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Playlist of Easy Blues Guitar Lesson

  • How To Play Old School 12 Bar Blues Guitar #1 EASY Beginners - Chords Key E 145 @EricBlackmonGuitar


    ???? My 12 Bar Blues YouTube Series
    12 Bar Blues STRUMMING Lesson
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  • The Easiest Blues on Acoustic Guitar | Beginner Friendly


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    The Blues is one of the simplest style of music of the 19th Century. It was originate by African American in the deep South of America.
    Today I want to show you how to play a 12 bar easy blues on your acoustic guitar using fingerstyle approach.
    In this guitar lesson we are going to combine chords and melody. This is a very fun approach because allows you to play the melody with your guitar rather then focus just on chords.
    I did my best to write down the easiest blues arrangement for beginners so that almost everyone can give it a try and have fun playing this easy Blues.
    Watch the video several times to learn the sound of each chord then grab your guitar and play along.
    Let's get started.

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    Free Fingerstyle Video Book:
    My webpage:
    My Video Courses: Instant access to 350 unique fingerstyle guitar lessons here
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  • 3 Easy Blues Guitar Songs For Beginners


    Easy Blues Guitar Songs For Beginners - Download the free lesson PDF - tabs/chords here:

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    It’s called “5 Minute Guitar” and it’s valued at $100.00 - but you can register and start rockin’ the house through our proven system for free:

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    Easy Blues Guitar Songs For Beginners - Mannish Boy, I'm a Man, Bad to the Bone

    The blues and the guitar are an age old duo. They go together like the peanut butter and jelly. The blues really has been the father of all western music since. This is why learning some blues on the guitar is so important! It's the building block of every other genre!

    Here's the problem. The blues can be difficult to play, and feel. That's why I decided to make this lesson. As a guitar teacher, I'm fully aware of just how many people out there want to learn blues guitar. I'm also fully aware that it can be a frustrating endeavor, as the blues can be very challenging for a beginner.

    In this lesson, we are going to be learning Mannish Boy by Muddy Waters, I'm a Man by Bo Diddley, and Bad to the Bone by George Thorogood. Every one of these songs is totally doable for a beginner.

    If you are having any problems with these songs, that's okay. Learning how to play guitar without an actually 1-on-1 teacher is a slow process. Let me know what your struggles are in the comments, and I'll do my best to help! Also post any questions you have. Happy practicing!

    0:41 Lesson Start
    1:05 I'm a Man
    6:04 Mannish Boy
    9:48 Bad to the Bone

    Thanks for checking out the lesson!

    Will & Mike B w/ Campfire Guitar Star

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    Thanks for checking out the lesson.

    Keep on rippin’ it up,

    Will Ripley & Mike B from Campfire Guitar Star

  • Blues guitar for complete beginners - Pt 1


    This is the first part of the Blues guitar for complete beginners
    there will be seven lessons in total, which will be released weekly, on my patreon feed, please see link below. Thanks for your continued support.



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  • Easy Blues Guitar Lick 1


    Visit for the tablature and MP3 jam track for this video. Every few days I'm adding a new guitar lesson video so be sure to check back! This video demonstrates a fairly simple and somewhat standard blues guitar lick that can be played on either an acoustic or electric guitar.

    This is really intended for the beginner - intermediate player, although if you're an advanced player you might find it valuable as well. This video takes advantage of playing a double string solo (very similar to the style that Chuck Berry would use)

    As always, if you have questions or comments ask away either here or at

  • acoustic blues scale - fun, easy beginner guitar


    check out guitar jamz at thanks for watching

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  • Beginner Slow Blues Solo Lesson


    Learn the first 4 licks from my Blues Supplement Course which gives you examples taught from my Blues Guitar Method 1 Course to play.

    Gain full access to both courses with an All Access Pass.

  • Easy Blues Guitar Songs For Beginners


    Easy Blues Guitar Songs For Beginners. Easy Blues Songs To Play On Electric Guitar - An Easy Stevie Ray Vaughan Song To Play On Guitar!

