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  • DISCOVERY SERIES: MIDDLE EAST walkthrough | Native Instruments


    Access a rich tradition of Arabic, Turkish, and Persian music, and enrich your productions with a fascinating musical heritage.

    Select playable instruments and ensembles, or completely customizable phrases and patterns – create traditional soundtracks or bring unique textures to contemporary tracks.

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    Native Instruments is a leading manufacturer of software and hardware for computer-based audio production and DJing. The company's mission is to develop innovative, fully-integrated solutions for all musical styles and professions. The resulting products regularly push technological boundaries and open up new creative horizons for professionals and amateurs alike.

    For more info visit our website:

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  • How To Discover Your Signature Sound As A Music Producer


    Music Producers, finding your own signature sound as a producer can be quite an overwhelming task. However, Curtiss King explains in this video why it doesn't have to be when you accept that failing is a crucial part of your journey. Watch this video and learn how Curtiss King found his signature sound and how you can do the same for your beats.
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  • 78RPM - Best Friend To Enemy // ☠Badass☠ // Discovering Music



    Sorry guys i had to re-upload this with a different image because it was too explicit for youtube apparently -.-

    Official video➥


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    Eɳʝσყ. Sнαre. Sυвѕcяιвє.

    ▄ █ ▄ █ ▄ █ ▄ █ ▄ █ ▄ █ ▄ █ ▄ █ ▄ █ ▄ █ ▄ █ ▄ █ ▄ █ ▄ █ ▄


    Used to speak ten time a day
    Now i don't give a d*mn what you say
    Everything said without a word
    How did this get so f*ckin' absurd

    Whoa Whoa Whoa Whoa

    So you wanted a fight
    Let's throw down tonight
    You'll see the shining lights
    When you hit the floor as your soul takes flight

    Words pass now love is torn
    Those same words are now full of scorn
    I was once safe in your arms
    Now all you do is cause me harm

    You were once my queen of the night
    Who i undressed on an overnight flight
    I shoulda seen the warning lights
    We all know your mind was never quite right

    Whoa Whoa Whoa Whoa

    Let's fight this private war
    Isn't that what you've been looking for?

    So you wanted a fight
    Let's throw down tonight
    You'll see the shining lights
    When you hit the floor as your soul takes flight

    You were the socket and i was the plug
    Now our friendship is stuck in the mud
    You were the rocket and i was the glove
    Now you're a frenemy. Where is the love?
    Your Honor, i promise i won't tell a lie,
    She's been the apple of some other guy.
    Pickin' and pluckin' until she retires.
    She want full custody, I won't oblidge
    I tell you, Your Honor, this b**ch is cuckoo.
    For love or money, the s**t she would do.
    Hips, lips, sick like the flu.
    I won't deny her s*x was WHOOHOO
    Girl, i got ya number.
    I bet now you're missing my lumber.
    The titan taking you under.
    And now you're hearing the thunder

    So you wanted a fight
    Let's throw down tonight
    You'll see the shining lights
    When you hit the floor as your soul takes flight


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    If you're an artist or a label and you don't want me to share your music, please contact me and i'll delete the video.

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    Thanks for watching 78RPM - Best Friend To Enemy // ☠Badass☠ // Discovering Music

  • Discovering Studio One 3 - The Browser and Plugin Thumbnails


    Here's a cool feature in Studio One 3 for making it easy to choose plugins from the browser.

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    presented by the Music Academy of the West

    JUNE 19, 2017 / HAHN HALL


    “Discovery” is the Holy Grail of every new type of digital media service: helping artists and fans connect and keeping them engaged, even while offering an exponentially increasing array of programming options. Live streaming, gaming, virtual reality and augmented reality have the potential to change the way we learn, how we create new work, and how we interact with art and artists. Will it deepen or cheapen the experience?


