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Playlist of Eagle (Synth Music)

  • Mark III No11 - Eagle


    Mark III No11 - Eagle (Synth Music)
    Composed by Eagle Synth Music aka Arend Westra
    All instruments/mixing /mastering by Arend Westra
    Soon available on Bandcamp in much better audio Quality
    All my music is available on Bandcamp:

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  • Endless Summer Night - Eagle


    Endless Summer Night - Eagle(Synth Music)
    Composition: Arend Westra.
    All Instruments: Arend Westra
    Track available on Bandcamp:

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  • Bright Future - Eagle Berlin School


    Bright Future. Berlin School (excerpt)
    Part of future Eagle album.
    You can find me here.

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  • My love for you is Forever - Eagle


    Composed by Arend Westra.
    All instruments by Arend Westra.
    Style : Chillout, Ambient, Synthesizer music, Relax, Downtempo.

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  • Space Dreams - Eagle


    Track: Space Dreams
    Style: Space/Synthesizer/Experimental/Downtempo/Electronica/ambient/Berlin School
    Running time: 5:00 min.

    Composed by: Arend Westra.
    All Instruments: Arend Westra.

    Instruments used: different Synthesizers

    Produced with:
    Music Maker MX

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    Greetzz from MultiEagle7777

  • Escape | Best of Synthwave And Retro Electro Music Mix


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    [04:06] Envo - Neon Dreams
    ➟ Bandcamp:
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    [08:13] Sunset Protocol - Revolt
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    [11:49] Mega Corp - Undefeated
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    [16:29] Castroe - The Call

    [21:14] Thomahawk - Industrial Aftermath
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    [27:14] Lazer Eagle - 3 AM
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    ➟ YT: 

    [31:52] PR1SM - Speeding Down The Galaxy
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    [35:35] Ferus Melek - Superstealth Rebellion
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    [39:08] Faster Corp - Drako Dancers

    [43:13] Big Game Hunter - Untamed

    [46:36] ATOM FORCE - The Final Flight
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    [49:59] Dimi Kaye - Cornered feat. Theofilos Avramidis

    [53:18] SHIKIMO - Fugitive
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    ➟ Twitch:
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    [57:01] Synth Flood - Cyberpunk Gadgets

    Thanks to MrVirusification for creating timestamps.

    ▼ Artwork:
    Burak Yörür

    Note for the new Artists:

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  • Eagle - Return of the WOW signal !


    Eagle (Synth Music) - Return of the WOW signal
    Style: Cosmic/Soundtrack/Ambient/Electronic Music
    Track/composition by Arend Westra

    Electronic - ambient soundtrack music. Super relaxed music.

    Complete album available on Bandcamp :
    Eagle is a member of EM Force, a collective of musicians making quality electronic music!

  • The Dark Side of the Sun - Eagle


    The Dark Side of the Sun - Eagle(Synth Music)
    retro 70's vibe Tangerine Dream style.
    Composed and performed by Arend Westra

  • Steppenwind - Eagle


    Steppenwind - Eagle
    Soundtrack in the spirit of Kitaro
    Composition : Arend Westra
    All instruments : Arend Westra
    All my music is available on Bandcamp:

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  • Gift of life - Eagle


    Gift of Life - Eagle(Synth Music)
    Composition - Arend Westra
    Some very very relaxing music.

  • Dream Voyager - Eagle


    Berlin School Soundtrack TD style
    By Eagle(Synth Music)aka Arend Westra

  • Eagle - Out of the Blue


    Out of the Blue.
    Classic Synthesizer Music by Eagle (Synth. Music)
    Composed by Arend Westra
    All Synthesizers by Arend Westra.
    Production, recording,mixing, mastering: Arend Westra
    Track from my The Lost Kosmonaut album that was released on januari 2018
    Complete album available on Bandcamp:

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  • Walk on Water - Eagle


    Jesus walks on Water - Arend Westra

    This is also an Vangelis Tribute. My first and all time Electronic Music Hero.
    Style: Space/Synthesizer/Experimental/Downtempo­/Electronica/ambient
    Running time: 3:25 min.

