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Playlist of Crux

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    Crux Old School Hip Hop Instrumental Boom Bap Underground Rap Beat - Prod. By Klaxy


    Old school hip hop instrumental 2019

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    Name: Crux
    Producer: Klaxy Beats
    Style: Underground
    Mood: Melancholy
    BPM: 84



    Old school hip hop instrumental boom bap underground rap beat by Klaxy

    © All rights reserved

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    Crux - Keep On Running EP Full LP vinyl rip


    Direct rip from my vinyl, no editing or cleaning up. Straight up like it should be.

    Brought to you by

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    Crux - Eclipse



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    Letra: Crux
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    Canal de YT del beat:

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    Desires - Crux - Official Music Video - We Are Triumphant


    I still see your silhouette. I still feel your breath on my neck. I’m drowning in memories. I’d come up for air but the reality is, the water is better for me.

    I still hear your voice at night. I still feel your body by my side. I'm drowning in memories but the water is better for me.

    There is no time left to be replaceable. But there is good in every goodbye.

    Black clouds follow and pour down, but I still love the rain.

    Compare your loss to those who suffered worse from their chosen foes. I know my broken bones will never heal if I'm left alone. Join hands. Let's make a toast to the ones still here, those who helped us grow. We are monuments of the present tense, and the past is nothing but ashes.

    Black clouds follow and pour down, but I still love the rain.

    You are not my heart, you are not my home. I'm not dying for this.

    It's not about what you've left behind, but what you've taken from the ones that have hurt you, the lies you've been told, the things that can't be undone. ‘Cause these Michigan winters may chill my skin, but I refuse to long for your warmth again. The sun will come, the snow will melt, and the changes will begin.

    Black clouds follow and pour down, but I still love the rain.

    We Are Triumphant LLC © 2018.


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    Matstubs - Crux


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    Crux Fidelis - Cantos gregorianos


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    JIMEK - Crux


    View in iTunes:

    Presenting excerpts from JIMEK's 20min symphonic piece entitled CRUX, premiered at the Szczecin Philharmonic for the inaugural week of the new concert hall.
    Recorded at the Lutosławski Concert Studio of the Polish Radio, thanks to the partonage of My Way Young Talents Foundation

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    Crux - InGhosts - Drum Playthrough


    Had a blast doing this playthrough of my band's song Crux.
    Thanks to Jacob Ortiz and Duncan Domino for helping me film this play through.

    Shout out to my endorsements:
    - SJC Custom Drums
    - Joey Sturgis Tones
    - Drumforge






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    Crux - Hetk


    Hetk (Music: Daniel Reinaru. Lyrics: Helle Reinaru)
    Directed by Ants Seiler
    Crux, 2005

    To purchase Crux music online, go to

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    Crux - Liddle Towers


    Dogz Bollox :-) .....I have this track uploaded already from vinyl but this is a non scratched version! Oi! Oi!

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    Crux - The Samples - The Oi! Collection


    01- Crux - C.L.A.
    02- Crux - Keep On Running
    03- Crux - Streets At Night
    04- Crux - Brighton Front
    05- Crux - I'll Die With My Boots On
    06- Crux - Liddle Towers
    07- Crux - Give Us Work
    08- Crux - Brighton Front
    09- Crux - Riot
    10- Crux - War
    11- Crux - Skinhead
    12- The Samples - Vendetta
    13- The Samples - Computer Future
    14- The Samples - Rabies
    15- The Samples - Government Downfall
    16- The Samples - Dead Hero
    17- The Samples - Fire Another Round
    18- The Samples - Suspicion
    19- The Samples - 1984
    20- The Samples - Nobody Cares
    21- The Samples - Fight For Your Life
    22- The Samples - Running Down The World

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    CRUX - Interlude/Tell Me


    Song written by Crux

    Song produced by Peter Borg at Railway Studios (MT)
    Song Mixed by Howard Keith & Peter Borg

    Directed, Filmed & Produced by Matthew James Borg at Railway Studios (MT)
    D.O.P : Matthew James Borg Railway Studios (MT)
    Assistant camera person & Assistant D.O.P : Edouard Tabone DeMarco
    Edited by Matthew James Borg

