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Playlist of Danny Carey

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    10 Times Danny Carey Was the Best Drummer on Earth


    #Tool's #DannyCarey is a human octopus, rattling off polyrhythmic perplexities every time he sits atop the #drum throne.

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    #drummer #newtoolalbum #maynard #lateralus #aenima #volto #seagullmen

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    Artist Spotlight: Danny Carey


    Featuring live footage of TOOL in Boston, Ma.

    Danny talks about how the band got together as well as how TOOL tackles songwriting and recording!

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    Danny Carey - TOOL


    Danny Carey playing final part of Lateralus on his Jeff Ocheltree set.

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    Tool Chocolate Chip Trip LIVE Berlin Germany 2019-06-02 2160p 4K


    Sunday, June 2nd 2019 Berlin, Germany (Mercedes Benz Arena) TOOL / FIEND

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    Drum Teacher Reacts to Danny Carey of Tool Playing Stinkfist - Episode 3


    #KeepPracticingUntilItsEasy #regaltip

    Steve's analysis of Danny Carey playing Stinkfist with Tool

    Original Video -

    This song is the copyrighted property of it's owner(s).
    Fair use allows repurposing content for educational, critical, and commentative purposes.

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    Danny Carey - Lateralus


    Danny Carey of Tool plays along with Lateralus. There's a short interview at the end of the drum sesh, as well.

    I do not own this video. It belongs to

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    Danny Carey - Drumming Drumcam


    Tool - Danny Carey Drum Solo - 01.Triad 02.Lateralus 03.The Grudge [Danny's Cam]
    Lateralus Tour 2001/2002. Sorry for low resolution. Maybe I'll do upgrade

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    Jazz drummer reacts: Tool-Rosetta Stoned


    Yes, I know there are better versions but I already recorded this one so yea....

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    TOOL: 1996 Danny Carey Interview+ Soundcheck TV


    November 16th, 1996
    The Garage
    Cincinnati, OH, USA

    notes: 'Soundcheck' interview with Danny Carey, includes some live footage.

    Thanks to BurntHD

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    TOOL Offer A Peek Into The Studio! | 2018 Album | Danny Carey Tracking Drums!


    Tool are only giving away tiny morsels of information at a time when it comes to their new studio album. Tool finally entered the studio last month, working with producer/engineer Joe Barresi on the long-anticipated follow up to 10,000 Days.

    Guitarist Adam Jones posted not one but three separate clips of Danny Carey analyzing his drum kit recently!

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    How to Make Your Drum Kit Sound Like Danny Careys of Tool


    A quick rundown of how to make your drum kit sound more like Tool drummer Danny Carey.

    Read more about these tips and the kit used in this demo at

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    Naomi Nicholas playing with Danny Carey of tool


    School of Rock West LA House Band plays with Tool's drummer, Danny Carey May 2012

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    Analizando Bateristas - Danny Carey - Capitulo 45





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    Danny Careys Paiste/Tool Cymbal Kit at NAMM 2019


    Full article with more videos and photos:

    This is one of the three kits that were made from recycled Paiste cymbals, and this one is the private one of Tool-drummer Danny Carey. Paiste displayed the kit on the NAMM 2019 show, so reason enough to show and feature this unique piece of art once more.

    The drums are a combined effort and dream of both Eric Paiste and designer and drum builder Jeff Ocheltree. In 1998 they came up with the idea to recycle Paiste signature cymbals into an entire drumset. Danny used these on tour with Tool as well as in the studio.

    Watch, read and learn more on about the
    Danny Carey Paiste Signature Bronze Custom Cast Drums with signature bronze from recycled cymbals.

    Paiste on Drummerszone:

    Paiste NAMM 2019 video channel:

    Danny Carey on Drummerszone:

    Follow Drummerszone on:

    Beat your heart out!

    Visit our live Drummer Index:

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    Master Of Puppets Danny Carey Style


    What if Danny Carrey had played on Master of Puppets?

    I play in tributes to both Metallica and Tool in Portland, OR, so i thought I would try to answer that. In honor of Tool's new album Fear Inoculum coming out tomorrow.

    Muscle memory was tough to break from once I worked out the sections. haha.


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    How it feels when you try to play Chocolate Chip Trip by Tool


    Don't you hate it when someone else's godlike talent makes you feel small and talentless? HAhaHAHahA

    Anyway, props to Danny Carey for keeping it real in this new album. It's always cool to be fighting 7/8 robots with your Drumset

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    Danny Carey Live Video


    Danny Carey (TOOL)


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    Tool - Danny Carey Explains Rosetta Stoned


    Tool. Danny Carey and Blair MacKenzie Blake explain Rosetta Stoned.

