip a switch to hear what that sounds like. What if they reverse the wiring on one of their speakers? Flip a switch to find out to see how that will affect your song. These are all common scenarios, and the last thing you want to do is find out is that your mom’s voice, that you thought was buried in the mix, pops out when played over the loudspeakers at Nordstrom.

    Panipulator will barely make a dent in your CPU usage, so there is no reason that this plugin should not be a default on every single song you mix.

    Available Formats:

    Windows (32/64): VST2, VST3, RTAS, AAX Native
    Mac (32/64): AU, VST2, VST3, RTAS, AAX Native


  • MiniSynx v2.5 New presets


    Some of the new presets added in version 2.5 of our MiniSyn'X synthesizer.
    These presets are also included in our MiniWorks add-on soundbank for the Syn'X 2 synthesizer.

    7mn of audio clips showing presets in isolation

  • Voxengo Msed audio encoder decoder FREE VST/AU PLUGIN - Quick Test


    Download Here:

    MSED is a professional audio encoder-decoder AAX, AudioUnit and VST plugin for mid-side processing which is able to encode (split) the incoming stereo signal into two components: mid-side pair, and vice versa: decode mid-side signal pair into stereo signal.

    MSED is also able to work in the “inline” mode with the ability to adjust mid and side channels’ gain and panning without the need of using two plugin instances in sequence.

    MSED can be used to flip the phase of the mid and side channels by 180 degrees, and swap the stereo channels, and to extract the mid or side channel.

    MSED features the “plasma” vector scope, stereo correlation and balance meters which make it easier to monitor the stereo information present in the audio signal.

    If you have any comments, suggestion or request I would love to hear from you in the comments below!
    Thanks for your time, and have a nice day

    Hi, my name is Julian Doe! I am a guitar player and producer based in London.
    Thank you for watching!

    If you want to know more about me, check out

    Artists I Like & Support:
    Maki Flow
    Acho Oraha
    A Sloth Dance
    Pain is a Dress

    #voxengo #freevst

  • Blue Cats DP Meter Pro 4.2 Overview


    Blue Cat's DP Meter Pro (DPMP) is a unique audio analysis and metering tool: it combines very flexible and customizable audio meters with advanced side chaining control capabilities thanks to its MIDI and automation outputs.

  • Friedemann gives you a tour through MAAT´s thEQblue & SantaCruzEQ


    In this video I shed some light into the background and history of thEQblue and give some information about the 12 different EQ topologies of MAAT´s thEQblue and SantaCruzEQ.
    It gives you an easier time to play around with this vast amount of different curve options.

    For testing download the SantaCruzEQ for here:

    Subscribe now to Friedemann's Sound Kitchen:

    Visit our websites:

  • Reasonistas CoreReLation - Features Overview


    Reasonistas CoreReLation Phase Analyzer (aka CORE), is the first Reason rack extension designed and optimized for detailed phase and stereo imaging analyzation. We partnered once again with Lab:One Recordings to meticulously design and build CORE. With its unique user interface and iconic big knobs, CORE provides intuitively designed tools and visual mixing aids, essential for detecting and treating phasing and stereo imaging issues to ensure a proper mix balance.

    At the top, is CORE's wide and ultra-precise Phase Correlation Meter for detecting out-of-phase signals to show any reduced degree of mono compatibility in your mix. If left untreated, certain sounds will get quieter or entirely canceled when an out of phase stereo signal is summed into a mono signal.

    At the heart of CORE, is a large color-changeable audio goniometer to analyze the phase and stereo image of individual mix channels, group busses, or the master bus. An ideal stereo mix will produce an oval shape that is regularly tall and narrow.

    The iconic large global pan knob on the left controls the panoramic placement of the main input signal. To the right of the pan knob is CORE's input source toggle switch that simply flips the input channel signal from left to right or right to left, often producing pleasant and unintended results.

    On the left and right side of CORE's glass display are standard and independent Gain Knobs, Pan Knobs and Invert Phase Switches to help remedy phasing and stereo imaging issues.

    On the right, Core's large global width knob allows you to control the spread of the stereo field when the LSR Toggle Switch is set to the S center position for Stereo. Decreasing the global width narrows the stereo spread, whereas, in some cases, widening the Stereo spread to 200% is ideal for pads, pianos, hi-hats, and background-vocals, plus more.

    Core's global width knob becomes a HAAS effect when the LSR toggle switch is set to either left or right mono position. At 200%, the signal is delayed up to 35 ms on one side, producing an ultra-wide pseudo stereo effect to an otherwise mono signal.

