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Playlist of Emilia Clarke Mocked Over Her Name

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    Game of Thrones: The Musical – Emilia Clarke Teaser | Red Nose Day


    Emilia Clarke performs a song from Coldplay’s Game of Thrones musical. Part of Red Nose Day, the live charity event May 21 at 8/7c on NBC. Help lift children out of poverty. To learn more, go to

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    “You can ride a dragon honey!” Emilia Clarke promises Nick Jonas a role in Game Of Thrones


    Nick Grimshaw surprises Emila Clarke with her superfan…Nick Jonas! Cue a re-enactment of their AWKWARD meeting at The Oscars after-party and a Game Of Thrones love-in.

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    Game of Thrones: The Musical – Emilia Clarke Teaser |


    Game of what now? Ey, ey ey, I’m a Rastafarian, Targaryen , I got some dragons and they are very scaryian , Been here and there and then I been everywhere again ... Rastafarian Targaryen. Call me Daenerys Targaryen when you wanna reach me, and if you feel the love then you can call me Khaleesi, got so many names, I'm Queen of the andals, I’m Queen of the Meereen, yeah, you can kiss my sandals

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    Emilia Clarke Raps Whatta Man by Salt n Pepa


    Emilia Clarke was on The Late Late Show James Corden she got to show us her amazing rap. You can watch more on the James Corden show. She's absolutely funny and beautiful.


    Please enjoy watching.
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    emilia 2000- say my name


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    Game Of Thrones Star Emilia Clarke Takes The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge


    Game Of Thrones Star Emilia Clarke Takes The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge
    Game Of Thrones Star Emilia Clarke Takes The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge
    Game Of Thrones Star Emilia Clarke Takes The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge
    Game Of Thrones Star Emilia Clarke Takes The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

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    The Southpaw Sessions Round 1 with Eminem and Jake Gyllenhaal


    Watch The Southpaw Sessions Round 1 with Eminem, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Joe Levy at the YouTube Space in New York City.

    Southpaw film and soundtrack out now:

    Watch Part 2 of the Southpaw Sessions:

    Watch Part 3 of the Southpaw Sessions:

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    The Graham Norton Show: Kate Beckinsale and her Pantomime Horse Habbit


    Kate Beckinsale takes about her pantomime horse hobby.

    From the Graham Norton Show on the BBC.

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    Camila Cabello: Interview on The Graham Norton Show


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    Tinie Tempah Vodafone Big Top 40 Webchat - Sunday 4th August 2013


    Tinie Tempah joined Rich + Kat on today's show to find out how his new song, 'Trampoline' gets on in our chart.

    While he was here, we sat him down in front of our HD studio webcams to answer your questions live.

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    NME AWARDS 2016: Game Of Thrones Star Jacob Anderson Talks About His New Album


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    Paloma Faith - Picking Up The Pieces - Graham Norton 15-06-12. HD


    Brilliant performance by Paloma on the Graham Norton Show.

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    Ship to Wreck - Florence + the Machine


    Florence + the Machine perform Ship to Wreck from their new album How Big How Blue How Beautiful on Graham Norton 29 May 2015. Series 17 episode 8.

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  • desc Meets Emilia Clarke


    Ahead of the release of Terminator: Genisys, chatted to Emilia Clarke about Game of Thrones, Arnie, and wigs.

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    Diana Vickers on the Graham Norton Show 31/5/10


    Diana Vickers being interviewed on the Graham Norton Show, 31st May 2010. Copyright to the owners, I do not claim any video as my own.

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    Selena Gomez - Come & Get It HD


    Selena Gomez performing Come & Get It on The Graham Norton Show on BBC One (British Broadcasting Corporation), UK.

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    Emilia Clarketan Tiki Kız Taklidi -Altyazılı-


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    Emilia Clarke, de Game of Thrones à Terminator, interview


    Après avoir joué Daenerys dans Game of Thrones, Emilia Clarke s'attaque à un autre personnage féminin culte : Sarah Connor pour Terminator Genisys. Découvrez notre interview sur Be.
    Interview réalisée par Aurélia Baranes
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    Will Smith & Margot Robbie Insult Each Other | CONTAINS STRONG LANGUAGE!


