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Playlist of Elon Musk

  • Elon Musk- never give up


    I know there are tons of these videos out there, but I just felt like doing one by myself, simply because of the awesomeness of Elon Musk. Enjoy and thanks for watching!
    (Sadly the material couldn´t be found in a better resolution)


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    1. track: Ross Bugden - Parallel

    2. track:
    Artist & Music: Two Steps From Hell - Never Give Up On Your Dreams
    Album: Unleashed
    Composer: Thomas Bergersen

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  • Elon Musk Life In South Africa|Life Was Really Hard For Me


    Elon Reeve Musk FRS is an entrepreneur and business magnate. He is the founder, CEO and Chief Engineer at SpaceX; early stage investor, CEO and Product Architect of Tesla, Inc.; founder of The Boring Company; and co-founder of Neuralink and OpenAI. A centibillionaire, Musk is one of the richest people in the world. Here's a brief story about his early days in South Africa.
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  • young Elon Musk, McLaren F1 delivery before he was famous! funny interview


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  • Elon Musk - Legends Never Die


    Elon Musk - Legends Never Die


    Video created by Danixdcs Music

    Original Song:

    Elon Musk será el hombre que llevará al hombre a Marte y promoverá los viajes espaciales, de niño sufría bullying, y tuvo que operarse su nariz a causa de una paliza que le dieron sus compañeros. A la edad de 10 años aprendió a programar de forma autodidacta. A los 28 años se hizo millonario. Ha revolucionado los pagos por Internet, la industria automotriz, la industria de las energías renovables, es considerado como una de las personas más poderosas del mundo según la Revista Forbes y planea llevar muy pronto a la humanidad a Marte, tras una revolución espacial sin precedentes. ¿Eres un genio? Para mi si.

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  • The Rentals – Elon Musk Is Making Me Sad OFFICIAL LYRIC VIDEO


    Official Lyric Video for Elon Musk Is Making Me Sad
    By The Rentals

    Featuring: Matt Sharp, Nick Zinner And The Gentle Assassins

    Starring: Commodore Vic 20 (1980)

    Music Mixing: Dave Fridmann And Matt Estep
    Mastering: Ryan Smith at Sterling Sound

    October 5, 2017.

    Director: Daniel Christiansen & Micheal D. Belmonte
    Producer: Lobster Bear Productions
    Company: The Rentals, Inc.


    Music: Elon Musk Is Making Me Sad by The Rentals

  • Elon Musk & Dreams Of Dragons


    I dreamed the dragons were here and I was trying to warn the world.

    ac/dc Hell's Bell's

    Isaiah 14
    Revelation 9

    I love Jesus Christ, He saved me ????

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  • Imagine Dragon - Believer | ft. Elon Musk | SpaceX | Tesla | Imagine Dragon



  • Tesla Falls After Report on Burry’s Musk Stock Twee


    Tesla Inc. fell by the most since March after Insider reported on a tweet from Michael Burry of “The Big Short” fame, saying Elon Musk may want to sell some shares to cover personal debts. Dan Ives, managing director at Wedbush, and Bloomberg’s Ed Ludlow have more on “Quicktake Stock.”
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  • Elon Musk Song - Meaning Of Life


    Elon Musk - Meaning Of Life Song
    Credits: Ocean Dweller
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  • 가사 해석 whatever it takes - imagine dragons


    #elonmusk #whateverittakes #spacex #tesla #imaginedragons

  • Elon Musk Tỷ phú đầu tiên trên thế giới tài sản vượt 300 tỷ USD


    Elon Musk Tỷ phú đầu tiên trên thế giới tài sản vượt 300 tỷ USD
    Việc cổ phiếu Tesla tiếp tục tăng mạnh đã giúp giá trị tài sản ròng của tỷ phú Elon Musk vượt mốc 300 tỷ USD trên bảng xếp hạng của Bloomberg.
    Kênh Truyền hình Đài Tiếng nói Việt Nam đem đến cho các bạn tin tức phong phú gắn liền với cuộc sống hàng ngày cùng các chương trình văn hóa giải trí đa dạng, hấp dẫn.
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  • If Elon Musk Creates a Youtube Channel Gas Gas Gas Meme


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    It is the sub count history of Elon Musk vs MrBeast vs T-Series vs Cocomelon vs PewDiePie vs Set India vs Other Most Subscibed and Famous Youtube Channels from 2006 till Elon Musk becomes Most Subscribed Youtuber .

