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Playlist of Deathgrind

  • Impulsealer - Studio Session 2019


    2-piece long-bearded grind band from Czechia since 2018. This is their fresh studio session. Some of the tracks will be included in a split with No God Rhetoric.

    Self-released (free digital format) on December 2019.
    Get it here:

    01.[00:00] They Say
    02.[01:05] Damage
    03.[01:52] Soul
    04.[03:29] Collision
    05.[04:43] Re-build
    06.[05:52] Stay Apart
    07.[06:54] Plasticized
    08.[08:25] No One
    09.[09:20] Price

    More info at:

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  • Fluids - Arterial Rift EP


    Debut ep from Arizona deathgrind band, Fluids. All Rights To Their Respective Owners.

    1. Shuddering
    2. Heinous Ritual
    3. Arterial Rift
    4. Confession
    5. Piled
    6. Varicose Part 2

  • x
  • Death - Grind drumming! #2


    song: Fuck Shit Up - Generation of Defecation

  • Hostia - s/t FULL ALBUM


    Fresh grind band from Warsaw, Poland. This is their awesome debut album.

    Released on May 2018 (CD and digital format) by Via Nocturna.

    01.[00:00] Corroded Cross
    02.[01:55] Heretic's Last Dance
    03.[03:09] You Gonna Die
    04.[04:18] Holy Extortion
    05.[06:15] Home Rough Home
    06.[07:42] Black Parasites
    07.[08:40] Egodist
    08.[10:59] I Will Not Follow
    09.[12:17] Killed by Life
    10.[13:49] Leatherface Kiss
    11.[15:25] War Puppets
    12.[17:35] Not Really A Christian Song
    13.[19:20] Karl's Delicatessen

    More info at:
    -- Hostia --

    -- Via Nocturna --

  • x
  • Abraded - Descendants of the Swamp FULL EP


    Filthy death/grind band from Cleveland, Ohio, USA. This is their debut EP.

    Released on May 2018 by Aggressively Uninterested.

    01.[00:00] Veracity of Disease
    02.[02:34] Entranced in Halucinosis
    03.[04:49] An Act of Cruelty
    04.[07:21] The Bogwitch
    05.[09:42] Hacked Up (And Fed To Slime)
    06.[11:33] Wormheaven

    More info at:

  • Feretory / Head Erruption - Audial Skull Detonation FULL ALBUM


    Feretory are a goregrind band from Phoenix, Arizona, USA formed in 2017. In this split they team-up with death/grind act Head Eruption from Detroit, Michigan, USA since the early 10s.

    Released on September 2019 (cassette format) by Suicide Of A Species Records.

    CS version:

    Digital version:

    -- Feretory --
    1.[00:00] Charred Flesh And Burnt Hair
    2.[01:16] Corpse Left To Rot
    3.[02:21] Choking On Teeth
    4.[03:21] Ground Into Pulp
    5.[04:31] Festering Abcess
    6.[05:31] Rope Chair And Gasoline
    -- Head Erruption --
    7.[06:34] Wear The Master's Crown
    8.[08:18] Red Brigade
    9.[09:54] Umoja

    More info at:

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  • Oxicorte - The Betrayed PROMO SINGLE


    Fresh death/grind band from Madrid, Spain. This is their debut promo single.

    More info at:

  • Obligatorisk Tortyr - s/t FULL ALBUM


    Grind band from Gothenburg, Sweden since 1998. This is their debut full length.

    Released in 2001 (CD format) by Osmose Productions.