    Composed by: Arend Westra.
    All Instruments: Arend Westra.

    Instruments used: different Synthesizers

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  • Starry Starry Night - Ambient Music by Eagle


    Ambient and title track of my latest album.
    Composed by Arend Westra.
    All instruments by Arend Westra
    Recorded in MultiEagle Studio, realtime in one take.

  • Save our Souls - Eagle


    Save our Souls - Eagle (Synth. Music)
    Promo VideoClip for the Starry Starry Night Album
    Release date : Saturday May 7th 2016
    7 tracks 44 minutes Classic Electronic/ Synthesizer Music.
    Album available on bandcamp here :

  • The Beautiful gate - Eagle


    The Beautiful Gate - Eagle (Synth. Music)
    Composition: Arend westra.
    all instruments: Arend westra.
    Style: Classic Electronic Music, ambient,

  • Mount Kailash - Eagle


    Mount Kailash - Eagle (Synth Music)
    Composed by Eagle Synth Music aka Arend Westra
    All instruments/mixing /mastering by Arend Westra
    Complete album available on Bandcamp:

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  • Destination Earth - Eagle Spectacular ISS timelapse footage


    Track : Destenation Earth.
    Style: Space/Synthesizer/Experimental/Downtempo­/Electronica/ambient/Berlin School
    Running time: 6:00 min.

    Composed by: Arend Westra.
    All Instruments: Arend Westra.

    Instruments used: different softwareSynthesizers

    If you enjoyed watching, please subscribe and LIKE this video. Greetzz from MultiEagle7777

    Images courtesy of ESA and NASA.
    Time lapse sequences of photographs taken by the crew of expeditions
    28 & 29 onboard the International Space Station from August to October,

    ALL editing by Michael König | (I just changed the song...otherwise, the work has been created by Michael König using NASA's images)

  • Obsession - Eagle


    Track: Obsession.
    Style: Space/Synthesizer/Experimental­/Electronica/ambient
    Running time: 4:37min.

    Composed by: Arend Westra.
    All Instruments: Arend Westra.

    videoclip material is not mine so may not be used for comercial purposes.
    For questions visit my facebook page.

  • Wormwood Descending - Eagle


    Track: Wormwood Descending (6:57)
    Style: Berlin School, Electronic Music, Synthesizer
    All instruments : Arend westra
    Mix/Master : Arend Westra.
    Recorded at MultiEagle Studio.
    Complete Album available here :

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  • Eagle - Under The Milky Way Tonight


    Eagle (Synth Music) - Under The Milky Way Tonight
    Style: Neu Berlin School
    Composed by Eagle Synth Music aka Arend Westra
    All instruments/mixing /mastering by Arend Westra
    Soon available on Bandcamp in much better audio Quality
    Credits for Video : 1080p Galaxy Loop by Animoplex
    Available here :
    Free Download:

  • The Forgotten - Eagle


    The Forgotten - Eagle(Synth Music)
    Composition : Arend Westra
    All instruments: Arend Westra
    Production, recording,mixing, mastering: Arend Westra
    Dedicated to all victims of the Chernobyl disaster.
    Track from my The Lost Kosmonaut album that was released on januari 2018
    Complete album available on Bandcamp:

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  • Eagle synth


  • Skyfire - Eagle


    Track: Skyfire (reworked version)

    Running time: 4:18 min.

    Composed by: Arend Westra.
    All Instruments: Arend Westra.

    Instruments used: Moog synths and others.

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  • The Physics of Stargates - Eagle


    Voyage Through the Wormhole.
    Composition: Arend Westra
    All Synths and Electronica : Arend Westra.
    Recorded In MultiEagle Studio November 2017
    Complete album available on Bandcamp:

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  • Springtime - Eagle


    Track: Springtime
    Style: Synthesizer/Experimental//Electronica/ Italo Disco
    Running time: 3:30 min.

    Composed by: Arend Westra.
    All Instruments: Arend Westra.