    MODERATOR: Luke Ritchie, Digital Director, Philharmonia Orchestra, London
    Nik Honeysett, Director and CEO, Balboa Park Online Collaborative
    Toby Coffey, Head of Digital Development, National Theatre, London

  • Voice Lesson: Finding YOUR Voice


    My website:

    Buy my vocal training videos:


    Schedule a one-on-one lesson (Skype/FaceTime):

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  • Making Vocals Cut Through A Premixed Beat - Using Waves Center


    In this video Weezna shows how to use the Waves Center Plugin to get vocals to cut though a dense premixed beat. Sometimes you don't have the option to change the mix on a beat that a client gives you to leave room for vocals. Using the Waves Center Plugin or another Mid/Side Plugin is a way to make things work.
    Waves Plugins:
    Cakewalk Sonar Platinum:
    We Produce: HIP HOP - EDM - POP - ROCK Tracks
    We Mix Tracks $30/hour & Master $30/track
    **NEW** $60 Mix & Master Package (limited track count) - Check out the deal here:
    Located in: Lancaster NY
    Contact Email:
    Find Our Beats HERE:
    MIXING ($30/Hour) - If you’re looking for True Sound Studios to mix your next track or album, please email us at

    Typical the amount of hours to mix 1 song:
    Hip Hop: 2-4 hours
    Full Band: 4-6 hours
    Acoustic: 2-3 hours
    Pop/EDM: 3-5 hours
    (This is all based on track count, amount of processing needed, length of track, and amount of production required)

    MASTERING ($30/Track) - If you’re looking for True Sound Studios to master your next track or album, please email us at
    BACKGROUND: Ryan Weezna - Producer, Mix Engineer, Mastering Engineer, Keyboardist, Drummer, Singer
    • Shared the stage with acts including Rihanna, Plain White T's and Teddy Geiger
    • Performed and toured on the East Coast
    • Produced and recorded over 3400 tracks of mixed musical genres
    • Created music and appeared on major TV networks including, MTV, VH1 and CMT and ABC Family
    • Worked with industry leading producers such as Shep Goodman, Kenny Gioia, and Sam Conjerti Jr.

  • Halsey - Colors


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    Limited edition “Colors” 7” vinyl with fold out poster & hand numbered mini lithograph available now:

    Download “BADLANDS” on iTunes:
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    Order deluxe edition of “BADLANDS” from Target:
    Listen to “BADLANDS” on Spotify:

    Visit Halsey’s ‘Room 93’
    Stream Halsey’s ‘Room 93’ EP:
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    Watch the 'Room 93' video series:
    Subscribe to Halsey’s YouTube channel:

    Follow Halsey


    Directed by Tim Mattia

    Music video by Halsey performing Colors. (C) 2016 Astralwerks

  • KeyLab MkII Tutorials : Ep. 1 - Discovering your KeyLab MkII


    In the first episode of the series, Andrea introduces you to the features found on the top panel, the huge connectivity available, and demonstrates the chord modes found in KeyLab MkII.

    Link to the ressources :

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  • How to Record - Lesson 7: Plug-in Basics - Warren Huart: Produce Like A Pro


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    In Lesson 7 of the How to Record series, Warren discusses plug-in basics. He opens up a session and gives an overview of the main types of plug-ins and how he used them in this song: EQ, Compression, Reverb & Delays.

    Produce Like A Pro is a website which features great tips to help the beginning recordist make incredible sounding home recordings on a budget.

  • How to Set Up Auxes & Busses – CLA Mix Tip #3


    Grammy®-winning mixer Chris Lord-Alge (Green Day, Bruce Springsteen, Muse) is one of the industry’s best – and fastest – mixers. Here he explains why a big part of that is properly setting up your auxes & busses. Watch more CLA mixing tips:

  • ~$$$~ How TWITCH is Making Musicians THOUSANDS of Dollars ~$$$~



    Karen tells us about her journey of discovering Twitch for herself as a musician, to then teaching other musicians about the unique platform. While Twitch is mainly used by gamers, Karen describes the platform as community-based live streaming, and she has found that it creates a perfect opportunity for musicians to have a strong, supportive community of fans that are in it for the long haul.

    Want the in depth NOTES & RESOURCES from this episode?

    Check out her book Twitch for Musicians HERE:
    (Use the code FCM20 to get 20% off the book or a ONE-ON-ONE session with Karen herself!)

