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Playlist of Chas & Dave

  • Ep7 Best Of Me | BTS: Burn the Stage


    A dream comes true, but darkness lurks around the corner.

    The Wings tour is now in Japan. BTS are particularly excited about this leg of the tour as they are finally able to achieve one of their major dreams as artists: performing in a dome stadium. Having been in Japan before, BTS are relaxed and have an affinity for the fans there, so they want to cap their milestone with a flawless performance. However, an accident occurs during J-HOPE’s solo stage performance, putting at risk all that they hoped for. With the other members by his side, can J-HOPE overcome this personal challenge?

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    꿈에 한 발자국씩 더 가까워지는 과정에서 예상치 못한 시련과 어려움에 부딪히고 이를 극복하는 BTS의 모습이 그려진다.

    가수를 시작했을 때 가졌던 꿈 중에 하나인 일본에서의 돔 공연을 하게되는 BTS. 잦은 방문과 활동을 통해 일본은 이제 많이 익숙해 졌지만, 익숙한 만큼 더더욱 완벽한 무대를 보여주기 위해 집중한다. 한시도 긴장을 놓지않는 가운데 성공적으로 무대가 이어지지만, 제이홉 솔로 무대 중 예기치 못한 무대사고가 발생하고… 멤버들과 제이홉은 이 위기를 어떻게 극복할까?

  • Shravan kumar | Full Hindi Movie | | Bharat Bhushan | Dara Singh | 1988


    Watch Full Movie Shravan Kumar

    Synopsis:When Shantvarkumar Sharma and his wife, Gyanvati, find out they are unable to conceive, they pray for years to Bhagwan Shri Brahma, who eventually appears before them, blesses them, tells them they will soon be proud parents of a devoted son, but warns them not to see him or else they will lose their vision. True enough, a son, Shravankumar, is born, but barely after a month after his birth, the couple break their promise, see him, and become blind. One day at the riverbank, Gyanvati finds that her son is missing, but he is eventually brought back to them unharmed by none other than Maharaja Dashrath, who has been childless for years. Shantvar and Gyanvati bless him with not one but four sons. Years later Shravankumar has grown up and is very devoted to his parents, he even prefers to worship them instead of God, much to chagrin of Devi Maa Maya, who decides to test his devotion. When he finds out that it was because of him they lost their vision, he undertakes to take them on a holy Trithyatra so as to restore their vision, he decides to carry them in a palanquin,instead of a chariot offer by Dashrath, and they share many adventures including getting blessed by Bhagwan Shri Shiv himself. On the last leg of their pilgrimage, Dashrath is hunting a man-eating tiger, while Shravan has gone to the riverbank to get some water for his thirsty parents. Dashrath thinks that the tiger is drinking water, shoots it, and instead kills Shravan. When a horrified Dashrath takes the water to his parents, they curse him that his dead body will never be carried by his sons, and he will be separated from his most beloved son. Soon after this both of them die, leaving Dashrath to atone for his sin - a sin that will result in the reincarnation of Bhagwan Shri Vishnu himself as his son, Bhagwan Shri Ram - who will be separated from him to satisfy a whim of Dashrath's wife, Kaikeyi, thus leading to epic Ramayan.

    Star Cast:Abhi Bhattacharya,Bharat Bhushan,Dara Singh,Sachin Pilgaonkar,Asit Sen,Dulari,Purnima,Firaksh Roy,Jayshree Gadkar
    Rehana,Chandrima Bhaduri,K. Saigal,Kavita,Hercules,Bhagwan,
    Director:Chandrakant Gaur Producer:Jagdeep
    Music:Bappi Lahiri Lyrics:Pradeep
    Singer:Anuradha Paudwal, Chandrani Mukhopadhyay, Mahendra Kapoor, Pradeep
    Year: 1988

    Taglines:Bollywood Movie,Action Movie,Shravan Kumar is a Famous character ,



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