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Playlist of Dueling Saxes! (Christmas Edition)

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    CHRISTMAS SAX BATTLE 2016! Alto Sax Duet cover!


    Ace and I have more plans to record together for the Holiday Season! ;)
    By the way, I LEARNED IT BY EAR! ;P
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    GRACE KELLY GO TiME: Fish & Chips Feat. Leo P #2Saxy


    Musician/Saxophonist/singer/songwriter Grace Kelly from Systems 2 recording studio in Brooklyn NY. Special guest Leo P. #2saxy . GO TiME: Brooklyn 2 cd.
    Julian Pollack - keys, Julia Adamy - bass, Ross Pederson - drums

    Grab the single!

    ITUNES/Apple Music:

    Download the lead sheet and make your own cover video for Instagram/FB Repost Contest!

    Lead sheet (Concert Key):
    Leadsheet for Eb Instruments:
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    For More Info on Grace Kelly:

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    Two Christmas Carols - Sax Duet


    Christmas Eve 2012 found Tom and Caleb playing a couple of Christmas Carol duets for Preservice Music at our Christmas Eve Candle-Light service.

    Caleb is playing Tom's Vito sax which he played back in high school, while Tom is playing his step-dad Dale's Buescher Top Hat and Cane sax which he played back in high school.

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    A Christmas Festival for Saxophone Quartet


    Leroy Anderson originally arranged A Christmas Festival as a concert overture for orchestra in 1950. At the time, he was the arranger for the Boston Pops Orchestra. The piece has been arranged for brass bands and wind ensembles, and is a classic from all bands across the United States.
    Sheet music made with MuseScore -

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    2009 Saxophone Christmas Subway Saxes.wmv


    Sax players will play anywhere!

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    Dueling Saxs Sheet music


    please comment

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    Saxophone Cover - Christmas Song


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    Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire (sax)

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    Sax o Vox - Blue Christmas


    Contrataciones: 0998667920
    Sax o Vox: Agencia de Servicios Musicales
    Guayaquil - Ecuador

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    Double Saxophone Christmas Medley


    Grace Kelly , Julia and Ross Pederson Christmas Medley. Filmed and edited by Will Adamy.

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    BLOWAGE: Vine Street Rumble - Piano in front, then dueling saxophones


    Ray Anderson leads the Big Band through this Benny Carter classic - featuring Alessandro Fadini on piano, Dan Julian and Alex Sneddon on dueling saxophones, and Darrell Smith providing the drum finale.
    Jazz Loft. December 11, 2018.

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    Duel of the Fates for Saxophone Quartet


    Please do not ask for sheet music! The notes are in the video only to make the music easier to follow. Thank you for watching! Also please note, that while I created these arrangements, this song was not created by me. I have only taken parts from recordings and other sheet music to create parts for saxophone quartet.

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    Duelling Pianos In A London Station


    Two dudes go head to head with duelling pianos in the station. When Dr K plays, Rick cheats by performing his avant garde ballet moves in the background and steals the show...

    Converting a Girl To Boogie Woogie:

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    CHRISTMAS MORNING - Alto Saxophone - BriansThing


    Here I am playing a Holiday song called Christmas Morning. I wish everyone peace and love during this most festive time of year! Enjoy the sweet sounds of the alto saxophone! Make sure you check out my Holiday playlist:

    Google Play:

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    Punk Rocker Hears Boogie Woogie For The First Time


    Punk rocker hears boogie woogie piano for the first time on a public piano...

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    Funk Alto and Tenor Sax


    Funk Alto/Tenor Flute Solo.

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    Payphone AJ Rafael & @PeterMartin91 - Maroon 5​​​ | AJ Rafael​​​


    anyone else think the sax is one of the smoothest (and sexiest) instruments out there? here's our rendition of Payphone by Maroon 5. featuring my good friend Peter Martin Jr. (@petermartin91) who has played sax with me at church for more than 10 years now. enjoy.

