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Playlist of Danny Carey

  • Danny Carey | Pneuma by Tool


    Vic Firth Signature Artist Danny Carey performs Pneuma by Tool from their latest album 'Fear Inoculum' in Boston, MA!

    Live Sound Engineer - Alan Nobby Hopkinson
    Audio Mix - Liam Halpin
    Drum Tech - Joe Slaby



    #vfSDC - Danny Carey Signature Sticks


    ➤YouTube (Marching):

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  • 10 Times Danny Carey Was the Best Drummer on Earth


    #Tool's #DannyCarey is a human octopus, rattling off polyrhythmic perplexities every time he sits atop the #drum throne.

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    #drummer #newtoolalbum #maynard #lateralus #aenima #volto #seagullmen

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  • Danny Carey Pneuma Polymeter | STUDY THE GREATS


    In this episode of Study The Greats, we'll be analyzing Danny Carey's polymetric breakdown from his live performance of the song Pneuma by Tool.

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    #abbdrums #dannycarey #pneuma

  • Danny Carey - Lateralus


    Danny Carey of Tool plays along with Lateralus. There's a short interview at the end of the drum sesh, as well.

    I do not own this video. It belongs to

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  • Danny Carey - TOOL


    Danny Carey playing final part of Lateralus on his Jeff Ocheltree set.

  • Artist Spotlight: Danny Carey


    Featuring live footage of TOOL in Boston, Ma.

    Danny talks about how the band got together as well as how TOOL tackles songwriting and recording!

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  • Master Of Puppets Danny Carey Style


    What if Danny Carrey had played on Master of Puppets?

    I play in tributes to both Metallica and Tool in Portland, OR, so i thought I would try to answer that. In honor of Tool's new album Fear Inoculum coming out tomorrow.

    Muscle memory was tough to break from once I worked out the sections. haha.


  • Tool Chocolate Chip Trip LIVE Berlin Germany 2019-06-02 2160p 4K


    Sunday, June 2nd 2019 Berlin, Germany (Mercedes Benz Arena) TOOL / FIEND

  • Danny Carey - Drumming


    Some crazy guy with 8 arms who likes to hit cymbals n stuff.

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  • TOOL: 1996 Danny Carey Interview+ Soundcheck TV


    November 16th, 1996
    The Garage
    Cincinnati, OH, USA

    notes: 'Soundcheck' interview with Danny Carey, includes some live footage.

    Thanks to BurntHD

  • Danny Carey -Parabola


  • Danny Carey - Drumming Drumcam


    Tool - Danny Carey Drum Solo - 01.Triad 02.Lateralus 03.The Grudge [Danny's Cam]
    Lateralus Tour 2001/2002. Sorry for low resolution. Maybe I'll do upgrade

  • Danny Carey Live Video


    Danny Carey (TOOL)


  • Danny Carey - Schism 2


  • Tool Wins Best Metal Performance | 2020 GRAMMYs Acceptance Speech


    Watch Tool’s acceptance speech for Best Metal Performance at the 62nd GRAMMY Awards.

    Full Winners List: 62nd GRAMMY Awards

    About the Recording Academy / GRAMMYs:
    Recording Academy is the world's leading society of musical professionals, and is dedicated to celebrating, honoring, and sustaining music's past, present and future.

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    #GRAMMYs #GRAMMYAwards #UnexpectEverything #GRAMMYs2020 #GRAMMYPremiereCeremony #Tool #7empest

  • Danny Carey | Beat Out By a Dead Junkie | Nirvana topping Ænima + Moving to LA


    Danny talks about moving to LA and Ænima being beat to no.1 by Nirvana Unplugged.

  • Danny Carey drumming


    Danny Carey jamming at The Baked Potato post NAMM show.

  • Danny Carey playing along to Jambi


    Danny Carey playing along to the Tool song, Jambi, from the 10,000 Days album. This was performed at the Explorers drum clinic in Kansas City.

  • TOOL - Chocolate Chip Trip - Live


    A MESSAGE TO THE YOUTUBE TEAM: The audio track is unique (not reused) and has been created by me, based on my own recordings and partially on bootleg recordings not available anywhere on Youtube.
    The video is a unique (not reused) cut of several bootleg videos that I have personally processed and put together (stabilization, color correction, synchronization).


