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Playlist of Earthquaker Devices Fuzz Shootout

  • Earthquaker Devices Fuzz Shootout - Park Fuzz vs. Fuzz Master General vs. Cloven Hoof


    Find new & used EarthQuaker Devices pedals on Reverb:

    We pit three awesome EarthQuaker Devices Fuzz Pedals against each other to see which one reigns supreme.

    Watch the video for information on each pedal, and to see them in action with a full band.

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  • Fuzz shootout: Dr Scientist, Walrus Audio, Darkglass, Earthquaker Devices, Skreddy & Z.Vex


    Full review in Guitarist issue 387
    Gear demos playlist: Subscribe for more from Guitarist:

    Featured pedals:
    Dr Scientist Frazz Dazzler
    Walrus Audio Jupiter Fuzz
    Darkglass Electronics Duality Fuzz
    Earthquaker Devices Terminal Fuzz
    Skreddy Hybrid Fuzz Drive
    Z.Vex Fuzz Factory

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  • JHS Muffuletta vs Earthquaker Devices Hoof | Fuzz Pedal Comparison


    We’re comparing the very versatile JHS Muffuletta (Russian setting) with EQD’s Hoof which is a Russian Muff inspired fuzz pedal.

    Can you hear a difference, and which one do you prefer?

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  • My Top 5 Favorite Fuzz Pedals


    People sometimes ask what my favorite pedal of all time is, which is impossible to say. So instead Im going to narrow it down to my favorite categories of pedals starting with Fuzz, these are some of my favorite fuzz pedals of all time. These are the pedals I reach for first when going for a fuzz tone on a gig or a session, and I couldn't do without them.

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    Fuzz Pedals Used In Today's Video

    Chase Bliss & Zvex Bliss Factory (non affiliate link)

    Caroline Shigeharu Fuzz (non affiliate link)

    BeeTronics Vezzpa (super secret, don't tell anyone)
    (non affiliate link)

    JHS Cheese Ball (affiliate link)

    Earthquaker Devices Hoof Reaper V2 (affiliate link)



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  • EarthQuaker Devices Hoof Fuzz Pedal


    Hi everybody, today I'm showing off the EarthQuaker Devices Hoof fuzz pedal. It's a combination of silicon and germanium fuzz, so it's got nice articulation and definition as well as a great vintage vibe. Tone, Shift and Fuzz controls give you a wide range of fuzz tones to explore, and the Level control goes past unity gain so you can add some boost to your sound. This is a responsive fuzz pedal that you can dial in a number of ways - thanks for watching!

    -- Don Carr

    Get the EarthQuaker Devices Hoof fuzz pedal here:

  • Park Fuzz Sound


    Buy Now:

    This is the Park Fuzz Sound, a classic Germanium fuzz pedal born of a collaboration between Akron, Ohio's Earthquaker Devices and the recently resurrected Park Amplification company. Park, originally founded by the late, legendary Jim Marshall, was primarily known for its amps, which were slight variations of Marshall circuits, but the company also built a line of pedals, including the Park Fuzz Sound. The Fuzz Sound was originally constructed with unlabeled transistors, making reverse engineering difficult up to this point, but because Earthquaker was able to collaborate so closely with Park Amplification, examining a number of original units, they were able to hand-select and test NOS germanium transistors until the perfect match was found. This has resulted in a new Park Fuzz Sound that is striking in its sonic resemblance to the original, yet updated with a number of features for the modern guitarist, including an expanded gain range, true bypass switching, and industry standard 9-volt, center-negative operation for easy integration into any pedalboard. Like all of Earthquaker's excellent devices, the Park Fuzz Sound is made by hand, one-at-a-time, in Akron, Ohio, USA.

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  • EQD Fuzz Off - Henri Cash | EarthQuaker Devices


    Since the creation of electrified music, players have been trying to mess with their sound in a way that makes them sound different. There are many ways to accomplish this, but one of the earliest gnar inventions was the fuzz pedal. Henri Cash from Starcrawler is about to bring it right into your face. It being fuzz. SO much fuzz. Get advice such as how to use Swiss Things Pedalboard Reconciler to organize fuzz pedals in your signal chain, great settings, and how to truly piss off the front of house engineer. That mischievous smile while screeching his three string squeal thing takes the cake.

    Starcrawler has a new album called Devour You, out now on Rough Trade records. Give it a spin and catch 'em on tour!

    Video: Vice Cooler and Dalton Blanco
    Recorded at 64 Sound with Pierre de Reeder

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  • Earthquaker Devices Terminal Fuzz


    Buy Now:

    This is the Terminal fuzz from Earthquaker Devices. The Terminal is based loosely on the Jax and Companion fuzzes from the 70's but this EQD design moves forward with 3 interactive controls. The Voice allows this fuzz to easily adapt to different pickups and playing styles by changing the upper and lower midrange frequency response. The Treble is a thoughtful control to tame the harsher frequencies brought on my high gain fuzzes and really helps match this massive sounding pedal to your amp. The Fuzz amount can also go from a light gritty drive to heavy sustain matched with an every changing tone quality as your notes slowly decay. Like all Earthquaker Devices, the Terminal Fuzz is handmade one at a time in Akron Ohio and is wired for true bypass.