    For more, head over to Radio 1 on BBC iPlayer

    You look like a less hot version of Obama! - Suicide Squad stars Will Smith & Margot Robbie take it in turns to INSULT EACH OTHER in the Playground Insults Game on Scott Mills’ radio show.

    Who will win when two Hollywood superstars rip each other apart?

    Listen to Scott Mills and Chris Stark on BBC Radio 1, weekdays 1-4pm.


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    emilia clarke hello


    emilia clarke says hello

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    Oh Daenerys you are so Dirty! - Emilia Clarke/Game Of Thrones


    Daenerys Targaryen is a fictional character in the series of novels A Song of Ice and Fire by American author George R. R. Martin, and its television adaptation Game of Thrones.. Emilia Clarke portrays her on the television series.

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    Emilia Clarke Daenerys Targaryen Mutlaka Dinleyin


    Game of what now? Ey, ey ey, I’m a Rastafarian, Targaryen , I got some dragons and they are very scaryian , Been here and there and then I been everywhere again ... Rastafarian Targaryen. Call me Daenerys Targaryen when you wanna reach me, and if you feel the love then you can call me Khaleesi, got so many names, I'm Queen of the andals, I’m Queen of the Meereen, yeah, you can kiss my sandals

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    Emilia Clarke Joey Tribbianinin Meşhur Repliğini Söyletiyor Graham Norton Show


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    zendaya farted lie.. Hugh jackman zac efron the graham norton show


    the gram norton show...
    main bbc

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    Game of thrones - Emilia Clarke est Rastafarian Targaryen


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    Provided to YouTube by CDBaby

    A.D · Jonathan Tinne · Devon Drake


    ℗ 2015 Jonathan Tinne

    Released on: 2015-09-14

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

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    Just want to share this cute video 😊

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    Grimmy rigged up Harry Styles to a heart monitor to see what images would give the most emotional response including Ryan Gosling, a briefcase full of money and Zayn Malik!

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    Christina Aguilera Plays Heads Up! with Ellen


    It aired on Monday 16th on the Ellen Show

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    George R.R. Martins BLANK PAGE


    As we learn in Taylor Swift's hit single, there's a Blank Space for a new lover, just as George R.R. Martin has a Blank Page for our favorite characters to meet a grisly demise. No one is safe in Westeros, not even Daenerys Targaryen.

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    Nicky Mundy as George R.R. Martin
    Emily Rudd as Daenerys Targaryen
    Brandon Hillock as Jon Snow
    Daenerys’ costume was provided by Courtoon
    Music by Freddy Scott

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    터미네이터 제니시스 에밀리아 클라크, 이병헌 연기 와~~우!


    설명영화 ‘터미네이터 제니시스’에서 가장 강한 카리스마를 내뿜는 사라 코너, 에밀리아 클라크가 2일 강남 리츠칼튼호텔에서 영화 ‘터미네이터 제니시스’ 내한 기자회견에 참석했다.

    인기 미드 ‘왕좌의 게임’에서 주연 ‘대너리스’ 역으로 전 세계적으로 폭발적인 인기를 누린 에밀리아 클라크는 강렬한 여전사 답게 역동적이고 화려한 액션으로 전사로서의 면모를 선보인다.

    에밀리아 클라크는 이병헌과의 영화를 찍은 소감을 묻는 자리에서 “이병헌은 너무나 멋진 훌륭한 배우다”라고 전했다. “액션 신 등에 추가적인 특수효과를 안해도 될 정도로 너무나 멋진 연기를 하는 배우다”라며 “이 다음 시리즈를 또 하게 된다면 또 만났으면 좋겠다”라고 밝혔다.

    새롭게 돌아온 ‘터미네이터 제니시스’는 2029년 존 코너가 이끄는 인간 저항군과 로봇 군단 스카이넷의 미래 전쟁과 1984년 존 코너의 어머니 사라 코너를 구하기 위한 과거 전쟁, 그리고 2017년의 현재 전쟁을 동시에 그린다.

