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Playlist of Cypress Hill

  • Cypress Hill - Hand On the Pump


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    Sawed off shotgun, hand on the pump
    Left hand on a forty, (Puffin' on a blunt)
    Pumped my shotgun, (Niggas didn't jump)
    Lala la la lala la laaaaa...

    #CypressHill #HandOnthePump #OfficialMusicVideo

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  • Delinquent Habits - CALIFORNIA Feat. Sen Dog


    Delinquent Habits - CALIFORNIA Feat. Sen Dog (Cypress Hill) 2017
    From the album It Could Be Round Two Available Now.
    Produced by: Ruck P & Dj Invincible
    Video Director: Tim Duerig

    Mixed and Mastered @ Soundimension Studio, Switzerland
    By Ismael SiKo Antico and Severin DJ Invincible Gygax
    Assisted by: Dario Negro

    ♢♢♢♢♢ “California”♢♢♢♢♢

    Ives Irie - Verse 1

    Checkin' in from the left coast where we take sound,
    that combines sunshine with rhyme and move around.
    We take it slow, watch the smoke we blow,
    bringing California swing in this thing fa sho

    Well hey there babydoll dance the go go,
    off a little mentally I see it in slow mo
    Hollywood the East side, Hub City to 'Frisco
    Calles to the playa, fiyas up in the disco

    Wooh oh woh now here we go
    Mira Delinquentes bum rush the show
    Aqui in Cali where trees so sweet
    and these habits is feeling irie
    on this Ruck P beat

    And on summer nights we move our feet
    Keeping in mind the danger walking on these LA streets
    So with eyes that reflect as the waves hit shore
    And through the smoke of the green you seen burn next door

    And where the birds sing but they don't tell the truth no more
    And the streets hot, so truth is, better lock your door

    days is hot night get hotter
    fathers better watch your daughters
    days get longer nights get shorter
    remember the police got quotas
    city of angels
    here even angles watch they angles
    living in
    showing nothing but love
    bringing peace when the push turn shove

    Kemo The Blaxican – Verse 2
    Now you can bury me out in the back
    El Californio
    Right beside a cactus plant
    Damn right sporting some corn rolls

    Sen Dog - Verse 2 (part 2)
    I be the vato with the bomb as green
    from the west coast
    seny sosa
    out here living fresco
    all is good
    from the ready and a set go
    but if you illing
    I’m dropping that left bro
    South gate California
    What its all about
    From the hill is who I’m shouting out
    we all og’s veteranos
    putting work in for
    a chingo de anos
    and it don’t ease up or slow down

    still getting money when we come around
    you know what’s up we delinquente
    twenty five years I been familia with these gente
    check me out on they new lp
    tequila and shots and the jetfuel trees
    ragtop down on a 63’
    glock 17 and the ocean breeze

    days is hot night get hotter
    fathers better watch your daughters
    days get longer nights get shorter
    remember the police got quotas
    city of angels
    here even angles watch they angles
    living in
    showing nothing but love
    bringing peace when the push turn shove

    Ives Irie - Verse 3 (Part 1)

    These days the sea shore I see a little bit more
    but I still love botella reflections plus more
    I love breeze, long laughs, guitar chords, old blues, reggae too
    Click clack of skate boards

    What's that that's making me feel this hardcore
    From the land of the hip hop that y'all gon' starve for
    Bob your head so hard you'll wreck your car for
    I like money, but your love and respect is far more

    Kemo The Blaxican - Verse 3 (Part 2)

    asi lo es sur califa
    te aplacan a prisa
    saliendo de la barra
    O saliendo de miza
    put’em down no frown
    deja ver la sonrisa
    no beef in the party
    but I’m killing the pista
    from the underground
    so im turning the milpa
    Re-ignite the whole scene
    Cuz I’m bringing the chispa
    Been around the world
    Pero aqui mero riffa
    deeply rooted right here
    tu saves en califas