    More can be found here:

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    Danny Carey & Brann Dailor duet at Guitar Centers 21st Annual Drum-Off


    Danny Carey (Tool) and Brann Dailor (Mastodon) duet at Guitar Center's 21st Annual Drum-Off Finals in Los Angeles, CA, on January 8, 2010. For more information on Guitar Center's Drum-Off visit

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    Danny Carey Live Video


    Danny Carey (TOOL)


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    Mandala Drum Interview: Danny Carey of Tool


    Go to to see Danny playing the all-new Mandala V3!

    Drummer Danny Carey of Tool and Volto talks about anticipating chord changes and setting up a song's nuances and changes while leading people into a new space, all with the help of his Mandala Drums, in the third of our three-part interview series featuring Danny, Amy Knoles, and Ryeland Allison.

    Experience more Danny at ( and (

    Directed and Photographed by James Mann (

    All things Mandala Drum can be found at (

    Learn more about our 3-part interview series at the Mandala Blog (

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    This song really got to me when this record was released. The melody, the chorus, the middle section. Everything you need out of a Tool song. I hope you dig it!!

    I use:

    Tama Drums, Sabian Cymbals (Mostly), Shure and Audix Mics, Tama hardware, pro-mark sticks, Remo Heads

    Find me on insta: @glenmonturidrums

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    Danny Carey of TOOL playing 7 Mandala Drums


    Sound check with Mandalas before the TOOL concert in Vegas, January 2012.

    Go to to see Danny playing the all-new Mandala V3!

    Filmed by Travis Shinn (

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    No Quarter by Led Zeppelin Danny Carey on drums at the Baked Potato


    Danny Carey Drummer from Tool Playing No Quarter by Led Zeppelin with the Jamie Kime Band at The Baked Potato in Studio City California July 2nd 2018

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    DANNY CAREY from TOOL Playing DRUMS Live with Jazz Band THE DOUG WEBB GROUP


    In this video Danny Carey plays the drums live in jazz group The Doug Webb Group at Squashed Grapes in Ventura, California. I was 10 feet away from him when I recorded this. I was able to shake his hand, talk to him for a bit, and get his autograph! This guy is super nice and one of the best percussionists to ever live. Definitely a GOAT! Thanks for everything Danny!


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    Danny Carey playing along to Rosetta Stoned


    Danny Carey playing along to the Tool song, Rosetta Stoned, from the 10,000 Days album. This was performed at the Explorers drum clinic in Kansas City on Sep. 19th, 2009.

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    Danny Carey - Drumming


    Some crazy guy with 8 arms who likes to hit cymbals n stuff.

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    Keyboard Madness ft. Danny Carey In A Silent Way Live at Custom Vintage Keyboards


    In A Silent Way by Miles Davis, composed by Joe Zawinul
    Arranged and performed by Jeff Babko, Mitch Forman, and Danny Carey

    Keyboard Madness is:

    Jeff Babko - All the keyboards
    Mitch Forman - All the keyboards
    Featuring: Danny Carey - All the drums

    1959+68' Custom Hammond A100 Organ (cut down/modified)
    Early 1960's Leslie 122
    1963 Fender Rhodes Gold Top Bass
    1966 Wurlitzer 140B (custom zebra wood/brass)
    Late 1960's Rheem Kee Bass
    1968 Fender Contempo Combo Organ
    1969 Wurlitzer 200 (fully restored) Gold Top
    1971 GE Tote-A-Tune (modified with sub bass)
    1972 Hohner Clavinet D6
    1972, 74, 76 Fender Rhodes Suitcase (custom walnut and gold)
    1974 Univox Mini-KORG (custom zebra wood)
    1977 Hohner String Performer
    1984 Roland Juno HS-60

    Recorded live January 22nd 2019 in the Custom Vintage Keyboards showroom in North Hollywood, CA.

    Recorded and mixed by Brian Starley, Bergatron Music

    Mastered by Nick Townsend at Townsend Mastering

    Proudly supported by:

    All Live at CV-Keys are recorded with: AEA microphones, AKG microphones, Audio Technica microphones, BAE preamps, Beyer Dynamic microphones, CAPI preamps, Heritage Audio preamps, Mojave Microphones, Sennheiser microphones, Shure microphones, Universal Audio preamps/interfaces, UAD software. Want to sponsor the show and have your gear used to record? Contact us either in the comments or via direct message.

    Live at CV-Keys is produced by Brian Starley and Luke Jones

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    Norska with Danny Carey - Hooker With A Penis - 3/16/2017


    Pre-order Norska's forthcoming release at
    :: also available on iTunes and ::
    Norska with Danny Carry covering YOB:

    Benefit for Mike Scheidt of Yob
    Live at the Revolution Hall
    Portland, Or

    Red Fang

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    Artist Spotlight: Danny Carey


    Featuring live footage of TOOL in Boston, Ma.

    Danny gives us a tour of his kit and explains the science behind his set up! Also, hear the story behind Danny's signature stick design.

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    Danny Carey Live Video


    Danny Carey (TOOL)


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    Danny Carey - Triad HD Full SongDrumcam


    Tool - Danny Carey - Triad live drum solo [Danny's Cam]. Lateralus tour 2001/2002.

