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Playlist of D&D Story: Ep 16

  • Sonic Filter Presents S1: Inky de Dios - Sumbong


    Catch the latest on

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  • D&D - The Hunters Moon - Axe and Blood: Episode 1


    Enjoy our table top D&D homebrew campaign. We are just a bunch of friends who have played the best game ever for years. So we decided to do a let's play of our own.

    Our story begins at The Harvest Festival. Our group of warriors gather around a fire to begin what will be the festival to change their lives.

    Thumbnail artist for our four heroes by give this artist lots of love as it was a donation. So amazing!!!

    I do D&D stuff. Personal songs about heroes and the like. D&D Tips, and a whole lot. I also am creating a world on my Patreon. Check it out or buy me a hamburger.. ya know.. I love food and D&D.

    You can get many resources and tips from:
    Wizards of the Coast - -

    DM Tips from a master Matt Mercer:

    Amazing series that inspire me:
    Critical Role

    Aquisitions Inc.


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  • RE/AMP - Tower of Nick, Local Updates and more Gear Envy with Mong Alcaraz


    Re/Amp is Tower of Doom's brand new show that gives quick updates on the latest news that's happening both in and out of our studio.

    For this episode, we have some local updates for Sandwich and Franco and part 2 of Gear Envy - featuring Mong Alcaraz (Chicosci/Sandwich) and all of his favorite guitars. We also invite everyone to check out the Tower of Doom and Nick Automatic limited edition collab design.

    Check out our websites and FB pages to learn more, and don't forget to leave us questions and comments below on what you would like to see from us here at Tower so we can be sure to include it in the upcoming episodes!

    Tower of Doom:

    Nick Automatic:

    Joyce Pring:




  • Dumb Ways to Die


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    © Metro Trains Melbourne, Dumb Ways to Die™

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  • CriticalRoleLand and Pillow Mercer - Talks Machina


    Matt showing again why his in real life d&d class would be a bard

    original video(c2e31):

    Watch Talks Machina on Tuesday 7 PM Pacific :))
    Find other Talks Machina episodes on Critical Role’s youtube channel:

    Watch new episodes of Critical Role Thursday at 7 PM Pacific:
    All rights and ownership is Critical Role’s.

  • SPIRIT | Epic Celestial Orchestral Music Mix | Beautiful Inspirational Epic Music | Atom Music Audio


    Spirit is a one of a kind spiritual experience through the legends and essence of the Native American people. Truly beautiful compositions with mesmerising strings, delicate woodwinds, gentle percussions and traditional Native American instruments. Listen to the serene vocal passages encapsulate you in a dream land.

    Music by Atom Music Audio
    Composer: David Michael Tardy
    Mastering: Lyubomir Yordanov
    Publisher: Atom Music Audio

    Official website:
    Soundcloud -

    Bandcamp -
    iTunes -
    Amazon -
    Google Play -
    Spotify -
    Deezer -
    Tidal -
    BUY CD Quality 16-bit/44.1kHz FLAC - 7 Digital -
    BUY CD Quality 24 bit/WAV - Qobuz -

    Artwork by Pyrogas-Artworks / Jerome Comentale



    00:00 Spirit
    06:04 Sacred Pipe
    09:00 The Wind Speaks
    12:39 Sun Dance
    17:02 Far Away
    25:12 Horse Whisperer
    28:58 The Essence Of Being
    33:47 Grey Wolf
    38:40 Sacred Feathers
    43:16 Ghost Dance
    47:59 I Will See You Again
    53:31 Sweat Lodge
    57:10 Unkiye
    01:03:17 Legend of the White Buffalo [Pandora Version]

    (Animation / VFX created by me Pandora Journey)


    ➝ Follow ME on:

    ➝ My other channels:
    Pandora Journey II(Backup) :
    Pandora Heaven (Anime Soundtracks):

    Offical Website:

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    ➝ This video was given a special license directly from the artists.
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    ➝ Please do not copy / reupload my mixes / upload any of my animations.
    ➝ I don't offer any downloads for any of my animations.

    Thank you for reading & understanding

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  • If We Have Each Other | Aphmau Music Video | MCD Edit


    Edit of Alec Benjamin's, If We Have Each Other and an edit of Minecraft Diaries!

    Made for girlminer 000!


    My Twitter:



    Aphmau (Jess Bravura),





    Jason Bravura (Aaron's Voice Actor/CEO Of BluJay Studios)




    Photo: BluJay Studios


    Photo Editor:


    Video Editor:


    Recorder: Bandicam.


    Fair Use -
    Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance
    is made for fair use for purposes such as criticism,
    comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.
    Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing.
    Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favour of fair use

    The Song Used: Alec Benjamin - If We Have Each Other


  • RPG Towns Music & RPG Villages Music


    RPG towns music and RPG villages music about medieval villages, fantasy towns, dark villages, and other towns.

    ⚔️ If you like this RPG towns and villages compilation, you'll love these playlists:

    Dark fantasy creatures music |

    Medieval music |

    ???? Join the fantasy music community by subscribing:

    ???? Listen to our music on Spotify:

    Derek’s Spotify :
    Brandon’s Spotify :


    Tracklist :

    Medieval/Irish Music:

    0:00 – Cobblestone Village
    4:20 – Timber Town
    7:55 – Market Town

    Fantasy Music:

    11:33 – Elf Village
    16:16 – Night Elf Village
    19:21 – Fairy Dust Town

    Earth/Dark Music:

    22:30 – Dwarf Mining Town
    26:34 – Earthstone Town
    29:14 – Goblin Town
    32:51 – Haunted Village
    36:37 – Halloween Town

    World Music:

    39:43 – Fishing Village
    43:41 – Bamboo Village
    46:57 – Ancient Village
    50:24 – Tribal Village
    53:54 – Merchant's Village
    57:21 – Sandstone Town
    1:00:55 – African Village
    1:04:11 – Tumbleweed Town

    These beautiful pictures are from Joost Cornelisz Droogsloot (1st pic), Roserika (2nd pic), Werner22brigitte (3rd pic), and Isruma (last pic).





    Relevant hashtags:

    #rpg #rpgmusic #villagesmusic #townsmusic #villages #gamemusic #gamesoundtrack #game #roleplayingmusic #dndmusic #dnd

    ~ All music is composed by Derek and Brandon Fiechter ~

  • Jason Charles Miller - Get Thee Behind Me


    From the album, ‘In The Wasteland’ available now:

    Video directed, edited and produced by Andrew Fogel
    Director of photography: Chris Collins
    Song written by Jason Charles Miller and Stewart Cararas
    Song produced and mixed by Matt Hyde

    The Devil / The Wanderer: JCM
    Conquest: Milynn Sarley
    War: Christine Wu
    Death: Olivia Youngers
    Famine: Merryl Jensen

    Follow Jason Charles Miller online:
    #JasonCharlesMiller #GetTheeBehindMe #OfficialVideo #Rock #Vevo #InTheWasteland

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  • Barbarians At The Gate extended loop


    For personal use in our D&D sessions [obviously not monetized]
    Mixed from the album Themes For Orchestra And Choir 2 - Abbey Road by Immediate Music.