    Download the free lesson PDF - tabs/chords here:

    Register for our FREE beginner guitar system here:

    It’s called “5 Minute Guitar” and it’s valued at $100.00 - but you can register and start rockin’ the house through our proven system for free :

    Easy Blues Songs To Play On Guitar | Cold Shot Stevie Ray Vaughan

    You've always loved the blues. You've always wanted to experience that feeling of sitting back in a groove and letting the blues flow from your guitar.

    I gotta tell you, it's a uniquely amazing feeling when you are able to comfortably play a song like Stevie Ray Vaughan's Cold Shot.

    Stevie added a lot to the guitar world in terms of rhythm. He injected some new sounds and styles to the world of blues. One of the things that Stevie showed us was the upstrokes on open strings between notes.

    This technique can be a little tricky to nail at first, so for all you beginner blues guitarists out there, I have broken Cold Shot down into to two levels. The first level is a slightly simplified version of the riff that Stevie tends to do while he's singing. The next level is the riff you hear in the intro of the song. He's hitting his strings hard, and he's letting open strings ring through between every note. But in a controlled, awesome sounding way.

    0:35 Lesson Start
    2:45 Scale used
    3:21 The Basic Version
    5:12 The Next Level (The SRV method)
    8:29 Muting
    13:02 The IV Chord
    14:26 V Chord/Hendrix Chord

    Thanks for checking out the lesson!

    Will & Mike B w/ Campfire Guitar Star

    To start ripping it up on guitar and to start rocking the house, check out these powerful resources:

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    Our 5 Minute Guitar System Book (physical book shipped to your door) plus access to the 4+ hours of video ⇒

    Thanks for checking out the lesson.

    Keep on rippin’ it up,

    Will Ripley & Mike B from Campfire Guitar Star

  • Easy Blues Fingerpickin Guitar Lesson - Key of E


    Enjoy this lesson with my complete PDF study guide:

    Hello friends,
    And welcome to another acoustic blues guitar lesson. In today's tutorial I'll be showing you a fun way of navigating a 12 bar blues using a single chord shape, and your Travis-style finger picking pattern. Let's get started!

    Request a song at:

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  • Easy Blues Rhythm Guitar Lesson


  • Acoustic Blues Guitar Lesson



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  • Easy Blues Play-Along 1 - How to play at your first jam session


    If you like this lesson please go to and donate to Level: Beginner-intermediate. You should know: basic bar chords and pentatonic scale. If you've never played music with others, or you have and are still nervous about it this lesson is for YOU. Applying a few simple concepts you can step into a jam session and not only play well, but you can have FUN.

  • 3 Blues Riffs Every Guitarist Should Know


    Click this link for Instant Access to the 17 page PDF filled with scales & tips you will need it for this lesson :

    Click here to grab 8 High quality backing tracks in various keys to practice this lesson 2 FREE for a limited time:

    Grab some amazing Free blues lessons NOT on Youtube click here:

  • Easy Acoustic Blues With Lead Licks - Guitar Lesson FREE TAB




    Andy's full Beginners Course is available for FREE here: ►►


    For more totally free guitar lessons, check out There you will find a full beginners course, along with every guitar lesson of mine on YouTube, structured, easy to find, and with relevant chord sheets or TAB PLUS help and advice- all aimed at beginner Guitarists!

  • Beginner - How to Play the E Blues SHUFFLE - Blues Guitar Lessons


    This is a classic blues shuffle in E. It's fairly easy to play once you get used to pattern and also a lot of fun. You can get really creative here and make up your own words as you play.

    Go Play!

  • Head Turning, Slow Blues licks


    Click the link to grab our pentatonic scales & tips you will need it for this lesson :

    The lessons are taught by Marty Schwartz, one of the most popular guitar teachers online anywhere.

    Why so popular? Simple: He keeps it FUN and shocks beginners by showing them how to play complete songs faster than they thought possible. Hundreds of thousands of students around the world can't be wrong.

    Go check out these free video lessons to see for yourself — this is a complete free training and includes a free beginner PDF ebook with scales, charts and diagrams.