    Special thanks to 'The Box - A Creative Art Space', AV Warehouse


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    CRUX - Keep On Running


    from the 1982 Crux / Crash split-ep

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    CRUX - Zero Gravity _Full Metal Korea 2018


    CRUX performing Zero Gravity, live at V-Hall for Full Metal Korea 2018.
    (Video by Lee, Dongwon)

    Zero Gravity – official video:
    From the album [Elapse with the Relapse]

    CRUX is…
    - Sebastian W. Suh – Vocals
    - Eric Moon – Guitars
    - Charley Shin – Guitars
    - Buddy H. Lim – Bass
    - Young “The Ultimate” Sin - Drums
    - Joohee Hwang – Keyboards (filling in for Sean Che)

    Full Metal Korea 2018 Setlist:
    1. Zero Gravity
    2. Itch for the Cure
    3. Sell-Soul-Sold
    4. Soundtrack to my Fears
    5. Time Travel: episode 1.

    Full Metal Korea is presented by Taewooboy Enterprise

    Elapse with the Relapse
    - CRUX

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    Crux - Päikselisem pool


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    Bosse-de-Nage - Crux


    Artist: Bosse-de-Nage
    Release: Further Still
    Label: The Flenser
    Release: September 14th 2018

    At the end of a hallway there are two closed doors which face each other. Between them, on a small table against the wall, the soft radiance of a lamp hollows out the gloom of that windowless region. It is known that the door to the left opens on a closet filled with junk, a collection of detritus so high and dense that it might never be explored completely. The other door leads to a room wherein dwells an accretion of loathsome utterances. But the crux of the matter is not to be found in the contents of the rooms or the doors, nor in the lamp or the hallway itself. No, the main thing is that I predicted them all. This place and its objects are exactly as they should be.

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    Provided to YouTube by CDBaby

    Crux · Moon Tooth


    ℗ 2019 Moon Tooth

    Released on: 2019-03-29

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

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    Crash & Crux - Fight For Your Life & Keep On Running


    01 - Crash - Fight For Your Life 00:00
    02 - Crash - Religion 02:26
    03 - Crash - Kill The Cow 04:39
    04 - Crash - TV Times 06:21
    05 - Crux - Keep on Running 08:31
    06 - Crux - Streets at Night 11:33
    07 - Crux - Brighton Front 14:18
    08 - Crux - I Will Die With My Boots On 16:47

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    Crux - Cudna suma


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    Crux-Ill Die With My Boots On


    Crux/Crash split 12 ep on No Future Records (1982)

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    iO - Crux


    Taken from Crux / Airflow EP on Cardinal (CAR007)

    I do not own any right for this track, I'm just sharing it in low quality (96kbps). If you want me to remove it, please let me know and I'll do it right away.

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    Banda: Crux
    Año 2018
    Genero: Gothic metal
    Ubicacion: Río Grande, Tierra del Fuego, Argentina

    0:00 Cruz del Sur
    6:03 Sin Romance
    12:18 Umbral
    17:02 Un Demonio En Mi Hombro

    Daniel Danio Santillan - Voz y Guitarra
    Marcos Zurita - Guitarra
    Emilio Cervera - Bajo
    Facundo Wolf Fernandez - Teclado y Sintetizadores
    Maximiliano Machuca - Batería

    Grabado por Emilio Cervera, Diciembre 2018.

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    Zappa - The Crux Of The Crux


    Hello, I'm back, hope all of you are OK and feel great!
    The new compilations are coming...Enjoy!

    [00:42]The Yellow Snow Suite (Live)
    Hordern Pavilion, Sydney, Australia
    June 25, 1973
    [23:17]Cosmik Debris
    Bolic Sound, Inglewood, CA
    May 28-June 1, 1973
    [27:35]Uncle Remus (Mix Outtake)
    Basic track:
    Paramount Recording Studios, LA, CA
    May 24, 1972
    Bolic Sound, Inglewood, CA
    May-June, 1973
    [31:32]Down In De Dew (Alternate Mix)
    Drum track:
    Electric Lady Studios, NYC
    November 8, 1972
    Guitars & bass overdubs:
    Paramount Recording Studios, LA, CA
    November 18, 1972.
    [34:48]Excentrifugal Forz (Mix Outtake)
    Basic track:
    Paramount Recording Studios, LA, CA
    July, 1972
    Overdubs: probably summer 1973
    [36:20]Apostrophe' (Mix Outtake)
    Basic track:
    Electric Lady Studios, NYC
    November 8, 1972
    Overdubs: Unknown studio and date.