  • Earthquaker Devices Cloven Hoof Fuzz


    Buy Now:

    This is the new Cloven Hoof from Earthquaker Devices, a furious fuzz box based on Earthquaker's venerable Hoof Fuzz, but with more of everything that made the original Hoof so powerful. For the Cloven Hoof, the crew at Earthquaker worked to extend the bass response for more low-end crunch, then swapped the Hoof's germanium transistors for a quartet of hand-picked silicon transistors, imparting it with four times the gain range of the original. The Cloven Hoof will take you from squeaky clean to full-on fuzzpocalypse, and it has a tremendous amount of output on tap for pummeling the front end of your amp into oblivion. Its tone and shift controls have both been further fine-tuned to allow comprehensive control over the pedal's overall voice and midrange content. The Earthquaker Cloven Hoof can be powered by a standard 9V DC power supply or battery, and as with all of Earthquaker's fine devices, each Cloven Hoof is made by hand in sunny Akron, Ohio.

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  • Hizumitas Fuzz Sustainar Video Manual | EarthQuaker Devices


    Hello EarthQuakers!

    Meet your new favorite fuzz! Also, say hello to EarthQuaker Devices' product manager Cory Juba as he takes us on a deep dive into the new Hizumitas Fuzz Sustainar. The pedal was designed in conjunction with Wata, guitarist of the beloved and influential Japanese heavy experimental trio Boris. Seriously!

    Wata entrusted EQD (and the international postal system) with her favorite fuzz, the Japanese produced ELK BM Sustainar, and our circuit-bending warlocks studied it closely and conjured up this beautiful heavy fuzz beast! Watch in wonder and listen in headbang-inducing awe as Cory walks us through the Hizumitas' highly interactive controls and demonstrates the instrumental versatility of this 3-knob wonderfuzz. Guitars, bass, drums, synths, Oh My! After Cory whets your appetite for more, please head on over to the Hizumitas product page for even more info and some exclusive audio clips featuring some famous Boris riffs played by Wata!

    Shot by Chris Tran
    Edited by David Whited
    Recording and Mixing by Jeff France
    Riff Model: Cory Juba

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  • Earthquaker Devices Erupter Fuzz | Reverb Demo


    The new Erupter from Earthquaker Devices is a Silicone Transistor Fuzz with just one bias knob, but it delivers a host of fuzz tones from spitty to fat.

    Shop Erupter Fuzzes at Reverb:

  • Earthquaker Devices Erupter


    Buy Now:

    Today, we’re blowing the lid off the Erupter Perfect Fuzz, from EarthQuaker Devices. The Erupter was designed as the ultimate classic fuzz, using every last trick in the book to achieve perfection. The idea behind this perfection is that the Erupter had to retain plenty of low end, plays nice with wahs at any point in the signal chain, and screams with any guitar and pickup combination that ever existed. To achieve this, the Erupter features a transformer-based pickup simulator to ensure no tone loss across any guitar in your collection. A buffered input section means the Erupter still earns its name when used with a wah pedal, tearing through any impedance mismatches that classic fuzzes are famous for. At the component level, the Erupter contains a full palette of mojo-filled components, including two specially-matched NOS globe-top transistors, new-stock half-watt carbon composition resistors, Sprague and BC capacitors. The Erupter contains only one knob for Bias, with the fuzz level internally dimed and the Volume pre-set to a universal unity level. The Bias control is center-detented, and is capable of delivering an incredible range of vintage fuzz tones. The lower half of the control dredges up spongy, sludgy misbiased fuzz tones that drenches your tone with blooming attack that gives way to a sputter sag that gates without any weird Velcro-like decay. The right side of the detent shovels loads of harmonics onto the signal for a burly, creamy fuzz that tightens up as you increase the knob, all while retaining the optimal volume and fuzz settings. And just like all EarthQuaker’s Devices, the Erupter is forged one at a time within the subterranean dwarven foundry of Akron, Ohio.

  • FUZZ WAR - 13 fuzz pedals shootout


    FUZZ in this video:
    0:00 ZVEX - Woolly Mammoth

    0:19 ZVEX - Fat Fuzz Factory
    0:37 EQD - Hoof
    0:52 EQD - Spires

    1:16 Spaceman - Nebula

    1:35 SolidGoldFX - Sasori

    2:05 Reuss Effects - Mazzbox

    2:28 TEFI Vintage Lab - Gege

    2:48 TC Electronic - Honey Pot

    3:11 Chase Bliss Audio - Brothers

    3:39 Black Arts Toneworks - Pharaoh

    4:03 Keeley Electronics - Fuzz Head

    4:26 Land Devices - HP-2

    Played by Nenad Patkovic
    Guitar: Gibson LP Standard
    Amp: BOSS Katana Artist

    Cables: BULLET CABLE

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    #PedalEffects #guitar #fuzz

  • EarthQuaker Devices Erupter Fuzz Demo


    Guitar and Bass demo of the tonal vulcano, the Erupter by EarthQuaker Devices.

    “Perfection is achieved, not when there’s nothing more to add, but when there’s nothing left to take away”, and with the Erupter, Jamie Stillman of EarthQuaker Devices has managed to do just that. Distill his unabashed love for fuzz down into a no nonsense one-dial box of doom.

    This NOS Silicon Fuzz just features a single Bias control, which lets you change the voltage fed to the transistors for everything from gated and sputtery fuzz tones to an unapologetic wall of heavy and harmonically rich fuzz-stortion.

    This thing just obliterates everything in its path with its massive but never mushy low-end and present but never piercing high-end, making it perfect for super slow and doomy chord progressions as well as stinging synthy lead lines.