    This is a unique mix of distant arena mics and close drum kit mics at one of the recent Fear Inoculum Tour dates (11/09/19 in Detroit).

    As always, all videos have been re-stabilized and re-cut to give you the best available angles. By no means this is an ideal recording, but it's decent enough to give you a glimpse of how mindblowing this tour is.

  • Tool drummer, Danny Carey responds to Guns N Roses singer, Axl Rose going to AC/DC


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  • Guitarist reacts to Tool - Pneuma


    Check out Luniversed reacting to Pneuma by Tool. If you enjoy the content, please LIKE the video and don't forget to subscribe for more reactions!

    #Tool #reaction #Pneuma

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  • DANNY CAREY from TOOL Playing DRUMS Live with Jazz Band THE DOUG WEBB GROUP


    In this video Danny Carey plays the drums live in jazz group The Doug Webb Group at Squashed Grapes in Ventura, California. I was 10 feet away from him when I recorded this. I was able to shake his hand, talk to him for a bit, and get his autograph! This guy is super nice and one of the best percussionists to ever live. Definitely a GOAT! Thanks for everything Danny!


  • Danny Carey - New Drum cams


    These are from Danny's drum technician, and as far as I know they've never been posted on Youtube before. They were filmed on an iphone, so I had to clean up the audio + combine and upscale the videos.

  • Naomi Nicholas playing with Danny Carey of tool


    School of Rock West LA House Band plays with Tool's drummer, Danny Carey May 2012

  • Danny Carey - Jambi


    Drum clinic with Danny Carey.

  • Danny Carey of TOOL playing 7 Mandala Drums


    Sound check with Mandalas before the TOOL concert in Vegas, January 2012.

    Go to to see Danny playing the all-new Mandala V3!

    Filmed by Travis Shinn (

  • How to Make Your Drum Kit Sound Like Danny Careys of Tool


    A quick rundown of how to make your drum kit sound more like Tool drummer Danny Carey.

    Read more about these tips and the kit used in this demo at

  • Danny Carey vs Mike Portnoy - Part 2


    Leave a comment for your favourite drummer, Mike or Danny?

    Your comments should reflect your personal opinion only. Everyone has the right to an opinion and this is a place you can express that.

    Please do not comment about the footage used. If you are not familiar with Danny Carry's work then please don't comment it goes with Mike Portnoy.
    It is very hard to find good clean official footage of Danny Carey playing.

    This is not a best of, or a show case of what either drummer can do. The other option is to have still photos playing to a song... very lame

    There is no bias from ratemydrums regarding either player. Both videos are of Danny and Mike playing with there respective bands, both have about the same time and both contain drummers playing to backing tracks and live footage.

    More drum battles coming soon!

    Share and be inspired

    The question a lot of you are asking is Is it right to compare two great artists?

    There are two ways of looking at it; the first way is drummer A vs. drummer B and asking who is best or who would win a competition?
    I believe this is wrong as neither drummer asked to be judged or entered into a competition. This is NOT what I am trying to do. I will say it again; this is not a competition and not what I am trying to do.

    The other way of looking at it is one of advanced appreciation. Let me explain what I mean. Take a drummer like Danny Carey; do you enjoy his music on its own without anything to compare it to? Yes, I do. Now take a drummer like Mike Portnoy, can you enjoy his music on its own without any comparison? Yes, I also do.

    But if I want to know how much I enjoy either piece or either drummer I need something to compare it against.

    Our first natural comparison is with ourselves. I like Danny Carey, and will pay money to see Danny because he is better than me. Fair statement? I don't see Danny Carey lining up to see my clinics.

    Why do most of us appreciate Danny's drummer more then say Larry Mullins Jr's drummer? Because it is further from where we are. A lot of us can play what Larry plays so we think of him as a good or great drummer, but with Danny being so far pasted us we often think of him as extremely superior or a master.

    To take an appreciation to a more advanced level you need to compare with another higher standard. There should only be a small variation between your personal appreciation of two players like Danny and Mike, or Vinnie or Buddy.

