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Playlist of Clarence Barlow

  • Barlow - Cogluotobusisletmesi


    Klarenz Barlow's outrageously complex Çoǧlu otobüs işletmesi (1975-79), performed with remarkable faithfulness to the score by Herbert Henck. The picture shows a snippet from the sheet music, what's virtually impossible to follow.

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  • Clarence Barlow - Variazioni e un pianoforte meccanico


    performed here by John Snijders on a Yamaha disklavier

    info from liner notes of hat[now]ART 126:

    Variazioni e un pianoforte meccanico for pianist and player piano was made possible by compositional techniques that allow (through computer assistance) finely-graded real-time alterations of musical factors such as tonal and metric field-strength at any time in any of a number of parallel streams of music. The composition itself is harmonically and metrically based on Beethoven's Opus 111 Arietta; each programme-run results in a different realisation of the composition, various realisations mutually differing only in details of lesser relevance. On a formal level, the piece consists of nine variations, characterized towards the end by a radical deceleration of the harmonic rhythm - whereas the first seven variations are each just under two minutes in length, the eighth lasts for more than two-and-a-half minutes and the ninth for over eight minutes.
    - Clarence Barlow

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  • Clarence Barlow - ...until... Version 7 for guitar


    info from liner notes (Los Angeles River Records LAL2-12):

    Version 7 for guitar wholly comprises natural harmonics. Alternate strings are retuned to an A-minor triad reaching up a minor tenth to Middle C, the intervening strings to the same chord a quarter-tone higher. At first only non-microintervallic notes sound; the reverse is true at the end, the E drone rising a quarter-tone. - Clarence Barlow

  • Clarence Barlow, Dokumissa87 + Intro to Januar am Nil


    Piece 1: 1987
    Piece 2: 1984
    Two electronic pieces, of course very obscure, by stochastic composer Clarence Barlow. For the second piece, Barlow used a spiral to inform the structure of his music. The computer was programmed to produce melody to fill time equal to the segments produced from a series of spokes radiating from the center of spiral. The distances between these spokes increases as the path reaches farther out in the spiral.

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  • Clarence Barlow - Estudio Siete


    Studio/Study 7 for player piano

    This was written for the Hundred Years of Film event organised by the Kunsthalle of Bonn as an accompaniment to the 1930s film 'Study No. 6' by Oskar Fischinger. I found that Fischinger's work bore a resemblance in one respect to that of Conlon Nancarrow: both oeuvres were born of an aesthetically unproblematic and technically brilliant ease and a fascination for the mechanically feasable. I therefore included Nancarrow's same-named 'Study No. 6' in my compositional plan, creating a paraphrase of it (slightly trimmed to fit the duration of the film) using my computer program 'Autobusk'. Running alongside the Nancarrow paraphrase is a metamorphosis of Fischinger's dancing objects, whose shapes have been transposed to phonetic tone clouds. Horizontally stretched objects correspond, in a manner similar to that of the human mouth, to the sound of the vowel [i] and square objects to [u], with [e], [a] and [o] in-between. Bernhard Wagner and Dominik Eichelberg, using the Automatic Blob Recognition Program of Martin Bischel, analytically captured the visual objects for me, from which I then realised my tone clouds at The Hague Conservatory's Studio 7, which I directed at the time. The piece was meant to be performed on a player piano synchronised with the film; it may, however, be heard as autonomous music.

    - Clarence Barlow (from the liner notes of Feedback Studio Cologne's CD #8, CYBELE SACD 960.308)

  • Orchideae Ordinariae The Twelfth Root of Truth: No. 7, Pandora


    Provided to YouTube by NAXOS of America

    Orchideae Ordinariae The Twelfth Root of Truth: No. 7, Pandora · Clarence Barlow

    Darmstadt Aural Documents, Box 4: Pianists

    ℗ 2017 NEOS Music

    Released on: 2017-01-06

    Artist: Clarence Barlow
    Composer: Clarence Barlow

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

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  • 1981 by Clarence Barlow


    Performed by Aisha Orazbayeva, Alice Purton and Mark Knoop, at Music We'd Like to Hear, St Mary at Hill, London, on 3rd July 2015.
    Sound by Lawrence Dunn.