    01.[00:00] Ingen återvändo
    02.[01:44] Spolmask
    03.[02:38] Du är så svag
    04.[04:11] Stenkross
    05.[05:17] Snart bryter kriget ut
    06.[06:43] Min fiende
    07.[07:45] Din frälsares grav
    08.[09:26] Maskin
    09.[10:53] Obligatorisk tortyr
    10.[13:12] Tryckkokare
    11.[13:59] My Hatred
    12.[15:11] Icke-humanitär
    13.[17:02] Destruktionspatrull 666
    14.[18:09] Världen är vacker
    15.[19:26] Avloppsbrunn
    16.[20:20] Helmantlad
    17.[22:46] Törstar efter rov
    18.[24:43] My Prey
    19.[26:43] 3+3
    20.[27:48] Du ger mig inte nåt
    21.[29:53] Döda världen
    22.[31:25] Krossa livet
    23.[32:22] Total War
    24.[34:14] Aldrig/Inget
    25.[37:28] Slåttermaskin
    26.[37:58] Untitled

    More info at:
    -- Obligatorisk Tortyr --

    -- Osmose Productions --

  • G.O.D. / Domesticated - split 7 FULL ALBUM


    Grotesque Organ Defilement (G.O.D.) are a goregrind band from Peterborough, Ontario, Canada since 2006. In this split release they team up with Domesticated, a death/grind band from Victoria, British Columbia, Canada since 2015.

    Self-released (digital format) on March 2018.
    7 vinyl version coming soon by Outrageous Defecation Records, Grindfather Productions, and Alternative Record Label.

    -- G.O.D. --
    01.[00:00] Mouse Plague '93
    02.[00:59] Pseudocolus
    03.[01:49] Chestburster
    04.[02:18] Horseshoes!?? Up Your Ass!
    -- Domesticated --
    05.[05:00] Exorcism Of Lunar Spectre

    More info at:
    -- G.O.D. --

    -- Domesticated --

    -- Labels --

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  • Berkowitz / Menstrual Moonshine - split FULL ALBUM


    2-way US brutal death/grind split including:
    - Berkowitz from Virginia Beach, Virginia since 2017
    - Menstrual Moonshine from Lakeland, Florida since 2017

    Self-released (digital format) on May 2020.
    Get it here:

    -- Berkowitz --
    00:00 42 Pine
    00:38 Bodily Pharm
    02:51 Hung by the Strung
    03:09 New World Whorederves
    04:57 Placebo Burrito
    -- Menstrual Moonshine --
    06:31 #FreeFranks
    09:02 Hmu for Bars (They Script)
    09:54 Horrendous Butchery
    11:05 Ice Fusion V2
    12:57 Zephyrpills

    More info at:
    -- Berkowitz --

    -- Menstrual Moonshine --

  • Fluids - Bagged & Tagged FULL DEMO


    Brutal death/grind band from Phoenix, Arizona, USA since 2018. This is their second release, after a debut EP a few months ago.

    Self-released (digital format) on January 2019.

    01.[00:00] Bagged
    02.[02:09] Tagged

    More info at:

  • Facegrinder - Cosmic Background EP


    New ep from Australian brutal deathgrind outfit, Facegrinder.
    All Rights To Their Respective Owners.

    1. Cosmic Background
    2. RetroGrade
    3. Oort Cloud
    4. Void
    5. Spaghettification
    6. Hawking Radiation

  • Sulaco - Build & Burn


    Second full length album from American deathgrind band, Sulaco. All Rights To Their Respective Owners.

    1. On the Fence
    2. Build and Burn
    3. Dingy Metropolis
    4. Corridor
    5. Make a Move
    6. The Approach
    7. It's Over Johnny

  • Languish - Unworthy LP FULL ALBUM


    Blackened death/grind band from Tucson, Arizona, USA since 2014 including members of Territory, North, and Gatecreeper. This is their second full length album.

    Released on October 2018 (vinyl, CD, cassette and digital format) by Prosthetic Records.

    01.[00:01] Raze
    02.[01:08] Nurv
    03.[02:53] Urges Fulfilled
    04.[03:51] Recommence
    05.[05:16] Malignancy
    06.[08:08] Goliath
    07.[09:54] Unworthy
    08.[12:46] Chopping Block
    09.[14:48] Unholy Land
    10.[17:03] Pawn Of God
    11.[18:11] The Blinding Light Of Purgatory
    12.[19:16] Hung And Butchered
    13.[20:48] Soft Will
    14.[23:07] Rake
    15.[24:16] Famine

    More info at:
    -- Languish --

    -- Prosthetic Records --

  • Circle of Defeat - Formula for Failure


    Final material from American grind outfit, Circle of Defeat.
    All Rights To Their Respective Owners.