    Who you like might change from day to day and that's fine, today you might like Danny more, tomorrow you're in a mood for Mike

    How do you know what Tool song or Elton John song you like best? Compare it to another Tool or Elton song right?

    What I am doing is not wrong. I am exercising my rights to free speech and I am offering you an opportunity to join me and share your opinion. There are no winners or losers, only good comments and bad comments. And I can guarantee you that at some point you have made a judgment call on a drummer based on another drummer.

    If you don't like it -- Don't comment

    as compared to or as one of two choices; in contrast with: traveling by plane versus traveling by train. Abbreviation: v., vs

  • Danny Carey Live Video


    Danny Carey (TOOL)


  • No Quarter by Led Zeppelin Danny Carey on drums at the Baked Potato


    Danny Carey Drummer from Tool Playing No Quarter by Led Zeppelin with the Jamie Kime Band at The Baked Potato in Studio City California July 2nd 2018

  • Danny Carey Live Video


    Danny Carey (TOOL)


  • Danny Carey of Tool Documentary


    Documentary I did for school of Tool's drummer Danny Carey. All info may not be 100% accurate as it was obtained from multiple websites.

    Intermission Disposition and Lateralus by Tool.

    Watch in HQ.



    Here we have one of the most unique kits ever to come through the doors at Drumazon! We are extremely proud to present the first ever VK Drums 7empest Aluminium Drum Kit complete with a Cast Bronze 7empest Snare Drum and optional Paiste Cymbals. VK Drums are well known for their incredible metal shell drums which are often offered with their iconic laser engravings, the 7empest is a masterclass in everything Alan Van Kleef and VK drums have come to stand for.
    To capture the details of this incredible set we have taken over 40 images and made a video to help give you a real feel for the enormity that is the 7EMPEST.

    From Monad the 7empest was born.

    During 2019 Alan Van Kleef was contacted and then commissioned by Danny Carey to create a drum kit and snare drum for him. Danny was recommended to speak to Alan via long time friend and VK snare owner John Tempesta. After many discussions Alan went about creating the Monad drum set for Danny. The 8 piece double bass drum kit was made from 2mm thick rolled and riveted Aircraft Grade Aluminum Shells. All the drums are fitted with Alan's 20mm VKast Aluminium hoops throughout. The accompanying Monad snare drum for the kit is a 5mm B12 Cast Bell Bronze shell which has matching bronze VKast hoops. Danny Carey's 7 sided logo is laser engraved on every drum and appears 7 times on each shell. Inside each bass drum is a 7 sided microphone mount designed to centrally hold the Heil PR48 bass drum microphone which is Danny's preferred bass drum microphone. Stainless steel extended tube lugs are fitted throughout the kit and finally the VK signature vent holes appear on every drum. Once completed Alan delivered the drum kit and snare drum personally to Danny at download festival back in June 2019.

    7empest Snare Drum

    Shortly after the Monad kit was completed, it was announced that a complete replica snare drum called The 7empest would be made available as part of a limited collection of 33 individual drums. The 7empest snare is identical to the Monad snare apart from one detail, the 7empest has Sigillum Dei Aemeth engravings instead of the 7 sided Danny Carey logo. The 7empest snare is a 14 x 8 VKast Bronze 5mm shell with matching VKast hoops. The snare also offers stainless steel extended tube lugs, engraved snare throw, butt, VKey and a set of 3 Sigillum Dei Aemeth laser marked enochian chimes. The limited package also comes with a certificate and white gloves.

    7empest Drum Kit

    Around the same time as the 7empest snare was announced we found out that Alan was also underway making the first ever 7empest Drum Set. Like the snare drum, the 7empest drum kit is a replica of the Monad set in every way with the one exception being the Sigillum Dei Aemeth laser engravings instead of the 7 sided logo. For the 7empest kit Alan decided to finish the shells in a stunning Black Powder coat whilst leaving the VKast hoops in their natural Aluminum colour which creates an incredibly striking look!