  • Clarence Barlow - Relationships for melody instruments


    Relationships for melody instruments is a variable composition conceived in 1974 in the form of a short verbal score.
    This work has been realized in six different versions. The first four in the years 1974-1976, and the last two in 1985.

    Version 6, for one or two melody instruments (in this case bass clarinet), computer-driven synthesizer, and percussion, is based on two hexatonic pitch scales in D.

  • Xylophonie I by Klarenz Barlow


    Composed by Klarenz Barlow (1945-)
    Performed by Adilia Yip at aNOther Festival 2018, Vienna

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  • Clarence Barlow ~ Variazioni e un Pianoforte Meccanico


    Variazioni e un Pianoforte Meccanico
    Clarence Barlow

    *John Snijders*

  • Clarence Barlow - Approximating Pi


    Joel Hunt, Soprano Saxophone
    Lotte Lehmann Concert Hall, University of California, Santa Barbara
    Primavera Festival 2013, Cosmic Klang 4/24/13

  • Sonification 7 - Shinagawa


    Transit Sonification

  • Trains


    Provided to YouTube by NAXOS of America

    Trains · Alice Purton

    Joanna Bailie: Artificial Environments

    ℗ 2019 NMC Recordings

    Released on: 2019-09-27

    Artist: Alice Purton
    Artist: Joanna Bailie
    Composer: Joanna Bailie

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Aint Nobody Here But Us Chickens


    Provided to YouTube by The state51 Conspiracy

    Ain't Nobody Here But Us Chickens · Clarence Gatemouth Brown

    Pressure Cooker

    ℗ 1986 Alligator Records & Artist Mgmt., Inc

    Released on: 2009-06-18

    Composer: Kramer
    Lyricist: Kramer
    Music Publisher: Kramer-Whitney Music c/o Harry Fox Agency, 711 3rd Ave. NY, NY 10017
    Composer: Whitney
    Lyricist: Whitney

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Orchideae Ordinariae The Twelfth Root of Truth: No. 5, Lorchidée dargent


    Provided to YouTube by NAXOS of America

    Orchideae Ordinariae The Twelfth Root of Truth: No. 5, L'orchidée d'argent · Clarence Barlow

    Darmstadt Aural Documents, Box 4: Pianists

    ℗ 2017 NEOS Music

    Released on: 2017-01-06

    Artist: Clarence Barlow
    Composer: Clarence Barlow

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Klarenz Barlow ~ Pandora


    Klarenz Barlow


  • Clarence Barlow - ...until... Version 8 for piccolo


    info from liner notes (Los Angeles River Records LAL2-12):

    Version 8 for piccolo flute is strongly characterised by difference tones caused by the high given pitches sounding against the drone. Both the composed melody and the difference tones independently follow the compositional principle. The B-flat drone rises at the end by a whole-tone. - Clarence Barlow

  • Ensemble Modelo62 plays Septima de Facto - Clarence Barlow


    Performed in Cologne in 2016 at the BAR70W Festival and Symposium dedicated to Clarence Barlow on the occasion of his 70th birthday

  • Slip Away


    Provided to YouTube by CDBaby

    Slip Away · THE FEENS

    Slip Away

    ℗ 2019 THE FEENS

    Released on: 2019-11-15

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • fantasia quasi una sonata


    Provided to YouTube by The Orchard Enterprises

    fantasia quasi una sonata (con Mantra di Stockhausen) (1973) · Clarence Barlow · Josje Ter Haar · John Snijders

    Clarenece Barlow: Musica Derivata

    ℗ 2000 Hat Hut Records Ltd.

