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Playlist of Dillbily

  • Dillbily - Pre-save the New Single - Out 5.21.21


    Pre-save the title track from Dillbilly's upcoming record, Chaparral on Spotify and Apple from Waxsimile Productions at

    Available everywhere 5.21.21

    Graphic Design by Jared Swanson:
    Photography by Luis Cubas:
    Additional Design by Dillbilly

    Written by Dillbilly
    Produced & Arranged by Julie Wolf:
    Additional Production by Nino Moschella:
    Mixed by Nino Moschella & Julie Wolf
    Mastered by Ken Lee Mastering

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  • Dillbilly- Yella Bird- NPR Tiny Desk Contest 2018


    Original song, Yella Bird written by Dillbilly and performed by D. Dill on banjo and vocals, Rhonda Kinard on upright bass, and Kofy Brown on percussion. All rights reserved 2018.

    About Dillbilly:
    Dillbilly (pronouns: they/them) is a genre-queer alt-country singer-songwriter based out of Oakland, CA. Raised in a trailer park in the rural midwest near the Ohio River, Dill grew up surrounded by cornfields and grain silos going jug fishing and playing classical piano. Born to a touring singer/guitarist father, Dill was introduced to the music world at a young age. At 18, they won a piano scholarship that sent them to Berklee College of Music. Feeling uprooted and homesick as a transplant in Boston, Dillbilly dropped out and went back to the Midwest to start a band with their high school friends. Over the past 20 years, they have been performing and touring across the U.S. and Canada releasing 9 full length albums as well as contributions to soundtracks for movies and TV under their birth name, Denise Dill. Most of those releases were self recorded and released. Since moving to the Bay Area in 2015, they renamed their musical self and chose a name that more accurately embodies where they come from, where they draw inspiration, who they collaborate with, and how they identify as a genderqueer person. Now, in the 2018, they are performing as a band and have teamed up with renowned musician and producer Julie Wolf to create their 10th full length record which will be released next year.

    Whether the vehicle of the song is guitar, uke, banjo, sax, or piano, Dill’s songwriting is “[…] so strong you can taste it. It is sweet, spicy, savory, organic, homegrown, lots of twists, sometimes complex, sometimes so simple, and oh so very delicious! Their albums makes you want to sit in a rocking chair on a front porch in the fall while eating peach salsa, or wander out deep in the woods without knowing were you’ll end up,” says artist and friend Margaret Belton of San Franscisco, CA.

    Branching into filmscoring, Dillbilly has composed for two full length films from Roundpoint Movies videomaker, Craig Saddlemire as well as one TV series. Neighbor by Neighbor: Mobilizing an Invisible Community in Lewiston, ME (2009) features a theme song written by Dill. Household: Four Stories of Kinship and Community (2013) features an original soundtrack to the full length documentary. Finally, My So-called Housing Cooperative (2013), a web TV series features a theme song written by Dill.

    Dill’s last full length solo release, Heavy Joi, is ”a sparkling work of thought and labor. Heavy JOI is evidence of Dill’s growth as an artist showcasing a complete and mature batch of thirteen songs that gives this album both weight and levity, as the album title implies. Dill’s lyrics and instrumentation are meaningful and complex. Each component is about substance not style. They broach difficult and complicated emotional issues that adults experience but are rarely able to articulate in such a beautiful way. I doubt Dillbillyl has received nearly as much goodwill as other lesser singer/songwriters, and they have certainly received less than they deserve. For now, I’ll leave Heavy JOI on my list of records which require further inspection. I’ll plan to revisit it frequently and slowly digest all of its brilliant detail.”,” says music enthusiast and critic Elijah True of Lewiston, ME. To purchase a copy of Heavy Joi, as well as other recordings visit Cdbaby, Itunes, Amazon, or Bandcamp.

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  • DILLBILLY- Loose Cannon - NPR Tiny Desk Contest 2017


    Submission to the 2017 NPR Tiny Desk Contest. This is an original song written by Denise Dill off the self published HEAVY JOI album. Performed by Denise Dill & Rhonda Kinard.

    The picture at the center of the table is Denise's fathers band, THE NEIGHBORHOOD, from the 1970s.


    Our legends were surveillanced in the basement
    Ultimatums, how I hate them, carbon date them
    And I take it just to take it, now I'm telling tall tales
    Taller than the telephone poles, saw their tops off, just a trim

    Loose Cannon, grip, bang. Catch your breath, death, a train
    Fake a smile, teeth, meat. Stay indoors and dissect
    Grasp for phatom hands, grasp for phantom breath
    Now put your trust in us, but your trust is rust

    Impulse in deep
    Coral reef dive
    Empire on fire
    Oh how it shines
    Take it from me
    All life's a thief
    So give it away
    And sell all your grief

    Design our histories, ten stories too tall
    And a staircase to steep, ceilings likely to fall
    Now I survey, but the building sways


  • DILLBILLY- Winged Refugee- Tiny Desk Contest 2017


    unreleased, copyright Denise Dill 2017
    featuring Rhonda Kinard



    It's been years
    Inside a thick blue fog
    With no horizons or landmarks
    To tell east from west
    Or kitchen to bed
    My eyes and lips
    Were my compass
    So tell me where am I now?
    Inside this house
    When there is no line
    Between the earth and sky

    The sunsets
    Behind a muffled cloud
    I watch the colors all bleed down
    Into a beautiful mess
    Across the train tracks
    Where there's no trespassing
    Or going back
    So tell me where am I now?
    Inside this town
    When there is no line
    Between the earth and sky

    In this city of crows
    We sit like black leaves on branches
    Of trees that are bareboned
    Like a cloak of dark feathers
    City of gulls
    Hang Gliding and landing
    On chimneys and rooftops
    After scavenging breadcrumbs
    They come home

    We're all winged
    Abandoned talons for clenched teeth
    But when we open our mouths
    Birdsongs still come out
    That trilling cadance that we carry south
    Well here I am now
    Inside new skin
    But I am not tied to the cage I'm in

    In this city of crows
    We sit like black leaves on branches
    Of trees that are bareboned
    Like a cloak of dark feathers
    City of gulls
    Hang Gliding and landing
    On chimneys and rooftops
    After scavenging breadcrumbs
    They come.......




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