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Playlist of Cliff Richard on marriage, TV

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    The Story of Cliff Richard 25 May 2018


    This program does have many factual errors unfortunately. Including, Cliff was born in October not August. House in Barbados not Bermuda, Knighted in 1995 not 1996. Move It came out in 1958 not 1960.
    This video may not play in the UK but it's mainly for the rest of the world who could not see it.

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    Cliff Richard Everyman Documentary 1981


    The stand alone documentary which also form part of our other series from the BBC. This now complete's the series, 4 parts plus a one off one hour TV highlights special plus this Christmas Special. Enjoy

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    Cliff Richard rare Interview on Children’s TV 1962


    Includes Summer Holiday

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    Cliff Richard Interview 14th April 1978


    Faith plays a strong part in Cliff’s life, here in an interview from 14th April 1978 he explains it at the time.

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    Im Not Getting Married


    Provided to YouTube by Parlophone UK

    I'm Not Getting Married (2004 Remaster) · Cliff Richard


    ℗ 2004 Parlophone Records Ltd, a Warner Music Group Company

    Featured Vocalist: Cliff Richard
    Conductor: Mike Vickers
    Performed by: Mike Vickers Orchestra
    All Instruments, Orchestra: Mike Vickers Orchestra
    Producer: Norrie Paramor
    Orchestra: The Mike Vickers Orchestra
    Performed by: The Mike Vickers Orchestra
    Composer: Hammond
    Composer: Hazlewood
    Arranger: Mike Vickers

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

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    The Case: Cliff Richard and Olivia Newton-John


    A suitcase is accidentally switched at a railway station resulting in an adventurous pursuit to retrieve the case. A musical/comedy/thriller featuring 8 songs.

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    Cliff Richard in When Piers with Sir Cliff Part


    Cliff in When Piers with Sir Cliff Part(1)
    ....Cliff in conversation with Piers Morgan
    ....interviews in Barbados,England(,in the house where Cliff lived in his youth)snippets from songs and more
    .... Featuring, Cliff's sisters ,Olivia Newton John,Bruce Welch,Cilla Black,Bruce Forsyth and others
    ....26th September 2009

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    Cliff Richard on One To One


    2 July 1988; a talkshow with Michael Parkinson because of Cliff's 30 year anniversary in the music business; song Devil Woman and Some People.........

    Some People - Cliff Richard
    WMG, Monetised by copyright owner

    Audio-visual content
    0:01 - 0:40 play match
    ITV_plc, Monetised by copyright owner

    Devil Woman (2006 Remastered Version) - Cliff Richard
    WMG on behalf of: PLG UK Catalog
    Monetised by copyright owner

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    Cliff Richard in TV Am Interview


    Cliff Richard Interview
    .....Cliff in TV AM 1983
    ..Cliff and Sue Barker talking about Tennis

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    Cliff Richard on The Royal Variety Show 2005


    Songs include, Move It, The Young Ones, We Don't Talk Anymore, Miss You Nights, Wired For Sound.

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    Cliff Richard On Parkinson Part


    Cliff on Parkinson 9 OCT 2004
    Host Michael Parkinson...Guests Joan Rivers-Jamie Oliver and Cliff Part(1)
    ......Song Somethin' Is Goin' On 9 Oct 2004

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    Cliff Richard on Saturday Superstore 22 March 1986


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    Cliff Richard Its Cliff and Friends Episode 3 1975


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    Cliff Richard in When Piers Met Sir Cliff Part


    Cliff in When Piers with Sir Cliff Part(2)
    ....Cliff in conversation with Piers Morgan
    ....interviews in Barbados,England(,in the house where Cliff lived in his youth)snippets from songs, and more
    .... Featuring, Cliff's sisters ,Olivia Newton John,Bruce Welch,Cilla Black,Bruce Forsyth and others
    ....26th September 2009

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    Cliff Richard on Liberace Show


    13 July 1969; Cliff sings One Of Those Songs

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    Cliff Richard Hosts Solid Gold October 15 1983


    Featuring Bonnie Tyler, Bryan Adams

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    Cliff Richard on Wetten Dass 1983


    3 September 1983; German television show; songs : We Don't Talk Anymore and Never Say Die (Give A Little Bit More) ..................Cliff Richard-Never Say Die (Give A Little Bit More), sound recording administered by: EMI; Cliff Richard-We Don't Talk Anymore, sound recording administered by:EMI; blocked in American Samoa, Canada, Germany, Guam, Northern Mariana Islands, Puerto Rico, Saint Pierre and Miquelon, United States, United States Minor Outlying Islands, United States Virgin Islands

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    Cliff Richard Greenbelt 1983 Interview


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    Cliff Richard on Parkinson Part


    Cliff on Parkinson 9 OCT 2004
    Host Michael Parkinson...Guests Joan Rivers-Jamie Oliver and Cliff Part(2)

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    Wogan - Cliff Richard - My Pretty One


    Cliff Richard sings My Pretty One and is interviewed by Sue Lawley who sits in for Terry Wogan.

    Also contains interview with the Viscountess Rothermere and actor Terence Stamp

    **I do not own copyright on this clip but have uploaded as a matter of interest without ownership, any copyright issues then please let me know and i will remove, thank you.**

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    Cliff Richard Interview Part


    Cliff, Interview part(2)
    .......on Danish TV 14 Oct 1991

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    Cliff Richard Baby Youre Dynamite 1984


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    Cliff Richard Wimbledon Interview 2005


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    The Cliff Richard Story Part


    The Cliff Richard Story Part(3)
    ......A documentary broadcast on ITV to celebrate Cliff's 60th birthday 10th October 2000
    ...With Bruce Welsh-Cilla Black- Elton John-Lulu-Olivia Neweton John- Roger Bruce-Ian Samwell-Biull Latham and Marty Wild

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    Cliff Richard on Strictly Come Dancing


    9 December 2007; on BBC's show, rehearsal and When I Need You

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    Cliff Richard Cliff In Kenya 1983


    This rare documentary see's Cliff takes a trip to Kenya with Tear Fund to see how everyone's donations help aid there

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    Cliff Richard, his girlfriends and Jesus


    Why didn't Cliff Richard marry? (He's not gay!)
    According to Oliva Newton-John, it's because the girl would need to have a similar faith in Jesus as Cliff has.