    Released on: 2000-01-01

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

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  • Ensemble Modelo62 plays Sachets des ciseaux insatiables by Clarence Barlow


    Performed in Cologne at the BAR70W Festival and Symposium on the occasion of his 70th birthday

  • Clarence Barlow: ...until... , excerpt of a performance by Christine Tavolacci


    Clarence Barlow: ...until... (1981), excerpt of a performance by Christine Tavolacci

    Christine Tavolacci, piccolo

  • Slip Away


    Provided to YouTube by Republic of Music

    Slip Away · Get Famous

    Various Artists

    ℗ Buzzard Gulch

    Released on: 2009-08-16

    Artist: Get Famous

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Clarence Barlow - until Version 7


    For Guitar.

  • Santiago Lascurain plays ...until... by Clarence Barlow


    This video is about until

  • Aint Nobody Here But Us Chickens


    Provided to YouTube by Believe SAS

    Ain't Nobody Here But Us Chickens · Clarence Brown

    Calrence 'Gatemouth' Brown Sings Louis Jordan (feat. Milt Buckner, Arnett Cobb, Michael Silva, Roland Loblegeois, Jay Mc Shann) (The Definitive Black & Blue Sessions)

    ℗ 1973 Disques Black & Blue

    Released on: 2008-06-02

    Composer: Whitney
    Composer: Kramer
    Music Publisher: Disques Black & Blue

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Barlow: The Winters Past


    Provided to YouTube by Universal Music Group

    Barlow: The Winter's Past · Eastman Philharmonia · Howard Hanson

    Music For Quiet Listening Vol. 2

    ℗ 1962 Universal International Music B.V.

    Released on: 1994-01-01

    Producer: Wilma Cozart Fine
    Composer: Wayne Barlow

    Auto-generated by YouTube.



    Nastya Roca:

    15 de Agosto de 1979 Reynosa Tamaulipas pianista y compositora, estudió por un breve periodo en el Conservatorio Nacional de Música, toma la decisión de renunciar a sus estudios en México para integrarse a los talleres libres con Clarence Barlow en La Haya Holanda y en la Akademija za glasbo Univerze v Ljubljani.
    Nastia es una compositora que pertenece a esa minoría que en México esculpe con el sonido convirtiéndolo en materia. También estudia el sonido producido por el cuerpo, ella es una artista que busca construir un discurso a partir de la vida.
    Fue Becaria del FONCA en la emisión 2001-2002 en el área de multimedia, con el proyecto, paisajes sonoros de la ciudad de México, posteriormente fue becaria en jóvenes creadores del FONCA donde realizo el proyecto maquinas sonoras. Su trabajo siempre ha sido interdisciplinario, suigéneris y polémico
    Actualmente vive entre la Ciudad de México y San Petesburgo en donde pasa la mayor parte del tiempo, colaborando en el Sankt-Peterbúrgskaya konservatoriya en Rusia.

  • …Until… version 7 for guitar


    Bob Ward, guitar

    Clarence Barlow (b. 1945, India)
    …Until… version 7 for guitar

    Boston Guitarfest 2013
    Thursday, June 20, 2013
    Fenway Center at Northeastern University

  • Xylophonie I


    Champ d'Action (Elyssa Shalla) plays 'Xylophonie I' (Klarenz Barlow) - Textiles 15/11/2009 - M HKA - Antwerp

  • Clarence Town - Candy - Robbie Williams


  • Until... Version 7 ....


    Champ d'Action (Toon Callier) plays Klarenz Barlow's ...Until... version 7 - 15/11/2009 - M KHA - Antwerp

  • Marco Stroppa: Upon a blade of grass


    Marco Stroppa (*1959): Upon a blade of grass, per pianoforte e grande orchestra (1996).

    Pierre-Laurent Aimard, pianoforte
    Orchestra Sinfonica Nazionale della RAI diretta da Pascal Rophé.

    Cover image: photo by Fulvio Caldini.