    Get her course Twitch for Musicians for 20% off HERE:

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    This episode is part of a podcast SERIES called Made It In Music. You can find other episodes on YOUTUBE and you can also find the AUDIO versions on any podcasting app!

    CLICK BELOW to check out the AUDIO version of this podcast on iTunes!


    PODCAST WEBSITE (find more episodes and SHOW NOTES)




    Full Circle Music is a Music Production Company, Music Publishing Company, Record Label, and Music Education Academy based in Nashville, TN. They regularly work with some of the biggest names in music, such as Newsboys, High Valley, Casting Crowns, Skillet, Francesca Battisteli, and For King & Country, just to name a few. Their team has several Grammy Awards, Dove Awards, and over 20 #1 songs at radio. Through the Full Circle Music Academy, Full Circle Music aspires to teach the next generation of musicians what it takes to make it in the modern music industry.

    #Streaming #Twitch #Music



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    Hi there, my name is Leo and I run a studio on the westside of Norway where I record and produce bands, do video work and play live shows.

    On my youtube channel there is lots of videos with covers, gear reviews , studio updates and other shenaningans.

    For my covers I play everything myself as well as record, mix, master, shoot and edit the music & videos.

    Please subscribe if you like what you see/hear and I am forever gratefull to everyone who buys songs so I can keep doing this as a living.

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  • Discovering Studio One 3 - The Arranger Track


    Here is one of my top additions to Studio one 3. For those doing music with loops, samples and tracks to the grid, the Arranger Track helps you write and arrange more quickly and you can be more creative more easily.

  • Mixing Lead Vocals with Waves CLA Guitars -


    Drum Samples:
    FREE EQ Cheat Sheet:

    #25 Mixing Lead Vocals with Waves CLA Guitars

    This video demonstrates that sometimes experimentation can lead you to discovering ways of doing things that are outside the box. I never would have thought that using CLA Gutiars on my vocals would have ever worked, but it did. And to go a little bit farther, all I did was load the plugin up and leave all the filters and effects in the OFF position. It seemed to give the vocal a bit more presence and take away the chunky bottom end. This is just a starting point but it seemed to work a LOT better than other options I tried.

    Also make sure you check out:

  • Set Up a Mic on the Traktor S8


    A mic will take your voice and amplify it through speakers. Here is how to set one up through your Traktor S8.

    Dubseed is a social marketplace and community devoted to sharing and discovering Stem files. On the surface, a Stem File looks like a regular MP4, however, embedded within this file are four Stem elements (for example Vocals, FX, Bass, Leads), that when played simultaneously compose the original song. This file provides DJs with more control over their mix, as they are able to isolate, effect, and combine the Stems of multiple different tracks, opening up incredible potential to a more interactive form of mixing. Gone are the days of simply mixing one full track with another. Stem mixing is the future of live electronic performance.

    Dubseed official website:
    Like us on Facebook:
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    Read our blog:
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    Half Bit by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (

  • Most Favourite Version by SUBS - Orchestral Mockup Polar Express Suite


    Thankful! That is what I am! Many of you listened to the three basic orchestral mockups of the Polar Express Suite from last week video. Many votes came in. Some of you shared your thoughts, insights, arguments why one of the three mockups sounded the best to your ears. Valuable information for all starting aspiring composers and I guess for the ones who are on the road for quite a while. One thing for sure, I've learned a lot from it! In this video I will announce the version which is favoured by the people who voted. And of course, we have an in-depth look at the settings of that orchestral mockup version!

    If you would like to remake this piece of the Polar Express Suite yourself, you can download the midi-mockup of this project on my Patreon page for free:

    Libraries used:
    - Spitfire Audio Symphonic Woodwinds
    - Spitfire Audio Symphonic Brass
    - Spitfire Audio Symphonic Strings
    - Spitfire Audio Chamber Strings
    - Spitfire Audio Percussion
    - HZ Percussion
    - 8dio Lacrimosa (female and men)
    - 8dio Liberis
    - Audio Imperia Jaeger Violins
    - NI Symphony Series Brass
    - NI Symphony Series Percussion
    - NI The Genteman
    - Cinesine from Cinesamples
    - Sonokinetic Modal Runs

    Many credits go to Ashton Gleckman who made a midi mockup of the Polar Express Suite which I’ve used as a starting point.

