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Playlist of Edelweiss

  • Bhakta Pundlik - Sumeet Music - Marathi Movie/Chitrapat


    भक्त पुंडलिक - Bhakta Pundalik - Marathi Movie - Marathi Chitrapat - Katha - Sumeet Music
    Director: Raju Fulkar, Producer: Subhash Pardeshi, Starcast: Prasanna Ketkar, Mansi Magikar, Kishor Mahabole,
    Music Director: Prasad Ranade, Advyat Patwardhan

    Bhakta Pundalik (Synopsis) :
    After a lot of prayers to lord Vithala child takes birth family and he is named Punalik. As he grows he get married. After marriage he gets mad in love for his wife.
    One day he and his wife kick his parents out of their house. Sad mother and father leave the house with tears in their eyes.
    After few days Pundalik’s wife ask him to get his parents for carrying out household works for them. Pundalik goes to search out his parents, in his way he finds a sage named Kukkut Swamy, this person who serves his parents with great love and affection by seeing this there comes a lot of changes in him.
    To know what changes happens in Pundalik watch this video” Bhakta Pundalik by Sumeet Cassette.

  • My Boss Bajrangbali | Full Movie | Sri Anjaneyam | Nithin Latest Hindi Dubbed Movie | Charmi Kaur


    Latest Hindi Dubbed Movie My Boss Bajrangbali (2009) Hindi Dubbed version of Telugu movie Sri Anjaneyam.
    Starring: Nithin, Arjun Sarja, Charmy Kaur, Prakash Raj, Ramya Krishnan.
    Director: Krishna Vamshi, Producer : Sunil Prakash Vagrecha

    Synopsis :A civil engineer (Prakash Raj) is assigned to build a reservoir called 'Seetamma Talli Dam' at a village Ramapuram. A local politician Brahmam (Pilla Prasad) opposes the move and gets the engineer and his wife killed. Their son becomes an orphan and is named as Anji (Nitin) by the temple priest (Chandra Mohan). He is raised by a few kind people. Anji is a staunch devotee of Lord Bajrangbali.

    Brahmam comes to know that there are heavy deposits of black granite in the area where the 100-year-old temple exists. Brahmam plans to demolish the temple and construct a new temple at some other place. Anji wants to do something about it. But he cannot do a thing because he fears bad people.

    One fine day, Lord Bajrangbali comes to Anji in guise of a human being and be there with him to teach him and prepare him to perform that Dharma which he is assigned by the God to do it. That is to build the 'Seetamma Talli Dam', so that everybody in the village can enjoy the good crops with the help of ample water from the Dam.



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