    Also, the one-knob design never leaves you wanting because the pedal is so well-voiced. So if you do feel like doing some slight tone shaping, you just roll back the volume or tone on your instrument. This pedal wants you to rock instead of tweak, and I love it for it.

    Your neighbors will probably wish it had a volume control, but that’s not how we roll here. It’s all or nothing!

    So if full-on classic fuzz tones is your thing, then you gotta check out this fuzz machine!

    Gear used:
    Fender US Telecaster
    Sandberg California TT Bass
    EarthQuaker Devices Erupter Fuzz
    EarthQuaker Devices Levitation Reverb V2
    EarthQuaker Devices Space Spiral Modulated Delay
    EarthQuaker Devices Sea Machine Chorus V2
    EarthQuaker Devices Avalanche Run
    TCE Ditto Looper Gold
    Darkglass Microtubes 900 Bass Amp
    Fender Deluxe Reverb RI 65 recorded with an Aston Origin mic

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  • Earthquaker Devices Hoof Reaper


    Buy Now:

    Today we're checking out a fuzz monster, the Hoof Reaper from Earthquaker Devices. The handmade Hoof Reaper Octave Fuzz is three pedals in one heavy duty enclosure, allowing 7 total combinations on top of a wide range of sounds individually. Starting with the Tone Reaper's germanium/silicon hybrid circuit, famous fuzz tones from the 60's and beyond are possible with its completely usable gain range and fine-tuning tone control. In the middle is an analog octave-up effect with screaming overtones and gnarly synth effects, not to mention the ability to stack seamlessly with either fuzz or your overdriven tone. Finally, the famous Earthquaker Hoof Fuzz takes care of the Muffy side with a thick, singing tone and a versatile tone/midrange section that covers all the eras. Earthquaker Devices handbuilds the Hoof Reaper in Akron Ohio and its top shelf construction and true bypass switches ensure a lifetime of fuzzy enjoyment.

  • Earthquaker Devices Acapulco Gold Fuzz vs Digitech DOD Carcosa Fuzz Shootout


    Earthquaker Devices Acapulco Gold Fuzz vs Digitech DOD Carcosa Fuzz Shootout. The folks at Earthquaker describe the Acapulco Gold as a Sunn Model T amp simulator (whatever that is). But it is just a fuzz with a giant volume knob. I hopefully demonstrate the DOD, whatever it is called, (at some point I will sand off the stupid graphics and just paint the word FUZZ on there or something), can be set to achieve the Acapulco Gold sound, although as the spectrum analyzer shows, the DOD has more bottom end and top end (good things) no matter what setting.

  • EarthQuaker Devices HIZUMITAS Fuzz Sustainar - Music & Demo by A. Barrero


    The Hizumitas was designed for the one and only guitar sorceress, Wata, from the legendary band, Boris! We could not be more excited to have the honor of working with such an iconic legend known for her crushing riffs and mind-melting leads. The Hizumitas is a faithful sonic recreation of her go-to distortion which has been a staple of her tone for many years: the Elk BM Sustainar

    * Video with an original Metal / Pop intro song © * (Inspired by Dires Straits & M.K)

    - 0:00 - Original Intro Song (Metal / Pop)
    - 1:06 - In Depth / Tone Control
    - 2:47 - Sustain Control
    - 3:25 - Volume Control
    - 3:35 - Random
    - 4:20 - Tones with Humbuckers
    - 4:59 - Sustain
    - 5:26 - Random... Again

    - About HIZUMITAS Fuzz Sustainar:

    - Video & Song produced and recorded by Alberto Barrero at Blue Sphere Studio (© 2021)

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    - Drums: Toontrack Superior Drummer 3 (Custom Preset & Loops)
    - Synth: Omnisphere, Kontakt & Avid Falcon
    - Bass: Sire MM V7 USA with MPF - Sound Bass Pre DI
    - Interface: Prism Sound Lyra 2
    - Software: Sonar & Pro Tools 12
    - Cams: Panasonic GH5S & G9 (Leica Lens)

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  • Earthquaker Devices Fuzz Master General


    Buy Now:

    The Earthquaker Fuzz Master General is an update, improved version of the Ace Tone FM-2 Fuzz Master Professional, a vintage fuzz/octave pedal famous for its rowdy personality and tones that ranged from almost-clean to jar-full-of-angry-bees grind. Earthquaker's take on this circuit adds modern functionality to the venerable design, with enhanced output, lower noise, and a variable tone control that lets you dial in anything from scooped sub-sonic grunt, vicious treble sting, or anything in between. A three-way Voice toggle switches from unruly vintage germanium fuzz, to a tight and compressed silicon-based tone, to a diode-less clipping option that can generate nearly clean upper-octave sounds while playing up high on the guitar's neck pickup. Like all of Earthquaker's excellent devices, The Fuzz Master General is handmade in the one-and-only Akron, Ohio, and features industry standard 9V DC power, premium components, and rugged true bypass switching.

  • EarthQuaker Devices Black Ash Endangered Fuzz


    Limited to 1500 units worldwide, The Black Ash is a fuzz/overdrive that takes some cues from the vintage 3-knob Tone Bender. It uses a highly curated cache of rare and irreplaceable components including paper-in-oil capacitors and NOS half-watt carbon composition resistors from Jamie Stillman’s personal stash to light a fire under this classic fuzz/drive with an explosive-yet-detailed treble response, a sturdy midrange, and subterranean bass extension.