    CORE is conveniently available for Reason versions 9.5 and higher @propellerheadsw shop:

    3D Images and Motion by Mikko Niiranen

    Make your mix bold, wide, and solid to the CORE!

    We thank you for your interest and support.

    #iusecore #iusereason

  • FREE Voxengo MSED mid-side tool, pan, stereo expander


    This plugin can do the same and more than other paid plugins like Propane for example... The only problem is the extremely ugly GUI...for a plugin anyways.
    If Voxengo hired an imaginative graphic designer (without exaggerations, not like in the latest Waves plugins) there would be a bit of a cult around their plugins!

    From the web:

    MSED is a professional audio encoder-decoder AAX, AU and VST plugin for mid-side processing which is able to encode (split) the incoming stereo signal into two components: mid-side pair, and vice versa: decode mid-side signal pair into stereo signal.

    MSED is also able to work in the “inline” mode with the ability to adjust mid and side channels’ gain and panning without the need of using two plugin instances in sequence.

    MSED can be used to flip the phase of the mid and side channels by 180 degrees, and swap the stereo channels, and to extract the mid or side channel.

    MSED features the “plasma” vector scope, stereo correlation and balance meters which make it easier to monitor the stereo information present in the audio signal.


    Mid-side encoder
    Mid-side decoder
    Mid-side stereo widener
    Stereo channels swapper
    180-degree channel phase flipper
    Stereo correlation and balance meter


  • Monaural mini-Plug digest from Official Demo #1


    日本唯一のピンプラユックバンドMonaural mini-Plug
    会場限定販売35分ノンストップデモ音源「Official Demo #1」

  • Audio Mastering Tutorial on Algorithmix Linear Phase SplitComp


    Algorithmix are the best eq and compression plugins money could buy...
    Made in Germany

  • Boz Digital Free Mixing Tools


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    With this new ADSR Series, we explore the best and most interesting of the freeware mixing and production tools available on the web.

    In this video, ADSR Instructor Stephen Ellestad discusses the free plugins available from Boz Digital, demonstrating the basic functions and features of three useful mixing tools, including:

    Width Knob - stereo track widener
    Panipulator 2 - mix checking utility
    Bark of Dog - single band Resonant Filter/EQ

    More information and download at

    Like, favourite and subscribe to support ADSR.

    -- ADSR --

    Facebook :
    Video Courses :
    Presets, Samples & Loops :

  • Mixing for Headphones | Boz Digital Labs Pan Knob Plugin


    Hard panning can sound unnatural when listening on headphones, but Boz Digital has come up with a solution in their Pan Knob plugin. Now you can have hard panning in a mix that doesn’t sound like it’s in your ear when listening on headphones, all by using Pan Knob’s X Over knob. I try it out on acoustic guitar, and offer an alternative solution if you have plugins that offer similar functions.

    Pan Knob:

    Check out PluginFox for all of your audio-related needs:

    Current Plugin Deals:

    Get 10% Off any Waves Plugins:

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  • FREE VST/AU mixing utility: Dotec-Audio DeeMonitor


    This exclusive plugin is FREE with Computer Music magazine 231.
    Full plugin info:
    Created by:


  • Introducing Perspective: The Ultimate Monitoring Plugin by Oscillot Audio


    Perspective is the world's best pro-audio monitoring plugin.
    Transform your current listening setup into a wish-list collection of pro studio monitors, consumer speakers, and cars in a snap. All in stunning accuracy and realism. Perfect for recording, mixing, mastering, and audio post production.

    Perspective is also jam-packed with must-have pro monitoring features like 'Talkback', 'Subwoofer Control', 'Traffic Ambience' and many more. Pro audio gear without the pro audio price tags.

    Compatible with all major DAWs on both Mac and PC: AAX, VST/VST3, AU.

    Available now at

    See and hear Perspective in action in the tutorial:

  • Wyzyx - Correlation Free


    ➔Free DL:

    ✖ DnB Portal ✖

  • How To Use Sylenth - Main Screen


    Sound Design 1: THE MAIN SCREEN

    The first part in this video course covers everything you need to know to save presets, banks, load banks and presets and how to navigate the main LCD screen section in Sylenth.

  • Vinyl mastering in Sonoris DDP Creator 4.1


    How to create a vinyl master with Sonoris DDP Creator 4.1

  • 2S EQ Parametric Equalizer Tutorial PT-BR


    A 2Endsenseaudio acaba de lançar o seu mais novo plugin. Trata-se do 2S EQ,um Equalizador Paramétrico de 7 bandas e é claro,com dois filtros de corte. Low Cut e High Cut.
    O que mais nos impressiona neste novo plugins é que ele vem com um Analizador de Spectrum ,o que é bastante raro de se ver em um equalizador quando se trata de um plugin gratuito.