  • How Fantasy Languages Sound - Daemions Lair


    Collection of Languages from my World. DM's Guide part.1

  • Sad Epic Emotional Music - Farewell Life


    Big thanks to Nights Amore for having me on this, and making this piece come to life! You rock.
    Buy 356 of his amazing tracks for 1 dollar on Bandcamp:
    Subscribe to his channel at:

    Stream On Spotify:

    Keep in touch at:

    Composer: Nights Amore and Arn Andersson
    Title: Farewell Life
    Year: 2015

    Remember to like/dislike, comment, and subscribe for more! :)

    Libraries used:
    Hollywood Strings
    Hollywood Brass
    CineWinds Pro
    Symphobia 2
    Epic Dhol
    Komplete 9 Ultimate

    DISCLAIMER: I do NOT own any rights to the picture used in this video. All credits for this beautiful artwork goes to the picture's original creator.

  • D&D / RPG Playlist • TRAVELING ????


    High fantasy playlist for rpg adventuring and travel on the road.

    Art is by Li Shuxing

    Bear McCreary – A Giant’s Prayer 00:01 – 01:57
    Jon Everist – A Welcome Respite 01:57 – 06:14
    Mikolai Stroinski – Aen Seidhe 06:15 – 08:50
    Drakensang: Am Fluss der Zeit OST – Am Fluss der Zeit 06:15 – 10:18
    Celestial Aeon Project – Angel’s Redemption 10:18 – 12:48
    Celestial Aeon Project – Angel’s Tear 12:48 – 15:00
    Neverwinter Nights – Aribeth de Tylmarande Theme Song 15:00 – 15:45
    Jeremy Soule – Awake 15:45 – 17:15
    Jeremy Soule – Bear’s Spirit 17:15 – 21:41
    Adrian von Ziegler – Bound 21:41 – 26:36
    Fable II – Bowerlake 26:36 – 32:58
    Ramin Djawadi – Breaker of Chains 32:58 – 37:04
    Adrian von Ziegler – Celestial 37:04 – 42:59
    Celestial Aeon Project – Celtic Harp 42:59 – 47:15
    Yuki Kajiura, Yuriko Kaida - Clementia 47:15 – 49:09
    Adrian von Ziegler – Cliffs of Mother 49:09 – 52:05
    橘麻美 – Code:002 52:05 – 54:40
    Lorne Balfe – Connor’s Life 54:40 – 59:33
    Lineage II – Town of Gludin 59:33 – 1:01:38
    Adrian von Ziegler – Crann na Breatha 1:01:38 – 1:05:41
    Bill Brown – Crossroad at Dawn 1:05:41 – 1:07:44
    Neverwinter Nights 2 – Crossroad Keep 1:07:44 – 1:11:10
    Celestial Aeon Project – Crystal Cavern 1:11:10 – 1:14:08
    Witcher 3 (Unreleased OST) – Tower Shutdown 1:14:08 – 1:14:50
    Jeremy Soule – Dawn 1:14:50 – 1:18:48
    Rend OST – Day 2 (Version 1) 1:18:48 – 1:20:33
    Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning – Detyre 1:20:33 – 1:24:34
    Witcher 3 (Unreleased OST) – Dialog Ambient 04 1:24:34 – 1:26:34
    Jeremy Soule – Distant Horizons 1:26:34 – 1:30:25
    Adrian von Ziegler – Divine Ancestry 1:30:25 – 1:33:02
    Joanie Madden – Down by the Salley Gardens 1:33:02 – 1:36:48
    Jeremy Soule – Dragonsreach 1:36:48 – 1:39:05
    Adrian von Ziegler – Druidic Dreams 1:39:05 – 1:43:30
    Total War Rise of Mordor OST – Dwarves Map Suite 1:43:30 – 1:45:38
    Adrian von Ziegler – Ethêlo-iêl 1:45:38 – 1:48:35
    Celestian Aeon Project – Evening Falls 1:48:35 – 1:50:37
    Adrian Von Ziegler – Evocation 1:50:37 – 1:53:24
    Drakensang: Am Fluss der Zeit OST – Extro 1:53:24 – 1:54:40
    Adrian von Ziegler – Fable 1:54:40 – 1:59:28
    Imperator: Rome OST – Family 1:59:28 – 2:04:25
    Brian Tyler – Fare Thee Well 2:04:25 – 2:09:37
    Witcher 3 – Fate Calls 2:09:37 – 2:11:35
    Jeremy Soule – Fear Not This Night (Instrumental) 2:11:35 – 2:14:10
    Ramin Djawadi – Forgive Me 2:14:10 – 2:16:41
    Frank Steiner – K’un (Earth) 2:16:41 – 2:20:40
    Drakensang: Am Fluss der Zeit OST – Freunde 2:20:40 – 2:22:51
    Jeremy Soule – From Past to Present 2:22:51 – 2:27:50
    Total War Rise of Mordor OST – Galadriel Map Suite 2:27:50 – 2:38:05
    Ash of Gods OST – Gem In The Mountains 2:28:05 – 2:42:28
    Matti Paalanen – Genesis 2:42:28 – 2:45:54
    Jeremy Soule – Glory of Cyrodiil 2:45:54 – 2:48:19
    Raimin Djawadi – Goodbye Brother 2:48:19 – 2:51:25
    Adrian von Ziegler – Hail to the King 2:51:25 – 2:57:04
    Lord of the Rings Online – Heart of a Hero 2:57:04 – 2:59:26
    Adrian von Ziegler – Heaven’s Touch 2:59:26 – 3:02:26
    Game of Thrones OST – Heir to Winterfell 3:02:26 – 3:04:38
    Manaka Kataoka – Highlands 3:04:38 – 3:07:01
    Yuki Kajiura – His War, My War 3:07:01 – 3:09:16
    Lorne Balfe – Homestead 3:09:16 – 3:12:16
    Adrian von Ziegler – Hymn to Annûmara 3:12:16 – 3:16:12
    Diablo 3 – I Am Justice 3:16:12 – 3:18:09
    Ramin Djawadi – I Paid the Iron Price (Edited) 3:18:09 – 3:21:20
    Evan Call – In Remembrance 3:21:20 – 3:23:58
    Titan Quest – Jade Palace 3:23:58 – 3:26:04
    Drakensang: Am Fluss der Zeit OST – Jagdrevier 3:26:04 – 3:27:32
    Danny Boy Album – James Galway 3:27:32 – 3:30:52
    Witcher 3 – Kaerh Morhen 3:30:52 – 3:33:27
    Jeremy Soule – King and Country 3:33:27 – 3:37:29
    Witcher 3 – King Bran’s Final Voyage 3:37:29 – 3:39:41
    Iwasaki Taku – Kiwamete Okimari na… 3:39:41 – 3:42:47
    Icewind Dale – Kuldahar Theme 3:42:47 – 3:44:04
    Jeremy Soule – Kyne’s Peace 3:44:04 – 3:47:48
    Loreena McKennitt – La Serenissima 3:47:48 – 3:52:56
    Kingdom Come Deliverance – Lady Steph and Henry 3:52:56 – 3:54:52
    Inon Zur – Liberty Lives 3:54:52 – 3:58:08
    Brian Tyler – Life at Sea 3:58:08 – 4:01:14
    Adrian von Ziegler – Lost Sanctuary 4:01:14 – 4:04:26
    Witcher 3 (Unreleased OST) – Love Theme 4:04:26 – 4:06:00
    Witcher 3 (Unreleased OST) – Love Theme (Harp) 4:06:00 – 4:07:00
    Drakensang: Am Fluss der Zeit OST – Madas Licht 4:07:00 – 4:08:58
    Jeremy Soule – Masser 4:08:58 – 4:14:59
    Youjo Senki OST – My Soul 4:14:59 – 4:16:37
    Drakensang: Am Fluss der Zeit OST – Nacht 4:16:37 – 4:18:31
    Celestial Aeon Project – Nascence 4:18:31 – 4:21:10
    Rend OST – Night 1 (Version 1) 4:21:10 – 4:23:13
    Witcher 3 (Unreleased OST) – No Man’s Land 07 Exploration 4:23:13 – 4:26:04
    Witcher 3 (Unreleased OST) – No Man’s Land 08 Exploration 4:26:04 – 4:28:57
    Lord of the Rings: War in the North – Nordinbad 4:28:57 – 4:31:01
    Imperator: Rome OST – Northland 4:31:01 – 4:35:53
    Gothic 3 OST – Northmar (Explore) 4:35:53 – 4:37:24
    Yuki Kajiura – Now I’m Back 4:37:24 – 4:39:38
    Lineage II – S28_F 4:39:38 – 4:40:42
    Lineage II – Town of Gludin 4:40:42 – 4:42:46