    1. Language of Violence
    2. Mon frère
    3. Your Words Speak No Truth
    4. My Teeth Kicked In
    5. Lesser of Two Evils
    6. Envision Failure
    7. The Grey of Certainty
    8. End of the Line
    9. Ghosts

  • Sagotorium - Primary Miscarriage FULL ALBUM


    Groovy death/grind/electro band from Brest, Belarus since 2012. This is their debut album.

    Self-released (CD and digital format) on July 2013.

    01.[00:00] Cumыс
    02.[01:56] Dismembered Trunk
    03.[03:42] Fried Chiken Genocide
    04.[06:09] Gore-O-Scope
    05.[07:44] Maggots of Human Scum
    06.[08:59] Torsion Graves
    07.[10:12] Meatslap
    08.[11:45] Scaty Kitty
    09.[13:08] Cонг Фор Ждан
    10.[14:34] Вуткi i Качкi (Intra Muros cover)
    11.[16:53] The Day the Dead Walked (Six Feet Under cover)

    More info at:



    Solo lo-fi gurgling death/grind/gore/noise project from Greece by Mike from Satanas Vurdul / DCMFS and Nikos from DCMFS.. This is the band's debut EP.

    Self-released on May 2018.

    01.[00.00] fuck
    02.[01.34] everything
    03.[02.06] you
    04.[03.02] stand
    05.[04.13] for
    06.[04.44] !

  • Kataplexis - Necrotic Wasteland SINGLE


    Tech death/grind band from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The track is a single from their upcoming 3rd full length entitled Kataplexis, expected to be released at the end of this year by PRC Music.

    More info at:
    -- Kataplexis --

    -- PRC Music --

  • Death-grind drumming # 4


    Fuck shit up -- Bullet through brain
    by Artem Zhibar
    T-RECords studio (

    Гитары были записаны ещё в 2003, без клика, поэтому сорри за точность в некоторых местах)

  • technical death/deathgrind riffs


    yep. nope. okay.

  • x
  • Technical Deathgrind Riffage


    Sammy Urwin playing a demo of a new Oblivionized song, the song might apear on an upcoming split. This is a demo version recorded using a drum machine.

  • Posterror - Panopticaos 2015 Deathgrind


    Posterror - deathgrind band from Temuco, Chile

    1.Delusion of Prosperity
    2.Destruye el Paradigma
    4.Todos los dias
    5.Venomous Hunger
    6.Dosis diaria
    8.Masiva Histeria Suicida

    Note: If you are a member of the band or a member of a label related to this release and you want the video to be removed please let me know by sending me a pm on youtube or on facebook page or on my email adress.
    #grindwarchannel #grindwar

  • limb disposal - chunks of your pulverized skull slamming deathgrind/noisegore


    free download -



    The excitement I get
    when I pulverize your head

    Fill your mouth with gore
    And my cock
    My blade will slip away

    Putrid Chunks of your SKULL

    fuck you

  • Misrule - Forced to Suffer EP


    Debut material from American deathgrind project, Misrule. All Rights To Their Respective Owners.