    Don't eat the yellow snow!
    If you've read this, Thank you!

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    CRUX MUZIK - Bangster Shit


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    Crux - InGhosts Official Video


    InGhosts is proud to give you the official video for...Crux

    We all go through hard times because of the people who surround us, remember that you don't need them. They're nothing but snakes, and you can stand on your own.

    Engineered by Mike Kenway and Josh Schroeder
    Produced by Josh Schroder and InGhosts
    Mixed and Mastered by Josh Schroeder.
    Video by Mike Kenway and Alex Jerome







    You sing it well,
    You sing it so well that I don't think it needs rehearsed
    You ring the bell, to summon demons
    You have no idea what curse you have unearthed.

    This is the first and last time you get away with this
    I had you in my fingers and I let you slip

    With every single moment, I'm stuck inside my fearless nature
    I'm still waiting for you to come home
    And all the cracks in the wall that are leaking
    Leaving me open for the taking
    I'm still praying that my hope is strong

    These empty walls
    Their silent song has become more than I can bear
    The line is taught
    One lonely walk away from casting away every memory of you

    This is the first and last time that I will let you in
    A bitter taste of aversion you can't defend

    With every single moment, I'm stuck inside my fearless nature
    I'm still waiting for you to come home
    And all the cracks in the wall that are leaking
    Leaving me open for the taking
    I'm still praying that my hope is strong

    Enough, enough
    I'm still listening here to your serpent song

    Rip out your tongue before you ruin me forever
    Rip out your tongue to prove that nothing's forever
    Rip out your tongue before you ruin me forever
    Rip out your tongue to prove that nothing's forever

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    Crux - Tic Tac


    Primer canción del año, para comenzar Febrero de la mejor forma posible. 👽


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    ● CANAL DE YT:

    Letra: Crux
    Video: Crux
    Grabación por

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    Domenico Bartolucci - Crux fidelis - Pange lingua


    Good Friday - Celebration of the Lord's Passion
    Vatican Basilica, 22 April 2011

    Venerdì Santo - Celebrazione della Passione del Signore
    Basilica Vaticana, 22 Aprile 2011

    Adoration of the Cross
    Adorazione della Santa Croce

    Crux fidelis
    Pange lingua

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    CRUX - Kenghis ft. Dardd


    2016 ETERNAL - CRUX
    Ella no sabe todo lo que sabes...
    Grabado y mezclado en Sin Fin Records
    Instrumental por NfiveExs (NPU)

    Y ella no sabe todo lo que sabes
    regreso al cantón y me guían luces mercuriales
    esta mierda nos hizo así, casi inmortales
    cargar esta cruz y perder la cordura instintos animales
    esto es solo para mi, sigue la señales

    Lo mira a los ojos, dime que es todo lo que vez
    créeme que es todo lo que se
    Me vas a dejar?
    sin querer lo que quiere es ganar
    tener dientes dorados y una casa en milán
    pero solo hoy lo quiere olvidar...
    Esta seguro que esto lo va a matar
    usando estrellas pa' llegar a su hogar
    en una escena pa' poder recordar
    como contar su final
    Pero solo así puede comenzar
    algo turbio como la $$$$$$$$$$$$
    dame una razón, mami puedo alcanzar
    aunque ya nada lo va a solucionar
    Puede ser
    la luna me cuenta su deber
    ahora se cuanto le voy a deber
    estaba llegando pero ya me quede
    empezaron a temblar cuando supieron de el

    Rolled Up (x8)

    Habla la calle y murmuran carnales
    el barrio me grita NO SOMOS IGUALES
    No somos iguales (x4)

