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Playlist of Cory Henry, Mike League, & Nat Townsley

  • Michael League, Cory Henry, and Nathaniel Townsley - Continuum


    Continuum by Jaco Pastorius

    Michael League -Bass
    Cory Henry -Fender Rhodes
    Nathaniel Townsley -Drums

    Recorded by Diko Shoturma at Atlantic Sounds Studios
    Directed/Edited by Simon C.F. Yu

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  • Cory Henry, Mike League, & Nat Townsley - Continuum


    Cory Henry, Mike League, & Nathaniel Townsley play Jaco Pastorius' 'Continuum'

    Cory's album Gotcha Now Doc is available on itunes:

    & Amazon:

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  • Cory Henry, Mike League, & Nat Townsley- Stevie Wonders Creepin


    Cory Henry, Mike League, & Nathaniel Townsley play Stevie Wonder's 'Creepin'

    Cory's album Gotcha Now Doc is available on itunes:

    & Amazon:

  • Cory Henry joins Michael League at ShapeShifter Lab


    On August 7, 2012 Michael League along with Cory Henry and Louis Cato performed at ShapeShifter Lab, Brooklyn, NY
    Michael League: Leader, bass
    Cory Henrey: Keyboard
    Louis Cato: Drums

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  • Cory Henry, Mike Leaugue & Nat Townsley - Creepin


    The amazing Cory Henry with Mike Leaugue and Nat Townsley performing a Stevie Wonder classic. Its an unique, one of a kind mix.

    Cory Henry, Mike Leaugue & Nat Townsley - Creepin (2019 remix) Sliced and Diced remix by Will Shaw for Will Shau 2019.

  • Cory Henry joins Michael League at ShapeShifter Lab


    On August 7, 2012 Michael League along with Cory Henry and Louis Cato performed at ShapeShifter Lab, Brooklyn, NY
    Michael League: Leader, bass
    Cory Henrey: Keyboard
    Louis Cato: Drums

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  • Continuum - Michael League, Cory Henry, and Nathaniel Townsley


    Bass Solo Transcription Michael League
    Continuum Jaco Pastorius

  • Cory Henry Live | With Nathaniel Townsley


    Welcome to MUSIC CIRCLE

    Cory Henry Live | With Nathaniel Townsley
    Cory Henry, appearing with drummer Nathaniel Townsley, November 23, 2013

    Cory Alexander Henry (born February 27, 1987) is an American jazz organist and pianist, gospel musician, and music producer. He started his music career in 2006 by touring with various mainstream and gospel artists. Henry has released three albums, Gotcha Now Doc (2012), First Steps (2014), and The Revival (2016), the later two of which charted on the Billboard charts. He also performs and records with the Brooklyn-based jazz ensemble Snarky Puppy.



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  • Cory Henry & The Funk Apostles - Whats Going On - Live in Portland - Part 3


    Live at the Port City Music Hall in Portland, ME
    April 10, 2015

    Performing What's Going On by Marvin Gaye

    Directed and Edited by: Mike Enns
    Colour Graded by: Craig Harris
    Audio Recorded by: Pete Nenortas
    Mixed and Mastered by: Drew Williams

    Camera Operators: Phil Cormier, Christoph Gelfand, Mark Klassen and Mike Enns

  • Cory Henry, Mike League, & Louis Cato Part 1


    Cory Henry, Mike League, & Louis Cato playing at the Shapeshifter Lab in Brooklyn.

    Cory's album Gotcha Now Doc is available on itunes:

    & Amazon:

  • Snarky Puppy at ShapeShifter Lab.


    Snarky Puppy at ShapeShifter Lab performs Skate U
    Snarky Puppy
    Mike League: leader, bass
    Bob Lanzetti: guitar
    Mark Letteiri: guitar
    Nate Werth: percussion
    Justin Stanton: keyboard, trumpet
    Cory Henry: keyboard
    Mike Maher: trumpet
    Chris Bullock: sax
    Taron Locket: drums

  • Continuum - Cory Henry, Michael League - Transcription


    Here's my transcription of Jaco Pastorius' composition Continuum played by this amazing musicians. It was a tough challenge to here all the details and I'm not quite sure, if I succeeded.