    The music published in our channel is exclusively dedicated to divulgation purposes and not commercial. This within a program shared to study classic educational music of the 1900's (mostly Italian) which involves thousands of people around the world. If someone, for any reason, would deem that a video appearing in this channel violates the copyright, please inform us immediately before you submit a claim to Youtube, and it will be our care to remove immediately the video accordingly.

    Your collaboration will be appreciated.

  • Coldplay Strawberry Swingsupported by The British Paraorchestra Paralympics closing ceremony 2012


    Coldplay 'Strawberry Swing ' supported by The British Paraorchestra Paralympics closing Ceremony 2012.

    Founded by British conductor Charles Hazlewood, the British Paraorchestra is pioneering a global movement to recognise and showcase disabled musicians with extraordinary abilities. Featuring Nicholas McCarthy,Baluji Shrivastav, James Risdon, Clarence Adoo, Lyn Levett, Lloyd Coleman, Fran Brown, Adrian Lee, Steph West and Charlotte White.

  • Trstenice 2013


    TRSTENICE 2013
    International Courses for Composers and Percussion Players
    Clarence Barlow (D-USA) Jeff Beer (D), Ivo Medek (CZ) Tomáš Ondrůšek (CZ-D),
    Olaf Tzschoppe (D) ...and others
    June 30 - July 7 2013
    Music Centre Haus Urban Trstenice Czech Republic



    Clips from the stunning debut album of violinist Aisha Orazbayeva. Hear more on iTunes: Out now on Nonclassical (Aisha Orabayeva - violin / Matthew Schellhorn - piano / Peter Zinovieff - electronics)




    Prof. Klarenz Barlow University of California, Santa Barbara (USA)

    „Algorithmische Komposition anhand meiner eigenen Arbeit während des Zeitraums 1971-2017“

    Der in Kalkutta geborene Komponist, Kosmopolit und Pionier der Computermusik Klarenz Barlow kommt für drei Tage zur HfMT in Hamburg.
    Barlow studierte in Köln Komposition bei B.A. Zimmermann und Karlheinz Stockhausen, es schlossen sich zahlreiche Aufenthalte an internationalen Zentren wie etwa dem IRCAM an. Er war Dozent an den Musikhochschulen in Köln und Den Haag, bevor er 2006 Professor für Komposition an der University of California in Santa Barbara wurde.
    Sein Werk ist geprägt durch zahlreiche Innovationen im Bereich der algorithmischen Komposition sowie durch einen humorvollen Umgang mit aktuellen Fragestellungen. Seine Text- und grafischen Kompositionen zeichnen ihn auch als Vorreiter des New Conceptualism aus, eine Richtung, die von jüngeren Komponisten wie Johannes Kreidler und anderen gepflegt wird. Auch seine Forschungen im Bereich der Quantitativen Musiktheorie können aus heutiger Sicht nicht hoch genug bewertet werden und stellen die Basis der an der HfMT entwickelten Software DJster dar.

    Institut für Musiktherapie, HfMT, Prof. Dr. E. Weymann
    Zentrum für Mikrotonale Musik und Multimedia (ZM4), HfMT, Prof. Dr. G. Hajdu
    Institut für Systematische Musikwissenschaft, (UHH), Prof. Dr. C. Wöllner

  • Concierto let´s save GME en Reina Sofia fragmento


    FRAGMENTO Concierto let´s save GME en Reina Sofia


    Centro Superior de Investigación y Promoción de la Música, UAM Departamento Interfacultativo.

    Concierto: “Arte y ciencia. Individual y colectivo.”


    LUGAR: Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía. Auditorio 400:
    Hora: 19:30

    Julio Sanz Vázquez Let’s save GME Cuenca
    Pierre Schaeffer – Pierre Henry Symphonie pour un homme seul (selección)
    Jean-Claude Risset Mutations
    Eduardo Polonio Improvisación con formas frías
    Clarence Barlow 13C2=Θ (“2 of 13 Stridulant”)

    La obra colectiva “Let´s Save GME CUENCA”. Obra compuesta con los archivos enviados por colectivos y compositores reivindicando la necesidad de salvar el Gabinete de Música Electroacústica de Cuenca, tras años abandono y abocamiento al ostracismo institucional, es seleccionada para el congreso internacional en el Museo Naciona Centro de Arte Reina Sofía.