    ???? Become a Patron and download midi-mockups and high audio files of my productions:

    - Joël Dollié:

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    ???? Recommended Playlists

    I’m on YouTube for exactly one year now. So it’s my anniversary! And that should be celebrated with a gift! A fabulous cinematic music playlist with great music made by friends of this channel. I'll actively promote this playlist. If you want to be part of that journey, submit your original work. And of course, subscribe to the playlist!


    How great is it to look over the shoulders of someone who is one step ahead of you. And is willing to share his knowledge and experiences.

    In these walkthrough videos I'll take you to my DAW and show you in detail how I write orchestral music for film and video.

    In this playlist you can find tips and tricks to get your basic setup right. And to give you a jumpstart in making realistic sounding orchestral mockups!

    If your goal is to write realistic orchestral music (mockups). That your composition once get played by a real orchestra. The knowledge of orchestration is very important. Then you should invest in getting better in it.

    ???? My official music releases

    All music tracks are originally composed, mixed and mastered by David Jansen (gh0stwrit3r).
    All have been officially registered at BUMA/STEMRA, the Dutch P.R.O. organisation.

    ???? Download scores for free on:


    Don't forget to hit that like button if you appreciate this video. And sub to my channel if you're interested in how to write music for film, tv and games. Or have an interest in sounddesign and sound recording.

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    #Gh0stwrit3r #orchestral #logicprox

  • Using ROOM EQ to improve your mixes


    WARNING: Long and nerdy! Are you possibly being led astray by poor acoustics in your room?This concept has had the largest effect on my production quality by far!

    For clarity: Sonarworks will do a much better job than the iPhone app method.
    RTA app for iPhone:

  • Super VHS by Baby Audio | Vintage Lo-Fi Piano Lead Tutorial | Multi-Effect VST Plugin | Review


    Check out Super VHS |
    Check out Plugin Deals |
    Access 3.5 million sounds w/ Loopcloud Free Trial |

    In this video tutorial, Joshua Casper shows you how to get interesting vintage and lo-fi sounds using Baby Audio's newest multi-effect VST Plugin called Super VHS. This is both a tutorial and a review of the key features.

    Creative Multi FX
    Feel the lofi magic of the VHS era — with six unique effects in one strange plugin.

    LoFi Vibes from a Strange Decade

    As kids of the 80s, the Baby Audio team have always been drawn to the sound of slightly out-of-tune synths, warm tape saturation, gritty samples and grainy reverbs.

    So they set out on a mission to capture the lofi spirit of our favorite decade — and bring it into a new decade. Meet a complex algorithm with eight simple knobs. They named it ‘Super’ for its powers and ‘VHS’ for its sound.

    A chain of six meticulously crafted ‘one-knob’ effects:

    1. STATIC — Static noise synthesizer
    2. HEAT — ‘Analog tape’ saturator
    3. SHAPE — Sample rate reducer
    4. MAGIC — Dark chorus FX
    5. DRIFT — Pitch fluctuation LFO
    6. WASH — ‘Bad hall’ reverb
    + Internal/hidden EQ, bit-crusher and limiter.

    Rewind to the VHS Era

    Baby Audio wanted this plugin to be like sending your sounds back in time, then re-discovering them on a worn-out VHS tape 30 years later. All with the click of a single button, right inside your DAW.

    The result is six unique effects coming together in a versatile signal chain. Super VHS will add some lofi authenticity to whatever clean sound you run through it — from a subtle touch of character to extreme sonic twists that leave your head spinning. Each effect has just a single control, but multiple parameters under the hood, allowing you to find endless combinations to transform your synths, samples, guitars, drums, vocals and beyond.