  • Anime Nightcore - Make it! ◦ PriPara


    ◦ I have watched 4 episodes of PriPara and seems good, liked the opening so there you go! Just waiting for Naru, Aira and Mia to take the stage ◦

    Song◦ Make it!
    Artist◦ i☆Ris
    Anime◦ PriPara
    Nightcore◦ Nee Chee


    ◦ Contact me◦

    I don't own picture or song. All the credit goes to the right version and the right creators.
    Purely fanmade.

    Thanks for listening yuss ♡

  • AD&D The Movement - The Story so Far


    A recap for the story of Advanced Dungeons and Dragons: The Movement with David Look. We hope you enjoy our videos because we enjoy making them.

    Music from
    Follow us on instagram @HI_DnD

  • Rick Astley - Together Forever


    Rick Astley - Together Forever (Official Music Video)
    Listen On Spotify -
    Buy On iTunes -
    Amazon -

    Follow Rick Astley


    If there's anything you need
    All you have to do is say
    You know you satisfy everything in me
    We shouldn't waste a single day

    So don't stop me falling
    It's destiny calling
    A power I just can't deny
    It's never changing
    Can't you hear me, I'm saying
    I want you for the rest of my life

    Together forever and never to part
    Together forever we two
    And don't you know
    I would move heaven and earth
    To be together forever with you

    If they ever get you down
    There's always something I can do
    Because I wouldn't ever wanna see you frown
    I'll always do what's best for you

    There ain't no mistaking
    It's true love we're making
    Something to last for all time
    It's never changing
    Can't you hear me, I'm saying
    I want you for the rest of my life

    Together forever and never to part
    Together forever we two
    And don't you know
    Iwould move heaven and earth
    To be together forever with you

    So don't stop me falling
    It's destiny calling
    A power I just can't deny
    It's never changing
    Can't you hear me, I'm saying
    I want you for the rest of my life

    Together forever and never to part
    Together forever we two
    And don't you know
    I would move heaven and earth
    To be together forever with you

    #RickAstley #TogetherForever #Vevo #Pop #OfficialMusicVideo

  • Asith Perera - Its Over



    Image Albums:-

    (New Images Goes Here)

    Additional Links in channel description.
    Main Image Source:

    Note for the new Artists:
    If you would like to submit your own track or Artwork then please follow below instructions.

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    Backup Channel:

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    Note:- I'm not the creator of this Music or Image, All rights belongs to respective owners. Feel free to Message me if you know the original Image Artist. This video is purely fan-made, it's done for entertainment purposes only. Have Fun!
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    ✖✖ If you want to add any kind of information which belongs to the video (audio or visual)
    ✖✖ If you have any issues regarding any of the videos.

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    ✖✖ Audio - Must be minimum 320kbps

    Copyright Info ©

    ✔ Be aware all music and pictures belongs to the original artists.
    ✔ I am in no position to give anyone permission to use this.

  • Beeltenis


    Provided to YouTube by The Orchard Enterprises

    [Beeltenis] · Oathbreaker


    ℗ 2013 Deathwish Inc.

    Released on: 2013-07-16

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Recap and intro


    Provided to YouTube by IIP-DDS

    Recap and intro · Raymond Enoksen

    Henrik Über alles (Original Score)

    ℗ Raymond Enoksen

    Released on: 2019-01-23

    Producer: Raymond Enoksen
    Music Publisher: Dreamscore records
    Composer Lyricist: Raymond Enoksen
    Composer: Raymond Enoksen

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • YT DiNGO - The Wicked Rest 3/3


    Jingiwalla, We acknowledge the tradition elders past, present and emerging.
    Filmed in Yugembeh country (Gold Coast).
    Location: HOTA (Home of the Arts Amphitheatre)

    YT DiNGO - The Wicked Rest (Official Music Video)

    Directed and Edited by: Claudia Sangiorgi Delimore

    3rd Song & Video of the trilogy.

    Songs Available on everything: NOW! 2/04/2k19


    ON Spotify NOW -

    Triple J Unearthed NOW -

    Band Camp NOW -

    Press Contact: GD FRNDS

    Published on April 2nd, 2019

    MUSIC VIDEO by YT DiNGO performing The Wicked Rest. © 2019 Awe Mill Records.