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    About AJ Rafael
    Hey! I’m AJ Rafael and welcome to my channel. I am passionate about music, performing, Disney and creating YouTube content to share with you. Ever since I can remember I have been creating music, playing instruments and performing. Though I love playing the piano and guitar, I also love trying out unique instruments to create new and original sounds for every song I create. On this channel you will find unique music videos, like my original music, “She Was Mine” and “Without You” and musical medleys, like “My Disney Mashup.” If you like what you see make sure you click SUBSCRIBE so you don’t miss a single note!​​​

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    Cannonball Saxophones - Dont Look Now - Randal Clark, Tevis Laukat, Ryan Lillywhite


    The Cannonball Saxophone acoustic-customization technicians play Don't Look Now, a swing / blues chart written by CEO Sheryl Laukat.

    Tevis Laukat , President of Cannonball - Baritone Sax
    Ryan Lillywhite, lead technician for tenor and baritone saxophones - Tenor Sax
    Randal Clark, lead technician for alto and soprano saxophones - Alto Sax

    Every new Cannonball saxophone is inspected, played, and acoustically hand-customized by one or more of these three saxophone artists.

    Additional musicians:
    Jay Lawrence - drums
    Justin Nielsen - piano
    Kenji Aihara - guitar
    Matt Larson - bass

    Follow Cannonball Musical Instruments:

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    『You Are Everything』SAX DUO COVER by 藤野美由紀As × 藤枝伸介Ts


    THE SAX93 01.25.2019 release
    You Are Everything│Diana Ross & Marvin Gaye

    アルトサックス:藤野美由紀│MIYUKI FUJINO
    テナーサックス:藤枝伸介│SINSUKE FUJIEDA

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    Christmas Shoppers were amazed when Piano Boogie Player is joined by a fantastic Harmonica Player from the crowd. Shoppers have a special early Christmas Treat.

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    Duele el Corazon - Enrique Iglesias


    Ciao ragazzi, ''DUELE EL CORAZON'' un altro tormentone ESTATE 2016 di Enrique Iglesias risuonato esclusivamente al sax!!
    Alla prossima cover...:D

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    The First NOEL E-Sax


    TerryStephen Sax at Christmas
    Electronic Saxophone

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    Dave Hum with The Huckleberries - Dueling Banjos


    Playing an arrangement of Eric Weissberg's Dueling Banjos from the film Deliverance at South Petherton Arts Centre, December 2008 - check out fiddle player Paul Sax at the end! -

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    Ultimate Star Wars Compilation for Saxophone Quartet- arr. Jack Bertelli


    A Mega Compilation of both my Star Wars Compilations for SATB Sax Quartet (both available for listening/downloading on Enjoy!

    -Main Theme
    -Rey's Theme
    -Imperial March
    -Han Solo and the Princess
    -Across the Stars
    -Jedi Steps and Finale
    -Yoda's Theme
    -Kylo Ren's Theme
    -Duel of the Fates
    -March of the Resistance
    -Princess Leia's Theme, arr. Sam Burell
    -The Asteroid Field
    -Binary Sunset
    -The Throne Room

    Sheet music made with MuseScore -

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    Santa Claus Is Coming To Town for Trombone, Bass Sax and Banjo


    This was an impromptu performance between scene changes of The Michael Andrew Christmas Spectacular of '09. Pat Gullotta on trombone, David Mackenzie on bass saxophone and Paul Scavarda on plectrum banjo. This banjo is a Weymann #4 that was formerly owned by Perry Botkin, Sr. and then by Glenn Ash. Paul acquired it from Ash. The bass saxophones' name is Mabel.

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    2011 Grammy Jazz Ensemble | CACHITA | Dueling Trombones & Trumpets Mash-Up


    A mash-up from two separate concerts put on by the 2011 Grammy Jazz Ensemble at USC on Feb. 9, 2011 for Grammy In The Schools Live!.

    The tune is CACHITA, arranged by Dr. Jeremy Fletcher. The trombone soloists starting at 3:09 are Kyle Molitor and Cory Boris, and the trumpet soloists starting at 4:25 are Josh Shpak and Adam O'Farrill.