    Effects Overview

    STATIC: A synthesized hum, generated by a pink noise oscillator mixed with a digital saw wave.
    HEAT: A warm sounding saturation algorithm inspired by ‘consumer-grade’ tape machines from the early 1980s.
    SHAPE: A sample rate reducer (with some extras) inspired by 1980s 8-bit samplers.
    MAGIC: A lush “Juno style” chorus — but modeled with a slightly darker and more detuned tone.
    DRIFT: An internal LFO creating unpredictable pitch and time fluctuations, ranging from ‘natural’ to ‘supernatural’.
    WASH: A grainy, unnatural sounding, hall reverb, inspired by digital rack effects from the VHS-era.
    MIX: Controls the over-all wet/dry balance.
    OUTPUT: Controls the global output.
    HIDDEN PROCESSING: High shelf EQ attenuation, bit-crusher, limiter.

    Wait, where are the Presets?

    Like the ‘I Heart NY’ parallel compressor, Super VHS isn’t designed for preset browsing. Instead, you have all the controls you need at your fingertips — allowing you to create the right sound for any purpose in a simple and intuitive way (faster and more rewarding than by clicking through presets). The effect algorithms respond very differently to different sounds and instruments — so you never quite know where you’ll end up.

    And a final word of warning: Super VHS is not a ‘one-size fits all’ kind of effect. Its six algorithms can sound heavenly on some things and totally destroy others. More often than not a little goes a long way!


  • Skin Deep With Jack Gray | Episode 3 | Cool Accidents


    In our brand new Skin Deep series, we caught up with Aussie singer/songwriter/producer Jack Gray so he could talk us through his minimalist tattoos, and what his future ink plans are.

    Listen to Jack Gray's new song Friends Like These now -

    Director: Tim Nathan

    Plug into all things Cool Accidents at:

    #JackGray #FriendsLikeThese

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  • Martin Audio VU-NET Network Control Webinar


    This webinar provides an in depth look at Martin Audio’s VU-NET network control software. For more information, visit:

  • Your Audio Mastering Questions Answered | We Are Listening | iZotope


    We’ve been paying close attention to your comments throughout this season of Are You Listening?. To close off Season 2, we had professional mastering engineer and iZotope Director of Education Jonathan Wyner answer some of your most-asked questions, covering topics from mid/side compression to mastering with sub-par equipment.

    Check out our blog for even more mastering:
    Practice your craft and demo Ozone 9 free for 10 days:

    01:35 Is there any problem normalizing mixes that are between -30 and -20 LUFS?
    02:30 What are intersample peaks, how are they produced, and how might we mitigate them?
    05:39 Is there a checklist for determining that a master is done?
    10:55 What LUFS level should I aim for when mastering modern hip hop music for streaming?
    14:35 What can be done in mixing for better stereo separation and imaging in mastering?
    15:55 Are there instances in which mid/side compression is appropriate in mastering?
    17:59 Can you give some advice or techniques for mastering without great equipment?
    19:53 Can you expand on why high-pass filters are problematic in mastering?
    23:09 What should you do if you and the client disagree how the master should sound?
    25:37 Can you expand on the Crest Factor meter in Tobal Balance Control?
    #areyoulistening #izotope #audiomastering #ozone

    Musicbed ID: MB01TVLFVW4VXJM

  • 10 | Creating software presets with Lié | Touché Tutorials


    Learn how to create your own Touché mappings for all your VST-instruments, or edit existing presets. We use Arturia's SEM V as an example.

    Please also refer to:

    Scanning your VST plug-ins is explained in this video:

    The mapping function doesn't seem to work? Try to make parameters available for host automation as described here:

    All our Touché in-depth Tutorials are available in this playlist:

    For more information, please visit our website:

    For our online manual and answers to common questions, please visit our knowledge base:

  • SwarPlug 4: the Main Panel


    Discovering SwarPlug 4. This tutorial walks you through the functionality of the SwarPlug 4 Main Panel, where you can select from a large number of instruments and tailor the sound through a wide range of parameters. You can also save all your changes as presets.

  • Quick Hit: EarthQuaker Devices Levitation Reverb into Space Spiral Delay - Ambient/Postrock Jam


    A quick improvised ambient guitar piece using the Levitation Reverb V2 and Space Spiral Delay by EarthQuaker Devices.

    We've all experienced it. You take your guitar, plug it into a new pedal or two and instant inspiration strikes. Well, exactly that happened when I plugged in my new EQD Levitation Reverb. Hooked it up to my Space Spiral, actually running the reverb into the delay (tonal crime rider here, I know ;) ), and out poured a chord progression and then the rest followed.