    Chorus -
    days is hot night get hotter
    fathers better watch your daughters
    days get longer nights get shorter
    remember the police got quotas
    city of angels
    here even angles watch they angles
    living in
    showing nothing but love
    bringing peace when the push turn shove

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  • Cypress Hill Insane In The Brain - California Roots 6


    California Roots / Cypress Hill / Bulldog Media © 2015
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    #CypressHill #CaliRoots #CypressHillLive #californiaroots #insaneinthebrain #calirootsfest #cypresshillconcert #live

  • Delinquent Habits - Tres Delinquentes


    Music video by Delinquent Habits performing Tres Delinquentes. (C) 1996 Sony Music Entertainment

    #DelinquentHabits #TresDelinquentes #Vevo

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  • Cypress Hill - Reefer Man


    'Reefer Man' directed by Anthony Hayward
    Song available on the Grow House Original Motion Picture Soundtrack:

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    (C) 2017 Cypress Hill
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  • House Of Pain vs Cypress Hill - Jump Around In The Brain


    May do more of these mash ups yet to decide but hey ho, 1st Match Up

    House Of Pain - Jump Around Vs Cypress Hill - Insane In The Brain

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  • cypress hill - marijuana locos


    cypres hil - marijuana locos..

    1pal cerro 8 pal maton 7 pa tu muerte...

  • Cypress Hill - Ganja Bus


    Artist: Damian Marley
    Album Artist: Cypress Hill
    Name: Ganja Bus
    Album: Till Death Do Us Part

    This video is for promotion only!


    [Damian Marley]
    All aboard, and jump on the Ganja Bus
    We now want the new weed, beat under us
    Rollin' up, roll like we thunderous
    Somkin' up, Rasta not sprinkle dust
    Too much ecstasy, make manna exit us
    Too much fantasy, here upon next to us
    Fit in ganja weed, always notorious
    Sucker censor me, if you feel glorious
    We have weed in our cakes and Oreo's
    Believe me though, death upon your Marlboro
    You want my roll, on someone you hardly know
    This Marley grow, no time to move feet
    Make it slow, you tellin' me no
    Say you want to start the show
    Like cool, Johnny Depp and you want to blow
    You shot, direct; that means you are far bellow
    You start to take, substances up in your nose

    [Chorus: Damian Marley - 2X]
    No nina where you find me
    Some boy go rich, blow ninety
    We're smokin' like a genie
    The skunky and the greenie

    On the ganja bus, they comin' after us
    We makin' stops all over Los Angeles
    On the block, where the weed that get scandalous
    When we run around, police can't handle us
    They wanna clout the bus, and on the top be us
    They never wanna come around, just a rowdy bunch
    Tengo el poder, tu no aguantas
    Yo se, que el juego es dificil para usted
    Despiertate, no dejes tu gente ver
    Tu situacion cuando no puedes mantener
    En fuerza que nosotros, ensenale
    Deja tu vida sin rastros, escondete
    Portate, we flyin' up tu saint tropez
    And if you want we can jet through Montego bay

    [Chorus: Damian Marley - 2X]
    No nina where you find me
    Some boy go rich, blow ninety
    We're smokin' like a genie
    The skunky and the greenie
    Senn Dogg!

    [Sen Dog]
    Cuando fumo yo no juego, pasame el fuego
    Me lo fumo todo, quememe los dedos
    En la manana cuando me levanto
    Antes que nada, yo quemo un pipaso
    Enamorado con la yerba buena
    comida cubana y las nalgas morenas
    todas las nenas saben que yo tengo
    las colitas, vete en mi leno
    no hay nadie que me quite el vicio
    marihuano por vida, oiste chico?
    Mundo entero quiero que me entiende
    La Cannabis es buena pa' tu mente