    Chosen by audition from all over the USA, and directed by Justin DiCioccio, the 2011 Grammy Jazz members are:

    Patrick Bartley
    Tom Kelley

    Xavier Del Castillo
    Ben Solomon

    David Leon

    Enrique Sanchez
    Christian Marrero
    Adam O'Farrill
    Josh Shpak

    St. Clair Simmons III
    Cory Boris
    Kyle Molitor
    Chris Palowich

    Steven Gordon

    Aaron Shapiro

    Daryl Johns

    Evan Sherman

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    This is Halloween Saxophone Quartet


    New website for all my arrangements!

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    Christmas Carol Song Rock Arrange


    Merry Christmas!!

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    We Wish You A Medley Christmas, Trumpet and Tenor Saxophone


    My brothers provide some Christmas cheer on trumpet and tenor saxophone.

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    Christmas special : Let it snow



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    The Wassail Song - Tenor Sax and Flugelhorn - Christmas Duet


    From Christmas Trios for All, this is The Wassail Song (also known as Here We Go A-Wassailing/Caroling). Performed on Tenor Sax and Flugelhorn.

    If this wasn't the most appropriate time ever to bust out my English vibrato, I don't know when would be. I swear it's there. It sounds more dramatic when you're doing it.

    We hope that you enjoy our holiday carols and, if you play an instrument or sing, are inspired to make music with your loved ones during this holiday season.

    I have uploaded a digital Christmas album, available for $5 (or more if you want to pay more). Some of these tracks have not yet been released on the YouTube channel, so you get a special preview. 😉

    7 of the 12 tracks feature my dear friend Aniela Hoffman on the tenor saxophone in our Windventures duo. Take a listen!

    This channel is my personal place for developing my own musicianship as a songwriter and instrumentalist. Subscribe to join me in my journey and to be a part of our circle of trust.

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    Orcutt, CA 93457

    Stay mindful, stay musical, and stay out of treble. 🎶🎺🦈💙

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    望楼 on Alto Sax & Trumpet


    Music from ARIA The ORIGINATION,

    Playing on the alto saxophone with my wife playing the trumpet. Support me on Patreon!:
    セッティング Equipment:

    プレイリスト Playlists:
    アニソン Anime Songs:
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    ジブリ Ghibli:
    ディズニー Disney

    クラシック音楽 Classical Music:
    ジャズ Jazz:
    コラボ Collaborations:
    いろいろ Miscellaneous:

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    I Want You Back - Alto/Bari Sax Duet 🎷


    I Want You Back - Jackson 5 from guardians of the galaxy

    Played this cover tpday with bari player subscribe to him here:

    I used Audacity, Ableton Live using the Blue snowball microphone. thank you for watching, enjoy the cover :)


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    How to Make Songs in Minecraft with Note Blocks


    This is a step by step guide on how to create your favorite songs using Minecraft Note Blocks.
    Minecraft Note Block Studio:
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    Christmas Saxophone Music - Rockin Around The Christmas Tree by Johnny Ferreira


    Christmas Saxophone Music you can download, includes the play along backing tracks and the sheet music for all the saxophones. Alto, tenor and all B flat and E flat sax music comes with every mp3 audio download so you're all good to go.

    Direct Youtube video link here
    Visit my Youtube saxophone music channel here:

    christmas saxophone music
    christmas saxophone songs
    rockin around the christmas tree backing track
    saxophone christmas sheet music
    christmas music for alto saxophone
    tenor sax christmas music

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    SF Saxophone Street Musician. Justin Ward.


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    Tough Guy on Piano Is Asked To Play Mary Poppins


    Tough Guy gets asked to play Mary Poppins on a street piano - a redux Mary Poppins mash-up ensues (with Floss/Fortnite dance),

    'SUBSCRIBE' to this channel for more awesome piano vids:

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    Vibrato Polycarbonate / Plastic Saxophone


    Jim Cheek & Scott Jenkins play the new vibrato polycarbonate saxophones at

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    Its Beginning To Look A lot Like Christmas Duet on Alto Saxophone


    Jonathan and Jane play It's Beginning to Look a Lot like Christmas on Alto Saxophones. Happy Holidays!

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    Planets Most Performed Tune Gets a Make-Over


    Girl attempts to play it, then this happens..

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    Christmas shoppers get a treat in the mall. A little step out of the mundane.

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    The Christmas Song | Cover


    The Christmas Song is a great classic. Enjoy!

