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Playlist of Ed Haley

  • Ed Haley Lost Indian


    Ed Haley was born on August 16, 1885 on the Trace Fort of Harts Creek, Logan W. Virginia.

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  • While Strolling Through the Park One Day by Ed Haley – Charles Manning, Piano Improv


    “While strolling through the park one day, In the merry merry month of May,” are the first two lines of the song “The Fountain in the Park.” Written by Ed Haley and published in 1884, the song is popularly known as “While Strolling Through the Park One Day.” Featured in many films, the well-known song was sung by Judy Garland in the 1940 film, “Strike Up the Band.” Recordings include the 1938 recording by Shep Fields and his Orchestra and the 1961 recording by Bing Crosby.

    During the Apollo 17 Moon mission, NASA Astronauts Harrison Schmitt and Eugene Cernan sang a few lines of the song on the Moon, changing some lyrics for the momentous event: “I was strolling on the Moon one day…in the merry merry month of December…When much to my surprise, a pair of bonny eyes…(followed by humming).” Improvising the song in an early 20th-century musical style, Charles Manning strolls down the piano keys in this merry merry month of May.

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  • Haley Reinhart - Cant Help Falling In Love


    Featured on Haley Reinhart's album #BETTER - available for download & streaming:

    Written by: Luigi Creatore, Hugo Peretti, & George David Weiss
    Originally recorded by: Elvis Presley

    © 2016 ole Media Management, L.P.

  • Happier | Ed Sheeran


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    Edited / Produced by Haley Klinkhammer

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  • The Chainsmokers - Closer ft. Halsey


    The Chainsmokers and Halsey perform “Closer” live at the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards at Madison Square Garden in New York City.

    Closer Available Now:
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    #Chainsmokers #Closer #vevo #electronic #vevoofficial #halsey #live

  • Closer - The Chainsmokers ft. Halsey on Spotify & Apple


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    Boyce Avenue and Sarah Hyland performing an acoustic cover of “Closer” by The Chainsmokers ft. Halsey. #Closer #TheChainsmokers #Halsey #BoyceAvenue #SarahHyland

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    We recently traveled to Los Angeles to film a couple videos with our good friend Sarah Hyland. She is an amazing actress and has a beautiful voice. We hope you all enjoy our collaboration of Closer by The Chainsmokers ft. Halsey.

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    Audio & Video Produced by Boyce Avenue
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    Filmed by Adam Barber & Boyce Avenue
    Edited & Colored by Adam Barber
    Filmed at Ocean Studios, Los Angeles

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  • Ed Haley - Cumberland Gap


    Too busy for this description stuff. A fun version. One of my favorite traditional tunes.

  • Ed Haley Tribute, live at The Station Inn in Music City, Nashville, TN


    Live at The Station Inn in Nashville, TN.

    See the full performance of the Ed Haley Tribute Night.

  • Ed Haley Forked Deer HOME RECORDING


    Ed Haley was born on August 16, 1885 on the Trace Fort of Hearts Creek, Logan W. Virginia. At the age of three years, Ed contracted measles and subsequently lost his eyesight. on the Trace Fork of Harts Creek in Logan County, W. Virginia, He made recordings for the family on a Wilcox-Gay disc-cutting machine brought home from the service by his stepson Ralph. The recordings feature Ed, Ella, Ralph (on guitar) and daughter Mona (vocals). Ralph eventually distributed the recordings among his five siblings. Eventually about a one-half to one-third of those recordings were released to Rounder Records. It is estimated that two thirds of Haley's recordings are still missing, lost, destroyed(??), or unreleased by family members. Beginning in 1990, Bluegrass and folk musician John Hartford began researching the story of Haley's life and music. Generally, Hartford spent the last years of his life promoting Haley and his significance in the world of music. He learned a number of Haley's tunes and recorded them on the Grammy-nominated albums, Wild Hog in the Red Brush andSpeed of the Old Long Bow: A Tribute to Ed Haley. Hartford and Brandon Kirk, a Harts-area historian and genealogist, collaborated on a Haley book project from 1995 until Hartford's death in 2001. In March 2000, Smithsonian magazine featured a story about their research. The Ed Haley manuscript remains unpublished.[5]
    In October 2015, Haley was inducted into the West Virginia Music Hall of Fame. Any corrections/additional info welcome

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  • Ed Haley - Boatsman


  • Steam Machine- Lost Ed Haley Tune


    video credit: Craig Evans. Clifftop CD Release Party, 2018. A tune from Curly Parker who says he learned if from Ed Haley. We learned this one from our friend Lyle.

  • Dunbar


    Provided to YouTube by Believe SAS

    Dunbar · Ed Haley

    Ed Haley's Country Music, Vol. 1

    ℗ Big A Media

    Released on: 2015-08-25

    Composer: Ed Haley
    Music Publisher: D.R

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • The Cuckoos Nest


  • poplar bluff - a wicked ed haley old time fiddle tune


    recorded on thankgsgiving weekend party at rafe and nikki's house. bruce molsky and rafe stefanini-fiddles, jim nelson-guitar, chris thile-mandolin, rick good-banjo, sharon leahy-bass

  • The Boatman NTAD


    I'm learning a new tune everyday. Today I learned an old-time tune called The Boatman. It's in mountain tuning (AEAE). There's another tune by this name that's in D tuning (DDAD). Maybe I'll do that one later on. This tune has 3 parts and they're played AABCB.