    The three controls on the surface of the Black Ash are for Level, Fuzz, and Top. Level sets the output volume with unity gain around 10 o’clock. Fuzz adjusts the amount of gain from cooled-off amp-like breakup at lower levels to scorching fuzz tones when cranked. The control labeled Top works on frequencies between 2kHz and 10kHz to adjust how “forward” the guitar sits in the mix and helps pair the Black Ash with different pickup types.

    At lower Top settings, Black Ash takes on an organic, woody character that blankets the signal in warmth like an ol’ Kentucky hug. As the Top is increased, new harmonics appear, and the Black Ash gives a stiffer response with a sharper attack that can make humbuckers chime and will make single-coils glisten like pearly dewdrops in the morning sun. We find the Top control to be most pronounced when used at lower Level and Fuzz settings with low-to-mid-output pickups and a reasonably clean or edge-of-breakup amplifier.

    Each Black Ash is built one-at-a-time, the hard way, by hand by amateur dendrologists in the arboretum of Akron, Ohio, USA.

    Learn more:

    Guitar: Cory Juba
    Video: Chris Tran
    Audio: Jeff Fej France

    Guitar – PRS Custom 24
    Power supply – Voodoo Labs Pedal Power 2+
    Amp – Park P45 head with 2x12 cabinet
    Mics – Fostex M88RP Ribbon, Shure SM58, Aston Origin Condenser

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  • Earthquaker Devices Hoof Reaper Dual Octave Fuzz | Reverb Demo Video


    Sometimes one fuzz just isn’t enough. With the EarthQuaker Devices Hoof Reaper, you get two of EQD’s gnarliest fuzz pedals in one -- the Hoof and the Tone Reaper -- as well as a special octave circuit all in one. Choose the Hoof for a ‘90s germanium/silicon hybrid Muff sound, click on the Tone Reaper for that classic 3-knob ToneBender fuzz, or hit both circuits for some all-out fuzz madness. And if you want true sonic chaos, click on the octave circuit for a hyper-aggressive roar. The Hoof Reaper is the ultimate for EarthQuaker fans or plain old fuzz-lovers.

    Compare prices on new and used Hoof Reaper pedals at:

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  • Boris + EQD = FILTHY FUZZ — EarthQuaker Devices Hizumitas Demo | First Look


    Boris guitar sorceress Wata gets a ferocious @EarthQuakerDevices signature fuzz that riffs on a rare version of the triangle Big Muff.

    Read the review:

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    #boris #earthquakerdevices #fuzz

  • EarthQuaker Devices Erupter Ultimate Fuzz Tone Demo


    Can we ask you a serious question? When’s the last time you turned up your favorite fuzz pedal to anything but eleven? If there’s one true thing about rock n’ roll, it’s that it sounds best cranked all the way up. But where do we go from here? We go one louder. Enter the Erupter.

    The Erupter is the result of over two years’ worth of tone-chasing, tweaking and experimentation in search of the ultimate classic fuzz tone. That means a big low end, a biting top end (without being too harsh), and just enough output to politely send a tube amp over the top. It delivers a well-rounded and defined fuzz tone with just enough pummeling intensity, so you can rock n’ roll all night and still get to bed at a reasonable hour.

    It’s the perfect fuzz... just sayin’.

    Fender Stratocaster/Custom 50W Plexi Clone - 00:10
    Gibson Les Paul/Custom 50Watt Plexi Clone - 01:07
    Gibson Les Paul/Fender Deluxe Reverb - 02:26
    Fender Stratocaster/Fender Deluxe Reverb 03:48

    Guitar by Joe Golden
    Audio Recorded by Ben Vehorn at Tangerine Sound Studios in Akron, Ohio
    Video by Chris Tran

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  • Earthquaker Devices Tentacle


    Buy Now:

    This is the Tentacle, from Earthquaker Devices. The tentacle is a no-nonsense octave-up fuzz machine for players that desire a crisp, clean analog octave up. The Tentacle was originally released as part of the Hoof Reaper fuzz pedal and slipped in as a bonus circuit. Players soon discovered the virtues of this knobless wonder and so Earthquaker has delivered the goods in a compact design. The relatively low gain pedal uses a DC rectifier circuit to recreate crystal clear analog octave-up goodness when played past the 12th fret, and more importantly with the guitar's neck pickup. Unlike most fuzzes, the Tentacle reacts more to the tone control of the guitar rather than the volume, and players can think of the guitar's tone control an extension of the pedal. When chords are played, the Tentacle trades its octave up character for a ring-modulated maelstrom of tones. Best of all, the Tentacle reacts differently when stacked with any dirt box under the sun, so the pedal is a must-have for experimentalists. And like all Earthquaker devices, the Tentacle uses high quality, low noise parts and is hand-made one at a time in flavor country, Akron Ohio.

  • Hizumitas Fuzz Sustainar Demo | EarthQuaker Devices


    Welcome to the Hizumitas from EarthQuaker Devices brand of guitar stimulators! The Hizumitas was designed for the one and only guitar sorceress, Wata, from the legendary band, Boris! We could not be more excited to have the honor of working with such an iconic legend known for her crushing riffs and mind-melting leads. The Hizumitas is a faithful sonic recreation of her go-to distortion which has been a staple of her tone for many years: the Elk BM Sustainar.