    Compositor Título
    ACUOSO Orquesta Sinfónica de Ordenadores

    OSOaccionGME Lisboa
    Adolfo Núñez Aureo
    Ana Buenache Doble Amanecer Lunar
    Angel Albadalejo Cuencos tibetanos Doble Amanecer Lunar
    Apolo Valdes 43
    Carlos D. Perales CITA DE LUZ
    Diana Pérez Custodio 25 tonos humanos
    Enrique Mateu 25_enrique_mateu
    Equipo Elevador Pompeya Cuenca Lisboa
    Joaku De Sotavento 43
    Jorge Sad Levi El ave roc
    José Andrés Prieto Franco from-totheforest-part
    Juan Antonio Lleó GME on my mind
    Julio Sanz Vázquez Didgeridoo Doble Amanecer Lunar
    Julio Sanz+ Huerto del sonido: Doble Amanecer Lunar
    Mark Pilkington Putney_CuencaMix_ClimentPilkington
    Merce Capdevila cop de tronc
    Mercedes Mestas, Doble Amanecer Lunar
    Miguel A. García Frog_study
    Miguel Molina MMOLINA_VELASCO
    Marion Velasco Motor_Amor abstracto
    OSOMEX, Eugenia Díaz y Joaku de Sotavento ActividadSismica_mezcla
    Pablo Martínez Garrido Sounddatarockandroll
    Pablo Vega Mirrors.5
    Padre Castillejo CASTILLEJO_QUIJOTE_1944
    Pedro Guajardo aracnian – the sound of speed #2
    Pedro Linde Navas Metamorbosis_mix2
    Ricardo Climent – Sin título
    Ricardo de Armas Freaky door
    Roberto Pineda Tenor Flores del Edén
    Sergio Bascuñana 1 y 2
    SophiMacuac SophiMacuac
    Susana Chiocca Voz Doble Amanecer Lunar
    Sylvia Molina Oliendo_el_sonido (Matriosca)
    Victor Aguado 0-37
    Victor Vallés Fornet 2AIEAIOS

    El sistema de difusión previsto consta de ordenador, con software secuenciador con un máximo de 18 salidas independientes, micrófonos fijos o inalámbricos, mesa de mezclas Yamaha 02R96 con 30 envíos independientes a los siguientes altavoces: Escenario: 2 Meyer UPA-1P, 2 UPJ-1P, 2 USW-1P (subgraves), 4 UPM-1P, 2 UPJ-1P (colgados), 4 Bose 802 (2 envíos). “Surround”: 12 Meyer UPM-1P. En patio de butacas: 4 Yamaha NS60.

  • 3 Pièces brêves pour piano à tiers de ton: III. —


    Provided to YouTube by NAXOS of America

    3 Pièces brêves pour piano à tiers de ton: III. — · Kristi Becker

    Darmstadt Aural Documents, Box 4: Pianists

    ℗ 2017 NEOS Music

    Released on: 2017-01-06

    Artist: Kristi Becker
    Composer: Clarence Barlow

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • DVD trailer The Intuitive PARTy