    No particular order

    Cinematographer, Focus puller and RED camera supplier: Dr Dominik Muench
    Gimbal operator: Leroy Button
    Cinematographer, Focus puller and RED camera supplier: Dr Dominik Muench
    Colourist: Treehouse Studios - Nick Rieve
    Lighting: HOTA - Alex Fox
    Assistant Choreography/ Performer: Richard Swoop Whitebear.
    Lead Indigenous Actor/ Actress's- Dancers:
    Shae Duncan,
    Jaymen Blk Cockatoo Drahm,
    Carmel Vale.
    Lead Actor/ Dancer/ Producer/ Head of choreography: YT DiNGO

    Dancer/ Actors/ Models who also helped with Choreography movement:
    Pru Wilson
    Grace Cuizon
    Monika Stojevska
    Ashleigh White
    Alicia Min Harvey
    Ben Garcia
    Aaron Sloth Griffin
    AB Sow
    Jazi Othman
    Jade Gavenlock
    Kayah Guenther
    Maitreyah Guenther
    Xoe Zahara
    Issia Patricia Miller
    Glovindria Singh
    Sophia Kate
    Maxwell Douglas
    Anthony Pieters
    Joshua Wong
    Chris Cj the kid Jhureea
    Daniel Cox
    Emily Lemonius
    Millicent Norman
    Ben Hogan
    Ally Vincent
    Lowana Davies
    Julia Brunato
    Daryl Davidson
    Abbey Rae Kim
    Gabrielle Miller

    Recorded Musicians: YT DiNGO Travers Ross, Dave Dogg Atkins, Rama Domosi, Mathew Gray.
    Mix and Mastered by: Dave Dogg Atkins at Hydro Funk Records Australia.
    Graphic Design (Symbols and Logo): Grey Ghost (Jeremy Koren)
    Photography (Cover photo) Michelle Grace Hunder

    Crew Support - Julie Ross
    Extra equipment hired from - Micks Gripping
    BTS Photography: Brian Flexmore

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  • Tomb Of Annihilation Intro Cinematic


    Cinematic intro I created for fun for my home game of TOA.

    Videos and images used do not belong to me.

    Please no comments with spoilers for my players, gracias!

  • D&D / RPG Playlist • TAVERN MUSIC ????


    World of Warcraft - Tavern (Human) 00:01 - 08:03
    Kou Ogata - Sis Puella Magica! 08:03 - 10:00
    Yoshino Yuuji - Shounin to Ookami to, Tabi no Nibasha 10:00 - 12:43
    Em Bard Group - Tavern 01 12:46 - 15:06
    Yasuaki Iwata - Kass's Theme 15:08 - 16:16
    Percival - The Feast 16:21 - 20:19
    Em Bard Group - Tavern 02 20:21 - 23:12
    Kou Ogata - Salve, terrae magicae 23:14 - 25:03
    Yoshino Yuuji - Hoshita Sakana to Budoushu to 25:07 - 27:36
    Jeremy Soule - Out of the Cold 27:39 - 30:37
    Em Bard Group - Tavern 03 30:44 - 32:29
    Peter McConnell - Tricks of the Trade - 32:29 - 36:40
    Kou Ogata - Conturbatio 36:43 - 38:55
    Jeremy Soule - Around the Fire 38:58 - 42:05
    Peter McConnell - Two Rogues, One Mark 42:10 - 45:25
    Yoshino Yuuji - Tsuki wo Karu Kuma 45:26 - 48:13
    Evan Call - Each Memory a Message 48:16 - 50:30
    Yoshino Yuuji - Tadashiki Tenbin 50:35 - 52:44
    Yoshino Yuuji - Yuruyakana Sakamichi 52:47 - 56:23
    Yasuharu Takanashi - This world and its music 56:25 - 58:42
    Witcher 3 - Toussaint General Hub - Mandragora 58:44 - 1:00:38
    Witcher 3 - Toussaint - Tavern Brawl 1:00:43 - 1:01:52
    Witcher 3 - Novigrad - 06 Tavern 01 1:01:53 - 1:03:47
    Witcher 3 - Race Loop 1:03:47 - 1:04:38
    FFXV - The Yaschas Massif 1:04:39 - 1:06:43
    Witcher 3 - Priscillas Song Com Mockup 1:06:48 - 1:10:05
    Jeremy Soule - A Winter's Tale 1:10:07 - 1:13:24
    Jeremy Soule - Tavern Music 3 1:13:28 - 1:15:08
    Jeremy Soule - The Bannered Mare 1:15:09 - 1:17:33
    Witcher 3 - CS602 Dance 1:17:38 - 1:18:26
    Yoshino Yuuji - Seikou ka Muichimon ka 1:18:27 - 1:21:50
    Witcher 3 - Toussaint - Beauclair - Explorer Night 02 1:21:57 - 1:23:39
    Fable II - Marcus Memorial 1:23:40 - 1:26:24
    Nox Arcana - Rogue's Hollow 1:26:26 - 1:27:40
    Yoshino Yuuji - Wakaki Nendaiki Sakka 1:27:41 - 1:30:00
    Yoshihisa Hirano - Take a Walk 1:30:03 - 1:31:46
    Earl Scruggs - Foggy Mountain Breakdown 1:31:50 - 1:36:36
    Michael Hoenig - The Friendly Arms Inn 1:36:37 - 1:38:10
    The Witcher - Goodbye 02 1:38:12 - 1:38:44
    Witcher 3 - Skellige - 11 Tavern 01 1:38:45 - 1:41:35
    Witcher 3 - Skellige - 11 Tavern 02 1:41:35 - 1:44:15
    Witcher 3 - Skellige - 11 Tavern 03 1:44:16 - 1:45:54
    Witcher 3 - Skellige - 11 Tavern 04 1:45:54 - 1:48:31
    Witcher 3 - Skellige - Tavern Mini Games 1:48:31 - 1:49:30
    Witcher 3 - Skellige Ard - Skellig Settlements exploration 1:49:30 - 1:51:50
    Witcher 3 - Wyzima 01 Exploration Layer 02 1:51:51 - 1:53:20
    Derek & Brandon Fiechter - Viking Tavern 1:53:23 - 1:56:41
    Derek & Brandon Fiechter - Medieval Princess 1:56:43 - 1:59:50
    Derek & Brandon Fiechter - Court Jester 1:59:53 - 2:02:59
    Derek & Brandon Fiechter - Sir Gawainn's Inn 2:03:00 - 2:06:30
    Derek & Brandon Fiechter - Forest Imps Inn 2:06:36 - 2:10:18
    Derek & Brandon Fiechter - Brown Fox Inn 2:10:20 - 2:14:00
    Derek & Brandon Fiechter - Child of the Highlands 2:14:03 - 2:16:16
    Derek & Brandon Fiechter - Leprechaun's Inn 2:16:18 - 2:19:15
    Derek & Brandon Fiechter - The Captain's Inn 2:19:16 - 2:22:45
    Adrian von Ziegler - Callirus 2:22:47 - 2:25:06
    Derek & Brandon Fiechter - Hooded Rogue Inn 2:25:08 - 2:28:35
    Adrian von Ziegler - Myth 2:28:37 - 2:30:59
    Adrian von Ziegler - Song of Brotherhood 2:31:00 - 2:33:32
    Derek & Brandon Fiechter - Goblin King's Tavern 2:33:33 - 2:36:57
    Andreas Waldetoft - Among the Poor 2:37:00 - 2:38:37
    Arcania Gothic 4 - Tavern 2:38:39 - 2:40:12
    Michael Hoenic - The Private Isle 2:40:12 - 2:41:07
    World of Warcraft - Darkmoon Faire 2 - 2:41:07 - 2:42:20
    World of Warcraft - Tavern (Alliance - Revisited) 2:42:22 - 2:44:45
    World of Warcraft - Tavern (Human) 2:44:45 - 2:50:23
    Andreas Waldetoft - commerce in the Peninsula 2:50:24 - 2:52:31
    Glorian - Amber Ale 2:52:35 - 2:56:18
    England Anno 1066 2:56:19 - 2:58:17
    Gaelic Storm - The Road to Liskeard 2:58:20 - 3:01:24
    Andreas Waldetoft - In the Streets 3:01:27 - 3:02:44
    Joanie Madden - Loftus Jones 3:02:45 - 3:06:05
    Kevin MacLeod - Pippin the Hunchback 3:06:08 - 3:09:22
    Kingdom Come Deliverance - Beer and Women 3:09:23
    Kingdom Come Deliverance - Rattay Feasts
    King's Galliard - Beardance
    King's Galliard - Gravelwalk
    King's Galliard - The Ashplant
    Andreas Waldetoft - King's Court
    Lord of the Rings Online - Autumn Ale
    Lord of the Rings Online - Breeland Jig
    Loreena McKennitt - The Lark in the Clean Air
    Loreena McKennitt - The Stockford Carol
    Andreas Waldetoft - Machiavelli
    Keiichi Okabe - Dispossession (Pluck Ver.)
    Keiichi Okabe - Yonah (Pluck Ver.)
    Andreas Waldetoft - Nighttime
    Justin Bell - The Fox and the Farmer
    Justin Bell - The Lover Cried Out
    Rober L. Euvino - Draft Arranged
    Rober L. Euvino - Labyrinth
    World of Warcraft - Tavern
    Untitled - The Ballad for Maria
    The Chieftains - Carrickfergus
    The Hobbit - Working in the Mill
    The Last Story - The Pub
    Untitled - The Trade Route
    The Witcher - Tavern at the End of World
    Witcher 2 - A Tavern on the Riverbank
    Witcher 2 - A Watering Hole in the Harbor
    Witcher 3 - Drink Up, There's More!
    Witcher 3 - The Nightingale
    Witcher - Evening in the Tavern
    Jeremy Soule - Wink and Tickle Bordello