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    Note : The data is not 100% accurate
    Sources : Socialblade ,Wayback Machine,Wikitubia ,Assumptions .

    #RichestPerson #ElonMusk #MakeMoney
    If Elon Musk Creates a Youtube Channel Gas Gas Gas Meme

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    Love You All !!

  • In Their Own Words: Elon Musk | Preview


    Elon Musk was a multi-millionaire by the time he reached the age of 31. He is one of a new breed of what the New York Times called thrillionaires, high-tech entrepreneurs who are using their newfound wealth to help turn science-fiction dreams into reality. His story is about a thrilling 21st century Iron Man come alive.

    Airs Wednesday, September 29th at 8PM on Mountain Lake PBS.

  • Grimes & Elon Musk Break Up After Being Together For Three Years I Billboard News


    Grimes and Elon Musk have ended their relationship after three years together. The SpaceX and Tesla founder confirmed their split in a statement to Page Six on Friday (Sept. 24), and shared how they're planning to parent their 1-year-old son, X Æ A-12.

    To learn more about this story:

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    #Grimes #ElonMusk #Billboard News

    Grimes & Elon Musk Break Up After Being Together For Three Years I Billboard News


  • Elon Musk The Story Of How He Became A Multi Millionaire Entrepreneur in his 20s


    Elon Musk. Successful business entrepreneur, space travel fanatic & even meme review host was born and raised in South Africa. After dropping out of Stanford University during the internet boom of the ninety’s, Musk became the majority shareholder in PayPal, before eventually selling it and going on to create SpaceX and become CEO of Tesla motors. He has dreams of colonizing Mars and wants to make space travel cost a tenth of what it does today.

  • Elon Musk as a Grimes Song


    Super Deluxe deleted all of my old videos so I'm re-uploading here. Cheers!
    Vocals by Becky Ribeiro.
    Composed, Performed and Edited by Nick Lutsko:.

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    Graphic Design by Jesse Benjamin:

    Produced by Jason Richards and Super Deluxe.

  • Elon Musk - NFT Song Techno


    Elon Musk - NFT Song (Technoking of Tesla) ????????
    ''I’m selling this song about NFTs as an NFT''

    *Uploaded just for fun!
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  • Chelsea Collins - Wake Up At Our Funeral ft Elon Musk


    please don't take me seriously!!!

    edited and shot by rex windland????❤️‍????

    #ChelseaCollins #UsedToBeLOVE #07Britney #WakeUpAtOurFuneral #popmusic #songwriter #producer #elonmusk

  • ELON MUSK - TintheL


    ELON MUSK MUSIC by TintheL (Music Video)

    An epic Elon Musk track in dubstep genre. This unique Elon Musk song contains snippets from his speeches related to SpaceX and Tesla.
    Elon Musk has always been, is and will be a huge inspiration for many people, as for his work ethic, attitude and persistence. Enjoy this SpaceX-ish music made by TintheL

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    #ElonMusk #Music #TintheL

  • Elon Musk - Трава у дома


    There is a compilation of Demo 2 mission and Elon Musk singer performance has been made by a neural network

    Video sources:

     --------------- Lyrics -----------------
    Земля в иллюминаторе, Земля в иллюминаторе
    Земля в иллюминаторе видна...
    Как сын грустит о матери, как сын грустит о матери
    Грустим мы о Земле - она одна

    А звезды тем не менее, а звезды тем не менее
    Чуть ближе, но все также холодны
    И, как в часы затмения, и, как в часы затмения
    Ждем света и земные видим сны

    И снится нам не рокот космодрома
    Не эта ледяная синева
    А снится нам трава, трава у дома
    Зеленая, зеленая трава

    А мы летим орбитами, путями неизбитыми
    Прошит метеоритами простор
    Оправдан риск и мужество, космическая музыка
    Вплывает в деловой наш разговор

    В какой-то дымке матовой земля в иллюминаторе
    Вечерняя и ранняя заря
    А сын грустит о матери, а сын грустит о матери
    Ждет сына мать, а сыновей - Земля

    И снится нам не рокот космодрома
    Не эта ледяная синева
    А снится нам трава, трава у дома
    Зеленая, зеленая трава

    И снится нам не рокот космодрома
    Не эта ледяная синева
    А снится нам трава, трава у дома
    Зеленая, зеленая трава

    И снится нам не рокот космодрома
    Не эта ледяная синева
    А снится нам трава, трава у дома
    Зеленая, зеленая трава


    Translation by Dmitriy Nadtochiy and Max Kunakhovich (POL-KILO Project)

    Earth in a rocket window, Earth in a rocket window,
    Earth in a rocket window can be seen.
    Like a son who misses mother, the son who misses mother,
    We miss the Earth, because for us -- it's single.