    시리즈를 총망라하는 터미네이터들이 총출동하고 최첨단 특수효과와 스펙타클한 액션, 흡인력 있는 전개와 사상 최강의 스케일로 중무장해 전작의 세계관 안에 그 이상의 완성도를 예고한다. 또한 아놀드 슈왈제네거, 에밀리아 클라크, ‘혹성탈출: 반격의 서막’ 제이슨 클락, ‘다이하드: 굿 데이 투 다이’ 제이 코트니, ‘위플래쉬’ J.K. 시몬스, 한국배우 이병헌 등 연기파 배우들이 대거 등장해 영화에 대한 신뢰를 더하고 있다.

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    Part 2 Jake Gyllenhall Grimmy BBC Radio 1 2015


    Part 2 of Grimmy's interview with Jake Gyllenhaal on BBC Radio 1 June 2015

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    Jonathan Tinne - Chillout


    Music video for Chillout performed by Jonathan Tinne.

    Copyright (C) 2016 Jonathan Tinne.
    Powered by

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    Emilia Clarke-Rastafarian


    (Nightcore) Emilia Clarke-Rastafarian

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    Emilia Clarke - Rastafarian Targaryen


    Simple edit for easy listening.

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    Gabrielle Aplin - Graham Norton 2015


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    Game of Thrones The Musical – Emilia Clarke Teaser


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    Taylor Swift - The Graham Norton Show Interview



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    Daenerys Targaryen~ Mother of Dragons~ Emilia Clarke~Game of Thrones


    My Darling Friends and Visitors
    Please enjoy my tribute to the BEST show on TV, Game of Thrones.
    I am especially mesmerized by Emilia Clarke's performance as Daenerys Targaryen, The Mother of Dragons. In this weeks episode she was rescued by Dragon, one of her Dragons and flown to safety.
    I was totally captivated by this scene.
    Below is a synopsis of her Daenery's story.

    A Game of Thrones

    In A Game of Thrones (1996), Daenerys is forced to marry Khal Drogo, a Dothraki warlord, in exchange for Drogo providing an army to her brother Viserys Targaryen.[6] At that time, Daenerys befriends Jorah Mormont, an exiled Westerosi knight and is given three petrified dragon eggs as a wedding gift. Though initially terrified of Drogo, Daenaerys grew to love him and began to take to Dothraki customs, finding strength for the first time. After Drogo kills Viserys for threatening his wife, Daenerys sees herself as the heir to the Targaryen dynasty, and responsible for reclaiming the throne for her family. Shortly thereafter Drogo is wounded in a fight, and the cut festers. Drogo's warriors abandon him shortly after. Daenerys recruits a witch to save Drogo, but the witch betrays her, killing Daenerys' unborn child and leaving Drogo in a catatonic state. Daenerys does not want her husband to suffer any longer and smothers Drogo. She climbs on top of Drogo's funeral pyre with her three dragon eggs, and awakes unharmed with three hatched dragons.
    A Clash of Kings

    Leading the remnants of Drogo's khalasar through the Red Waste, Daenerys arrives in the city of Qarth. There she begins appealing the rulers of the city for aid in reclaiming the Iron Throne, though she meets little success. She eventually accepts an invitation from a group of warlocks to discover her future. At their tower, Daenerys sees several visions and learns that the Warlocks intend to keep her prisoner, but she escapes after Drogon sets fire to the Undying. Before departing, she is nearly assassinated but is saved by Arstan Whitebeard, who arrives with three ships as a gift.
    A Storm of Swords

    Seeking an army, she sails to Astapor in Slaver's Bay to purchase an army of 'Unsullied' slave soldiers, in exchange for a dragon; but betrays the slavers and uses the Unsullied to sack the city. She later conquers the city of Yunkai, and gains the service of Darrio Naharis who commands a large mercenary company. As she marches on the Meereen, she learns that one of her companions is actually Barristan Selmy, a knight of the Robert the Usurper's Kingsguard, and that Jorah had previously spied on her. Disgusted, she sends the pair on a suicide mission to capture Meereen. When the mission is successful, Barristan asks to be forgiven for his deception, but Jorah refuses to ask forgiveness so she exiles him. Unwilling to abandon the slaves she freed back into bondage, Dany decides to stay in Meereen.
    A Dance with Dragons