    There might be some pianistic/harmonical/general mistakes!

    Attention: I don't own any rights of this music. So, I will not send the score as file, if there should be any requests. If someone feels violated about this video, I will erase this video immediately!

    For more information about my channel, please contact me.

  • Cory Henry, Mike League, & Louis Cato Part 2


    Cory Henry, Mike League, & Louis Cato playing at the Shapeshifter Lab in Brooklyn.

    Cory's album is available on ITunes:

    & Amazon:

  • Modern Drummer 2003 Nathaniel Townsley


    The Nathaniel Townsley Trio with Shedrick Mitchell on organ and Ron Long on bass. An excerpt of their performance at the Modern Drummer Festival 2003

  • North Sea Jazz 2013 Afterparty Jam: Butterfly


    Kendrick Scott - drums
    Roy Hargrove - trumpet
    Efe Erdem - trombone
    Michael League - bass
    Justin Stanton - keys
    Cory Henry - keys
    Nate Werth, Joke Hamminga, Eric Harland - percussion

    Recorded July 12th at BIRD Rotterdam, The Netherlands
    please let me know the names of players not already in the list

  • Cory Henry - Sir Duke


    The Revival
    with TaRon Lockett (drums)

  • Closest Video Ever Whilst Cory Henry Jams / Sheds with Michael League


    Cory Henry, Michael League Live Performance, Snarky Puppy

  • Nat Townsley: Drum Solo - 2003


    Historic Appearance MD Festival 2003 - provided by Hudson Music - more here: Videos here at DRUMMERWORLD:

  • Cory Henry, Mike League, & Louis Cato Part 3


    Cory Henry, Mike League, & Louis Cato playing at the Shapeshifter Lab in Brooklyn.

    Cory's album is available on ITunes:

    & Amazon:

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  • Snarky Puppy - Lingus ft. Cory Henry | Denton, TX


    Support the band:

    One of the most epic piano features. This time around, it was Cory Henry with an incredible solo with some really cool keyboard patches and beautiful chords on the rhodes. Also a really cool section where the horns are trading. Along with Chris, & Maz, special guest Clay Pritchard was up there trading with them.

    Sorry it isn't studio quality audio... just had to use the mic on my camera.

    In the words of Michael League, this is some fake ass dubstep

  • NAMM 2017: Michael League & Mark Lettieri LIve At The Dunlop Booth


    Visit to learn more about the new products available from Dunlop for 2017

    For more info on these artists, please visit:
    Mark Lettieri
    Michael League

    Zoom Audio (recorded on a F8 field mixer)
    Carr Amps (Mark is playing through a Sportsman 1-12 combo)
    Aguilar Amps (for the 1-12 cabs & ToneHammer bass amp)
    Universal Audio (DAW interface and Plug ins)




  • Bass Pedal Tricks With Michael League of Snarky Puppy | Reverb Interview


    Snarky Puppy's bassist and de facto leader Michael League stopped by Reverb to demonstrate some of his favorite pedal tricks, drop some knowledge regarding his favorite bassists, and talk a little bit about his pedal philosophy: Is this the most musically appropriate thing?

    Read more on Reverb:

  • Snarky Puppys Michael League on his musical evolution


    Bassist and composer Michael League of Snarky Puppy talks about his early music education.

    This video interview was done for JazzTimes backstage at the Newport Jazz Festival. Interview by Irene Lee. Video production by Paul Park. Editing by Lee Mergner & Melissa Mergner.

    For more information about the Newport Jazz Festival, go to

    For more information about JazzTimes, go to

  • Cory Henry & the Funk Apostles - As


    Cory Henry (keyboards, vocals)
    Andrew Bailey (guitar)
    Erin Jakemore (percussions)
    Cleon Edwards (drums)
    Sharay Reed (bass)
    Nick Simrod (keyboards)

    Full concert:

  • Cory Henry: HAMMOND SOLO | #SoulmatesMonday


    Today on #SoulmatesMonday : Cory Henry plays a HAMMOND SOLO

    You want to see Cory Henry with his Mandoki Soulmates LIVE? See us live on stage with our brand new Double Album “Living in the gap + Hungarian Pictures”:

    We show you guys an unique live performance of our soulmate. Touching moments from our last “Wings of Freedom” concert tour. Moments, we don't want to miss!