    Spur of the moment moments are the best moments.... Here's an extra moment for ya, just because I can!

    Hope you enjoy this ambient/postrock piece. Nothing was planned, but fun was had by all.

    Gear used:
    Fender US Telecaster
    EarthQuaker Devices Levitation Reverb
    EarthQuaker Devices Space Spiral Modulated Delay
    TCE Ditto Looper Gold
    Fender Deluxe Reverb RI 65 recorded with an Aston Origin mic

    It would mean the world to us if you followed our social channels:

    Facebook Group:
    Facebook Page:

  • Tutorials | Analog Lab 4 - Overview


    Your go-to choice for inspiration, creativity, and performance. Over 6500 amazing #presets, from over 30 classic keyboards, intuitive controls, and seamless integration.

    ???? | Learn more

    Analog Lab -

    ???? | Join the Community


    ???? | Credits

  • Yamaha Audioversity Webinar #7 Making the most of Wireless Mixing with Mobile Device Apps


    In this webinar, Yamaha’s pro audio application engineering team will explain how to make the most of mixing via apps on handheld devices for a wide range of Yamaha consoles, covering the basics of system setup and good wifi network management, how to quickly custom configure the apps for your needs and discover the many tricks and tips that can enhance your work flow and lead to freedom of where you mix from.

    02:03 Introduction of Yamaha mobile apps
    06:24 Operation examples and Tricks/Tips/Short Cuts for MonitorMix
    14:04 Operation examples and Tricks/Tips/Short Cuts for StageMix
    35:33 Best network setup practices
    45:27 Other Yamaha mobile apps
    46:26 Q&A

    You can find out more about Yamaha Webinar & Audioversity.

    Yamaha Pro Audio website:

    #Yamaha #YamahaProAudio #YamahaAudioversity

  • Tips prácticos #11 Crea espacio en voces utilizando Eq Dinámico con el F6 Floating-Band Dynamic EQ


    Tips prácticos #11 Crea espacio en voces utilizando Eq Dinámico con el F6 :

  • Joe Bonamassa on tone – and how to sound like Clapton, Page and Beck


    Featured in Guitarist 408

    Gear demos playlist: Subscribe for more from Guitarist:

    Buy Guitarist magazine in print and digital forms:

    Visit our website:

  • How to Start to Sing Like Chris Cornell


    The Day I Tried to Live Tribute:
    Free Voice Lessons:

    Some of My Music:
    Free Recording Course:

    There's a lot that goes into singing period! And then when you throw in the challenge of trying to belt crazy high notes while still being able to maintain relaxed composure in the quiet moments of the song... It's a lot to aspire to. But in this video, I'll share with you how I discovered that imitating a simple and less desirable sound helped me get on the path to not only singing like Chris Cornell, but also drastically expanding my usable vocal range!

  • Oxford Dynamic EQ Overview 2/5 - What does the Dynamic EQ do that a static EQ does not?


    The Oxford Dynamic EQ - find out more at and to buy, head to

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    Music: Soon by the Lost Art (remix)

  • Waves F6 Dynamic EQ Plugin Overview


    Watch mix engineer Brad Divens (Kanye West, Enrique Iglesias) demonstrate sidechaining, mid-side processing & more with the F6 Floating-Band Dynamic EQ plugin. Learn more:

  • Diggin In The Crates With Allday | S06E01 | Cool Accidents


    We caught up with Allday ahead of Splendour In The Grass to check out which albums he rates and has inspired him over the years - and there are some you definitely wouldn't expect. He pulls out Joni Mitchell, Bob Dylan and a Dr Dre album that disappointed him.

    Pick up Allday's new album, Starry Night Over The Phone, out now.

    Allday's picks:
    Dr Dre - 2001
    Silverchair - Diorama
    Van Morrison - Astral Weeks
    Bob Dylan - Blood On The Tracks
    Joni Mitchell - Blie
    Paul Simon - Graceland

    Director: Andrew Morgan
    Location: TITLE, Surry Hills

    Plug into all things Cool Accidents at:

    #Allday #StarryNightOverThePhone #DigginInTheCrates

  • Touché Factory Presets : Clubkeys - Softwell


    In this series of videos, we explore some of the presets that comes with every Touché.