    For more tunes everyday, visit

    For more info about my own music and recordings, go to

  • Ed Haley - Arkansas Traveler


  • Clifftop 2018 - Lost Ed Haley Tune - Steam Machine


    Steam Machine (AJ Srubas-fiddle, Aaron Tacke-banjo, Rina Rossi-guitar, Nokosee Fields-bass) play an unnamed tune that Curly Parker learned from Ed Haley in the 2018 Appalachian String Band Festival (Clifftop) traditional band contest finals.

  • Ed Haley - Brownlows Dream


  • Ed Haley - Bonapartes Retreat


  • Hot Seats - Ed Haleys Lost Indian - Red Wing Festival 2016


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  • Ed Haley - Bluegrass Meadows


  • Ed Haley Grey Eagle Jog Parkersburg Landing ROUNDER 1010


    Ed Haley Grey Eagle Jog (''Parkersburg Landing'' ROUNDER 1010)

  • Stephanie Coleman, Adam Hurt, and Mike Compton play Ed Haleys Boatman


    Stephanie Coleman, Adam Hurt, and Mike Compton play Ed Haley's version of Boatman in concert at Sore Fingers, Oxfordshire, UK in April 2010. Thanks to Stuart Tod for the videography and Chris Boughman for the editing.

  • Ed Haley - Darling Cora Rare Unreleased


    Here is a tune by Ed Haley that was not used on any release. The sound quality is very low with accordion accompaniment making it difficult to hear the fiddle.

  • HALF PAST FOUR: ED HALEY TRIBUTE, Station Inn, Nashville TN


    March 14, 2018
    Mike Compton: Mandolin
    John Fabke: Bass
    Greg Reisch: Guitar

  • Ed Haleys Rebel Raid-Old Time Fiddle Lesson


    FolkWorks presents a free fiddle lesson with David Bragger!

    Rebel Raid
    AEAE tuning

    In this video, I teach Haley's Rebel Raid with an uptempo version, followed by a slower and broken down version. All bowing of this rendition will be explained with relative detail. Enjoy

  • Ed Haleys Lost Indian -Ithaca oldtime jam with Ned, Rosey Newton, Slattery, HSF 2015


    Throbbing oldtime jam,.

  • Boatman From Ed Haley, Dan Emmett and All Around


    Boatman is a tune I have heard and played for a long time. The tune's origin can be traced to Dan Emmett, the minstrel musician who is known for Dixie, amongst his many compositions. For this version, I start with Ed Haley's fiddle version, and then play the version I learned first, which seems to me to be in wider circulation. I thought I would throw in a variation up the neck, just for variety. Ed Haley, born in 1885, was a blind fiddler who traveled widely throughout West Virginia, Ohio, eastern Kentucky and southwestern Virginia.

    I am playing a Gold Tone OT-800 set up by Logan Greene. I like it's bright projection, low action and excellent playability.

  • Catlettsburg


    Catlettsburg has become renewed for me. When I revisited this fiddle tune, remembering the difficulty in getting the higher notes, I thought to try it in another tuning. From double C I changed to old C -- gCGCE -- and found it much easier. After listening to JP Fraley play Ed Haley's tune, and then again to the original Ed Haley fiddling, I put in a slide in the first measure. All-in-all, it's much easier and more enjoyable to play.

    Whenever I play an Ed Haley tune I think about the life of this blind itinerant fiddler (1885 - 1951), born in West Virginia, whose talent attracted the late, great John Hartford to devote years pursuing his life story. Along with Brandon Ray Kirk of West Virginia, they uncovered much through Ed's family. He was blinded possibly by measles before he turned three, lost his father due to a lynching, learned fiddling when very young with the help of his uncle, and performed successfully all his life. He married a blind musician and they raised several children, including Laurence who John and Brandon befriended and who released the private recordings of his father we now can listen to and learn from.

    Unfortunately the biography of Ed Haley has had so many stumbling blocks for publishing that it's adead in the water project. Too, too bad for those of use who like to know the history behind the musician. But you can still read in Brandon's blog about much of their discoveries (

    When I searched Catlettsburg in Brandon's blog there were references to this town in Kentucky where Ed Haley lived. Since Revolutionary times it was a town many pioneers passed through on the busy Ohio River. It's a known fact that much of Ed's fiddling career was spent on steamboats, entertaining the passengers, as well as on street corners where he busked.

    Hope you enjoy this busy, but pretty, tune.



    Another BIG TUNE. Lost Indian from the legendary Kentucky fiddler Ed Haley

  • 123012 surprise session ed haleys boatman


    pete and ellen vigour, susan sterngold, mike resnick then we got a lovely surprise visit from adam hurt, beth hartness, erica weiss, steve arkin and cathy mason!
    fiddles banjos guitars and even a bass! riley is sleeping in midst of it all....