  • 3 Slow and Easy Blues Guitar Licks


    3 Slow and Easy Blues Guitar Licks

    Download the reference material for this lesson here:

    Blues guitar licks are something that you definitely need to learn if you are wanting to jam along with other musicians, or a backing track.

    Blues guitar is the basis for many styles of music, so a solid foundation in the blues is a great starting point for any guitarist. And having a collection of go to blues guitar licks is vital for any guitar player.

    The licks in this video lesson are all slow blues licks and easy to play, perfect for a beginner guitar player.

    If you are looking for some easy lead guitar ideas to get you started, then this lesson is just what you need.

    Even though these are slow blues licks, there's no reason why they won't sound good at faster speeds. So once you have your fingers around them, feel free to speed them up :)

    Once you have got the PDF, followed the lesson, and learnt the 3 blues guitar licks you will be good to go to play them along to this A minor blues backing track:

    All these licks are are written to work over an A minor chord, and as I mentioned in the lesson, you can play these licks in any key, over any chord. Watch this video to find out EXACTLY how to do it:

    The most important part of playing guitar solos, from easy lead guitar lines up to complex ones, is to put emotion and feeling into your playing. In this video I will show you some great ways to do this! I cover phrasing, vibrato, bending and much more.

    These licks all use the pentatonic scale, which is the most commonly used guitar scale in blues music, and many other styles of music. I take you through how you can use this scale to play your own red-hot guitar solos :)

    Get Your Hands On the FREE Blues Solo Heatmap:

    Want more lessons like this? Subscribe to our channel:

    Let me know what you thought of the lesson and feel free to ask any questions in the comments below!

    Owen Vickers
    Guitar Mastery Method

    #guitarlessons #guitartutorial #guitarmasterymethod

  • Easy Blues Guitar Lesson- Boogie Swing. Very simple and sounds great!



  • Learn 12 Bar Blues for Super Absolute Beginner Guitar Lessons | Blues Guitar Lesson | Guitar Tricks


    Stop waiting and finally learn how to play guitar today:
    In this beginner blues guitar lesson, learn easy 12 bar blues in A with a backing track. BB King and Eric Clapton were notable blues guitarists and this is a great lesson to build yourself up to those artists.

    Want more award-winning lessons? Click here for instant free access to every course in the Guitar Tricks Core Learning System for beginners:

    Try this free tutorial on playing the 12 bar blues form - essential for blues guitar! MAKE SURE TO SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE!

    Core Learning System is the award-winning step by step beginner guitar program from Guitar Tricks. Blues Level 1 is the first course in the after you get through both Guitar Fundamentals courses in the Core Learning System, a great place to start for absolute beginners. Here is a lesson from Chapter 1 of Blues Level 1 on how to play the 12 bar blues.


    + Over 11,000 lessons
    + Over 700 songs
    + Step-by-step instruction

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  • Easy Blues Guitar Songs Born and Livin with the Blues Brownie McGhee Guitar Lesson


    Gain access to the TABS, exclusive tutorials and other awesome supporter perks at

    Tabs for this lesson at:

    how to play Born and Livin' with the Blues on guitar. In this video we break down a blues classic by legendary singer-songwriter Brownie McGhee. Learn how to shuffle through the 1.4.5 chord progression and pickup some universal blues guitar techniques in this simple, yet innovative composition.
    Request a song at:

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  • Easy Blues Guitar Fills - Blues Guitar Tutorial


    Easy Blues Guitar Fills - Blues Guitar Tutorial
    Get tabs here:

    Time to learn how to play some basic blues fills between chords to mix lead and rhythm playing when playing guitar a lone. This is a basic lesson targeted at people who now how to play the E minor pentatonic scale and a basic understanding of the 12 bar blues. These basic concepts can be expanded to no limit. The idea is to just work around a one bar lick in the first shape of the E minor pentatonic scale, but these ideas will work over any blues shape for any given amount of time. Get these basic licks down but than try to use these concept to elevate your own playing.