    Every detail even down to the sizes of this kit are exactly the same is the Monad set, the kit has Aluminium 2mm shells, the same 7 sided mic mounts and XLR plugs ready for Heil PR48 mics, 20mm VKast Hoops, Stainless Steel extended tube lugs and a 7empest 14 x 8 Cast Bronze Snare Drum. Finally every drum has a metal ID tag inside detailing drum size, shell material, date of manufacture (February 2020) and serial no. (7empest Kit No.001)

    Fore more information on the 7EMPEST Drum kit please visit:

    for more on the snare drum please visit:

    The music on the video is an excerpt of the song - Heaven & Hell © Copyright Reserved 2011 Dan Humphries

    Guitars: Tim Stephens
    Piano & Bass: Josh Moon
    Drums, Piano and Keys: Dan Humphries

  • TOOL | 7empest Wins Grammy Award | Acceptance speech


    Tool has won Best Metal Performance at the 62nd GRAMMY Awards for 7empest. Band members Justin Chancellor and Danny Carey were present to accept the award.

    Now where is that music video you said was being made, Justin?

  • Danny Carey - Ticks & Leeches


    1st Night Of Tour.

  • Artist Spotlight: Danny Carey


    Featuring live footage of TOOL in Boston, Ma.

    Danny gives us a tour of his kit and explains the science behind his set up! Also, hear the story behind Danny's signature stick design.

  • Mandala Drum Interview: Danny Carey of Tool


    Go to to see Danny playing the all-new Mandala V3!

    Drummer Danny Carey of Tool and Volto talks about anticipating chord changes and setting up a song's nuances and changes while leading people into a new space, all with the help of his Mandala Drums, in the third of our three-part interview series featuring Danny, Amy Knoles, and Ryeland Allison.

    Experience more Danny at ( and (

    Directed and Photographed by James Mann (

    All things Mandala Drum can be found at (

    Learn more about our 3-part interview series at the Mandala Blog (

  • Vuoi suonare come DANNY CAREY dei Tool? 5 elementi che devi conoscere!


    Quello di oggi è uno dei batteristi, più richiesti nei commenti in questo canale.
    Quando si parla di Tool ci sono dei veri e propri fanatici di questa band, che ha creato con la sua musica una sorta di Religione. Vi dico subito che io non sono un fanatico e che anzi nemmeno mi piacevano! Quindi oggi avrete il parere da una persona che imparato ad amarli ascoltandoli e studiandoli!

    Vi voglio parlare del drumming di Danny Carey, incredibile batterista dei Tool e cercherò di spolparlo e capire i sui trucchi e il suo stile per tutti quelli che vogliono suonare come lui. Per fare questo esaminerò 5 suoi brani partendo dagli albori ed arrivando fino ad i suoi ultimi lavori. Qui mi viene facile perché i Tool hanno in effetti fatto uscire proprio 5 album di cui l’ultimo attesissimo, dopo 13 anni, Fear Inocoloum.

    Penso che il drumming di Danny Carey sia un batterismo molto pensato, pieno di accortezze si ma anche molto logico e pulito. Non irriproducibile!
    Inoltre è uno di quei batteristi di cui riconosci il suono anche in mezzo ad altri mille, che purtroppo oggi sono molto uniformati.
    Adesso vedo gli album dei Tool Come una miniera di lanci e groove super musicali , da cui poter attingere!

    In questo video analizzerò brevemente molti groove e fill, tra cui:
    Sober, Stinkfist, Pushit, Eulogy, Jambi, The Grudge, Pneuma.
    Per poter estrapolare 5 elementi del drumming di Danny Carey che dei assolutamente conoscere!





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  • Keyboard Madness ft. Danny Carey In A Silent Way Live at Custom Vintage Keyboards


    In A Silent Way by Miles Davis, composed by Joe Zawinul
    Arranged and performed by Jeff Babko, Mitch Forman, and Danny Carey

    Keyboard Madness is:

    Jeff Babko - All the keyboards
    Mitch Forman - All the keyboards
    Featuring: Danny Carey - All the drums

    1959+68' Custom Hammond A100 Organ (cut down/modified)
    Early 1960's Leslie 122
    1963 Fender Rhodes Gold Top Bass
    1966 Wurlitzer 140B (custom zebra wood/brass)
    Late 1960's Rheem Kee Bass
    1968 Fender Contempo Combo Organ
    1969 Wurlitzer 200 (fully restored) Gold Top
    1971 GE Tote-A-Tune (modified with sub bass)
    1972 Hohner Clavinet D6
    1972, 74, 76 Fender Rhodes Suitcase (custom walnut and gold)
    1974 Univox Mini-KORG (custom zebra wood)
    1977 Hohner String Performer
    1984 Roland Juno HS-60

    Recorded live January 22nd 2019 in the Custom Vintage Keyboards showroom in North Hollywood, CA.