    It's so hazardous
    Take a strive with us
    When it's over California, we react the bus
    We fabulous, your talk don't mean jack to us
    Better fear for your ass when disaster come
    Pass ya' blunts, gonna have to mash it up
    For you conniving mothafuckers wanna stash it up
    You actin' up, we can't have that's whats up
    Listen Muggs on the table gonna slash it up

    [Chorus 2x]

  • Cypress Hill ‎-- Illusions HQ


    Illusions (Muggs Remix)

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  • Tequila Sunrise Instrumental Cypress Hill


  • Mashup Queen, Led Zeppelin, Joan Jett, Cypress Hill, Run-DMC, Billy Squier and Twisted Sister


    Queen - We Will Rock You
    Led Zeppelin - Whole Lotta Love
    Joan Jett - I Love Rock 'n' Roll
    Cypress Hill - Insane in the Brain
    Run-DMC - Walk This Way
    Billy Squier - The Stroke
    Twisted Sister - I Wanna Rock

  • Estragos Trifulka - Mochate ft. Sen Dog of Cypress Hill


    Music video by Estragos Trifulka performing Mochate. 2015

    #EstragosTrifulka #Mochate #Vevo

  • Cypress hill - Muevete


    Sacalos y muevelos

  • _07_Sonic Youth & Cypress Hill - I Love You Mary Jane


    Judgment Night

  • The Beatles vs. Joan Jett vs. Cypress Hill vs. House Of Pain vs. Rage Against The Machine Mashup


    If you like this, check out this cool music blog

    Awesome mashup from

  • Cypress Hill - when the ship goes down


  • FREE Cypress Hill Type Beat | Wicked


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    Prod. by Don Saulo

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    Cypress Hill x Tha Ynoe Type Rap Instrumental

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  • Slash - Paradise City


    Paradise City feat. Fergie and Cypress Hill

  • Cypress Hill - I Want To Get High



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  • Gue Pequeno: «Io da ragazzino ascoltavo i Cypress Hill.» | Basement Cafè


    Nella prima puntata di Basement Cafè sono venuti a trovarci Gue Pequeno e Paola Zukar.

    Guarda l'intervista completa:

    Basement Cafè è il format che fa emergere l'intima linea di connessione tra il rap e il cinema, dimostrando come l'arte sia base e punto di partenza per la creazione di un'ulteriore espressione artistica.
    Il format si basa su un colloquio tra alcuni artisti nostrani e Antonio Dikele Distefano, che, tramite estratti di film d'autore, ripercorre e crea parallelismi con alcuni momenti topici del rap italiano.

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  • Cypress Hill-Tequilla Sunrise


    I do not own any rights to this track

    {System Complex}

  • Cypress Hill - Insane In The Brain


    Cypress Hill - Insane In The Brain

  • cypress hill hits from the bong



  • Cypress Hill - mexican rap


  • Roll It Up Light It Up - Instrumental


    Roll It Up Light It Up instrumental by Cypress Hill.
    Visit for free/leased instrumentals & beats.
    Updated Weekly.

  • CYPRESS HILL - Siempre Peligroso By Mr.KZA | 2019


    CYPRESS HILL - Siempre Peligroso (BEAT REMAKE INSTRUMENTAL) By Mr. KZA | 2019

    #CypressHill #Tribute #420 #Skull&Bones #2000 #Hiphop #GangstaRap

  • Cypress Hill - Illusions


    From the album III Temples of boom

  • RARE Cypress Hill - Rags To Riches CD RIP


    From the Cypress Hill ‎ (IV) 2 × CD, Album, Limited Edition

  • Cypress Hill Hits From the Bong


    Lean back and take a hit from da Bong ;D

  • Boom Biddy Bye Bye


    Provided to YouTube by Sony Music Entertainment

    Boom Biddy Bye Bye (LP Instrumental) · Cypress Hill

    Boom Biddy Bye Bye

    ℗ 1996 Columbia Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment

    Composer, Lyricist: Muggs
    Composer, Lyricist: Freese
    Composer, Lyricist: Reyes