    Y Ella no sabe todo lo que sabes
    la calle me grita no somos iguales
    respaldo a mi clicka no somos normales
    12 ladrones 12 criminales

    Nada de eso es cierto mamita
    no hago música pa' que compitan
    manejo la jeep con la clicka
    en serio ese juego, no es finta
    La tengo loquita por lo que paso ayer
    un evento mas todos rezando AMEN!
    Regresar a casa y celebrar
    tenemos la cura de ese mal
    Detente ve lento, me dice no tengo porque
    el pedo caliente este business se tiene que hacer
    Le conté mi pasado y se fue
    todo en esta música se ve
    ganar todo lo que siempre soñé
    volver otra vez...


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    Apeles - CRUX


    Apeles - CRUX (Full Album)

    “CRUX”, disponível em LP e em todas as plataformas digitais via Balaclava Records.

    Deságua 00:00
    A Alegria dos Dias Dorme no Calor dos Teus Braços 06:20
    Pássaro Nu 10:05
    Pele 14:00
    Reflexo Turvo 17:55
    Crux 20:39
    Rebeca 26:38
    Torre dos Preteridos 31:15

    Gravado entre janeiro de 2018 e janeiro de 2019, em São Paulo (BTG Studio) e Berlin (Bakermoon Studios).
    Produzido por Apeles
    Mixado por Apeles e Zeca Leme.
    Masterizado por Roberto Kramer
    Bateria: Leo Mattos
    Baixo: Lucas Oliveira
    Guitarra: Guri Assis Brasil (Faixas 2, 3 e 6)
    Guitarra: João Jojô Augusto Lopes (Faixa 8)
    Sintetizadores e Piano: Thiago Klein
    Clarinete: Beatriz Stuntz (Faixa 7)
    Vozes, guitarra, violão, piano e sintetizadores: Eduardo Praça
    Todas as músicas e letras por Eduardo Praça

    Assistentes de gravação: José Victor Torelli, Ed Bentley, Otavio Bonazzi & Luigi Sucena

    Arte Gráfica: Izabel Menezes
    Fotografia: Rodrigo Bueno
    Direção de Arte: Manoela Moura

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    Crux - Sõnad


    Sõnad (Words) Live from Steve Hill's Miracle Crusade 2007 in Tallinn Estonia 20.10.2007
    Music: Daniel Reinaru
    Lyrics: Helle Reinaru
    This song is from an album Hetk (2005)
    Check out:
    To purchase Crux music online, go to

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    Audio - The Crux


    ↪ Follow Skankandbass on Spotify:

    Buy 'The Crux' -

    Returning to Blackout for his new EP, Audio gives us a taste of the Rat Race as he brings us one of his most hard-hitting works yet. The Rat Race EP is a slice of explosive, unadulterated drum and bass that packs a punch. In other words, it’s exactly what you can expect when two powerhouses such as Blackout and Audio re-align.

    ↪ Audio:

    ↪ Blackout:

    ---------- Skankandbass Links ----------


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    옳은 길 따르라 의의 길을 - CRUX


    발매일 - 2019.08.12
    앨범명 - CRUX
    장르 - CCM
    발매사 - (주) 광수미디어
    기획사 - (재)온누리선교재단

    저희 가스펠 보컬 그룹 CRUX 팀은 다른 팀과 다르게 일반 가수와 성악가들이 모여 절묘하고 특별한 하모니를 이루는 팀으로
    십자가 뜻을 가진 크룩스의 이름처럼 늘 십자가의 사랑을 전하며 저희의 목소리가 나의 것이 아닌
    그분의 도구로 사용되어지길 늘 기도하며 찬양하고 있습니다.
    이번 CRUX 첫 싱글 음반을 시작으로 전국 혹은 해외에까지 나아가 찬양으로
    삶에 지쳐있는 성도들에게는 하나님의 위로와 하나님의 꿈을 심어줄 수 있는
    가스펠 보컬팀이 될 것입니다.


