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Playlist of Driveway - A Leverage for Mountains

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    Driveway - A Leverage for Mountains


    New album coming in Spring 2020.

    In the meantime, here's a new song ;)

    HUGE thanks to:
    Video: Lévy L Marquis
    Audio: Hugo Amyot
    and our friends at Transistor Media for their collaboration

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    A Leverage for Mountains - Jolene by Ray Lamontagne


    One year as trio.

    Our go at a great song. We hope you like it. Please share.

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    You must discover this band! They’re a folk trio from Québec, Canada. They are called « A Leverage for Mountains » SO TALENTED. This is an accoustic version of their newest song called « Driveway »

    For more infos, you can comment down below!

    Their instagram: @aleverageformountains

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    Riverstone - A Leverage for Mountains


    A Leverage for Mountains's performance during « Ear to the Ground » sessions, Rogers TV. Filmed at 4th stage, National Arts Center, Ottawa, Canada.

    featuring Vincent Compagna (bass) & Zachary Boileau (guitar)

    Technical Director 4th Stage: Peter Kealey
    4 Stage Lead Hand: Adriaanus Vanduyvenbode
    4th Stage Assistant Lead Hand: Jeremy Wynnyk

    Cameras: Sarah Boteler, Graeme Dawson, Danick Gratton, Matt Haughn, Sadib Suflan, Kevin Tencarre

    Sound Mix Engineer: Wayne Hawthorne
    Technical Producers: Christian Gatien, Kevin Tencarre

    Producer/Director: Alain Ouellette
    Supervising Producer: Gavin Lumsden

    2018 Rogers Communications

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    A Leverage for Mountains @ Rogers TV Sessions


    A Leverage for Mountains performance at Ear to the Ground sessions.
    Produced by Rogers TV @ National Arts Center.

    Winter's Calling
    Fish Fly
    Love Out of the Dark

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    Such a Simple Thing - A Leverage for Mountains


    Our take on one of our biggest inspiration's new tracks.

    Song: Such a Simple Thing
    Artist: Ray Lamontagne

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    A Leverage for Mountains - Memories - Projet 3e Oeil 2018


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    BraveLion - Snow Melting


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    Career in Music - 102k Working In An Office Or 36k Playing Music?


    Rebecca chose a career in music. Now she makes 6 figures from her music studio and live gigs.

    For more interviews like this one, check out

    Don't have time to watch the whole thing? Check out the show notes below to skip around.

    00:34 - Rebecca's music and coding background
    02:31 - Making 6 figures as a 26 year old but not feeling fulfilled
    04:20 - I can probably go out and play gigs and make USD 30,000/year
    05:40 - Finding time for music when you're working full-time
    07:25 - I need to know enough songs to get through a gig and get paid money
    08:30 - To me, making a living as a musician is a success
    09:22 - Planning before jumping (from a 6 figure job to a career as an indie musician)
    12:15 - Financial planning to start a music career
    16:10 - Investing in yourself, continued learning
    17:30 - I knew that I was going to make mistakes and I wasn't afraid of making mistakes
    19:50 - Getting paid to learn music
    21:32 - Using her coding background to hack Google and get paid gigs
    23:15 - Leveraging new platforms to get reviews, build an audience and get more gigs
    24:35 - Pricing yourself, deciding what your work is worth
    26:22 - Free gigs, do or don't?
    28:45 - The benefit of doing private events (as opposed to public gigs)
    30:35 - Dueling pianos, it just wasn't for me
    33:00 - It's time for me to release my own music (in 2011, 4 years after quitting her full-time job)
    34:51 - Starting Topkat Studios
    38:00 - Pros and cons of writing music with/for someone else
    41:40 - Balancing work for hire and your own creative vision
    42:50 - A few tips to get high paying house concert gigs
    45:50 - Starting a band to develop my own original sound (2016)
    48:18 - Building a customer base for the music studio
    50:28 - Getting into music licensing to leverage my existing catalogue and learn how to produce music that's still me but more commercially viable
    52:20 - Money vs Fulfillment
    54:42 - Relying on yourself, a key to success....
    57:17 - QUICK MONEY but selling out vs SLOW MONEY but long term success you're proud of
    01:01:39 - Staying true to what feels right
    01:02:27 - What's next for Rebecca.... including exciting new business opportunities



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