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Cypress Hill - L.I.F.E. feat. Kokane - Stoned Raiders


    Artista: Cypress Hill

    Artista em destaque: Kokane

    Álbum: Stoned Raiders

    Data de lançamento: 2001

    Gênero: Hip-hop/Rap

  • Dj Julio G & Eric Bobo


    Cypress Hill - Live At Rock am Ring (2010)

  • Yo Quiero Fumar - Cypress Hill


    Información y Descarga del Disco: (2020)

    Álbum: Los Grandes Éxitos En Español
    Artista: Cypress Hill
    Año: 1999

    Contraseña del RAR: No Tiene

    1. Yo Quiero Fumar (I Wanna Get High)
    2. Loco En El Coco ( Insane in the Brain )
    3. No Entiendes La Onda
    4. Dr. Dedoverde (Dr. Greenthumb)
    5. Latin Lingo
    6. Puercos (Pigs)
    7. marijuano Locos ( Raiders Stoned )
    8. Tú No Ajaunta (Checkmate)
    9. Ilusiones (Illusions)
    10.Muévete (Make a Move)
    11.No Pierdo Nada (Nothin 'to Lose) (con Mellow Man Ace )
    12.Tequila (Tequila Sunrise)
    13.Tres Equis
    14.Siempre Peligroso (featuring Fermin IV de Control Machete )





  • Cypress Hill & Rusko Ft. Damian Marley - Cant Keep Me Down



  • Cypress Hill - 07 - Lock Down


    from album : 1993 - Black Sunday .

  • Cypress Hill x Moğollar - Süreyya in the Brain


  • Loco del Coco Cypress Hill


  • Monyo Project Symphonic Cypress Hill Live


    Werner Gabor Harmonia Cordis Marosvasarhelyi Filharmonia

  • yo quiero fumar mota cypress hill


    ARTISTA , GRUPO , RAPERO Y/O CANTANTE : cypress hill
    NOMBRE DE CANCION , ROLA O TEMA : yo quiero fuma mota
    ALBUM , CD O DISCO : grandes exitos en español
    GENERO MUSICAL Y/O GENEROS MUSICALES : rap en español latino old school
    CORO DE AUDIO : yo quiero fuma mota
    PAIS Y/O CIUDAD DE AUTOR : los angeles estados unidos
    ESTILO DE CANCION Y/O DESCRIPCION : drogadicta como tema principal la marihuna
    IDIOMA : español latino
    VIDEO SUBIDO POR : tmalsorap

    NAME OF SONG, ROLA OR TOPIC: I want he/she smokes speck
    ALBUM, CD OR DISK: big successes in Spanish
    I GENERATE MUSICAL AND/OR MUSICAL GOODS: rap in Spanish Latin old school
    CHOIR OF AUDIO: I want he/she smokes speck
    COUNTRY AND/OR CITY OF AUTHOR: the angeles united states
    STYLE OF SONG AND/OR DESCRIPTION: drug addict as main topic the marihuna
    LANGUAGE: Latin Spanish
    GONE UP VIDEO FOR: tmalsorap

  • Cypress Hill - Clash Of The Titans


    loop instrumental of clash of the titans by cypress hill from iv

  • Boom Biddy Bye Bye


    Provided to YouTube by Sony Music Entertainment

    Boom Biddy Bye Bye (Fugees Mix Instrumental) · Cypress Hill

    Boom Biddy Bye Bye

    ℗ 1996 Columbia Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment

    Composer, Lyricist: Muggs
    Composer, Lyricist: Freese
    Composer, Lyricist: Reyes

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • SOLD La Raza - Guitar Type Beat Gangsta Rap | Cypress Hill Instrumental Prod. Ese0ni


    You've got to be proud from where you came from, and I'm proud to be mexican ????????