    Video editing credit to my friend Carter who also is playing the sax in the video.

    Check out Carter's channel:

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    Walk the moon - Shut Up and Dance


    Pleased to present my sax version Walk the moon - Shut Up and Dancel! ;)
    follow me:

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    Jingle Bell Rock


    Big John wails on an instrumental version of Jingle Bell Rock all the way from sunny Florida!
    John plays a Trevor James Signature Custom Raw tenor saxophone.

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    First Noel


    Alto sax cover.

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    Smooth Jazz Tenor Solo


    Messing around with a track I bought at Coffee Break Grooves. Sax (and video) recorded with a Zoom Q3 with effects added in Sony Vegas afterwards. The mics in the Q3 sound great, even if the video is pretty bad. Should have waited for the Q3HD :).

    Playing on a Theo Wanne Datta mouthpiece that I got last weekend from Theo. Great piece, especially for this style of music!!

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    Santa Baby - Jazzy Christmas Mashup Cover by Robyn Adele Anderson


    I’ll be LIVE at Rockwood Music Hall in NYC on September 5th! Get your tickets (and if you want, the VIP add on!)

    The year is more than half over so my 2019 signed pinup calendars are getting another price cut! AND you can now add 2018 and 2017 to your collection for only $10 each 💋

    For more videos, support me on Patreon!

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    The Band:

    Chris Johnson— Piano
    Josh Davis— Drums
    Georgia Weber— Bass
    Amadis Dunkel- Trombone
    Steve Ujfalussy— Tenor Sax

    Recorded @ Stray Dog Studios

    Recording Engineer: Kyle Cadena
    Video and Audio Production: Steve Ujfalussy

    Santa Baby - Jazzy Christmas Mashup Cover by Robyn Adele Anderson
    All my videos are live, using one take.

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    B Flat Blues - Tenor Sax Solo


    B Flat Blues with Play-Along. Playing on a Selmer Super Action 80 Series III tenor saxophone and a RPC .120B mouthpiece.

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    Learn ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS IS YOU by MARIAH CAREY on piano with this tutorial! Please enjoy!

    Arranged and edited by Andrew Wrangell

    Sheet Music Boss tutorials here:

    Follow Sheet Music Boss!

    All I Want For Christmas Is You is an upbeat Christmas song sung by Mariah Carey. It's about wanting nothing but your lover for Christmas. Our audience here at Sheet Music Boss was keen to hear this song so we hope you enjoy it! And our question is - what do YOU want for Christmas?

    ▶ Sheet music:

    All I Want For Christmas Is You Lyrics:
    I don't want a lot for Christmas
    There is just one thing I need
    I don't care about the presents
    Underneath the Christmas tree
    I just want you for my own
    More than you could ever know
    Make my wish come true oh
    All I want for Christmas is you

    I don't want a lot for Christmas
    There is just one thing I need, and I
    Don't care about the presents
    Underneath the Christmas tree
    I don't need to hang my stocking
    There upon the fireplace
    Santa Claus won't make me happy
    With a toy on Christmas day

    I just want you for my own
    More than you could ever know
    Make my wish come true
    All I want for Christmas is you

    I won't ask for much this Christmas
    I won't even wish for snow, and I
    I just wanna keep on waiting
    Underneath the mistletoe

    I won't make a list and send it
    To the North Pole for Saint Nick
    I won't even stay awake
    To hear those magic reindeer click

    'Cause I just want you here tonight
    Holding on to me so tight
    What more can I do
    Oh, Baby all I want for Christmas is you

    All the lights are shining
    So brightly everywhere
    And the sound of children's
    Laughter fills the air

    And everyone is singing
    I hear those sleigh bells ringing
    Santa won't you bring me
    The one I really need
    Won't you please bring my baby to me quickly

    I don't want a lot for Christmas
    This is all I'm asking for
    I just wanna see my baby
    Standing right outside my door

    I just want you for my own
    More than you could ever know
    Make my wish come true
    Baby all I want for Christmas is you

    All I want for Christmas is you, baby

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    Vibrato Polycarbonate Saxophone Review


    for more info

    Jim Cheek from reviews the Vibrato Polycarbonate saxophone



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