    Cory, we are very proud of you and we can't wait to go on tour with you again.
    Your Mandoki Soulmates ????????
    Let’s ROCK!

    Mandoki Soulmates on Facebook:

    Mandoki Soulmates on Instagram:

    Mandoki Soulmates Hompage:

  • Korg All Access: Cory Henry checks out Korg Kronos X


    Solo artist and Snarky Puppy keyboardist, Cory Henry, joined us at Korg USA for a test drive of the Korg Kronos X, along with the optional EXs Expansion Sample Series libraries available at

    As an established gospel and jazz fusion keyboardist, Cory knows the importance of having an inspiring instrument at your fingertips: The Kronos does a great job of making you feel as if the instrument that you're playing is right in the same room as you. Every time I browse another sound, it kind of gets me into a different place that makes me just want to play, as if I am a violin player, or if I have an actual electric piano in my house. It does a great job of making you feel that you're playing the actual instrument.

    Demo versions of the EXs libraries are included with the Kronos X, and original Kronos users can download the demo versions from

  • Cory Henry & The Funk Apostles - Why Dont Cha/Get Up - Woods Stage @Pickathon 2016 S04E02


    Woods Series - Season 4 - Episode 2

    opbmusic and NPR Music present Cory Henry in this episode of the Pickathon Woods Series.

    Visit opbmusic ( and NPR Music ( on the 3rd Tuesday of every month for a new Woods Series Episode in Season 4 (Oct. 2016 - Aug. 2017), made possible by the support of Klean Kanteen (

    Filmed at the Woods Stage at Pickathon ( on the beautiful Pendarvis Farm, August 4th-7th, 2016.

    Artist: Cory Henry & The Funk Apostles
    Song: Why Don't Cha / Get Up
    Record Label: GroundUP Music (

    Special thanks to The Oregon Film Office

    Producer: Ryan Stiles
    Executive Producer: Zale Schoenborn
    Associate Producer: Terry Groves, John MacArthur
    Assistant Producer: Stephanie Manzo
    Line Producer: Seth Chandler
    Production Manager: Alisha Flaumenbaum, Josh Madera
    Associate Distribution Producer: Shawna Burke, Ned Failing, David Gluck
    Legal: Vincent Sliwoski, Harris Moure, PLLC
    Director: Peter Schmidt
    Stage Manager: Andrew Verhoeven
    Editor: Ryan Stiles
    Camera Crew: Jennifer Hofer, Ryan Fruge, Chad Erickson, Joe Bourguignon, Lori Schmelzer, Logan Sullivan, Mac Prior, Natali Zogheib
    Festival Lighting Director: Daniel Meeker
    Live Audio Engineer: Keith Milgaten
    Monitor Engineer: Benny Sanchez
    Broadcast Mix/Recording Engineer: Graham Nystrom
    Intro Sound Design: Josh Derry

  • Dunlop Sessions: Snarky Puppy


    00:00 Interview #1 / Warming up with “Whitecap” excerpt
    02:27 Live Performance: “Binky”
    16:20 Interview #2
    19:01 Live Performance: “Flood”

    In this episode of Dunlop Sessions, Grammy Award winners Snarky Puppy throw down with their unique brand of funky fusion, and discuss their beginnings and the risks and rewards of standing by your musical vision.