    Woo Chul Lee

  • Tutorial on how to Use Adobe Spark Post To create professional design for your business


    Karibu Tujifunze Pamoja katika Hatua rahisi Namna Ya Kutenegeneza Matangazo Katika Muonekano Mzuri Kwa Kutumia Gharama Ndogo Tu Ya Bando Yako

    Unapaswa Simu Yako Iwe Compatible Na Hii Program Ya Adobe Spark Post Design

    Kwa Mtu Kama wahitaji hiyo link Kwa Watuamiaji Wa Androind.

    Kwa masomo mengine mengi kuhusu digital Marketing kwa lugha yetu Ya Kiswahili subscribe katika channel yetu Telegram

    Usiache kulike, kusubscribe kuacha comment ni vipi zimekusadia hizi tutorials

    Weapon Mwajombe
    Founder Matunda Afya

    Soko la Mtandao ????




  • LaRona - Richmond Blues


    Third track of our new EP Back On The Stomping Ground (Release: 19/04/2019).

    A slow, bluesy tune dealing with one of life's simple truths: You never know what your fellow man is really up to.

    Find the full EP via
    (Spotify, iTunes, Amazon etc.)


    Find us on



  • Gladys del Pilar med Let´s Stay Together - BingoLotto 9/2 2014


    Gladys del Pilar gästade BingoLotto och framförde tillsammans med husbandet låten Let´s Stay Together

  • LAAs Sugar Rush @ Cogent Holdings Limited Annual D&D 2015


    Sugar Rush, The Little Arts Academy's Nu Style dancers, performed a heart pumping dance number at Cogent Holdings Limited Annual Dinner & Dance 2015, held at Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel on 28 February 2015.

  • Milan & Luna Kraljica noci


    Muzika i tekst : Milan B
    Video : Milan & Luna
    Radjeno u studiju: NeXt-milanB
    februar 2018
    Svako kopiranje je zabranjeno bez dozvole autora.

    facebook kontakt: //

  • Biohacking Your Body Using the Environment, Writing, and Debunking Gurus with Scott Carney


    Get mp3, shownotes, and resources mentioned in show here:
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    Scott’s Wild Idea: To write about adventure and the outdoors, debunk gurus, and find ways to biohack your body to improve performance and health.

    Last week, I interviewed “Iceman” and record breaker Wim Hof, who talked about how cold immersion and breathing techniques can help humans achieve better health, happiness and strength. This week, I thought it was appropriate to follow up our conversation with anthropologist and investigative journalist Scott Carney.

    In addition to spending a lot of time with Wim Hof, studying his method and climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro with him in record time wearing little clothing, Scott also wrote a best-seller about Wim called What Doesn’t Kill Us. The book dives deep into the science behind the Wim Hof Method, and also explains how environmental conditioning can help us renew our lost evolutionary strength.

    Scott spent much of his career debunking health and spiritual gurus, and writing about them for national publications and books. When he set out to do the same thing with Wim Hof, something different happened. Scott discovered Wim’s methods actually worked. He also discovered that cold water, ice baths, and other conditioning practices (like those used in the Wim Hof Method) can renew strength, make your body leaner, and increase your physical abilities and your brown fat, which is needed to stay warm.