    More turnarounds

    Basic 12 bar blues:

    The E minor Pentatonic shape

  • Elvis Baby What You Want Me to Do - Easy Blues Guitar Songs Lesson


    Gain access to TABS, exclusive tutorials and other awesome learning resources at

    Hello friends,
    and welcome back to Swift Guitar Lessons for another by request song tutorial. In today's session I'll be breaking down how to play the Elvis Presley version of Baby What You Want Me to Do by Jimmie Reed. This tutorial will feature several classic blues techniques including walking shuffles, and turnaround riffs over a 1.4.5 progression in the key of E major. Let's get started!

    Tabs for this lesson at:


    Request a song at:

  • Slide Guitar Blues Lesson In Open D On My National Steel NPB12 With Insanity!!!


    Hi folks. The guitar is tuned to open D. D A D F# A D. For the record: the 4 chord is on the 5th fret and the 5 chord is on the 7th fret. I get confused. Can you tell?

    I am deeply appreciative of the good vibes this has caused and am deeply in your debt. Thanks so much!!!

    Here are some more open D crazy lessons!!

    Slide Blues Lesson In Open D made especially for /r/guitarlessons. I love you guys. In this lesson Messiahsez attempts to capture the essence of the blues. The blues is a cold heart shaking chill. It's something you feel and then it comes out of you.

    Here is what I said!!!

    0:00hi-yah it's tomorrow so I thought I
    0:04would just show you the basics of what
    0:05is about to happen
    0:08okay so first of all you take your index
    0:12finger and you're playing on the 5th
    0:14string 2nd fret and you play first open
    0:20then you play the 2nd you save up to the
    0:507th back to the 5th and then on the 5th
    1:14now listen to me listen to me right the
    1:19fuck now that is the basis of the blues
    1:30that's it right there bungo bungo bungo
    1:36I want you to understand that when
    1:38Stevie Ray Vaughan was gone inside it
    1:43hit his goal and then he would go up to
    1:47the five chord and he will go it's the
    1:50same damn thing stays going that's seven
    2:00and the fifth that's right that's all
    2:09that's it right there
    2:11open D running guitar finger-picking
    2:15slide and fucking insanity that's all
    2:22why Dada Dada
    2:25using this one oh and then I use a
    2:31little bit of eyebrow
    2:56yeah I'm barring the fucking thing okay
    2:59and then up I'm just going and you don't
    3:12have to do dontoh there you go
    3:35my wife is that's what the blues is
    4:08about it's about your life and what's
    4:11going on and what's going wrong
    4:43so that's the blues so this is for slash
    4:47are slash guitar lessons it's Friday
    4:50it's not Friday actually it's Thursday
    4:53but I'm going to post this on Friday
    4:54which is my slash are slash guitar
    4:57lessons day and it's open D sounds like
    5:40that's all I really hope that helps you
    5:43know cuz like it's it's like because you
    5:47know old people they lose their purpose
    5:50in life they're just old and the end is
    5:52coming soon and they try to do nice
    5:55things for people and hopefully every
    5:57once in a while it works

    Messiahsez Here are a bunch of blues guitar lessons!! Hope you enjoy!!

    Messiahsez Thank you all so much. Please Keep smiling!!!

    PS. I respond to every comment. Feel free to say hi!!!

  • Easy A minor Blues Licks Lesson


    12 easy blues licks over A minor backing track for electric guitar.
    The Guitar Lesson has an example solo and then each lick shown individually.

    Backing track used is available here:

    My other lessons similar to this:
    Easy E minor Blues licks:

    Playing over the changes with minor pentatonic:

    Learn how to play minor blues. Mainly using Am pentatonic scale.

    This lesson is aimed at the beginner, so the licks are not too fast, and generally easy to learn. Techniques include bending, vibrato, slides and double stops. Intermediate lesson now available.
    *** Please note: The performance has a couple of extra notes here and there, particularly between the licks. When I filmed this I didn't even realise I did it. The licks in the lesson part are what I intended to play, but In the perfomance I was playing with some 'feel' so a couple of passing notes slip in here and there. My excuse is that I never play anything exactly the same way twice, and making these videos is tough to work the cameras, the computer, the lighting, the backing track, the amp and then put in a good performance too! It looks like a few extra notes from the Am pentatonic scale. ***

    Email me at and I'll send you the tab for the solo, including the 'extra' notes.