    The Intuitive P'ARTy (Booklet 44 pages with DVD) is an independent edition of P-ART and the following participating artists. © 2015. (DVD Video 16:9 widescreen NTSC)
    1. P-ART (Belgium) covers six different sound-talking colors in a set of six oil paintings. Searching for perceptual reciprocity between color and timbre, he accompanies the 6 coloring images intuitively with distinct sets (piano, sound objects, spinet, synthesizing) of six sound samples at every turn.
    Music video track #1: MusiChroma I. Sound-talking colors. 2014. 6:19
    2. Klaus RUNZE (Germany) elongates his arms with felt-hammer rails originating from a grand piano. He intuitively fraps a board of wood, a slab of stone (basalt) and a sheet of metal with his musical wings, just like Icarus. Music video track #2: Icarus Piano. 2007. 6:41
    3. Clarence BARLOW (USA) masters computer-assisted algorithms in his fascination of sound color (timbre), rhythms and microtonal scales (pitch space). Septime de facto (2006) is 'synthrumentation': digital synthesis of a song (harmony and phonetic) transformed into synth-instrumentation, in this case on a computer-driven grand piano. Regarding the psychological harmony of intervals as a measure of the harmonic proximity, Clarence Barlow created a multidimensionally scaled map of just intonated harmony. Für Simon Jonassohn-Stein (2012) was created on a computer-driven church organ.
    Audio track #1: Septime de facto. 2006. 6:19
    Audio track #5: Für Simon Jonassohn-Stein. 2012. 5:06
    4. Carl BERGSTRØM-NIELSEN (Denmark) integrates improvisation in structural creativity. Using his voice, the Hohner melodica and French horn, his performance is an intuitive dialogue with the memory of some minutes ago: back to the past and towards the future. Music video #3: Memory Piece #6. 2011. 5:18
    5. CORE SHIFT interpreted by Mike KRAMER (Australia/The Netherlands) invites intuitive listening again and again. Through Time is a timeless experience of ambient music, a 'dance for the mind'. Audio track #2: Through Time. 2014. 20:00
    6. Timo VAN LUIJK (Belgium) composes like a poet with a flexible set of acoustic instruments, found or recycled (sound) objects and sound effect recordings. In Fantaisie magnétique the intuitive composer uses only the musical results of sound feedback.
    Audio track # 3: Fantaisie magnétique. 2012. 5:00
    Timo van Luijk filmed his passage of the Bosporus in a single take, and fit the image with an introspective soundscape based on an old music tape. Music video track #4: Passage. 2010. 3:58
    7. Marc EVANS (USA) is an experimental composer, working from scratch. He integrates the opportunity of computing where it is relevant. He composes for classical instruments, for mixed media and for sounds of ordinary human activities like eating. In respect to natural processes, he admires trees as living witnesses of history and as unique personalities. The Longevity of a Tree is visual music composed and designed by him and is performed by cellist Amy Kwon. Music video track #5: The Longevity of a Tree. 2010. 4:42
    8. CIRCULAR (Argentina) is a duo formed by José Alberto MARCHI and Daniel VARELA. Influenced by the fullness of light, by the presence of stillness and the spiritual flow of timbres and resonances, they are sound poets painting slow-down music.
    Audio track #4: Deitas. 2014. 21:02
    Send a mail to to order this amazing DVD with extended booklet.

  • variazioni e un pianoforte meccanico


    Provided to YouTube by The Orchard Enterprises

    variazioni e un pianoforte meccanico (1986) · Josje Ter Haar · Job Ter Haar · John Snijders · Clarence Barlow

    Clarenece Barlow: Musica Derivata

    ℗ 2000 Hat Hut Records Ltd.

    Released on: 2000-01-01

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Clarence Gatemouth Brown - Aint Nobody Here But Us Chickens 1985


    Album Clarence Gatemouth Brown ‎– Pressure Cooker

  • Domenic Romeo of Integrity at HellFest France 2017 | Reverb Interview


    Reverb caught up with Domenic Romeo of Integrity at Hellfest in France. Domenic chats about his favorite guitars and what he's using on stage.

  • Klarenz bei René - Clarence chez René


    Klarenz Barlow präsentiert eigene Kompositionen
    Clarence Barlow présente ses compositions

    13 octobre 2012, Petite grange des sons, Wissembourg, France

    ©2012 by Atelier BACH.Bogen, France and Germany

  • Spright the Diner by Nib Wryter


    Provided to YouTube by The Orchard Enterprises

    Spright the Diner by Nib Wryter (1986) · Clarence Barlow · Josje Ter Haar · Job Ter Haar · John Snijders

    Clarenece Barlow: Musica Derivata

    ℗ 2000 Hat Hut Records Ltd.