    Touché ships with Lié, its companion software. Lié is a host of plug-ins and comes with tailor-made sounds and configurations for a selection of synthesisers, as well as tools to make your own hardware and software presets.

    All of Lié’s factory presets were made in partnership with UVI Falcon, and are ready to be played within UVI Workstation, included in Lié’s package.

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  • Story Time: Jack Gray Chats About Going To Bebe Rexhas Grammy Afterparty | Cool Accidents


    Rising Australian singer/songwriter/producer Jack Gray stopped by to share a few wacky stories in his music career, including the time he wore Bebe Rexha's gorgeous red Grammy dress and almost screwed up during his Dean Lewis support tour.

    Stream Jack Gray's new EP, Nights Like This, on Spotify or Apple Music right now.

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  • Discovering & Witnessing | Money Mark Meets Matriarch


    Money Mark, the mad scientist of music, never stops moving. At Moogfest 2019, $ came into orbit just long enough for an impromptu meeting with one of the first Moog Matriarch prototypes, leaving behind this record of their brief encounter.

    Moog Matriarch is available now for pre-order through your favorite authorized Moog dealer:

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  • Ohm Studio - Discovering the Ohm Studio


    An overview of what you need to know to get started.

  • My 6 year old discovering Native Instruments Driver VST plug in


    Andie My 6 year old discovering & tripping on Native Instruments Driver plug in. Getting her 1st taste of synthesis & dirty digital filters on track I'm mixing. I may finally have an assistant I can afford!

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  • Discovering Black Spirit 200 with Joss Allen | The Lost Tapes!


    Sooooo.... we actually shot this Joss discovers Black Spirit 200 video back when he actually discovered it, back in summer 2018!

    But we mislaid the tapes, or something, so it's finally seeing the light of day for the first time now. This was shot about an hour after Joss first saw Black Spirit 200, so these are his absolutely genuine first impressions... enjoy :)

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  • Discovering Sorrow


    Provided to YouTube by recordJet

    Discovering Sorrow · Lofi Beats · Chillhop Chancellor · Chill Hip Hop Plug

    Lofi Instrumental Lazy

    ℗ 2020 Marsmen Music

    Released on: 2020-02-28

    Composer: Jonas Schneider

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Discovering New Sounds with MASSIVEs Randomize Function


    In this video we explain you how to discover new sounds by utilizing the Randomize function of MASSIVE.

    For more tutorials and technical information please visit our Knowledge Base:

  • Teaser: Ultratap Plug-in Coming Soon


    A unique multi-tap effect that’s capable of rhythmic delays, glitchy reverbs, huge pad-like volume swells, and extraordinary modulation. It’s the perfect tool for creating drum fills, vocal choruses, swelling guitar chords, and other evolving effects. Producers, engineers, sound designers and musicians will have loads of fun discovering its multiple uses.

    Try it out with our free, fully functional, 30-day demo. Learn more at

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  • Touché Factory Presets : Marthes - MelSolo


    In this series of videos, we explore some of the presets that comes with every Touché.

    Touché ships with Lié, its companion software. Lié is a host of plug-ins and comes with tailor-made sounds and configurations for a selection of synthesisers, as well as tools to make your own hardware and software presets.

    All of Lié’s factory presets were made in partnership with UVI Falcon, and are ready to be played within UVI Workstation, included in Lié’s package.

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  • Jack Gray - Friends Like These


    Jack Gray – The New Single ‘Friends Like These’ out now

    Director: Julian Tynan

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  • 02 | What is Lié? | Touché Tutorials


    Learn which purpose the companion app Lié serves in conjunction with Touché and Touché SE.