    But stars nevertheless, but stars nevertheless
    A little closer, but forever cold.
    And like in times of darkness, and like in times of darkness --
    We wait for light and Earth's dreams to unfold.

    We do not dream of rumble Cosmodrome,
    Not of this icy-blue aquamarine.
    We dream of grass that grows by our home --
    A greener grass, a grass that's very green.

    We orbitally fly, our ways unidentified,
    Meteorites pierce through the path we walk.
    Our risk is justified, and music from the sky
    Is flowing into our business talk.

    Some kind of smoke is lingering, Earth in a rocket window,
    The evening and the earliest of dawn.
    And a son who misses mother, the son who misses mother --
    Mom waits for son, Earth waits for sons come home.

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  • Elon Musk - Elon Musk gibi olmak isteyen gençlere


    Türkçe Altyazılı

  • The Hunger of Elon Musk - Best of Eating and Drinking


    .....a hunger for innovation and a thirst for the future.

    Check out Raptor Command, the Elon Musk themed metal band on Kickstarter!

  • Elon. Evolution by CNN Money ALL ELON MUSK VIDEOS


    Subscribe to CNN Money:

    All credit to CNN Money for producing this series of videos. This video is a simple edit and a FULL VERSION of all clips of ELON MUSK. I am an ELON MUSK fan and did not produce content contained in this video.

  • Elon Musk – Từ Đứa Trẻ Bị Bắt Nạt Đến ‘Iron Man’ Đích Thực Của Thế Giới Công Nghệ


    Elon Musk – Từ Đứa Trẻ Bị Bắt Nạt Đến ‘Iron Man’ Đích Thực Của Thế Giới Công Nghệ

    Tỷ phú Elon Musk được ví như Tony Stark (Iron Man) ngoài đời thực, một thiên tài đa lĩnh vực từ khoa học vũ trụ, công nghệ xe hơi điện đến năng lượng mặt trời. Tỷ phú người Nam Phi đạt được nhiều thành công đáng kinh ngạc ở Mỹ, được Financial Times của London mô tả là “doanh nhân kiên định nhất ở thung lũng Silicon sau Steve Jobs”. Tuy nhiên, Người đàn ông có sức ảnh hưởng nhất nhì làng công nghệ hiện nay lại từng là nạn nhân của bạo lực học đường, và đã phải trải qua khoảng thời gian tăm tối vì làm ăn thua lỗ, đến mức vay mượn tiền bạn bè để sống qua ngày.


    Cám ơn bạn đã xem video Elon Musk – Từ Đứa Trẻ Bị Bắt Nạt Đến ‘Iron Man’ Đích Thực Của Thế Giới Công Nghệ

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  • Hot Dad - Elon Musk


    wow, i've been on such a journey to deliver this pReMiUm CoNtEnT!!! i hope you like your cars in... space!

    Hot Dad - Elon Musk (Cars in Space)


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    Contains sample MotorbikeReving.wav by mikaelfernstrom used under the Creative Commons license CC-BY v3.

    Video by:


  • ELON MUSK || Once In Centuries ||Elon Musk Tribute | Space X | Tesla | Audi R8 vs Tesla model X |


    This is about Elon Musk's astonishing journey.

  • Elon Musk - Semen Retention


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  • Elon Musk X Kalki BGM Mix l Motivational Video l ELONS NEVER GIVE UP ATTITUDE


    Edited by :- PR∆TZ
    BGM used :- Kalki Bgm
    Video clips :- Spaceflight TV


    #elonmusk #tesla #neuralink #hyperloop #theboringcompany

  • Who Is This uncircumcised Elon Musk?


    Elon Musk isn't circumcised. There, I said it....

    When I say the term: In Jesus Name.
    I say it to tell you, I'm telling the truth.
    And I am saying it to try and be brave and spit something out that I don't wanna talk about.
    The Bible says not to swear, so I can't say, I swear its true. But I can tell you the truth in Jesus name, K?

    1 Samuel 17:
    David asked the question: Who is this uncircumcised philippine that he should defy the armies of the true and living GOD?

    God bless all them that love Our LORD JESUS CHRIST in truth and sincearity.

  • Elon Musk feat. Focalistic, Kamo Mphela & Jobe London


    Elon Musk feat. Focalistic, Kamo Mphela & Jobe London available at:

    Caution To The Wind Album available at:

    (C) 2020 Fresh 2 Def Productions.