    Bass, composer, band leader: Michael League
    Keys: Cory Henry
    Keys, trumpet: Justin Stanton
    Guitar: Mark Lettieri
    Trumpet, flugelhorn: Mike “Maz” Maher
    Tenor sax, flute, clarinet: Chris Bullock
    Percussion: Nate Werth
    Drums: Larnell Lewis

    Executive Producer: Jimmy Dunlop
    Co-Producer: Chrys Johnson
    Director: Joey Tosi
    Assoc Producer: Darryl Anders
    Art Director: Graham Shaw
    Editor/Asst Director: Max Baloian
    Director of Photography: Donavan Sell
    Gaffer/Lighting: Joseph Mendoza, Little Giant Lighting & Grip, San Francisco CA
    Camera Operators: Colin McCaulife, Ben Lunden, Nick Schwietzer, Andy Haney, Tandy Kyne

    Recorded Live at Fantasy Studios, Berkeley Ca
    Recording & Mixing Engineer: Adam Munoz, Fantasy Studios
    Audio Mastering: Peter Lyman, Infransonic Sound, Los Angeles CA 

    Michael League & Snarky Puppy
    SIR Music Rentals, San Francisco CA. 
    Market Hall Catering, Oakland CA
    Jule Potter, Santa Cruz, CA

  • Cory Henry Piano Solo


    Cory Henry Piano Solo

  • Cory Henry and the Funk Apostles Live #JammJam | Intro


    I've been obsessed with this version of inner city blues played by Cory Henry and the Funk Apostles live at JammJam and I decided to play it too, I've tried to emulate their sound and then rec the first minute of the song.
    What they play and how is amazing, such an inspiration for me, go listen to some of their video and go to their concerts if you haven't yet.


  • Cory Henry The Revival Project


    Cory Henry performing a tune from the upcoming album.
    Video credit: High Breed Music (

  • This Or That? | Michael League


    The This or That production team sat down with our good buddy Michael League a while back to get his answer to this and several other pressing questions.

  • Snarky Puppy - Lingus - Michael League Solo Bremen 2015


    Michael League plays an epic Solo with Snarky Puppy!
    Bremen, 31th of October 2015

  • James Ross @


    (Snarky Puppy Bassist) Michael League - Bass Solo (St. Louis)

  • Zildjian Sessions | Carlin White & Cory Henry


    Introducing a new series from the Avedis Zildjian Company called 'Zildjian Sessions' which features musical collaborations between Zildjian Artists and their talented musician friends.

    “Miss Purty” by Cory Henry

    Filmed at our Zildjian West Coast Office in Burbank, CA; this session features Carlin White on drums and Cory Henry on keys.

    Carlin's Cymbal Setup:
    15 K Light Hi Hats
    18 A Thin Crash
    20 FX Oriental Crash of Doom
    18 A Custom EFX
    10 Oriental China Stack


  • Cory Henry - Amazing Grace - Live at The Red Room @ Cafe 939


    Cory Henry is a multi-instrumentalist and producer. His primary instrument is the organ, and he began playing at the age of two. At the age of six, he competed at the Apollo Theatre and made it to the finalist round. Since his teens, the list of the people that Henry has worked with has grown at a breathtaking pace. It includes Yolanda Adams, Sara Bareilles, Stanley Brown, Ray Chew and the Crew, and P. Diddy, among many others. This virtuoso leaves audiences speechless with his solos.

    Visit our website:

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  • Cory Henry & The Funk Apostles live at Band on the Wall


    Cory Henry & The Funk Apostles returned to Band on the Wall on 2nd November 2016, playing to a sell out crowd with a line-up featuring regular drummer Taron Lockett, keys/synth player Nick Semrad, bassist Sharay Reed, a guest guitarist and backing vocalists.

    They played material from their forthcoming album, alongside far-out covers of classics including a Prince number and instrumental jams, like this rip-roaring piece featuring a blistering organ solo from Cory.

    Audio mixed by Mike Partridge.

    Let us know your thoughts on the video and Manchester's live music scene, by leaving a comment below!

    For live listings and information on the venue, please visit our website:

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    Live music, interviews and documentaries from Manchester's renowned, not-for-profit music venue, Band on the Wall. Discover a range of live music through our living video archive, and get an insight into the creative process through our artist interviews and demonstrations. Tune in for weekly updates and bi-weekly highlights videos, with occasional documentaries to mark significant musical events.