    Instruments used: different Synthesizers and a lot of MOOG

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    Greetzz from MultiEagle7777

  • Fly Like An Eagle


    Provided to YouTube by Universal Music Group

    Fly Like An Eagle (Alternate Version) · Steve Miller Band

    Fly Like An Eagle

    ℗ A Capitol Records Release; ℗ 2019 Sailor Records, under exclusive license to Capitol Records, LLC

    Released on: 2019-10-04

    Producer, Associated Performer, Vocals, Guitar: Steve Miller
    Associated Performer, Bass: Gerald Johnson
    Associated Performer, Drums: John King
    Composer Lyricist: Steven Haworth Miller

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • 09 Baker Brothers - Fly Like an Eagle feat. Matt McNaughton Freestyle Records


    Official stream from Freestyle Records. Distributed by Kudos Records.
    Also on iTunes:
    More music playlists:

    Album: Avid Sounds [ALBUM]
    Track: 9 of 11
    Title: Fly Like an Eagle
    Artist: Baker Brothers feat. Matt McNaughton
    Label: Freestyle Records
    Cat#: FSRCD064
    Formats: CD
    Digital Release: 14th September 2009
    Physical Release: 14th September 2009

    About This Release:

    What do The Blackbyrds, Gil Scot Heron, Sly & The Family Stone and even The Steve Miller Band have in common?

    On 'Avid Sounds' the brand new Baker Brothers album, these legendary acts get lots of love as Dan and Rich Baker and Chris Pedley lovingly revisit their favourite soul and jazz funk anthems and update them with the Baker Brothers twist and recruit a famous name or two to assist!

    The album opens on a high light with Vanessa Freemans' faultless vocals taking the spotlight on Family Tree, we are soon shot into orbit as the band stamp their own identity on the wonderful disco-jazz delight that is Manzels' Space Funk.

    Scottish soul-funksters The Average White Band were one of the first UK based acts to break through internationally and lead the way for European bands in love with black American music and so it is a great honour and fitting tribute to their groundbreaking career to have Hamish Stuarts vocals grace The Baker Brothers version of Sly Stones' 'If You Want Me To Stay'.

    Steve Millers soulful psych rock anthem 'Fly Like An Eagle' is next up for a punchy Baker Brothers reworking, synthesizer and organ throb gleefully together as hornsman Matt McNaughton rests his brass and gives his tonsils a workout.

    Talc (Wah Wah 45) guest on Street Player, the original of course being a Chicago classic and this version is just as lively with blaring horns and thumping drums providing this tracks unrelenting drive.

    Avid Sounds is 11 stylish reworkings of The Baker Brothers favourite influences, from soul to funk to rock, all these tracks shine again in 2009!

    Reviews for This Release:

    This album of covers is getting considerable props, try the versions of Banbarra's 'Shack Up', Manzel's Space Funk', 'Rock creek Park' and the vocal 'Family Tree' featuring Vanessa Freeman. - Soul Brother Records

    'They bring their own 2009 interpretation to the forefront on the retro championing Freestyle label' - Fitzroy (Soul Survivors magazine)

    The album includes b-boy classics to disco rockers and is sure to blow the roof off any sweaty funk den - DJ Jouls (Paris DJs)

    A record that really has them getting past the gritty funk of earlier records, and hitting a fuller groove that's totally great! - Dusty Groove America

    Excellent cover versions with some very strong guest artists. A great album. - DJ Russ Jones (Open Air FM)

    'I enjoyed that immensely!' - Mark Lamarr (BBC Badio 2)

    These guys bring a new intensity to the deep funk scene! - Savvas Hantzaridis (SPRAWL ZONE RADIO SHOW)

  • The Eagles Journey


    Artist: Iván Ferrús
    Genre: Post / Epic / Instrumental / Atmospheric

    Buy Album:

    Official Page:

    Google Play:

  • Deckards Dream - Eagle


    Deckard's Dream - Eagle (Synt. Music)
    This Soundtrack is inspired by the Blade Runner movie.
    Composition : Arend Westra.
    All Instruments : Arend Westra.
    Complete album available on Bandcamp:

  • Fly Like An Eagle - COVER TUNE!