    0:00 Forced To Suffer
    1:14 Led To The Grave
    3:27 Death Embrace Me
    5:19 Bleed
    6:01 Maggot

  • Most Brutal Music Genres


    Sorry for a guitar tone for those who don't like it and sorryn't for those who like it xD
    All of this is my composition
    You will find here some hardcore and deathcore music with sick breakdowns. Also death and black metal, slam, goregrind, deathgrind and finally gorenoise. Have fun!
    Thanks to CoorchacParkour for editing video
    Check out my solo project:
    The new album will be soon
    Also check out my sound cloud:

  • Goregrind vs Pornogrind vs Deathgrind vs Deathcore vs Brutal Death Metal


    Goregrind vs Pornogrind vs Deathgrind vs Deathcore vs Brutal Death Metal

  • Brutal death-grind drumming semples Mass Massacre


    Mass massacre drummer
    24/05/06 Rivne Ukraine

    Music in vein of Mortician

  • onlysick over sugesti citra #grindcore #grinddeath #deathgrind


    onlysick new song ''over sugesti citra'' live at double of rock jambi

  • Brutal death-grind drumming semples


    Mass massacre drummer
    24/05/06 Rivne Ukraine

    Music in vein of Mortician

  • Constrained Ferocity - Dusk of Humanity EP


    Debut ep from Russian deathgrind band, Constrained Ferocity. All Rights To Their Respective Owners.

    1. Annihilation
    2. Unholy Mark
    3. Dusk Of Humanity
    4. Relief

  • Your End - S/T 2018 Blackened Deathgrind


    Your End - Blackened Deathgrind band from USA

    1.Rot in a Trench
    2.Brutal Overwhelming Phalanx
    3.Half-Exploded Body, Knotted Entrails
    4.Body Enslaved
    5.Of All Evil
    6.Superior Beatings for Worthless Scum
    7.Makeshift Mace Execution
    8.Blasphemous Attack (Blasphemy Cover)

    Note: If you are a member of the band or a member of a label related to this release and you want the video to be removed please let me know by sending me a pm on youtube or on facebook page or on my email adress.
    #grindwarchannel #grindwar

  • Bta/ Preview NxPxDx


    Band: Nasty Pig Dick

    Facebook band:

    Myspace band:

    Personal Facebook:

  • Xeno Ooze - Parasligm Shift 2019 Deathgrind


    Xeno Ooze - Sci-fi grindcore from the Sonoran desert, Phoenix, Arizona, USA

    1.Xenological Warfare
    2.Slime Against Humanity
    3.Wizard of Ooze
    4.Grind // Splatter
    5.Dungeon Blaster
    6.Destroy the Slopposition
    7.The Whole of the Maw
    8.Buried by Slime & Dust (Bonus)

    Note: If you are a member of the band or a member of a label related to this release and you want the video to be removed please let me know by sending me a pm on youtube or on facebook page or on my email adress.
    #grindwarchannel #grindwar

  • Tiburón Peregrino - Meca Shark


    3er trabajo discografico de la banda de metal extremo Tiburón Peregrino.

    Lista de temas/tracklist:
    00:00 a 02:16 Meca Shark
    02:17 a 05:34 Los 80 no murieron
    05:36 a 06:55 Crocomire

    Pais: Argentina
    Provincia/ciudad: Buenos aires, San Miguel
    Año: 2018
    Género: Deathgrind, Metal extremo

    Tiburón Peregrino es:
    Rodrigo Calónico: Guitarra y programación de baterías
    Alejandro banegas: Bajo

    Grabado editado y masterizado en, El pasillo records por Rodrigo Calónico.
    Artwork por Alejandro Banegas.

    seguinos en nuestra pagina de facebook/follow us in our facebook page:

    descarga gratuita de este EP/free download:

    Instagram: tiburonperegrinometal

  • some death grind guitar


    Very low tune on a grind death guitar riff created with no rules, just for fun

  • Gut Drill - s/t demo FULL


    One-man grind project from the UK. This is his debut 2-track demo release.

    Self-released (digital format) on July 2017.

    01.[00:00] Cursed
    02.[01:36] Wretch

    More info at:

  • Depression - Chronische Depression


    Debut full length album from German deathgrind band, Depression. All Rights To Their Respective Owners.