    Site Homestudiolivre:

    Grupo Homestudio LIVE:

    Grupo Softwares e Plugins Livres:

    Grupo HomestudiolivreTV Vídeos:

    FanPage Home Studio Softwares e Plugins Livres:

  • Analysis of FUSE Audio VPRE 376


    Using DDMF Plugin Doctor

  • What is MAAT RSPhaseShifter - EXPLAINED


    With this video we try to quickly explain the differences between polarity reversal, waveform/time alignment and frequency selective phase shifting with visual and audio examples.

    from the website:

    The only official digital implementation of Roger Schult/German Audio Lab’s Phase Shifter W2324 pure analog hardware.

    Creating a very high fidelity, phase shifted version of the input, RS Phase Shifter provides a fast, convenient and musical means of aligning individual mix elements for best subjective result. RSPhaseShifter is great for any situation where you need to creatively control tonality, power spectrum and harmonic content through phase manipulation. Post–production, stem mastering, outboard gear compensation, film re–recording, “live” production, sound reinforcement, along with content creation for gaming and VR all benefit from having RS Phase Shifter on hand.

    RSPhaseShifter was created in conjunction with Roger Schult/German Audio Lab, and is a painstaking, 64 bit digital realization of Schult’s trusted Phase Shifter W2324 analog hardware. When multiple sources compete rather than complement, RSPhaseShifter should be your choice for a fast, intuitive, easy to use and effective remedy.

    Simple Yet Versatile
    RSPhaseShifter: a mixer’s secret weapon, both live and in the studio…Whether it’s mix sessions with multiple tracks of one instrument, or alignment of spots and overheads, RSPhaseShifter makes quick work of cancellation issues, bringing back the richness and impact you cannot get from basic delay compensation. Match and optimize the time delay or phase response of a subwoofer in a 2.1, 5.1 or n.n monitoring environment, or create thick, ultra–wide sounds and phase sweeps by deliberately manipulating phase of one side of a stereo track.

    You have a DI bass track which sounds dry and lifeless. You drop that track into a project so you can re–amp it, and dial up a great re–amped sound. When you try to blend the DI track with the re–amped track, it sounds…awful! Just grab RSPhaseShifter, insert it into the DI track, and start off with a low frequency setting. Sweep the phase angle control and fine tune the frequency and…Bang! Suddenly, it sound awesome.
    Another scenario would be you have a set of two distorted guitar tracks recorded with different guitars or amps but playing the same riff. They sound nasty because both are modeling–based guitar amp simulations. Just insert the stereo version of the RSPhaseShifter into one of those pair of tracks and play around in Mirror mode, so that both sides of your processing track are ganged. Within seconds, you will find a sweet spot where both guitars blend perfectly, because by sweeping through the phase angle control, you’re applying very complex comb filters which you could not create with other EQ.
    A common situation is you have closely spaced, multi–mic’ed sources, like a snare with top and bottom mics, some instrument with two mics, or an acoustic guitar with a mic and a piezo pickup. Just play around with the RSPhaseShifter on one of the feeds, preferably the one which is closest to the source, such as a piezo feed, and find the sweet spot by feel.
    Yet another would be you’ve made a great acoustic stereo recording and have used supporting microphones, such as room, spot or far hall placements. To meld these into your main stereo pair, take your mains as the phase reference, and align one supporting mic after the other with the mains. This is easiest if your supporting sources are panned center and approximately the same level during phase alignment. Afterwards, you can set gain and panning back to taste.
    Acoustical issues are often an annoyance at low frequencies…
    Reduce the influence of standing waves, or room modes, for a loudspeaker setup in conjunction with one or more subwoofers.
    Reduce the acoustical energy caused by low frequency cancellation in live sound applications.
    Acoustically optimize the sound field in studio and live sound environments.




  • MSg Preview


    A preview of how MSg can help you add life to your drums and create a space around a vocal without using delays or other techniques which affect the mono compatibility of your mix.



    Pour télécharger mon guide d'égalisation gratuit:

    Dans cette capsule, je vous présente mes 5 plugins préférés de tous les temps!

    Et non, je ne suis pas commandité par aucune de ces compagnies... mais je devrais!!! :)

    Le matériel que j'utilise et que je recommande:

    Vidéo et montage: Etienne Tremblay

  • Spectrum: multichannel spectrum analyser


    Spectrum is a VST, AU and AAX plugin that allows you to inspect the frequency content of your mixes. It's ideal to find clashing frequencies and to cleanup your mix. It supports input from multiple channels: just drop an instance at each point of your signal chain you want to visualize. No routing required. Download:

  • Beatskillz - Free Plugin success response from Beatskillz Plugins -


    A small video message for you from our CEO Gaurav Dayal.
    Max1 from beatskillz has been a super success.