  • Bobby Taylor Plays Ed Haleys Dunbar


    Bobby Taylor (fiddle), Kim Johnson (banjo) and Karen Celia Heil (guitar) play Ed Halye's Dunbar at the 2017 Berkeley Old Time Music Convention (BOTMC) at the Freight and Salvage Coffee House, September 22, 2017.

  • MIKE COMPTON: ED HALEY TRIBUTE: Station Inn, Nashville TN


    March 14, 2018
    Ed Haley Tribute at the World Famous Station Inn.
    Tyler Andal: Fiddle
    Mike Compton: Mandolin
    John Fabke: Upright Bass

  • Clawhammer Banjo - Tune of the Week: Ed Haleys Boatman


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  • Cabin Creek from Ed Haley - played by George Jackson


    #fiddletunefriday this is the tune Cabin Creek as learned from the playing of Ed Haley. Check out my Patreon page for lesson videos

  • Bobby Taylor plays the famous Ed Haley fiddle


    Galax, Virginia. August 11, 2010.

  • Indian Ate The Woodchuck


    My take on Ed Haley's Indian Ate The Woodchuck.
    Banjo #36, tuned aDADE (just a tad sharp).

  • Half Past Four, a tune by Fiddler Ed Haley played by Mac Benford on clawhammer banjo.


    Mac Benford at the Maryland Banjo Academy, 2002
    Recorded by David Wells

  • Michael Garvin Fiddle Ed Haley tune Indian Squaw


    Here I am playing my first fiddle, an old Stainer copy with plenty of cracks and repairs. I still enjoy playing it even though it is a little rough around the edges. It is setup with steel strings and a rather flat bridge. I learned the tune Indian Squaw from the recordings of Ed Haley and the fiddle is tuned GDAD so you just tune that high e down to d and you can get that unison dd while fiddlin' around with the other notes. Thanks for listening!

  • Kevin - While Strolling Thru the Park


    Kevin performs While Strolling Thru the Park, (Ed Haley) with teacher, Mark Wesling, at the Campbelltown Music Academy on April 29, 2012

  • Dora Dean


    In the latest Banjo Newsletter Adam' Hurt's new CD with Megan Lynch, called Inside Out, was reviewed and recommended by Ken Perlman. Dora Dean was one of two tunes from the CD tabbed out in the article, in case you get BNL. As it turned out, my final Skype lesson with Adam will be Dora Dean as played by the venerable Kentucky/West Virginian fiddler Ed Haley.

    I can't begin to say what a challenging, rewarding, and fun experience my lessons with Adam have been. I'll never play anywhere near his caliber of musicianship, but he's a wonderful teacher for all levels and we've had a totally fun journey of learning. Without his dynamic homework assignments it will be like retiring from my beloved teaching position -- but I know there are still lots of exciting possibilities for my future. And Adam will still be there for any consulting, sharing, and questions I may have. I owe him a big Thank you!

  • Ed Haleys Lost Indian - Mark Gilston on mountain dulcimer


    Mark Gilston plays a traditional old time tune on mountain dulcimer.
    This version of Lost Indian comes from the playing of West Virginia fiddler, Ed Haley.
    For tabs, CDs, books, and Skype lessons, visit
    Please support my music on Patreon at

  • Clifftop 2010 - Ed Haleys Indian Ate a Woodchuck - Isaac Akers


    Fiddle competition. Fine job, Isaac!

  • Ed Haley Fiddle--David Bragger And Susan Platz


    Had a chance to play Ed Haley's fiddle at the BOTMC. I'm playing Ed Haley's Rebel Raid with Susan Platz!
    Stay tuned for our double fiddle old-time CD!
    video by Mike Melnyk

  • Nikos Pappas playing the Ed Haley fiddle


    Nikos Pappas plays the Ed Haley fiddle after winning the Ed Haley Contest in Ashland, KY, September 19, 2009.

  • Adam Hurt at Ed Haley Memorial Fiddle Contest


    Adam Hurt and Beth Hartness play Hell Up Coal Holler at the 2008 Ed Haley Memorial Fiddle Contest in Ashland, Kentucky

  • Adam Hurt plays Ed Haleys Forked Deer


    Adam Hurt plays Ed Haley's version of Forked Deer on clawhammer banjo in concert at Sore Fingers, Oxfordshire, UK in April 2010. Thanks to Stuart Tod for the videography and Chris Boughman for the editing.

  • Jacksonville Old Time Jam Indian Ate the Woodchuck Ed Haley


    JOTJ Jacksonville Old Time Jam playing Indian Ate the Woodchuck, inspired by Ed Haley. CASK Jacksonville Florida

  • Castle on the Hill | Ed Sheeran


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    Filmed by Josh Neumiller

    Edited / Produced by Haley Klinkhammer

  • Adam Hurt at Ed Haley Memorial Fiddle Contest


    Adam Hurt and Beth Hartness play Cabin Creek and Rebel Raid at the 2008 Ed Haley Memorial Fiddle Contest (which Adam later won) in Ashland, Kentucky



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