    Recorded and mixed by Brian Starley, Bergatron Music

    Mastered by Nick Townsend at Townsend Mastering

    Proudly supported by:

    All Live at CV-Keys are recorded with: AEA microphones, AKG microphones, Audio Technica microphones, BAE preamps, Beyer Dynamic microphones, CAPI preamps, Heritage Audio preamps, Mojave Microphones, Sennheiser microphones, Shure microphones, Universal Audio preamps/interfaces, UAD software. Want to sponsor the show and have your gear used to record? Contact us either in the comments or via direct message.

    Live at CV-Keys is produced by Brian Starley and Luke Jones

  • Primus with Danny Carey - Aenima into My Name is Mud at Riot Fest 2014


    Primus with Danny Carey - Aenima into My Name is Mud at Riot Fest 2014

  • What to Practice Ep 7: Groove Independence


    For episode 7 of WTP we work on some groove independence. After finding out about this 3/4 Polyrhythmic groove from the Modern Drummer Podcast, I decided to give it a go. As well as try 5's and 7's over it... FUN STUFF! Enjoy!


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  • Danny Carey playing along to Rosetta Stoned


    Danny Carey playing along to the Tool song, Rosetta Stoned, from the 10,000 Days album. This was performed at the Explorers drum clinic in Kansas City on Sep. 19th, 2009.

  • Danny Carey at Sound City During the Recording of Tools Undertow


    During the set-up of the recording, Danny Carey tries out his Sonor kit. Filmed in Studio A at Sound City Studios by producer Sylvia Massy.

  • Danny Carey & Brann Dailor duet at Guitar Centers 21st Annual Drum-Off


    Danny Carey (Tool) and Brann Dailor (Mastodon) duet at Guitar Center's 21st Annual Drum-Off Finals in Los Angeles, CA, on January 8, 2010. For more information on Guitar Center's Drum-Off visit

  • L&M @ NAMM 2019: Danny Careys Drum Set


    We get up close and personal with Tool drummer Danny Carey's Paiste Signature Bronze Custom Cast drum kit by Jeff Ocheltree.

    This video is a part of the NAMM 2019 playlist.
    Watch all videos here:

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    Long & McQuade is a Canadian musical instruments retailer with over 80 locations from British Columbia to Newfoundland and Labrador. For 60 years, Long & McQuade has been a family-owned business bringing together musicians and gear.

    #namm2019 #drums #tool

  • Primus w/ Danny Carey of Tool - Jerry Was A Race Car Driver Live September 14th 2014 at Riot Fest


    Primus w/ Danny Carey of Tool on drums performing Jerry Was A Race Car Driver at Riot Fest on September 14th 2014.

  • Danny Carey on Mandala Drum V3 Kit - Part II


    Here's Danny Carey on November 20th, 2015, at the lab of Mandala Drum in Laurel Canyon playing a position sensitive Mandala Drum V3 kit loaded with 1000's of samples. The audio is a direct recording.

  • danny carey plays tools jambi @ kc explorers percussion 25th anniversary event


    danny carey plays tool's 'jambi' @ kc explorer's percussion 25th anniversary event on september 19, 2009.

    danny confirmed the origin of the name of this track:
    he thought that justin's bass riff (when he's playing 5 over 8s, i believe) sounded like 'mekka lekka hi meka hiney ho' from peewee's playhouse....and that's jambi's language. mystery solved.

  • Danny Carey of Tool playing Forty Six & 2 Solo


    The video's frame rate is insufficient to capture his rockingness.

  • Tool - Danny Carey Lateralus Solo - HQ


    Spot 10 differences between picture and sound in first version;]
    Second is with original clip sound of course.

    Watch in HQ!