    Gear used:
    Fender USA 62 Re-issue Stratocaster
    Blackstar HT5R

    Remember to Like, subscribe and share and please check out the other videos on my channel!

    I am the guitarist and songwriter in the acoustic blues band Northbound. If you have enjoyed this lesson and found it useful then please check out my band and please buy a song or ablum to support us.

  • Play your 1st Blues Solo - Guitar Lesson with 8 licks in A minor pentatonic


    Learn to play 8 ridiculously easy blues licks in A minor that sound fantastic. If you've never played a blues solo before, then this is a great place to start. This is an ideal beginner lesson. All of the licks just use A minor Pentatonic in box position 1 at the 5th fret. If you are a more intermediate player, then you'll pick them up really quickly.

    Running order:
    - Example Solo
    - Scale
    - Techniques
    - Licks

    If you would like a copy of the tab, then just email me at and I'll reply with the tab attached. In the email, please state in the email that you want the tab for 1st blues solo in Am.

    Here's a description of where the licks fit over the chords of the 12 bar blues:
    ...Lick 1 - intro to A chord
    ...Licks 2 and 3 - play over the A chord
    ...Lick 4 - play over D chord
    ...Lick 5 - starts over the D chord but ends at the start of the A chord
    ...Lick 6 - play over the E chord
    ...Lick 7 - play over the D chord
    ...Lick 8 - play over the E chord

    The important links:

    The example solo is over a 12 bar backing track which is available here:

    Marc Guitar’s Facebook page:

    Marc Guitar's Patreon page:

    Patreon supporters get access to additional lessons, as well as mp3 backing tracks and all the tabs.

    Marc’s band - Northbound:
    Spotify: Northbound Acoustic Blues Band
    Album available as mail order CDs from and downloads from all the usual download stores (iTunes, Google Play, CD Baby etc)
    Google Play:

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  • Solo Blues Guitar Lesson, Routine #6 - Licks, Shuffles and Turnarounds


    Check-Out the Tempi Metronome at

    Get early access to TABS, exclusive tutorials and other awesome supporter perks at

    Hello friends,
    and welcome to Routine #6 of my solo blues guitar lessons series. In this tutorial, I will break down several popular acoustic blues techniques that you can use to embellish your favorite covers or original tunes. learn how to utilize licks, shuffles, turnarounds and more while developing your sense of rhythm. I recommend jamming with a quality mechanical metronome like the five star rated Tempi Metronome featured in this video. Access the exclusive Swiftlessons discount via the link above, and learn more about Amazon's best metronome, Tempi at their website:
    Request a song at:

  • The CLASSIC Blues Riff for Beginners !


    * new videos, giveaways and more at !


    Hi Everyone, if you've subscribed, THANKS! I'm going to be posting a lot more videos based on your requests and great emails. THIS VIDEO HAS A BONUS AT THE END ! Read on...
    This lesson will get you cookin' on The Classic Blues Riff. There's no better name for it! It's easy to understand, easy to play and instantly recognizable. Add it to your bag of tricks and bring it out next time someone hands you a guitar.
    But later in the video is a Lead Guitar Mini-Lesson that complements The Classic Blues Riff. You're going to want to master it, too. The skills you'll learn here will get you jamming with another guitar player quickly and easily. Just watch and learn ( and practice!!)

  • Acoustic Blues Chord Progression and Licks - Acoustic Blues Guitar Lesson


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    Hey guys, Marty here again from MartyMusic! Here's an Acoustic blues progression which uses the Land of E7 and the Land of A7 plus some tasty little licks to throw in as well! Hope you enjoy the lessons!


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  • Another Easy Acoustic Blues Lick in E


    Maybe the easiest acoustic blues lick ever?

    This MICRO LICK consists of just 4 notes and is played with just one finger. This is a great quick lick to throw into your blues rhythm playing to spice things up a bit.

    MICRO LICKS, like this one and the others in this series, are tiny lick fragments that become great building blocks for longer licks. But for the budding finger picking blues player, they work just fine on their own. Consisting of only three or four notes, these little guys may be simple but they are tasty.

