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Playlist of David%20Gray

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    David Gray - Please Forgive Me | Hammersmith Apollo Theatre 2006


    I hope that you are at least as happy as I am.. This video hasnt been here for months, but tonight I found it!! Simply best live performance of this song ever made.. Enjoy!! :))

    This video must not get lost! Download here: :)

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    Reuben Gray - Lifeline


    Lifeline Lyrics by Reuben Gray
    | Britain's Got Talent 2017

    All credit goes to the rightful owner.

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    David Guetta ft Skylar Gray - She Shot Me Down


    W31RD MUSIC -

    Download FREE here:

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    Nightcore - Play Hard Lyrics


    Song by David Guetta ft. Akon & Ne-Yo
    Nightcored and Lyrics by me

    I don't own anything!!!
    I don't own audio and picture. The credits go to the respective owners. This video is purely fan-made, and will not be used for profit or illegal sharing. I just want show the world these great songs. Thanks. ^^


    my first Lyrics Video
    Hope you like it :)

    enjoy it! ^^

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    Anya - Fool Me Premiere


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    Anya - Fool Me (Bentley Grey Nu Disco Remix)

    Free Download:

    ☞ Anya

    Booking : 0722647620 /

    ☞ Bentley Grey

    © Photography by Pavel Tsvetkov


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    Shane Eli - Grey Area


    The official music video for Shane Eli's Grey Area from his debut album The Push available now on itunes:

    Artist/Producer: Shane Eli
    Director: David A. Wong
    Cinematographer: Mark Austin
    Editor: Joshua Weathersby
    Producer: Teryl Warren


    Special Thanks to the following people for their generosity in helping get this music video made:

    Megan Frances
    Anthony Justin
    Megan Kuhlmann
    Lauren Noecker
    Adam Hamdy
    Lyn Nelson
    Edward Abrahams
    Nadia Hamdy
    Elena Branzburg
    Emily Shagley
    Amy McLellan
    Jordan Robert Stride
    Anna Maria Bowling
    Nicholas Moskos
    Janet Ford
    Jim, Barb, Rob (The Elliott Family)
    Dianne Brandi
    Ben Gray
    Alex Young
    Peter Abrahams
    Jeff Pies
    Dan Gilbert
    Seth Gray
    Sherrise De Baugh
    Lauren Abrahams
    Anthony Bertuca
    Chris Huvane
    Sabrina Whiffen
    Jason Hall
    Laurie Young
    Liam Satre Meloy
    Karen Ko
    Marie Jolie
    Michelle King
    Richard Shagley II
    Matthew King-Yarde

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    Swashbucklers Blue vs Grey Soundtrack Preview


    GameRip Soundtrack

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    Point Point - Life In Grey // Launchpad Cover


    Hey I'm back with this new Video! I had this Project finished on my desktop for 3 months but I never recorded it. Now I did it and I love it xD

    (Max4Live, Wormhole, Midi Extension, Top Lights and a Launchpad required)
    Project File:

    Video Details:
    Camera: Huawei P10 lite
    Video Editing Software: Camtasia Studio 8
    Gear Used: Novation Launchpad Pro
    Computer: 2010 iMac 27 2.93GHz Intel Core i7
    RAM: 12 GB 1333 MHz DDR3
    Graphics: ATI Radeon HD 5670 512MB
    Software: macOS Sierra 10.12.6

    Disclaimer: This song does not belong to me, all rights go to the artist/s displayed in the video title/intro.

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    Snapchat (I only sometimes put something in my Story): x_fail
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    Original Song:

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    Slipknot - The Gray Chapter drum grooves - The Devil in I - Sarcastrophe - AOV - The Negative One


    Grooves by from Slipknot's .5: The Gray Chapter (2014);
    Ludwig Classic Maple USA 24 x 18, Tom 13 x 11, Floor 16 x 16, Maple Coliseum Snare 14 x 8. Paiste Cymbals 2002, RUDE; Vic Firth Classic Metal Sticks, Remo Heads.

    Charts Available on DRUMSET MAG number 31, January 2015.
    Download Pdf version at:

    Drum charts direct link:

    Video recorded at LABORATORIO MUSICALE, Lecco.

    Follow me at:

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    Nightcore-New Era HD


    Original Artist: Ahrix - New Era
    -Adobe After Effect
    -Free MP4 Converter

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    MUJ: Touch Of Grey - Bon Jovi


    Touch Of Grey (NOT the Grateful Dead song), by Jon Bon Jovi / Billy Falcon / Brett James (Bon Jovi), 2016; performed/taught here by Marco D.

    If you're near Morristown, NJ, come play with us! Check on upcoming events at

    Download full-color ukulele song sheets with chord diagrams for this and many other songs at:

    Go straight to the ukulele song sheet for this song (full-color with chord charts) here:

    OR go to our COLORING songbook for 10 songs on this theme, here:

    OR download dozens of our ukulele songbooks and hundreds of our song sheets (for free) here:

    VERSE 1:
    People, people everywhere, there’s a
    Revolution in the air, there’s
    Protest signs and people walkin
    Talkin heads on TV talkin

    Pick a team and choose your side, there
    Ain’t no room for compromise, we’re
    Running out of better days
    Brother all I’m trying to say is

    Hey - hey - hey, hey, hey, yeah

    You see black and I see white
    No two hearts can beat the same
    In a world of many colors
    There’s a little touch of grey

    I say wrong when you say right
    Different faces, different names
    Brother, brother, brother
    It’s okay to say

    I see things with a little touch of grey ─

    VERSE 2:
    If I whisper will you listen
    Will I answer if you scream
    Politics and bad religion
    Took a hammer to this dream

    Everybody loves their children
    Forgiveness and a second chance
    One more thing we got in common
    Ain’t love why we do this dance
    Ain’t love why we do this dance
    Hey, hey, hey, yeah


    I see things with a little touch of grey


    I believe there’s a train still comin
    I believe that there’s room on board
    Break the chains and raise your hands up
    Be the change we’re looking for

    Hey, hey, hey, yeah


    You see black and I see white
    No two hearts can beat the same
    In a world of many -
    I see things with a little touch of grey

    I say wrong when you say right
    Different faces, different names
    Brother, brother
    I see things with a little touch of grey


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    Sander van Doorn & Gregor Salto vs. Shiny Grey - Why Tribal



    free download:

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    Stickerbrush Symphony REMIX


    Stickerbrush Symphony IDM / Trip-Hop Remix by Vlue (Feat. Blanket Fort Collapse). Donkey Kong Country 2 SNES OST Soundtrack

    You can download the high-quality MP3 here:
    click on Gray Days

    If you would like to remix my remix, here is a multi-track with all the samples separated:
    PLEASE MESSAGE ME YOUR TRACK IF YOU REMIX IT! I would love to hear it!

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    Loser - Vietsub + KaraInvisible - Skylar Grey


    Eff: Ivansbakery, DNM, pyointa, KehyF, Upy,..
    Download 1080p:
    BOX -
    MF -

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    Oliver Heldens & Shaun Frank - Shades of Grey



    Alternative Download:

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    Diddy feat. Skylar Grey - Dirty Money Coming Home




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