  • Cory Henry Quartet plays Giant Steps


    Cory Henry's Quartet takes a stab at the John Coltrane standard Giant Steps.
    Keys: Cory Henry
    Drums: Carlin White
    Bass: Marcus Reddick
    Sax: Jason Arce

  • Snarky Puppy Live at Rockwood - Flood


    Snarky Puppy Live at Rockwood - Flood by Michael League.
    Recorded and filmed on December 1, 2010 at Rockwood Music Hall in New York City.
    Filmed and edited by Simon Yu.
    A.C. by Renato Galvão & Alessandro James Marcolin
    Recorded by Brian Delaney.
    Mixed by Matt Grondin.

    Cory Henry - keys
    Justin Stanton - keys
    John Ellis - sax
    Chris Bullock - sax
    Mike Maher - trumpet
    Jay Jennings - trumpet
    Bob Lanzetti - guitar
    Michael League - bass
    Robert Sput Searight - drums
    Keita Ogawa - percussion

  • SOUND OF TWO /// Bernard Purdie & Cory Henry


    ❏ Bernard Purdie [KOSA 2006] — 2006
    ❏ Cory Henry [The Revival] — 2015 (
    ❏ Mixed by Jack Stratton

  • Snarky Puppy - Quarter Master


    Snarky Puppy - Quarter Master
    From the live DVD groundUP

    Buy It Here:

    Recorded and filmed live (free of overdubs) on December 15, 2011, at Shapeshifter Lab in Brooklyn, New York, for GroundUP Music. For more information and upcoming tour dates, please visit or

    Written, arranged, and produced by Michael League.

    Shaun Martin - piano
    Bill Laurance - Fender Rhodes
    Cory Henry - organ
    Justin Stanton - trumpet
    Mark Lettieri - guitar
    Bob Lanzetti - guitar
    Chris McQueen - guitar
    Michael League - bass
    Nate Werth - percussion
    Keita Ogawa - percussion
    Marcelo Woloski - percussion
    Robert Sput Searight - drums
    Andy Hunter - trombone (solo)
    Jay Jennings - trumpet (solo)
    Maz - trumpet
    Chris Bullock - sax

    Engineered by Eric Hartman, Diko Shoturma, and Avi Gunther.
    Filmed by Andy LaViolette, Brad Holt, Simon C.F. Yu, and Caroline Stucky.
    Mixed by Eric Hartman.
    Mastered by Scott Hull at Masterdisk NYC.

  • Dr. Lonnie Smith and Cory Henry jam


    Here's an jam session at the Hammond booth

  • Cory Henry e Michael League workshop campo grande


    Master Class - Cory Henry - Michael League 02/06/2014 workshop campo grande

  • Cory Henry, Mike Leaugue & Nat Townsley - Creepin


    The Amazing Cory Henry covering a Stevie Wonder classic. This track is my experiment no. 54 with the 936 hz activation freq. Method of injection (Direct linear) Feb 02, 2019 0100am. Learn about your Pineal Gland here to more Pineal Gland joints here

    Cory Henry, Mike Leaugue & Nat Townsley - Creepin (936hz activation freq. mix) © 2019 Will Shaw. All Rights Reserved. For Will Shau 2019.

  • Cory Henry, Jay White, Nat Townsley - Bohemian Caverns Part 6


    Bohemian Caverns in Washington D.C. - 09.19.2014
    Cory - Piano/Keyboards
    Jay - Bass
    Nat - Drums
    Clip 6

  • Cory Henrys solo cover - Billie Jean


    This is my cover of Cory Henry's solo in his Billie Jean cover, so it is basically a cover of another cover.
    I tried to perform the solo in my own way and made the music a little funkier than the Cory's cover. I hope you'll enjoy it!

    Special thanks to Degrado Studio (Elios Delgado) for the mastering!

    Recorded and mixed with the free DAW Tracktion 6
    Video editing - Sony Vegas 14

  • Cory Henry, Jay White, Nat Townsley - Bohemian Caverns Part 3


    Bohemian Caverns in Washington D.C. - 09.19.2014
    Cory - Piano/Keyboards
    Jay - Bass
    Nat - Drums
    Clip 3

  • Cory Henry Workshop Brazil


    Laying down the groove with Cory Henry



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