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Playlist of Diminishing Returns and the Production Function

  • 100% Tone Truth - The Law of Diminishing Returns Explained - INTHEBLUES Tone Podcast


    I believe the law of diminishing returns kicks in a lot lower in terms of price than most people probably think it does. I have no problems pulling the same sound out of gear 1/4 the price of my main rig and the difference in tone versus cost doesn't match up.

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  • 202 Feb 15 20:07 -2


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  • Top 3 Mix Mistakes Composers are Making - Mix The Score with Satoshi Noguchi, Ep. 1


    Introducing Mix The Score, a new video series featuring acclaimed Film Score Mixer & Engineer Satoshi Noguchi (Lion, Lone Survivor, Midnight Special). Episode 1 lays out the Top 3 Mix Mistakes Satoshi is seeing in demo mixes from composers he's worked with - covering topics like clutter in the midrange, layering samples with live recordings, and over-compressed drums. For more info on Satoshi and his work, check out his website:

  • 10X Your Studio Business by Mixing Faster—with Joel Wanasek MixCon Video


    In this MixCon video, Joel Wanasek takes you through systems that will allow you to mix faster than ever before, while being more creative and getting better results.

    Sound too good to be true? It isn't. Wanasek practices what he preaches, and it has led to his own success as producer and mixer for the likes of Miyavi, Machine Head, Vinyl Theater, Blessthefall and more.

    Special thanks to Steinberg and Cubase for making this presentation possible. Visit them at

    To see more from Joel, visit or read his articles on SonicScoop at

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  • Scarcity, Opportunity Cost, Trade-Offs & The Production Possibilities Curve


  • Lunch and Learn: Leading with Science: Returning to Music Instruction and Performance


    A special extended topic, please join the members of the leadership team at Johns Hopkins University focused on a return to campus for the fall 2020 semester as they discuss the science behind the challenges of music instruction and performance in the time of COVID-19.

    Stephen J. Gange, Ph.D
    Jonathan Links, Ph.D
    Aaron Milstone, MD, MHS

    Presented on July 8, 2020

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  • Audio Repair with iZotope RX 7 - Warren Huart: Produce Like A Pro


    We're going to be giving away 3 copies of iZotope RX 7 Standard during this live stream! Leave a ton of comments and questions in the live chat for a chance to win!
    ➡️Get iZotope RX 7 here:
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    Produce Like A Pro is a website which features great tips to help the beginning recordist make incredible sounding home recordings on a budget.

  • Dynamic Range Day Webcast 2019


    Live webcast including the announcement of the 2019 DRD Award-winner

    Find out more about the new Loudness Penalty plugin here:

  • Advanced Drum Programming Tutorial: Extreme Metal


    An in-depth tutorial covering my process for humanising programmed MIDI drums.

    Holy Sadist will be available on all streaming platforms, as well as Bandcamp, on 29/11/19.

    0:34 - What this video will cover.
    3:18 - Things to do before you start.
    7:52 - GGD Invasion.
    10:19 - Guitar tracks.
    11:53 - Workflow overview.
    12:48 - Selecting notes.
    14:52 - Kick timing.
    36:07 - Snare timing.
    1:01:38 - Tom and drum fill timing.
    1:17:18 - Cymbals timing.
    1:24:12 - Kick velocities.
    1:59:14 - Snare velocities.
    2:22:26 - Tom and drum fill velocities.
    2:32:10 - Cymbal velocities.
    2:40:22 - Outro.

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  • AP Micro Econ. Unit 3 Music Video


    Songs used:
    Eung Freestyle - Sik-K, Flowsik, PUNCHNELLO, Owen Ovadoz
    I'll Never Smile Again - Frank Sinatra

    Background Music For Lyrics From:
    King's Dead - Kendrick Lamar, Future, Jay Rock, James Blake
    Never Gonna Give You Up - Rick Astley

    No Copyright Infringement Intended
    For Educational Purposes Only

  • 98 - Band Orchestration 101


    Today on the podcast I’m joined by Brett Newton to discuss his two new books about Band Orchestration, which is an often overlooked topic. We discuss what orchestration is and why it’s valuable to think from a composer’s perspective, the history of the wind band and some of the instruments inside, and how you can save 10% on Brett’s new books as a Clarineat subscriber.