    This is me singing and playing a Steve Miller Band song, Fly Like An Eagle. Read on if you want to know what I used, did, etc.

    I did everything on this.


    Reaper (multitrack)
    Omnisphere (synth)
    Trilogy (bass plugin)
    EZ Drummer (drum plugin)
    I used (obviously) auto-tune on the chorus and some manual pitch correction in Reaper to fix my pitches that were off mostly due to singing with headphones on as I never do that and it's very hard to do when you are used to talking/singing w/o them.

    Ye ole brown geetar with a funky Guitar Rig 4 setting I came up with.

    And of course, I'm just lip-syncing in this vid. it's all pre-recorded.

    Daz about it. Thanks for watching!

  • The last Page of the Book - Eagle Excerpt


    The last Page of the Book - Eagle(Synth Music) Excerpt
    Berlin School track from my last album The lost Kosmonaut
    Album contains 11 tracks Synthesizer music in very diverse styles.
    Available on Bandcamp:

  • Tangerine Dream - White Eagle


    Finally got around to doing another Tangerine Dream cover, and another favourite of mine.

    Much the same as before. Analog Four running two sequences panned hard left and right, plus bass duties. RYTM on the percussion. Studio One Pro taking care of the rest.


    Downloadable WAV:

  • Summer Dream - Eagle


    Style : Chill-Out
    Composed by Arend Westra.
    All instruments by Arend Westra.
    Please like and suscribe. Thanks.
    If you are interested in my music, contact me via my FB page.

    complete album available on Bandcamp

  • Misunderstood - Eagle


    Misunderstood - Eagle(Synth. Music)
    Composition - Arend Westra
    All Instruments - Arend Westra
    Mix/Master/recording - Arend Westra

  • The Lost Kosmonaut - Eagle


    The Lost Kosmonaut - Eagle(Synth Music)
    Composed by : Arend Westra.
    All Instruments: Arend Westra.

    Eagle(Synth. Music) available on Bandcamp.

    Fridaynight Jam session .Maybe a recording of the first woman in space ??? This track made by me is about a supposed recording of a Soviet space flight in 1961., a Russian woman can be heard complaining about the increasing temperature inside the craft before it is destroyed attempting re-entry.
    It was recorded by Achille and Giovanni. Theywere two amateur radio operators that had become famous for their ability to record transmissions from space. During the late 1950’s, they had setup an experimental listening station just outside Turin. After years of listening and recording space transmissions, they had honed their skills while building up the largest private collection of recordings from spaceflights. Maybe this recording was of the first woman in Space.

  • Beware of the Owl - Eagle.


    Track: Beware of the Owl

    Running time: 3:30 min.

    Composed by: Arend Westra.
    All Instruments: Arend Westra.

    Instruments used: Moog synths.

    Deze track is geinspireerd door de Oehoe van Nationaal Park Lauwersmeer.
    This track has been inspired by the Oehoe of National Park Lauwersmeer.

    Also look at this clip. LOL

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  • Mega Man X - Storm Eagle


    I'm back!
    Storm Eagle was one of the most requested songs when I released my Boomer Kuwanger NCL remix, hopefully the next ones won't take this long, sorry about that.


    I had a lot of much fun working on this and I'm super happy with the tiny additions and effects I put in. I was scared the rhythm guitar would deviate too much from the original but I think it's doing alright.

    Artists credited in each pic, all of them taken from pixiv and DeviantArt.

    BTW thanks to everyone who came to the stream while I was working on this!
    Had a lot of fun chatting with all of you ♥

    Check out my Boomer Kuwanger remix in the same style:

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    ★ Twitch:
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    Artists featured in this video (in order):
    ♡ Redblaze4080
    ♡ シャーペン
    ♡ ナポ
    ♡ jesonite
    ♡ Egoraptor
    ♡ Nurin Sakura
    ♡ innovator123
    ♡ 白新
    ♡ 99 (Pixiv artist)
    ♡ Cappunyan
    ♡ DOUshabao
    ♡ Daniel-Velez (Artbook:
    ♡ MyeonJung
    ♡ BrendanCorris
    ♡ のりしお
    ♡ 牙刀早川
    ♡ 幸坊

  • Cyberpunk 2077 Radio - Vaporwave / Synthwave / Dark Synth / Retro Mix


    Wake the Fu*k up Samurai, we have a city to BURN

    WARNING: This video may potentially trigger seizures for people with photosensitive epilepsy. Viewer discretion is advised.