    The Elk Sustainar is a Japanese variant of the more well-known “Triangle” BMP. During development, we used several vintage models of the BMP, as well as a few different versions of the Elk, and quickly realized all of them were wildly different. The only way we were going to truly capture the magic was to get our hands on her original pedal. Wata was kind enough to send her beloved pedal halfway across the world so we could see what made it tick. Right away, we realized it had something special that none of the others had - heavy saturation with a gritty edge and a massive bottom while still maintaining a clear and dynamic tone with enough mids and top end to cut through the sludge. We set out to faithfully recreate all these characteristics in the Hizumitas!

    The Hizumitas has loads of heavy distortion and smooth sustain with an underlying grit to it that sounds like the speakers are on the verge of ripping apart, all while still delivering amazing clarity that you wouldn’t expect from something this aggressive sounding. The Sustain control has a wide range of saturation, even small changes will have a great effect on the overall tone. The Hizumitas has excellent response to different pickup types and playing dynamics. Power chords sound huge and heavy, open chords are dynamic with fantastic note separation, and single-note leads are smooth and powerful, especially when using the neck pickup.

    The Tone control is atypical for this type of distortion and can drastically change the distortion’s character in conjunction with the Sustain setting. Bass frequencies are boosted clockwise while treble frequencies are boosted when turned counterclockwise. The treble side can go from piercing highs to an aggressive mid-range grind. As the Tone is turned clockwise, the mids become less present, highs are tamed, and a massive, thundering low-end comes to the forefront.

    As you might expect, there is plenty of output gain on tap, so be careful. Unity is around 9-10 o’clock and everything above that is set to destroy.

    Sustain - More distortion and sustain clockwise; less counterclockwise.

    Tone - Boost bass frequencies clockwise and boost highs counterclockwise. This control has a massive effect on the character of the Hizumitas.

    Volume - Adjusts the output volume. Unity is around 9-10 o’clock.

    00:12 – Custom Walsh Telecaster, Park 75 amp/Marshall 810 cab, DI: Neural DSP Quad Cortex
    02:30 – Dingwall Combustion Bass, Ampeg SVT350/Ampeg 810 cab, DI: Neural DSP Quad Cortex
    03:52 – Acoustic Drums and Percussion
    04:30 – Moog Matriarch Synth
    05:20 – Spectrasonics Omnisphere Synth
    06:18 – Modular Drums: Spitfire Audio Orchestral Libraries

    Each and every Hizumitas is all-analog, true bypass, and built one-at-a-time by certified technicians from the Technical Institute of Tone Betterment in sweltering Akron, Ohio and has a lifetime warranty.

    Pre-order Hizumitas from your favorite EarthQuaker Devices Dealer, with a worldwide release date of November 19th.

    Visit our site for sound samples and more:

    Shot and Edited by Chris Tran
    Engineered and mixed by Jeff France
    Performance by Cory Juba

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  • Earthquaker Devices Hizumitas Fuzz Sustainar - Pedal Empire


    Welcome to the Pedal Empire YouTube Channel! The new Earthquaker Devices Hizumitas is one BEAST of a fuzz pedal! In collaboration with Wata from the Japanese Instrumental Band 'Boris', Earthquaker have designed this pedal with Wata's huge fuzz sounds in mind and there is a great amount of variation when using the tone knob and sustain knob! There's also a huge amount of volume boost on tap!
    Check out the Earthquaker Devices Hizumitas Here

    If you want to know what gear we are using::
    Amp - Suhr Hombre
    Cables - Best-Tronics Cables
    Guitar - Nystrum Cathederal

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  • 7 Top Fuzz Pedal Shootout part#1: EQD, Old Blood, EHX, Caroline, Zvex, DBA, Frana


    One simple riff and 7 pedals:

    1. EQD Hoof

    2. Old Blood Noise Haunt

    3. Frana FX WhiteWave

    4. DBA Fuzz War

    5. Big Muff Pi v.4 opamp (vintage 1979)

    6. ZVEX Fuzz Factory

    7. Caroline Olympia

    ** First Part **
    Gain level up to the max

    ** Second Part **
    Gain level reduced to half or less


    GIBSON SG SPECIAL 1969, converted with PAF HUMBUCKERS
    VOX AC30
    SHURE 57

  • EarthQuaker Devices Retrospective Ep.1 - Hoof Hybrid Fuzz


    “It’s the pedal I really learned how to build pedals on,” says Jamie Stillman.

    It had to start somewhere. For the Hoof fuzz, it began with grainy cell-phone video of a Black Keys gig in Boston on November 11, 2006. Patrick Carney pummels his kit into submission; his loose-yet-tight playing swings like an empty barn door blowing in the dusty breeze after a stampede, squeaky hinges keeping dotted eighth-note time. Even though it’s being pummeled by early 00s video compression, it’s clear listening to this performance today that Dan Auerbach’s fuzz tone stomps like no other. People often ask why The Black Keys didn’t have a bass player back then, and the answer is simple: Dan’s guitar sound is so huge that there isn’t any room. The rest, as they say, is history.

    On Dan’s pedalboard that gig was a fuzz pedal built by his then-tour manager and sometimes-tech, Jamie Stillman, called the Hoof fuzz. Uninspired by his own compressed and saturated sounding Russian Big Muff, (vintage Russian units are known for variances in tone) Stillman set out to design his own fuzz circuit to replicate the unique dirty-but-defined raunchiness of Auerbach’s unit.