    Christians should marry within the faith, and not marry someone belonging to a different religion, especially religions that demand that the Christian convert to something else.

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    Cliff Richard Interview Tivoli Denmark 1988


    Cliff Richard Interview Tivoli Denmark ... 23-06-1988 part (1)A one hour documentary / interview with and about Cliff With many parts of songs

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    Cliff Richard in Glorias Greats Part


    Cliff in Gloria's Greats Part(1)
    ...Cliff in conversation with Gloria Hunniford (in Cliff home in Portugal)
    ....With Cilla Black,Bruce Welch,Brian Bennett and others
    ...2th December 2008

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    Cliff Richard TIME Interview


    In 1986 Cliff was the lead in the musical TIME playing Chris Wilder 'The Rock Star'. It was in the West End in London. It was a musical by Dave Clark.

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    Cliff Richard Birthday Party Part


    Cliff Richard Cliff's 60th Birthday Party Cruise Part(1)
    ..........Guests on board...Sue Barker,Booby Davro,Alan Farthing,Gloria Hunniford,Shirley Bassey,Mike Reid and Olivia Newton John

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    Frida Lyngstad From ABBA With Cliff Richard


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    Cliff Richard Meet Some Fans


    Cliff meet and speak with fans from Denmark before the start of his 40th anniversary concert in the RAH(1998)

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    Olivia Newton-John • The Cliff Richard Story


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    Cliff Richard in Australia


    Great interview - Cliff, Hank and Bruce. Thanks so much to Jan for sending...

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    Olivia Newton-John The Ultimate Pop Stars UK 50 Best Selling Artist - in UK with Cliff Richard and Bruce Welch By F.A. from Buenos Aires - Argentina

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    Countdown - Molly Meldrum Interviews Cliff Richard- February 28, 1982- Part 1


    A segment from the long running Australian music TV series Countdown, which aired on the ABC from 1974-1987.

    This particular segment aired during the Countdown episode which originally aired on February 28, 1982, on the ABC.

    This clip features an interview of British singer Cliff Richard, conducted by Countdown Talent Co-Ordinator Molly Meldrum.

    This part of the interview begins with a discussion about having to rollerskate for the music video for ‘Wired For Sound’. The also discuss his working with Australian artists such as Olivia Newton-John.

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    Cliff Richard Misunderstood Man


    Cliff Richard Misunderstood Man(Song from Heathcliff )
    ........Royal Variety Performance 1995

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    Cliff Richard - Only Way Out


    Cliff Richard - Rockspell 7th April 1985
    Song - Only Way Out

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    Cliff Richard Why me Lord


    Cliff Richard Why me Lord
    ........Crossroad South Africa 1977

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    Cliff Richard Interview at Wimbledon


    Cliff Interviewed by Sue Barker at Wimbledon 3 July 1996
    .....secound clip Cliff on BBC news about his performance at Wimbledon 3 july 1996

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    Cliff Richard on Terry Wogan Show Part


    Cliff on Terry Wogan Interview about the musical Time and more Part(1)
    .....29 aug 1986

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    Cliff Richard Interview part


    Cliff Interview Part(1)
    ........on Danish TV 14 Oct 1991

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    | CLIFF RICHARD | - interview - 1:|



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    Cliff Richard on the Selina Scott show


    I prefer her stye of interviewing to this Ross guy.

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    The Best of Richard Clayderman


    Track list for this album:
    00:00 Hungarian Sonata
    03:16 A Comme Amour
    06:34 Mariage D Amour
    09:15 For Elise
    13:29 For My Sweetheart
    16:24 Jardin Secret
    18:37 Ballade Pour Adeline
    21:17 Love Story
    24:21 Green Fields
    26:56 Black Bird Flies
    29:13 Turkish Rondo
    32:34 Romeo & Juliet (A Time For Us)
    34:53 Concerto Pour Une Jeune
    38:37 Winter Sonata
    42:11 Right Here Waiting For You
    45:58 Invisible Love
    49:27 Can You Feel The Love Tonight
    52:39 Love Is Blue
    55:37 Boulevard Des Solitudes
    59:21 The Sound Of Silence
    1:02:36 Gemini
    1:05:48 Yesterday Once More
    1:09:03 I Have A Dream
    1:12:12 Top Of The World
    1:15:20 When You Tell Me That You Love Me
    1:19:55 Serenade
    1:23:06 Moonlight Sonata
    1:26:34 Lemon Tree
    1:29:50 Woman in Love
    1:32:19 Les Derniers Jours d’Anastasia Kemsky
    1:35:37 Nothing’s Gonna Change My Love For You
    1:38:55 Fall In Love
    1:42:03 I Will Always Love You

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    Cliff Richard - Olivia Newton John - Great Wall + Interview


    Sir Cliff Richard and Joan Rivers have added new star power to Olivia Newton John's cancer walk along the Great Wall of China. (2008)

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    Cliff Richard on that Chris Eavans show TFI Friday - Oct 98


    Do you remember this? And Chris is a bad looser, because he than banned Cliff from his radio.

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    Cliff Richard on the Terry Wogan Show Interview Part


    Cliff on the Terry Wogan Show Interview Part(1)16 Nov 1988
    ......Song Wired for Sound



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