    Tracklist -
    0:00 - Mike OST - Glitch
    3:21 - Cyberkinetic
    8:56 - Thriller (Fury Weekend Remix)
    13:52 - Galactic Swing
    17:52 - Index Code - Canyon Drive
    21:49 - Lana Del Rey - Born To Die (Maximum Love Remix)
    25:14 - Deathracer
    29:10 - Parallel Memories
    33:42 - Hello, Colossus
    38:55 - Deus Ex Mankind Divided - Ending Credits Theme By Misha Mansoor
    42:35 - Voyager
    48:43 - Hotel Pools & Eagle Eyed Tiger - Cruise
    51:56 - Astrid (feat. Street Cleaner)
    56:48 - Stranger Think
    1:00:56 - Donbor - Forget
    1:05:01 - Drifter
    Visuals by VisualDon -

    SoundCloud Playlist by Frostbite115 -

    Thanks to Frostbite115 for helping me out -

    Check out the Cyberpunk 2077 game

    ► Send Your Music -

    Follow my squad -

    ► Instagram -

    #vaporwave #cyberpunk2077 #aesthetic
    My Channel Is All About Lofi Hip Hop/Jazzhop/Vaporwave/EDM Songs And Mixes.
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    Lastly these videos are to educate people in an entertaining fashion. Given these are very short videos, the short parts we use within them act as a catalyst to further reading.
    #edm #music #rave #dance

  • ASTRO - A Synthwave Mix Chillwave - Retrowave - Synthwave


    Thanks for watching, please enjoy and check out the artists.

    Artwork by @visualdon -

    0:00 Saint Seduce & Winston - Sedna
    4:42 P O N G M A N - Gravitation
    8:50 Unfound - On The Edge
    12:58 Eagle Eyed Tiger - Hello, Colossus
    16:44 YOUTH 83 - Strange Encounters
    24:00 Memorex Memories - In Motion
    27:46 Memorex Memories - Pictures Of Purple
    33:38 Forhill - Decoupled

  • The Bookworm - Eagle Berlin School


    Berlin School style track.
    Composed: by: Arend Westra.
    All instruments: Arend Westra.
    Please suscribe and Like. Thanks
    Music available on Bandcamp.

  • Sundog Sunset by Eagle


    Sundog Sunset by Eagle (Synth. Music)
    Promo VideoClip for the Starry Starry Night Album
    Release date : Saturday May 7th 2016
    7 tracks 44 minutes Classic Electronic/ Synthesizer Music.
    Album available on bandcamp here :

  • RELAXING- INSTRUMENTAL - MUSIC - Korg MS-20 mini analog synthesizer Music - Forgotten Sounds


    Synthesizer music with including Korg MS-20 mini analog synthesizer.

    Roland Sh-1000 Yamaha DX7 in action

    Forgotten Sounds Part 1 0:00
    Forgotten Sounds Part 2 2:20
    Forgotten Sounds Part 3 5:31

    Full album Release Date 8/18/2017. Will then be 11 tracks forgotten sounds .

    Canon EOS 1200D

    Instruments and Effects

    korg MS-20 mini
    Roland PCR-500
    Korg Trion
    Mix Board Allen&Heath
    Jupiter-8 V2
    ARP 2600 V2
    Mini V2
    Spark 2
    Maserrati DRM stereo
    Guitar Rig 5
    Yamaha Electone BK-20 1973





  • Wavesurfer - A Chillwave Mix


    Towards a distant storm...