    Released on: 2000-01-01

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • DVD Trailer - Microtona - Microtonal Music 2016


    I am very happy to be a part of this DVD project with Turkish composer Ilke Şen's piece 'Gelin Savması' composed for solo microtonal guitar.

    DVD Trailer: International DVD Project about Microtonal Music worldwide. Curator P-ART. Extended Booklet (68 pages) with personal comments from the microtonal artists: 8 original videotracks & 9 original Audio tracks DVD Video NTSC 16:9

    Microtonal video and/or audio by
    Hitomi Shimizu (Japan) Clarence Barlow (California, US) Pascale Criton (France) Hidekazu Wakabayashi (Japan) Ulf-Diether Soyka (Austria) Tolgahan Çoğulu (Turkey) Elaine Walker (USA) Shaahin Mohajeri (Iran) Dolores Catherino (Alaska, US) Georg Hajdu (Germany) P-ART (Belgium)

    DVD Index

    Hitomi Shimizu: Video Track #1: Meet my 43-tone Organ (2016) 9:05 Hitomi Shimizu (organ) & Hiromi Nishida (violin) booklet p. 5

    Clarence Barlow: Video Track #2: )ertur( (2015) 16:04 related to Alphonse Mucha (paintings) / L. Janáček (music) booklet p. 11

    Pascale Criton: Video Track #3: Microtonal Limits (2016) 4:42 & Audio Track #1: Trans (2014) for 2 guitars (Estelle Lallement & Filipe Marquès) Parts: Double 6:00 + Diagonal 7:14
    & Audio Track #2 : Bothsways (2015) for violin (Silvia Tarozzi) & cello (Deborah Walker) Parts: Coalescent 2:14 + Impulse 2:04 + Sways 2:12 booklet p. 15

    Hidekazu Wakabayashi Video Track #4: Iceface tuned Piano in F# (2015) 3:15 booklet p. 21

    Ulf-Diether Soyka : Video Track #5 Intro & Micro-Toccata (2007) 6:32 & Audio Track #3: Zwischentöne (2009) 7:28 for clarinet (Slavko Kovacic) und guitar (Zarko Ignjatovic) booklet p. 25

    Tolgahan Çoğulu : Audio Track #4: Gelin Savması by İlke Şen (2015) 5:18 for adjustable microtonal guitar booklet p. 33

    Elaine Walker : Video Track #6: My Microtonal Universe 4:42 & Audio Track #5: Sid Song in 10 edo (2015) 4:00 booklet p. 38

    Shaahin Mohajeri: Audio Track #6 Cyrus the Great entered the city of Babylon (2015) 4:32 & Audio Track #7: Tragic parting of the Souls (2015) 3:12 for virtual orchestral instruments booklet p. 44

    Dolores Catherino: Video Track #7: Polychromatic Horizons (2015) 8:13 Polychromatic Impressions (2015) 4:13 booklet p. 48

    Georg Hajdu : Audio Track #8: Just her - Jester - Gesture (2015) 8:23 booklet p. 55

    P-ART: Video Track #8: Microtonal Jamming (2016) 7:24 & Audio Track #9: Pluk in 9ET 2:27 / Lined Up in 6ET 1:48 / Ele in 10ET 3:13 (2015) p. 61


  • 1981


    Provided to YouTube by The Orchard Enterprises

    1981 (1981) · Clarence Barlow · Josje Ter Haar · Job Ter Haar · John Snijders

    Clarenece Barlow: Musica Derivata

    ℗ 2000 Hat Hut Records Ltd.