    Scott loves to immerse himself in his work, often putting himself in situations that push his body’s limits. He encourages young writers to do the same. In our conversation, we talk about his time with Wim Hof, what he thought of his methods, and why they work. We also discuss other methods to challenge yourself, the value of being uncomfortable, and how to make it as a freelance writer.

    Listen to this episode if: 
    You liked the Wim Hof episode and want to know more.
    You want to be an adventure writer.
    You’re interested in biohacking your body to be a better athlete and human.
    You want to get better at being uncomfortable.


    2:25 - Scott’s top biohacking tricks include getting out of your comfort zone.
    3:30 - The importance of mental and physical discomfort.
    5:30 – Tips for not shivering in the ocean without a wetsuit.
    9:00 - Why it’s important to experience a range of discomfort.
    10:30 - Why Wim uses cold training.
    12:15 – A succinct explanation of the Wim Hof Method and how it works.
    16:20 - How being in the cold increases brown fat and uses your metabolism to help you lose weight.
    17:15 - How the Wim Hof Method uses breathing and what the gasp reflex is.
    21:00 - The breathing techniques that Scott used when he climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro.
    23:35 - What other experiments Scott has done to test his body and how you can experiment.
    28:00 - Why you almost need to redefine suffering.
    29:10 - What Scott’s next book is about.
    31:30 – Scott’s wife Laura shares a woman’s perspective on some of his tricks and methods.
    34:45 - Scott’s path to becoming a writer and debunking gurus.
    43:00 - Scott’s advice for aspiring writers.
    47:00 - How new writers can establish themselves.
    48:30 - Scott’s recommended books.
    50:15 - How Dungeons and Dragons foreshadowed Scott’s career.
    51:55 - Scott’s advice for young people these days.
    53:15 - Why Scott wants people from his past at his dream party.

  • Katniss Everdeen - I volunteer, I volunteer as tribute.


  • &I - Magical Resonance Ludum Dare 2017 Game Ost


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    Download link:

    Art credits go to:

    Click here to check out our game:

    We had 4 days to work on this. & I just had to get sick on one of them. Then i made a decision to have an alternate version of the track as well for when stuff gets more intense :)

    It took me some extra time because i wanted to rework it before uploading.
    You'll be able to notice quite the difference compared to the track from the Ludum Dare game.

    Produced/Mixed/Mastered by &I

    Feel free to stalk me here:

  • Divinity Original Sin 2 - Lady Vengeance - Act 1 Cleared - Quiet Version


    The Divinity Original Sin 2 soundtrack was composed by Borislav Slavov, the game itself was developed and published by Larian Studios.

    Disclaimer: I do not own nor do I claim to own anything in this video. All rights go to Larian Studios.

    I simply upload this as a fan of Divinity Original Sin 2 and its music.


    P.S. Try the game, it's worth it (ᵔᴥᵔ)

    Tags: divinity original sin 2 music divinity original sin 2 soundtrack divinity ost divinity soundtrack ost music soundtrack game videogame larian studios larian adam adamsart art divinity original sin 2 ost divinity original sin 2 full soundtrack divinity original sin 2 entire soundtrack source godwoken fort joy fort joy music driftwood arx loshe beast sebille ifan fane red prince theme divinity original sin 2 theme main main theme entire soundtrack

  • Psychopaths Revenge | Mystreet MV | Set It Off - Wolf in Sheeps Clothing


    A MyStreet Music Video/Edit to the song Wolf in Sheep's Clothing by Set it Off. Focuses on Ein and his evil deeds.

    I do not own anything used in this video

    Music Used:
    Set It Off - Wolf in Sheep's Clothing:

    Bark Sound Effect:

    Videos Used:
    Phoenix Drop High S2 Ep 21:

    Phoenix Drop High S2 Ep 27:

    Phoenix Drop High S2 Ep 29:

    Phoenix Drop High S2 Ep 30:

    MyStreet S4 Ep 11:

    MyStreet S4 Ep 13:

    MyStreet S4 Ep 16:

    MyStreet S6 Ep8 P1:

    MyStreet S6 Ep8 P2:

    MyStreet S6 Ep9:

    Thumbnail Art:

  • Thief At Work by J Timber


    Thief At Work is the single from J Timber's up coming EP. Check it out and comment on the song.

    get it on itunes at:

  • Epic Pirate Music & Pirate Accordion Music - Pirates & Plunder


    Pirate accordion music and epic pirate music about swashbuckling pirates, haunted ships, treasure maps, and other pirate-like things.

    ☠️ If you like this pirate music compilation, you might love this playlist:

    Epic music |

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    Spotify :


    Tracklist :

    Epic Pirate Music:

    0:00 – Davy Jones
    3:15 – Haunted Isles
    6:30 – Pirate Raid
    10:33 – Walk the Plank
    13:41 – The High Seas
    17:15 – Pirate Island
    20:32 – Land Ahoy
    23:40 – The Seven Seas
    28:56 – Ghost Ships
    32:05 – Pirate Cove
    35:16 – Black Flags
    38:15 – Cave of Secrets
    41:25 – Blackbeard

    World Pirate Music:

    44:15 – Swashbuckling Pirates
    47:42 – Viking Raiders
    50:43 – Pirate Tavern
    54:10 – Rowdy Sailors
    57:17 – Pegleg Pete
    1:00:31 – The Captain's Inn
    1:04:02 – Caribbean Smugglers
    1:07:10 – Hoist up the Sails
    1:10:19 – Treasure Bay
    1:13:41 – Sea Shanty
    1:17:00 – Asian Pirates
    1:19:57 – Treasure Map

    These amazing pictures are done by Torley (1st and 2nd pics) and Myrailon (last pic).




    Great thumbnail was taken from this site:

    Artwork for the Ahoy Mateys! CD is by Torley Olmstead.

    Relevant hashtags:

    #pirate #piratemusic #accordionmusic #adventure #adventuremusic #epic #epicmusic #battlemusic #pirates #davyjones #sailors

    ~ All music is composed by Derek and Brandon Fiechter -- Black Flags is by Derek Fiechter and SongsofHD ~

  • 08 The Battle for Bridgefort - Baldurs Gate: Siege of Dragonspear OST


    *Disclaimer: I do not own any clips or music. All clips and music belong to their respectfull owners. I do not earn any money with this video. All copyrights belong to Soundtrack composed by Sam Hulick. This video is for enjoyment purposes only.

  • RogueLike - Island


    RogueLike - Island

    ● Free download:

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    All music that you hear on this channel has been provided to PhaseBeats with permission from the artists or there are a few tracks that don't mind with being shared.
    Of course if their is any problems such as usage of a image or a song please email me at:

  • Battle Piece - Original RPG Battle Music


    Oops, indeed. After wanting to make an RPG battle theme to add to the Yogurt Original Image Soundtrack, I went a tad bit over board and made the piece sound far too epic, so to speak. While it won't match up to more epic pieces out there, I figured it was worth sharing anyways.