    Artwork link:

    00:00 Forhill - Searching
    04:56 Forhill - Return
    08:02 Alison - Jam 2
    12:02 Hotel Pools - Dissolve
    14:48 Memorex Memories 公式 - Thanks for Listening
    18:46 Unfound - Promenade
    23:28 Zane Alexander - World Beneath
    27:26 Foewi - Traffic
    30:30 Eagle Eyed Tiger - Hello, Colossus
    34:08 Francci - Heaven (ft. Chakrah)
    37:28 Forhill - Sinking
    39:58 Seagulls x Hello Meteor - Like U Do (Cozywave Mix)

    Download mix -


    Need artwork? Email me —



    Instagram (see the artwork):

    Twitter (send a message):

    Soundcloud (submit your music):


    A mix of the best of chillwave, chill, synthwave and retrowave music.

  • Bucket full of Raindrops - Eagle


    Bucket full of Raindrops
    Composition : Arend Westra
    Synthesizers/production : Arend Westra
    Tribute Track for Gerrit Johannes Vos (Adeptus Mechanicus)
    All my music is available on Bandcamp:

  • Frostbite - Eagle


    Frostbite - Eagle (Synth. Music).
    Composition: Arend Westra.
    All Instruments: Arend Westra.

    Full album available on Bandcamp:

    Please like and Suscribe. Thanks for support.

  • CHROMA - A Chill Synthwave Mix



    Dixon Jong | Intuitive Designs

    0:00 Willmore - Satellite

    3:44 Nocturne - All Alone

    8:59 Baldocaster - Blood Moon

    12:12 Eagle Eyed Tiger - Diffusion

    15:37 Moonraccoon - Sunset (The Encounter Remix)

    19:44 N I M B V S - Static Souls

    23:45 Alison - Oublis

    27:48 PatternShift - Solace On Oneiri Station


    33:59 Forhill - Return

    37:13 Abel Jiro - Virgo

    Email to

    Rights of all materials in this video belong to their respectful owners.
    This video is meant for promotional and entertainment purposes only. Contact for removal.

  • Eagles - Hotel California - EASY Piano Tutorial + SHEETS


    Learn how to play this song on piano! Cool demonstration with sheet music in the video player! SHEETS:
    • Try this simple and fun tool for learning the piano:

    Request songs in the comments! Frequently requested songs will have a good chance to get a transcription. I prioritize new, popular songs for which there are no tutorials out there already.

    You're welcome to post your song suggestions in the comments on any YouTube video! I can't do all of them, so I choose from the most requested ones.

    If you're the right holder of any content used and want it to be removed, email me at and I will remove it!
    • Synthesia - Piano hero app to play midi files.
    • MuseScore - Free music composition and notation software. Try making your own sheet music, it's fun!
    • Transcribed and arranged by Hugo Sellerberg

    My goal is for everyone to have access to my lessons and tutorials for free. If you wish to contribute, you can support my work by donating an amount of your own choice.

    Printable sheet music:

    Want to learn the piano? Flowkey provides a fun and interactive tool that works with any piano or keyboard! Try it for free here:


    • Twenty One Pilots:
    • Justin Bieber:
    • Imagine Dragons:
    • Panic! At The Disco:
    • Halsey:
    • Melanie Martinez:
    • Fall Out Boy:
    • Kygo:
    • One Direction:
    • Troye Sivan:
    • 5 Seconds Of Summer:
    • My Chemical Romance:
    • Avicii:
    • Ariana Grande:
    • Mumford And Sons:
    • Sia:
    • The Weeknd:
    • Coldplay:
    • Lana Del Rey:
    • EASY:

  • Hardstyle Synth Beat ☣ Eagle Music


    This is an own production.
    The music may be used in video's / intro's / background's etc.
    I would ask you if you use this to link me.

    Dies ist eine eigen Produktion.
    Die Musik darf gerne in Video's / Intro's / Background's etc. verwendet werden.
    Ich würde euch bitten wenn ihr dies benutzt mich zu verlinken.

    I hope you enjoy!


  • White Christmas in the desert - Eagle


    Christmas greetings 2014 from Eagle(Synth. Music)
    composition : Arend Westra.
    all instruments : Arend Westra.

    please like and subscribe if you enjoy



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