    Released on: 2000-01-01

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • DVD Trailer THE ART OF SILENCE 2018


    DVD Trailer: The Art of Silence (2018) is a thirty-six page booklet (A5) with personal comments by the contributing artists: Hildegard Westerkamp (CA), Clarence Barlow (USA/EU), Baudouin Oosterlynck (B), Hitomi Shimizu & H. Wakabayashi (JP), Mike Kramer (Core Shift) (AUS/NL), Carl Bergstrøm- Nielsen (DK), Vincent Tordjman (Vicnet) (FR), Dina Maria Mouton (B), Tolgahan Çoğulu (TR), Dominique Vermeesch & daniel duchamP (B), Jeroen van Veen (NL), Raymond Delepierre (B), Shaahin Mohajeri (IR), Klaus Runze (DE) and P-ART (BE), curator of The Art of Silence. The booklet also includes a DVD which consists of 8 original video tracks and 7 original audio tracks. The non-profit project is an international edition of unpublished pieces by composers from Canada, USA, Japan, Iran, Turkey, Australia, The Netherlands, Denmark, France, Germany and Belgium.
    Webpage: ARTOFSILENCE/ArtOfSilence.htm

  • The Creatives - Nick Norton


    THE CREATIVES is an educational resource created for STARS OF DIFFERENT HUES, an outreach project started by new renaissance artist Elizabeth A. Baker, to make the tools and practitioners of experimental music and performance art accessible to school aged youth in the State of Florida.

    Nick Norton is – like you – made from materials forged in the cores of stars. He was born in Los Angeles approximately 13.6 billion years after the universe and at least a few hundred thousand after vertebrates developed a system to interpret vibrating air as sound, and has been making music ever since. The LA Times describes his work as crazy, and NewMusicBox referred to his pieces as “visceral sonic haiku.”

    At an early age Nick discovered that he got a seriously life-affirming kick out of certain arrangements of sound, so started making some by playing guitar and saxophone in bands. He studied composition in college at UC San Diego, then at L’ecole Normale de Musique de Paris, then in graduate school at King’s College, London and UC Santa Barbara – and in a whole bunch of garages, studios, apartments, backyards, beaches, mountains, bars, libraries, clubs, restaurants, forests, and deserts.

    He’s been really lucky, because he’s had great teachers along the way, including Clarence Barlow, Curtis Roads, Andrew Tholl, Joel Feigin, Lei Liang, Robert Keeley, Rand Steiger, Chinary Ung, Harvey Sollberger, and Michel Merlet. He has also worked with George Benjamin and Sofia Gubaidulina.

    Nick rejects the distinction between high and low forms of art, and is interested in creating new experiences for listeners from all backgrounds and destroying social barriers to enjoying music. He has a Chewbacca bobble head on his desk and wishes he had SPENT WAY TOO MUCH MONEY ON a Han Solo to go with it. He enjoys craft beer, sci fi, being in or near the ocean, and Oxford commas.

  • CEMEC@CCRMA: Max Foreman and Jinku Kim


    An Archic Duo - Max Foreman and Jinku Kim, CalArts

    Max Foreman is a composer of electroacoustic music
    from San Francisco, CA. Max has written music for
    live electronics, sound installation, fixed media, and
    instrumental ensembles. His electronic compositions
    work in the exploration of sound spatialization, granular
    synthesis, psychoacoustics and just intonation. Max's
    compositions have been featured at CEMEC in Stanford
    University, UC Santa Barbara and Mills College, STEIM
    in Amsterdam, and Machine Project in Los Angeles.
    He has worked and studied with Ulrich Krieger, David
    Behrman, Wadada Leo Smith, Mark Trayle, Clarence
    Barlow, David Cope, Nicolas Collins, and Michael

    Jinku Kim is a composer, improviser, and audio-visual
    artist from Seoul, South Korea, currently residing in Los
    Angeles, California. His work focuses at the crossover
    between art and technology. He currently composes
    using micro-tonal composition, audio-visual realtime
    performances and modular synthesis. He has been
    seeking a way to break the barrier between composition
    and performance with a motivation purely based on
    inventing ways to enjoy music whether conventional or

    Performance from the California Music Exchange Concert. CCRMA, Stanford. May 5, 2012



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