    An inspirational story of Elon Musk, when entrepreneurial failures Should Give You Confidence and hpe.

  • Jax - You Take Me To The Moon???? #tictok


    On audiomack -

    This is the lyrics video of a song Jax, (the 90s Kids, Like my father song writer) wrote for Elon Musk????‍???? on Tiktoc(@Jaxwritessongs)

    Official Video(tictok) -

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    Take Me To The Moon???? (Lyrics)

    Dear Elon, If you're listening
    I wrote you this song
    'Cos I love green energy
    And it's definitely not b'cos I want a Tesla
    But it will rock if I had a Tesla
    Ground Control to Major Elon

    I won't lie, I Bought a lotta doge coin
    Which is irresponsible 'Cos I can't pay my rent
    Then Robinhood played me like a toy
    So I'm Hoping that maybe You'd wanna be my friend

    Will You take Me to the Moon?
    We can hold with diamond hands
    I'd be here waiting for you
    We can HODL till We land

    Man I know Yiu bought a rocket
    Is there room for one more on it
    3, 2, 1 we're never selling
    Me and you,
    Will You take Me to the Moon?
    Will You take Me to the Moon?

    Man I know Yiu bought a rocket
    Is there room for one more on it
    3, 2, 1 we're never selling
    Me and you,
    Will You take Me to the...

    Dear Elon, I believe the hype short or long
    Just Me, Your and Grimes
    You can eat our teddies lunch and dinner
    When we buy the dip on the big dipper
    Ground control to Major Elon
    I won't lie, I Bought a lotta doge coin

    #cleo_lyrics #1_lyricschannel #jax #tictok

  • Elon musk motivation speech


    Elon musk motivation speech
    Elon musk motivation WhatsApp status
    Elon musk WhatsApp status
    #elon muks

    Fair use
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  • Elon Musk | Legends Never Die ᴴᴰ


    ► Title: Elon Musk | Legends Never Die ᴴᴰ
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  • Elon Musk - Fly Me To The Moon #shorts


    Just dropped the second NFT song!
    Elon Musk Sings Fly Me To The Moon


  • SpaceX is AMAZING ! - Tribute


    Compilation of some of the best moments in SpaceX history.
    With some interviews of Elon Musk
    Music : Daughter - Medicine (Sound Remedy Remix)

    #SpaceX #ElonMusk

  • Elon Musk - Sad clips


    Elon Musk is a hero

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    The City Surf
    Jamin Winans
    Ink the Complete Soundtrack



    wow such crypto. many gain. wow.

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  • Elon Musk Gas Gas Gas Meme


    Elon Musk Gas Gas Gas Meme | The Data Man

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  • ElonMusk - ...As Your Wanderer Taps At The Invisible Gate


    Artist: ElonMusk
    Album: ...As Your Wanderer Taps At The Invisible Gate
    Release Year: 2020
    Country: USA
    Genre/Style: Space Rock, Psychedelic Rock, Psychedelic Doom, Instrumental, Debut



    01. ...As Your Wanderer Taps at the Invisible Gate - 00:00


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  • 1978 Elon Musk Opened The Abyss To Play With His Friends


    I wrote this letter:

    Permission to mirror my testimony

  • Chrysalism - Elon Musk


    Elon's just playing her heart

    Chrysalism on IG :

  • 1981 Elon Musk Prophecy & John Wimber Said Id Warn The World


    3/29/1981 I ran away from Lights. I was 14 years old, not 15 or 16 as I stated.
    This is the 1st time running away, I wound up in southern California attending John Wimbers church and he prophesied over me about Elon Musk and someday warning the world about the little boy who would present the Mark of The Beast and lead the great deception.

    John Wimbers

    worship songs:

    Spirit song

    Isn't He


  • Elon Musk performs a USSR Space Song Zemlya V Illuminatore


    The earth in the illuminator, the earth in the illuminator,
    The earth in the illuminator is visible...
    The way a son would miss his mother, the way a son would miss his mother,
    We miss the earth - there is no other.

    And the stars even so, the stars even so
    Are getting closer but remain as cold.
    And just like in the time of eclipse, just like in the time of eclipse,
    We seek the light and dream earthly dreams.

    And dream we not of the thundorous spaceport,
    Not of this icy azure,
    We're dreaming of the grass outside our homes,
    The green, green grass.