    드럼: 신동훈, 박종선, 함순식
    베이스: 배영근, 함순식
    콘트라베이스: 김도영
    기타,벤조,도브로: 김범준, 김정국
    건반: 이강석,이정선,진마리아
    스트링: 진마리아, 김정국
    트럼펫: 강민철
    색소폰: 송승호
    트럼본: 추명호
    퍼커션: 김정국
    편곡: 채미현,이정선,진마리아
    녹음&믹싱: '로드뮤직' 송정욱
    디자인&아트디렉터: 이주연
    사진: 'JOYOUS TAK STUDIO' 탁우영
    제작:온누리선교재단 서울시 용산구 이촌로 347-11 T +82-2-3215-3184

    #광수미디어 #크룩스 #옳은_길_따르라_의의_길을

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    Moon Tooth - Crux


    Moon Tooth - Crux (New Full Album) The Long Island prog-metal band bursts with enthusiasm and rabid energy, as if Mastodon's apocalyptic visions were replaced with cosmic wonder. Moon Tooth draw attention like the big, bold letters of a comic book: Their technical prowess, rabid energy, and pristine-sounding records all work in favor of making your eyes light up, your heart rate accelerate. With pre-production handled by the dream team of Machine (King Crimson, Every Time I Die) and Lamb of God's Mark Morton, and production by Moon Tooth drummer Ray Marté, sophomore album Crux harnesses Moon Tooth's formidable musicianship into its strongest material to date.
    With chops as lethal as those wielded by Moon Tooth's four members – Marté, guitarist Nick Lee, bassist Vincent Romanelli, and vocalist John Carbone – many a band would fall prey to the lure of the jazz odyssey, but Moon Tooth proves its greatness by channeling its skills into concise, crankable anthems.

    The musical ground covered within just 3-5 minutes on Crux is astonishing, yet the band never loses sight of the big picture. The tech never overshadows the songcraft; Moon Tooth shred like assassins, but only in service of the songs. The result: Crux is an album that belongs equally to the passerby on the street and the musician practicing scales. Moon Tooth's unmistakable vibe flourishes on Crux: soaring vocals, fleet-fingered axe-slaying, and muscular rhythms (and polyrhythms) combine into glorious, hard-rocking hymns. Crux shows a deep respect for classic rock and heavy metal – Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith, Rush, and Judas Priest are starting points from which the band zooms into outer space, leaving a trail of vivid, heavy, modern rock. Marté's production, boosted by Machine's and Morton's input, puts a world-class shine on the sound, resulting in a feast of metallic crunch and ear-melting hooks.

    They’re always reaching toward the audience with the hopes of pulling you up, an intimacy that’s almost entirely derived from the performance of frontman John Carbone. His soulful, clean singing weaves through the imaginative riffs of guitarist Nick Lee, like if Mastodon’s apocalyptic visions were replaced with pure cosmic wonder. This style would collapse under the weight of too much seriousness, and Crux tightens Chromaparagon’s scope without sanding away the fun. It’s energetic enough for each song to feel like its own distinct action sequence but concise enough to avoid monotony. The wailing chorus of “Awe at All Angles” takes cues from pop-punk, while “Musketeers” spreads messages of solidarity over a frantic new-wave pulse. In the opening “Trust,” Carbone sings about drifting through life, but his bandmates demand his full presence, lest he miss the half-time breakdown or the saxophone-accompanied finale. If Chromaparagon was the sound of a band showing off all their tricks at once, then Crux radiates with a sleeker and starker energy.

    It’s also a blast. Carbone is destined to become a polarizing metal vocalist, though it’s hard to deny the strange passages he draws through the maze his bandmates lay out for him. Highlights like “Motionless in Sky” and “Omega Days” are deceptively intense compositions and Carbone is able to connect their various parts with the lucidity of a pop songwriter. The dazzling, waltz-time closer “Raise a Light (Epilogue)” is wobbly and off-center, with a momentum like a deranged animal barreling toward you. “I’ll rage my way home,” Carbone sings in its closing refrain. “But I’m not going there alone.” For all Moon Tooth’s left turns and explosive ambition, the biggest thrill is in knowing they’re just getting started.