    While it won't be found on the Yogurt soundtrack, you can still pretend that Yogurt and her friends are playing some RPG or D&D if you'd like.

    Battle Piece (YogurtM Arrange)
    Lee Cheong Loong (YogurtM)

  • A Jemi Love Story Chapter 28-Pancakes!



    Joe had dragged me down the stairs and into the kitchen. We were just sitting at the kitchen table, waiting for the girls.
    So did you figure out what you and Demi are gonna do tonight? I asked Joe.
    Yes, yes I did. He said, grinning.
    Well are you gonna tell me? I asked.
    Fine..but you can't tell Demi...or Selena. He said, staring at me.
    Ok I won't. So what are you gonna do? I asked.
    I'm...not gonna tell you! He said, laughing.
    Real mature Joe, fine then i'm not telling you either. I said, two could play that game.
    Ok, thats fine with me. He said, smiling. Before I could answer him the girls walked in. We both jumped up. I looked at Selena and smiled, she looked beautiful, as always.
    Thanks for waiting for us. She said, smiling at me.
    No problem. I said, smiling.
    Are you guys hungry? She asked, looking at me and Joe.
    I'm starving! Joe said, patting his stomach. He's always hungry.
    Dude you already had breakfast! I said, laughing at him.
    Yeah but that was like an hour ago! He whined, and Demi laughed.
    Ok, ok I wouldn't want you to die of starvation, what do you want? Selena asked, still laughing a little.
    I don't care as long as its food. But pancakes would be great. Joe said.
    Joe... I said, staring at him.
    But it doesn't really matter, just make whatever you and Demi want. He said quickly, grinning.
    Ok, pancakes sound good to you Demi? She asked, looking at Demi.
    That sounds great. Demi said, smiling at Joe. He grinned at her.
    Ok then pancakes it is. Sel said, heading to the pantry. She got all the stuff out and started making the pancakes, I went over to her.
    Want some help? I asked, smiling at her. She grinned up at me.
    Sure, why don't you get me two eggs out of the fridge. She said, and I got them.
    Ok now what? I asked. She cracked the eggs into the bowl and stirred them in.
    Now I need milk. She said, smiling at me. I got the milk out and set it next to her.
    Now pour a little in the bowl while I stir. She said.
    Ok..I said skeptically, i'd never done this before. I hope I didn't mess up. I poured a little in.
    Ok now a little more... She said, stirring as she talked. I poured a little more.
    Ok thats good. She said, stirring it some more.
    Ok, now what? I asked, looking at her. She smiled.
    We're done, now I just gotta pour it in the pan and then we'll have some pancakes. She said.
    Awesome. I said, smiling.
    She finished making the pancakes and she put a plate of them on the counter.
    Dig in everybody, oh wait, let me get some plates. She said, getting some plates and silverware out and setting them on the counter as well. We all got a plate and some pancakes and sat down at the table,I prayed for us and then we dug in.
    These are awesome Sel. I said, smiling at her.
    Thanks, i'm glad you like them. She said, smiling.
    Yeah, they're amazing, is there any more? Joe asked, he had already inhaled three.
    Dude I think you've had enough. I said, laughing. He ignored me and went and got two more.....

    Ugh, I really need to find something that tells me how many words or letters i'm writing. haha, :) oh well, part 2 up in just a sec!! :) hehe
    Thanks so much for reading and commenting, every comment makes me smile, you guys are awesome!!! :)

  • Stranger Things Season 2 Snowball Dance | Best Moment


    Stranger Things Season 2 Episode 9, Dustin, Mike, Will, and Lucas participate in Snowball dance with their best mates. While Lucas and Max, Mike and Eleven Kiss each other, Dustin and Nancy pair to shake a leg. One of the best scenes of the season, watch it on Best TV Moments. Subscribe the channel for more awesome videos from your favorite TV shows.

    Perfect / Can't Help Falling In Love Mashup Cover by BTWN US

    © Netflix

  • Top Techno Music


    Top 15.

    Here u got another top techno/trance/rave/hard dance/dance vid.

    If u don't like it.. WELL MAKE ONE URSELF!


    llegal banned parody spoof gijoe gi joe action figure toys stop motion animation star wars lord of the rings lotr star wars thundercats captain planet pee wee herman pee wee's playhouse 80s cartoons robot chicken team america southpark adult swim south park aqua teen hunger force harve birdman beavis and butthead gi joe psas redubbed dub king kong mumra edward scissorhands california raisins star trek geek nerd commercial invader zim trey parker matt stone channel101 channel 101 lonelyisland lonely island the bu halo juts like sex, porn, x-men 3, like cops boobs howard stern family guy and extra, commercial, family guy, south park, simpsons, youtube is gay emo minor threat is not emo diy ethics afi sound music video mtv sucks dead rabbit bugs bunny chair crazy desc description diablo 2 date prank accident cruel fall death animal horse island survivior trailer movie tom and jerry drake and josh spanish brazil bus uncle argentina bob burnquist tony hawk captain crunch macdonalds mcdonalds spam you yube xbox 360 wii weird guitars drums drum solo bass band punk sex titties big mac trip drugs vacation joke beach waves surfing skating ice matt stone trey parker worst video yt unique enigma jay leno dell computers break easy because macaroni and cheese black kids people famous watermelon chicken search most viewed only real game play halo3 also snowboarding mountain fatal crash fire explode explosion gun weapon m16 m4 assault rifle carbine machine processor description created by MONOSODIUMGLUTIMATE driving wreck wallride kickflip project physics realistic flip trucks truck punch fights ps3 playstation three threesome boobies lesbians gay women naked intercourse nipple woman show tv live news mistake short movie tribute monty python bam margera grenade pokemon smosh naruto simpsons groening kicker nike promotion short mad angry wrestling pro tv andy milonakis fallujah iraq looney toons tex machina coca cola greenday green day myspace movie markleung eggtea tag pop britney spears topless nude paris tasha tits uh oh nigger donkeyy boyz in the hood gangster movies created by MSG bloodtempest fatal1ty fatality ps3 neversoft project 8 grind rail hippo nikesoccer shoes theater seet airplane 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 oops cops arrest nintendo revolution dANCE EVOLUTION funeral cocky chinks dell boarder stroodles imps axe d&d dungeons and dragons retarded monosodiumglutamate aol bush president america online erols shot piss blowjob cum face sperm queer lesbian kiss asian anal turnips the rabbit bugs bunny gay homosexuals stewie meg griffin chris josh spick nigger all american rejects guns n roses gnr dna maddox japan pearl jam nofx anti flag less than jake halfpipe tiger mini noodles ramp blunt gg allin hookers afi simple plan britney spears eminem own fantastic noob dumb geeks that say wait fracture arm leg nose skull brain bad brains good charlotte hurly punk wow world of warcraft underground band pantera danzig misfits dk christina aguilera mariah carrey slim shadey jennifer lopez tupac 2pac shakira aaliyah avril lavigne 50 cent hilary duff baked potatoes boogles elvis presley rock metal speed thrash suicidal tendencies potheads on beer crack brandy bob dylan evanescence 'n sync gorillaz alice cooper linkin park john mayer jimmy eat world foo fighters beck aqua korn bad religion a.f.i. cypress hill x-japan cradle of filth david grey smashing pumpkins icp deftones weird al yankovich pimp crazy created by MSG remember sequel steven parks drop episode xxx fetish unbelievable faces of death rap freestyle mike jones pirate newegg limewire nerd willy wonka grow up stupid comment bust balls nuts scrotum testicles tnmt dave chappelle chapelles show mario ds metroid zero resident guy evil god win lose sport soccer wolrd cup insane clown posse parody recut lion king disney beautiful girls sleep lick looney lezbians pussy cat home familyguy bikes motorcycle crashes rolls dies guy spyder paintball blood tippman maple story tree hippy runescape runeword kal silkroad online answers rock n roll george bush way poopoo dog cat kitten spider bite poison tits beer alcohol wine comedian joke nick 13 worldcup world cup frog legs clerks 2 viva rock kat tun mario party snake webcam conker conkers bad fur day live and reloaded gunz nexopia youtube final fantasy orange range msn messenger brothers in arms lost planet madden wii nintendo japan japanese NHL Zelda tony hawk red steel spongebob chobits bleach boondocks mortal combat pokemon dragon ball brawl wario luigi mario waluigi peach daisy toad yoshi hitman gundam Godfather