    Remember: 'simple' or 'easy' doesn't mean 'boring' and these MICRO LICKS are great examples of that.

    Not only is the lick in this video super easy to nail (it's only four notes) but, this lick is incredibly versatile. I'm using this lick as a part of the classic blues shuffle pattern in E, but you can stick this lick into just about any groove.

    The use of the open strings in this lick really add some nice overtones if you let them ring a bit like I do in the video. The other cool thing about a lick like this that makes use of open strings is that it frees up your fret hand to move into the next position. That's one of the best reasons that this lick works so well to color your rhythm playing.

    Practice moving in and out of the typical blues rhythm shuffle pattern and this lick. If you need help, watch the video. I do this multiple times during the lesson. Also, be sure to check out the website for the complete lesson:

    Preview for the next lesson: We'll start linking these MICRO LICKS together to build longer licks. This is where the magic of MICRO LICKS really takes off.

    If you're serious about improving your blues guitar skills, join the Blues Guitar Institute newsletter to get quick tips, licks and lessons:

    If you are new to fingerstyle blues and want to get started, check out this video:

    There, I'll show you how to get started playing some sweet finger picked acoustic blues.

    Play Hard!

    PS - If any of these licks make you think you'll never be able to play them, think again! Start with these small MICRO LICKS and keep at it. It takes tons of practice to play even the smallest lick, riff or chord on the guitar. But that's why we do it, right? For the challenge and the reward! So, keep at it!

    PPS - If you found this video useful, please share it with your friends on Facebook, Twitter or Google+. Here's the link:

  • This Simple Blues Works Amazing on Guitar ...


    ????????????????????????Click Show More to Expand????????????????????????



    Hey guys, welcome back to another fingerstyle Blues lesson. Today, I am going to show you how to play an excellent fingerstyle blues in A.

    One of the things that I like a lot about the Blues is the pleasure that I receive from playing it. There are so many different elements combined in one chorus: Chords, melody, solos, riffs, and dynamics.

    In this lesson, we are going to learn a shuffle Blues in A played with the fingerstyle technique. You will learn dominant 7th chords, a rock-blues lick, and a solid blues accompaniment.

    I suggest that you listen to the intro many times to interiorize the rhythm, vibe, and dynamics I used. Teaching the Blues is never a simple thing. I can show you the notes, but you will have to put your heart and soul into it.

    As always, take things step-by-step and learn one chord at a time.

    Good luck with this lesson.

    YouTube Tabs:
    Patreon Guitar Courses:

    Acoustic Guitar Redefined |
    Acoustic Guitar System |

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    I started playing guitar when I was 10 years old, so it has been more than 20 years. I have always loved fingerpicking guitar, so this is why all my tutorials focus on this topic.

    Why are you on Patreon?
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    Do you do concerts?
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    For the tracks to be used in any other way, a licensing agreement must be signed and a fee paid. For other business inquiries or questions about licensing, please contact me at this email:

  • 6 Famous Songs Built on the 12-Bar Blues Progression - Guitar Lesson


    In this lesson you will learn all about a top 6 famous songs built on the 12 bar blues progression and how you can play them also!
    For more guitar help and free resources go to today.

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    See you in the next lesson!

    Keep up the practice.




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  • Easy Robert Johnson-Style Blues | Acoustic Guitar Lesson


    Learn to play an easy-ish blues loosely in the style of Robert Johnson. No pact with the devil necessary. Free music/tab for this lesson can be found here:

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  • Born Under A Bad Sign guitar tutorial | Riffs + SOLO | Easy Blues Lead Guitar


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    Born Under A Bad Sign TAB here

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  • Beginner Bass Lesson 12 Bar Blues


    Today I'm back with another installation in my bass lesson videos! Today well be focusing on the fundamentals of the 12 bar blues and constructing blues bass lines that will get you on your way to slapping like Bootsy Collins!

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  • Blues Rhythm Guitar Lesson: Easy 2 Note Chords 12 Bar Blues


    - This is an easy way to jump in at any open jam and play a 12 bar blues without getting the way of the soloist.