    Sold to Lil Bear but I have other great beats :D

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    Made with FL Studio 10 lol

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    Santa Fe Klan Guitar Type Beat,Santa Fe Klan Guitar Type Beat 2019, Free Santa Fe Klan Guitar Guitar Type Beat
    Boom Bap Guitar Type Beat,Boom Bap Guitar Type Beat 2019, Free Boom Bap Guitar Type Beat
    guitar Type Beat,guitar Type Beat 2019, Free guitar Type Beat
    Rap guitar Type Beat,rap guitar Type Beat 2019, Free rap guitar Type Beat
    Hip-hop guitar Type Beat,Hip-hop guitar Type Beat 2019, Free Hip-hop guitar Type Beat
    Gangsta guitar Type Beat,Gangsta guitar Type Beat 2019, Free Gangsta guitar Type Beat
    latin guitar Type Beat,latin guitar Type Beat 2019, Free latin guitar Type Beat
    Sample guitar Type Beat, Sample guitar Type Beat 2019, Free Sample guitar Type Beat
    Cypress Hill guitar instrumental,Cartel De Santa guitar Instrumental, Santa Fe Klan guitar instrumental, Boom bap guitar instrumental,guitar instrumental,Gangsta guitar instrumental, Sample guitar instrumental,Hip-hop guitar instrumental,Rap guitar instrumental, guitar instrumental

    #GuitarBeats #GangstaBeats #HiphopBeats

  • Insane in the Brain- Cypress Hill Video


    Looney Tunes meet Cypress Hill. Warning: Not for kids!

  • Cypress Hill - Rap Superstar


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    #Tekno #Hardtek #Psychedelic

  • Cypress Hill - Throw your set in the air


  • Cypress Hill - Illusions


    Producer: DJ Muggs
    Released: 1996
    Label: Ruffhouse/Columbia

  • Cypress Hill- Strictly Hip-Hop


    I neva rapped on an R and B record, and I neva will
    I got these phoney muthafuckas, talk about lets keep it real
    But, they don't know how to take they own advisement
    Going out, do it solo on an advertisement, commercializing
    Fuckin' sell out, nigga, this is hip-hop, not fashion
    Get the hell out

    I'm peepin' out these so called gangsta niggas
    Takin' pictures, modeling clothes for small figures
    And I neva took another fuckin' MC's shit
    And made it my first single, fuck a hit

    Fuckin' hypocrite, you can get the dip, when I lick a shot off
    I'm gonna, end all of it
    It's a damn shame when you got all these fools in the record industry
    Sellin' out for the fame
    I just sit back and watch all these fools with their gimmicks
    Go down in flames, in the big game

    Zippidey-dooda, I smoke weed and I got brain damage
    But, I don't give a fuck 'cuz I still manage
    To represent to the fullest
    No pop singles, and no actin' foolish
    To the studio gangsta with them articals
    In them magizines with the bitch editors

    Keep it real in the game
    Niggas got no shame
    Now all the executives want all the fuckin' fame
    Based on the videos, just a gang of silly hoes
    For the fuck-em industry that's take'n all ya dough
    I neva stole it, stole it all
    Just hard work, and sweat, for them platinum records on the wall
    Fools want me to fall
    But I won't, 'cuz my roots are too thick and strong
    Like the chocolate tastic

    I hear niggas say no, but, I know they front
    'Cuz afta they shows they want me to smoke a blunt
    I don't respect a hypocrite, muthafuckas I despise
    'Cuz me, I tell the truth, even when I tell a lie
    All you bruthas in the game run a check
    'Cuz you get checked fucked off, with no respect

    Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for fair use for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.

  • Stoned Yoda | Cypress Hill - Hits from the Bong | REMIX by Monkey Tribe


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    Title: Hits from the Bong


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  • Cypress Hill is The First Latino Hip Hop Group To Receive Star on Hollywood Walk Of Fame


    Big Boy showed love and support to Cypress Hill today as they received a Star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame.

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