    And fly we like orbits,
    Through untouched paths,
    Embroiding the space with meteors.
    The risk and bravery are justified,
    The music of the space
    Is sipping into our formal chat.

    In dim smoke,
    The earth in the illuminator -
    Sun-set mingled with sun-rise.
    The son is missing his mother, missing his mother,
    And the mother is waiting for her son,
    And so is the earth.

    And dream we not of the thundorous spaceport,
    Not of this icy azure,
    We're dreaming of the grass outside our homes,
    The green, green grass.

    And dream we not of the thundorous spaceport,
    Not of this icy azure,
    We're dreaming of the grass outside our homes,
    The green, green grass.


  • He Warned Us Elon Musks Grandpas A No Good Nazi Technocrat!


    My grandfather didn't die in his 20's in 1945. He died in his 70's in the 1990's and is buried in the military cemetery in San Bruno Calif USA. He is The Great American Hero who socked Dr Joshua Norman Haldeman in the nose and warned me about TECHNOCRAT NAZIS!

    My grandfather warned us about the no good dirty Nazi Technocrat Dr Joshua Norman Haldeman. My grandfather didn't sit on his butt and finish his lemonade, he threw down his glass and ran at Haldeman and socked him in the nose and beat his ass down.
    I saw my grandfather wake up and run into battle the second he spotted Nazi Technocrat Dr Haldeman on USA soil. That's a good example for us to follow! God bless you ????

    Saddle Up Your Horses Cuz This Is The Great Adventure!
    Steven Curtis Chapman

  • SXSW 2018 Elon Musk & Kimbal Musk sing My little buttercup from the three amigos


    This is a movie of Elon Musk’s special session at SXSW 2018.

  • Elon Musk song : main hoon by sanam


    song;- main hoon by sanam ;
    vidio:-diffrent youtube videos
    @elonmusk #elonmuskedit #spaceX#tesla#occupymars#elomuskindia

    ig :-- @syedrafeeqqq

  • Elon Musk Losing Wealth Gas Gas Gas Meme


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    It is the graph representation of wealth growth of Elon Musk Vs 14 Other Richest People in the World from Jan 2020 to June 2021 .

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    Note : The data is not 100% accurate
    Sources : Socialblade ,Wayback Machine,Wikitubia ,Assumptions .

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    Elon Musk Losing Wealth Gas Gas Gas Meme

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  • Teesy - Elon Musk


    ► meine neue EP „HALLO TONI“
    Downloaden & Streamen:


    Musik & Text:
    Toni Mudrack, Manith Bertz, Leon Pock
    Published by:
    Starting Lineup / BMG Rights / Copyright Control
    Performer: Teesy
    Produced by: Teesy
    Mixed & Mastered by Thomas Geiger
    (P) 2021 Jive Germany
    a division of Sony Music Entertainment Germany GmbH
    Repertoire Owner SME Germany

    Gestaltung und Umsetzung:
    JIVE Germany (Peggy, Niklas und Anni)

    ► LYRICS
    Ich geh auf die Straße raus, die Stadt ist leer wie nie
    auf der Bank im Park neben mir ist Platz für Fantasie
    die Luft ist klar, die Bäume kahl, n Fuchs hat ne Maus geschnappt
    die Touristen sind weg und seit 6 Wochen hat jetzt schon nichts mehr aufgemacht

    Und ich ruf dich Facetime an
    2 Stunden lang, es schneit und es ist kurz vor Christmas
    und du lächelst mich an und du sagst irgendwas
    doch es rauscht und ich versteh es nicht richtig
    wenn das mit dem Mars wirklich stimmt
    dann ruf ich an bei Elon Musk, G5
    vlt ist n Spacezimmer frei, für ne Nacht oder 2
    und da tun wir dann alles, außer Social Distance

    Als ich dich das letzte Mal gesehen hab, warst du schön
    ich konnt meinen Blick nicht von dir nehmen und wollt nicht gehen
    ich spring in den See, ist alles ok, ich komm gut alleine klar
    doch der Winter ist lang und manchmal wünscht ich mir, du wärst da

    Und dann ruf ich dich Facetime an
    2 Stunden lang, es schneit und es ist kurz vor Christmas
    und du lächelst mich an und du sagst was versautes
    doch es rauscht und ich versteh es nicht richtig
    wenn das mit dem Mars wirklich stimmt dann ruf
    ich an bei Elon Musk, G5
    vielleicht ist n space-Zimmer frei
    für ne Nacht oder 2 und da tun wir dann alles
    außer social distance



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