    The chords are based off the traditional 7th and 9th chord shapes that most people are familiar with. But we get rid of all but 2 notes and the voice leading makes it so you only have to shift one fret at a time.

    It's a great move that I use all the time with a band. It shouldn't take long to learn and will be useful forever.

  • Easy Way to Get Started with Delta Blues


    Tuesday Blues #247 -

    Delta Blues is fun to play but to me, it carries a deep meaning and playing with feeling is a must. It’s as much therapy as it is music for many. But the mojo can seem impossible to learn. In this lesson, we’ll get started in Delta Blues in perhaps the easiest way possible:

    Strumming the Delta Blues

    Strumming the right chords with just a couple of well-placed “feeling” notes can go along way toward getting a great bluesy sound going. This lesson will help you get going by showing you the strums and those few blues notes.

    Enjoy the lesson!


    Good luck and...

    Play On!


    #tuesdayblues #acousticblues #playbetterblues

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  • Blues Guitar Lesson - Easy Blues Lead Licks in A


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    Must know blues guitar licks in the key of A. Play in the style of Stevie Ray Vaughan, Eric Clapton, and BB King.

    This lesson is dedicated to my student Rick, keep up the great work and thanks for sharing what we went over with our visitors on Youtube. For quality guitar lessons in Philadelphia, visit
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  • Easy Blues Guitar Lesson: 1 of 2


    Key of E, 5 basic licks to get you playing great blues guitar. Get the jam track at my website.

  • 36 Bars of Free & Easy Blues Guitar Lessons


    It doesn't get much easier than this and it's so tasty too!

  • Beginner Blues Guitar Lesson | 9 EASY Blues Licks You Should Know!


    Beginner Blues Guitar Lesson | 9 EASY Blues Licks You Should Know



    FREE Basic Music Theory For Guitar Players Training Series:


    Hey, how’s it going fellow Guitar Slingers! Dave here, and welcome to my channel, where it’s all about helping you, the best I possibly can, to take your guitar playing to the next level.

    In this beginner blues guitar lesson I’m gonna be showing some “easy” and basic blues licks that sound really cool, but will also serve aa a great foundation for you to build upon if you’re completely new to blues lead playing or Improvising In general.

    They’re licks that I still use all the time and contain some of the essential bluesy elements, like 1/4 note and half step bends, the flat 5 interval or the blue note, bends, vibrato, all of that good stuff.

    You can take these licks, start messing around with them and change them, make them better, create your own licks, whatever you want to do with them.

    And I really encourage that you do that. There’s really no right or wrong, you don’t just have to take these licks and play them exactly as they are, experiment with them, try them in different keys, different speeds, rhythms, whatever feels right to you.

    All these particular licks are based around a slow blues In the key of A containing Dominant 7th chords In a traditional I, IV, V progression. So I’m mainly using a combination of both the A minor pentatonic and major pentatonic scales.

    If you’re not familiar with either of these scales then check out the link below to access my free video training series that I created for any of you that want to go over these scales as well as the basics of music theory for guitar players. As some of these licks contain notes from the major pentatonic scale they’re not necessarily going to work universally for every kind of blues progression. If you’re jamming over a 12 bar blues in a minor key then there’s gonna be some note clashes there from the major intervals. However, 90% of the time these licks are gonna work great over most typical blues progressions with In any key using Dominant 7th chords. But don’t worry about that for now, if you’re new to blues guitar, then focus on getting the phrasing and the techniques down first.

    Okay, so that’s enough chit chat, let’s get started with these Licks. I’ve put the tabs below for each lick. If you want to watch the video where you can see me play them slowly with the tabs then you do so through the video link below. Enjoy!

    Thanks For Watching! Take care.










  • 3 Easy Blues Guitar Licks


    Hey Guys,

    Here's 3 nice sounding blues licks that are pretty straight forward, hope you like them!