  • How to run Vampire: The Masquerade #4 | FIRST SESSION



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  • Taking Aim - John Williams


    Track 26 of 29 from Disc 1 of the 2015 La-La Land Records soundtrack release

    Music composed & conducted by John Williams

    Music is owned by its creators

  • Caves of Agalloth - Sprawling Ruins of Desert Temple 2018


    Band: Caves of Agalloth
    Album: Sprawling Ruins of Desert Temple
    Year: 2018
    Genre: Dungeon Synth/Dark Ambient
    Country: Czech Republic


    1. Sprawling Ruins of Desert Temple I 00:00 - 09:28
    2. Sprawling Ruins of Desert Temple II 09:28 - 29:18

    “In the heart of Nazik desert lies mighty ruins of temple long abandoned by its creators and surrounded
    just by endless dunes of sand and ever-blowing wind. No one has seen it for aeons of time except the
    human-like creatures of night who worship there their dreadful forgotten gods. Anyone who would be
    lucky enough to cross the wrathful desert and step on the oddly cold stone will be sacrificed by that
    beings dwelling in darkness to horrid mouth of well where rests the waters of all evil.

    This is first part of musical story depicting a Lovecraftian fantastic land of Prairie.”

    Download the album:

  • Moral Corruption - Payback


    First song Payback from our first EP DIVIDED

    All songs were:

    Recorded by Πέτρος Μηλιάδης (Petros Miliadis)
    and Διονύσης Μαράτος (Dionisis Maratos).

    Mixed and mastered by Πέτρος Μηλιάδης (Petros Miliadis)

    Artwork Design by tattoo artist Ηλίας Ξηνταβελώνης (Ilias Ksidavelonis).

    Line Up :

    Drums-Aggelos Samaras (

    Vocals-Ilias Zounis

    Bass Guitar - Thanasis Xiros

    Guitar - Minos Bampatsikos (

    You can find us on :

    Facebook :
    Instagram :
    Soundcloud :
    Bandcamp :


    Payback may refer to revenge
    A dire action retort with an outrage
    Nothing more or nothing less,
    It's useless to pretend

    So this is it
    This is, this is our payback

    Full with rage

    Hate, the son of betrayal
    The fracture of a crippled mind
    Filled up with rage
    Struggling to control what push to punch

    And action
    We put you under the spotlight
    You failed to see your rival in the dark
    The only audiance trully enjoying the show
    Because you put me there
    A delurge of blood you'll have my friend

    All the pain they've caused to you
    Feeds your soul with grizzly rage
    You want to punch
    Again, again, again
    Standing tall, knuckles crushing skulls
    As my payback is written in blood
    Payback in blood

  • Direction | Chill Out mix | music for work, study, relax


    Direction gives you the future...


    0:00 | LONER - Genuine Empathy
    03:02 | Liam Thomas - With Your Touch
    06:42 | Pensees - Telepathy
    10:56 | Space Alpe - Evidence
    15:13 | Phelian - Move On (Lazarus Moment Remix)
    19:10 | Eguana - Teach Us To Love
    23:14 | Zyphyr - Before I Close My Eyes
    26:30 | Gostes - Cloud Way
    30:48 | Antent - Nineteen
    34:38 | Eguana - Let's fly
    38:52 | Sloati x Rusez1 - Confusion Waves
    43:03 | Pensees, Menual - Movement
    48:18 | Rusez1 - Stumble
    51:35 | Unbrok - Chasm
    55:04 | glowly - Abyss
    58:34 | S'Hill - We Are All Dreamers


    Music page Music in thoughts, which are compositions mix of chillout, ambient, Lo-Fi genres. We making a mix for all us for good mood when we do work, study, sleep, relax

    This video chill mix was made for promotional good chillout music from amazing artists. If you enjoy the music, please search original music in Apple Music, Youtube, Shopify, etc. If you own any content in this chill mix and would like us to remove it, please contact us (musicinthoughts[at] and we will remove it.

  • Moradin - Ancient As the Wood and Stone


    *Artist: Moradin
    *Album: Ancient Stone & Mystic Woods
    *Year: 2011
    *Genre: Atmospheric Folk / Black Metal
    *Country: Canada

  • Caverna da Dragão Dicas - Jogos de PS4


    Programa de dicas da Loja Caverna do Dragão. Produzido por Just Design | Estúdio Multimídia.

    Direção: Bruna Quevedo e Rodiney Assunção

  • D&D summer camp 2018


    Oh what fun we all had!

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    singing of buy.. buy.. friends

  • Just a Cleric, Super Boss!!


    COMING TO STEAM, 5/19/16!

    The optional super demon boss fight from my new game Just a Cleric. It has a wide array of nasty powers and is meant to be the ultimate test for cleric who've won the game a couple of times.



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