    Using a hybrid silicon/germanium design and hand-matched transistors, Stillman cracked the code on crushing fuzz sounds that preserves low-end (even on bass!) and retains clarity even when cranked. The result, which he dubbed the Hoof fuzz, caught on with the online guitar community, and his one-man bedroom operation quickly grew to a team of nine basement-dwelling circuit builders, screenprinters, enclosure drillers, wirers, assemblers, and so on. Two workshops and about fifty employees later, a lot has changed at EQD (we have 401ks and free yoga classes now), but the Hoof’s construction, and more importantly, the tone remains the same.

    Videographer / Editor: Chris Tran

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  • Behold The Hizumitas Fuzz Sustainar! A collaboration with WATA of BORIS and EarthQuaker Devices


    The Hizumitas was designed for the one and only Wata, from the legendary band, Boris! We could not be more excited to have the honor of working with such an iconic legend known for her crushing riffs and mind-melting leads. The Hizumitas is a faithful sonic recreation of her go-to distortion which has been a staple of her tone for many years: the Elk BM Sustainar.

    Pre-order the standard edition Hizumitas from your favorite EarthQuaker Devices Dealer, with a worldwide release date of November 19th.

    Watch the demo!
    Learn more here:

    Cinematographer: Kazumichi Okita
    Lighting: K.Oda
    System: Yoshinori Morita
    Assistant: TAMO
    Costume: pays des fees
    Recording: Fangsanalsatan at Sound Square & Studio Familia 2021
    Mix & Mastering: Soichiro Nakamura at Peace Music 2021

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  • EarthQuaker Devices Erupter Fuzz | CME Gear Demo | Shelby Pollard


    Shelby blows the top off of our brand-new EarthQuaker Devices Erupter Pedal—one knob for unlimited fuzz possibilities. Whether you're looking for gated fuzz or all-out experimental distortion, this baby does it all with the help of a simple bias control.

    Shop Pedals & Effects at

    Gear Used:
    Gibson Firebird Cherry 1982
    Fender Twin Reverb RI
    EarthQuaker Erupter Pedal
    Shure Beta 57A
    Aston Microphones Spirit Multi-Pattern Condenser Microphone
    Earthworks SR25 Cardioid Small Diaphragm Condenser High Definition Microphone

    Elephant - Tame Impala
    Bang a Gong (Get it On) - T.Rex
    Stranglehold - Ted Nugent

    Shelby plays in a band called Minor Characters :

    Check out our Giveaways page to win gear! -

  • Who Is Earthquaker Devices?


    Today we are taking a dive into our filming archives and showing an interview with Jamie Stillman from Earthquaker Devices that was filmed during NAMM 2019. EQD and the Stillmans are some of the best people in the pedal industry and I'm excited to get to share our talk finally! In the comments tell me what your favorite Earthquaker Devices pedal is! Make sure to check out Relaxer!

    Check out the gear in this and past episodes here:

    Jamie's guitar is an Iconic JM Elegante:
    Josh's guitar is a Bilt Relevator:

    Josh's t-shirt can be purchased on our website:

    Gear in this video:
    5:35 Earthquaker Devices Dispatch Master

    12:09 Earthquaker Devices Erupter

    16:28 Earthquaker Devices Arpanoid

    17:35 Earthquaker Devices Disaster Transport SR

    17:35 Earthquaker Devices Bit Commander

    Record Time:
    Relaxer -

    #jhs #thejhsshow #eartquakerdevices

  • EarthQuaker Devices Spires Fuzz Doubler Demo


    The Spires was born from my need to have my big old Rosac Nu Fuzz and our now discontinued Dream Crusher on my pedalboard without taking up all the space. The green channel features a cranked fuzz inspired by the Rosac Electronic Nu-Fuzz, which, for all the unacquainted fuzz seekers, was released in 1968- decades prior to the dreaded “nü” prefix ever being uttered. The original schematic for Rosac Nu Fuzz is somewhat of a mystery so I used my original to make a “sonic copy” that is pretty much dead on. It is full-on fuzz all the time and uses crude wide range tone control to change the character from big and warm to sizzling and blown out. The original was slightly below unity at max so I gave this one plenty of output volume while retaining the original tone. The Red channel is a silicon version of the now discontinued Dream Crusher. There's no need to mourn the loss anymore. Dreams will still be crushed with walls of classic two transistor fuzz, only this time the crushing will be much more stable and less temperature sensitive. It features a very usable, dynamic Fuzz control and tons of output volume, just like the original. Each Spires is hand made one at a time by a white gloved team of professional experts in the dirty, dusty canyon of Akron, Ohio.

    Video & animation: Jeff France
    Audio Recording: Ben Vehorn at Tangerine Sound
    Player: Joe Golden
    Guitar: Fender Maverick
    Amp: Fender Bassman

    Ship Date: February 2016
    MAP: $195.00 USD
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  • Earthquaker Devices - Fuzz Pedal Shootout


    Drew from Cranbourne Music compares 3 fuzz pedals from Earthquaker Devices, the Hoof, The Terminal and the Dream Crusher.

    Available online today:
    The Dream Crusher:
    The Hoof:
    The Terminal:

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  • Earthquaker Devices Hoof Fuzz | Reverb Demo Video


    The Hoof Fuzz from Earthquaker Devices is a hybrid Silicon-Germanium fuzz pedal capable of channeling a massive range of classic and modern fuzz tones. While inspired in part by the mythic Green Russian Big Muff, the Hoof delivers a notably organic style of fuzz with a specialized Shift control to alter the frequency response and combat bass muddiness. With fuzz tone this natural, it's easy to understand why the Hoof remains one of the most popular of all the many Earthquaker Devices.