    Show Notes:

    Support the Show:

    D'Addario Reeds:

  • An Interview With Ron Sobel - President of North Star Media, a music publishing company


    In this clip from - Ron Sobel, president of a California Publishing Company, talks about various topics pertaining to publishing and the music industry.

  • Whole-Systems Data-Centre Design for Radical Energy and Capital Efficiency


    Amory Lovins, Chairman/Chief Scientist of the Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI) speaking at his seminar on Whole-Systems Data-Centre Design for Radical Energy and Capital Efficiency.

  • Question 1B, Looping through an ArrayList - How to do well on AP CSA FRQ - AP CSA 2017


    Video 3 in the series! Sorry about the large delay.

    In this video, I cover the question 1B on the AP CSA 2017 test, which involves looping through an arraylist to figure out if it's in strictly increasing order.

    If you have any questions or general feedback, please let me know in the comments!

    Shoutout to the AP Computer Science Teachers Facebook Group!

    Important Links:
    2017 AP CS A FRQ:
    Scoring Guidelines:
    Cheat Sheet:


    My Patreon:
    The song in the video:

  • 808 Bass Part 2: Super Neat Beat Cheat Sheet


    To learn more about Reason:

    Welcome to Part 2 of our two-part deep dive into trap-style 808 basses. In part one we looked at the origins of the style and some basic ways you can quickly create 808 bass sounds and 808 bass lines in your music.

    In part 2 we're going deeper into sculpting the sound, including a look at Thor's advanced sound design capabilities. If you've used Thor but find yourself sticking to presets because you don't understand it, this tutorial should leave you feeling much better about experimenting yourself with signal routing and modulation inside Thor.

  • Think & Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill


  • Law of Diminishing Return


    The Watch perform an original song called 'The Law of Diminishing Returns at Rush Street in Kingsport, TN on Halloween 1993. Bo Bradley, David Cate, Derek Helvey and Eric Augenstein.

  • Diminishing Returns


    Provided to YouTube by TuneCore

    Diminishing Returns · Rupert Pope

    Post Classical 2

    ℗ 2018 Extreme Music

    Released on: 2018-04-30

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • How to Know When Youve Reached the Point of Diminishing Returns


  • Diminishing Returns - Ali Love


    -Video Upload powered by

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  • Diminishing Returns


    Provided to YouTube by CDBaby

    Diminishing Returns · Aaron Mark Brown

    Realities of Grandeur

    ℗ 2012 Aaron Mark Brown

    Released on: 2012-04-10

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Natural Law - Diminishing Returns


    from 2011s 'Find The Flock' (Deranged/Katorga Works)


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  • Feb 08 20:11-3


  • Diminishing Returns @ The Vibe Lounge 5/31/09 Miseryslovedone


    first performance of 2009

  • 202 Feb 15 18:32-2


  • 202 Feb 15 18:32-3


  • SoundRabbit - Diminished Returns


    Diminished Returns by SoundRabbit, from the album, Tree Trunk Airplanes. Lyrics:

    August 13, 1979
    Tree trunk airplanes falling out of the sky
    The warning signs, the words on the wall
    Ashes, ashes, the king of diamonds will fall
    Ashes, ashes, the king of diamonds will fall

    So long, so long
    So long, so long

    3:15, inflation's growing the grain
    Field to table, truckbeds, tranports, and trains
    At 10 past 4, the meeting ajourns
    The years roll on, diminished returns

    The CEO with hat in his hand
    We'll drill to meet the oil demand

    We'll do it the same
    We'll do it the same

  • The Marginal Rate of Technical Substitution


    Provided to YouTube by CDBaby

    The Marginal Rate of Technical Substitution · Richard Budet

    Desktop Warrior

    ℗ 2010 Richard Budet

    Released on: 2010-07-01

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

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  • The Factors of Production and Their Effect on the Market



  • Diminishing


    Provided to YouTube by The Orchard Enterprises

    Diminishing · Django Reinhardt & Le Quintette Du Hot Club De France


    ℗ 2014 Entertain Me Europe LTD

    Released on: 2014-06-20

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • AFELIOS Y PERIHELIOS - Aphelions and Perihelions