    Check detailed information about which formats and DAWs Lié supports here:

    Learn how to create and edit presets with Lié here:

    All our Touché in-depth Tutorials are available in this playlist:

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    For our online manual and answers to common questions, please visit our online knowledge base:

  • Scott Borchetta - The Culture & Business of Big Machine Records - Why We Are Picky About Our Artist


    Get an insider look into the business of Music? Scott Borchetta, best known for founding Big Machine Records and for discovering singer-songwriter Taylor Swift, shares his views on Culture and Business.

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    #Nashville #MusicBusiness #MusicTips

    Join the Music Starts Here Community. Truly a hidden gem for anyone who is a music creator. Whether you live in Nashville or anywhere else in the world… Music Starts Here is like a personal GPS for your music career. It’s the place to be if you want to get advice or direction from some seriously talented musical people who have been where you want to go. Music news, events, ebooks, podcasts, video training and a great big community with resources for artists, songwriters, musicians, studio and tech along with music business advice from pros in the industry ALL ON ONE SITE. Get Your FREE Profile now at: PLUG-IN & AMPLIFY YOURSELF!!!

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    Since 2010, MusicStartsHere has dedicated itself to the growth and support of the music doers worldwide within a one-of-a-kind music community. With over two decades of collective boots on the ground experience in the music business community, we have fostered thousands of diverse relationships. MusicStartsHere provides flexible and customized solutions for connecting you and your goals to the exact dots that you have been looking for.

    MusicStartsHere was created with the purpose of informing, educating, and connecting those in the music and entertainment industries. With so many specific facets of the industry, we set out with the mission of connecting all the dots. From the singer/songwriter, to the A&R executive, to the video producer, to the guys behind the boards in the studio, MusicStartsHere hopes to bring real value to everyone in the music community. MusicStartsHere is an online resource, marketplace, and gathering square for like-minded individuals to work, earn, inspire, and create together.

    Our Vision & Mission
    To Engage and Enrich
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    To Equip and Elevate
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    the Music Creators of The World

    Promise To Our Members
    To persistently provide and present the most relevant, comprehensive, music-centric resources and community platforms that consistently streamline, enrich and exponentially elevate the efforts of every music dreamer, lover and creator in Nashville and the rest of the planet.

    The nature and culture of MusicStartsHere is a collaborative one, that understands that success can't be reached alone. By sponsoring local events, allowing industry professionals to solicit their services, and offering a venue for singer/songwriters or producers to showcase their music catalogs, MusicStartsHere has provided the ultimate sandbox allowing each member an opportunity to build their own sand castles of creativity and success to help them on their personal journey through this crazy adventure better known as the music business...

  • Touché Factory Presets : Electricbass - CTNBass


    In this series of videos, we explore some of the presets that comes with every Touché.

    Touché ships with Lié, its companion software. Lié is a host of plug-ins and comes with tailor-made sounds and configurations for a selection of synthesisers, as well as tools to make your own hardware and software presets.

    All of Lié’s factory presets were made in partnership with UVI Falcon, and are ready to be played within UVI Workstation, included in Lié’s package.

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  • Smoke Fairies - Summer Fades | Mahogany Session



    Smoke Fairies perform Summer Fades for Mahogany.

    Since 2010, Mahogany Sessions have been bringing millions of people around the world closer to the artists they love. Incredibly intimate musical moments from the likes of James Bay, Bastille, Hozier, Birdy, Leon Bridges, Jacob Banks, JP Cooper, Rag’n’Bone Man, Gavin James and hundreds more. Subscribe to make sure you never miss out on discovering incredible music.
    Submit your own music to Mahogany Sessions:
    Mahogany Sessions can be enjoyed on YouTube, streamed on Spotify and downloaded on Apple Music.


    Find out more from Smoke Fairies:


  • Touché Factory Presets : Clubleads - Aouky


    In this series of videos, we explore some of the presets that comes with every Touché.

    Touché ships with Lié, its companion software. Lié is a host of plug-ins and comes with tailor-made sounds and configurations for a selection of synthesisers, as well as tools to make your own hardware and software presets.

    All of Lié’s factory presets were made in partnership with UVI Falcon, and are ready to be played within UVI Workstation, included in Lié’s package.

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  • 3s Up sits with Corey The Hood Plug about his business ventures how he is promoting for ETX artists


    Thanks for watching another 3’s Up Production!
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