    1 Putting The Last Nail
    2 The Ritual
    3 A Murmured Cry
    4 Bloodcraving [Mortician]
    5 Seven Feet Under
    6 The Peeling Session
    7 Gods Of Grind
    8 Never
    9 Cattle Grid
    10 Cruel
    11 Depressionen
    12 I Remember My Future
    13 The Barbarian
    14 Four-string Violin
    15 Bloodheaven
    16 Flesh Of Mine
    17 Defaced
    18 Impious Lands
    19 ...In Desperation
    20 Forgotten Worlds
    21 Vale Of Tears

  • Bloodrainbow - Death-grind Renaissance


    Bloodrainbow - Death-grind Renaissance drum practice

  • Dragnet - Through Withdrawal EP


    New ep from Italian deathgrind band, Dragnet. All Rights To Their Respective Owners.

    1. Food Exit (Intro)
    2. Tracked
    3. Reapers
    4. Slaved
    5. Did You Take Your Pills?
    6. Ditch (Louder Than Bombs)
    7. Strive [X]
    8. Prisoners Of Power

  • FL Studio Metal Death Grind Rock? Whatever Enjoy


  • Deathgrind from Hell


    This is a Big Bagoony/DJ Meth CO-lab.

  • DeathGrind/Death Metal Song


    My original death metal/deathgrind song
    Godin Freeway Classic
    EzDrummer 2
    rickenbacker bass
    Thx 4 watch m/

  • Trupovozka - Miasma Of Human Underside


    Debut full album from Russian old school death/grind band, Trupovozka. All Rights To Their Respective Owners.

    1. Трактор (Tractor)
    2. Зомби (Zombie)
    3. Акт Богохульства (Blasphemy Act)
    4. Мама (Mother)
    5. Удолбанная Девочка (Under The Drug Girl)
    6. Падай На Колени (Fall On Your Knees)
    7. Губитель (Blighter)
    8. Аборт (Abortion)
    9. Восточный Синдром (East Syndrome)
    10. Агрессия (Aggression)
    11. Золотой Укол (Golden Prick)
    12. Комната Пыток (Torture Room)

  • Lurid Panacea - Demo


    Demo from Australian deathgrind band, Lurid Panacea. All Rights To Their Respective Owners.

    1. A Hostile Appointment
    2. Head in the Pavement
    3. Housed in Gristle
    4. Boar Torn
    5. Inundate
    6. Libidinous Bisect
    7. Apotemnophobia
    8. Extant Silt
    9. Rotten Cessation

  • Grind Dogs - Industrial Slavery FULL EP


    Death/grind band with hc and thrash elements from Rostock, Germany since 2014. This is their debut EP.

    Self-released (digital format via various platforms, like spotify, amazon, itunes, Deezer, etc) on June 2019.

    00:00 Fucking Policy
    01:57 Industrial Slavery
    03:34 Brutal Intention
    05:53 Dispose Of Refuse
    08:14 Resentment
    09:37 The Bay

    Grind Dogs Links
    -- Social Media / Contacts --
    -- Music --

    -- Sea Shepherd Conservation Society --

  • Dephosphorus - Night Sky Transform


    Debut full length from Greek blackened deathgrind band, Dephosphorus.
    All Rights To Their Respective Owners.

    1. Uncharted
    2. Cold Omen
    3. Starless
    4. Night Sky Transform
    5. The Fermi Paradox
    6. The Astral Putsch I: Plateau of Initiation
    7. Identifying the Encapsulator
    8. The Astral Putsch II: Array of Truth
    9. Unconscious Excursion (The Hidden Galactic Truth and a Sphere Full of Sorcerous Solutions)
    10. Aurora

  • Jagermeister Death Grind


    Provided to YouTube by CDBaby

    Jagermeister Death Grind · Jeff Hughell

    Chaos Labyrinth

    ℗ 2013 Jeff Hughell

    Released on: 2013-10-15

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • INSANITY FORCES Death Grind rehearsal new songs 2017


  • deathgrind


    hemorragia tema deathgrind

  • Enumbria - Legión SINGLE


    Avant-garde extreme metal band from Santiago, Chile, since 2009. This is their video for the song Legión, taken from their second album Umbral (self-released, 2018).

    More info at:



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