    Compare prices on new and used Earthquaker Devices pedals at

  • Earthquaker Devices Spires Double Fuzz


    Buy Now:

    Welcome to ProGuitarShop and, you've just sat atop the Spires, from EarthQuaker Devices. Born out of a love for fuzz, the Spires combines two classic fuzz tones in one, with each given a sprinkle of EarthQuaker’s fairy dust. The Green channel is a revamped Rosac Nu Fuzz, which is a vintage-style fuzz in every sense of the term, from its primitive wide range tone control to its staccato fuzz blasts. The original lacked in the output volume department, a problem that’s been remedied within the Spires. The Red side of the Spires is a revision to EarthQuaker’s now-discontinued Dream Crusher, an exquisite take on the classic Fuzz Face circuit, now reborn from silicon parts, removing any temperature-related hiccups of the original. The Spires is set up with one footswitch acting as a master bypass, while the other toggles between channels for ultra-precise switching between textures. Like all EarthQuaker’s devices, the Spires is use the finest components and is hand-built atop the tallest cathedral in Akron Ohio.

  • Earthquaker Devices Fuzz Pedal Shootout at NAMM 2015


    Live from NAMM 2015, Steve from Earthquaker Devices shows off three new Fuzz boxes. The Cloven Hoff, the Fuzzmaster General, and the Park Fuzz. Hear the pedals here and find out which won out.

    Find Earthquaker Devices pedals on Reverb

  • Earthquaker Hoof Fuzz


    Buy Now:

    Meet the Earthquaker Hoof Fuzz, a germanium / silicon hybrid fuzz pedal that's reminiscent of the old green

    russian big muff of yesteryear, but with a tighter response and more defined personality. Copious gain and volume is

    available from the Earthquaker Hoof Fuzz to generate the smooth, endless sustain associated with big muff style pedals, but there are also many fine lower gain overdrive tones lurking within this filthy animal. This newest version features a Shift knob that alters the frequency response of the Tone control, allowing you to aggressively cut or boost the midrange for an even wider palette of dirty sounds, from warm, gritty drive to scooped out chug. The Earthquaker Hoof Fuzz is made by hand by Earthquaker Devices in Akron, Ohio, USA out of amazing components, and it features weapons-grade True Bypass switching.

  • Earthquaker Devices Spires Double Fuzz


    The Earthquaker Devices Spires Is a 2 channel Fuzz box with 2 distinct voices and plenty of ripping fuzz. The green channel is Earthquaker's take on the Rosac Electronic Nu-Fuzz and has a Full on Fuzz sound with controls for volume and tone. The red channel is Earthquaker's discontinued Dream Crusher but it is now a more stable Silicon version. The red channel has controls for volume and fuzz. The entire range of the fuzz dial is extremely usable. If you want two distinct fuzz tones on your board while saving space, the Spires from Earthquaker Devices is the ticket!

  • Park Fuzz Sound fuzz pedal demo - by RJ Ronquillo


    EarthQuaker Devices Park Fuzz Sound Effects Pedal -

    Guitar: RnR Relics Thunders Custom
    Amp: Suhr PT100
    ???? Instagram -
    ???? Facebook -
    ???? Blog -

    Please watch: Rock 'N Roll Relics JET SINGLE | Guitar Demo by RJ Ronquillo | 2017


  • Loud, Thick, Fuzzy | EarthQuaker Devices Black Ash Endangered Fuzz Demo & Review | Stompbox Saturday


    Riffs Galore! | EarthQuaker Devices Black Ash Endangered Fuzz Demo & Review | Stompbox Saturday
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    What's going on everybody?!? SeanPierceJohnson here and welcome to this week's episode of Stompbox Saturday!
    This week on the show I have the pleasure of showing you guys a pedal I have long had my eye on: the Black Ash Endangered Fuzz by EarthQuaker Devices! First off we should thank Darren Judd for letting me borrow his Black Ash fuzz for this video.

    The Black Ash is an endangered fuzz because its 1) a limited edition pedal 2) made with rare parts and 3) is currently being sold by some people for as much as $600!!!
    So is it all worth it? Does it capture a lot of the best qualities of a Tone Bender? Let's find out!

    #StompboxSaturday #pedaldemos #guitar
    - - - - -
    Hey everyone! My name is Sean Pierce Johnson and I'm the guitarist for the band Cockeyed Optimist. I love demoing effects pedals and all things related to making music.


    Instagram - @seanpierceceo


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  • EarthQuaker Devices Hoof Fuzz review


    This is a review of the EarthQuaker Hoof Fuzz. A hybrid silicon/germanium fuzz based on the early 90s green Sovtek Big Muff. I'm using a Fender CIJ 65 with a Seymour Duncan SSL5 bridge pickup into a Laney Cub12. See the full review on Gilmourish.Com.

  • Hoof V2 vs Cloven Hoof V2 Earthquaker Devices Fuzz Shoot Out On Bass


    Bass Used: Ibanez SRSC806 in passive with flat wound string
    Recorded with Logic Pro X with no altering.