    Review by Sam Sodomsky

    1. Trust - 0:00
    2. Omega Days - 4:37
    3. Through Ash - 7:38
    4. Musketeers - 12:48
    5. Thorns - 16:21
    6. Rhythm & Roar - 20:15
    7. Motionless in Sky - 23:00
    8. Thumb Spike - 28:35
    9. Awe At All Angles - 32:11
    10. Crux - 36:16
    11. Raise A Light (Epilogue) - 41:12

    Support Moon Tooth by purchasing the album here

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    crux-killuke maailmast


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    Készítette a CRUX együttes 2016-ban, az Irgalmasság szentéve alkalmából.
    „Legyetek irgalmasok, mint az Atya” (Lk 6,36)

    Szöveg: Marosi Péter
    Zene: Marosi Péter, Igor Baar
    Hangfelvétel és zenei rendezés: Igor Baar, LOFT studio

    A videóklipet készítette: Laczkó Sándor, EPIX studio
    Közreműködött: Molnár Csaba

    © CRUX 2016

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    Crux - Řev smrti Full Album


    Origin: Ostrava, Czech Republic
    Genre: Black/thrash metal
    Year: 6/1992

    Roman Kříbek - vocals/bass
    Jaromír Opiela - guitar
    René Kostelňák - drums

    1. Zvony návratu 0:00
    2. Řev smrti 4:08
    3. Démoni temnot 8:45
    4. Prázdnota (Pohroužen ve věčný sen smrti) 13:35
    5. Vrcholky 15:30
    6. Klíč první 19:07
    7. Awathea 28:09

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    Crux - Caixa Preta


    Clipe oficial da faixa single Caixa Preta, do grupo Crux. Grupo integrante do selo Dream Makers Brasil.

    Ficha Técnica

    Música: Caixa Preta
    Composição e interpretação por @Zxmbie95 e @Uestranho
    Instrumental por @ZarasMaori
    Mixagem por @GazaDMMK e @ZarasMaori
    Gravação e Masterização por @dmmkBR
    Filmagem/Direção e Edição por @ZarasMaori e @GazaDMMK
    Ano: 2018

    Todos os direitos reservados.
    Dream Makers BR ©

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    Audio - The Crux


    Blackout Youtube Selection, Bringing you the finest and latest of the heavier styles of Drum & Bass!

    As part of Audio's 'Rat Race' EP!

    Get it here:

    Follow Audio:

    Follow Blackout:
    Facebook -
    Twitter -
    Soundcloud -
    Website -
    Merchandise -

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    Moon Tooth - The Making of Crux


    The making of Moon Tooth's second LP 'Crux'. The album will be released early 2019 on the soon to be launched, Modern Static Records. Official release date and pre-order info TBA soon.

    The band worked with record producer Machine & Lamb of God's Mark Morton on preproduction for this follow up to 2016's critically-acclaimed 'Chromaparagon'.

    Documentary was shot and edited by Anthony Lopardo. Music was recorded, mixed, and mastered at Westfall Recording Company by Ray Marte. Interview segments were shot by Sean Ageman. Additional studio shots by Anthony Barone.

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    Thon - Sexta ft. Crux 🛸


    Parcerias / Show:

    (31) 9 7568-1545 (Thon)
    (31) 9 7338-6947 (Drew)


    Música: SEXTA
    Artista: Thon e Crux
    Produção Musical: Thon
    Art by: @flowcalmo







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    Voktett Hannover: O Crux - Knut Nystedt


    O Crux von Knut Nystedt - gesungen vom Voktett Hannover in der Basilika St. Clemens Hannover.

    Tonio Vakalopoulos (

    Dietmar Engelke

    O Kreuz, herrlicher als alle Gestirne.
    O Kreuz, gefeiert von der Welt,
    in hohem Maße geliebt von den Menschen,
    heiliger als alle Dinge.
    Du allein warst würdig,
    die süße Last der Welt zu tragen.
    Süßes Holz, süße Nägel,
    ihr tragt süße Lasten.
    Rette die anwesende Schar,
    die sich heute zu deinem Lob versammelt hat.