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    Danny Carey - Jambi


    Drum clinic with Danny Carey.

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    Danny Carey drumming


    Danny Carey jamming at The Baked Potato post NAMM show.

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    Tool - Ticks & Leeches HD 720p


    Tool - Ticks & Leeches live @ Uncasville, CT (31.01.2012.) -HQ AUDIO-
    Thanks to Rawson,Ringfedder and Beelzebud.

    Suck and suck.
    Suckin up all you can, suckin up all you can suck.
    Workin up under my patience like a little tick.
    Fat little parasite.

    Suck me dry.
    My blood is bruised and borrowed. You thieving bastards.
    You have turned my blood cold and bitter,
    beat my compassion black and blue.

    Hope this is what you wanted.
    Hope this is what you had in mind.
    Cuz this is what you're getting.
    I hope you're choking. I hope you choke on this.

    Taken all I can, taken all I can, we(?) can take.
    Taken all you can, taken all you can fuckin' take
    Got nothing left to give to you.
    Blood suckin parasitic little tick/blood suckin parasitic little tick
    Take what you want and then go.

    Hope this is what you wanted.
    Hope this is what you had in mind.
    Cuz this is what you're getting.

    Suck me dry.
    Is this what you wanted?
    Is this what you had in mind?
    Cuz this this is what you're getting.
    I hope you choke.

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    Tool - Danny Carey Drum Solo


    awesome drum solo

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    Explorers percussion 25th anniv. Danny Carey & Aloke Dutta drum clinic


    Explorer's percussion in KC had celebration of 25 years. This video is Danny and Aloke playing from their hearts. ENJOY

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    Evans: Danny Carey of Tool on Level 360 Drum Heads


    Danny Carey of Tool tells us what he thinks about the new Evans Level 360 drum heads.

    Watch the latest videos by subscribing here:
    Get info on your favorite heads, artists and more:
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    Tool - Danny Carey & Cevin Key On COS Radio


    Danny Carey and Cevin Key talk about a lot of stuff, mostly Japan related. This was recorded after the Fukushima tragedy. (All music is cut, this is only the talking). 2011.

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    Artist Spotlight: Danny Carey


    Featuring live footage of TOOL in Boston, Ma.

    Danny tells us what the deal is with his basketball jersey collection and gives us a tour of his locker backstage. Also, Danny fills us in on the projects he's working on when he's NOT working with TOOL!

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    Danny Carey at Sound City During the Recording of Tools Undertow


    During the set-up of the recording, Danny Carey tries out his Sonor kit. Filmed in Studio A at Sound City Studios by producer Sylvia Massy.

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    Danny Carey | My Country Band with Jeff Buckley


    Danny talks about moving out to LA, starting a country band with Jeff Buckley and meeting Maynard.

    **Some coarse language from Danny**

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    Danny Carey playing Black Sabbath The Wizard


    Danny Carey playing Black Sabbath at The Baked Potato

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    Danny Carey - Triad 2


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    Adam Jones | How TOOL Started?


    Adam talks about hitting it off with Maynard. The Green Jello connection and Danny accidently becoming Pneuma...i mean, their drummer!

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    Danny Carey - Parabola HD Drumcam


    Tool - Danny Carey Parabol/a drum solo. Lateralus tour 2001/2002.

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    TOOLs Danny Carey Performing Chocolate Chip Trip LIVE 2019


    Danny Carey on drums performing Chocolate Chip Trip live 2019.

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    Tool - The Pot Drums -EDrums-Tutorial


    I do not owe rights for this music. It's made for educational purpose.
    The software is not performing accurately the alternation on bass drums (SORRY!). Please do not pay attention to that. The rhythm should be accurate. Thanks, Tolkin.

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    Danny Carey: Soundcheck Part 1/4_The Roots


    Soundcheck was a documentary following particular musicians on their journey into sound, aired by the now defunct television station NPS (Nederlandse Programma Stichting). It was broadcasted in four episodes in august of 1997. Also starring were John Hayes & Vinny Fazzari, Mark Sandman [1952-1999] and Michael Franti.

    Includes short soundcheck takes of Third Eye by TOOL @ The Garage - Cincinnati, OH [1996_11_16].

    Converted from VHS and edited by Barry Tomà.

    Jan van den Nieuwenhuijzen
    Hans van den Heuvel
    Bauke Kappers

    Mike van der Sluijs
    Joep van Leeuwen
    Bruno Drenthe

    Han Nuyten
    Ronald Trijber
    Mark Sandman
    Frank Mathijssen

    Tom Metz
    Bart van Aggele

    Michel Carpay
    Bob Aardewerk

    Leo Blokhuis

    Wijnand Honig

    Elles Visser

    Bauke Kappers

    John Wegink

    Henk van der Meulen


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    Danny Carey Drum Solo


    Tool Live @ Monster Mash Tempe Beach Park, 10/31/2015 Tempe AZ



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