    People have been asking why such an amazing plugin is free?

    Download Max1 for FREE:
    AU. VST. AAX / Mac OsX . Windows

  • MixChecker Utility Plugin - Show & Reveal - With Producer Multiplier


    Producer Adam Pollard aka Multiplier gives a show and reveal tour of MixChecker ( a deceptively simple utility for checking your mixes through various simulated environments.

    About MixChecker Utility Plugin

    MixChecker is the ultimate mixing assistant that will help you to get better mixes instantly. MixChecker saves your precious time. Plug it in the master track of your project as the last segment of your listening chain and quickly turn your studio monitors into classic reference monitors or several consumer devices. 

    MixChecker functions are divided into two sections. The Simulation offers acoustic models of several consumer devices and classic reference monitors. Pressing a single button will turn your monitors into the selected device. 

    Not all studio monitors deliver flat frequency response. Therefore we also added the Compensation section. It will allow you to tell MixChecker, you are using average 5 or 8 speakers or headphones. That will change the resulting sound accordingly. The Bypass button turns all processing off. When illuminated, only clean signal comes through MixChecker. 

    Find out more and download free trial demo here:

  • An Introduction to Halo Upmix and Halo Downmix


    You can use Halo Upmix to create a coherent, natural-sounding upmix. Halo Downmix allows you to fine-tune your downmix.

    Please visit or for more information.


  • EQ Mixing Techniques - Speciality


    For higher quality (free) videos please visit

    As we’ve seen EQ serves some fairly basic and logical functions. Then why and how do so many EQ’s (software and hardware) exist?

    This brings us to the role and function of the specialty EQ. The specialty EQ can be thought of as an extension of the “Blend It” EQ. Only now, the choice of equalizer is just as important as the curves you dial in. Every EQ has different curves and saturation characteristics leading to the “unique sound.” Therefore a mix done on an SSL console has a different characteristic to a Neve or to the built in EQ in your DAW. However, specialty EQ is really more about context. What makes the EQ special is that it isn’t used on every channel or every track. Rather you might apply the specialty EQ on just one instrument to give it that little extra sheen you think it deserves or needs.

    Remember that no processor is going to suddenly transform a mix. Specialty EQ is just that… specialty. It’s not a requirement to a great mix regardless of what you read in the marketing literature. A really good scoop of chocolate ice cream doesn’t need sprinkles and a really good mix doesn’t need specialty processors. However, it is possible to take a bad scoop of chocolate ice cream and attempt to cover it up using sprinkles…but pretty quickly you realize it’s just bad ice cream.

    Ignite Amps PTEq-X

  • MAAT thEQorange: Бентли среди эквалайзеров Yorshoff Mix


    Перед вами обзор thEQorange - одного из самых дорогих линейно-фазовых эквалайзеров на рынке, который может похвастаться потрясающим качеством звучания и обширным набором функций. Он пригодится для решения даже самых сложных проблем аудиозаписей в процессе сведения и мастеринга. Но так ли он хорош на самом деле и стоит ли он практически $1000, которые за него просит производитель? Давайте разбираться.

    В видео используются фрагменты песни проекта AIST:

    Заходите на сайт
    Подписывайтесь на наши обновления в социальных сетях:

    Плывите к звуку!

  • Pros of Digital Equalization and its sound


    What's the best Digital EQ plug-in out there? Is there the best? What do you like the most?

    Let's use about the Sonoris Mastering EQ and see what it can do.

    This is the recording from the live event held on April 17th, 2017.

    These events are part of our What's up, Fuseroom?: they are free and anyone can join. Most importantly, you decide the topic and you provide your own material to work on.

    Find out more at:

    The song featured in this video is Freundschaft by Berlin producer duo Black Glass, aka Jonathan Gradmann and Robert Diekmann.

    Facebook -
    Instagram -

    The production duo Blackglass invited a bunch of professional musicians to record their song Freundschaft at the Fuseroom Studios Berlin. Alex Will and Simon Rainer are their studio musicians and Adel Tawil's backing vocalist Maria Helmin is performing the song.

  • Monitor Control with Pro Tools | S6


    서페이스를 통해 DADman에서 만든 사용자 지정 모니터 프로필을 액세스하고 운용하는 방법

  • Mixagem em Mono, tuque de como ouvir corretamente.


    Vídeo falando sobre a truques para se ouvir sua mixagem em mono