    Throughout A Dance with Dragons (2011), Daenerys struggles to maintain order in the city in the face of growing unrest as well as the chaos she left behind in the other cities she conquered. Furthermore, Yunkai has rebelled and is gathering forces to besiege Meereen. When Drogon is accused of homicide, she is forced to chain her dragons Rhaegal and Viserion, but Drogon escapes. Her advisers suggest she marry Hizdahr zo Loraq to bring peace, and she agrees to the marriage if he can bring peace for ninety days. During those ninety days, she takes Daario as a lover. Hizdahr successfully negotiates an end to the violence, so Daenerys marries him. At her wedding feast, the blood and noise of the fighting pits attracts Drogon, who is immediately attacked; Daenerys rescues her dragon by riding off with him. After several days in Drogon's lair, she falls ill and begins to hallucinate, and is later found by Khal Jhaqo, formerly a captain of her Khalasar who betrayed her former husband. Her fate is unknown.

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    Emilia Clarke~ Breakfast At Tiffanys on Broadway ~Holly Golightly~My Silent Love~Carrol Gibbons


    Montage of Emilia Clarke appearing in the Broadway Production of Breakfast At Tiffany's

    Emilia Clarke (Holly Golightly)
    was born in London but grew up in Buckinghamshire. After attending school in Oxford, Emilia studied drama at the prestigious Drama Centre School in London. Following her graduation from Drama Centre, her career began with a guest-leading role in the BBC series Doctors and a co-leading role in the U.S. television movie Triassic Attack. She then landed the leading role of Daenerys Targaryen in the hugely successful HBO series Game of Thrones.

    The younger actress' portrayal of the Manhattan temptress is harsher than Hepburn's, it has been said.

    The Broadway version of Truman Capote's Breakfast at Tiffany's honors the raw edges that were featured in the novella but left out of the movie — like Clarke's risqué bath scene with costar Cory Michael Smith, which caused a stir among early show-goers.

    Unlike the movie, which took place in the 1960s, the play is set during the 1940s, like the book

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    Tina and Emilia sing Adele


    The Malawi fundraiser

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    Jake Gyllenhaal Southpaw Grimmy BBC Radio 1 2015


    Jake Gyllenhaal chats to Grimmy about Southpaw on BBC Radio 1 June 2015

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    Hurts Sunday Graham Norton Show Feb 2011


    Hurts perform Sunday on the Graham Norton Show.

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    365 - day 120... GRAHAM NORTON MADE FUN OF ME!!


    Despite my bruised ego I really and truly AM grateful for the experience and for this story. It was a good way to learn where to draw value from as an artist. Graham Norton....I still love you. You're funny. I hope I get to tell this story in the red chair one day...

    Thanks so much for watching...
    Hey all! Welcome to 2018 and a BRAND NEW project for me....

    For anyone new here, I'm a singer-songwriter and share my story through music. I try to be honest and write songs about things that help people, and this year I thought I'd take it a little further...

    My plan is to post daily videos to keep YOU guys going with your journey, (fingers crossed). I know how hard it can be to stay motivated and positive in life. So I'm dedicating this year to giving you EVERYTHING I can to boost you! I'll be sharing personal stuff, music stuff and fun stuff too...

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    ARROW - Music Video

    OFF THE WAGON - Music video

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    Christina Aguilera - Bound To You


    This is a video of me performing 'Bound To You' by Christina Aguilera from Burlesque, hope you enjoy! (December 2015)

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    Game of Thrones Daenerys Targaryen Queen Of Dragons Song Emilia Clarke Singing.


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    #Nature #birds #relax #study #sleep #learn #gameofthrones #emiliaclark #daenerys #targaryen

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    Sophie Name day song


    This video is about name day

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    The Graham Norton part 2 ..hhhhhhh


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    Tinie Tempah Interviews Tinie Tempah


    We got the man himself to interview...the man himself! And the man himself reveals he'd love to collaborate with Adele!


    Get involved with the UK's No. 1 Hit Music Station!

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    LBX, Shara, Taurus Cole and Eye2Eye Jungstaz - Know My Name


    Eye 2 Eye Jungstaz, Shara and Taurus Cole Know My Name music video. Directed by: Louie, Edited by: Louie, Produced By: Louie Mixed By: Louie @ LBX studio Vocalists: Taurus Cole and Shara, Rappers: Eye 2 Eye Jungstaz, Make up Artists: Ash Paleja, Hair Stylists: Jimratu Gabis



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