    Weitere Informationen zum Ensemble finden Sie unter:

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    Crux - Telefone




    Instagram :

    Música: Telefone

    Letra e Voz: Crux (Lunar)

    Artista: Crux

    Produção Musical: Thon / @thonbeats
    Vídeo By: Drew / @flowcalmo
    Arte Orgânica : David / @Daviid.Silvaa

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    Conro - Crux


    Free Download:

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    Art created by Sergi Brosa | Edited by William Jansson

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    Crux Pistols - Come Forward feat. Lazee


    Crux Pistol's debut single Come Forward featuring London's own Lazee.

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    Hanka Svobodová - Ave crux


    Autor: Hanka Svobodová
    Píseň: Ave crux
    Zpěv: Schola sv. Filipa a Jakuba ve Zlíně
    Datum: 6.4.2012 - Velký pátek
    Místo: Kostel sv. Filipa a Jakuba ve Zlíně

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    Knut Nystedt: O crux


    S:t Jacobs Chamber Choir and Gary Graden performs O CRUX by the Norwegian composer Knut Nystedt during a concert in Uppsala Cathedral (Uppsala domkyrka), September 14, 2017.

    Recorded and edited by Staffan Engwall.

    S:t Jacobs Chamber Choir pays an annual fee to SAMI (Swedish Artists' and Musicians' Interest Organization) for the right to present our concert recordings on the internet.

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    CRUX - Zero Gravity


    New album Elapse with the Relapse available NOW!
    On Amazon, iTunes, Naver...etc. etc. etc.
    (Additional Links below)

    앨범구매: 네이버에서 크럭스 앨범 검색
    (싸인CD를 원하시는 분들은 cruxfiles@gmail.com으로 성함과 함께 연락처, 주소 보내주세요^^ - 배송비 포함 15000원)





    twitter: @bandcrux

    Music by Young The Ultimate Sin & CRUX
    Lyrics & Melodies by Sebastian W. Suh

    Riding the sky, comes an innocent reply
    and three years' worth of lies
    Remember the voice. Decipher the silence.
    Return for a suicide dive

    A hint of a razor blade, no sign of a mirror
    Blood tainting skin in disorganized figures
    Speaking in tongues clamped in metal and fire
    The burning of flesh, playing the dangers of desire

    At 3,000 feet I reach 3,000 beats
    As my body mind and soul flies into ZERO GRAVITY
    Release the pressure, feel it guide us to be one
    ...with the world until it all...

    A play on words. One night's eruption.
    A faded spec within my memory
    Can't stand the wait. One more last mistake!
    A rendezvous with our version of reality

    My lust for evil's got me dealing with the devil
    Put back into motion by our own secret ritual
    Mistress of mystery; Addiction divine
    ELAPSE WITH THE RELAPSE and take to the skies...again

    At 3,000 feet I reach 3,000 beats
    As my body mind and soul flies into ZERO GRAVITY
    Release the pressure, feel it guide us to be one
    ...with the world, until it all...
    Comes undone

    At 3,000 feet I reach 3,000 beats
    As my body mind and soul flies into ZERO GRAVITY
    Release the pressure, feel it guide us to be one
    ...with the world, until it all...
    Hits the ground!

    Zero Gravity official video
    - Directed by Boo, Sun Chul (부선철, Bob Media Film)
    with Sebastian W. Suh (CRUX)
    - Filming and post production by Bob Media Film, 2014

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    CRUX - Smiling Man


    Song written by Crux, Matthew James Borg & Peter Borg

    Song produced by Peter Borg at Railway Studios (MT)
    Song Mixed by Howard Keith & Peter Borg

    Narration by Jeff Clement
    Styling by Parascandalo
    Make up by Gabrielle Zammit Grungo

    Directed by Steven Levi Vella

    Special thanks to Sergio Laferla

    Chris Grech (supernovamodels)
    Manuel Bonnici (supernovamodels)
    Kylie Dramanin (Models M)
    Jess Worley (Noriced Models)
    Kaylie Riolo
    Neil Zahra (Oxygen Models)
    Nicky Wiz Azzopardi (Oxygen Models)
    Filippa Grima (Oxygen Models)
    Laurence Xuereb (Oxygen Models)




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