    The aberration of light is a phenomenon proper to the universe of the stars, which produces apparent movements in the position of celestial bodies, such as stars. From the point of view of an Earthman, the apparent position of a star varies due to the changes in the speed of the Earth when orbits are around the Sun. There are also optical aberrations, which deform things when you observed through visual devices. This word also applies to human behavior: a deviation from what is considered normal is called an aberration. In the video Afelios and perihelios, the title refers to the Sun to the closest point on a Earth orbit, presents this star and a retinue of humanized stars orbiting in an irregular, aberrated, on nine screens.

    Title: Aphelions and Perihelions
    Video: Monocanal 
    Sound: Stereo 
    Duration: 00:03:13 
    Format: 16:9
    Year: 2018

    2019 - Under the Subway Video Art Night

    2019 - CineAutopsia | Bogotá Experimental Film
    2018 - Videowall del Centro Cutural Banco de la
    Reública de Manizales, Colombia.

    La aberración de la luz es un fenómeno propio del universo de los astros, que produce movimientos aparentes en la posición de los cuerpos celestes, como las estrellas. Desde el punto de vista de un terrícola, la posición aparente de una estrella varía debido a los cambios de velocidad de la Tierra al orbitar alrededor del Sol. Existen además aberraciones ópticas, que deforman las cosas al ser observadas a través de dispositivos visuales. Esta palabra se aplica también al comportamiento humano: una desviación de lo considerado normal se denomina aberración. En el video Afelios y perihelios, cuyo título se refiere al Sol y al punto más cercano a este en la órbita terrestre, presenta a esta estrella y a un séqui- to de astros humanizados orbitando de manera irregular, aberrada, en nueve pantallas.

    Titulo: Afelios y Perihelios
    Video: Monocanal
    Sonido: Stereo
    Duración: 00:03:13
    Formato: 16:9

  • In Your Head


    Provided to YouTube by CDBaby

    In Your Head · Hey Guy

    In Your Head

    ℗ 2010 Hey Guy

    Released on: 2010-12-17

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Yngwie Malmsteen #13 - 6 strings progression


    Tutorial shredding ala Yngwie Malmsteen

  • Yngwie Malmsteen #04 - minor to diminished progression


    Tutorial shredding ala Yngwie Malmsteen

  • Global Capitalisms Exploitation Breeds Poverty and Despair


    Provided to YouTube by CDBaby

    Global Capitalism's Exploitation Breeds Poverty and Despair · Malachi Constant


    ℗ 2002 Guilt Ridden Pop

    Released on: 2002-01-01

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Introduction / Exercises and Recall


    Provided to YouTube by Smithsonian Folkways Recordings

    Introduction / Exercises and Recall · Wallace Sife

    Self Liberation from Test Anxiety

    ℗ 2004 Smithsonian Folkways Recordings / 1980 Folkways Records

    Released on: 1980-01-01

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Mr and Mrs Smith live 5



  • Luke Davids - You Are


    For monthly cover videos, live online shows and more join me at

    Luke Davids is a London-born singer-songwriter with piano-based songs and inventive arrangements that evoke the refined hooks of Elvis Costello and Ben Folds.

    Buy/Stream music:


    Join the E-Mail List:

    Twitter: @lukedavids

    Instagram: @lukefdavids

    Luke Davids Teaches Songwriting:


  • Brad Sucks - Dropping out of School


    Artiste : Brad Sucks
    Album : Out of it
    Titre : Dropping out of School
    Numéro de piste : 01

    Albume téléchargeable sur Jamendo :

  • Capsim-Human Resources


  • Diminishing and Djangos Castle Parisota Hot Club LIVE April 12 2014 Jazz at St. Barneys


    Diminishing and Django's Castle Parisota Hot Club LIVE April 12 2014 Jazz at St. Barney's

  • Stumble Over Words - Shannon Arballo


    This is a song I wrote called Stumble Over Words. Its completely original. If you like it, like this video and subscribe.

    Follow me:
    Twitter: @Shannon_arballo
    Instagram: @ShannonArballo



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