    *** I accidentally labeled the Shift knob controls backwards. Turning the Shift knob to the RIGHT, it SCOOPS the Mids, Turning the Shift knob to the LEFT, it BOOSTS the Mids. ***

    Cloven Hoof V2 vs Hoof V2 by EarthQuaker Devices

    ** 6 Must Have Bass Pedals! - **
    ** 3 Must Have ULTIMATE Pedals In Stereo - **
    **Need to know what compressor is best for you? Check this vid out - **

    My thoughts are that the Cloven Hoof is more suitable in my opinion. You are able to get more even though they both have the same functions. The volume has more range and I could bring in more fuzz and volume without seeing red on my audio interface and clipping. Also, Theres a smoother, more cleaner dirt pedal experience if that makes any sense. Both great pedals but if I can bring in more fuzz to my recordings then thats a win in my book.

    Get there here:

    --- Hoof V2 ---

    EarthQuaker Devices:

    --- Cloven Hoof V2 ---


  • EarthQuaker Devices Erupter Fuzz Pedal Review


    Don Carr presents the EarthQuaker Devices Erupter fuzz pedal. The all-analog EarthQuaker Devices Erupter could be the ultimate classic fuzz. Yet surprising enough, this pedal is no clone. It's the result of more than two years of tone chasing. This pedal succeeds in bringing iconic, classic fuzz tone to today's instruments — single coils to humbuckers — and to any position on a pedalboard. The Erupter's low end is defined, its top end is smooth, and its output is just right for sending an overdriven tube amp over the edge.

    Buy the EarthQuaker Devices Erupter pedal here:

  • Review Demo - EarthQuaker Devices Terminal Fuzz


    Read the review:

    EarthQuaker Devices fears no micro niche nor pedal cult. How else to explain the Terminal, a fuzz that refines the glorious-sounding and dunderheaded Shin-Ei FY-2 Companion. Like the FY-2, the Terminal isn’t crazily versatile. It’s bossy, bassy, compressed, and squishy—a veritable nightmare for the shred set. But one man’s dynamics-squashing anachronism is another’s Excalibur: If you love Neanderthal fuzz, the Terminal is pure brilliance.

    The original FY-2 was limited in that it was missing high mids and top end, which rendered it all but inaudible in loud bands. The Terminal addresses these liabilities with more expansive gain (fuzz), midrange (“voice”), and treble controls. They make the Terminal a viable stage pedal instead of a practice-space wallflower. If you’re a fan of anything from lysergic garage buzz to Neil Young’s fractured, exploding-Deluxe tones, you’ll find a texture—or 20—to love here.

    To finish reading the review, visit:

  • Earthquaker Devices Hoof Fuzz


    Awesome Big Muff style fuzz

  • Hoof Fuzz - Jamie Stillman | EarthQuaker Devices


    Jamie Stillman lets 'er rip on arguably his greatest pedal creation to date: the mighty Hoof Hybrid silicon / germanium fuzz. Learn more:

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  • The Best Bass Fuzz Ever? | Tone Zone


    How does a Eruper sounds for Bass? That is what we are going to find out today! Please let us know what you think about it in the comments below!

    More on the Erupter:
    More on Earthquaker Pedals:

  • Park Fuzz Sound - Mike Hermans


    Buy Now:

    Earthquaker Devices and Park Amplification have come together to bring you the re-incarnation of the Park Fuzz Sound. This 3 Germanium Fuzz captures an amazing Vintage Fuzz tone that brings you back to the 60's. You get all the amazing tones of the original Park Fuzz with extended Gain and tone controls. You also get Metal Film Capacitors, LED, a smaller footprint and a standard center negative 9V DC.

  • EarthQuaker Devices Fuzz Master General Octave Fuzz Pedal Review by Sweetwater


    Hey fuzz fans, check out the Fuzz Master General pedal from EarthQuaker Devices! This compact pedal serves up three distinct voicings that cover all types of classic fuzz tones. Choose between germanium diodes for an open and loose sound, silicon diodes for a tighter and more compressed tone, or no diodes for an almost clean octave-up sound. The octave effect doubles your sound an octave up and really shines when you play above the 12th fret.

    Thanks for watching - click the link below for even more info on the EarthQuaker Devices Fuzz Master General!

    -- Don Carr

    Get the EarthQuaker Devices Fuzz Master General here:

  • Park Fuzz Sound Germanium Fuzz


    Park Fuzz Sound Germanium Fuzz. Video & animation by Jeff France, guitar by Cory Juba. Gear used: Walsh Telecaster, Park Fuzz, Fender Bassman Ten, Voodoo Labs ISO 5, Lava Cable.

    MAP: $175.00
    Release Date: February 2015

    EarthQuaker Devices and the newly resurrected Park Amplifiers have joined forces to deliver a reissue of the vintage Park Fuzz Sound! The Park Fuzz Sound is a germanium fuzz from the Tone Bender family that produces a brighter, almost distortion-like tone compared to its Fuzz Face counterpart. The new Park Fuzz Sound remains faithful to the original in topology and tone but adds some additional functionality for the modern player. We increased the fuzz range, lowered the noise floor, hand match all the transistors for optimal performance, internally regulated the power and added a DC power jack to allow for use on all modern 9v power supplies, added an LED, crammed it all into a smaller enclosure and made it readily available for a small fraction of the cost of the nearly impossible to obtain original!

    or for more info.

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  • Earthquaker Devices HOOF Fuzz guitar effects pedal demo with Humbuckers


    is where ya get it... is where ya learn about em'! THis may be my favorite fuzz at this point...does everything I personally need a fuzz to do. Just freakin' awesome!



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