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  • How to Play Kansas City - Easy Blues cover - Easy 3 Chord Tune


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    How to Play Kansas City - Easy Blues cover - Easy 3 Chord Tune - Written by Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller in 1952. This is a great tune to play for all ages. It has been covered many, many times but one of my favorite versions is by Fats Domino. I made this my own for the purposes of teaching easy Blues techniques so I hope you enjoy this one. Please have a look at this tune and enjoy. Please feel free share this video and please subscribe to my channel for more PartyMarty EasyGuitarTunes.

  • Guitar Lesson | Joe Bonamassa style Easy Blues Lick in Bm | Ear Copy Training



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  • Guitar Lesson | Eric Clapton style Easy Blues Lick in A | Ear Copy Training



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  • Texas Blues Guitar Lesson - Dream Licks Made Easy


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    Texas Blues guitar lesson - Advanced lead guitar lick made easy! In this easy lead guitar lesson, I break down one of my favorite 3 part blues licks. Drawn from the blues scale, open A string position, this group of phrases have a Texas blues sound, similar to that of Stevie Ray Vaughan. Tabs are included throughout this free HD instructional guitar lesson from Philadelphia's #1 rated guitar instructor Rob Swift. Let's get started!
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  • Easy Blues Guitar Riff For Beginners


    Here's an easy blues guitar riff for beginners! You'll learn how to hammer the string, and put a few notes together to make a nice sounding lick. This riff comes out of the open E pentatonic minor scale, which is the best scale for any beginner to start with, and has the added bonus of being incredibly popular in blues music. This is a nice simple guitar riff that sounds great for beginner blues guitar players!

    Click here for step 2:

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  • Easy Blues Guitar Licks and Techniques for all levels


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    Easy Blues Guitar Licks and Techniques for all levels - Hey Folks, This is an instructional video to help you get started with some easy blues guitar techniques that work very well with a whole list of blues tunes out of E major. I hope you enjoy learning these as they will help you all the way through as you learn to play guitar. Please have a look at this tune and enjoy. Please feel free share
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  • Easy Blues Jazz Lick For Electric Guitar - Blues Guitar Lesson


    Click on the link above to get the tabs for this video! GO!

  • How To Play Easy Slow Blues Chords & Riffs On Guitar IN ANY KEY @EricBlackmonGuitar


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    A7 Slow And Easy Blues With 4 Notes Lesson
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    Làm thế nào để Chơi Guitar Blues Dễ dàng Với Vài Ghi chú
    Jak grać Easy Blues Guitar z kilkoma nutami
    كيفية اللعب السهل البلوز الغيتار مع عدد قليل من الملاحظات
    Как да играете лесна китара блус с няколко бележки
    Paano Upang I-play ang Easy Blues Guitar Na May Ilang Tala
    Comment jouer de la guitare Easy Blues avec quelques notes
    Wie man einfache Blues-Gitarre mit einigen Anmerkungen spielt
    Come suonare la chitarra Easy Blues con alcune note
    Cómo tocar la guitarra Easy Blues con unas pocas notas
    Como tocar guitarra Easy Blues com algumas notas
    Как играть в легкую гитару Blues с несколькими заметками
    Birkaç Notla Easy Blues Gitar Nasıl Oynanır?
    कुछ नोट्स के साथ आसान ब्लूज़ गिटार कैसे खेलें
    Hoe Easy Blues gitaar te spelen met een paar notities
    Slik spiller du en enkel Blues-gitar med noen få notater

  • ???? St James Infirmary Blues • Easy acoustic guitar lesson


    Notes & tabs for this lesson:

    Video timestamps:
    0:00 Playthrough & greeting
    2:05 Chords shapes needed
    6:20 Chord progression
    6:55 Strumming patterns
    9:39 Adv. strumming tips
    13:40 Fills & licks
    21:02 Farewell

    In this lesson I'll teach you how to play an acoustic version of the classic St James Infirmary Blues. We'll be in the key of A-minor, and I'm going to make this as accessible and beginner-friendly as possible. I'll teach the chords, the progression, some strumming tips, and show you some neat lead licks & fills you can add in between strums of certain chords. I hope you find it helpful... let's get to it!

    If you want to view more of my lessons, visit which is my personal collection of lessons, tabs, and notes -- all created with care by me (David Potsiadlo).

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